i looked cute today and i wanted to post this

So I really wanted to have a comic finished today, but I have one in the making that I’m really liking and didn’t wanna rush it, or separate it into parts. So have this Stardust Ruby Rose thing till I get back from vacation, and can upload a cute team STRQ comic!

Sidenote: Anyone think “Dust” in RWBY could be Star Dust? Idk what that would mean, but it sounds cute~!

Why does Paul always get emotional when he does the long and winding road live? Like I swear he actually said ‘he left me standing here’ at one point…

Look who’s drawing chibis again! Whohooo! So I wanted to draw a chibi for a commission example, and @ask-wiggles birthday is today so I thought lets make it fanart! 

I am opening a chibi commission slot, $5 for what you see above. I want to get Picarto Basic, so anyone who takes this commission the funds will go to 2 months of that for me. I would get Picarto Premium but thats wayyyy too expensive. This way we can have more fun streams with emocons :D Message if interested?


Yesterday I got on and looked through my activity and I saw I had been mentioned by another smol engineer in one of their posts that had a cute comic of Spyder zappin’ and backstabbing him, saying how he didn’t trust me. I followed them after seeing it, but didn’t reblog it cause I wanted to reply with a picture, which I made today,

I went to go find the post but it was gone from my activity, and the blog was gone from my ‘following’. I searched through my internet page history and it said the blog is no longer exists.

The blog had to have been new, the post mentioning me was only the second post on it. Anyone know of it? Or who run it? I don’t know why they deleted but I feel awful

If you’re seeing this former ask-smol-engie where’d ya go?

I felt bad about the rushed doodles from yesterday from this post because these are super cute fusions/versions and I wanted to properly draw them out. Also Amber!zawa!

Yo guys! @kawaiijohn​, @c-jay321​ & @sevi007​ XD


okay so. i haven’t kept a selfie up on my blog for longer than a day since more than a month ago which is weird for me, and that’s bc my social anxiety is so much worse and i always, always assume that people are laughing at me, annoyed at me or think i’m self centered for posting them, so i delete them because i feel like i should be ashamed. i know this is the case for so many other people.

i’m not going to delete these ones because what i realised today was that ‘selfie culture’ is not the problem. pictures of yourself do not exist to put others down or to show off. instead they’re like evidence of people healing, after feeling bad about themselves for so so long, and now feeling confident enough to say “hey, i look cute today, and i wanted to share this with you.” 

so i want to encourage anyone who’s comfortable with doing so to post as many selfies as they want, period. there isn’t a limit to how much body positivity a person can have. ☆彡


My selfie game is weak today and don’t have time to whip up a cute profile thing so I hope this okay for now

Heyo, fellow Mystic Messenger trash~ I’m Kaitlyn, tho I go by K or K-chan, and I saw @oppajumin​‘s post about the Mystic Messenger Meetup and wanted to partake in it and get acquainted with other members in the fandom n_n

So to start with a quick “about me”, I’m 24 years old and just graduated from art school back in December with a degree in Media Arts and Animation, I love anime (just finished Fairy Tail, currently watching Assassination Classroom and Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid), and I am kind of obsessed with video games (especially Pokemon, holy shit talk Pokemon to me)

As for Mystic Messenger, I started playing back in September after hearing about it at school and finding out a close friend also downloaded it, and I had to sate my curiosity. And I am so glad I did, because it took over my life from day one lol. And while I love all of the MysMe guys and Baehee, Yoosung is my absolute favorite. As if that wasn’t obvious from the content shown above ^^;;;; He was my first route, and even after playing through all of the others, he still remained my favorite. Seriously, I need a Yoosung in my life lol

I haven’t contributed much to the fandom yet, aside from a few drawings that I wanna clean up digitally and one headcanon post. I’m currently working on some more art right now (two of which are belated birthday things for Yoosung because I’m a super fucking slow artist T-T), and have a couple other headcanon posts I’m slowly working on in my drafts (a Medieval Fantasy AU one and a Pokemon one). I’ve also thought about trying my hand at writing again, though it’s been a long time so I feel pretty rusty ^^;

Anyhoo, I’m more than happy to talk to others, but I’ll apologize in advance for my inevitable awkwardness cuz socializing isn’t my strong suit ^^;;; but heck, this makes for a good ice breaker I’d say!! Big thanks to @oppajumin for setting this up~ And I hope everyone has a nice day~!!

