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i’ll prolly never finish this bc the original video is already perfect and 1000x better than anything i’ve ever produced but hey!!! i’m back!!!!

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him

Marinette is probably rambling about how her crush on Adrien is gonna land her in jail while Alya just stares into the camera like she’s on the office.


Only acceptable Dean endgame: The world is saved, the monsters are vanquished and Dean settles into a fixer-upper, where he serves up dinners every Sunday to his ever-growing family. He spends hours mowing the lawn and tending to the little projects one at a time that make a house a home. He’s got a partner who loves him; his family is in and out with smiles and laughter and he loves every minute. He’s finally at peace, knows there’s nothing else he needs. 

And then one morning, he hears a faint scratching at the door.  Confused, he takes his coffee with him and crosses the newly-finished floor. He doesn’t see anything when he squints out the peephole, so he opens the door with a frown. A frown that immediately shifts into a surprised grin.  The Colonel sits on the  porch, his tail swishing against the mat.  He’s got a little bit of grey around his muzzle, and his fur is dusty and kind of matted. But it’s him.  

Dean drops to his knee, ignores the old aches, and reaches out to fondle the Colonel’s head.  “Hey, Buddy,” he says softly, and the old dog’s tail starts thumping.  “How’d you find me?” he wonders out loud. But of course, the spell is long since used up and there’s no answer.  But it doesn’t matter.  The Colonel nudges his hand, bumping up against him in insistent greeting and Dean laughs. He scratches the old boy between his ears as he creaks back to standing.  “Come on,” he says gruffly, memories caught in his throat.  “Get in here.” 

The Colonel walks past him into the house, and Dean follows, still smiling as he closes the door behind them. He knew getting a house with the huge fenced yard was a good idea.  


zest??? zest!!! 

lilyrosethedreamer  asked:

I just want to say your Hanzo is the most beautiful of all, I swear.

hey!!!! thank you so much this means a whole lot to me?? im still not sure about how i draw him sometimes so this always is so so nice to hear :’)) please have!! this hanzo i drew to get back into art i hope you like it!!!