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Okay so one day I was super bored sitting in my 7th hour class so I hopped onto Grindr and looked around. Now I live in a kinda small isolated town so my options are like 4 people in a 20 mile radius. Anyway these two guys hmu and they were a couple. One was like 50 and the other maybe 25. The older one wanted to watch the younger one fuck me and the younger one was alright looking and had a pretty nice dick. Anyway I head over to their house and it is a shit hole. Like super run down. And when I enter through the kitchen it is absolutely disgusting. Like I should’ve just bolted. Then I continue into the living room which is just a couch and coffee table littered with pill bottles. But i was horny so I got down and did my thing. Well the older guy was like constantly hacking shit up. Ruining the mood. And I got long ass hair and it kept getting in the way so there was that. Anyway we eventually headed to their twin size bed where we started ya know the anal. But the older guy was sitting right beside us and having to teach and give pointers for the younger one how to do it. Then had to hop on and show him how to do it. But he left to go to the bathroom. But after that happened I just decided to get up and leave because I was over it. And that’s my worst hook-up story. And the young one works in Walmart and we make eye contact all the time.

Jackson Heights - Peter Parker

request -  Hey! I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is recruited to fight in civil war with Steve and she ends up fighting peter and while fighting they spark up a conversation and become friends? And then soon they become more than friends?

a/n - going back to peter in civil war and trying to bring out his more rookie/dorky side was fun but i went back and forth with a ton of ideas for this fic, i hope it turned out good enough and isn’t trash like me :( but don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like and follow!

The airport terminal was ripped into pieces as the minutes went by. The battle between Stark and Rogers had spread like a disease, influencing the whole team to pick sides and fight until one victor remained. I was among that group, suddenly finding myself fighting against the people whom I held dearest to my heart, supposedly helping Captain in this messy situation.

My back was pressed up against Wanda’s, circling around to defy anyone that came near us. T’Challa had tried his best to come and toy with us, my spine shivering once I heard the claws come out of his suit and pounce towards Wanda and I, only to be stopped by the force of her hands. I watched as his body flew across the premise, landing on pieces of debris.

“(Y/N). Spider-Man coming for you from Eastside.” Carter said over the intercom.

“Spider what?” I furrowed my brows, turning around only to get swooped into the air.

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a tiny bit jealous

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: Reader has been friends with Peter since forever, and has been in love with him even longer

Requested by: n/a

Warnings: sadness, slight self-consciousness 

Word count: 2,018

Notes: There! Will! Be! A! Part! Two! Message me if you want to be tagged in it! Writing this gave me major feels you don’t even know.

Part two

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Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongin (Kai)

Rating: NC-17 (description of plane crash, explicit sex)

Word Count: 7,950

Summary: A plane crash leaves you stranded, somewhere deep in the Pacific Ocean. Your only company is Kim Jongin - though whether this is better than being alone, you still haven’t decided.

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I found a precious surprise hidden away in an old, hardly used cupboard- a collection of peculiar stones wrapped carefully in paper towels in a ziplock bag. When I asked my mother, she told me she collected them herself on the beach, and was saving them as inspirations for sculpture.

These stones are known by many names; adder stone, hag stone, and odin stone are a few. I told my mother the legend I had heard about hag stones— that they are powerful trinkets of protection.The stones themselves are very fragile. It is said that when one breaks, it has used its power to protect a life.

There are, naturally, many other beliefs and practices surrounding the hag stone. Rubbing one over a wound is said to ease pain and speed healing. If someone looks through a hag stone, they will be able to see things invisible to the naked eye, such as the Fae. A hag stone can be seen used for this purpose in movies such as Coraline and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Scientifically, the holes in the stones are made by natural erosion, or oceanic creatures that bore into the soft rock.

Until my mother needs the stones to complete her dream of giant sculptures in the backyard, they will be a part of my personal collection. There, I can appreciate their compelling natural beauty that has inspired centuries of tradition.

what does love mean to me?

what does love mean to me. i’m not really sure i asked myself this question a lot. i didn’t have a childhood filled with love and affection. so i think that my sense of love, the way it looks, how it feels, the way it’s expressed is very warped. for me growing up “love was” a slap in the face. a hole through the wall. it was belittlement and hatred. i didn’t see what love really was until a brown eyed girl walked into my life at easily the most unexpected time. now don’t get me wrong im not here to reminisce about past relationships or things left unsaid. but when she came into my life i had nothing. i was nothing. i was really fucked up. i struggled, i cried, i screamed, and i panicked. i was a mess to say the least.
but she learned to love that mess, the tornado that i was, that i always believed i would be, destroying everything and everyone in my path. its why i always said i couldn’t love anyone, let alone be loved by anyone. to be told i love you 18 days after the first time you meet someone is crazy right? at least i thought it was. but i was wrong. i thought no one could possibly love me after that short amount of time she doesnt know anything about me yet. but the walls crumbled down one by one. i fell along with them. but she did her best to pick me back up. she spent over 400 days loving me. and in those 400 days i saw love. for the first time in my life i saw love for what it really was. i mean love in every sense of the form, to me love is the way her parents cheered at her games, or the way that they laughed endlessly playing stupid boardgames, love is pushing someone to be the best version of themselves, love is the way i found friends in people i thought i hated. love is trusting. love is letting go. love is crazy, unexplainable, and unimaginable. i learned that love, in that time whether it be picking you up off the bathroom floor, stopping you from jumping off the top of a parking garage, or may it be writing your final flashcards with you, or staying up until 3 am watching criminal minds in a fort built in the living room. love is unconditional. love is love. love means going all in even if it means you’re going to get hurt. because in the end its the only thing worth getting hurt for.

DIY Betta Leaf Hammock

So we all know about this thingy, right? Well, I don’t like them.

First: they’re made of hard plastic and the edges can sometimes be sharp enough to hurt a betta or tear its delicate fins. Second: even though there is a version that doesn’t have a wire inside the leaf (and this version is far safer), I can’t seem to find that thing anywhere. I ordered them online, went to three different LPS, and all of them only had the wire version.

