i looked at too much nice art today

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im sick and delirious and miserable today but your art is making it all a little more bearable!!! i really like the way all the hair you draw looks Fluffy and i esp love all your datekou. there is so much datekou and it fills me with joy and inspiration !!! thank you for all the good art!!!! i have much love for you!!!! ╰(*´︶`*)╯💖💖💖 (ive probably sent a message like this b4. i have bad memory so im sorry if i did!!)

hang in there!! I’m glad datekou can help, even if only a little! sending you my love, take care!

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You're my favorite artist on this site. I absolutely LOVE your art style and swan? best webcomic ever. I'm super excited to see whats going to happen next. But honestly i never know how to tag stuff on your art so i just put "hashtag love it hashtag fav artist" but irl im like THIS IS THE BEST OMG SHE BLESSES MY SOUL SO MUCH WITH HER ART I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART, LOOK AT IT, IS IT AMAZING??? YES OF COURSE IT IS CUS SELENA DID IT

hghdfjkgjdhkdjf anon!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im blushin youre too sweet <3

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Oh god I love you. I love the colors. I love your art style. I love your kindness when you answer all those asks. I just love everything you're doing here. And I think you need even more love, so I'll love you until you love your art as much as we do.

I…. how do I thank you enough??? omg…
I’ll just share my favorite screenshots, please look at this cute yuuri

John thinking that Sherlock likes the flower a lot, so he often wander around the forest and bringing them back to Sherlock.
But actually, Sherlock just like them because those flowers looks nice on John and he likes seeing John all covered in them when he bring the flowers to him.
UvU <3

