i look this pic


ok but like. … . . they do look similar. ..  right? ??? ?

 my boyfriend is the actual long lost very babiest mcelroy brother 


me appreciation tbh


I was looking for a pic of Baby Bum for reasons and I ran across these pics. I mean we’ve all seen them, right? But still, I love how Bum looks surprisngly good here, Buster looks like he’s stoned and Tim’s trying really really hard to look like he has a Destiny beyond Fresno.

“If you’re going to hit it, hit it until it breaks”

got the first pic from my shoot as the grant king of trash and. i fucking love it ok

photographer: Kleine Eule - Cosplay & Photography (fb)

anonymous asked:

how do you think niall is reacting to these new inhabitable planets. I know he's busy at work but I can't help think between recording he's scrolling through his Nasa feed and just ☺️🤓🤔😳!!!

pls!!!! i bet he is sooooo thrilled. 

remember that time he stayed up to watch the iss pass over and took a pic and was like look!!!! i bet he’s filled with that same joy, the intangible wonder that comes from looking at the sky and Knowing, Knowing Beyond A Shadow of a Doubt, That Something Exists and Lives and Burns Out There. looking up at the night sky and thinking, wow, wow, wow.

feeling small and a part of something so big. 

probably had a little moment where he imaged what it would be like on those planets, did a patented niall horan impression of david attenborough or neil degrasse tyson and narrated a bit about the planets with the info we’ve got so far.probably sent an audio clip of it to ellie and giggled together :’)))

in this dream world, niall is also inspired by the planets so much that he does a small acoustic EP with a track for each planet and it sounds like a follow up of infinity, but much softer, more peaceful, more hopeful 

and this time zayn actually does hear it and maybe zayn goes through six of their assistants and agents until he gets niall’s number and maybe he calls him and maybe niall looks up from a star sheet with lyrics scribbled in the corners, late on a tuesday night and maybe he answers the phone

and maybe we all beep beep boop into the void happily ever after

i just got a new drivers license, and holy shit, my pic looks like i’m a galleanist being charged with domestic terrorism or something lmao