So I said, screw it. I’m gonna make my own betta leaf hammock and it’ll be ten times better than this mass-market version. And since my creation turned out fantastic, I’m gonna share my process with everyone so that you never have to buy that crappy plastic leaf ever again.

So here’s what you do: Gather up any unused silk plants you have, or buy one of those $4 silk plants at any pet store that have the adjustable leaves. They look like this.

In the background of this picture you can see one leaf clump that I pulled off the stem. In focus is one of those leafs cut off, including the base of the leaf which has the hole meant to go through the stem.

Stick that thing right into a suction cup. Easy as that. Mine fit snugly. I stole the suction cup I’m using off the awful leaf-hammock-with-a-wire I ordered online, but you can probably go to the dollar store and get a whole pack of this exact size.

That extra leaf I cut off in the beginning? Shoved it right into the suction cup with the other leaf. Now everything is nice and snug; those leaves won’t be budging any time soon.

Since I had it on hand, I also secured it with a bit of aquarium sealant, but it wasn’t necessary. The leaves were stuck in there pretty good without it, I’m just predicting it will be easier to clean down the line if I glue it.

And there you have it. Two gorgeous, well-sized, sturdy and safe betta leaf hammocks for your tank.

So, to review, here’s the materials list:

1. Small suction cup(s)
2. Clump(s) of leaves from a silk plant of your choice
3. Scissors
4. Aquarium sealant (optional) 

Worth Keeping

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Tags: Fluff, smut, smut with feelings, biting kink (idk how that got in there)

Words: 3,326

A/N: It’s been too long and I apologize profusely, please take this as a peace offering :)) I reallly like this one :)

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michael lee brown’s jared

i almost forgot to make this post but in case anyone wanted to actually hear it??? here’s some things i noticed abt michael’s jared that was different from will’s

  • while will is very bluntly and obviously sarcastic, michael was almost sweet in the way he delivered his humor. it constantly felt like he was talking to a buddy, someone he genuinely cared about, and was making good, light-hearted jokes with them.
    • on that note, the whole bit of “i only talk to you so my parents will pay for stuff” was extremely unconvincing as a serious statement. once again, it was more like he was being playful than sarcastic.
  • when connor says “am i not laughing hard enough?” he was terrified. his line, “you’re such a freak” was delivered while afraid and almost in shock - like he didn’t expect connor to not get the joke (once again, going back to how playful everything he said was).
  • every time he came on stage to have a conversation with evan, he literally jumped into view, extremely giddy. it was cute and got a lot of good laughs.
  • the entire connor project seemed almost like a game to him. i don’t really know how to go into detail with this, it was just like… he was having fun with the whole thing. as if it wasn’t some serious, morbid situation.
  • at evan’s betrayal, he got very, very, scarily aggressive. it wasn’t sad aggressive, it was just violent. during “good for you,” he looked ready to literally tear down the wall or stomp a hole in the ground. it really startled me. in a weird way, it reminded me of a child throwing a tantrum ??

in conclusion: this jared didn’t cope through heavy, blunt sarcasm, but through childish, giddy, playful jokes. when his jokes went wrong (connor’s aggressive response, evan abandoning him), he became extremely emotional over it. he didn’t seem as affected by the tragic things happening throughout the play, more like he was just having fun with the whole thing.
he was a massive sweetheart, on and off stage, and i love him very much

Monstrous Savior

Playing a Dragon Age campaign. Our party is a Tal-Vashoth Pirate Captain Warrior (Me), a Half-Elf Merchant Rogue, a Human Chasind Wilder Rogue, and a Human Mage. We have an ancient elf NPC named “Sariel” with us who we woke up from a deep sleep Snow White-style, and are looking for more buried elves the same way.

We’ve just gotten through a huge battle in which a dude exploded right next to me, so I’m covered in blood.

Me (OOC): I walk over to this tomb/grave thing and examine it.

DM: It’s a casket, but it has holes in it.

Me (OOC): Another ancient elf. Got it. I’m gonna open the casket.

Mage: Maybe you should let someone else do it so you don’t scare them like you did Sariel.

Me: I’m a horned giant covered in blood with a huge axe made of dragon bones, what’s so scary about that?

I went to a nearby waterfall to wash off the blood. When I returned the ancient elf was awake and screamed “WHY DOES IT HAVE HORNS!?”

Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 4

Title: Someone to Watch Over Me: Part 4

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Series Masterlist

Summary:  Things have shifted between you and Dean. A harsh truth comes to light.

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer, Tiny, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Georgia (OFC), Melissa (OFC-mentioned), Charlie Bradbury, Tyson Brady, Ash, Garth, Jo Harvelle

Word Count:  3014

Warnings:  angst, harsh language

Author’s Notes: Inspired by but does not follow the Costner/Houston movie The Bodyguard.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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A lot of people don’t believe me when I say that I’ve only been sewing for a little over 3 years. Previous to that I had only really ever sewn plushies, pajama pants or pillows during Guide Guide workshops aka I could put fabric through a machine and sew in (sort of) straight lines but not much else. I had never used a clothing pattern before, I had never used anything other than a basic straight stitch, and I had never bought fabric. October 2012 was the first time I ever sewed any garments completely from scratch and those were my Fushimi from [K] vest and coat and now this October (2015) I will be competing at the Master’s level for cosplay craftsmanship. So I figured I’d give a short rundown of how I taught myself how to sew and how I improved.

1) I watched a lot of Project Runway (the earlier seasons… Annnndreeee, where is Annnndreee?). While this didn’t help much in actual sewing, it got me familiar with a whole lot of terminology and types of fabric and outfits. Plus it also showed me where people tended to take shortcuts and when those shortcuts tended to fail. 

