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Hot Water

Pairing: Theo x Reader (bc I’m theo trashhh)

Warnings: swearing, blood and mentions of injuries, not quite smut but flirting, nakedness and undressing, couple being in a bath together (but not like smutty, it’s actually rlly fluffy) (but at one point it’s kind of heated so yeah)

Summary: Y/N gets worried that Theo forgot about their plans, but it turns out he got hurt badly somehow while with the Pack. So, Y/N being the amazing girlfriend she is, helps give him a bath to clean off all the dirt and blood all over him.

A/N: can we just all take a moment of appreciation for tHEO rAEKEN. like seriously, this boy is finally being brought into the Pack and I’m LiViNg for it. Hope you enjoy this cute little fic I wrote today and thx for 100 notes on the last one ;)


I sigh, standing in front of the mirror, just staring at my reflection. The bags starting to form under my eyes were absolutely hideous. I’d been up since 10 pm waiting for Theo, who said he’d be here by then. I reach out, over the bathroom sink, grabbing my phone and looking at the time. 1:47 am, and still no sign of him.

I was honestly starting to get worried. It wasn’t like him to forget about plans, and on the rare occasion that it did slip his mind, as soon as he remembered he would send me a text. But, no, no text.

I start getting restless, my mind reaching crazy impossibilities like he’d been captured by Gerard or maybe Scott stopped thinking he’d changed from his old ways and just killed him. I shake my head, dismissing the ideas that were clouding my common sense.

My unsteady hand moves forward, grasping the sink handle and pulling it, a stream of water pouring down the spout. I cup my hands together, bending over and splashing the pool of water into my face.

I pull out the top drawer below the sink, retrieving my hairbrush and beginning the task of calming the wild strands splaying across my head. It kept me busy for a while, until the thoughts of Theo came flooding back into my mind.

I click the power button of my phone on again, seeing that it was now 3 am. I gave in, tapping onto his contact and pressing his phone number. No answer. I try again. No answer.

I groan, pushing both of my hands into my hair, combing it back. My brows lift and my eyes light up. Before I can rethink my action, I dial Scott’s number.

It rings once, my foot tapping impatiently. It rings again, my teeth digging into my bottom lip. “Y/N?” A panicked voice asks.

“Scott? What’s wrong?” I ask, hearing some wailing in the background, and the terrible engine of Roscoe.

“Y/N, we’re coming over to your place right now!” Scott shouts, the worry in his voice making my anxiety rise.

“Scott-” I begin, but he hangs up. I look at my reflection with wide eyes, hoping that nothing too bad had happened.

I leave the bathroom, going down the hall to my bedroom and throwing on one of Theo’s oversized t-shirts over my nightgown. I call out for my parents, but no one answers, meaning they decided to book a hotel room instead of driving an hour back home. Thank god for weekly date night.

I rush down the wooden staircase, my heart pounding as I open my front door. I’d rather sit on the front steps, basking in the moonlight, where I could see the blue Jeep pull up, rather than wait inside.

After what feels like forever in the warm, summer air, I hear a car driving down the far end of my street. I perk up, standing to peer over the bushes blocking my view. I let out a breath I was holding in, feeling the happiest I’ve ever been, seeing that worn down Jeep.

Stiles parks Roscoe dead in front of the path that leads to where I’m standing, Scott jumping out, even before it fully stops. He runs to me, closing his eyes and taking in a deep breath. He grabs onto my shoulders with his hands. “He’ll heal, okay? Just remember that,” he whispers.

“What?” I query, my hands shaking. I wiggle my way out of his grasp, looking over his shoulder, physically weakening at the sight.

Theo stands limply, wincing as Malia and Stiles try to help him get into the house. My breathing quickens, Lydia emerging from behind him, running over to me and wrapping me in a hug. “It’ll be okay,” she whispers. I take in a deep breath, managing to nod in response.

As he gets closer, my eyes trail over the rips in his clothes, the gashes in his chest, and how he’s basically covered head to toe in blood. His cool blue eyes meet mine, in a sort of determination, his movements becoming faster.

He reaches me with the help of Stiles and Malia, Stiles moving so that I can take his place. I gently lift Theo’s arm over my shoulder, trying my hardest to not break at how hard he’s trying to conceal his pain from me. I don’t care about the droplets of bright red dripping down his face as I kiss his cheek.

“Are- they h-” his voice is hoarse, so I stop him, my hand resting on his chest.

“Stop pushing yourself,” I whisper soothingly, knowing that him trying to talk right now, was not going to help anyone. “And no, my parents aren’t home. They’re staying at some hotel for the night.”

He gives me a forced smile, and I motion to upstairs, silently asking if he thinks he can reach the top. Being who he is, he nods firmly. “Okay, let’s just take it slow,” I whisper and he nods again.

Malia lets go of his right side, so he can grip onto the railing himself, but I stay by his left side, taking each step slowly with him.

“There you go,” I encourage. “Only two more steps till the top.” He groans, pausing and taking in a sharp breath.

“You know I love you, right?” He states through uneven breathing.

“You have no idea how much I love you,” I retort. His eyes scan my features and I grin, urging him to keep going.

“Raeken, you’re not quitting on me now,” I laugh weakly. At my words, he takes the last two steps, reaching the top and falling into me.

I gasp, but quickly regain my own balance to hold him up. I guess those workouts he forced me to do with him, actually came in handy. Scott, who was walking close behind us the whole way up the stairs, clutches onto the other side of him. Theo grunts at the impact, but gives Scott a thankful smile.

“The bathroom,” I say. “I need to get him washed up.” They nod as we make our way down the hall, the trail of dark red liquid seeping into the carpet. I pray those stains will come out or else I won’t hear the end of it from my mom, not even mentioning how to explain how the crazy amount of blood got there in the first place. (Maybe lying and saying I had a huge nosebleed. No? Okay.)

I let go of Theo, creaking the bathroom door open to let Scott haul him inside. Scott softly helps Theo down onto the floor as I run to my room to grab a few towels.