Girl Meets the Inevitable - a future GMW script headcanon (part 2)
  • (Classroom scene, Riley and Farkle are in their usual seats in the front row but are deliberately not facing each other, kind of like in GM Legacy. Maya is behind Riley still grinning like an idiot. Smackle is behind Maya consumed in a book, Lucas is behind Farkle looking as confused as usual, Zay is behind Lucas wanting to get in on whatever hilarious thing Maya is laughing at.)
  • Cory: *enters* Guess who has a super exciting announce- wait, what is this? *points back and forth from Riley to Farkle*
  • Maya: *tries not to laugh*
  • Lucas: Yeah, what IS this?
  • Maya: *tries harder*
  • Cory: This looks awfully familiar doesn’t it, Friar.
  • Lucas: Sure does, sir.
  • Zay: This is gonna be good, I can tell.
  • (Cory and Lucas both stare down Maya who is basically hyperventilating at this point.)
  • Lucas: Have you neglected to tell me something?
  • Maya: *fake appalled face* I would never!
  • Zay: Why she gotta tell you stuff?
  • Lucas: Well because…
  • Maya: *looks at him like I DARE you*
  • Lucas: Well I guess I don’t really have a reason anymore, huh?
  • Maya: Nope, you’ve been demoted, Ranger Rick.
  • Zay: Now you’re just a peasant like the rest of us.
  • Lucas: *stares into space* Huh.
  • Cory: ... Anyway...guess who has a super exciting announce-
  • Zay: -Smackle, doesn’t this bother you?
  • Smackle: *puts down the book in mild irritation* Does what bother me?
  • Zay: Your ex...person? Doing that?
  • (Camera cuts to Farkle hugging his knees and staring wide-eyed at the floor)
  • Smackle: *goes back to her book* Farkle may sit in his desk in whatever manner he wishes to sit in his desk.
  • Zay: But aren’t you wondering *not so subtly gestures to Riley w/ his head*...what’s up?
  • Smackle: *puts book down again* “Whats up” is that my approval or lack thereof of Farkle's behavior is irrelevant. If he wishes to confide in me as to the nature of “what’s up” then he may do so in his own time and I would be happy to listen and/or provide wisdom. If he does not, speculation on my part or anyone else's is neither a fruitful nor necessary endeavor.
  • Zay: *starts to retort but realizes he has no argument* I mean, okay then.
  • Cory: ...ANYWAY...who wants to hear-
  • Riley: I’m fine! *everybody looks at her*
  • Cory: Unbelievable.
  • Riley: *turns around slowly, still closing her eyes* I would just like the record to show that I am fine, nothing is wrong, nothing has changed, I’m fine, Farkle’s fine, we’re all fine. Nothing is up. *turns back to original position*
  • Lucas: *pokes Farkle in the head with a pencil to try to get his attention* Somehow, I don’t believe you.
  • Riley: *slightly aggressive* Nothing is up, Lucas. *turns to Cory* Father, what is your exciting announcement?
  • Cory: Oh no! You people had your chance. Now I’m makin ya learn first, John Keats! Ode on a Grecian Urn! *aggressively passes out books while everyone in the class groans except Maya, the camera cuts to her face light up for a second before she tries to change her expression to hide her excitement*
  • Lucas: *reading the title of the book* Highlight Works of the 2nd Generation of English Romantic Poets?
  • Cory: Maya, no complaints?
  • Maya: *quietly* It’s one of my favorites.
  • Zay: *raises his hand* Sir, are you aware that you teach a history class?
  • Cory: Oh, you’ll get it in a second. Smackle, would you do me the honor of reading the first half of stanza one on page 113?
  • Smackle: “Thou still unravish'd bride of quietness, Thou foster-child of silence and slow time, Sylvan historian,-
  • Everyone: oohhhhhhh
  • Smackle: “who canst thus express, A flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme”
  • Cory: Thank you, Smackle. In this poem, Keats is addressing an ancient pot or vase, which the greeks painted to depict idealistic scenes of their everyday lives. A piece of art, perhaps in a MUSEUM.
  • (He pauses for a second and looks at the class knowingly; he’s trying to hint at his big announcement, but the class isn’t getting it. He sighs and moves on.)
  • Cory: He refers to it as a “Sylvan Historian. Why’s he do that?
  • (everyone looks around, confused)
  • Cory: Where are my regulars? Smackle?
  • Smackle: I’m a woman of science, sir, I’m afraid this flowery literature nonsense eludes my intellectual grasp.
  • Cory: Ouch. Farkle Time?
  • (He continues to stare at the floor)
  • Lucas: I don’t think I’ve ever seen him pass up Farkle time, sir.
  • (He slowly turns around, keeping his eyes closed and cringing a little)
  • Farkle: *deep breath and then starts talking like crazy fast* Sylvan means like having to do with the forest or the woods so it probably just suggests that the scene depicted on the urn is a bunch of wood-nymphs or something, I dunno, it doesn’t matter, the word that matters is 'historian'. The question you're obviously getting at is *does Cory impression* 'how can an urn be a historian????' Or less obviously, how does art function as a record of history and or more specifically- our personal history because you always make it about our lives. How does this apply to our lives? I don’t know yet! I’m a genius but I literally don’t understand anything about my entire life! But I’m fine, everything's fine, nothing has changed and I promise nothing is up, Isadora. *passes out*
  • Zay: *nudges Lucas* Told you this was gonna be good.
  • Cory: My, wasn’t that dramatic. I usually expect the hysterics from this one *gestures to Riley* what a twist!
  • Maya: Okay I never thought I would say this but Matthews could we please get back to learning now, I think I actually care about this.
  • Zay: This day is just full of surprises.
  • Cory: Well, we certainly can. Farkles right, what actually happened doesn’t matter. *Farkle wakes up and sits back down at his desk after hearing that he was right lol*
  • Zay: But I thought it was a record of history?
  • Cory: It is. But it doesn’t record what actually happened. There’s too much creative liberty, and its influenced by the artist biased perception of the world. So if it doesn’t record events, What does it record?
  • Maya: *is quiet for a second and then kinda impulsively blurts this out* Art encapsulates a part of humanity's history that textbooks can’t. Emotion, beauty, and how each individual interprets the world around them. That’s why I like it so much.
  • (Everyone is super impressed, even Smackle)
  • Smackle: Encapsulates. *playfully punches Maya’s arm, doing that whole ‘trying to be a regular teen’ thing* Nice one, pal.
  • Cory: I’m sorry, did someone not fill me in? Is it opposite day?
  • Maya: Okay, I know things too!
  • Cory: But today you knew them out loud, Maya. I’m proud of you.
  • Maya: *trys to make a sassy comeback but cant* Yeah okay whatever..
  • Cory: Keats explains through his own form of *looks at Smackle* 'flowery literature nonsense' that art connects us to past civilizations on a personal level. If we can know how they felt, what they thought was beautiful, what they hoped for and dreamed about, we can understand history better than we can by knowing who was king or which war was happening. Maya, go ahead and read the last line for us.
  • Maya: *dramatic sigh* “Beauty is truth, truth, beauty,—that is all, Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”
  • Cory: Scholars have debated over the meaning of this line for centuries. Your assignment is to partner up, and come up with an explanation as to what it means, why it’s important, and how it relates to your own history. Which leads toooo
  • Everyone: ...your big announcement?
  • Cory: Bingo! Can I get a drumroll please…
  • Everyone: *stares at him*
  • Cory: *defeated* Fine ya buzzkills, we’re going to a museum.
  • Everyone except Smackle, who is straight-up giddy: oh
  • Cory: The Museum of Modern Art, to be exact. In your assignment, you must find a painting or sculpture that interest both you and your partner, and you must use its beauty to explain the last line of 'Ode on a Grecian Urn'
  • Lucas: Zay, I’m working with you, I don’t get this stuff.
  • Zay: You think I do?
  • Lucas: You raised your hand!
  • Zay: To ask a question! Cause I don’t get this stuff!
  • Cory: Oh no, I’m picking your partners this time.
  • Maya: Oh boy.
  • Cory: Oh yes, I’m making sure each of you will have a different perspective to add to your project.
  • Maya: Could you stop using the word perspective it gives me a headache. *puts head on desk*
  • Lucas: And encapsulates doesn’t?
  • Maya: *head still on desk* I’m a complex individual, Friar.
  • Cory: Alrighty then, the partners will be: You and you, you and you... *he picks people from all over the room, seemingly at random, he puts Maya with Smackle, Lucas with Sarah, Zay with Corn chip Dave, and then he gets to Riley and Farkle* ...and, because it amuses me, Riley...
  • Lucas: Sir, I wouldn’t.
  • Cory: ...will be working with...
  • Maya: You’re gonna regret it, Matthews!
  • Cory: Farkle.
  • Riley and Farkle: *physically wince as if in pain*
  • Maya and Lucas: *exasperated sigh*
  • Cory: Farkle, Riley, are you with us? Did you hear me?
  • (They slowly turn to look at each other, the first time they have done so for the whole scene, and immediately do the stupid corpanga high-five giggle thing until they both cover their mouths in shock, and zoom out of the room through doors on opposite sides of the classroom, nearly running into each other in the process)
  • Cory: Yikes!
  • (end scene)
  • (p.s. thank you so much everyone for your kind words about part 1, I would leave a link to it here but tbh I dont know how to do that but you can find it under the GMTI tag in my blog)

