i loooooooved this

Here’s my lovely wonderful marshmallow that I love so much with all my heart~<3 She’s such a precious and lovely person, I love her so much, she have been here in my worse time, but at my best as well, I’m not really a big fan of valentine day since this kind of celebration is especially commercial, but I still wanted to show her how much I appreciate her for being in my life and how much she mean to me. So I had that really silly idea of Crane offering Chill a flower cone since it’s something he do quite often and he always end up pretty messy all the time covered with pollen and petals.

I love you so much @azraeltree ~<3 thank you for being in my life~<3 I couldn’t ask for anything better~<3

I just keep thinking of some reviewer sitting there watching Sherlock grab a handful of biscuits while proclaiming ‘I looooooove Gingernuts’ and thinking to themselves 'This Bond bullshit it NOT what I signed up for!’

I looooooove stocking up on groceries!!!

Healthy food is so. Freaking. Expensive. So it’s so nice when stuff goes on sale and we can stock up on it and then have our grocery bill be cheaper for the next several weeks. This week boneless, skinless chicken breasts with NO ADDED SODIUM was on sale for $1.97 a pound! That is literal insanity in CA! So we bought slightly under 10 pounds. 😁 Should be good on chicken for the next several weeks! Also, no sodium added?!?! That is literal craziness, if you guys don’t know. Most chicken is HEAVILY injected with sodium. Seriously, it’s fucking nasty.

We were also able to get rice noodles for super cheap (bought enough for 4 nights of dinners) and oats for FIFTY CENTS a pound (we bought ten pounds)!! I love when things go on sale and its stuff that will keep.

Well, the bananas are cut up and freezing and so is the chicken. Now time to start a very late dinner of delicious lasagna. Yum 😄

Reaction (BTS and Got7): When you want to become a Victoria's Secret angel

Mark: *when you’re doing your first VS runway show, you make a face at him* “That’s my jagiya. Sexy and dorky at the same time.”

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Jackson: *excited cinnamon roll* “Do it, do it, do it.”

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JB: “This girl is trying to kill me, isn’t she?”

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Junior: “I would just looooooove it if you became an angel.” 

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Yugyeom: “Oh god, my hyungs will all want you if you do that. How about you just model the stuff for me, okay?”

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Youngjae: “I think this might be your best idea yet.”

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BamBam: “Girl, those panties are so sexy. Do it, so I can say I’m dating an angel.”

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Jin: “Don’t blame me if I can’t contain myself around you baby.” 

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Namjoon: “I must have saved the world in the past, to deserve this.”

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Yoongi: *when you tell him you want to be a model* *thinking about all the things they could dress you in*

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Hoseok: “I’m way better at modeling underwear. I should become an angel instead.” 

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Jimin: *pictures you in VS underwear* “This is going to be amazing.”

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Taehyung: “Oh my god, can I see you in all the lingerie they give you?”

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Jungkook: “Go right ahead baby. I’ll be at all of your runway shows.”

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