I return with the layers of cloth stacked in my hands, when Scott stops me outside of the bathroom by grabbing onto my forearm. “Are you good to deal with this on your own?” He questions.

I scoff, patting him on the back. “If anyone can deal with Theo, it’s me.”

“True,” Scott laughs. “We’ll all be just a phone call away.”

“Yeah!” Malia yells from downstairs. I chuckle light-heartedly, thanking Scott for helping while the rest of the Pack leaves.

“Anytime.” He kisses me on the top of my hair, in the brotherly way he always did, saying a goodbye, and closing the front door behind him.

I turn back to Theo, who’s propped his back up against the wall while sitting on the cold tile. I kneel down next to him, giving him a sad smile, dropping the towels onto the floor beside me.

“What the hell happened?” I query.

Theo chuckles humorlessly, shaking his head. “Trust me, you don’t want to know.”

I bite back my questions, knowing to fix him up, then interrogate him after. I take ahold of the hem of his shirt, looking up at him. “Tell me if it hurts, okay?”

“Trust me, Y/N,” he remarks. “Whenever you take off my shirt, it’s far from hurting me.”

My jaw drops and I slap his arm lightly. He raises his arms in mock defense, the wince from it not going unnoticed by me. “Just saying,” he laughs.

“Raeken you’re very lucky that you’re injured right now.”

“The person in pain would say otherwise.”

I roll my eyes, going back to the task at hand. Theo helps me by raising his arms, him wincing too many times for my comfort, as I pull the fabric upwards as fast as possible over his head, exposing his toned chest. I take the time to examine his wounds carefully, my thumb grazing over a gash that makes Theo take in a sharp breath.

“Sorry,” I apologize, widening my eyes and tenderly grabbing his jaw in my hand, rubbing his cheek with the pad of my thumb.

He leans into the touch, closing his eyes. “It’s okay, just finish undressing me.”

“Normally, we’re in different circumstances when you say those words.”

“Oh, trust me I know,” he chuckles, wiggling his eyebrows wildly at me, causing me to stifle a laugh.

I stand up, putting my hands out to help him up as well. He’s hesitant at first, but eventually grabs on. I surprise both myself and him when I’m able to hoist him up with little help on his part.

“Fuck,” he says incoherently. “How did I now just realize how hot you look in my shirt?” Heat rises to my cheeks as quickly as he utters those words, resulting in a smug look on his face from how he was capable of making me blush with only a few words.

I bend down, still a bit flustered, undoing the button and zipper on his jeans, my fingers digging into the waistband and pulling them down. I start the bath, pushing the knob all the way to the hottest temperature, just how Theo liked it. Countless mornings had taught me that, along with how he enjoyed his pancakes with an ungodly amount of syrup.

Theo’s fingers hook beneath the thin material of his boxers, but I stop him. “Let me,” I breathe. A smirk plays across his lips as he looks down at me, but I ignore him.

I pull down his last article of clothing, and shimmy under his arm to help him into the bath tub. He sighs in relief when his foot hits the water, the rest of his body easily following. Within milliseconds, his whole body is submerged under the hot water, except for his shoulders and up, an expression of euphoria plastered on his face.

The mirror above the sink starts steaming up when I remember something. “I’ll go get some bath salts,” I say, knowing that they helped me relax, so it wouldn’t hurt for him to test them out.

“Okay, just come back quick.”

My mouth turns upwards at his neediness, finding it really cute. I close the distance between us, bending down and pushing back the messy hair on the top of his head. I plant a wet kiss on his forehead, my hand trailing down to his cheek, Theo brushing his lips against the palm of my hand in response.

I pull away from him, the warmth abruptly disappearing without his touch. I go into my room to get the pink salts, returning almost immediately.

I pour some of them into the bath, at the far end of the tub. I sit down on a yellow towel laying on the floor right beside Theo, shamelessly staring at the beautiful boy soaking in front of me.

Even with dried blood caking parts of his brown hair, he looks damn good, and I kind of hate him for it. His thick brows are a deep brown, complementing his strikingly bright blue eyes. His rosy lips were another story; just the thought of them against my own made butterflies erupt in my stomach. The dark stubble dotting along his jawline, that often rubbed against my cheeks, made me tremble a bit. Every part of this boy was breathtaking and I knew there’d never be a day that I would get tired of the sight.

“Y/N,” Theo mumbles, his eyelids still shut. “Stop staring,” he teases, the corners of his eyes crinkling as his blue eyes open to focus in on me.

“Am I not allowed to check my boyfriend out?” I ask, dipping my hand in the water and splashing his face.

His jaw slacks, looking at me with wide eyes before splashing me back. “Theo!” I squeal, my clothes getting completely drenched.

“Sorry, but payback’s a bitch,” he jokes. I scoff, pealing the wet t-shirt off of me.

Theo’s eyes rake over my body, his tongue skimming over his lips, his posture straightening. “You’re going to kill me,” he growls.

I furrow my brows, looking down and realizing that the slip I was wearing was a little more translucent than I thought, especially because of how soaked it was. I smirk, my hands twirling all the strands of my hair on top of my head, creating a messy bun. My eyes stay glued on Theo the whole time, watching him devour my every movement.

“Now who’s staring?” I tease, my hands resting on my hips triumphantly.

“If it weren’t for me being in pain every second I move, you would be so paying for wearing that thing. Or rather, lack of.”

“You’re drooling, Raeken.”

“Please come in here with me,” he begs, splashing the water around as he moves to make room for me, wincing at the motion.

“I’ll have to think about it,” I say while pursing my lips, looking up at the ceiling, and feigning deep in thought.

“Please,” he groans. I laugh, but fall for those puppy eyes of his when I look back at him. They were my all time weakness when it came to him. I honestly believed that those things could stop wars.

“Okay,” I agree, his eyes lighting up. “But, only to scrub you down.”

Theo smiles as my right foot dips into the tub behind him, the water rippling. I sink into the hot bath, squeezing my legs on either side of him and getting a perfect view of the expanse of skin that was Theo’s back. His hands find my thighs, his fingers swirling designs over the delicate skin.