2) I got a very basic sewing machine and I READ THE ENTIRE USER MANUAL. I started off on a Singer Simple which was a gift from my parents (who actually bought it 2 years earlier but never gave it to me thinking I’d never use it… HA!) and I went through every single English page of that user manual. I became familiar with all the parts of my machine, how to thread it, how to change bobbins, how to clean it, how to fix jams, all the different stitch types, and I practiced sewing a bunch of random stitches on scrap pieces of fabric just to see what they looked like and how they changed when I changed different tension settings.

3) I got a basic sewing book (from like 1965… it’d probably better to get an updated/current book) that acted as a glossary of sewing terms. I had no idea what 50% of the stitches I needed to use were called so this became very useful later when I bought my first pattern.

4) I bought my first patterns and chose something fairly simple to start off with which was a lined vest (followed by an immensely more difficult jacket). I went with Simiplicity patterns after doing a lot of googling for the most new-user-friendly patterns.

5) Then I FOLLOWED THE PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS. It seems like an obvious step but even now I sometimes skip a step and then later regret it. Everything the pattern said I needed, I bought. I bought the specific types of fabric, interfacing, thread, buttons, I did not deviate from their suggestions for the first trial run. Then I read through the pattern instructions, cut out all the corresponding pieces for my size and got to work. The key was to work slowly and re-read things as I went. I also used my sewing book and google to help better explain some of the instructions that were not 100% clear to me just starting out. I also looked up youtube video tutorials on how to iron seams, sew darts, properly clip curved edges, sew button holes, and finish inside seams. Research, research, research!

6) To re-iterate: TAKE YOUR TIME. Slow and steady wins the race. It took me probably a solid 4 days to sew a very simple vest that would probably take me maybe a couple hours now but damn it was one of the cleanest looking vests I had ever sewn. I made sure not to rush anything and gave myself lots of time.

7) I kept practicing. The more I sewed, the more familiar I became with how garments were put together and where I could change things to better fit my size or how to alter things to better fit the garment I was trying to create. I experimented whenever I could on scrap fabric to see what would and would not work for stitching and ironing.

3 years later and I can now draft my own patterns and sew dozens of different types of garments with dozens of fabric types. I would attribute 90% of my learning experience to taking it slow at first and researching as I went. I didn’t allow any guesswork on the first couple of projects I worked on because how would I ever learn if I didn’t look into how something was properly done? Google, youtube, tutorial blogs (wink wink), reference books, and pattern instructions are you friends, do not take them for granted. 

Pictured at the top on the left is the first Kirishiki vest I (rush) sewed in July 2012 without following instructions and trying to do it myself. The vest on the right is from December 2012 after I decided to take my time and follow instructions and actually learn while I was sewing. You can improve 100% just by taking your time, doing some research and following the instructions.

Bonus: What I bought for my sewing starter kit

  1. A green rotary/cutting mat. They can be really expensive but I have been using my large mat for 3 years straight and it works wonders at not only protecting the surface you are working on, but giving you a nice sturdy pinning and cutting surface that is self-healing and doesn’t get destroyed by pins and exacto knives.
  2. 1 large and 1 small pair of orange handled sewing scissors.
  3. A 6" x 24" clear sewing ruler.
  4. A pack of white/blue fabric pencils.
  5. A box of standard pins, plus a pin cushion.
  6. A pack of extra bobbins.
  7. A pack of standard sewing needles for hand-sewing.
  8. A pack of standard sewing needles for my machine.
  9. An iron and mini ironing board. 

Happy sewing!


Queue the infamous locker jam scene. And queue the infamous everything falls out of locker scene.

Actually, no, don’t do that. Why? Because in this masterpost I’ll explain multiple methods of organization that you can choose to follow or even create hybrids of in order to keep your school year as organized as possible.



1.       The “3 inch” Binder

Yes, the quotation marks are necessary. By the end of the year this binder won’t feel like it’s only three inches but a million. The point of this method is to keep ALL OF YOUR PAPERS in one place at all times. There are many people who always struggle with losing papers and not knowing where they went. If that’s the case for you, then this is the perfect solution. Use a 3 inch binder to store all of the assignments of each class and you no longer have to worry about where your chemistry lab went or where you history essay walked off to. Many dislike this method due to how heavy the binder becomes, however it’s completely worth it if you struggle with the problem I mentioned.

2.       Multiple Binders

If you enjoy binders and feel they help you to stay organized, go ahead and use this method. Many people will go ahead and use a binder for every class. The reason for this is that they for ahead and take the extra step of having a section within sections within sections. If you’re an organization freak like me then go ahead and follow this method because I know I am. The only problem with this method is that there are going to be A LOT of binders so if you don’t have the space or time to go back and forth to your locker I wouldn’t suggest this for you.

3.       Accordion Folders

This is a similar method to the 3 inch binder. Have an accordion folder to keep all your papers in. The difference between this and the binder is the hole punch. However I do recommend the binder much more than this method because many resort to smashing their papers into the pockets which leaves a jumbled mess in the end. It’s also a lot easier flipping through a binder than looking through an accordion folder. (Also I completely forgot the actual names of these things so don’t go asking for accordion folders)

4.       Important Folder

Many people, including me, will have one folder to store any immediate papers that are important for that day or the following. This is a great addition to the 3 inch binder method because many times you won’t want to take out the binder and instead something quick. Go ahead and use a folder if this is the case. However, just like every other method, there is always a downfall that you have to be aware about. Unless you are an extremely disciplined person and tell yourself to put away the files put in that folder every night, more likely than not you will end up having a bulky folder filled with papers from the previous month. Since this is the case, you need to be strict with yourself about how you use this folder and make sure to actually put those no longer important, or immediate papers away.


·       Planner

Ahahaha you thought you’d get through this masterpost without seeing a planner? NOPE. Planners are essential to staying organized so if you refuse to use one and are really struggling with keeping your school life organized, THIS IS WHY. Utilize your planner in a way that’s efficient for school. Write down all of your assignments and any specific events for EVERY CLASS. This is the most important part: even if that class didn’t assign any homework, STILL WRITE SOMETHING. Many times I try to think back to what I did in a class from a couple weeks back. By that point, no one remembers anymore. That’s why you should not only write down the homework, or “N/A” but also a quick bullet point/ gist of what you did in class.

