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Bleach characters! You have just learned that Nnoitra and Kenpachi are dating! How do you respond?

As requested by anon. :)

Ichigo: Um….didn’t Kenpachi kill Nnoitra?

Ichigo: So did they like date until the end of that fight or something?

Tesla: What? Do you think that a short, intense relationship is somehow less valuable than a long and boring one?

Tesla: Is that what you think? Huh? Huh?!

Ichigo: What? No! I’ll just be so bummed if I’m so dense that I didn’t notice two guys dating right in front of me.

Tesla: Oh. Yeah, that sounds like you.

Ichigo: You’re right. It kind of does.

Yachiru: *I* noticed! Ken-chan was way happier even than he normally is for a fight!

Yachiru: Their love was blossoming!

Nel: Nel noticed that Nnoitra was finally being satisfied too!

[looks at Nel]

Nel: [looks at Yachiru]

Yachiru: They have a lot in common, huh?

Orihime: I-I’m not sure about that, guys!

Orihime: They both love to fight, it’s true, but Kenpachi isn’t, you know, sadistic.

Grimmjow: Yeah, and I heard that he NEVER attacks a guy when he’s down.

Ikkaku: It’s true. Once the guy is defeated, Kenpachi let’s ‘im go.

Nnoitra: He didn’t let me go.

Nnoitra: Which how I knew he cared!

Yumichika: …but then he killed you.

Nnoitra: It’s true.

Nnoitra: Love that guy!

Byakuya: This relationship seems - unhealthy. And doomed. And bloody and violent and sad.

Kenpachi: So you’re saying it’s basically perfect for me?

Byakuya: Yes, exactly.