I extend my arm out of the bath, clutching the body wash. I put a dollop of the soap in my hands, rubbing the product to create some bubbles. I know a lot of girls enjoyed abs, but the muscles that flexed as my hands rubbed into Theo’s back were way too underrated.

I massaged the apple-scented foam into his shoulder blades, a contented sigh leaving Theo’s mouth, his body relaxing more with every passing second. “Feel good?” I ask, my hands pausing.

He reaches behind himself, grabbing onto my hand and pushing it against his shoulder again. “Don’t stop,” he mumbles and I obey. This goes on for a while until his whole back is clean of any dirt or blood, his eyes closed in a state of bliss.

“Can you lean back for me?” I whisper, him complying swiftly, his bare back flush against my chest, his body comfortably settled between my legs. I begin rubbing the product into his torso, feeling the faint heartbeat under my fingers. Theo turns his head a little, his mouth capturing my neck, sucking at some places while just leaving pecks at others.

I notice that his gashes and scratches were already at the later stages of healing, so he was perfectly able, at this point, to do this himself, but I couldn’t stop, because he just looked so happy; how his dark eyebrows were raised slightly, how the corners of his lips upturned, and how he lay kisses on any part of me that was exposed to him.

I finish lathering him with the body wash, squeezing the shampoo into my hands. Theo had a massive thing for me running my fingers through his hair; he practically begged me to do it whenever we were together. So, the moment my nails scratch delicately against his scalp, he lets out a guttural moan.

“Fuck,” he murmurs, my fingers running through his soft brown hair, wondering who was enjoying this more.

“I honestly don’t deserve you,” he states, giving me a genuine smile. I laugh, tugging his hair back gently so that I could give him a chaste kiss on his cheek.

Even after I finished washing him up and all his wounds healed, we stayed in the hot water, his back against me as I played with his hair, his lips on my neck every once and a while.

“You still haven’t told me why you ended up like this,” I say, my brows knitting together. Theo bites the corner of his lip, turning to face me and shrugging. This boy was something else.

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Am I the only one to headcanon Matt as a flirty expert nerd? Like he really knows how to flirt, but he is also super smart. I don't know him yet but, man. So many versions of him...

Matt has to be smart. He was still a cadet when he went to Kerberos with Shiro and his dad. How do I know this? Well…

Here we go. This photo is most likely one of the most recent photos Pidge had of Matt. The spaceship is already finished and she’s wearing the same dress as she did in the scene where her family talks about Sam and Matt going on their mission soon:

Matt was still a cadet when he went to Kerberos. He’s probably super smart and just one or two years older than Hunk, Lance and Keith^^ 

[as for the flirty part - I don’t really see him as flirty at all, he actually reminds me of Shiro from what we’ve seen so far, but everyone’s entitled to their own headcanons :P]

inktober (6)

“Hey, Edward, I’m really sorry–” Tyler began.
Edward lifted his hand to stop him.
“No blood, no foul,” he said, flashing his brilliant teeth.


I raised one hand to halt his apology. “No blood, no foul,” I said wryly. Without thinking, I smiled too widely at my private joke.

Guilt {Part 2} // Henry Bowers

Word Count: 1371

Summary- Being apart of the loser’s club makes you a prime target for the one and only, Henry Bowers. (CONT.)

Warnings; nothing more than usual

A/n; If you want a part 3, where the reader maybe tells the group about the relationship, let me know in the request box!

Requested; Yes, multiple times

req; part 2 of guilt?

req;  Ooh god, your imagine Guilt is so cool ! If it’s okay, could you do a part 2 where Henry confess his feeling to the reader please ?



Over the past few days, you’d been noticing Henry acting strange. It wasn’t only you though. The entire of the Loser’s Club were noticing as well, even Belch and Vic were at a loss for words at his actions. Henry Bowers, all of a sudden, was the nicest person to you, and you didn’t know why. How could he be nice, might you ask? Well, let’s see..

Day 1

You were walking with Eddie, talking about how he needed to hurry up and confess his feelings for Richie, which he was denying. “I don’t like him!” He exclaimed, throwing his arms up and shaking his head. “Of course you don’t, Ed.” You said, chuckling. “Y/N!” A voice called, running after you. You turned, and you were shocked to see Henry Bowers, you didn’t even know he knew your name. “Here, take this. Put it on your, uh, arm, and it will heal it faster.” He said, smiling. Wait, he smiled? It wasn’t an evil smile, either, it was a genuine smile. “Uh, thanks, Bowers?” You questioned, stunned.

“Please. Call me Henry.” He said, and his friends called him over. “Gotta go, see ya, Y/N!” He said, smiling, and ran off. You and Eddie both stood still, unbelieving. “He knows how to say please?” You questioned, mostly to yourself, but to Eddie as well. Instead of answering your question, he asked his own. “What the hell just happened?” He asked, and you looked at him. “I have no fucking idea.”

Day 2

You were about to climb on your bike and leave your house, when you heard a car horn beep. You looked up, surprised to see none other than Henry Bowers and his gang, pulled up in your driveway. Henry motioned with his hand for you to go over. Vic and Belch looked like they didn’t want to be here, or didn’t know why they were here. “Can I help you, Bowers?” You questioned, thinking it was all a prank. “What did I say about my name? It’s Henry! And let us give you a ride. Come on, we have room.” He said, gesturing to the empty seat in the back, presumably where Patrick used to sit.

“It’s alright, thanks though.” You smiled politely, even though it felt oh-so-wrong to smile at the Henry Bowers. He looked upset, but he motioned for Belch to drive away, and he did. You were so confused, Henry Bowers was never nice. You assumed he was plotting something, and shook your head. Richie, whom you lived across the street from, biked over, seeing what happened. “What did he want?” He asked, curiously. “Nothing. Just making fun of me and calling me names again.” You said, and he nodded. It was simply the calm before the storm.