·       Pencil Pouch(es)

Yes, this can even be plural. A pencil pouch is a necessity for school. Don’t rely on the little pockets in your backpack because more than likely, that won’t be enough and you won’t ever actually put the writing utensils back in their original place. If one pencil pouch isn’t enough to store all of your super cute and adorable stationery, then use two. I do. Don’t be afraid to just have one for highlighters and another for pens and pencils.

·       Notepad

This is something you probably won’t see in everyone’s organization system. However, it truly helps. I find there’s numerous times throughout the year where I need to create a quick list for whatever reason and absolutely despise having to use one whole sheet of paper in my notebook for something so small. Whether it be for an essay, a lab, the vocab list, or all of the un-motivational quotes on the walls, a notepad or to do list will do the trick.


For lockers, I always liked keeping mine simple. After 6th grade when I had all the sparkly crap and completely unnecessary carpet, I realized all it does is take up space. That’s why I would only include the following for your locker organization:

·       Locker Shelf

This adds space that would have previously been unused. They make lockers really tall and slim but don’t bother putting shelves already in there?? Having a shelf will give you that extra layer to store books and whatever else so it’s definitely a good utility to keep in your locker! Here’s something you should follow: you want your locker supplies to make space, not take up space.

·       Small storage container

I find that I always end up having all these small things floating around in my locker. These small objects just end up getting piled up in front of your textbooks and make it difficult to get to your notebooks, binders, books, etc. If you include a small storage box, you can put all of those things (notecards, extra pens, erasers, lead) in the container and viola! No more junk piled up in your locker.

That’s it for lockers! Like I said, keep it simple. Your locker isn’t your room or where you even spend most of your time in. No one is looking at how cute it is either. Truthfully I wouldn’t even include a magnetic pencil holder as that takes up space and falls if it becomes too heavy. It’ll become a hassle instead of a help.


My only tip on how to keep your backpack tidy is to have a specific place for everything. Don’t think too much on this and just put the supply in whatever place you think of first. If you make your system complicated you won’t actually follow it and end up with a messy backpack. For example, laptop should go in the laptop sleeve (super simple), calculator in the front pouch and binders in the biggest/main part of the backpack.


And that’s all I have for school organization! I hope this helped in any way possible! It sorta became super long but ah well, there’s a lot of information that I hope you all can utilize.

Question of the day: Is there anything in this list that you are definitely going to include in your school organization system this year?

Also! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the series and what’s to come HERE!

Ahh this series is almost at an end and truthfully I’m so surprised with myself for getting this far. I’m glad I’ve been able to help many of you!

-much love, studyessie ♡

Joker Imagine - ‘Do it’



Hey, I was just wondering if you could do an imagine of the joker raiding someplace and having the reader there and instead of dropping to the ground when he starts shooting she just stands there. Eventually he would walk up to her while raising a gun to her head and she says “Do it”. Please and thank you!

A/N: Here it is. I hope you like it boo :)

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Your P.O.V.

The main bank in Gotham seemed to busy all the time! I sighed impatiently and shifted my position on the dark blue seat. I had a bag on my legs with important papers I had to talk about, but I knew the wait would be long. There was at least 10 people ahead of me in the number line so I just had to sit and wait. It was friday so it was extra packed. People wanted their money, some had to discuss their issues and so on. I looked at the white marble floor and saw dozens of feet, heels and boots and sneakers. Gotham was full of people and everyone was different.

The clock started to get closer to 9 p.m. which meant that I had been waiting for half an hour. Wonderful.As I got up to go and use the washroom, I felt the ground shaking. A split second later a loud bang interrupted everything. I lost my balance and fell on the ground, landing on my bum. I grunted in pain as my tailbone got a hard impact.

What the fuck is going on?

The next thing I knew was that people were screaming in fear. I opened my eyes and saw people dressed up as clowns, pandas and all kinds of things running inside through a hole they created on the wall. Some were already stealing money and others guarded the hostages, us. One of the bad guys with a batman mask shot a man in his stomach and so I witnessed how he fell fell on the ground, crying out in pain. My eyes froze to look at the situation. The bad guy shot the man again, this time in his head. The innocent man died, just like that. I saw it all happen. His blood was pooling around his body and his head looked really fucked up. The sight made me feel sick.

This day had been the worst so I was too angry to let fear make me obey. I got up and looked around better. The furniture around the hole was set on fire and everything grew into a huge mess. A bad feeling was obvious in my gut. This was obviously a robbery. My body froze a little bit and then reality sunk in. We could all die.

‘’You’’ A raspy voice barked from behind me and then I heard a gun loading. A woman on the ground next to me whimpered and hid her head. I sighed shakily and turned around to face the guy holding me at gunpoint. Instead of facing someone with a silly mask, I saw the deepest reality of a criminal clown. Behind me was the one and only Joker.

My eyes widened as I met his blue ones. He looked at me angrily, making the black make-up around his eyes seem darker. His green hair was put back nicely and he had red lips. I was too scared to pay attention to his clothes, but I saw that he was wearing something black and dark red. Then I saw the gun he held, a personalized pistol aimed straight at me. My breath hitched in my throat. I was this fucking close to the Joker!

‘’Get down princess’’ He growled angrily and tried to scare me by raising the gun closer to my face. I gulped at looked at the hole of the gun that could shoot a bullet any second. Joker’s finger lied dangerously on the trigger, but he didn’t pull it yet. ‘’No’’ I answered sternly, slightly worried about doing so, but I didn’t want to surrender.

I saw confusion wash across Joker’s face. I bet I was one of the few people who told him that. ‘’If I were you, I’d listen to me’’ He warned me with a raspy voice. People around us were staring at me in disbelief. yes I was scared, my heart was pounding in my chest and I felt lightheaded, but I was too self assured to kneel down. They’d kill us anyway.

