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Last but not least, the third winner of my 100 Follower Art Give away, Talvi! (For whatever reason, it’s not letting me tag you, sorry sorry!) :3 It was an absolute joy to work on your adorable catgirl! I absolutely looove her colors, so fun! Thank you once again for following and supporting me! You guys are the absolute best and I hope I can continue to create things you enjoy! :3
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whouffle meme: scenes [1/7]

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hellooooo fellow mpreg lover! since you went on a bit of a spree for everyone to support the kinks they love and all because of mpreg, do you happen to have a list of mpreg stony? or mpreg tony in general?

I think there’s an mpreg reclist coming up on Imzy which I will link stuff to because I feel like this random spokesperson LMAO, but here’s a quick list of my favourites for mpreg Tony!

Moth by Pandanoai and axolotllan

Not This Omega by Annehiggins

Sing the Body Electric by Georgygirl (read the rest of the wonderful series too!)

Baby Bump by AnneHiggins

Finding Pack by Naferty

The Places That Alone I’d Never Find by Tito11

Just Dance (It’s Going to Be Okay) by ficbypen

Joined’verse by RurouniHime (the first mpreg by ever read of SteveTony. I LOOOVE her so much)

aaaaand there’s some mpreg bottom Tony sharing (multiplepeople/Tony) which I will rec to you if you message me directly lmao

I’m pretty sure I’m missing some essential ones because my phone died so I had to get a new one and unfortunately I lost all the categories I made for fics. Does anybody know of a nice fanfic reading app that saves the categories in a cloud? Thanks!

Boobs&Loubs inspiration

So, I just read Boobs&Loubs first blog (and I looove her) and got inspired to write.. About what? Have no fucking idea! But like she says, just write what’s on your mind. Well right now I’m angry! Like you probably see on my photos I’m studying in Moscow this year and it’s snowing again 😤 really? Russia doesn’t do spring?? It’s like this for 6 months… Again I’m doomed to be in room with 4 roommates and bad internet!!! Still in Soviet Union? So one trip advice- NEVER go to Russia if it’s not summer!
To be continued…


Veronica and Josiah are a pretty adorable couple with their almost matching jackets. Veronica is probably one of the cutest born in game Sims I have, I just looove her.

Weird thing about Josiah though - when I went and played his household next, I changed his hairstyle and only JUST noticed he has elf ears!! Which is really weird since he’s a born in game Sim, and his parents are the two in the bottom pic - neither has ears anything like that, and they were both made in CAS so they wouldn’t have any recessive genes. I had no idea they could get those ears spontaneously, I thought it had to be in there genetically somehow?