Day 3

You walked with Beverly, talking about how the boys were being ridiculous over some petty argument, when a car pulled up next to you two. You didn’t have to look to see who it was. “Fucks sake..” you muttered, Bev shooting you a confused look before she saw who’s car it was. “Oh.” She said, unamused. Henry jumped out of the car, motioning for his friends to stay in. “Hey, Y/N.” He smirked, walking over. He glared at Beverly “Hey, slut.” You gasped. “Fuck off, Henry! I don’t know what the hell your problem is, but leave me and my friends alone, dammit!” You screamed, grabbing Beverly’s arm and storming off in the direction you were originally heading.

You walked away so fast, you didn’t the the hurt and defeat flash on Henry’s face. He sighed, jumping back into the car. “You alright, man?” Belch asked, genuinely concerned. “Just drive.” Henry mumbled. “What was that?!” Beverly asked, shocked. “He’s been fucking with me, Bev! Every single damn day, he’s been so.. Nice to me! Ever since this!” You said, rolling up your long sleeve and pointing to your scars. ‘Y/N, did it ever occur to you he may feel.. Bad?” Bev asked, frowning. “It’s Henry Bowers, Bev.” You said, rolling your eyes. “I guess.” She muttered. “Anyways, about Richie’s argument..” You changed the subject, and you two continued along the path.

Day 4 (Present Day)

You were with the rest of the Loser’s Club, chilling downtown. You were laughing at a remark Stan made to Richie, giving him a high five. “Nice one, Stan.” You said, chuckling. “Hey!” Henry called, storming over. “Oh lord, not again..” You muttered, standing up along with the rest of the losers. You weren’t as tall as the others, so you were hidden behind Stan. “Hey, you little fucks. I’m bored, wanna play?” He asked, his knife sticking out in his pocket. “I haven’t got to use this in awhile, don’t want it to get rusty.” He said, and you felt Eddie shaking.

You gently pushed Stan, him stumbling, and walked straight up to Bowers. He was surprised, he didn’t expect you to be there. Then he realized what he was saying, and instantly straightened up. “O-Oh. Hey, Y/N.” He stuttered, and the entire loser’s club gawked. “Henry Bowers, the guy who makes fun of Bill for his stutter, is stuttering? What the hell is this shit?!” Richie exclaimed, his eyes bigger than usual. (which was quite big, thanks to his huge ass glasses).

“I’m not explaining myself to a bunch of losers.” Henry scoffed, but he looked weak. “That’s it!” You said, grabbing Henry’s arm and pulling him off to a more private area. “Y/N, are you insane?! He could kill you! Where are you going?!” Eddie screamed, instantly after taking a puff from his inhaler. “I’ll be fine, Eds.” You winked, and he immediately turned red, knowing you were lowkey hinting Reddie. (Obviously, you were the biggest reddie shipper in town).

Once you were satisfied with the distance between you and your friends, and you double checked to make sure Richie wasn’t eavesdropping, you turned to Henry, furious. “Okay, what the hell is wrong with you, Bowers? Why all of a sudden are you so nice to me? Stop fucking around, and tell me, because I’m sick of this game you’re playing!” You spat, angrily. Henry looked taken aback.

“I’m stupid and I don’t deal with emotions well, as you can tell. I’ve never once felt anything, ever. I’ve never felt sorry, or sad, only anger. But when I fucking went to sleep after hurting you, I could only feel guilt! It took me awhile to figure out why; it’s because I like you! Yeah, I said it! I like you, and I’m fucking stupid for liking a loser, I know. I might as well join your pathetic little club!” He said, all at once. You blinked, taking it in.

“I-, Uh, Umm” You stuttered, eyes wide. “What?” You asked bluntly, completing certain it was a prank. “wow, you’re an idiot too. Great.” Henry muttered, and you went to reply, but Henry grabbed you by your shirt and smashed his lips to yours. You gasped, surprised, but an odd, tingly feeling grew in your stomach, and by instinct, you kissed back. It took the pair of you by surprise, and Henry pulled back slightly, looking at you with wide eyes. “I think I like you too, Henry.” You whispered, pulling him back into another kiss.

Despite his reputation, and him bullying you and your friends, you suddenly felt attracted him, more so than because of his looks. You knew you always had the same feeling in your stomach around him, but you’d always pushed it away as nerves, he walked around with a knife for god’s sake. Still, you couldn’t help but think he seemed genuine.

After pulling away, he pressed his forehead to yours. “I know I’m not the best person,” he started, looking at the scar he engraved on your arm, and frowning. “but I’m willing to try to be better.” You smiled, shyly. “I couldn’t ask for more.” You replied, looking at him, and seeing him in a new light. You could get used to the new Henry Bowers; the bully you now could call your boyfriend. Damn, you never thought you’d say that. Now, to explain to the losers…

i can’t kiss you if you drink vodka

[Read it on AO3!]

Even is a clingy drunk.

Alcohol’s not really his thing, at least not in excess, so Isak doesn’t see this side of him so often. (The drunk side, that is. He sees the clingy side of Even frequently, and it only gets magnified when he’s drunk.)

“Baby,” Even slurs, slumping down onto the sofa next to Isak and tucking himself into his side. Isak brings one arm to wrap around Even’s shoulders and pull him in even closer, though he tries to keep his attention on the conversation Jonas is having with him (or at him, now, because Even just arrived.) “I missed you.”

Jonas rolls his eyes when he hears this and sees Isak itching to redirect his attention to his boyfriend, and turns to Mahdi instead, so that Isak can finally turn to Even and raise an eyebrow.

“You were gone five minutes, Even.”

Keep reading

“You’re avoiding me.”

“I’ve just been busy.”

“You can’t even look at me!” You stepped in the way.

I looked now, probably, all too wide-eyed, helpless this close. I jerked my gaze away and tried to dodge past.

You caught my wrists. “I’m not letting go until you talk to me and tell me what’s wrong.”

I’m in love with you. That’s what’s wrong.

I didn’t say it.

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I need this hun; can you make it happen - FP finding out that it was thanks to Betty that he is cleared of the murder (he didn’t actually commit in the first place) - Bughead make up scene; because let’s face it Betty really stood by him through it all, even though he didn't believe anymore - Jughead climbing through Betty’s window. Can be seperate or Just all rolled in one angsty fluffy fic

Hey! Here it is, I hope you like it.

