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Lets hope that the new mv doesnt have 6+ minutes..

from the looks of it, it’s about that long hehe.. Spring Day run time is already 4:34 ^_^

Anonymous said: Honestly I think is so cool how BTS use books and short stories in their songs, I’ve never heard of anyone doing that before and is one of the reasons I love them so much! I just read the short story and is really amazing. I also read Demian after wings came out and it really left a big impression on me.. they are truely amazing!

they are!!! also it’s not necessarily that they try to tell the story of the books they relate it to. Rather, I think they relate the feelings from these stories and use it to bring more life to their MVs and I really love it.

Anonymous said: Ahhhhhhh okay okay I’m sooo excited for this!! :D Also I really hope they make a reaction video to the MV again because it’s really cool to see thier own reactions ^.^

I do hope they make a reaction video! 

Anonymous said: I loooovee these aesthetics!

me too!!!! I love the colors. of everything~

Anonymous said: do you know maybe where bts filmed the hyyh1 concept pics and their new concept pics ?

No idea about the new ones but for hyyh1 please check here: https://twitter.com/deokutour

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Legit super happy to see new dbz art!!! I love you're style, I wish the saiyans had more monkey like features other then the tail. So like, I loooovee the way you draw gohan. How do you feel about the prince of ALL saiyans though?

!! :’) god.. i love… my shitty man vegeta… you should see, my old deviantart was literally just full of uncomfortably realistic-esque bad portraits of him…heres.. a kinda.. new sketch i did of ihm… my lov

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do you like musicals? If so what's your favorite? (Mine is Rent 😊 just a side note)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVEE SINGING IN THE RAIN! I got to see it on the big scree back in January and I legit cried! I am a huge Gene Kelly fan and seeing him on the big screen was a dream come true! My other favorites are: Les Miserables, White Christmas, Sound Of Music… I’m sure I have more but I can’t remember lol

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nooooo well you dont have to rewrite it again i understand :(((((((


Aaron stared off at Thomas and Alexander. They were sitting on the other side of the food court of the mall, laughing about one thing or another. Alexander’s face was brightened, his lips were pulled up in a wide grin and his eyes were brilliantly illuminated in the light of the sun peering out from the open windows of the mall. Thomas was sitting across, hand reaching out to hold onto Hamilton’s, mouth running off about a story or another and moving his free hand along with his speech.

Aaron’s heart ached as he watched them. He didn’t know jealousy could be so painful. He expected it to be hard, to make his teeth grit and heart blaze with anger and distrust. He expected himself to fall into a pit of fire, he expected the smoke of his rapid thinking to fill up his lungs and choke out his reasonability. He didn’t expect the still waters of realization that he’ll never get to have that. He’ll never get to have him. He was stuck, and when he tried to flail his limps to get to the surface, the realization would slow him, weigh him down, and remind him that he can’t change what’s happening. 

Aaron adverted his eyes, staring at the table he sat at. What was the point of staring? He’d probably get caught, and then he’d need to face the consequences. He doesn’t want to face any consequences right now.

“Hi- are you alone?”

Burr perked, looking up from his stare and blinked in surprise. There was a boy standing beside the table he was at. His hair was ungodly messy, curly and definitely looking for something to engulf. It was just barely controlled by the ponytail that held it back– Aaron noted that the bright pink of the ponytail was a great contrast to the mans brown hair. He had freckles splattered along his face, dripped carefully and neighbored by other tiny specks of light and dark brown alike. His long eyelashes were topped off by bushy eyebrows, and his bright eyes certainly gave off a friendliness to him. Aaron could sense that this man knew he was alone and was just using the question as a conversational starter.

He wouldn’t mind a little bit of conversation.

“I am, actually.” Aaron smiled.

“Oh, sweet! Can I sit with you?” He asked, sitting down anyway despite Aaron not answering his question. Burr almost allowed himself to lift a brow in surprise.

“I’m John Laurens! Heyo,” The boy threw out his hand, clearly eager to get a handshake. Aaron responded by taking his hand and giving a slightly strained smile, “Aaron Burr.”

“Wow, you got one of them comic-book names.” John joked, giving his hand a squeeze before pulling back. Aaron followed likewise.

“You read comic books?” Aaron prompted.

