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If you are still doing the ship thing would you do #40 for yuriyuu or #50 for victurio?

I’ll do both! >:)

40. Who is the fun parent/ Who is the responsible parent?


Oh man I think they both like having fun with their kids. I do think Yuri let’s the kids get away with shenanigans more than Yuuri does though lmao. That said, I kinda think Yuri is more strict when it comes to getting shit done. He can’t stand it when the kids half-ass things or ignore their responsibilities lol. Yuuri is a lot more chill in that regard. 

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?


Oh my gosh it’s definitely Viktor. He loooooves doing romantic gestures toward Yuri and fawning over him and doting over him. Loves taking him out on dates and showing him off. 

Yuri loves to tease Viktor about it, but he loves it so much. <3 He also loves returning the gestures when he can, even if he’s a lot more shy and tsundere about it lol. 

Go Live

Request: Can I request 12. with Mark Tuan?Because we all know he said he would hide his relationship so I thought that would be interesting

12) Your bias accidentally tells the world about your secret relationship. 

Member: Got7′s Mark x Y/N x (ft. Jackson and BamBam)

Type: angst/fluff

‘You have to get the right angle, get the right angle!” BamBam whined from the corner of the living room. 

“How are we supposed to get the right angle when we both want to show our left side!” Jackson gasped angrily, pointing at his younger member.  

“But your right side is pretty too hyung!” BamBam groaned. “Let me sit on this side of Mark hyung.”

“Why didn’t I get to pick a side to sit on?” Mark chuckled. 

“Because your pretty from every angle!” Jackson nearly shouted. “You don’t get to choose.”

“You need to extend your arm more hyung,” BamBam said, leaning across Mark and taking Jackson’s arm in his hands, straightening it. “The further up the angle, the better we look.”

“I know selfie angles!” Jackson grumbled, stretching his arms out again. 

“Yah! Now I’m not in the screen!” BamBam pouted. 

“Oh my god,” I groaned, standing from where I had perched on the couch. “Give me the phone. I will hold the phone.”

“You’re so good to us noona,” BamBam chirped, letting a smile emerge on to his face. “Mark hyung is lucky to have you.”

“Guys, all she’s doing is holding a phone,” Mark sighed, shaking his head. I cocked my eyebrow at him. His smile was immediately wiped from his face as he began to stutter. “But we appreciate it. She holds the phone so well.”

“Nice try,” I grumbled, swiping at the screen. “Jackson…this is your phone…right?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. “Why?”

“Why…why is your background a picture of Jaebu-” I began, but was cut off as he snatched the phone from my hands. 

“Yah, let me open the app for you, it’s kind of hard to get a V-live stream set up,” he said quickly, swiping at his screen. 

BamBam burst into a fit of giggles as Mark patted at his thigh. 

“I thought you guys had invested in a selfie stick,” I sighed, leaning against the arm of the couch in front of them. 

“We did, but Youngjae broke it,” Mark muttered, crossing his arms. 

“He was using it to pull something toward him while he was gaming so he wouldn’t have to get up,” BamBam chuckled. “Somehow managed to snap it in half.”

“Okay,” Jackson breathed, leaning over to me and showing me his phone’s screen. “So when you’re ready to start, you press this, and it launches our live.”

“It’s not difficult Jackson,” i grumbled, snatching the phone from his hands. “You don’t have to teach me.”

“You forget,” Mark smiled. “I have the prettiest AND smartest girlfriend here.”

“You also have the only girlfriend here,” BamBam laughed. 

“I must be crazy,” I smiled. “Putting up with seven boys all the time when most girls only have to put up with one.”

“Crazy in looooove,” Jackson giggled, batting his eyelashes. I rolled my eyes again and looked to the screen, seeing small heart icons beginning to flood my vision. 

“Hey, Jacksonnie, what does this mean?” I asked, lifting the phone up to him. 

“You’re live, you see those little hearts are sent in by the viewers, they have to tap them and-” Jackson explained calmly. 

“She’s live?!” Mark coughed, springing forward and grabbing the phone. He pounded at the record button until his face disappeared from the screen. “We were live during all of that? Shit…shit shit shit.”

BamBam and Jackson looked to each other with wide eyes then back to me. 

“How did this happen?” Mark gasped, standing from the couch. I wasn’t sure if he was shaking with nerves or anger. 

“Hyung, we have to go live, we can’t just disappear like that,” Jackson said quietly, eying Mark carefully. 

“I can’t, I can’t,” he said, shaking his head. “You and BamBam go ahead, we have to let the managers know.”

Jackson nodded quickly and tapped at his phone. He lifted the screen and broke out into a large smile. “Hello! Welcome to the Jack-Bam show! Sorry, we had a few technical difficulties, but we’re up and running now.”

