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Some of the gorgeous chickens being shown at the 2017 Pacific Poultry Breeders Association show in Modesto, CA. 

Breeds in order of appearance: Golden sebright, silver sebright, araucana, australorp, frizzled American serama, Belgian bearded d’anvers, appenzeller spitzhauben, frizzled cochin, polish, and American serama.

Y'all, I really love Iida. I think characters like Iida are really important. He’s not the coolest, or the strongest, or the ‘hottest’ or whatever but his presence is so necessary. He supports his classmates 100%. Like, it excites him to be there for them and help them any way he can. It makes him happy to do that. Not just his for friends, not just for the (few) people who have shown any concern for him, but for everyone. And he’s gonna help you, again and again and again.

I think Iida is one of the most caring characters in this series. He treats everybody respectfully. He’s always thinking about how he can make someone else’s life easier. He cares so much about his friends and he acts on it, it’s not just words! He’s honest with people. He’ll let you know how he feels and what he thinks. He’ll tell you when he’s proud of you and when you did a good job, and when you’ve disappointed him. Because he cares!

My absolute favorite Iida thing though, is that he constantly strives to be better. He’s generous with everybody else but he’s hard on himself and that’s so relatable. I connect the most with Iida because he’s so self-reflective. He can look at his past actions and be honest with himself about how he could have done better. And then he does! He does try to be better all the time by looking at his friends and his brother and the heroes he admires and trying to be more like them. I think sometimes it’s hard for him to see all the ways that he’s awesome and no one really tells him? I wish I could lol.  He knows he’s made mistakes but he doesn’t let those mistakes hold him down. He uses them to try and make himself better and the people around him better. And I just think that’s pretty fucking cool and I definitely cried today when I saw him hurting and I may or may not cry the whole duration of this upcoming arc bc i literally love iida that much.


                  “what do you think is your greatest c h a r m ?” 
                                                                                          my  e x i s t e n c e  itself”

hp ships: jily

Doughnut anyone?😜🙈 I absolutely looove making these doughnuts and made a fresh batch of them yesterday!🙈🍩 So excited to share them with my fam as I decided to change them up a bit this time😝 ENJOY YOUR DAY LOVELIES💜💜💫

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Okay but out of curiosity??? Like what if… dagnabbit

(The original version I drew is here by the way)

It’s May the Fourth, Voltron fandom! And if you have not read @butteredonions‘s  Voltron/Star Wars AU, you are missing out. Oh my gosh, are you missing out. (And you should get caught up now, ‘cause there’s more coming!) These boys made such good Jedi. (Actually, they might make terrible Jedi–I tend to imagine them all with their emotions dialed up to 11.) And the writing is so great–a great, great blending if the two universes. I looove these fics, and I looove this universe.

And as I sometimes do when I looove a fanwork, I make fan work for it.

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