i looove making these


Some of the gorgeous chickens being shown at the 2017 Pacific Poultry Breeders Association show in Modesto, CA. 

Breeds in order of appearance: Golden sebright, silver sebright, araucana, australorp, frizzled American serama, Belgian bearded d’anvers, appenzeller spitzhauben, frizzled cochin, polish, and American serama.


tbh I have a serious case of JOMO or Joy of Missing Out– I like making plans, but I love cancelling them even more.

quickreaver  asked:

Are you still taking artsy fartsy prompts? I'd love to see Sam doing something smart! (And maybe a little walk-thru about how you do yer doodles? Nothing big.) Thanks! And you're awesome.

Alrighty! this is a super old ask, but inspired by 11x11, here’s a small messy doodle of Sam rehearsing sign language: 

Since you asked, I tried to video capture the sketching process for this… I was sorta nervous bc of the recording haha (which also made my photoshop lag quite a bit) so the outcome really isn’t that great and I’m sorry *sigh* 

anyway, that’s how I doodle basically *shrug* nothing special, as you can see… 

ikon reaction when their girlfriend doesn’t want to do make love before marrying? Thanks before, i looove ur blog<3 @omienjiya

A/N; I combined this because I believe they’d all have a similar reaction. 

They would all have a similar reaction, waiting to have sex til marriage is common in many families. I imagine they’d all be understanding and wouldn’t push you to do anything you didn’t want to. Jinhwan would probably handle this situation best. Yunhyeong himself probably believes no sex til after marriage so he’d agree with your feelings. Hanbin and Jiwon would probably be a bit more upset but would understand nevertheless. Junhoe would understand your feeling but I think he would be upset but he’d keep that to himself.

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