“I only read the cool ones– Like Deadpool and Spiderman. Maybe Batman, but, like, ever sense they strayed from Dick Grayson as the Robin I kinda lost interest. Does that make me a fake fan? Probably, but, dude, I loooovee my Dick Grayson. You like Dick Grayson?” John asked, leaning forward curiously.

“… Are you… asking me…” Aaron lifted a brow, suddenly suspicious of this man’s motives.

“If you like Dick? Yeah,” John winked.

“You’re a dork.” “I’m smooth.” He corrected.

Aaron laughed, genuinely. Who knew he’d meet someone like this at a Food Court in a Mall? “Well, John, just by the seven words I’ve spoken to you, can you infer if I like Dick?”

He could see a curious flicker in the man’s eyes.


Aaron and John were friends now. They’ve known each other for a year, and surprisingly… John hasn’t gotten bored of him. He likes Aaron’s quiet commentary, he likes how Burr gets that one stroke of sarcasm in during any conversation, and he, quote on quote, loves how he can make any situation seem so easy to solve and not so diddly dang intimidating.

Aaron laughed a lot more then he used to too. John helped him forget he was still aching over Alexander and Thomas, aching about how in-love they were and how he wasted his chance. It used to be easy to forget Alexander and Thomas, it used to be so simple and quick. Just call John, ask to hang out, but here he is. Holding an invitation to Alexander and Thomas’s wedding. Staring at the large red, curly font that screamed “INVITED” to him.

Aaron squeezed his eyes shut, shaking as John called to him from the living room. They had been watching a movie.

“Aaron? Aaron you okay?” John’s voice was coming closer.

“Fi-ne.” Aaron choked out, cursing his voice as it cracked. He held the invitation to his chest, shaking even harder now that he was fighting away tears and trying to level off his voice. He can’t let John– He’s–

“Aaron, what’s wrong?” 

Aaron opened his eyes, timidly sliding his eyes to him and swallowed thickly. John knew about his adoration with him. He knew how much he ached. Would he be apposed to help him now?

“Aaron.” John looked concerned. His eyebrows were arched upwards, he had a deep tug for a frown on his face, and he was staring worriedly and expectantly.

“They’re… They’re…” Aaron choked on his air, showing the card to Laurens.

John gently plucked it from his hands, glancing his eyes over the words and tensed up as he read. When Laurens was presumably finished, he snapped his eyes up to Aaron and threw the card aside on the floor, rushing forward and squeezed Burr tightly.

He didn’t know why, but seeing the card on the ground, made Aaron feel worse. It made his stomach coil up and his lungs throb. He squirmed, explaining how he couldn’t let it stay on the ground, he couldn’t express how he felt, and John was trying to get him to be quiet– to calm down. Aaron knew this was a switch between the two, he knew it was weird for Laurens to need to comfort him, and for that reason this moment made him feel even worst.

“Y-You don’t– You don’t need to do th-” Aaron choked out, feeling his eyes leak fresh tears down his warming cheeks.

“Shut up,” John said. Aaron shook his head, repeating to John that he didn’t need to try and help him, how he was fine, and he was going to be fine. 

He felt cold hands cup his cheeks and pull him up and into John’s face. Aaron’s eyes were fastened shut, they felt glued, but he could definitely feel the presses and sucks against his lips. He could feel John kissing him. There was soft hums vibrating from Aaron’s throat, a slight objection to this, but Laurens tilted his head and nipped his bottom lip and that was the end of it. Aaron’s jaw dropped and he could feel them heating the kiss up even more. The hums that once objected were turning into pliant noises that wanted more, craved more, responded positively and urged Laurens to take advantage.

Aaron’s tears had miraculously ceased by the time the kiss was done, and his lungs no longer had the sharp pain of him denying himself air but instead the soft throb of him being too busy to obtain it. He slowly opened his eyes, swallowing thickly as he and John held eye contact. It was silent, all Burr could decipher from the situation was the fact that he was squeezing so tightly onto John’s jacket that his knuckles were paling. 

“Are you okay…?” John whispered quietly.

Aaron felt his bottom lip tremble, “No.”

John nodded in understanding, pulling Burr into his chest again and breathed out. “I’m… I’m here with you, Aaron. I’m here. I won’t leave you for some ruddy southern guy.”

Aaron gave a sore laugh, hugging John back just as tightly. “Y-You are the ru-ruddy southern guy.”

“Then looks like you found your man, huh?” John whispered, as if shy to saying it.

