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hey! i was wondering if you had any tips on how to draw hands? i'm about to give up and start including pockets/convenient obstacles concealing their hands on all my drawings why are they so hard to draw??

Well for one thing, hands are so friggin hard to draw because 1) they actually have a complex structure that can look drastically different depending on the angle you view them from, and 2) we see them ALL THE TIME so we have a real good idea of what they look like and if they look off.

There’s not one magic bullet for drawing hands, although I’ve found that it helps to divide the hand into three parts: the palm, the top four fingers, and the thumb. The best thing to do is use a bunch of reference, practice from many different angles, and study the structure so you can picture in your head how hands are put together. Muscle memory will eventually kick in for you the more you practice hands. Avoiding drawing them altogether definitely won’t help you get better with them! It just takes time is all. 

So I’m at the gym, working my ass out, comparing myself to every other tightly clothed woman with a better body than mine and desperately trying to sweat out my regrettable weekend decisions. And then I make the mistake of logging into Instagram in between crunches to catch up with my friend’s latest pictures. Big mistake.

Couples. Couples. And more couples. All happy and smiling and cuddling with their perfectly curated and filtered version of their lives. I look up at myself, red faced and sweaty in the mirror, and I wonder: why haven’t I gotten that? Am I just not desirable like them?

And that’s when I pulled the mental breaks on myself. Is that really what I want? To be desirable? To be wanted and lusted over by men who don’t even know me? Is that really what the goal in my life is? To be approved by then?

I wondered if that was who I wanted to be. Do I wanna be that friend of mine whose mother had groomed from birth to be the perfect wife? Do I wanna be that girl that keeps going back to men that treat her like shit? Or like the girl that’s gone from great love to heartbreak to great love without a moment alone? Do I wanna be the person I was this weekend, nearly giving up my body to another’s desires simply because I crave to feel wanted and desirable?

That’s not who I am. And it’s definitively not who I want to be. It’s not who I want my little sister to learn from, to put first another’s perception over her own uniqueness. I want better for her. I want better for me.

So no, I’m not gonna measure my value against what others want from me or what others have that I don’t. I’ll respect their decisions and hope they are happy, but when it comes to what I want in my life, I just want more.

the absolute highlight of my week was when I found out that Donald Trump made an appearance in Uncle Scrooge comic as a villain. 

Look at this! It’s amazing! This is Ronald Plump, the sleazy business man who tries to cheat Scrooge on a deal, but ends up running his own business into a bankruptcy. I wonder why this particular comic has never been translated into English. ;) 

 I am so happy to be able, with my own two eyes, to see Scrooge McDuck give a verbal smackdown to this orange walking toupee.

Why I ship Rapunzel and Eugene

Some people are probabaly wondering why do I ship an animated couple so much. Let me explain why using just the Tangled Before Ever After movie.

1. When Rapunzel asked “Have you seen anything so beautiful?” Eugene looked at Rapunzel and said YES

2. The moments when they almost kissed and Eugene was mad/upset that he didn’t get to kiss her

3. There was a lot of hand holding moments and I thought all of them were really cute

4. Eugene poured his heart out in the proposal and Rapunzel was so happy at first to hear what he had to say

5. Rapunzel felt really bad for saying no to Eugene’s proposal

6. The guards were front of Rapunzel’s bedroom doors and Eugene was trying to do anything to see her.

7. Then Eugene poured out his heart AGAIN to what he thought was Rapunzel minutes after his proposal

8. Eugene tried to find Rapunzel after Pascal told him he didn’t know where she was.

9. When Eugene broke down the door

10. When Rapunzel wasn’t scared to show Eugene her hair

11. When Eugene wanted to make sure Rapunzel was okay wondering how she got her hair back.

12. When Rapunzel walked into her coronation and Eugene couldn’t stop staring at her (even though she was wearing a crazy wig).

13. When Eugene said “that’s my girl”

14.When Rapunzel gave Eugene a frying pan for self defense

15.When Eugene gave Rapunzel a cupcake (just like he did in the movie)

16. When Eugene didn’t understand why Rapunzel said no to his proposal but he would do ANYTHING to make her say yes and do ANYTHING to make her happy.