Mark grabbed me by my wrist, pulling me backwards towards the kitchen. He let go of my arm to lean against the counter and took a deep breath. “Did you hit the button by accident? What happened, Y/N? Did it capture everything we said?”

“I-I don’t…” I stammered, my eyes shaking from side to side, incapable of being able to focus on anything. 

“Hold on,” Mark sighed, pulling his phone from his pocket as it was mid ring. “Hello? Yes, I- Well, no, we didn’t expect- Jackson was showing…yes hyung…yes, I know hyung. I never- well okay.”

As Mark continued to speak to what I assumed to be a member of the Got7 staff over the phone, I thought I was going to vomit. I must have accidentally touched the record button when I snatched the phone from Jackson’s hands, trying to be a smart ass. Mark brought up good questions, did it capture everything we had said? 

“Mhm, yes hyung. Thank you hyung, I’ll see you in a bit,” he nodded, although the other person on the line couldn’t see him. He set the phone down on the counter and sighed. 

“What did they say?” I whispered, unable to look up at my boyfriend. 

“The staffs logged in a few seconds late, so they don’t know when exactly we went live,” He said slowly. “But they definitely heard what Jackson said…and part of your statement…they said the comment section has been exploding.”

“Aish,” I groaned, leaning my elbows against the counter and placing my face in my hands. 

After a few moments of nearly unbearable silence, Mark cleared his throat. I was used to silences with him. It was just part of our relationship. This was a different sort of silence though. It was so thick and uncomfortable, it made it feel like we were miles apart instead of only a few feet from one another. 

“We may have to…publicize out relationship,” he said lowly. 

I looked up slowly to him and could see the disappointment on his face. Mark was a very quiet and private person. He brought an aura of calm to almost any situation, so to see him as a nervous ball of energy in front of me made my stomach churn. It was all my fault. 

“Mark,” I whispered. I stepped slowly over to him and nuzzled him in the shoulder. He took a deep breath, still not able to make eye contact with me. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be,” he grumbled, shaking his head. “As is life…”

“Mark,” I croaked, shaking my own head now, scared that tears would fall out. 

“Don’t be sad,” he whispered, placing a light kiss on my forehead. “I was trying to protect you by keeping our relationship a secret…the world is going to be a bit more of a scary place once we go public…but you have me.”

I looked up to him slowly, trying to ignore the thin sheen of tears trying to escape from my eyes. 

“We have each other,” he nodded, the feeling of calm slowly restoring to his senses. “And that’s enough.”

I nodded as well, hiccuping on a sob that I had swallowed. 

“I was selfish really…thinking I could hide you from the world for so long,” he groaned, leaning back and taking me into his arms. He wrapped himself around me and set his chin on the top of my head. 

“Maybe…maybe we can convince the fans that the voice they heard…my voice…was actually Yugyeom or something?” I asked, lifting my brows and leaning back to see Mark’s expression. He couldn’t hide the smirk that appeared as he shook his head. 

“You’re voice is too pretty to be Yugyeom’s,” he chuckled. “Plus, the literal last thing I want ahgases to think is that I’m dating Yugyeom.”

“You’d make a cute couple,” I muttered, burying my face into Mark’s chest. “I ship it.”

“Yah, hush!” Mark laughed. “Keep talking like that and we won’t have to worry about anything going public.”

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The Way To My Heart...

*watching Supernatural* I don’t like that they’ve made the British the bad guy, but at least there’s a cute Brit. 

*Mick mentions The Great British Bake Off* OMG, I am in looooove! <3 Here, come into my Top 5 Fav Characters. 

Be my British BFF and we’ll watch GBBO together and bite our nails when the bakes aren’t finished in time and drool over Paul getting upset about soggy bottoms and laugh at Mary getting excited about alcohol in the recipes and cry about our dream team getting split up. <3

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doct0rstrange replied to your post “doct0rstrange replied to your post “doct0rstrange replied to your…”

THAT IS TOOOOOO CUTE I AM SQUIRMING I CANNOT HANDLE IT Oh and then that little smile he gets when he does something that his s/o told him to, like following the rules cause that means happy wife = happy man

he’s got this smug mug on and he’s grinnin because he’s the Best Boy now!! he done a good thing and he’s the Best Boy!!!! he is richly rewarded in smooches

he’s, like, classically conditioned to do good things on promise of smooch. like pavlov’s dog, but instead of meat, its those sweet sweet kisses. 

(ps i bet the smug lil smile looks somethin like this)

(’yes baby i did do the laundry, are you proud of me??’)

Septic-Spies Part 3 - “Double Agent”


I had fun with this part, you never see enough lee!Mark heh. Oops, spoilers, hehe, part 4 tomorrow prob

Warning: Profanity, tickling, teasing.

