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💘Hey lovely people💘

This week is again a journal spread.
I’d say this spread is quite Korea-esque lol
This is how we decorate our diary/journal (cute stickers, pastel colors etc.) .

Spring is coming and now I’m quite obsessed with pink so maybe some of the spreads afterward are gonna be pink !!! + I looooooove love love 💕 those Stitch stickers so you’ll gonna see them quite often from now haha

There are so many beautiful styles out there and I can’t quite pick one cause I’m trying them all! Two of my favorites are rustic-vintage looking/ Harry Potter stuff and the other is simple-pastel-tumblr one haha

What’s your favorite style I’d really love to know ❤️

+ let me know if you think the filter is tooo pink. I’m trying out new things haha

Here’s my lovely wonderful marshmallow that I love so much with all my heart~<3 She’s such a precious and lovely person, I love her so much, she have been here in my worse time, but at my best as well, I’m not really a big fan of valentine day since this kind of celebration is especially commercial, but I still wanted to show her how much I appreciate her for being in my life and how much she mean to me. So I had that really silly idea of Crane offering Chill a flower cone since it’s something he do quite often and he always end up pretty messy all the time covered with pollen and petals.

I love you so much @azraeltree ~<3 thank you for being in my life~<3 I couldn’t ask for anything better~<3




Iiiiiiintroducing…. *drumroll* LOKA!!!

She’s the accidental child of Sona and Artblock, and a cute yet devilish trickster that will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Hopefully @omgaflyingpig and I will make a post later explaining her character in depth, but for now enjoy this collab of her taking over the galaxy! (Note: The cape is just for effect, not part of the design :3)

(@omgaflyingpig did the beautiful linework, I did the shading)

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yikes! do you know you're embarrassing and homophobic or have you somehow deluded yourself into thinking you're not

I’m guessing this is about the Jughead post


Jughead has been queer-coded in the comics for a very long time now by not expressing any interest in having sex or romantic relationships with women but not expressing any interest in men. since the latest comics in which a writer chose to interpret him as asexual, a lot of aphobic lgbt+ people have decided this is taking valuable representation away from him because they view him as being gay-coded

let me repeat: a significant standing of lgbt+ people see a male person who has no interest in sex or romance with females BUT DOES NOT EXPRESS ANY INTEREST IN SEX OR ROMANCE WITH MALES EITHER as being gay

a significant standing of lgbt+ people identify with this character and feel they share similar experiences / issues / traits with him

a significant standing of lgbt+ people view Jughead as representation for the queer community SOLELY ON THE BASIS OF HIS LACK OF SEXUAL AND ROMANTIC INTEREST IN THE “”OPPOSITE”” SEX IN A HETERONORMATIVE SOCIETY

then many of these same lgbt+ people who just said and even insisted on all of that turn right around and scream that asexual and aromantic people don’t deserve to be in the lgbt+ community

that we’re basically straight

that “”real”” lgbt+ have NOTHING in common with us

that we don’t face any or enough oppression

that simply experiencing a lack of attraction shouldn’t let us into the community

that we can ONLY be accepted in IF AND ONLY IF!!!! we also experience “”same gender”” attraction or are trans

  • (which they actually don’t even care about AT ALL, as seen by how often aphobes will assume I’m straight and erase my lesbian and non-binary identities, so actually, not even then)

Jughead does not meet any of that criteria. his only coding is that he isn’t interested in sex or romance, specifically doesn’t like women, and also isn’t attracted to men

now, if you personally want to headcanon the older issues of Jughead as being gay, that’s fine. if you’re a gay person and identify with him, that’s fine. if you want more gay characters in the comics or show–great!!

but in my post, I specified aphobic lgbt+ people because the entire point of it was that there is SERIOUS HYPOCRISY GOING ON

you can’t claim Jughead is gay and then invalidate asexual / aromantic people

you can’t say Jughead is “your” representation and then say you have nothing in common with asexual / aromantic people

you can’t say Jughead’s lack of attraction to women is ALL it requires to make him gay and therefore “yours” and then refuse to admit asexual / aromantic people into the community because they’re “basically straight”

TLDR: if aphobic lgbt+ people can admit a character whose only queer-coding is lack of attraction, then they must admit asexual / aromantic people belong in the community too

PS: I just looooooove how aphobes never check my about me to see that I’m gay and nonbinary, because it’s just so much easier to assume I’m straight, erase my “”valid”” identities because you really don’t give a shit about them, and then call me homophobic

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can you do a part 2 or add more thing to the dating shawn list? i loooooooved it

(this took me forever, sorry you had to wait for so long) 
Dating Shawn would include pt. 1

