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Back when I started this Tumblr 3 years ago, I was just looking for a new place to explore my girly side. Little did I expect that I’d have over 9,000 followers!!

I’ve been thinking, and doing a lot of soul searching, but it’s time to pull up my big girl panties and get back to work! It’ll be a bit slow to start as I still have some of my favorite posts that I’ve found on Tumblr that I’m still going to share, but you’ll start seeing my original caps again! So please sit back, relax, and let your inner girl free!


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Kids were staying with Steve, so you and Bucky had the whole house for you; you used all the possible surfaces around the house to fuck. He bends you first over the table, after to the kitchen counter, the wall, and your bed. You both enjoyed it so much, but your embarrassed was enormous when your son found your forgotten panties on the floor besides the table. He didn’t knew what it meant, neither his little sister, both to young to understand that their parents had a passionate night together

I can picture Steve dropping the kids off and he sees your son pick up the panties and he’s just like looking at you both with that dad look hahah 

Sinful Sunday™

[…]  there was open sea to both sides, and the sea, it was like an old friend, […] many times I have stood like that in the night, looking out over the sea: there is a calm there to be found which at times I have badly needed.

Per Petterson, from I Curse the River of Time, transl. by Charlotte Barslund (Graywolf Press, 2010)

The Kingdom

summary: Richie doesn’t know why, but (Y/N) doesn’t seem to be very happy to see him. They seemed to be good friends, so why now?

requested: yes

universe: IT

A/N: aaa I haven’t done one-shots in a while!!! also, I needed a gif of Richie looking kinda upset but I can’t find one so here ya go have a Mike Wheeler pretending to be Richie Tozier


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Richie impatiently bounced on the benches of the lunch table, waiting for you to come over. It’d just began the school year and it was the month you got your leg cast off. Ever since the Neibolt House Incident, you were left with a severely sliced leg and a huge scar on the side. The whole Losers Club gang stuck together, of course. Beverly found a way to stay in Derry for at least a couple years, Mike got himself an internship at a bakery, and Bill stopped his parents from moving. 

As he watched you walk through the doors into the bustling cafeteria, his face lit up like Christmas lights. He waved his hand up and ignored the weird looks from the other students, “Hey! Hey, (Y/N)! Over here!” 

You glanced over at the table he sat at and your eyes slowly went over to Stan, who sat across from him. Stan looked at you and he gave a sweet smile before returning to read through his book while taking sips from his milk. You went back to Richie and suddenly felt your stomach churn. You didn’t mean to, but you gave a dirty look before turning away and walking back out of the cafeteria.

Richie watched as you sped away and he felt his hand drop down to the table, the thud startling the calm Stanley. He made a confused, upset face and stared at Richie, placing his book beside his lunchbox.

“What’s wrong?”

“Did you see the way (Y/N) looked at me? I mean, come on, man. What did I even do?” Richie glanced back at the doors that you once stood between that was now crowded with acne teens and hyper tweens. He huffed before turning back to Stanley to bite part of his sandwich.

“Maybe you made them mad. I mean, you kind of ignored them for months after the um, the Thing happened. You hung out with Eddie more. Bill, too,” Stan raised his eyebrow before taking another sip of his milk. Richie rolled his eyes at him and leaned his elbow onto the table.

“Yeah, but I never did shit! Like, ignoring isn’t a bad thing. They ignored me for like, a week one time. It’s just payback,” Richie took a second bite before plopping his sandwich back into his lunchbox. Stan raised his eyebrow again, giving Richie a deadpanned look. “What?”

Stan sighed and set down his milk. He raised his hands, “Your quote-unquote payback has been going on for two months. Do you even know how that makes them feel, Richie?” Richie scoffed while closing up his lunchbox. Maybe he was a bit insensitive to that, but he still knew that it was just playful revenge.

“It’s just fun revenge, Stan. Geez,” Richie shook his head slowly and brushed crumbs off the table before the bell had rung. Stanley packed away his food and drank the last of his milk. As the two walked out of the cafeteria, Richie glanced back into the room and noticed that you’d just walked in. Everyone had left and you were still there, sitting alone with barely eaten food.