Part 1

Part 2

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So I just recently dived into this Big Hero 6 and tadahoney fandom and I looooove your drabbles!!! Ok, so, headcannon I thought you'd like: Tadashi and Honey Lemon go on a sort of date but not date (because that's a fine line when you're already good friends) but when Tadashi goes to pick Honey up he does not expect her to open the door in a black, body hugging dress that's just short enough to be sexy AND classy and poor Tadashi just has to keep it together the whole night.

I can’t really see Honey wearing the color black (except for certain events like, you know, funerals ;-;) so what if it hadn’t been her decision to wear it?

What if the day this date not date was arranged she’d just casually brought it up in a conversation she was having with her mom over the phone and her mom just kind of freaks out about it. Her mom knows how Honey feels about Tadashi since she tells her everything and suddenly she goes into that kind of overbearing gal pal mode some moms go into when talking about their daughters’ love lives. Honey, although a little flustered by her mother’s need for deets quickly assures her she’s fine and she’s a big girl and can choose an outfit to wear all by herself (and also that she’s not quite sure if it even is a date) and the topic is dropped and they move on to something else.

The day of the date not date arrives and Honey is just finishing up her makeup when the doorbell rings and her mom bursts in all excited with bags upon bags of new dresses (all of which are sexy but classy) and Honey freaks because 1) Why did you get so many??? and 2) While the dresses are great they’re just not her style and black, really Mom?? You know I only wear light colors!! Honey tries to tell her she’s fine but her mom insists that if she is so dead-set on not wearing them to at least try one on to which Honey gives in. Only when the dress is on and zipped does the doorbell ring and Honey runs to her window panicked because Tadashi’s moped is parked right outside and he’s right on time and she didn’t even realize how fast the time went by and she doesn’t want to keep him waiting especially when her mom is there and will most likely scare him off with all her embarrassing questions and WHY??? (she’s a fashionista, her style is her everything and it has just been compromised) All these factors leave Honey with no choice but to answer the door in a dress that she had not planned on wearing and she is so caught up in mourning for the outfit she had originally picked she misses the look that crosses Tadashi’s face when he sees her because 1) That is not how Honey usually dresses and he’s super confused why she’s not wearing one of her cute little dresses and over-sized sweaters like she loves to wear and 2) Hot damn (he’s still a man, he may be known for his overall gentleness, kindness and politeness but he is still just a man and holy hip huggers batman) 

Honey leaves with Tadashi in the sexy/classy dress her mom was so satisfied she wore and feels very overdressed for the day at the pier they had planned. While Tadashi would be lying if he said he didn’t like the dress on her, he sees that she feels uncomfortable in it, and he most definitely does not enjoy the head to toe looks guys keep throwing at her when she’s already clearly bothered. He tries to tell her that they could always head back so she could change or they could even come back another day but even though she’s uncomfortable she tries to assure him she’s fine. They stare each other down, trying to get the other to acquiesce when Tadashi just shrugs, unbuttons his cardigan and drapes it over her shoulders. He’s a little shorter than her even when she’s not wearing her signature heels but he has such broad shoulders and strong arms that it practically blankets her much smaller frame. Now donning his cardigan she feels a little more comfortable and cannot help but smile (and blush) at the simple solution. They spend the rest of the day as originally planned and somehow someway his hat also ends up on her (not for cover up purposes though) and by the time the sun sets on the pier they’re holding hands and having the best date either of them have ever had.

Is it just me or does Harry have a consistent Things I’m Not Supposed to Mention But Are Totally True smirk?

“I have never smoked a joint…” (x)

James: Didn’t someone throw a dildo on stage?
Liam: Literally nearly hit him in the face.
James: Not the first time, eh?

He’s so pleased when people imply things about him that are actually true.

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I've been re-reading ch.22 of Saezuru a... millionth time and it still bothers me that I don't understand this line, "I thought it was because you only had me. But I was wrong" (page 29). Who says it? And what does he mean by it? I know this is probably a dumb question, but could you please dwell on it a bit?

IT’S NOT A DUMB QUESTION AT ALL. Basically Yashiro is referring back to when he said “I’m softer with you than with my other subordinates” on the previous page. Yashiro treats Doumeki more gently because that he thought Doumeki had no one else but Yashiro to cling to. (I mean, Yashiro treats Doumeki gently because he loooooves Doumeki but…you know) And now that Yashiro knows Doumeki has a sister and a mother that he visits (and wears his tiger shirt to those visits) he realizes he was wrong, Doumeki does have someone else to rely on besides him.

And that makes Yashiro wonder why he’s gentle with Doumeki and why Doumeki clings to him all the time. I mean, they need to get married already.