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You are a great story teller!! May I ask what happened with fire coral?

Thank you! And oh my word the fire coral was a mistake. Ok here goes

So, once again in mexico, the year before the parrot and sting ray incident.

Im chillin in the ocean, swiming out as far as i dare while not losing sight of the shore. My family prefers relaxing in the sun.

(My fact. My mom and I are Metis, she has way darker skin than me. I got more of my dad so i look as white and pasty as it gets. Because of this my mom almost never burns, she just gets darker and darker, to the point where locals in mexico would stop and ask for directions in spanish and mom would just be like “yo im canadian cant help good luck bud”)

I, being the adventure teen i am, don my goggles and set out into the beautiful ocean. Im bobbing in and out of waves, jumping on the biggest ones and riding them back to shore like a dolphin. (When i was in Peru i almost tipped a boat by making dolphin noises which caused everyone to flock to my side of the boat)

So im out there pretty far and there’s this pitiful little coral reef, barely hanging on due to all the traffic it probably gets.

Id never seen coral before. I didnt know it was a livinf organism, i didnt know the earth relies on them so heavily to keep our ecosystem thriving, and i CERTAINLY didnt know it could burn

So i swim down, a curious little kid, and run my hands all over it. It’s this kind of orangey-red really pretty. Im like “wow, it feels like bone and–OOOOWWWWWW”

It was fire coral which sucks cause, true to its name, my hand now felt like it was on fire. I catch the next wave back to the shore and get medical attention

Moral of the story: dont mess with fire coral

how…how did my mom put up with me during my ‘emo’ phase….like….I was one of those cringey fucks like 'uwu I’m so different and edgy, 5sos fam 5ever, |-/ my name’s blurryface |-/, lol rip mcr, I’m too punk rock for you’ like how the fuck did she not disown me during those two years

more mermaid Jack and marine biology intern Rhys

watch out for those spines, rhysie, that neurotoxin’s a real trip

Feysand | coffee shop

Rhys meets Feyre in a coffee shop

“One caramel machiato for…” I squint at the name on the cup and roll my eyes. Why Elain actually writes these down is unknown to me “the high lord of night” I call out to the crowd of people waiting for their drinks. A man with a shit eating grin and a man bun smirks as his friend gets up and stalks to the counter as if the world evolved around him.

he rests his elbow on the counter and holds his face up with his hand. and damn do i have to admit, its probably the most hansom face I’ve ever seen. he quirks one finely groomed brow up at me and the corners of his mouth turn up in a cocky ass smirk.

His violet eyes look down at my name tag and flick back up to look me in the eyes. I notice his eyes aren’t just violet but are mixed with specks of silver like starlight. Possibly the most beautiful combination of colours that makes my fingers itch for a brush. But I doubt I could capture the right shade of violet to do him justice.

“Hello Feyre darling” be murmurs and his voice is smooth like honey with a slight huskyness to it. The sound making my insides turn to slush like the ice we sometimes mix in the blenders. “High lord of night? Really?” I ask in a nonchalant tone “I could be” his smirk grows bigger.

I place his drink in front of him and turn around to start making the next drink as the line starts getting longer. Elain was working the till today but of course Nesta was still above getting her hands dirty with being a Batista so she was being ever so helpful in the storage room with her americano .A bitter drink like her. But I was used to it. A family run coffee shop with an alcoholic owner, two unhelpful daughters and one daughter who tried doing everything.

If it wasn’t for me then we probably would have gone down a long time ago and then how would we put food on the table…

“If you hadn’t noticed then we are very busy and I’m not in the mood for your bullcrap” I whirl around to face him again just after pulling one of the many leavers on the coffee machine “okay then I’ll cut the ‘bullcrap’” he chuckled, a low noise coming from the base of his throat.

I send him a quizzical look and his eyes shimmer slightly, I grab the coffee in its takeaway cup and start putting a lid on it when he spurts “go on a date with me” I’m so surprised I almost drop the cup but his hand whips out and wraps around the cup, stopping it from falling.

“Thought you said no more bullcrap” I state and call out the name on the cup. A real name this time. “Its not bullcrap” he challenges. Does he think I’m a joke. Laughing stock. Entertainment for his friends.

I glance over his shoulder but none of his group are paying any attention to us. I turn my back on him again “Why?”

“Because I think your beautiful” he states and this time his cocky tone is replaced with a Moore serious one. I sneak a look over my shoulder and his hands are nervously fidgeting with his cup, his midnight black hair hiding his eyes from me. “I look a mess” and its not a lie. I have coffee spilt down my shirt and apron, my hair is falling out of its bun and I have no makeup on so I look like a bit of a pasty ghost.

