i looked up from drawing and this is what i saw

Quick PSA

I am not selling my art anywhere except society6 (currently) && I have not given anyone permission to sell/reproduce/distribute my art.

So basically aside from the few (like, 6 pcs lol – and that’s just because people wanted me to put them up for sale) prints up on my society6, I make no money off of my art as I only make them purely for my (and the fandom’s) enjoyment.

If you see anyone selling my art, please do not buy from them as they most likely stole it from me and are unfairly making money off of it. Also I would appreciate it if you report them to the proper personnel (if it is at a con or something) or tell me (if you saw it online).

IDK what to feel about this because I’ve been getting a lot of reports about this happening lately so aaaah ;;; I don’t want to upload smaller res art because I want people to be able to look at them properly so I think I should just make the watermarks more visible? I don’t knowww hahaha omg this is all new to me

you bring out the best of me (pg-13, 3k)


“When I was homeless,” Cas says one day, like he does sometimes, like it isn’t a big deal, just a thing that was. “I would both dread and look forward to the rain.”

Dean looks up from where he’s counting the cash in the register, pen hovering over his thick red notebook. The rain outside drums heavily on the windows. It’s a dark autumn evening, the sky overcast and thick with cloud. Good for business; people are more likely to stop by and browse the books if it’s raining. Something about the warm glow of the store and the smell of percolating coffee draws them in, windswept and dripping on Dean’s clean floors.

“What do you mean?” Dean asks. The first time he saw Cas was in the rain, on the corner of Main and 10th. He’d been meeting Sam for lunch and Cas had been hunched in the doorway of a long since abandoned toy store, a scruffy tan and white dog curled up beside him. No one was even looking at him, but Dean did.

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Little Holly Wheeler never quite forgot the Thing reaching to her from the wall in Mrs. Byers house. The Thing that lit up those pretty lights. She didn’t see the whole thing—her mom must’ve scared it away when she came in, she thinks—but her imagination filled in the blanks. Holly never quite forgot the girl on the staircase holding her big brother’s hand, either. The girl with the soft eyes and no hair who she never saw again but stuck in her memory. Holly draws that Thing every day for several days afterward and then every other week or so after that. Each one a little different from the last, trying to imagine what it looked like and what it liked to do. All of them unified in their scribbles of Christmas lights around the border and lanky, spider-like arms and fingers on the Thing. Setting her worn and broken crayons aside, one day, Holly excitedly ran over to her mom and showed her the drawing she had just finished. “Oh, Holly, that’s pretty scary! Have you been seeing monsters under your bed? Has Mike been showing you his comic books?” her mom asked suspiciously, a little frightened herself. Holly shook her head innocently, saying in a childishly stern voice, “Not scary. Friendly.” The Thing had only wanted to play with her, right? That’s why it reached out through the wall. Her mother brushed it off easily and let her scurry back off to coloring… Sometimes she drew that girl, too, the one in the blue and gray pajamas. She gave the girl colorful dresses and wide smiles. And sometimes she noticed her big brother acting……different. Sad. He wouldn’t wanna color or read stories or play tag in the backyard. He stayed in his room those times and wouldn’t bring his friends over. So, on one of these times, Holly set out to make him happy in the best way she knew how: drawing a picture. She took more time in her scribbles this time, and, though it might not look like much to you or me, she recognized them to be the Friendly Thing holding hands with the girl, this time wearing a soft pink dress and a crown fit for a princess. She peeked into Mike’s room to find him, as usual, sitting on his bed. Without words, she walked in and gingerly climbed up on to the bed next to him, setting the drawing in his lap and smiling up at him. Mike’s gasped quickly and, upon instinct, went to snap at her for coming into his room…but he didn’t. Because, in reality, the girl in the picture still was not home, was not happy. This was the closest thing he could get to seeing that. Tears ran down his cheeks silently, and Holly hugged his side


I don’t know how long ago the rest post about muscular trans women was posted or when these amazing people posted their selfies but when I saw them, something washed over me.
All of you looked so happy and feeling gorgeous and confident that i got inspired to draw you all! I’m sorry in advance if those selfies were posted on earlier stages of your transition, I can always take down the drawing, I have no problem on doing so! In order that are @rocketmermaid @lady-feral @snarlahazard and @sogay4rey

I hope you all are having a great day, you have lighten up my day just by being yourselves. ((NOTE: from the text post I reblogged the only one ibdid not post was @/that-dyke because she left tumblr and it feels disrepectful to post it here. If anyone knows if she would like to see the drawing please contact me.))