Aaron’s chest clenched up, eyes watering again. “Y-Y’think…?” He asked, too shy to confirm or deny it. He did have strong emotions for John, could he label that as love? Could he dare deny it as affection and instead a strong friendship? Aaron squeezed his eyes shut, shaking a bit as John nodded against him.

“I know.” He whispered.

hello :-) today marks the day this blog was made exactly a year ago on 22nd of December 2015!!  6k+ posts  later here i am!! celebrating my one year anniversary of buingtans!!! i’ll try keep //this// as  short as possible but thank u to eVERYONE who followed me?!? im shOOK i didnt expect to get over 3 followers but thank u so much!! also very big thank you to all my friends/mutuals(some of which i HAVE been following forever [or since the day this acc was made] hehfhdj) , people i’ve talked to etc. since making this blog;; it’s been really fun so far and I am truly blessed to have met such k0ol ppl :^) i hope this blog will have many more anniversaries to come!! [follow forever is below the cut bc this probably will b long lol]

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Last Walk Through

I slide the ring off my finger, placing it gently down beside the envelope. The white clean except for one simple name written on it: Joe.

Sighing, I stepped back from the counter where they both sat, where he would easily find them when he walked in. But he wouldn’t find me.

I turned and headed down the hallway, deciding to do one last walk through the house, the house where our love had grown, where it had explored, and where it had died.

The memories that flew through my mind were a mix of happy, of sad, of angry, of simple. The memories were a story, and I was rereading it while I moved from room to room.

I could see Joe and I sat in front of his computer, me on his lap with his arms around me, trying to teach me the different buttons on the controller.

“No, love.” Joe laughed, and I felt it vibrate against my back. “You have to hit that button to attack.”

“I don’t want to attack! I just want to live!” I kept hitting random buttons, trying to run away from the creatures on the screen.

“If you attack, you will live!”

“No, if I attack, I’ll be close to them, and they can attack back. I am never going through a zombie apocalypse with you.” I told him, letting his hands take over the controller, laughing as he gets killed moments later. “Now tell your viewers what you did wrong.” I turn to look at him, pointing at the camera.

“I attacked.” He pouted.

He never did teach me how to properly play the game…he got too busy. I moved away from that room, heading for the guest room, where the sheets remained perfectly made. It had been a while since we had had anyone come stay over.

“My sister is coming tonight.”

“And you forgot.”

“Possibly…” Joe looked at me, with that sheepish smile on his face.

“I’ll go make up the guest bed.”

“I loooovee youuu!” His voice followed me and I rolled my eyes.

As I was tossing a blanket over the bed, I felt him pick me up from behind, tossing me onto the bed. I let out a squeal of laughter as Joe jumped on me, tickling my sides, completely messing up the bed I had just made.

I shook my head at the memory, missing the times when we would laugh. Turning away from the room, I took slow steps towards the next one.

Our bedroom.

I stopped, and scanned it. All I could see were hints of him. Any sign of me was already removed. There were too many memories in this room, and I felt my breath catch slightly as they crowded my mind. But one, a recent one, stuck out more than the others.

“When will you be back?” I sat on the bed, my hands clasped together in front of me on my lap.

“I’m not sure, Y/N.” Joe sighed, placing another shirt in his bag. “I know they wants us there for at least a week. Possibly longer.” He stopped packing for a minute to look at me, a sad smile on his face. “Sorry.”

“No, it’s fine.” I smiled, lying to myself and him. “It’s all part of the job, right?”

“Thanks for understanding, love.” Joe stood in front of me, bending down to kiss my forehead softly. “After this, we’ll go on holiday. Just us two.”

He had made promises like that before. Multiple times. And yet, we still hadn’t gone.

I forced myself to step away from the room, turn my back on it and make my way back through the house.

Over the past few months, I had barely even seen Joe. We were supposed to be getting married, that was why he proposed. But part of me wondered if he had only done that because he thought he was losing me.

And he was, now.

It hurt, but I knew it had to be done. There just wasn’t a relationship anymore. How could you love someone if you never see them?

I stop in the kitchen once again, picking up the bag I had left sitting there. Shouldering it, I look at the ring once again, sat next to the envelope. Inside it contained a letter, explaining everything to Joe. There were a few tear stains on it, but I was done crying. I had done more than enough over the past week when I packed and moved my stuff.