I Shall Believe

Jughead pushed open Betty’s bedroom window, hoping he wasn’t there too late. He just needed some time to think, to clear his head.

He swung one leg into her bedroom, over the ledge, then the other.

Betty leaned forward on her bed. “Hey,” She murmured softly.

“I’m sorry,” Jughead blurted out, his voice thick with emotion. “I’m so sorry, Betty, that I ever doubted you.”

“Hey, shh.” Betty cooed, getting off the bed to embrace Jughead. She cupped his face in her hands. “It’s okay, Juggie, it’s okay.”

“It’s not okay, I should’ve trusted you. I, I made a mistake, Betty, I’m so sorry. You’ve done so much for me, so much for my dad - you trusted and believed in him and for that I can never rep-”

“Jughead, listen to me - you don’t owe me anything, I did what I did because I believe in you and I believe in F.P., and he may have done some crummy things to you but he… he isn’t capable of that. He’s got a good soul and a good heart and he makes the wrong decisions, sometimes, but this wasn’t one of them.”

“What made you so sure? How were you so sure that he was innocent?” Jughead gripped the shoulder of Betty’s sweater.

“I could feel it, I guess. I don’t know, Jug, you trusted him when we went to talk to him. You trusted him because you love him. I trust you because I love you.”

“What?” Jughead pulled back slightly to look in Betty’s eyes.

“What?” Betty blinked

“You love me?” 

“Oh. That was the first time I said that, wasn’t it? Well, yeah, I love you, Jughead. I do.”

Jughead was smiling so wide it looked painful. “I love you, too, Bets.” Jughead pulled Betty in for a kiss. After a moment, they broke apart. “Will you do something for me? Will you go visit my dad with me?” 

“Jughead,” F.P. Jones said from behind the partition. 

“Hey, Dad.” Jughead gave a weak smile. “I just wanted to tell you something. It… it was Betty.” He motioned to the blonde girl sitting next to him.

F.P. nodded his head once. “What was Betty, son?”

“She found that video. She got the murder charge dropped. It’s because of her that they cleared you.” 

“It was both of us, Juggie.” Betty said quietly.

“No,” Jughead shook his head. “It was all you. You never gave up, even when I wanted to. You never stopped -” Jughead turned to face his father. “She never stopped believing in you, Dad. She found that USB. She was determined you didn’t do it. She believed in you, and she trusted you.”

F.P. stared at Betty incredulously. “Son, will you give me a moment alone with Betty?”

“Sure, Dad. Bets, I’ll be right through the door.” 

Betty nodded and switched seats so she was sitting directly in front of F.P.

“I can’t thank you enough, Betty. I owe you my -”

Betty shook her head. “You don’t owe me a thing, Mr. Jones. I was just doing what should’ve been done. I had an inkling - Jughead loves you so much, I couldn’t stand to see him hurting. So I just kept digging.” Betty shrugged.

“Thank you for treating my boy so well. You two… well, you two are good together. Don’t let each other go, you hear me?”

Betty nodded. “I won’t let him go, don’t worry. I love him, Mr. Jones.” 

A smile spread over F.P.’s face. He nodded. “Come visit me any time, okay? Don’t be a stranger. Make that boy of mine come visit me, too.”

“I won’t be a stranger. And I hope you won’t be in here too long. We’re fighting with everything we have.”

I Thought You Were Asleep

Word Count: 1779

Player: Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers)

feat. Leon and Nuge (briefly)

Warning/s: slight language

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Why did you ever think that college was a good idea? You should’ve just tried to find a job that you didn’t need a degree or something like that for. A simple job, something that made you happy.

To be fair, ever since you were a kid the thought of becoming a lawyer did make you happy. You wanted to be a badass fighter for people. Make lives better and all of that hero stuff. And you imagined college to be funny. All you heard was that people truly found out who they are, made friends and lived a little. And that was true. The first months had been so great, even though you were away from home. That was until exam week started.

Exam week is draining. You didn’t have any emotions left, which was odd considering you were living through every possible emotion daily, everything a little blurry because it was mixed with not getting enough sleep and coffee.

Like mentioned before, you were studying law, not biology - so it was fair to say you might be wrong - but you were pretty sure you didn’t have blood flowing through your veins. Not anymore. The coffee had found its way into your system.
Strange to say it didn’t work long-term, so you were rarely seen without a cup in your hands.

“Con?”, you called out, trying to find your best friend in the house. No, not happening. Only one exam left and your coffee machine had to fail on you. 

“In the living room.”

You walked into the living room, looking as tired as ever. It was too late that you realized you weren’t even alone with Connor. Instead, Drai and Nuge looked back at you when you entered. Connor was standing after putting some wood into the fireplace. Why was the fireplace on but none of the lamps?

“What is it? Everything alright?”

“The coffee machine isn’t working.”, you complained, close to just spontaneously falling asleep while standing.

“Oh, don’t worry. It’s just because of the storm, it should be working soon.”

“Storm?”, you asked in confusion.

Connor looked at you a little bewildered before he chuckled. 

“It’s been snowing for hours, Y/n. And the power went out. It’s supposed to continue like that.”

“It’s really that cold? I thought it was just lack of sleep.”

Connor grinned at the expression on your face, shaking his head. He put his hands on your cheeks, effectively warming them.

“You’re ice-cold. Go get a blanket and some sleep.”, he ordered.

“Wait. Where is my phone?”

“You told me to keep it away from you while you’re studying.”, Connor replied, pulling it out of his pocket. With cold fingers you opened your messages, only to see a message that almost made you faint.

You stared at the phone, then to Connor and back.

“My exam is canceled. They rescheduled it.”, you said numbly.

“Go to bed.”, Connor replied. You stayed in the warmth of his hands a little longer, before you nodded.

Lack of sleep had made you numb. You needed a while to process every word. But you turned around and walked back into your room, putting your notes onto your desk. And when your head touched the pillow you were already asleep.