He felt a tightening in his chest the moment you two locked eyes, to which you turned away and resumed eating. Richie’s eyebrows knitted together and he turned back to Stan as they walked through the halls. Stan rambled about how Beverly had gotten him a few books for his birthday and how Ben got him a library card, nerdy stuff in Richie’s book. 

What he really was listening to were his thoughts. Maybe he did go too far, maybe you hated him. He was a dick sometimes. Okay, maybe not just sometimes. He just was never taught what was too far, nothing was too far unless he gets hurt. There were no boundaries. 

“Give me a second, Stan. Gotta take a piss,” Stan grimaced while Richie handed him his lunchbox and ran off. Stan walked off to class while Richie slowly walked to the bathrooms, his hands shoved into his pockets. As he neared the bathrooms, he smugly passed the doorway and walked began to full-on sprint toward the cafeteria. 

As he neared the doors, he could hear laughing. Genuine, happy laughing. Not from just you, either. He heard four voices, one of which he knew was yours from countless times of laughing about cheesy horror movies, or the times he’d accidentally snort and make soda go up his nose. Those were the good times, the best days that you’d shared a year ago before he shut you out.

To be honest, he never even knew why he shut you out. Maybe it was because you became friends with Eddie, or maybe because he didn’t go to your orchestra recitals, maybe because you weren’t there for him in the Neibolt house the day you got hurt. In Richie’s mind, it was your fault that the friendship didn’t last. Your fault for getting a better friend, your fault for the teacher pairing you and Eddie for science instead of you and him, your fault for getting that cast in the first place.

Everything was your fault if it didn’t have a neutral explanation. 

Richie peeked in through the open door and his stomach flipped at the sight. You, Beverly, Eddie, and some other boy he never knew sat together at a table, your laughing echoing off the empty walls of the cafeteria. Richie’s eyes lingered on you before his daze distorted into a glare, now staring down the unknown boy and Eddie, who sat around you. Eddie seemed to be the one making the jokes, the one making you laugh.

“Dipshit! That’s definitely not how it happened!” Beverly pushed hair behind her ear and crossed her legs, watching as Eddie over exaggerated the happenings of watching (Y/N) get their cast off. The unknown boy snorted with laughter at Eddie’s annoyed deadpan.

“You weren’t even there, so ha!” Eddie crossed his arms and the others burst out laughing. Eddie tried to bite back and hid his laughing before he laughed along with them.

“Actually, it wasn’t either way,” You spoke up as soon as the laughter died down. Richie listened intently and leaned onto the door, watching your smile downturn into a subtle frown. “It was like, early August. I’d just gotten my shit together and went to the doctor’s. I called up Richie like, ten times.” You laughed and the others’ smiles went down as well, remembering what you’d told them.

Richie noticed the now glum feeling in the conversation, yet he still decided to listen along. He wanted badly to walk over and casually start joking around like you’d done last year like you did before Neibolt. 

“Hey, (Y/N),” Eddie placed his hand over yours and Beverly did the same, smiling comfortingly, trying to make you feel better. “If you don’t want to talk about it, we get it. It’s okay with us.”

“It’s fine, Eddie,” You patted his head and ruffled his hair before getting back to the story. They listened in once you’d started smiling again, giggling once you’d said something funny. “Then like, they take out this rea-a-ally big saw! I was like, “Jesus Christ!”” 

Richie laughed and before he could remember that he was supposed to be hiding, you all looked over at the doors and saw Richie Tozier laughing his ass off. Your smile fell and you looked down, the others doing the same.

Since he’d just blown his cover anyway, Richie thought it would be okay to walk over. He slowly but surely made his way over, sitting down across from you. The three others cleared their throats and looked down in silence.

“So, uh, hey,” Richie tried his best to lighten the mood, smiling even when he knew he shouldn’t. You stared down at your food and the others looked to the sides. “I heard you got your cast off. ‘Means we could swim at the Quarry again, right?”

They stayed silent, even Eddie did. Eddie was always one to side with Richie, even if they were polar opposites. Like brothers from another mother, it was always the two. But now, it was just him. Him alone, you together.