My eyes scanned the room once more before I nodded and turned for the front door.

My footsteps echoed around me, bouncing off the walls. I had long grown used to the lone sounds I made. This hadn’t been our home for a while now. Andrew it was no longer mine.

I closed the front door behind me, locking it one last time. Placing my hand on the door, I smiled at it, briefly remembering the first time we had opened it together. But the smile turned sad as I dropped the key through the mail slot.

And then I turned and walked away.

Part 2

you know what i need? i need more avengers high school au’s set in the 90s.

i want natasha in overalls with a plaid shirt tied around her waist and massive scrunchies in her hair and dark lipstick (so grunge).

i want bucky with frosted tips and ripped jeans and his neon windbreaker thinking he’s sooo cool.

i want tony with the hottest skechers and acid washed jean jackets and the most tamagotchis and even a mobile phone wow.

i want steve with his air jordans and backwards caps and tank tops.

i want sam and clint with their walkmans everywhere and clint’s is always turned up too loud (“you’re gonna go deaf if you listen to n*sync that loud, barton” “too late”).

i want bruce wearing velvet and graphic tees and absolutely failing at being fashionable.

i want thor buying mood rings for everyone and always knowing when someone’s in loooovee.

i want them to skip school to go rollerblading and hang out at the mall. i want friendship necklaces and slapping each other with slap bracelets. i want long discussions debating backstreet boys or n*sync (it almost ends steve and bucky’s friendship). i want pogs and beanie babies (clint has the most) and pokemon cards and spice girls and bruce discovering furbies and just

i need 90’s avengers high school au’s.

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HI there! I just saw your post about how you do your storyboards and I was wondering, How do you get a storyboarding job like that? When you're in school do you focus on just storyboarding and skills you need to be a great storyboard artist? Or do you learn how to animate as well as storyboarding skills? P.S. I love Clarence you guys are doing such a great job! It's hands down the best cartoon out there right now!

First of all, thank you for the kind words about Clarence!! It’s always great hearing from fans of the show!!

To answer your question um… kind of yes and kind of no? 

I went to CalArts in the Character Animation Department. Story is a big deal there and I had a storyboarding class almost every semester. But while I was there I never focused on story and I didn’t think I could be a board artist. 

I don’t mean this in a bad way, but sometimes Character Animation students can find themselves separating into “factions”. The “Story Kids”. The “Vis Dev Kids”. The “Character Design Kids”.  In my first two years at school I felt SUPER lost and intimidated because I didn’t know which group I fell into. By third year I felt that character design was the thing I was least bad at, so I pushed myself to be a “Character Design Kid”.(Also I should point out its kind of a feature oriented story department, and the one thing I knew is I wanted to work in TV. Character Design seemed like the best way


After I graduated, and started working as a PA at Dreamworks, I felt huge weight lifted off my shoulders, because I wasn’t drawing to try and fit into a niche anymore. I felt more comfortable to just do what I wanted and started drawing comics a lot. Eventually, a recruiter from CN saw my drawings and offered me the board test for Clarence. I LOOOOVEED doing that test! It wasn’t the best work ever, but I felt like boarding on a show like that might be something I would like to do. Luckily enough, the crew liked my test and I got to start as a revisionist, where I learned a lot. Now that I’m a board artist, I try and study screen language more and I’m always looking to other for inspiration.

If you know that boarding is what you want to do, then yeah! Practice all the time!! And to anyone NOT sure what exactly they want to do yet, it’s ok! Just focus on making what you like and I’m pretty sure you’ll find your way.

I hope this was helpful!


This blog got more followers than I expected (WHY? HOW?) and I thought maybe I should say hello? So hello…

I actually don’t like talking about myself because I’m so anxious that it shortens my life :’) For the same reason if you tag me for a tag game, there is a 99% chance I won’t do it but I will definitely be grateful and in tears when I see that you think of me. Also I never ignore anything, so if you tagged me, told me something etc. and if I didn’t at least like your post, that means I didn’t see it. If something like that happened, I’m sorry.

As you can guess, I LOOOOVEE Alistair and he’s the reason why I’m here :3 I make videos about him and my warden using the DA Toolset. It’s like a romance series, including original banters and my imaginary scenes and stuff… They are not very good but if you’re interested, you can find them here: Neria & Alistair (though I know nobody is interested lol)

That’s it. Thank you so much for sticking around and have a nice day!