Dating Shawn would include pt. 2

  • Him treating you like a princess
  • Stupid inside jokes
  • Always taking cute private selfies no one else get to see
  • Matching hoodies and sweatpants for long flights
  • You wearing Shawn’s dad cap
  • Him struggling not to laugh when you whine about your homework
  • You watching Grey’s Anatomy with him for the second time, pretending it’s not going to break his heart
  • “Lexi is cute” “Shut up, I thought I was cute” “No, you’re cuter” “Nice save, Mendes”
  • Teasingly smirks to each other from across the room
  • Being each other’s biggest supporters
  • Going to the gym on an early Sunday morning together
  • “Remind me why I’m doing this again?”
  • Him giving you nose tip strokes while drifting off to sleep
  • Both wearing black skinny jeans
  • “Twinning” “No Shawn, just no”
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Him always spoiling you even when you ask him not to
  • Ending every phone call with “see you soon”
  • Him saying “time for cuddles” then just picking you up and carry you to bed
  • Him playing with your hair while you do your homework
  • “Pay attention to me” “Stop with the puppy eyes Shawn” “Then pay attention to me”
  • Going on random road trips with his friends
  • Long walks holding hands to clear Shawn’s head
  • Brian showing up unannounced every other day
  • “I miss you” “I miss you more”
  • You sending him drunk snapchats while hanging out with friends from Uni
  • Him always telling/texting you “be safe”
  • Singing along to Holdin’ Me Back in the car
  • Snapchatting constantly whenever Shawn is gone
  • Late night dance off to Ed Sheeran’s music
  • Popcorn fights while watching Riverdale
  • Him making sure you’re okay when he’s gone
  • Him teasing you when you wake up hunger over
  • Him being overprotective of you when fans or paps get too close and always making sure you’re taken care of first
  • ”Where’s y/n?” “Is someone keeping an eye on her?” “Make sure she’s not in the middle of this”
  • You teaching Shawn different drinking games when he finally has some days off
  • Pranking each other
  • Deep conversations with Karen when your heart feels heavy
  • Geoff making kissing noises when seeing you sneak of together
  • Him always sending your mother flowers on her birthday
  • You picking up the phone saying ”I’ll call you later” when you miss him too much to talk
  • Dealing with him always bringing his guitar everywhere
  • Him texting you the lyrics to Never Be Alone when he knows you’re struggling with him touring
  • Always turning your morning runs into a competition
  • Him stalking your Instagram in bed at 3 am when he misses you
  • Him making you a mixtape with his fave tunes every time he leaves again
  • Sending you sneak peaks of new photoshoot pictures
  • Being spontaneous together
  • Him saying “I just wish I could hold you tonight” when he feels lost 
  • Him teaching you how to play the Harry Potter intro on the Ukulele
  • Going to John Mayer concerts together
  • Stealing his comfy clothes
  • Him saying “I’m so in love with you I can barely breathe”
  • Constantly holding hands
  • Arguing over who gets to pick the music in the car
  • Him always getting up early, you begging for five more minutes
  • Helping him tie his tie before award shows
  • Buying John Mayer merch for his birthday
  • Him kissing you to make you shut up
  • Talking boys with Aaliyah
  • Him trying to teach you the hockey rules
  • Spontaneous sex (bathrooms, cars, dressing room in a store)
  • Kissing and tracing his tattoo
  • Dealing with him when his ego gets too big
  • Blowjobs when he’s feeling stressed
  • Staying in and watching Netflix
  • Exploring the world together
  • Him making inappropriate jokes about your sex life to Matt and Brian
  • Him being a bad loser when you beat him
  • Him being a bad winner when he beats you
  • “Aww babe, smile for me. At least you’re sleeping with a winner”
  • Rough make up sex when having had stupid little fights
  • Him waking you up with breakfast and kisses
  • Him lowkey getting jealous when Brian snaps you
  • Him waking you up when a new song idea strikes in the middle of the night
  • “Sorry love, didn’t mean to wake you”
  • Lots of spooing
  • Him tearing up when he realize he hurt you
  • Neck kisses on Shawn’s vein
  • Cheesy yet romantic date nights
  • Drunk sex
  • Fighting over who cheated in beer pong
  • Listening to music together while making out
  • Him walking around shirtless just to tease you
  • “You like what you see eh?”
  • Waking up completely entangled to each other
  • Fearing his going to stop loving you one day
  • Really cheesy pickup lines Shawn thinks are amazing
  • Him leaving hickeys all sort of places on your body
  • Morning sex to start the day of right
  • Him saying “God, you’re beautiful” every time he wakes up next to you
  • Love hearing Shawn sing in the shower
  • “Can I join you?” “I thought you’d never ask”
  • Kissing the scar on Shawn’s face
  • You being insecure but him reminding you “you’re perfect to me”
  • Having sex multiple times a night
  • Cute texts when he’s thinking about you
  • Him biting into your skin while lying naked in bed
  • Him loving to watch you get dressed
  • Goofy smiles that makes your heart melt
  • “I wrote a song about you” “Can I hear it?” “Not until it’s perfect”
  • “Only 13 days until I’m back in your bed again”
  • Snape: You sent for me, Headmistress?
  • Umbridge: Ah, yes. The time has come for answers, whether he wants to give them or not. Have you brought the Veritaserum?
  • Snape: *hands it to her*
  • Umbridge: Good, good. *forces it down Harry's throat*
  • Umbridge: Now, tell me what you w-
  • Harry: I'm in love with Draco Malfoy!
  • Umbridge:
  • Snape:
  • Umbridge: That's not what I wanted to-
  • Harry: I totally love him!
  • Umbridge: Potter! I don't care if you love him! Now tell me who you were-
  • Harry: I looooove him! I looooooove him! I want him to kiss me, hold me, stroke my hair. And maybe spank me a little.
  • Umbridge:
  • Snape: I told you, Headmistress, that it would be unwise to use the whole bottle at once...