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Hello!! I've been a follower for not that long and I just wanna say I love your style!! Your art is just extremely amazing and lovely. You've probably heard tones of people say it but your style helps me get a gif of drawing my own comics. Your a real inspiration whom I look up to and I hope your days been great today!! 💗

Omg this is so sweet…thank you so much !!?? This makes me really happy like you dont have idea omgg making ppl happy with art is the best feeling..!

Good luck with all of you are willing to do too!!! And I hope your day is nice as well anon! :D 


Happy Birthday @queans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C: I hope today was awesome and you got everything you asked for today!!! Your disgustingly nice and awesome and funny and perfect and dsfkjslakdfjlaskdfj  Your art is amazing and i look up to you so much I hope you can continue to make GREAT pieces of art. C: I had so much fun with you and skopt and im sure @skoptsy is tired of my shit cuz i drove her and @vblah crazy this entire week with this drawing. Had like 458394 meltdowns and ugh. You oc is so perfect and pretty i hope i didn’t butcher her too much ; U; anyways, I was a daring little shit and draw our oc’s together dont hurt me. LOL. Messy Head and her fk boy her body guard Laazar. LMFAO. Enjoy :D



Also they need to explain the hand burning thing cos otherwise I’m sticking with this. Not the easiest way to light a cigarette tho.

Uh yeah I drew this all today now quite quickly. also I downloaded watercolour-ish brushes and damn texture brushing everywhere 8))

and slightly inspired by this promo I love too much