i loooooove their relationship so much

Every Miraculous Ladybug Episode Ever
  • *opening theme*
  • *Marinette does something clumsy while talking about how much she looooooves Adrien*
  • Her hot friend who should be a main character: You should tell him you like him!
  • Adrien, conveniently nearby: lol, I'm hot and so is that Ladybug chick. We know nothing about each other and routinely lie to each other and our closest friends. That's a solid premise for a relationship if I ever heard one!
  • Someone, somewhere in Paris: *experiences a single moment of negativity, no matter how petty or temporary*
  • Evil Villian: Hello, I am Ridiculous Name von Badfic. Prepare to be minorly inconvenienced!
  • *recycled animation sequences*
  • Chat Noir: M'LADY.
  • Ladybug: my life is a dumpster fire
  • Chat Noir: *terrible puns*
  • Ladybug: I'm rethinking every decision I've ever made.
  • HAWKGUY: This time my plan is sure to work even though it never has before and I keep doing the same thing over and over!
  • *fighting*
  • Ladybug: LUCKY CHARM *gets a random object* LOL WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS?
  • *thinly veiled use for the item appears*
  • Ladybug: Gotcha! *recycled animation sequences* No more evil doing for you, little akuma.
  • Chat Noir: So Ladybug you wanna f--
  • Ladybug: LOL BYE
  • *credits roll*
Married Life: Amber Liu

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do you do requests ? amber married life would be lovely thank you         
Can you do a Married Life with Amber Liu?
  • Are you married to an adult or a child?
  • Even after dating for years, Amber is still the same as she’s ever been
  • Always laughing and always trying to make you smile
  • She loves you and she’ll tell you every day.
  • “I loooooove you!”
  • “Yes Amber, you told me that yesterday.”
  • “But you gotta know that I love you so much.”
  • And she’ll do that cute little eye smile thing
  • It’s a very playful relationship, even mundane things like grocery shopping or running dry cleaning errands can be fun
  • She’s such a warm person both emotionally and physically so everytime you’re sad she’ll try to cheer you up with as many things as she can
  • If you don’t like going out much, then you’d best be ready to be dragged out to everything possible.
  • She’ll organize a huge day out with you and her friends where you go and do bowling in the morning, shopping at noon, rock climbing in the evening and karaoke at night. And still manage to have meals in between

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  • loves letting you play with JackJack and Tuna
  • and shows you the secret of training your pets in Chinese
  • Meeting all of her idol friends, like Henry from SJ, Eric Nam and Ailee.
  • Also getting interrogated by the rest of the f(x) members, especially Victoria because she feels like she is like Amber’s ‘mother’.
  • Meeting her sister Jackie and laughing at Amber being completely and utterly wrecked by her sister.
  • Being on like every reality show that Amber does, featuring on Ranting Monkey and even Luna’s Alphabet.
  • Dance battles in the living room
  • Making Kimchi and adding in mango slices but she ends up having an allergic reaction to you have to deal with a pouty Amber
  • Kissing all the time, but like soft PDA. Holding hands, hugging, pecks on the lips or the corner of the mouth
  • Finding out that practically all of the kpop idol world ship yous. and even mention your ship name to you.
  • Seeing your ship name on banners in the crowd
  • Getting shoved on stage by Amber’s manager Oppa because he wanted to surprise her and managed to get you tickets to the f(x) concert
  • Cuddling in a lump together when you’re about to sleep
  • Maybe with the addition of JackJack and Tuna

<3 I love Amber.

have you ever loved someone so much that even the thought of them can make you smile?? and even your silliest conversations make your entire day?? this person is the whole world to you, and it’s amazing. if you haven’t had this I hope you get the opportunity because wow I am in love with being in love!!!!