“Yeah,” You muttered under your breath as a way to not talk to him. You avoided any eye contact and tried to use as little words as possible, “I got it off a month ago. I don’t like to swim, though.” He knew that was a lie, you’d always loved to go swimming. Night or day, you’d be swimming.

“C’mon, we all know that’s a lie! I’ve seen you at the pool all the time, right Eddie?” Richie looked over to Eddie, who uncomfortably shifted under his stare. He turned around to the new boy, then to Beverly, “Bev?” 

“Look, Richie. That was when I was your friend, as in a year ago. I’ve changed, okay? Just leave me alone,” You grabbed your lunch and stood up, climbing out from the lunch tables to walk toward the trash bins. You threw out the rest of your food and left your food tray while walking away and out of the cafeteria. Beverly, Eddie, and that new guy at the table awkwardly sat there before slowly parting with lame excuses. 

Before the new guy could leave, Richie stopped him, “Who’re you?” The boy seemed confused and a bit anxious, but Richie could care less.

“I- I’m Will. Will Byers,” He wiped his palms against his pants while Richie stared him down. Will was awkward and didn’t want to be there, he wanted to leave. Richie took a long look at him. A flannel wearing, bowl-cut having wimp that was skinnier than Bill and Stan put together. Richie couldn’t believe (Y/N) ditched him for this kid, his blood boiled just at the thought of it.

“You’re hair cut’s stupid,” Richie blurted out without thinking before pushing past the boy to walk after you. He knew where you’d be. You always were interested in the field and you’d made a secret clubhouse in the old toolshed, it was always named the Misfit Kingdom ever since you two met.

As Richie got closer to the clubhouse, he stopped in his tracks the moment he saw it. You were there, of course, only you weren’t going in. You had a shovel, most likely from the remains of the actual toolshed. You were breaking down the entire clubhouse, one wall, one window, one memory at a time. Eddie and Beverly stood beside you, watching in not only worry but grief.

The more you slammed the shoved against the walls, the more Richie felt his eyes sting. He couldn’t remember what he came there for and immediately began to run to you as best as he could from how much of a bad runner he was.

“(Y/N)! What the fuck are you doing? Stop it!” Once he was close enough, he grabbed the shovel from you and held it away from you. You tried your best to grab it from him, to keep destroying, but he wouldn’t let you. “Stop it! What are you doing?” 

You glared at him and took a deep breath to keep down the tears that rose to the corners of your eyes, “I hate you, Richie.” You turned away from him and stomped off of the field. Eddie and Beverly watched as Richie’s entire life broke apart. All that hope built up, that impatient waiting for the phone call saying you wanted to hang out, all of that went away in four words. 

“Richie..,” Eddie stepped toward Richie, to which he ignored him and stared at the broken kingdom. All the hours of hard work you put into that house was gone. The safe haven for all outcasts and misfits, for all losers, was gone. That one, single place where no one is normal was now gone. 

Richie took a shaky breath and his hand gripped onto the shovel tighter. Eddie knew how Richie felt, both he and Beverly felt the same way. Their favorite place was gone, their hangout where nothing is too weird, destroyed right in front of them.

“Richie,” Beverly placed her hand on his shoulder. Richie shoved her off and dropped the shovel in front of her, walking toward the remains of the clubhouse. He bent down and began to clean it up, trying to put it back together. “We’ll leave…” 

Once the other two left, he fell to his knees and desperately tried to put everything back to normal. He tried to fix the door, fix the walls, to fix the shelf of sodas and chips, but he couldn’t. The tears that were once just stinging became waterfalls, Richie started crying. He knew it may have been his fault, but it just came so naturally to cry after being hurt. 

And right now, he was hurt.