‘’Well clownface you’re not me’’ I spat at him angrily and then expected to get shot, but nothing happened. Joker looked at me wickedly, his eyes moving from my left eye to my right. He gritted his teeth and then squinted those crazy eyes of his. ‘’Don’t talk to me like that or I’ll shoot you!’’ Joker yelled at me and hit my stomach with the gun. I swallowed the pained cry and kept my eyes focused on his.

I didn’t expect my life to end like this..

 ‘’Do it’’ I whispered quietly, but I knew he heard me. I felt tears stinging my eyes. I was so close to crying, but I tried to hold my tears back. I stood there, completely in display for Joker to shoot me and that’s what I waited for. He waited as well. I grew a little impatient again. Maybe my life wouldn’t have to end like this. As he took good time to think, for some reason I didn’t know, I decided to attack him.

I leaped towards the crazy man in front of me and legit jumped on his chest. Joker nearly stumbled, but he caught his balance with his leg. Then he turned us over so I was the one falling. I hit the ground with my back, but it didn’t stop me from getting up again. Tears ruined my makeup and I cried silently, yet I kept trying. I tried to slap Joker, but he grabbed my wrist and pinned it around so it hurt a little bit.Then he put the gun in front of my face again. 

Oh fuck. I thought quickly and kneed him, but I hit his leg which didn’t even hurt that much. ‘’You’re a naughty naughty girl’’ Joker hissed and then pushed me against the floor. He put his foot on my hips so i couldn’t get up. Then he pointed his gun towards me. ‘’Too bad I’ll have to kill you’’ He sighed and I watched his his pale finger hugged the trigger. ‘’Then do it’’ I encouraged this crazed criminal, facing the fact that I would die. It’s not like many people would miss me anyway.

I didn’t even bother to wipe away my tears. I just stared into Joker’s eyes and ignored the screams and gunshots in the background. What was he waiting for?  ‘’Do it!’’ I screamed at him, hating this feeling. I was scared and angry at the same time. Just lying on the ground and waiting for my painful death was disgustingly awful. But the bullet didn’t seem to come.

Joker leaned down and grabbed my black jacket so he could pull me up to my feet. I grunted in pain because his touch was harsh. Then he pulled my back close to his chest and put the cold gun against my head, holding his other arm around my waist. All of this was so confusing!

But it didn’t take long for me to know why he did this. In front of us stood Batman, in his dark knight suit. I was the hostage that Joker would kill if Batman would come closer. I could feel my heartbeat all the way in throat as I stood there. I had never been this scared in my life. There was nothing I could do.

Joker’s goons were gone. Some were lying on the ground in pain, but most of them had escaped already. So it was Joker vs Batman with me in the middle. Yay. This felt like some kind of nightmare. ‘’Let her go Joker’’ Batman spoke with his deep voice. He could probably see my quivering body. ‘’Why would I? You don’t think I’m that fucking stupid do you?’’ Joker laughed darkly and caressed my cheek with the cold metal. Batman didn’t answer immediately. He seemed to be in deep thoughts.

‘’She doesn’t have anything to do with this’’ Batman tried again. He stepped closer, but Joker didn’t approve that. The next thing I knew was the Joker shot the ceiling and then put the gun back towards my head. Batman froze and didn’t come closer. The shot was a clear warning that I’d be next.

‘’Just go away Batsy. You can’t save her, just like you couldn’t save Rachel’’ Joker spoke darkly. Everyone knew about Rachel. Joker had set up a trap a few years ago which led Harvey Dent to lose his mind and half of his face. Then Rachel had died. Not that I liked what happened, but Rachel was my former co-worker and we never got along. When she died, I wasn’t that sad about it. But what Joker did was still wrong. Even tho he kinda did me a favour, I couldn’t say I wished for her death.

I noticed how Batman got angry by Joker’s rude comment.   ‘’Now pretty how about we go out of here together and leave Batsy alone,hm?’’ Joker purred into my ear and tried to walk sideways to the entrance. A car had pulled over and a goon was driving. Batman hadn’t noticed, but I could tell him. Did I want to? This was all messing with my mind and I was way too confused to think straight.

Batman leaped closer to us. I startled so bad that I screamed and kicked the dark knight. Why? I didn’t want to get shot. ‘’Leave me alone!’’ I sobbed out loud to Batman, partly feeling guilty for kicking him. Batman seemed surprised and he stepped a few steps back. He tried to grab one of his weapons, but Joker was quicker. The next thing I knew was that he pushed me inside the car. Joker’s goons shot at Batman who had to seek shield. That gave Joker plenty of time to get in the car and so we escaped the scene.

‘’You did so well kitten’’ Joker laughed evilly and sat next to me. I was on my back and I was too scared to sit up straight. I had kicked the only person who could have saved me and now I was heading to ..who knows where with fucking Joker! I really fucked up.

‘’I didn’t mean to do that’’ I whimpered with a small voice. I was letting reality replace my shock and I got really scared. But a part of me found Joker really interesting. I knew I should hate him, but after thinking about the crazy clown prince of crime for a few years, my thoughts had formed a big mess. I had mixed feelings about this man. 

‘’But you did it’’ Joker answered me and then took a deep breath. He wasn’t holding me at gunpoint anymore. ‘’There’s bad in you and I’ll promise to get it through baby’’ He added mysteriously. My eyes widened. Bad in me? ‘’I’m nothing like you’’ I hissed and then sat up a little better. So I’d either die or become like him? I knew I could try to escape, but we were in a car that drove so fast I bet the driver broke all the laws he could.If I’d jump out, I’d die.

‘’Don’t be so negative. You’re feisty, I like that’’ Joker admitted and seemed like a whole new person. Earlier he was more scary, now he was just plain crazy and a little flirty. I kept an angry glare on my face. ‘’Hey, drive us to the X4 hideout!’’ Joker growled angrily at the driver. His tone was really scary, something you wouldn’t want to make worse.