“Con?”, you asked into the dark when you felt the bed shift next to you. 

“Yeah, it’s me. I’m just bringing you another blanket.”

“How late is it?”

“I don’t know. My phone died a while ago and there’s still no power.”, he muttered sleepily. 

He spread the blanket over your comforter, but instead of leaving he scooted under the comforter and got comfortable in your bed.
You were used to that. It happened sometime’s. Nothing big since you were best friends since first grade. You moved to Edmonton for that guy. Well, you tried to get into UAlberta and they wanted you. 

“Did you sleep?”, Connor asked.

“Yeah. What about Nuge and Drai? Did they drive home?”

“No. One of them is in the guest room and the other one on the couch. I don’t think anyone can drive out there.”

“So no game tomorrow?”

“Yep. Got the entire day off.”

“And what are you gonna do?”, you asked curiously. Days off didn’t happen very often.

“I don’t know. Sleep? Eat? Maybe catch up on a TV-Show if the power is back until then.”

“Sounds great.”, you yawned, falling back to sleep.

The next time you woke up was when Connor’s arms around you threatened to crush your rib cage. He had somehow managed to move over from the other side of the bed and wrap himself around you. 

“Con. Ouch.”, you complained.

“Sorry.”, he muttered after you tapped his shoulder a few times. 

He loosened his arms immediately but didn’t move any further away. Also a thing you had gotten used to and you weren’t complaining. Sleeping like that was hella comfortable.

“Thanks for letting me breathe.”, you chuckled, cuddling closer into him, ready to fall back asleep.



“Can I talk to you about something?”

You turned around, your brows furrowed in confusion. With your head on opposite ends of the pillow, you searched Connor’s face for any sign that could show you what’s going on.

“It’s ’I don’t know how late’ in the morning. What could you possibly want to talk about now?”, you frowned.

“Are you into Drai?”, Connor blurted out.

“No.”, you said. But your answer sounded more like a question because you didn’t know where that was coming from.

“Ok, good. Sorry. Sleep.”, he muttered. You turned back around.

Your breathing got more even by the second, and soon you were on the brink of sleep.
Connor let out a deep sigh, making you wonder what was on his mind. But you didn’t have to think about it for long, or at all because he soon started mumbling to himself. He was still awake. But maybe he thought you weren’t anymore.

“Because I would’ve had no fucking idea what to do if you were. It would suck to see you fall in love with a friend of mine when I still haven’t figured out how to bring up the fact that I love you.”

You gulped automatically at the shocking news, your eyes open in just a second. Did you just hear that right?

“And I’m talking to myself again. Great. You’re ruining me, Y/n.”

Your jaw dropped as you finally processed what he had told you just a few seconds ago. And as fast as you could - in his tight hug - you whipped around to look at him.

“Oh my god. You’re supposed to be asleep! Please tell me that you didn’t hear anything I said.”, Connor exclaimed, total shock written across his face as he met your wide eyes.

“I- I did. Wait a- what?”, you stuttered.

“It was stupid. Just go back to sleep and forget the whole thing.”, Connor practically begged.

“What? No, I need to know-”

“Y/n, please. I’m sorry just go back to sleep.”, he interrupted you.

“I refuse to go back to sleep. I need to know. Did you mean what you just said?”

“Of course I meant it. But you weren’t meant to hear it. Not yet.”, Connor huffed, still a little shocked.

“Say it again.”


“Say it again.”, you insisted.

“I love you, okay? You happy now?”, Connor muttered, avoiding eye contact with you. 

You gently cupped his cheek with your hand and brushed your lips against his. You had your eyes closed, but Connor just stared at you. His eyes were wide when you opened yours again.

“What?”, he drew out.

“Seriously, I thought you would never say anything.”, you muttered, shaking your head at him with a grin before you cuddled back against his chest. And you were out like a light as Connor stared at you, his jaw open.

“Morning.”, you were greeted when you stumbled into the kitchen. You were wearing shorts and an oversized T-shirt, thankful that the heater was working again.
You ended up on the counter, looking out of the window. When Connor came back in.

“Nuge and Drai gone?”

“Yeah, they just drove home. It’s supposed to snow again soon.”

Connor came over to you, standing directly in front of you. He just looked at you the whole time, before he sighed.

“Can we please talk about last night?”, he asked.


“Why did you kiss me?”, he blurted out. You furrowed your brows in confusion. Why would he ask that exact question?

“What do you mean why? I thought that was clear.”, you muttered.

“Well, it’s not. I told you what I feel because I thought you were sleeping. Turns out your not and just- I’m confused okay? And you weren’t meant to know.”

“Why? Why didn’t you just tell me?”, you asked.

“Because we’re best friends. I didn’t want to ruin this. I’ve been hiding this from you for months but then suddenly you know and…and kiss me.”

Wow, he really couldn’t wrap his head around that kiss. Out of an impulse, you put your hands up to drive through his hair before they settled on his cheek and jaw.

“Con, I’ve known you my whole life. So I know when you’re hiding something from me. And you haven’t been as subtle as you might think you’ve been.”, you said softly.


“Con, you asked me to move in here so we would spend even more time together. And when you were injured, you sneaked into my bedroom almost every other night to cuddle.”, you chuckled lightly. “I just didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to risk to be wrong. I was waiting if you would say something or not. The reason I kissed you, is because I love you too.”

Connor looked at you wide-eyed. But he allowed himself to get a little closer to you, placing his hands on the sides of your legs.

“You knew the whole time? You- You love me too?”

“Yes, Con. I love you.”, you replied.

You carefully used your hands on his face to pull him down for his lips to meet yours. Connor allowed you to pull him into the kiss, longing for that kiss that he had dreamed off for so long.

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“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

The worst of it comes late in the night, when Sasuke has nothing else to occupy his mind with. He has no distractions when the thoughts come, the ones of eyes as deep and bright as the ocean on a summer’s day, of a smile so warm and blinding it might as well belong to the sun. When those thoughts come, Sasuke once held a sword to their throat, threatening to cut them and, in a sense, cut himself. It was like punishing himself for those thoughts. For ten years, Sasuke has needed no one but himself. Once he’d lost his family, Sasuke had learned to rely on himself. It was too bad for him that someone else thought differently, and they happened to be very convincing. 

