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Songs in Sweatpants | Natalie & Myles

It’s another typical evening in the apartment of Natalie Addison and she was expecting company, male company, which was definitely new. With the looks she has, you’d expect her to have boys, men rather, to be at her beck-and-call (according to a variety of people apparently), but that’s definitely not the case. This particular person coming over was a co-worker, Myles, someone she hasn’t known for a super-long time but someone she likes and trusts enough to not try anything stupid. Despite the fact most women her age would dress up for a guy, she sure didn’t give any thought to it, cos she was in a band t-shirt, grey sweatpants, and mix-match fuzzy socks with her purple locks tied loosely in a pony-tail. Why dress up anyway? She’s certainly not trying to impress anyone, especially a guy, so what’s the point?
          With a knock at the door, she’s snapped out of her thoughts and goes to answer it, leaving her keyboard on the coffee table with sheets of music scattered about. It’s not like she’s gonna clean that up for his sake.

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*at masquerade ball with the queen yuki kuran walks in with her brother and she bumped into u *"oof ...I terrible Sorry sir are u OK? "*looked at him through her mask *

‘’…?!’’ He suddenly was jarred whilst holding drink in one hand mask in the other– the drink spilled onto his ruffled blood red cravat and top jacket, him taking a step back then to look at the young Woman before him among the crowd of masked dancers. He looked down at himself, then back up to the silver haired young lady as he took a napkin from his pocket and began to blot his chest.

‘’Indeed, I am fine..but are you alright? Forgive me for being in your way, this place is indeed quite crowded.’’ He spoke low, nodding with ease along with his placed mask.

I’m honestly never going to forgive the person who told me that I was hurting my boyfriend by not saying “I love you” before I meant it. I am not going to forgive the people who stood by and excused such behavior. I am not going to give an ounce of credibility to the people who said that I deserved it by asking his opinion at all: I asked for advice and he gave me terrible advice. Honestly? I deserve so much better than that. I’m glad I unfriended him (w/ the added bonus of never having to see his terrible politics again) and I’m looking forward to a life of never seeing him again. 

No woman (or person in general) should EVER feel pressured to give more to a person than she feels ready to give romantically, both emotionally and physically. Any man who disrespects that is a horrible person, and any woman who makes excuses for it and lets another woman wallow in self hatred and depression because of it rather than vocally siding with her is a bad person too. I’ve moved beyond that though, and while I still feel pressure from society to do things I’m not ready for, pressure that is currently making me horribly depressed (lol!) I at least have the knowledge that it’s wrong. 

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Cas & Claire hug! I flailed a litte when I saw that. Because hug is the epitome of 'acceptance/love' to Cas (Well, Charlie doled out her hug at the first sight but in the Winchester family? Hug is something you get after the other person look for you for months in Purgatory or something :P) No wonder Cas froze up, his expression saying, 'Claire, I think you're being too forgiving, you don't know what a hug means.' Cas being surprised at getting a hug makes me laugh/cry at the same time

Hah, and Dean’s hug was easily earned compared to getting one from Sam. Sam actively noped out of a hug with Cas back in season 6.

I mean there is a kind of sense that Robbie just wanted to write Cas having a lot of hugs (because he is a terrible Cas stan writing ooc fan fiction blah blah hate speech because he said Cas saved the universe) because he feels whatever Something Terrible is coming, Cas needs a few nice moments this season. :P 

I am glad that the entire cast is slowly working their way through hugging Cas, though. We really just need Jody to meet him now. Big Jody/Cas/Donna sandwich. Yep. 

… Crowley and Cas have never hugged.

… Well in 10x03 Crowley had Cas in a sort of dramatic embrace while making him take the grace.

*looks over at my coffee* I should not be answering stuff until I have caffeine in me.