I drew Sara Ramirez as a superhero because I’m extra and gay.

No but seriously I saw @pieces-falling-from-me made this post and I was like, “Yeah, she is a superhero,” and then I was like, “You know what you haven’t done in a long time? Drawn Sara Ramirez. DO IT NOW.” 

She has a shield because she works hard to protect LGBTQ youth and she has Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth because of how she promotes speaking your own truth. Her superhero name is the Activist. 

I used her 2012 Latina Magazine shoot as a pose reference. There actually isn’t a full body of this pose except for the behind the scenes video so I paused and screen shot the tracking shot up her body and then pieced the screen shots together. Because–as I said before–I’m extra and gay.

I’m also super lazy about shading so that looks bad but I’m happy with the rest of it.

I never realized how loud the bi pride flag colors are until I did this.

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Thank you. I'm extremely suicidal and your art has given me something to look forward to everyday please keep creating gorgeous art!!! ❤

Darling, dont ever do it. I just cant take another suicide from someone I know, I just won’t be able to withstand it. I still remember the sunny day they shoved me out of my class and put me in the taxi, the whole time I KNEW, I could predict about what I should expect when I got home. Even when I knew, I just cant comprehend the feeling when I saw my dad lying there, never to wake up again. Even now I still can’t. So please please dont do it, I will continue to draw if that’s something you need, I promise.

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oh man. i was going through my brother’s ipad (which was honestly a huge part of what made me get into art, just the ability to use it to draw even if i only had my fingers to use as pencils cause ipad styluses are expensive ) and found this gem from 2014 which is probably one of the first things i ever drew and was very proud of and oh boi. 

i remember drawing this while waiting at the airport and the plane was taking forever and when i finally finished this i was like “wow, this is pretty good". it took me an hour just to finish that, mainly cause of that dual colored background you can see i put a lot of effort into. 

so i was just looking at it and i thought, well, what could i achieve now? (so naturally, i doodled yamaguchi.) i mean, i always bring myself down because i see my art and i see other peoples art and i’m like, “holy hell, i’m shit”, but never think about how much i’ve improved along the way and this was a great eye-opener for me. 

i still think my art has long ways to go but i’ve definitely walked a long distance since i started too. i guess this is just me trying to say don’t give up doing what you like to do!! perseverance pays off (yams is a great testament to that - that’s why i love him). don’t expect to become great overnight, if it were that easy, everyone would be an artist.

tl;dr: don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself with yourself.

HH/40k Lore Question

Question for those out there who write/draw/hobby/play/etc lady Astartes: I was wondering what your lore method of inclusion was? I’m doing up some fluff for Project Branwen and was looking for a timeline that would work best. So far I’ve got three methods, but feel free to contribute your own canon here:

1. AFTER ISTVAAN V (Specific to my Raven Guard HH fluff idea): Following the Dropsite Massacre, Corax took the survivors to Terra, where the Emperor provided him with the genetic data from the Primarch Project. With the scope of information on the Astartes Induction Process greatly expanded, Corax and his surviving apothecaries (And that one Magos Biologis) were able to unlock the process for both biological sexes. Corax saw no reason to deny himself an entire pool of potential recruits when trying to rebuild his legion for the fight against The Warmaster, and recruiting began immediately. The project was named for its’ first successful aspirant, Branwen (See great art by @sisterofsilence HERE).
(Note: This information could have potentially been stolen by the Alpha Legion or shared with the other Dropsite Massacre Survivors, allowing for its use to be expanded to all legions in time).

2. GREAT CRUSADE: In order to fill the demand of Astartes needed for the Great Crusade (And perhaps at the suggestion of a certain Sigilite), The Emperor did SCIENCE THINGS to further developed the Induction Process to include women.

