i looked at this gifset multiple times

  • yeah i dont really know what you call a child doctor but this is what translate made out of it so it must be correcT?
  • anEways lets get onto this shitttt
  • okay i mean
  • did yall see that gifset? ty to @sonhvunwoo who made that i mean WHOOP
  • LIKE OKAY OKAY OKAY,,,,,because
  • can you I M A G I N E T H O
  • like ok ok ok, you go there with your younger sibling because you are back in your hometown and staying with your parents a few days
  • and your mom is like ‘oh your sibling still has an appointment for the doctor, could you go with them because i have a thousand things that i need to do and-’ 
  • like she was literally ranting and you just stopped her
  • ‘mom,’ you interrupted her to make her stop, ‘yeah i’ll go with them’
  • little did you know that their doctor was fucking cute yet attractive
  • so you walk into the hospital, and your sibling is like telling you the way and stuff because you haven’t been there in ages
  • ok so now you are in the waiting room
  • waiting for a woman to tell you where to go
  • you were arm wrestling with your sibling and acting like you were weak asf
  • so the lady gets up and calls your siblings full name and she says ‘end of the hall on your left’
  • you held your their hands and held them above them, they led you into the doctors room
  • you pulled them up a bit so she couldn’t reach the ground
  • as you two laughed you entered the room and they greeted the doctor politely
  • you smiled at the sight of your sibling and just then looked up to see the doctor
  • a perfect man with pink hair (he has pink in the gifset O K A Y)
  • he too stares at you but the worst was that your mouth was not closed…
  • he giggled
  • he introduced himself as he greeted you, ‘goodmorning, i am yoo kihyun’
  • ‘are you okay?’ he asked because you were still in the same state as before
  • ‘yes yes i am,’ you said and introduced yourself too
  • as soon as kihyun started to examine your sibling they laughed and bonded fast
  • it was so cute 
  • asdfghjklkjhgfdsdfghjklkjhgfdsasdfghjkjhgfdsasdfghj fml feeelslslssfsjnbsnnnnnnnnnnvjhnf
  • kihyun looked back to you multiple times you didn’t know why but that didn’t matter
  • the second the appointment was over kihyun scribbled something onto a paper and he blushed
  • on the paper was his phone number and the name of a local cafe with a question mark behind it
  • ‘text me your answer okay?’ you blushed as you nodded
  • A N D
make me choose

anonymous said: gx or arc-v?


      “The time for discussion is over.”

Anavel Gato’s AMX-002 Neue Ziel opens fire on Kou Uraki’s RX-78GP03 Gundam “D. Orchis" Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - (episode 12, 1992)


Make me choose: Malcobbs asked: Drew Baylor or Danny Archer?

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How are you surviving the tayley moments from last night? They're the cutest!

Well, I’m barely surviving. I almost died multiple times while giffing that last gifset. The way Taylor looked at her and how she wrapped her arm around his neck. This is too much 😻 😻

Why the NBC Special was so wonderful in so many ways

You knew it was going to be great the minute they stood like this:

A very long masterpost reliving some my favorite moments from this golden nugget of television :-D

First, there was that wonderful segment from the South American shows

Niall giving us his Spanish accents

Harry being stopped in his tracks by Niall, laying out across a ping pong table all gloriously shirtless

Hearing them warm up with DFWYB…I wish we got more of them singing this way…but then at the very end…Ziam just had to go all harmonizing and riff and just..wow. 

And of course, THIS :-D 

Next, was the good ol’ staple WMYB…and look at Narry (well really Harry) in the beginning!


Then there was the wonderfulness that was the roller coaster trivia

Oh, but wait, before that…we can’t forget this lovely moment ;) 

Wait..pause that…


That entire roller coaster segment was just fun and hilarious…and gave us this gem

And as if he couldn’t top that…

Yes, that hair LOLOL

P.S. How did Liam NOT get sick READING while riding a roller coaster (multiple times)! Mad props to him for that! 

Then time for another intro piece..but look!

Next, I thought the part where they surprised the fans was adorable.

But not as adorable as Niall dressed like this :) 

Louis dressed in Hogwarts gear (OMG fandom obsessions colliding!) (BONUS side…Harry speaking the intro to the little Louis segment)

Then in addition to performing SMG and Night Changes (as usual from “Four”) the other “NEW” song they performed from FOUR was “GIRL ALMIGHTY!!” 

I already made a gifset here

But here’s Zayn :) 

So the boys want to go out and see the sights…problem is the fans are so crazy outside they have to “sneak out” of the hotel. 

How do they do that, you ask? Well stick them in the back of a bread van of course! 

Yes, stick them in a tiny, confined space, on top of PILLOWS all squished together…being all OT5…in a tiny, confined space, on top of PILLOWS, squished TOGETHER…

(And the moment all OT5 fan fic writers died as their deepest fantasies were possibly about to come true)

Louis: “Can I come in and cuddle you Niall”

Harry: “The important thing is, is that we’re all in this together” 

And of course Harry just HAD to remind us

Oh wait…let’s look at that again…and slow it down a bit…

Who is that next to Harry?? In a tight, confined space, on PILLOWS? ;) 

Moving on…

Do you Zayn? Do you? I’m sure you do :-D

It was so awesome to see some OT5 time OFF stage too!


Next was “Night Changes” and did you notice this wonderful piece of editing?

Now I KNOW he wasn’t actually blowing that kiss to Louis…but it was still a nice edit :) 

Before I go to the ultimate crowning glory moment that I swear was the death of me that night…how amazing was it that we were able to see some of the recording process..and also get to hear the guys sing without any music or production? 

And now..without further ado…the BEST moment IMO of the ENTIRE special *breathes*

So Zayn is just recording

When out of nowhere…

Now of course Niall just HAD to come in, in only his underwear, while ZAYN was recording ;) 

And then…while Niall is in his underwear…they start to sing…TOGETHER

(Look at how Zayn points it “back” to Niall!!)

And then after watching that…this was me

So that, my friends, are my personal highlights, memorable moments, and favorite things from the NBC special. I’m so happy it turned out to be such a wonderful event, and I’m sure, like you, wish it was longer than just an hour! 

Hope you enjoyed this little (well actually long) post combining many of the great moments in one! :-D


Abby Griffin in every episode | 3x09 Stealing Fire

“I won’t let this happen to you.”