i looked up this poem and they scrambled the words

Whenever you are near
I am forced to scramble up the courage
To even look into your eyes
Just like your veins tend to scramble
Down your thin arms
Sticking up like goosebumps
On the back of my neck
Whenever you smile in my direction

I drink the liquor quickly
So that it goes to my head
And attempt to spit out mediocre word formations
To explain why I insist on spending time
With someone who puts me down
I once thought I saw fear
Inside your eyes
But now I think that it was just myself
Reflecting back at me
Your eyes have always appeared to be
The most crystal clear droplets of water
That I ever have seen

I drink a little more
Hoping that it’ll cloud my vision
So I won’t have to see your face again tonight
And hoping that you
Won’t be able to recognise the hunger inside me
Whenever you are close enough for me
To feel your hair on my face

—  Veins, IS.