Eugene tries to do whatever he can to make Rapunzel happy and Rapunzel loves having Eugene in her life but doesn’t want to commit right away because she’s trying to find herself.

(Sorry most of them were about Eugene)


“Dear Agent Booth, 

You are irrational and impulsive, superstitious and exasperating. You believe in ghosts and angels and maybe even Santa Claus. And because of you, I’ve started to see the universe differently. How is it possible that simply looking into your fine face gives me so much joy? Why does it make me so happy that every time I try to sneak a peek at you you are already looking at me? Like you, it makes no sense. And like you, it feels right. If I ever get out of here, I will find a time and a place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing and unfocused and irrational and wonderful.” - T.B

regional dog reviews

growlithe- the original. a happy boy!!!! a lovely boy!!!! i can see how loyal he is just by his face. i trust him with my life 10/10

snubbull- lovely pink and cute but why are you so Angery!!!! grrr!!!! 10/10

poochyena- a serious boy with a secret loving side to him. i would give him my life!!!! 10/10

houndour- the shadow the hedgehog of pkmn dogs 10/10

lillipup- this pupper gives me 10 diffrent types of happiness!! every time i look at him i am amazed by how gorgeous and wonderful he is!!!! purified me, helped my crops grow, donated all of his money to charity, ended world hunger, started world peace. 11/10

furfrou- this kalos doggo is more fashionable than i will ever be and i admire his stunning personality and good looks, an ideal role model!! 10/10

rockruff- his fluff!!!! his tail poof!!!! his rocks!!!! this is an all-around perfect pup with the best qualities of any dog!!! 10/10

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aaa also this might sound weird but do you have any tips on how to make it look like coran? actually has a mouth??? when i drew him his mustache was like,,, blocking where his mouth would be and he looked Awkward™

Coran’s neutral state is pretty much his mouth hidden by his moustache

butt then

there it is!!!

it’s part of his upper lip so you gotta consider how it’s shaped depending what expression he’s makin

majestic~..…wait i’m getting distracted here (and you wonder why i like drawing him so fun, he’s got the best expressions dudes)

usually i start with the mouth and then add the moustache on top, then shift em around if it seems off 

and sometimes works the other way round. play around til ur happy and use ref if ya stumped~

hopes that helps somehow o3o

When you find out there’s a BTS comeback in February

So I decided to make a quick imagine cuz I just got the news that they’re coming back next month like WTF?? I know I should be happy but everything is happening so fast that I wonder if they had enough time to rest >< 

Note: Jimin is the cutest mochi ever

Y/N: *stares at phone in disbelief* WHAT THE FUCK??


Y/N: *speed dials Park That Ass Jiminie*

JM: *staring at the phone ringing* it looks like Y/N found out

JM: *picks up* Hey Y/N Wha-


JM: *chuckles* the secret’s out eh?



JM: *smiles* You’re so cute

JM: You should be saying words of encouragement to me instead


JM: *shakes head* aisshh this girl, you worry too much

Y/N: *pouts* hmph, why can’t I worry? You always work so hard and practice so hard that you don’t even get proper sleep 

JM: Trust me Y/N, it’s to make sure that I don’t make any mistakes and be able to showcase a better performance you know~

Y/N: …..

JM: If you keep worrying like this, you’ll start bleeding out of your nose 

Y/N: *scoffs* Did you know that you’re an ass?

JM: I know but at least I have a big one *smiles


JM: *giggles*


Y/N: *sigh* If you think I’m gonna let you off the hook this easy-

JM: *throws a heart* I love you too 

Y/N: *cheeks reddening* I.. hmph. love you too idiot..

More Imagines Here 💕

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: okay i know I say this 24/7 but yoongi is literally so in love with hoseok? honestly, can you imagine the fashion icon Min Yoongi actually putting on a bright orange (specially customized!!) tracksuit for anyone else other than the literal sun, Jung Hoseok aka his best friend aka the love of his entire life? like i'm not trying to be dramatic or anything but why is yoongi so soft for hobi (hope-ah) aka "SeokSeok" aka "Hoseokie" aka you can't fight me on this- Min Yoongi- the person who doesn't do pet names has a billion for this guy and i'm wondering if he's learned the meaning of subtle? the dude literally pushed the ship name "sope/sobi" on hoseok and you could see the poor boy was surprised but yoongi looked so happy and so hoseok naturally got all happy and everyone was just so happy and i mean i'm not saying they like eachother or anything, but idk maybe.. possibly they love eachother??? probably?