3. IT’S JUST THERE: It’s always been a thing since the creation of the Astartes Project - why deny your army the inductees simply because NOT MAN?

4. OTHER: Post Heresy? Cursed Founding? Fabius Bile (Fabulous Bill) Genetic Experiments? 

Thoughts? I’d like to hear your takes on this.


[dramatic voice] And then Hanzo bought a rice cooker asap. McCree looked at the box, confused. “It pays for itself,” Hanzo explained.

I didn’t know frozen rice squares were a thing until I saw this A++ post from @crotah, unless I just ignored it and forgot, so I looked it up and saw microwavable rice. I was just… so confused??? So I thought, what if McCree tried to stock up his fridge before Hanzo moved in?

Songs in TFP

I decided to look up the lyrics to the song Mrs. Hudson is listening (The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden) on TFP a.k.a. The Fucky Problem because we know songs are important in this show and a lot of times they are there to tell us something, and I found that some parts of the song are like…very relatable after watching TFP:

[…] What did I see, can I believe
That what I saw that night was real
And not just fantasy[…]
Was all this for real, or just some kind of hell[…]
This can’t go on, I must inform the law
Can this still be real or just some crazy dream[…]

And then we get the song Moriarty is listening to (I Want to Break Free by Queen):

I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies […]
I got to to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free.

So yeah, draw your own conclusions, but to me something’s fucky still guys.


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I dunno if anyone has said this to you already, but your human Tamatoa design reminds me a lot of Jessica Kimly from the Becky Prim animation pilot (I think it's the teeth). Keep up the fine work.

that’s one of the best comment someone can make about my art becuase I really really love the becky prim pilot and even if I saw it around the end of last year, Jessica Kimly is an union of so many of my favorite characters trails, her personality and aggressive way of reacting and her face aaahhhhhh!!! such a thing isn’t she??? anyways, I really love her, so saying that my tama remind you of her is such a cool thing!!! I can’t help it, I love drawing characters with big teeth and smiles, they can look so cheerful and happy but also like a rabid animal from hell almost at the same time!!

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Peri: Oh, that’s obvious! The first time I saw you in combat was all I needed to motivate me! You were covered, head to foot, in bright red, and you looked so strong. It was cool!

Kagero: Bright…red? What are you talking about?

Peri: It was in the dead of night. You were sneaking up on an enemy sentry line… They had no idea you were there. You got right up behind the bad guy, and as he turned…you flicked your blade out! It was too fast to even see, and the enemy seemed paralyzed by the blow! When you drew your sword back, a fountain of blood erupted from the man! It was amazing!

Recently read their supports, and i really wanted to draw this scene

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Hey, I've been having a hard time recently regarding a character of mine. Over the series, they transition from identifying female, to gender neutral, all while belonging to the Muslim faith. Would they still wear their hijab or no? I tried to look it up and all I got was mixed answers

Hello, I’m straight but I definitely know of some gender neutral hijabis but im on mobile and cant remember their url 😭😭😭 I would rlly recommend you talk to someone who can actually give proper insight. But honestly, if we believe that wearing a Hijab or not wearing a Hijab doesnt measure a persons faith, then it would be up to that individual. I know I saw a post once of a drawing of a gender neutral Hijabi and it was showing that the Hijab doesn’t change their identity and that they are still what they choose to be even if they wear the Hijab. Cause in the end ones experiences and personal influences with wearing the Hijab will always be on an individual level and is different for everyone.

so, during one of the many many times I rewatched the Stronger Than You sequence I noticed something

Look @ jasper’s face when Garnet’s first few notes come out

“wtf is she–”

“Oh my fuckign–”

And the only thing that would come to my mind when I saw this was that it looks like an “oh jesus not this shit again” face so the only logical conclusion to draw from that was “what if Rose sang when she was giving the homeworld gems a beatdown the last time” 

so please just imagine Rose Quartz straight up gutterstomping Jasper and the homeworld gems while singing

So I just noticed something while I was on Google Images. I looked up the Clexa kiss because I wanted to draw it so I needed an image and I came across a lot of gifs. Firstly, the moment Lexa initiates the kiss (which we all saw on the show): 


I found another version. Now I don’t know if that’s something that was leaked or whether it was shown when the actual kiss came out as an extra scene or something but I didn’t quite recognise it completely. 