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youre not really a mass effect fan. if you were a real fan then you wouldnt be waiting to play it.

Oh, look. I have a troll! What a cute troll. It’s been ages since I’ve gotten ridiculous comments like this in my inbox. I’d almost missed them. No, not really. That’s a lie.

I’m assuming this comment stems from my post a few days ago where I thanked people for tagging spoilers because I can’t play the game for a few weeks? Well, I’ll tell you what, anon. Here’s a link to my Ko-fi page. If you want to send me the money to buy the game today, I will gladly go download it right now.

Otherwise? I’m going to pay for my rent, and my utilities, and my internet, and my cellphone, and my groceries. And then, once I get paid on April 6th and have a bit of money to spare, I’ll buy the video game that I’ve been looking forward to for years. How’s that sound to you, anon?

positivity night!! ☀️💕

I really want to spread some positivity all over your dashes, so come talk to me and fill my inbox with:

- positive quotes
- submit selfies and I’ll compliment you!!
- submit pictures of cute things/animals!!
- post body positive pictures and tag them with #spnbodyposi
- talk to me about your favourite things!!
- a good thing that happened today, or something you’re looking forward to
- corny pick up lines or jokes
- just anything positive you want to share!!


“I changed my way of calling Shibata Aya-chan into Aya-chan!
Until today I used to call her Shibata-chan, but I suddenly felt like calling her Aya-chan.

Today we were together for the shootings, and I called her Aya-chan all the time. We talked, we spent time together closer than ever before and I was able to notice what a funny girl she is.”
-Matsui Rena’s official blog 120618

“I want to make her my girlfriend!”
-Matsui Rena’s Google+ comment 140223

“As a matter of fact, I love Rena-san!

I rarely tell lies embarrassing as that, so it is truthful (laugh) Well I might not say it to her directly, I really, really do have respect towards her. I love her!

On the day of this year’s senbatsu sousenkyo, “Are you okay, Aya-chan?”, and the person who cared enough to ask that was Rena.
I will never forget that moment. While it was very painful, those words really saved me, and I won’t ever forget my thanks towards that.

She is always looking after me, and is very serious yet cute. And Rena-san has a neat very long neck. Ever since we’ve been on the same team,
I’ve grown to love her even more.”

-Shibata Aya’s Ameba blog 140727

Alright so, on my church today, I saw a little boy (maybe around 4 years old???) and a little girl (probably 2 or 3). The little girl was very cute, her hair was really short (almost like a boy).

So, they’re not related at all, they just happen to sit closely. The boy sat in front of the little girl. I found them cute because the boy started to look behind him a lot, smiling whenever the little girl called out to him.

IT WAS SO CUTE!!! >///< I wanted to squeal ;;; 
They both chat together, mostly the boy tho, because he was able to talk a lot better, the girl mostly laugh or just mutter some words when she replied. 
And then, the girl cried. And the boy immediately react to it!

He smiled at the girl, trying to make her smile again. He kept making silly faces, saying some things (that I can’t really hear), and slowly the girl calmed down. AND (probably the cutest thing I’ve seen this year) the boy booped the little girl’s nose and she started LAUGHING silly. AAAAaaaa it was so cute;;;

The boy asked if she needed some tissue, he kept smiling at the girl, and they both just really cute….

And mostly, this will actually make a really cute AU on how your OTP first met….

*whispers* rhink…

Porch Memories

Inspired by this post by laughandletlaugh and the reply by derfuckingwafflehaus

A/N I didn’t know if you wanted this as a fanfic, but it was SO cute, so i had to write it!

Caroline was writing out the last paragraph of today’s entry in her journal. She took Elena’s request very seriously and made sure she wrote in it everyday, but who would expect anything different from her?

But soon she heard a faint tap on her window. 

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