Then he turned to face me again. That’s when I paid attention to details. He had ‘damaged’ ‘J’ and a star tattooed on his white face. He had some scars from heists and his blue eyes were actually pretty. I felt like I could study his features and tattoos for ages, but I was too scared to. Also he was a bad guy. I shouldn’t be thinking like this. I should be more scared and more angry.

‘’I can see through your anger’’ Joker giggled and then grabbed something from his pocket. I followed his moves silently and then saw a cigar that he lit up and put the thick stick on his lips. He inhaled the toxins and after a few seconds breathed the smoke out. I tried to show him that I was disgusted, just because I wanted to go away. I put my hand on my nose and squinted my eyes.

‘’Want some?’’ He looked at me and offered me the cigar. I looked at it, then at Joker who seemed more relaxed around me and then I looked out of the window. We drove so fast that I couldn’t focus on anything. All I knew was that I was stuck with the Joker and it stressed me out. So I grabbed the cigar and inhaled it deeply. The smoke entered my body and made me feel both disgusted but relaxed. I breathed it out in the car and then gave it back to Joker. 

‘’You didn’t mean it when you told me to do it didn’t you?’’ Joker asked me with a raspy voice. I felt a little numb, because this all happened so suddenly. I wasn’t sure what I should feel. Fear? Anger? Sadness? I was too baffled to know. I looked at Joker who had a smirk plastered on his face. ‘’You’ll find out’’ I replied shortly and then shut my eyes.

How could this be real?

My Babygirl-Part Eleven

My Babygirl Masterlist

“Hey Dean, come check this out.” Sam said as he looked at the computer. He had been checking the local reports for your town and had found something that quickly caught his attention.

“What is it?” Dean asked before standing behind Sam, leaning over to look at the screen.

“This.” Sam replied pointing to the screen, “Someone in Y/N’s town died; looks like foul play due to the victim dying from a wound to their head.” Dean narrowed his eyes as he read the article. “Could be nothing…but with us…”

“It’s never nothing with us. Pack a bag Sammy, we’ll go check it out. Worst case we get there a few days before watching my babygirl get crowned homecoming queen.” Dean told his brother.

“-And if it’s not nothing?” Sam asked.

“Then we take care of it.”

“So this is definitely our kind of thing.” Dean heard Sam say through the phone. When they got into your town Sam went to the morgue while Dean was walking around your neighborhood, looking for anything suspicious.

“What you find out?” Dean asked.

“The corner hasn’t done the autopsy yet, but the wound looks like something a kitsune would be responsible for. I asked the pathologist if the pituitary gland could have been tampered with.” Sam told his brother.

“-And?” Questioned Dean.

“-And he said it was an odd question but since I mentioned it the hole in the vics head goes straight to it.” Sam said.

“Great. Well we got here fast, hopefully we can find this thing and stop it before it does too much damage.” Dean stated. A beeping noise distracted Dean from the conversation, “Hold on Sammy, someone else is calling me.”

“Hello?” Dean asked as he looked at the phone again to make sure the call was connected, “Who is this?”

“Hel-hello?” Your shaky voice came through on the other end.

“Y/N? Y/N is that you?” Dean asked as he felt himself begin to panic. He stayed away so you could be safe.

You were supposed to be safe.

“Y-yeah.” You replied.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” Dean questioned as he began to jog back to where he parked the impala.

“This-this man, I came back from school and he had my mom and little brother. then my dad came home, but this guy says he isn’t really my dad. I don’t know whats going on.” You cried into the phone. You were making no sense but from what Dean could tell someone had your entire family. The fact that they had you call him proved they knew who you were to Dean.

Which meant you were all in trouble.

“Hey Y/N it’s gonna be okay I promise. Do you know where you are?” Dean asked.

“We’re at th-” You were cut off by a loud smacking noise followed by the sound of the phone hitting the ground.

“Y/N! Y/N!” Dean shouted into the phone as he slammed the impala door shut.

“Sorry bout that Dean, I’m not ready for you to come and play juuuust yet, but soon. I promise.” A new voice sounded into the phone.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this?” Dean asked in an angry tone.

“I’ve spent years looking for you but never could find you. I found your daughter though; she’s pretty. She also has a fantastic life that you set up for her. All safe and happy, a normal teenage homecoming queen. That’s what you wanted for her, right Dean? That’s the kind of life I could have had if you hadn’t killed my mom.” The voice growled into the phone, “So she doesn’t get to live hers anymore.”

“If I killed your mom she probably had it coming.” Dean snarled into the phone, “I will find my daughter. Then I will end you.”

“MY MOTHER DID NOTHING WRONG!” The voice boomed on the other end of the phone. “Sam let her go! Again! But you decided that she needed to die. I told you I would kill you Dean Winchester.” Both sides of the phone line went silent for a moment, “And I will.”

Extended Imagine - Stormy Snuggles


The sky spoke in ominous booms, warning you of the impending storm. You climb out of the car and run for the house - bounding up the steps onto the covered front porch. Chris lingers behind, taking time to check out the jagged black clouds.

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August’s Featured Game: Land, Sea, Entropy

GENRE: RPG, Fantasy, Adventure
SUMMARY: Land, Sea, Entropy, is a story-heavy action role-playing game with elements of mystery and horror. You live beneath the sea in a small village called Tidemoor. To the North is a labyrinth inhabited by strange monsters… and their numbers are only growing. So as one of Tidemoor’s warriors, your job is to thin the beast’s numbers and protect your town. But you get too greedy, go too far, and reach a point of no return.
You find yourself in a world far different from your own, but it isn’t all full of monsters. There are peaceful places too, areas that are completely safe and untouched by any beasts. As you come to meet the inhabitants of this new land, and seek to return to your own, strange phenomena begins to occur and a mystery surrounding the unknown world unfolds. 

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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anonymous asked:

U really don't think Angie is scammin......okay

many of you sent this type of ask already..

