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Legit super happy to see new dbz art!!! I love you're style, I wish the saiyans had more monkey like features other then the tail. So like, I loooovee the way you draw gohan. How do you feel about the prince of ALL saiyans though?

!! :’) god.. i love… my shitty man vegeta… you should see, my old deviantart was literally just full of uncomfortably realistic-esque bad portraits of him…heres.. a kinda.. new sketch i did of ihm… my lov

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prompt from @cloniing (just wanted to publish it on Ao3 XD)

Day 22 of 365.

you know what i need? i need more avengers high school au’s set in the 90s.

i want natasha in overalls with a plaid shirt tied around her waist and massive scrunchies in her hair and dark lipstick (so grunge).

i want bucky with frosted tips and ripped jeans and his neon windbreaker thinking he’s sooo cool.

i want tony with the hottest skechers and acid washed jean jackets and the most tamagotchis and even a mobile phone wow.

i want steve with his air jordans and backwards caps and tank tops.

i want sam and clint with their walkmans everywhere and clint’s is always turned up too loud (“you’re gonna go deaf if you listen to n*sync that loud, barton” “too late”).

i want bruce wearing velvet and graphic tees and absolutely failing at being fashionable.

i want thor buying mood rings for everyone and always knowing when someone’s in loooovee.

i want them to skip school to go rollerblading and hang out at the mall. i want friendship necklaces and slapping each other with slap bracelets. i want long discussions debating backstreet boys or n*sync (it almost ends steve and bucky’s friendship). i want pogs and beanie babies (clint has the most) and pokemon cards and spice girls and bruce discovering furbies and just

i need 90’s avengers high school au’s.


“Try on a Hijab”

this is amazing