i loooooooved this

early dgm had this dark and kinda disturbing halloweenish aesthetic but current dgm has this absolutely gorgeously detailed supernaturally beautiful aesthetic and. i love both. all of dgm is wonderfully drawn and close to my heart 


💘Hey lovely people💘

This week is again a journal spread.
I’d say this spread is quite Korea-esque lol
This is how we decorate our diary/journal (cute stickers, pastel colors etc.) .

Spring is coming and now I’m quite obsessed with pink so maybe some of the spreads afterward are gonna be pink !!! + I looooooove love love 💕 those Stitch stickers so you’ll gonna see them quite often from now haha

There are so many beautiful styles out there and I can’t quite pick one cause I’m trying them all! Two of my favorites are rustic-vintage looking/ Harry Potter stuff and the other is simple-pastel-tumblr one haha

What’s your favorite style I’d really love to know ❤️

+ let me know if you think the filter is tooo pink. I’m trying out new things haha

Haikyuu!! stage play (rehearsals) redraw!!!

I love the stage play so much and the actors are amazing!!! Here’s Yamaguchi (Kairi Miura) and Tsukki’s (Ryōtarō Kosaka) stage play actors, can you believe how cute Kairi is?! 

Also if any of you have any other selfie or photo of any of the actors that you think is so cute not to be a redraw for them pls tell me I LOVED to do this 

no you dont understand i love this quote so!!! fucking!!! much!!! Hak not only being supportive and prideful of Yona, but actually into crossing the threshold of admiration. He is actively looking up to her and seeing her not above him as in out of his league romantically, but as someone he could genuinely aspire to. How fucking cute and wonderful is that? They both actively strive to reach one another–Yona, with Hak’s courage and fighting prowess, and Hak with Yona’s emotional maturity and endurance. I just love how balanced their relationship is, how they genuinely seem to inspire and complete one another hksdjhsj Hakyona is honestly such a gift

Here’s my lovely wonderful marshmallow that I love so much with all my heart~<3 She’s such a precious and lovely person, I love her so much, she have been here in my worse time, but at my best as well, I’m not really a big fan of valentine day since this kind of celebration is especially commercial, but I still wanted to show her how much I appreciate her for being in my life and how much she mean to me. So I had that really silly idea of Crane offering Chill a flower cone since it’s something he do quite often and he always end up pretty messy all the time covered with pollen and petals.

I love you so much @azraeltree ~<3 thank you for being in my life~<3 I couldn’t ask for anything better~<3

can we talk about the fact that Hearthstone and Blitzen literally moved into that mansion that carried so much negative memories and now raise a bunch of homeless kids there who can finally find a home there or just some food if they want and fill this house with love and caring again?? cause I LOVE THIS SO MUCH BLITZSTONE AS DADS YES