“I found this in the kids toys ~i dont think this is for kids~” - @00klance-trash00

I look at this, and all I can picture is a little child, about the age of six, asking their stressed mother for a toy over and over (while she is just trying to find ONE romance novel that her friend Stacy hasn’t spoiled from the opposite aisle.) After probably the third or fourth time of telling her child, about the age of six, to hold on while mommy is looking for something the child has gone quiet. After picking up “Passion Off the Deep End,” a steamy lifeguard romance that reminds her of her first summer job when she was 16, and the older guy Chad, who she knew wasn’t any good for her because he was 22, but had a good hair and a motorcycle and SWORE he had plans to go to start at the community college in the fall, she realizes she isn’t being pestered. She looks to see her child, about the age of six, running towards her from the opposite end of the aisle, clutching something red in their hands. 

“One toy?” the child, about the age of six, asks a little too loudly because they don’t fully understand voice control yet. 

She sighs, and decides buying one small toy will mean less clean up than buying a grab bag of toys for $2.99, which would inevitably end up all over the living room. 

“One toy.” she replies. 

The child, about the age of six, proudly holds up their find, awaiting their mother’s approval.

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Dragon Percival teaching the newly born Dragon Newt and Dragon Theseus to fly. It’s understandable from old text found in the human village that one of the new dragons is thrilled to leap over the cliff & spread its wings to soar up high. There’s also an account of the other dragon clinging to the widest tree bark in the mountain and refuse to let go. Threatening Dragon Percival that, “I WILL BREATH BRIMSTONE AND FIRE ON YOU, GRAVES. DON’T TOUCH ME—-AHHHHHHHH NEEEEEWT WHY DID YOU PUSHHHHH!”


Oh yes. Newt is eager to test this new body (He’s a dragon! Look, Theseus, they’re dragons! They have wings! This is so exciting!). Whereas Theseus - is probably afraid of heights. (”I am not afraid of heights, I’m afraid of falling from heights and hitting the bottom!”)

Fortunately, Newt has experience with this sort of thing. No few of his creatures capable of flight have absolutely refused to take the first step; Newt knows just how to handle it.

…namely, throwing his brother off something high enough that he has time to figure out his wings before he hits the ground. It’s how baby birds learn how to fly, after all.

Newt figures out flight first, but Theseus figures out how to breathe fire first - namely, while chasing after his little brother who pushed him off a cliff!

Since I posted that last playlist, I found more songs that fit the heartbreak category and thought to post them because the last one was somewhat successful.

Please Don’t Set Me Free - The Tangerine Zoo
Don’t Bring Me Down - The Animals
Where Did Our Love Go - The Supremes
A Fool’s Fantasy - Steppenwolf
No Matter What You Do - Love
Look What You’ve Done - Bread
Trip, Stumble, and Fall - The Mamas & The Papas
Don’t Believe What They Say - Vashti Bunyan
It’s Wrong - Orphan Egg
What About Our Love - The Easybeats
I’ll Never Quite Get Over You - The Hep Stars
Snake in the Grass - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick, & Tich
Life Ain’t Easy - Nirvana (1960s band)
Another Day, Another Heartache - The 5th Dimension
Are You Lovin’ Me More (But Enjoying It Less) - The Electric Prunes
Disillusion - ABBA
Don’t Make Hurting Me a Habit - The Marvelettes

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Listen I’m a huge proponent of girls wearing their boyfriend’s sweatshirts. So like imagine wearing his sweatshirts and cuddling up to Harry and he’d pull the drawstrings closed to tease you and tbh this right here is a dream so feel free to expand on that

ummmm i’m boutta nut literally i’m gonna cry my FAVORITE thing is stealing boys’ sweaters so the thought of stealing my love’s sweaters!!!!!!!! AGH

ok ok but!! imagine you steal one and he doesn’t bother taking it back bc look at you omg so precious and one day you’re on your way to hang out w the other Hollands and Haz and you and harry walk up to the door and sam opens it and looks at you and starts to laugh and calls over his shoulder, “oi, tom, i found your jumper!”

and tom comes running to the door like “dammit sam i knew you had it–” and he stops when he sees you and the holland brothers are all laughing and you just turn to harry like “this isN’T YOURS????”

harry holland night!

Amy apparently has super strength and shadow can flip over semi trucks with little effort

Can you imagine how powerful their children would be?

Picture this: Amy is playing hide and seek with her and shadow’s 3 year old and hides behind the couch, and instead of the kid looking behind it, they just lift the whole couch up over their head like it’s nothing. “I found you mommy!”