Now, Sasuke finds himself lost, confused, sinking in an ocean that he’s never swum before. His heart races and his mouth goes dry when these thoughts come, and he doesn’t understand. What’s wrong with him, why does he feel this way? He isn’t made for feelings like this. Sasuke isn’t made for softness or for love, he’s made to hate. Sasuke is a warrior bred for bloodshed, a man with goals to change the village and the way the world of shinobi works…a boy who is frightened of what’s happening to him. He can’t think about that idiot anymore without a smile threatening to tug at his lips, his chest blooming with warmth. After all those years battling it, smothering it, the feelings only burgeoned. How do you kill something you can’t see, after all?

That’s why Sasuke finds himself avoiding Naruto, looking away whenever those azure eyes looked at him. It’s a game of cat and mouse that feels a little like déjà vu. It makes Sasuke feel like he’s running away again, and he’s done so much of that. It isn’t fair. Naruto has no right to make him feel like this. Sasuke isn’t right for this, he doesn’t…he can’t. That’s what brings him to Naruto’s apartment, late at night, and perhaps with a hint of alcohol on his breath. The liquid courage coats Sasuke’s tongue, making the words slip past without him able to catch it. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified,” he breathes, and fuck does he breathe. It feels like a weight lifted off his chest. 

Naruto stares at him, eyes owlish, almost comical. It makes Sasuke want to laugh, as Naruto is so good at doing. It also makes his fear worse. What has he done, what if Naruto hates him? What if Naruto finds Sasuke as disgusting and horrible as everyone else seems to, what if he sees Sasuke as the broken mess that he is? What if—

“You know, teme, I was scared, too.” 

Sasuke looks up with wide eyes, finding a grin on Naruto’s face instead of the scowl Sasuke had dreamt of. The anger Sasuke had nightmares of Naruto expressing is absent. “I was scared you were tryin’ to run away from me again.” 

Cerise colors Sasuke’s cheeks, and he’s not sure if it’s because he’s drunk (only a little). “You…how can you say that? I’m not worth that. I can’t…” Sasuke can’t give Naruto what he needs, what he deserves. Sasuke can’t give Naruto anything. 

Naruto reaches out and cups Sasuke’s face, making the older boy purse his lips as he shuts up. “I don’t expect you to be okay. I don’t expect anything from you that you’re not willing to give, y’know?” Naruto says, his grin ever present. “I just want you to be happy. With me.” 

Sasuke blinks, and then he smirks. “You always go after what’s bad for you, idiot.” 

Naruto shrugs and pulls Sasuke closer. “Call me addicted.”

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Percabeth 10 plz! Could you add some percababy(ies)? I can't get enough of the cuteness!!

“But I wanna sit with you and Uncle Grover!”

Annabeth smooths back Daisy’s hair in hopes of heading off the impending meltdown. The girl’s had a long day–between running around Camp in the hot summer sun for hours and trying to help with all aspects of set-up, and having herself primped and dressed and posed for pictures, and forgoing her afternoon nap to sneak into the Big House kitchen with her father to indulge in pre-wedding snacks–well, it’s no wonder she’s emotional.

But she’s got frosting all over her face, and five minutes to get her butt in line for the beginning of the ceremony. Annabeth intends to get her there.

“You were so excited to be a flower girl,,” she says after Percy escapes, managing to hike up the skirt of her dress and crouch down on the kitchen floor with her hugely swollen belly. She rubs her thumbs across Daisy’s cheeks. Her fingers come back sweet and yellow and sticky. “Don’t you want to stand with Aunt Katie when she gets married?”

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I don't really work retail but I'm a waitress, once checking up in a table with a couple I did my practiced "how was everything?" And the man looked at me, said "yes" and pushed his plate to me. Now I just thought "well guess I should take these back" but then I notice the woman giggling so hard and now me and her husband are confused before she explained to him the exchange and I started laughing too as he just looks wide eyed and says "I thought you were asking if we were done"

That’s actually really cute. Thank you for sharing!

i’ll count this as character design since she is also drawn as a fictional character and i was talking about ginga earlier but takahashi is one of the last people i’d expect to mislabel a wolfdog. this is a cold case so these were basically the only photos of hanako i could find. but from them i think its safe to say she was not a real wolfdog. i do not know how much he believed this or if it was fabricated just for her manga insert, i can’t find any info aside from the wiki.

if hanako was somehow a real wolfdog, she would be no higher than a low-content. the wiki photo and bottom right photo are most telling to me that she does not look wolf, the first one in particular reminds me almost of a malamute’s triangular eyes.

 i wish that photo of her sitting included the feet because would be very telling, but the chest does look too wide for a wolfdog.

appearances aside i think the most telling think is the story. supposedly hanako is a wolfdog from los angeles that is half ‘siberian’ wolf. siberian wolf is not a separate species but might be referring to the eurasian wolf subspecies of grey wolf. regardless, wolfdogs bred from any imported wolf parent is extremely rare and usually a red flag.

all that being said, i am not an expert on wolfdogs. somebody with experience and more knowledge is welcome to dispute me.

I Found (Samoa Joe x Reader)

Context: There are only two types of people in society needed to keep balance. Joe always knew where he fell. But these days, Reader has him questioning all the things he once believed.

**A/N: ** I’ve arrived for the Samoa Joe thirst party. Hope I’m not too late. This fic is titled after the song “I Found” by Amber Run. (If you listen to the song, it has all the feels that this fic might (?) have. I hope)

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“…And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be

Right in front of me

Talk some sense to me

And I’ll use you as a makeshift gauge

Of how much to give and how much to take

Oh I’ll use you as a warning sign

That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind …”

      With my laptop tuned into the final match at Extreme Rules had lit up with the words ‘#1 Contender for the Universal Championship’, I knew that one person in particular was going to even greater places. Many would think that he was too hard on himself and to be honest, I’d agree. It was a blessing and a curse. Nevertheless, I was one of the few people who always got a glimpse inside the mind of one of wrestling’s most destructive forces.