There’s a lot of pressure, as anyone has pressure in their life, but it’s a bit different. You’ve got more judgments, more opinions, when you’re in something successful and you’re on that pedestal. You’ve got to continue to be really strong and march to the beat of your own drum, and not look at yourself on the Internet or look at an article and go, “Ugh, I didn’t mean that!” or look at a piece of work you did and wonder why they used that take. You’ve just got to live your life and not live it as if it were too different from anyone else’s.

May i request the ndrv3 guy's reactions to walking in on their s/o changing, please and thank you

I LOVE PROMPTS LIKE THIS!! Also, for another very cute version of this prompt, check out @imagine–drv3 because they had a super cute version of this and I may have based some events off what they have written.

I do hope you enjoy it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Wow
  • He almost stops breathing for a second
  • You look ethereal
  • Beautiful
  • Heavenly
  • He’s standing in the doorway, admiring every curve on your body.
  • He already knew that humanity was beautiful, but this?
  • This was simply angelic
  • He is so happy that he has such a beautiful s/o
  • You’re kinda just wondering why he’s staring at you naked. You really can’t see whether he is blushing or not.
  • Eventually he comes to his senses and just closes the door, apologizing quickly.
  • He’s really embarrassed that he got caught up in his own fantasies and he is trying his hardest to remember how beautiful you were
  • But when he thinks of you now, he thinks of all those curves and dips and he can’t talk to you without blushing now
  • U can’t tell how embarrassed he is under that mask he always wears

Rantaro Amami

  • His eyes are really wide but he immediately apologizes and turns on his heels.
  • He doesn’t leave the room though. He just stands in front of the door like a child in a timeout corner
  • He claims that he is guarding the door
  • It’s the sweetest cutest thing he has ever done.
  • But holy shit you were this hot???
  • He also does not want anyone else walking in on you
  • Seeing you like that is Amani’s vision only
  • “Also, jeans would totally go better with that jacket”


  • You see the door open and suddenly a checkered scarf is thrown at you
  • Also, you can hear the door slam shut
  • And there’s a loud apologetic wail from outside
  • However, on the other side of the door, ouma is deathly embarrassed. He has a fucking anime nosebleed and all he can do is picture you naked.
  • Why the fuck did he have to walk in at that time??
  • He’s trying to hit his head against the wall to try and forget, which doesn’t help his nosebleed
  • When you come back out and return his scarf, he simply claims he got into a big manly crime chase with precisely 69 policemen
  • His red face doesn’t convince you but you try to clean his nosebleed anyways.
  • Also, his face just keeps getting redder because now everything he sees you he pictures you naked
  • Life is hell

Shuichi Saihara

  • This poor shy boi
  • The second he walks in, you hear him apologize and see the door slam shut. He’s not as fast as ouma, and you learned that the expression “his face was glowing” was actually quite literal
  • When the door slams shut he just crouches down and curls up into this embarassed ball of adorb right outside the door
  • You almost trip over him on the way out because you don’t see him, and you take a wide lunge over him to try to avoid falling over him
  • Which also gives him the view up your skirt
  • He’s looking up your panties now
  • RIP Shuuchi Saihara (Death by ultimate blush)

Kaito Momota

  • Similar to Ouma, he throws his jacket at you
  • He’s also not as embarrassed to compliment your looks but he still turns away none the less
  • He makes sure no one else comes into the room by making sure to yell every time someone passes by your room
  • *making my way downtown walking fast*
  • Yeah, something like that
  • By the time you finish you tap him on the shoulder and he jumps five feet into the air
  • And only then you realize how red his face is.
  • He claims he’s only trying to impersonate Mars tho, since it is the red planet and stuff


  • Kiibo exe. stopped working
  • He crashes immediately when he sees you shirtless. So now you have a blank kiibo kinda just staring through the door
  • IDK I’ve always had this headcanon that whenever Kiibo crashes he just stays in the exact same pose he was in before he crashed
  • Also the door is open
  • Dammit kiibo
  • You change as quickly as you can and try to figure out how to drag him to Iruma’s when he reboots again
  • He is unable to delete the memory of you naked fast enough when he reboots so he crashes again
  • It repeats in a seemingly endless cycle so you end up having to cover your face with a paper bag so the first thing he sees isn’t your face and you naked won’t pop up into his head