I didn’t say what I thought of Angie either way, and tbh I’m still unsure of the whole picture - but I reblogged her explanation/evidence post since many people I follow reblogged the accusation, and should at least have the chance to read her reply - if people just read the accusation with no critical thought and without looking into it farther or even glancing at her refutation of those points, she’d never get a chance at justice even if it turned out she’s not in the wrong.

honestly this attitude is hypocritical. people reblogging the accusation keep saying “why doesn’t she thoroughly refute every point, then we’d give her the benefit of the doubt” but now that she’s done exactly that (literally what she’s been asked to do), people are dismissing it without even reading. and now apparently sending anons to anyone sharing the post at all too.

my other problem is with the ethics and accuracy of info in the callout. it’s fair to want proof/clarification of the authenticity of a fundraiser the scale of Angie’s, but this attempt at an exposé was poor - it had misconstrued (or just incorrect) info in major places, used questionable sources and methods that could have put Angie in danger IRL, and at times was just grossly ignorant (re: medical disability as well as familial abuse). I’m not criticizing the need to know more from her to feel comfortable supporting her, but there were tons of better ways to handle an investigation into the situation.

here are just some of the things about the accusation post that I’m uncomfortable with (I’m listing them not to prove things - her detailed post which covers all of this with sources/specifics is for that - but to say why I can’t support or trust the accusation post by itself): 

-accuser (or at least someone involved with the investigation) called her providers to get information about her and their services to her (these people/companies/services will not disclose to a random caller that they give a patient a service, that’s confidentiality) which is a huge breach in patient privacy. and then tried to use the fact that they wouldn’t give them personal info on their services towards Angie as evidence that Angie is a fraud.

edit: I have since received the following clarification which is confusing because in the accusing post there is explicit wording about contacting certain services/providers, but ok:

^ either way, not everything that a provider possibly does will be listed right on their website lmao Angie has gone out of her way to explain that there is a special arrangement between that provider and other services that work with her.  

-accuser misconstrued / misrepresented numbers (one example: implying she had claimed her rent was $5,000 or so a month when that was a YEARLY estimate and she never claimed it was monthly)

-other Australians (you can find this in reblogs of her explanation post) have been debunking and correcting things the accuser said about various AUS govt funds, programs and legal aid; it is clear that the accuser did not have all the information about Angie’s eligibility or lack thereof, or about how much of her daily and yearly expenses these would have covered. those are big holes in the accusation.

-accuser misconstrued the fact that she had terms / quantities changed to ones more comprehensible by ppl in the USA - when she had already explained her reasoning for this publicly (being on a platform with a majority of users from the USA and all)

-accuser misconstrued other statements (said she forbid people from calling the charity, when her real words - I’ve seen the post cited - were along the lines of “pls don’t spam / harass the charity”) and went as far as to cite Angie once using a profile picture of herself pre-disability as “suspicious”

-accuser called her suspicious simply for how many times she’s been close to homelessness/fatal neglect - this is speculation, not reasonable evidence, and besides, it’s not automatically suspicious or unrealistic to need continuous funds / be in danger a lot when someone is continuously bed bound, seriously disabled, and being charged thousands a week for basic life care she can’t do by herself. this part of the accusation was worded in a way that was disrespectful and totally ignorant re: what it’s like to be disabled to that extent. the post could have stuck to reputable forms of evidence without throwing in a speculative “isn’t it weird that this gravely disabled person cut off from lots of resources is always in danger and struggling to live? how unusual” which is just callous to people with permanent disabilities who do need constant help.

-accuser, with no relevant evidence or medical knowledge of the type of disability Angie has, tries to speculate that the doctors notes “looked fake” (again based on nothing but speculation) - as if it’s at All weird for someone with a complex neurological / regional pain related condition to have ongoing diagnosis, multiple terms to refer to clustered symptoms, opinions of multiple doctors, etc. it’s also not at all weird for different doctors to have a different style of writing a letter lol - I’ve bounced between specialists myself for undiagnosed chronic illness, and neither of those are red flags - doctors regularly print or email something they typed up in their patient notes database or a word type document. again, people automatically taking this as reliable evidence are out of touch with what it’s like to be disabled to that extent and seeing multiple doctors.

-accuser calls into question changing URLs, changing fundraising platforms, etc, all while omitting one very important fact that is necessary to qualify those situations (which Angie has made common knowledge) - that she has been stalked persistently by a documented abuser and had her funds threatened, and this has publicly put her in danger over the past couple of years. other people have also tried to slander and stalk her in the past which she’s also talked openly about. she’s had to change platforms semi regularly for her safety. most bloggers I follow have changed URLs far more than Angie without it being treated like a federal offense. once again not reputable or concrete evidence, lots being stretched, & lots of omitted context.

-accuser cites a person as a major source of info who has been outed in the past with evidence as fraudulent / dishonest themself, and is therefore not a reliable source.

-accuser brings in petty unrelated shit like an allegedly biphobic post that was taken out of context in the first place (why was that even on a serious scamming callout??) this just reveals desperate and unprofessional attempts to smear character.

-accuser frames the fact that Angie is a Chinese woman living in an English speaking country with both a Chinese and anglicized name that are both used officially in different contexts as “suspicious” despite how ridiculously common that is like… come on.