           “No. I’d never (Y/N/N).” Joe said to me, his voice was as level as the rising tides of the seas on the late night beach. He shifted next to me on the sand, dragging a finger through the dampness beneath us. “I don’t think that’s an attainable dream for me anymore, babe. Destroyers don’t fall in love. They were always destined to ruin it. Creators were given the privilege of having that feeling.”

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Stanley Uris

A/N here’s the second imagine for Stan, the cutest baby boy. Prompts number 7, 26, and 58 from this prompt list. Also, i’m testing out a new ‘layout,’ sort of. I’m trying to see if I want to stop adding gifs or not.

Pairing: Stanley Uris X fem Reader

Summary: reader hates her smile and dimples, but Stanley convinces her that she’s beautiful

Warnings: mentions of bullying

If there was one thing you hated to do, it was smiling. You had a wide smile, which also meant you had dimples. You used to not care about them, you never thought once about your large smile that showed your happiness – not until Greta made it a habit to tell you how ugly you were, and how much Henry and his gang consistently called you the Joker.

You had never thought your smile was that wide, not until the bullies continued screaming it over and over at you. It was because of them, that every time you smiled or looked at yourself in the mirror all you could think about was the names they called you. Now, every time you caught yourself smiling wide, you forced it down. Every single time you laughed too loud and found yourself grinning, you forced it down.

The Losers noticed, but none said anything.

They all knew your troubles, as they had them as well. Each of them were bullied for something – Bill and his stutter, Richie and his glasses, Eddie and his constant need for medicine, etcetera.

One day as you and the others walked out of the movie theater after watching Batman, you walked next to Stan and giggled quietly at something Richie had done. The wide eyed boy mimicked something the super hero had done in the movie, and upon realizing how wide you were smiling you quickly forced it down, pressing your lips together.

Stan noticed, and frowned. He nudged you, causing you to look up at him. “You look cute when you smile, you should do it more often,” he muttered, loud enough so only you could hear. He didn’t look at you, not until the end of his sentence. Even then, he only glanced at you for just a moment with a blush on his cheeks, watching as your eyebrows furrowed and then your eyes widened as you processed his words.

“W-what?” You murmured, causing the boy to shrug lightly. “It’s true,” he told you, glancing down at you once more. Your cheeks reddened, and you went to deny his words, but you were interrupted by Richie.

“Aye, what’re you two love birds goin’ on about back there!” He shouted, faking a thick (and terrible) Brooklyn accent. Your blush deepened, as Stan exclaimed,“Shut up, Richie. We’re not… love birds.”

Richie snorted with a roll of his eyes,“Sure, and my glasses are fake.”

“Oh, leave em’ alone, Richie,” Beverly sighed. “Yeah, yeah, I’ll leave Stan and his precious little Y/N alone,” Richie giggled, nudging Eddie. The small boy only rolled his eyes in response, and said,“You guys wanna go get ice cream or something? It’s too freakin’ hot out here.”

The Losers all agreed, but you checked your pockets and frowned.

“I’m all out of money, but you guys can go. I think I’m gonna head on home, I promised my dad I’d bring him my leftover popcorn,” you said, holding up your half-full popcorn bag. “O-okay, Y/N. We’ll see you t-tomorrow, right? At the quarry?” Bill asked you, and you nodded with a tiny smile. “I’ll be there,” you said, before looking at your other friends,“see you guys tomorrow!”

They all said their goodbyes, and you began to walk off, until you heard a familiar voice calling after you. Glancing over your shoulder, you saw Stan jogging after you. You stared at him in confusion as he began walking beside you once more,“What’re you doing?”

“Walking you home,” he answered simply.

“Well, yeah.. but why?”

“Can’t I walk my friend home? It’s dangerous out here, ya know,” he said, smiling down at you. You smiled lightly, looking at the ground as you walk. It was silent for a few more moments, but it was a peaceful silence. You were happy in this moment.. You were walking next to your crush, the boy who gave you butterflies just by the sight of Stan; one of the kindest, although sarcastic, boys around. You’d come to peace a long time ago with the fact that he’d never like you back, but that was okay. As long as the two of you were friends, you were happy.

It was Stanley who spoke up first,“You shouldn’t listen to Henry, or Greta. They’re wrong.” You looked up at him, nose scrunching slightly,“I dunno..  maybe they’re not.”

Stan huffed and stopped walking, grabbing you by the arm, causing you to stop as well. “Are you kidding me? Y/N, you’re the most beautiful person in the world. You’re so beautiful, smart, and perfect, that they couldn’t find anything but your smile to try and tear you down!” He ranted. You looked anywhere but his face, a hot blush covering your cheeks.

You shook your head,“Stan, it’s okay. You don’t have to try to comfort me, I have a huge smile just like the joker and big, ugly dimples. I’ve come to terms with it.” Stanley groaned, his hands grabbing onto the sides of your cheeks, making you look up at him.

“Y/N, your dimples are the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Your smile is wide, so what? It fits you. I love your big smile and your big dimples.”

Your eyes were wide, but you still couldn’t believe him,“You’re just sayin’ that..”

Stanley had finally had enough. His hands dropped angrily from your face, slapping against his khaki covered legs as he groaned loudly. “Open your fucking eyes, it’s so obvious that I’m in love with you!”

Your mouth opened in shock,“Y-you.. love me?” Stan nodded, no shame or regret in his eyes,“I wouldn’t lie to you, Y/N.”

You paused, eyes wide,“I love you too, Stan.”

Stan looked taken aback that you felt the same way, and a small smile began to grow on his face,“Can I kiss you?” You nodded, muttering,”Yeah..” He gently placed his hands on your cheeks and leaned forward, placing his lips against yours. It was an odd feeling, but it was one that you knew would become a nice one after trying it a few times.

He pulled back a few moments later, and a large grin formed on your lips, causing him to grin as well.

“There’s that smile I love.”