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Its the first time that you hear gonta scream in shock
  • He assures you its not in terror though
  • He leaves the room and shuts the door behind him.
  • When you see him again, he is sniffling into a handkerchief, curled up on the couch.
  • He notices your presence and apologises for such an ungentlemanly move. It takes you a long time to reassure him
  • It was only an accident and you understand that gonta is very sorry and that you are not mad at him
  • He’s so pure that he absolutely refuses to think about you naked again, even if it tries to pop into his mind

Ryoma Hoshi

  • Out of all the boys, he is the least fazed
  • He just mutters a quick apology and leaves.
  • When you bring it up to him, he mentions that when he was in prison, he saw a lot of booty exposure from people that he did not want booty exposure from.
  • So he is kinda used to this type of thing
  • You try not to bring it up again
  • But honestly he appreciates how much better you look than those other male prisoners and he’s blushing under that stoic mask of his
Kylo Ren Imagine

Originally posted by reylooo

“Imagine Kylo tries to make you smile after a bad day.”
> Requested by Anon.♡<

Kylo knew that something was up with you when you entered his quarters. You normally had a pretty smile on your lips when you saw each other but today you looked just stressed and kinda sad.
„Y/N, is something wrong? Has something happened ? You don‘t look happy.“
You shrugged. „I just had a bad day.“
Kylo looked a bit concerned. He gently ran his fingers through your hair and gave you a kiss on your forehead but you still looked unhappy.
„Anything I can do to make your day better ?“
„Not really.“
Kylo thought about some possibilities to make you happy.
„Wait here Y/N, I‘ll be right back.“
You wondered why Kylo stormed off so fast but you decided to wait.

He returned after a few minutes with the cat of Hux, Millicent.
„Oh god Kylo, is this-“
„It is ! I stole Hux‘s cat so you can cuddle with her.“
He walked over to you and placed Millicent on your lap before he sat down next to you. You looked shocked at Kylo but he just grinned.
„Can you imagine Hux‘s face when Millicent is missing ? I bet he destroys some planets in his anger or fights some Troops. I also bet that he loses against the Stormtrooper.“
Kylo‘s words and the imagination of Hux made you giggle. You petted Millicent‘s head and her purr was kinda relaxing.
„So, now after stealing the cat for you, can I get at least a little smile ?“
You looked at Kylo to give him the smile he asked for. Millicent and the effort he did for you really brightened your day.
„That‘s how I like you best, Y/N, I want you to be happy.“
He put his arm around you and played with your hair, then he gave you a kiss on your cheek.

got7 as things my friends have said

Jaebum: “why am I the only one with fucking sprinkles on my bread?”

Jinyoung: “I was not placed on this earth to look after you frog spawns”

Youngjae: “I often wonder if the sun is happy, then I remembered that I am the sun”

Jackson: “look at my very large and very manly cheeks”

Mark: “I’m so glad we aren’t the most unpopular, I mean we are pretty shit but at least we’re not like them”

Bambam: “I couldn’t find my really dark black socks today so I had to wear my light black socks and they don’t match, this is awful”

Yugyeom: “I have the sudden urge to kick her in the eyebrow”

Today is my 32nd birthday.

Or, more precisely, a few hours ago marked the end of my 32nd birthday.  

Huh.  I haven’t been dreading this day, per se, but I haven’t been looking forward to it either.  And I’m not sure the reason why I’m happy or sad or neutral about it.  Part of it stems from simply disliking my own birthday in general; the whole celebrating me thing is just really awkward and not my thing.  And then, because lol honesty is the best policy, I think I dislike this day so much because I’m single. How easy is it to just go for a nice dinner with your person and then home to bed? Bada bing bada boom, what a wonderful evening. 

And nope, I haven’t been dating or looking or caring about men that much either. I am putting zero effort into the whole thing, and yet here I am, typing all this out, so obviously I do care about it. 