-as a side note, people have been total hypocrites re: how they question her disability - doubting it because ‘oh she has the time and energy to make posts’ (ignoring that she does have friends help her with maintaining posts, letters, documents etc), but then when she doesn’t immediately respond to all the accusations in less than 24 hours they slam her for that too (where’s your concern for her energy and ability now?) again like.. regardless of if y'all are right about Angie’s specific case, this is hypocrisy and you evidently don’t know how to treat / talk about seriously disabled people.

there are more but that’s enough lol. again this wasn’t meant to corroborate itemized proof against the accusation, or state an opinion on the conduct of Angie’s fundraiser (like I said I literally don’t know) - if you’re looking for that I would recommend reading Angie’s post thoroughly and coming to your own conclusions. all the links, math, explanations are there. this was to denote my more objective concerns with how the callout was conducted and why I can’t trust it as credible or support it ethically.

if you think Angie’s situation doesn’t add up even after reading her explanations, feel free to pursue more info in a way that is more accurate and ethical, or just don’t give your money. but you don’t slap together a callout with this many holes and discrepancies and bad conduct and let it go public right away when you run this high of a risk of ruining someone’s life if you’re wrong - you make sure you have your shit straight. you bring questions to the person first without jumping at them in an accusing/dehumanizing way right off the bat (which yes will get you blocked, shockingly), and give them a chance to provide evidence and explanation before you try and no platform them. and if it comes down to you making the public post and they reply with evidence/explanations after reading your accusations, you do your due diligence again by taking that into account. 

like I said I have no idea how much of Angie’s fundraiser has been handled in a legit way (I for sure don’t think she’s faking being disabled and that’s about all I know), but I feel uneasy that hundreds of people are taking that post at face value and aren’t even giving her thorough response a glance - you’re deciding a vulnerable woman’s fate, of being cut off and kicked off her platform, through hearsay, which is stupid and dangerous in this kind of situation. 

if you’re right, congrats I guess, on your pure dumb luck (because your investigation had so many holes). but god help you if you’re wrong and you further isolate her with your sloppiness. matters like this require attention to accuracy and ethics, things that were lacking in this callout. I’m not dumb for being concerned about that, and finding it reason enough not to take that callout at face value without looking at both sides more. don’t think badly of me just for reblogging Angie’s explanations and giving people a chance to read them as well as the accusations.

I Promise (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: “Prompt angst/post breakup #9 with Jason?? Pls!” from anon

Prompt: 9) “I found this photo of you in an old jacket and it reminds me of what I lost and I came here to find it.”

A/N: There’s probably a lot of mistakes in here but it’s 4:25 AM and I’m tired and cranky and I’m going to be very blunt, lazy to check. 

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @avengerdragoness @kazuha159 @scarletsmaximoff @insideoflit @just-another-fandomite


It wasn’t easy for Jason after you left. You were always reaching for the door every time you two had a fight, but he always had a way to make you stay. Always. He was toxic and you loved it.

But the moment you packed your bags and he was tripping out of his apartment, he realized that he went too far, “What the fuck you doing this for?!” He growled, snatching your wrist in his hand and swung you around to face him.

You yanked your wrist out of his grip, “I can’t do this anymore, Jason!”

He scoffed, “Do what? Being a fucking ice princess bitch who only gives a damn about herself?” He said darkly, regretting his choice of words right away when he saw the hurt in your eyes.

You were so fed up with his bullshit. You used your free hand and smacked him across the face, “You think I don’t give a damn about you?” You whispered. In all of your arguments, you always ended up stuttering and crying, but this time, you had the courage to speak your mind with no hint of tears in your eyes.

He placed a palm on his cheek, red from your powerful smack. You looked at him straight in the eyes when he turned his head to face you again, “Do you know how hard it is to watch you almost bleed to death every night? When I have to pray to a God who apparently doesn’t even exist because your life was never in His hands, but in mine?” He bit his lip, knowing exactly what you mean.

Jason didn’t respond, so you continued, “I love you, Jason, I really do. But I can’t be with someone who puts his life on the line every single night. You wanna know why? Because if one night you don’t come back home, I’m never going to be able to live my life anymore. You’re my world, you have my heart, hell I’d sell my soul to you…but enough is enough.”

That was the last thing you said to him before you turned around and left him in the dark hallway. He couldn’t even move, he couldn’t even go after you.

You were right.


You were watching Friends on Netflix, laying down on your new couch in your new apartment in Bludhaven. Dick was generous enough to help you find a decent place. You told him that you didn’t need money for anything else but when you first arrived, you knew he had something to do with all the new furniture.

You sighed, eating another slice of cold pizza from yesterday. You missed Jason. The hole in your heart kept reminding you about all the good times you spent together. Not even Friends could be able to make you laugh like he did, when he wasn’t being an asshole. You felt like shit for leaving him like that.

You heard a small knock on the door and glanced at the clock.

11:47 PM and some idiot decided to ruin your night. You paused the show and placed a barely eaten pizza in its box, sighing as you stood up from your comfortable couch.

The bad thing about this apartment is that there aren’t any peep holes. You swung the door open and gasped, “….What are you doing here?”

Jason looked completely different. His hair was disheveled as if he ran his fingers through it in frustration. His eyes were droopy and red, when was the last time he slept? You thought. He even had facial hair. You knew for sure that he hasn’t shaved in a few weeks.

Jason took something out of his pocket, and held it up for you to see, I found this photo of you in an old jacket and it reminds me of what I lost and I came here to find it.”

He took your hand with shaking fingers and placed the photo in your palm. You took a better look and let out a shaking breath, “It’s..”

“The photo I took of you on our first date.” He finished.

In the photo, you were smiling at a plate full of food. You remembered this day clearly, you didn’t know he was taking an off guard photo of you. You even remembered how surprised you were when you liked the photo so much.

Jason rubbed a thumb on your cheek, wiping away a tear you didn’t even feel, “I’m so sorry, baby.” He whispered.

You placed a hand over his and closed your eyes in pain, shaking your head, “No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have left you like that.”

Jason pulled you into his arms, letting you cry into his chest, “Babe, don’t cry. I’m a dick, I know. You’re not the one who should be sorry.” He said, voice low as he rubbed your back.

You gripped his leather jacket in both hands, “Just promise me one thing.” You said into his chest, voice slightly muffled.

He kissed the top of your head, “Anything, babe.”

“Promise me you’ll always come back every night.”

Jason grasped your chin, lifting it up so you can meet his gaze full of pain and gave you a long passionate kiss. God, you missed his touch so much. 

He pulled back and leaned his forehead against yours, “I promise.”