In this one, Clarke isn’t as shocked to have Lexa kissing her and it’s clearly very different from the scene that actually made the final cut. What I want to know is: 

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Hi! Could I get a ship please? I'm 5'2" and my first language is sarcasm. I love dancing, singing, acting and drawing. Im always tired, and asking for food! I hate tomatoes and loathe being teased for my height. I'm the mom friend. Thank you so much!

Noctis for sure!  

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You two are constantly roasting somebody with sarcasm and laughing when others don’t understand what you were getting at.

Noctis will watch you dance and would always secretly try some moves he just saw you do, if you catch him he’ll die inside from embarrassment.

He’ll love your artistic skills and would ask you to draw carbuncle for him. He’’ love it regardless of how it looks but if it’s on the bad side he’s gonna laugh.

Noctis is short too and would understand how it feels to be teased for being short. Because of that he has many come backs for people who bring it up and loves shutting people down. he’ll stick up for you if  anyone talks about how short you are( why do you have to be tall? he doesn’t get it. it’s just height) 

hating tomatoes is so funny when I read that I pictured so many things. Noctis will be happy to have someone around that understands that vegetables and tomatoes since it’s fruit/veggie freak just aren’t good. Having you to help him complain about it’s taste will hopefully get the point across to Iggy that he shouldn’t make anything with vegetables for the side dish. you two can make plan together on how to get rid of the veggies on your plate without being noticed.

Naps,naps and naps! Together you can cuddle and day dream. Noctis is tired a lot and needs more rest then normal. Having a cuddle buddy will make his naps easier and more peaceful. He loves body heat!

Being the mom friend might give Noctis a headache he has Ignis and you too! He’ll just complain about how he doesn’t need to be watched over like that. it’ll drive him crazy. If he get’s sick after you told him to wear something warmer cuz it’s cold outside, he’ll make an excuse like “ My hair was wet it wasn’t even that cold outside…why did I go outside when my hair was wet?…because…shut up.”  He won’t admit when your “motherly instincts” were right.

Noctis is going to spoil you~ so asking for food is not a problem! He’ll have his chefs cook up anything you want. He’ll skip some meetings to see you if it’s been a while since he’s seen you.( it wouldn’t happen a lot he’s responsible or working towards it) 

Noctis will try singing with you cuz he doesn’t care if he sounds bad, he’s having fun and if that makes you laugh he’s happy.

He’s when it comes to romance. So make the first move like if you want him to kiss you, you should kiss his cheek first then the corner of lips to see his reaction and then go for it! he’ll kiss you back don’t worry but he’ll be blushing mess)

A date with Noctis is a midnight picnic or an at home gaming evening~

He’s moody so please give him space. Trying to talk to him when he’s angry will end badly. He might hurt your feelings,you may something wrong or he won’t listen to a word you’re saying and walk away.

to make him happy just or not mad. Smile at him! simple right? he can’t stay angry when you’re smiling at him and then go hug him. ( but wait until he’s cooled down some, he doesn’t like being touched when angry.) 

I hope you enjoy your result!

Waiting to feel invisible

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Saw X today. It’s been almost two weeks. I was sitting in the student lounge, drawing in my sketchbook. I didn’t hear her coming. I had my headphones in and was listening to an instrumental version of Mandy Moore’s “Gardenia” really loud. It’s a really good song.

I looked up and there she was. She looked lovely. She was wearing this pale blue cardigan. She smiled and said something but I couldn’t hear her. I pulled my headphones out.

“I got your email. It was something about your missing assignments from my class but there was something else….?”
“Oh, um…I was wondering when the deadline was for fall semester grades.”
“Oh, I don’t know, honey. You can look it up, I think? And did you still want to meet with me for help on one of the T.S. Eliot assignments?”
I hesitated. Yes, I do. I miss you. “No, no. I don’t think that’s necessary.”
She squinted her eyes. She probably knew that I was lying. “Oh, well….just send them to me as soon as possible. If you do need help, just make an appointment and come see me. Okay?”
She smiled, nodded, then left.