And I know I need to feel ok with turning 31 32 and being single.  And I am ok, I swear. I embrace (actually most times even love) being single. I appreciate being on my own and deciding my every move.  When the Detroit opportunity came up I consulted nobody but myself.  I love my career and work place. I’ve lived in five (soon to be six!) countries around the world. I’ve run away from police in Bangkok, sat in a guy’s arms in Nepal as the clouds parted to reveal Mt. Everest, run four full marathons (howww?!), I’ve gone skinny dipping in Malaysia, seen (in my personal opinion) the most beautiful spot in the world in New Zealand, laughed and cried a million times with friends and family, and pursued things that are interesting and wonderful and meaningful in this world. I love my life and who I am, and yet here I write, at 2:22am on my 32nd birthday. 

I don’t even know where I’m going with this, or why I’m typing this all out. Perhaps I’m just feeling lonely and nervous and keep having flash forwards to being 43 and in this exact, same, spot. Because that’s my fear, I suppose. That I’m the girl who slips through the cracks. The girl that just never meets someone on an app or through work or through friends or that-evening-I-wasn’t-thinking-of-going-out-but-did! night.  

Time will tell, I guess. 

In other news, way more exciting news than birthdays and singleness… my visa was approved!!  And this Tuesday I am heading to Detroit for the first time ever. Ohmygosh. Crazy, eh? I’ll work there for two weeks before heading home for Christmas, and then return the first week In January for good(ish). It’s exciting and scary and I am looking forward to something new.  I will know approximately nobody, and am sort of nervous of the whole isn’t-Detroit-dangerous thing, but I’m also ready to live a quiet life and work hard and do crossfit and read and eat healthy and sleep eight hours (hallelujah) a night. I’m actually going to try to blog a lot more when I move. Use you, dear blog, as my friend. Lord knows I’ll need it. So yup, that’s my news. It’s my bday and hi-I’m-still-single and heading to Detroit! Woot! 

Hello 32nd year, let’s see what you have in store for me. 

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RFA, saeran & v(post-eye surgery) reaction to MC cosplaying as sailor mars (idk it's very random but i feel like i need it in my life)

Thank you for your request (MC is going to an event too if i didn’t make that the HC was going to be so small)

I hope you like it!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • He knows what you’re cosplaying
  • Wait…WAIT…
  • Omg, why his memory has to be so bad?
  • “Hey! I know! Sailor moon right?!”
  • He smiles, all happy for remembering
  • “…Sailor Mars”
  • He fell.
  • He’s a disgrace.
  • But he keeps looking at you, thinking
  • You’re so beautiful…He can’t help but smile…
  • How did he get such a wonderful woman?
  • Well, he’ll cosplay with some character of LOLOL
  • He hopes you like his cosplay like he likes yours!


  • OMG 
  • Babe,you’re too sexy!
  • He likes it, this is good!
  • What? Are you going out like that? What you mean, “event”?
  • Noooo, other men will look at you?
  • This is a no,no.
  • When you tell him that this is a character and that you’ll go to the event, he wanting it or not
  • He’s thinking…Thinking a lot.
  • He can’t let you go alone…With this skirt.
  • So he’ll go with you.
  • “Ok…Let’s go then.” He holds your hand walking 
  • “WAIT?!What’s your cosplay?”
  • “Perfection.”


  • Oh, MC you’re really pretty in this.
  • You’re cosplaying?
  • Maybe Zen can cosplay something too…
  • But you always will be prettier
  • She’s happy for you, she doesn’t understand why you’re doing this or what you actually are
  • Jaehee’s too busy
  • But if you have a smile on your face everything is fine!
  • But don’t even ask her to do the same…She’s fine like that!
  • Besides, she couldn’t even be better than you!
  • If this is what you like, that’s good!
  • She’ll be here drinking her coffee.