I scribbled this at like 10 or 11 at night and I was extremely exhausted so please forgive how terrible it looks XD


are you kidding me? lmao this is great! thank you so much! ;0;

(~;A;~ )

So if any of you don’t know I write around 90% of my drabbles and fanfictions on a tablet using the Tumblr and Evernote app. Well the app has been glitching pretty bad so when I was working on drafts several days ago it crashed my Ipad. Worried that I had lost the draft I was working on I got on my computer only to find out all.my.messages. (my personal blog and this blog) were gone. So as of right now Knb-drabbles’s askbox is completely empty and I feel like a total asshole because this happened. Right now I’m trying to get in contact with support to see if I can get them restored but what looks like right now is the askbox will be opening soon so keep an eye out for that post loves. I’m so terribly sorry for all the asks that were lost and all of your amazing patience. I hope you will forgive me ;AA;

Just deleted one of my old really good friends off of Facebook. I posted a comment on something she said I disagreed with and she deleted the whole post. I just don’t need that. She wasn’t even willing to listen or understand my point of view. It’s just frustrating. I also need to move on and every time I saw her Facebook I was reminded of how bad she hurt me and all the things she said. I wasn’t forgiving her and I needed to move on. It is just incredibly frustrated. I forgave her now but its hard knowing thats done with. That whole situation was annoying because she would post very spiritual things but yet would treat me terribly because of what happened back in December every time she tried to talk to me. I also had read blogs of heres saying she missed the friends she lost, as if we had ditched her. Most of those relationships, including the one with me, she ended because we weren’t doing what she wanted. We were too busy and didn’t have time to see her the way she wanted, so she blamed us. Even though I agree we all were at fault in certain areas, it is still incredibly frustrating. 

Lord, help me look forward at what you’re doing now and not behind me. Help me see the light at the end of this valley.

Hi guys,

Look, she lives. 

Sorry that I’ve been so inactive lately. There has been a lot going on in my life since January, much of which wasn’t terribly positive. 

There was one great thing though and that was working on the opbigbang with turtlefriedrice. So much fun and so much work! There are still a few more pieces that I want to make for it because that fic is so damn entertaining. However, now I’m going to try to balance it with other projects. Especially the ZoSan Christmas Exchange. 

Please forgive me for taking so long with it. There is so much yet to be done and I’m struggling to get enough energy to do it. Rest assured, the book will be made and shipped. I also need to send out some of last year’s books that came back to me. 

Anyway, sorry to ramble. I’m going to try to be more active here again. I really do enjoy all of your company! :D

I am far more active on the Twitter these days. You can find me under the handle @ kumi_sama_chan. 

Til next time!

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I feel like fighting Taeyang (BIGBANG) for starting this trend kmt

SAME, like Taeyang didn’t actually look terrible but him doing it subjected all of Bangtan to having weird crunchy hair this whole comeback. Even worse, it subjected me to having to look at their weird crunchy hair and I can’t forgive him for that.

smellestine  First off I cant figure out how to reply to your thinggy so forgive me ; -;

 second Where do you even get that fabric online or like a joanns? I admit tho minky is terrible for skin it covers minor details ( im on the process of another human for a friend and you cant see his piercings ; -; ) Iv attempted to use something called “Shaz Cozy” but it is very flimsy and rip’s to easily 

Im looking for something like what Pukin uses on her Homestuck plushies but idk what kinda fabric that is ; -; 

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"Baby! Baby! Baby!" "What the hell is it Yixing?!" He looks at me with a mischievous smirk, "I'm illaygally-amaxing 😏" LMAO, I'm sorry, forgive me, that was totally lame. m(_ _)m Love you! <3

JoviJovsssss!! Whaddaya mean totally lame?! THAT WAS HELLA CUTE!!! Thank you bby! Love you lots!! <3<3<3

Send me a (terrible), 3 sentence fan fiction in your ask, based on my url

I usually have a strict no-no policy against my selfies and my phone has a terrible camera, but damn it, I feel I look just a tad better today, and forgive me for being a little proud.