I saw her again a half hour later in the bathroom. I have this habit of washing my hands at least four times but only in public restrooms. I was there for a while just singing random songs and washing my hands. She came in right as I finished singing. Ah, God….she probably heard me….
That’s embarrassing.

“Hi, professor.”
She smiled. “Oh, hi.” Then she went into a stall. I left after that.

Why did I say it wasn’t necessary? I’m dying to see her. Maybe I can see her Thursday? Though, it’s not totally necessary. I’m able to do those assignments on my own. But also, I don’t want to see her because I’m still upset because it hurts to be ignored. Sure, she talked to me today and seemed friendly enough but I don’t know….I just don’t want to feel invisible again. I don’t want to see her just to be ignored again.

Afterwards you had that drunk, drugged look
my daughter used to get, when she had let go
of my nipple, her mouth gone slack and her eyes
turned vague and filmy, as though behind them
the milk was rising up to fill her
whole head, that would loll on the small
white stalk of her neck so I would have to hold her
closer, amazed at the sheer power
of satiety, which was nothing like the needing
to be fed, the wild flailing and crying until she fastened
herself to me and made the seal tight
between us, and sucked, drawing the liquid down and
out of my body; no, this was the crowning
moment, this giving of herself, knowing
she could show me how helpless
she was—that’s what I saw, that night when you
pulled your mouth from mine and
leaned back against a chain-link fence,
in front of a burned-out church: a man
who was going to be that vulnerable,
that easy and impossible to hurt.

—Kim Addonizio, “First Kiss,” What Is This Thing Called Love

folfhavoc  asked:

I love your art style. Very beautiful and very cute. I'm wondering, do you have any art tips for artists such as me and others?

hi! I can’t believe I never saw/answered this, i haven’t been on tumblr in a while and never got a notification? I am so very sorry, I hope I can help!

Thank you! My best advice is to draw from life, draw what you see, pick up on free resources, and read art books. Not “how to draw books”, but technique books. Do not rely on learning by drawing from other artists; try to draw from life and get the basics/fundamentals down first. By all means though be inspired from other artists, dabble in different styles, and draw whatever seems fun and comes to mind, but say, don’t learn hands from another artist, instead learn to draw hands by looking at real hands. Learning from life and getting the fundamentals is the prerequisite to stylizing after. Stylization without fundamentals doesn’t look as good, and the deep knowledge of the world’s mechanics will greatly supplement your art. For example, my anatomy on humans and anthros and overall understanding of the humanoid body has increased exponentially from life drawings from nudes in a figure drawing course. There are also lots of really good books on so many art related things, I always suggest good art books.

Don’t worry about having a ‘unique style’. Too many young artists get wrapped up in ‘discovering their style’ that it ends up severely hindering them and discouraging them from art because they ‘aren’t unique enough’, and then focus way too much on ‘style’ rather than a fundamental base of art to get them started. Draw for you, and have fun. Try new things, explore new things. With time and practice your own signature ‘style’ from how you interpret the world around you will emerge. When you have the basic fundamentals and skills in how to 2D visualize and draw the world around you, you will be able to draw ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, not only just what you know by muscle memory. So learn the fundamentals, and then you will be able to draw anything and stylize and simplify if you want. :) (Thats if you’re gonna be really serious about it though, if you just draw as a fun past time, draw whatever and however you want tbh, this is more like practical advise for people pursing a larger future in visual arts). 

also don’t ever try to learn how to draw from anime if you are wanting to be serious about art. it will handicap you and everyone who is skilled in art will know and see it; it will mess up your proportions. Learn from life! Its the best reference and will teach you the most. :) Drawing from existing art/artists, you will also pick up on their mistakes, too. Real life is the only objective resource for the most part!

Good art resource for studies is: https://line-of-action.com
n incredible artist with countless free tutorials on his site: http://fengzhudesign.com

Also be aware that SO MANY resources are available for free by artists and on youtube! Look for them! There are also tons of great art blogs, too! Not tumblr ‘art share’ blogs, I mean actual artist blogs that show processes and whatnot. Just gotta look for them. :)

Good luck! <3