i look so orange


happy birthday to a boy 

as bright as the yellow of the sun, 

as warm as the orange in the summer skies, 

as out standing as the red flames of fire.

you truly are the embodiment of the sunset colours


「  O R A N G E  」Final. Letter 13

If you ever cry alone again, or even if the day comes when you find just living to be painful, then I promise I’ll save you again and again.


Converse High

Young Zeref Portrait

Can’t believe Mashima looked at this face and said “yes I think I’ll destroy his life and trap him in it for centuries.” >:) I find myself drawing young Zeref a lot as I play with brushes and styles. I don’t usually get attached to basically non-canon characters but I can’t get the original Dragneels out of my head <3

Please do not alter or repost :)

Listen. A sportarobbie wedding would be an absolute disaster. Nothing is coordinated. Look at these outfits. This is the one day Stephanie decides not to wear pink. Robbie and Rottenella look like they just came back from Hot Topic. That blue tuxedo that should be taken out back and shot? Glanni got it for Sportacus; said it was high fashion (it’s not). This is the only photo they have from the wedding. You can’t even see the rings. Ithro is still laughing.

this was such a nice scene!!