  • He thought you were dressed up for him
  • You know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • When you told him you were cosplaying
  • He doesn’t know what the hell are you talking about
  • Commoner thing?
  • When you explain to him about that, he already has ideas…
  • Maybe he can buy a cat costume for you…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • If you go to an event like that, he’ll be just looking at those guys
  • He’s confident.
  • But if someone goes a little bit too close he’ll be in your front.
  • If someone asks him what he’s cosplaying of…He’ll say he’s cosplaying of “Someone who can sue you if you’re too close to my wife”


  • “MC you’re beautiful as sailor mars!”
  • Finally, someone who recognizes…
  • He asks you where you are going, then he tells you to wait.
  • He’ll probably dress up as some sailor mars love interest or enemies…
  • You’re wrong.
  • He’s dressed up as Sailor Moon.
  • He doesn’t enter the game, only to be a winner.
  • When you go to the event, you hate how people are looking at him.
  • But when a guy comes to talk with you, flirting with you, Seven takes off his wig angry
  • People are like: ಠ_ಠ THAT WAS A GUY?
  • He goes to you, screaming at the guy with his normal voice.
  • It’s better to go home.
  • His disguise is ruined.
  • 707 OUT


  • He thanks god for making him do this surgery
  • Because he loves it!
  • You’re so stunning!
  • He knows you’re probably cosplaying something…
  • He doesn’t know what.
  • And this makes he feels sad, he wants to know what you like!
  • So before you go to an event he asks for you tells everything about the character and the history involving him.
  • So you do.
  • But when you finish…Well, that event already ended.
  • That smile and eyes of V when you were telling him caught and made you lose the time.
  • He hugs you comforting you, saying that in the next one, he’ll cosplay with you!
  • But if it’s going to be another character from another story…It’s better for you tell him before the event


  • What’s this MC?
  • Saeran don’t judge, you were dressed as a rebel teenager
  • I’m a punk!
  • He doesn’t care about it and he doesn’t even want to know.
  • But he keeps looking at your legs…
  • You look good in this
  • He’s with a little smirk on his face
  • “I’ll go to an event now”
  • Oh hell no.
  • He’ll rip your clothes, but you’ll not go out like that!
  • He hugs you possessively, he’s jealous
  • You laugh at him “You know who you could cosplay with me? Nekozawa”
  • “Who?”
  • You start to laugh.
  • He’ll search for that, JUST WAIT MC
Camila vs Lucy / Camren vs Laucy

Now that Laucy has been confirmed that they were on and off, I wonder how Camila felt during those times where Lucy visited Lauren while on tour and spent a couple of days with them. It must suck seeing your ex being happy with someone else especially when you haven’t really moved on yet. No wonder Camila was so emotional during the tour, looked sad most of the time and distant, spending her time with people other than the girls especially when Lucy was around. She must have avoided them to spare her feelings. (I’m not saying camren/laucy is the only reason why C was being distant, just saying it could have been a big part of it. I mean imagine how suffocating that is.)

On the other hand.. I admire how patient and understanding Lucy was towards Lauren. Distance might be a factor for their on/off relationship but knowing and seeing your girlfriend with her rumored ex/girlfriend might have caused trouble in paradise. Say even if Lucy is not the jealous type, I know for a fact that a part of you will always be insecure when you see your loved one being affectionate with someone else, especially when you know they have something in the past. Camren for sure was a threat to Laucy’s relationship all through out the years.

As for Lauren, I don’t know. Maybe she was so conflicted with her feelings. Only she can affirm that. But maybe Lucy was her safe place (childhood best friend, always there for her no matter what, very supportive) and Camila was her spark (chemistry at first sight, it-felt-right-kind-of-thing but risky and challenging at the same time) Well, we aren’t really sure whether Camren was also an on/off thing while Laucy existed, but whoever Lauren ends up with, I hope she chooses the right one. No matter if it’s Camila, Lucy or none of the two.

Bottom line is that I hope Camren will find their happiness because they are clearly hurting right now. I just wish to see them happy even if it meant for them to be with other people. (But of course, I’m still waiting for Camren to rise from the dead)

And for all Camren Shippers - Don’t get sad. I mean if Laucy rumors are true, there’s no way Camren ain’t. Camren might not be together anymore but hey don’t you dare stop believing, you know Camila never allows that to happen. We are pretty solid. Let’s just wait for our time! We didn’t come this far for nothing. 🌚🌹👀

ps. I’m not saying I totally believe what that article stated about Laucy being real and over because I’m taking a lot of things to consideration but my thoughts above only applies if they truly are telling the truth and not just for PR. Whether you believe their statement or not, is all up to you. But my point is that we should not stop believing in camren and most importantly we all shouldn’t be fighting over this.