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Morning, Darlin’: A Hectic Week Part 3

Summary: Regardless of the events in “Morning, Darlin’”, Steve and Y/N haven’t spoken in ages. Unresolved issues and arguments lie bubbling on the surface, and it’s only a matter of time before the ticking time bomb goes off. The two are unknowingly and unwillingly forced to work together one more time, although the situation is a lot more dire this time around.

“Morning, Darlin’” Part One

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Part Three

Monday, 21:22 PM

“God, this place is fancy,” you muttered, wandering into the hotel restaurant. Bucky brushed past you as if he hadn’t even seen you, and sat down.

“Well, duh, why else have we dressed up? You think I wear suits for fun?” Sam muttered behind you. “Even though everyone knows I look damn good in them.”

You scoffed and sat down, before starting to look around. You caught Bucky’s eye by accident, but he just looked you up and down and gave you a playful wink. You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit flattered.

“Come on…” you muttered quietly, sipping your drink and glancing around the room. “Where are you?”

The four of you were sitting by your own tables with your backs to each other, each of you casually looking around and eyeing your surroundings.

“Anyone have eyes on him?” Sam mumbled. You squinted slightly to see better, before putting your glass down and clearing your throat.

“Got him. North-east corner, chugging a beer,” you said quietly, averting your gaze. You took a bite of your food and wiped your mouth with a napkin, before looking around the room, casually. “God, he’s sleazy.”

“He has company,” Bucky remarked.

“Probably his bodyguards. They’ve been tailing him all day,” Steve commented.

“So, how do we proceed?”

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So basically Oliver being a series regular character was the best thing to ever happen to this show, sign me up for a two way trip on the feelings train.


That awkward feel when you’re left alone with someone you don’t like very much …


New 4 star Hazama and 5 star Isogai gained via moonstone scouting (March 24 - 31) 

 Hazama gained by scouting seperately 3 times and Isogai gained by doing a 10 scout

“The past doesn’t define who you are, it just gives you the starting point of who you’re going to be.” 

“Do you believe in destiny?” 

Jen Brown voices a lot of great characters, let me tell you. 

Pyrrha and Carolina are two characters that I hold very close to my heart and so I finally wanted to make something featuring them. And as usual my colors are wonky but hey it’s a learning process. I love these two so much, and so I’m happy to have something with them in it, and I adore Jen for bringing these two to life. <3

Lingerie Hunt [1]

anonymous said: a sehun scenario where he goes lingerie shopping with you?

I had fun writing this one, so I hope you enjoy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Can’t you do this yourself?” Sehun whined as you dragged him into the small lingerie shop.

“You’re the one who tore all my, what, seven pairs of lingerie off?”

“You look so damn good in it though, I can’t help myself.”

You rolled your eyes, yanking him over to the display wall. Eyes scanning over various designs, you pulled a few off the rack.

“What about these?”

His eyes were glued to his phone, not daring to look up.

“Sehun, pay attention!” you scolded.

“There aren’t even any other guys in the store…” he muttered, embarrassed.

“So what? There’s nothing wrong with a girl buying lingerie with her boyfriend.” You huffed and grabbed another pair. “I’m trying these on.”

He followed you to the dressing room and sat on one of the cushions as you changed into the first set. You thought it looked fine, but you wanted Sehun’s opinion so you pulled back the curtains, walking out into the waiting area.

“What do you think about these?”

He looked up with eyes nearly popping out of his head and fumbled with his phone, dropping it as he tried to put it back into his pocket.

“What are you doing?!” He quickly ushered you back into the changing room, only poking his head through the curtain. “You don’t just walk out in the open wearing lingerie!”

You scoffed, taking another look in the mirror. “It’s not like there was anyone around.”

His lips pressed into a thin line, his signature unamused expression making itself known. “Someone could have seen you.”

“Do you like it or not?” You pouted, turning so he could get a full frontal view.

His eyes swept over the entirety of your physique, taking in every dip and curve of your body.

“It looks good on you,” he replied casually, hiding his smug countenance.

“Just good? Nothing else? I’m putting this back then.”

“No no no, seriously, get it. You look good in anything, really. Just get them all,” he added earnestly, although slightly rushed because he could feel his pants unconsciously growing a little tighter.

“Alright. I’ll try on one more though.” You unhooked the bra, placing it back on the hanger and slipped the matching panties off, deciding on which to try on next. Sehun’s breath hitched in his throat as he nervously watched you and bit his lip. “Don’t act like you’ve never seen me naked, Sehun.” You internally smirked, slipping on a red-lace corset complete with a garter belt. Red lace was Sehun’s weakness, and you might as well have some fun while he’s here. “What do you think?” You placed your hands on your hips and tilted your head, knowing that he probably had a boner by now.

He gulped, unable to take his eyes away. “Don’t do this to me right now,” he growled as his eyes began to cloud with lust, knowing well what your plan was.

“Do what?” you asked innocently, furrowing your eyebrows.

He clenched his jaw, ducking out of the dressing room for a second to check if anyone was there, then quickly slipped inside and pinned you against the wall, making you yelp in surprise.

“You should know better than to tease me like that,” he whispered into your ear, lightly tracing his fingers over your exposed skin and making you shiver.

“S-Sehun, we’re in public,” you stuttered, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

“Better be quiet then, or the employees will hear us.” He shoved his mouth onto yours, roughly biting on your lower lip and quickly silencing the gasp that escaped from your mouth as he pressed closer to you. He had his knee placed in between your legs, effectively immobilizing you as he held onto both of your wrists with one hand, allowing himself to do as he pleased in the cramped space. You couldn’t help the small moans that slipped out, although he did his best to muffle them by making sure his lips never left yours, locked in a fervent display of domination. He then fiddled with his belt, hastening to take it off when the call of the store manager stopped him.

“Excuse me, no demonstrations in the dressing room please!” she yelled from the other side.

Your face burned and turned fifty shades redder, most likely matching the corset you were wearing. Sehun merely smirked, readjusting his belt buckle and whispering a quiet “We’ll finish this at home…” before he sauntered out.

You swiftly got dressed and paid for the items without looking any of the employees in the eye. Dashing out of the store, you didn’t stop until you had reached the car as Sehun chuckled behind you.

“That was so embarrassing!” you complained as you got into the passenger’s seat.

“You’re the one who brought me lingerie shopping,” he quipped.

“If you hadn’t destroyed my other pairs then we wouldn’t have been in that situation. So don’t do it again,” you warned, still flustered from earlier.

“No promises,” he responded, winking as he started the drive home, more than excited to try out the new merchandise you had bought.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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How to make a bad day better Part 2  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Also known as how to make Tasha choke on a scream in the middle of a lecture XD

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