“An Eton mess looks like worse but it still tastes amazing” he pured, giving me a seductive wink. My face flared up and I threw myself I into making this drink. I was not expecting that.

He was waiting for me to reply so I simply said “I don’t even know your real name” and turned on the blender. I moved closer to him to hear his reply and he cocked his head to the side “I’ll tell you if you say yes”.

He went quiet again, waiting for my answer. I finished this drink and the next, making him wait and I could tell be knew what I was doing. Seeing how long bye would wait before he gave up, if he really meant it.

Ten minutes went past and he was still waiting there patiently.

“ I Finnish work at four” I said turning my attention fully to him and a smile spread across his face, a genuine smile rather than a smirk “I’ll be there” he said as he picked up his drink.

“Rhysand, my name’s Rhysand” and he said and spun on his heal, sashaying back over to his friends with a smile still on his face.

Hello! By request, I present to you, Jessica’s Pixlr App Coloring Tutorial where I show you how I color My Way™ 

What you’re gonna need:
Pixlr (mobile photo editing app, free to download)**
Manga panel/any line art (with artists permission ofc)
Stylus (optional) (bc fingers work too)

Alrighty Lets Get Started, Actual tutorial is under the cut !

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Since you're doling out pretty awesome makeup truths I figured I'd ask for your sage advice. I'm going backpacking in two weeks with my boyfriend. I need a lightweight makeup regime to travel with so I don't look like the pasty swamp hag I really am (he doesn't need to know). Do you have any travel essentials/favorites?

My travel essentials really lie in the weeks before. Use an exfoliating scrub (Philosophy’s Microdelivery Scrub or Aveeno Scrub doesn’t have those poisonous little balls in them) three or four times before your departure. Apply a hydrating face mask two times a week to make your skin dewy (splurge on Glam Glow or just go to a drugstore). Tweeze your eyebrows. Do some deep-conditioning on your hair. Take care of your skin and locks before you leave and make ‘em shine…you won’t need that much makeup on a trip.

Soooo: what would you need for minimal makeup backpacking? Get a small bag and fill it with: 

-bb cream WITH SPF that you can put on with your fingers and is also buildable for breakouts, like the Garnier BB Cream.

-a champagne or nude shimmer eyeshadow that looks good applied with your fingers (I love Maybelline color tattoo in barely branded or stila in kitten)

-a trusty, buildable mascara that isn’t waterproof enough to never come off (try Cover Girl Clump Crusher for a natural look)

-a lip/cheek stain or cream stick (try Benefit Benetint or Maybelline Master Glaze or Elf All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade)

-a brow pencil

-one lipstick of your choosing for special occasions

-a good chapstick

-an eyeliner pencil for special occasions

-a face moisturizer (get a travel sized one at any drug or beauty supply store)

-bobby pins/hair ties

And NEVER underestimate the beauty of a pasty swamp hag. You say it like it’s an insult, but that sounds like a compliment to me. Sometimes, you just gotta let your inner hag shine. 

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I wonder, does this fandom support brown/black facing by PoC? I'm black, but I hate white characters. They're gross. So I often draw them how they should be, like me. Like Cassandra, for example. Her white, pasty look is foul. So I often draw her with a wide nose, full lips and curves. Yes, I darken her skin significantly. There is no need for white people.

Dragon Age according to a Mass Effect player

(warning: all knowledge is gleaned from casually scrollin’ through my dash)

  • DRAGON AGE, so, presumably there are dragons
  • there’s some person that you play which is a Mahariel or a Hawke or something, possibly divided by the two existing games.  I dunno.  You can be an elf? a dwarf? a human?  EVERYONE’S FLIPPIN THE FUCK OUT ABOUT BEING A QUNARI NEXT TIME.  but it doesn’t sound like you get to be the same person throughout all three games, so, automatically it sounds less awesome than Mass Effect
  • there’s a dwarf dude who seems pretty rad
  • your lady companions all seem to suffer from Samara’s boob window problem a lot more acutely than anyone in Mass Effect
  • Isabela would be BFFs with Miranda
  • Fenris = GIANT ELF WOOBIE or something, I dunno, he just looks so… pasty to me
  • Anders WHY DID YOU DO THE THING also don’t worry everyone in the fandom will pet you anyway
  • also wtf being a mage is bad or something? the hell?  magic is AWESOME and the idea of playing a video game where people are like no, magic is NOT AWESOME makes me really really sad
  • you do not possess the ability to stand on a horse unlike in Skyrim, but everyone seems fine with walking anyway
  • fine dwarven crafts come from Ogelsvendarg or something
  • also I’m really confused on how the whole “hang out with your companions between missions” mechanic works in Dragon Age because… you do not have a spaceship to hang out in
  • maybe it’s a space dragon