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Park Jinyoung. You are so talented, dedicated, and passionate in everything that you do. You work so hard. You are such an inspiration. I wish you nothing but joy, good health, and the happiest birthday. 💖 #princejinyoungday


i love how this clip showed us this very important side of the bakkoush siblings’ relationship. elias heard sana arguing with her mother, and knew that she was out there playing basketball, and knew that it was her way of trying to release the tension, because elias has known sana her entire life, and this isn’t the first time he’s seen her throw a basketball like this

it was so lovely, the way he approached her at first, how he started playing basketball with her a little before asking her about yousef. and how you could tell it immediately started to calm her down, because all of a sudden this wasn’t just her playing by herself, she wasn’t alone in this moment anymore, and elias wasn’t saying anything yet, he wasn’t confronting her. he was just there, playing with her like he always used to, since they were little kids, just being the older brother that she knows cares about her. and it’s only after sana has calmed down that he casually starts asking her questions. and his tone isn’t accusing. he remains calm and caring throughout their entire conversation. he’s reassuring, he’s comforting. because it’s true that he doesn’t ever want sana to be sad, it’s true that knowing she isn’t feeling alright hurts him. and so he wants to be there for her, and try to maker her feel better about this situation that he knows she feels conflicted about.

the best thing about this conversation is that it wasn’t about elias getting answers. he didn’t go to her for his own benefit, to quench his own curiosity. elias most likely already had the answer to his initial question, he knew that sana liked yousef. so he didn’t ask her to find out, he asked her to give her the opportunity to speak, and to be there to listen to her, and share his thoughts in order to reassure her. because he knows that she didn’t get that opportunity moments earlier with their mother. and it’s a pretty big deal, an older brother talking to his little sister about the boy she likes, especially if said boy is his own friend. it could’ve been awkward, but he’s not letting the conversation feel that way. and when sana tells him that she isn’t sad, and he can tell by the smile on her face that she means it in that moment, that’s when elias finally stands up and walks away. because he had accomplished what he came to do: make sure his little sister was okay and cheer her up

Can we all just take a moment to treasure NaruSaku and how wonderful of a ship it is? 

Like, how they encourage each other?

How they awe and amaze each other?

How they cheer each other up?

How they make sacrifices for each other?

How they worry for each other?

How they smile at each other?

How they make each other blush ;)?

How they straight up complement each other?

Like, literally complement each other:

How they have their funny moments—

—but their dramatic moments as well?

Can we just take time to appreciate the magnum opus, the chef-d'œuvre, the utter masterpiece known as NaruSaku?

The Masterlist

because I know you guys loooove the anticipation…. we’re posting the authors of these little gems before the results….


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im crossposting this sloppy usarei from my instagram immediately because frankly, it’s disrespectful that i have never posted a single piece of art of my legitimate childhood sailor moon otp on here and 7 year old me would be Appalled

just finished blue lily lily blue this was a wild ride from start to finish