i loooooooove this cover

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Name: Marlen! :3

Nicknames: Marley and brella (/w\)

Zodiac Sign: I’m a Pisces 

Height: I’m 5 ft flat, I haven’t grown since middle school TwT

Orientation: Pansexual or Panromantic  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Favorite fruit: I have to many favorites!!!! Bananas, strawberries, pears, mangos and oranges. :D

Favorite Season: Fall or Spring

Favorite Book: What is this book you speak of ( ¯ w ¯ )

Favorite Flower : I loooooooove daffodils and poppies (//w//)

Favorite Scent: Cashmere woods and cherry blossoms (cover me in that scent…..that sounded wrong owo’)

Favorite Color: Anything pastel!!!!!

Favorite Animal: Sea otthers

Hot Chocolate, Tea, or Coffee: COFFEE ALL THE WAY! BD

Average Sleep Hours: Usually 3-8 hours 

Favorite Fictional Character: Dazai Osamu and Saeyoung Choi 

Cat or Dog Person? Yes. 

Ideal number of blankets you sleep with: 2 blankets during the winter nothing during the summer (maybe just one)

Ideal Trip: I would love to go to Japan and all you guys are invited \(^o^/) 

Blog Created: 2013 (I think…..)

I’m not a hardcore fan of the Harry Potter franchise, but I have to admit I was super excited to go on the ride this past weekend. First off, the castle was fleekin’ af. That thing made me want a real life Hogwarts. And the ride? Holy Bucky Barnes. I LOOOOOOOOVED IT. I mean, I may have covered my eyes during a few scary scenes, but that’s not the point~ Even as someone who isn’t that big of a fan, I definitely enjoyed it. It kind of makes me want to watch the movies all over again too.