Meanwhile Amy is inwardly panicking because, oh god what is going to happen when this kid has a tantrum and starts THROWING THINGS

Blind Guardian - Somewhere Far Beyond

15th Anniversary

Released June 29th 1992

Thomen “The Omen” Stauch (Drums)

“Magnus” Armin Siepen (Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals)

Andre Olbrich (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals)

Hansi Kursch (Lead Vocals/Bass)

While i’m not a huge fan of Power Metal anymore with bands such as Helloween, Dragonforce or Gamma Ray, one band that has always had my attention with being able to create these fantastical worlds and themes yet retain a true bite top their sound is Blind Guardian. And Somewhere Far Beyond is one of their greatest works in my opinion, so going into this album i was already admittedly biased towards it. Maybe the reason why Blind Guardian has always remained as one of my favourite and few Power Metal bands is how they’re deeply rooted in Speed Metal, when one looks back on their first 2 albums Battalions of Fear and Follow The Blind you can certainly hear the speed metal found within those records so its entirely possible they’ve taken many of those elements they implemented and brought them over into their eventual Power Metal material. A lot of my favourite tracks by Blind Guardian can be found on this album too so its always been one of my most thought of albums by the band.

One of the particular standouts (its difficult to choose just one to be honest) is Hansi’s vocal performance, through the full 55 minute affair he delivers some of the best vocal work he’s ever put into the band. Power Metal has often been about crowd interaction and if you observe Blind Guardian live or through their live performances its easy to see just how great Hansi has become in wrapping the audience around his little finger, his theatrical vocals exude a perfect balance between melody and rhythm across each individual track. Whilst speaking of the vocals, Hansi’s deliveries bolster the riffs provided by Siepen and Olbrich seemingly intertwining with each other creating that wonderful soundscape that goes alongside a Blind Guardian album. It truly feels grandiose listening to it e.g. “Journey Through The Dark”. My favourite tracks on this album are “Time, What Is Time”, “Journey Through The Dark”, “Theatre Of Pain”, “Ashes To Ashes”, “The Bard’s Song - The Hobbit” and “Somewhere Far Beyond”. Essentially i consider most of the album as having my favourite tracks from the album, its such a strong and consistently rewarding listen, and it never gets dull you’re constantly reminded by how kickass and badass Somewhere Far Beyond is after each track finishes.

Its tracks such as ”Theatre Of Pain” that cause me to truly love this album. Its utterly bombastic utilising theatrical and symphonic elements that make the overall tone and sound much bigger than simply that of a standard band with the usual instruments, its like being present among an orchestra less than 2 feet from you. Such a close proximity creates the overwhelming need to experience it again and again, as if audience to a mesmerising closing 3rd act as you witness the climax. I can futher add that extra joy can be derived from this album if you’re a fan of the works of JRR Tolkien (The Hobbit, The Lord Of The Rings) since many of Blind Guardian’s songs including 2 on this album that directly reference Tolkien’s work feature here. What’s great is they’re not huge explosive crescendos that blow up in your face, but rather, like the artwork, wishes to gently take your hand as the acoustics kick in and sit you down and play you a great story. One that you feel all the way.

That’s a great metaphor for the band and this album i think. It has a big sound but it knows how to pull off the quieter moments wonderfully. Blind Guardian is a friend that comforts you in whatever way it feels needs to in the moment. What a wonderful album.


Written: November 19th 2017

Screenshot and Lyric!

Screenshot and Lyric!

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Underneath and unexplored
Islands and cities I have looked
Here I saw
Something I couldn’t over look

I am yours now
So now I don’t ever have to leave
I’ve been found out
So now I’ll never explore

Islands - The XX

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every time I try to be objective about this – “listen, there are a lot of devotees of a wide variety of pantheons on tumblr and they’re all equally as passionate. see also: red car syndrome” – I get positively murdered by subjectivity – “yes, but for the past two months despite the variety of people I follow and the variety of blogs I look at, all the passion I ever run into is found in Odin testimonials. ever. I can’t get away from him. I’ve seen coldalbion posts on so many blogs lately I feel like I’m being stalked. it’s… it’s like he’s pointedly and systematically replacing every horrible folkish Odinist neural connection in my head with these complex and intricate poetic prose pieces about him from people who he thinks know him best”

issa problem tbh. the most demanding and persistent and intricate synchronicity delusion I’ve had since I first read Dark Tower

With you||Jennie

↠ Requested: If you need more to write I hand in a JennyxMaleReader Rosexmaler. Jisooxmaler. from blackpink and a Pristin xiyeon x Male reader and a Eunwoo x Male reader. I know that these are way to much 😂😂 but I just wanted to give you guys some backup for writing some fanfics💕 If you haven’t to do something… just write about Rena hehehehehheeh 😂😂😂 Just a joke 😂 She is my bias so I’m Very in love with her 😂😂 Your fanfics are the best if you feel lonely in bed at night 😂😂😂

↠ Admin:Mirae

Jennie took in a deep breath as the wind blew all around her. She smiled up at the sky, the sun shining down on her skin. She looked at the clouds and found shapes in them. Slowly she rolled over on her side. Her head laid on her hands as she stared at you. Her eyes were shining brightly, they looked full of passion and desire.
She smiled softly while she stared at you. You were on your back with your eyes closed. You didn’t notice her staring at you. Jennie removed one of her hands from holding her up. She used it to reach out and caress your cheek. You side glanced at her causing her to smile at you. She blew you a kiss before she rolled back onto her back and stared at the sky.

“Hey Jennie,” you asked softly while looking at her. She glanced over at you once more.

“Yeah Y/N?” she asked breathily

“Do you know how much I love you?” you asked her back, not breaking a beat. Jennies cheeks burned as she thought over your question

“Of course I know how much I love you. Do you know how much I love you?” it was her turn to question you/ You rolled over closer to her and kissed her cheeks. She let out a soft giggle

“How much do you love me?” you asked her with a cheeky smile. Jennie laughed

“So much that I would do literally anything just to be with you like this, on this warm sunny day,” she said taking in a deep breath while admiring the beauty

“Yeah it’s so beautiful outside, to bad all this will be replaced by dead leaves and foggy days,” you said while clenching your face in disgust.

“Hey, that can be beautiful too. On those days we can cuddle up together while watching movies. Doesn’t that sound so desirable?” She asked finally sitting up. You soon followed, placing your hand behind you, you held yourself up

“Jennie every moment with you sounds desirable,” you said matter-of-factly. Jennie giggled softly at your flattery.

“Oh Y/N” she said breathing out

“Oh Y/N what?” you asked with a laugh

“Nothing, i’m just impressed. Even when you say cheesy things like that my heart speeds up” she confessed. You moved next to her and laid her head on your chest.

“I love you”


(Note: Ezra’s not Spectre 6 in this AU because he’s not the 6th crew member in this timeline.)

Loth-Cat Padawan AU

Ezra delicately fastened his wrist comm around the left sleeve of his jacket with clawed fingers and activated it.  “Spectre 4 to Spectre 1, do you copy?”

“Spectre 4, what happened?  I leave you alone for a second…”

“It’s a long story.  I’m in Capital City and…  I made a friend. Oh, and…”  Ezra sucked in a deep breathe and let it out.  “I, uh, don’t exactly blend in at the moment.  I got scared and, uh, look a bit more like the way you found me.”  

“That’s okay Spectre 4.  Are you safe?”

“I can’t stay where I am.  My friend can take me back to Jhothal and I could wait for you there.  My friend says Old Jho would…”  Ezra paused, thinking of what he could say over the comm.

“Okay.  I’ll wait there for you.  Comm me when you get closer.”

We don’t have to have a name, we could have no name.

So now that Ragnarok’s come out in more places I feel like I’m allowed to draw things from it :D It was so much FUN. 
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there is a 100% chance that Bail did not call Breha ahead of time and just showed up on Alderaan, got off the ship with his cape fashionably covering one arm, and was like “Hey babe, remember when we talked about getting a kid” and he just dramatically pushed back his cape to reveal baby Leia