i look so grossed out lol

So there is a R/eylo post out there that compares the torture scene to how Frollo approaches Esmeralda in The Hunchback of Notre Dame …to prove it’s canon. Guys! Yes, Frollo had the hots for Esmeralda in the most disturbing, misogynist, racist kind of way, but you know what happened to him at the end of the movie? And who Esmeralda got together with? Exactly, so…. LOLs

(the post ended with “boys will be boys….” BOYS! FROLLO AND KYLO REN! AHHHH!!!)

Welcome back to the @tpthvegebulsmutfest - everyone’s favorite festival, assuming ‘everyone’ just includes our very specific brand of nerd. So, the important people!  
Day 3: Just this once

I have no doubt that better artists than I are going to make something actually smutty with this prompt, but all I could think of was poor Trunks putting up with his parent’s disgusting PDA and it was too funny to me not to do it.
“Just this once could you two not be so gross??”
Oh Trunks, you sweet summer child. Goten doesn’t have normal parents either. There isn’t a single normal adult in your Lavender haired life. 

I promise tomorrow I’m gunna get some actual smut - I’m working up to it!! 

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Do you have any favorite people you follow? My feed is pretty low with only 5 posts a day yet I follow 20+ people. Any suggestions to artists, fashion, esthetic, etc?

Yeah I’d love to share some! There are a lot in here but I hope you find something you like :)

art blogs and comics:

  • @fuckyeahillustrativeart
    a blog that collects and showcases artists from around the net. Amazing stuff and even more art blogs can be found through this hub!
  • thisiscolossal 
    a blog that shows a lot of cool contemporary art. Less of the work featured here is from online artists, but you’ll definitely find cool stuff
  • @supersonicart
    another cool blog for contemporary stuff! this one posts more “quirky” artists than the previous one
  • @hifructosemag
    yet another quirky contemporary blog. This one is even more weird than the last haha. Some of the stuff in this blog can get into creepy territory, so warnings for weird surreal shit (unless that’s your preference like me)
  • @floccinaucinihilipilificationa 
    you’ve probably seen these comics floating around, but maybe didn’t know the artist. The “relatable anxiety bee” is from this blog, as well as the “horrible headmaster Dumbledore” comics. Hilarious stuff, and the artist rambles about their life in their tags, which are a whole other, unrelated set of wild adventures. They’re also the sweetest person ever!
  • @webcomicname
    if you’re in the mood for existential comics with weird subdued humor, this is for you lmao
  • @transgirlnextdoor
    very relatable humor for trans people, sometimes gets a little nasty but it’s all stuff we think but don’t say. Hilarious!
  • @rumwik
    posts daily! super cute and wholesome content, very good for stress-relief and anxiety-free viewing. Lots of pokemon too!
  • @k-eke
    another popular blog, but his animations are seriously so good for my mood? They always make me feel better, and he’s just the sweetest guy. If you’re a bird person, this is definitely an art blog to follow
  • @sanjanasart
    posts really calming watercolor process videos! I can get lost for hours watching her videos. Really vibrant style
  • @kevinwada
    my hero honestly. Famous for doing a lot of those High Fashion Superheroes and posts about his professional work pretty often.

art blogs from my buddies and boos:

  • @beedalee-art
    my gf Bee’s art-only blog, I’m sorry I have to be that obnoxious datemate LOL but if you like my art and stories you gotta keep up with Bee too! Our work is married to each other just like us lmao I know we’re gross
    (her personal blog is @beedalee where she sometimes answers character questions like me)
  • @cprinceart
    my buddy Cait! Again, if you follow me and are invested in my stories and characters, you should follow cait cause our stuff interlocks so often! Cait has great use of color and really well thought-out characters
  • @rienlen
    my buddy Lan! His work is fucking fantastic, he’s got amazing world-building and a very dynamic style, his characters are fun and engaging. You won’t be let down! (has a main mlm couple, if you’re looking for that!)
  • @moosopp-art
    basically my internet son LOL. Lee has a very clean and expressive style, and his comic strips are full of fun and cute character dynamics. He has several on-going comics right now (many of them also mlm content!), which you can support on his Patreon
  • @bozrat
    HJ has a super cool style and posts a lot of their art studies which are very inspiring. Gets you in the mood to study more too! They do tons of commissions and adoptables, so if you’re looking for someone who will do an amazing job on your characters, don’t be shy to commission them!
  • @dimisfit
    also has a great style! Doesn’t post as often cause she’s busy with work, but when she does it’s worth it! You might have seen her illustrations featured before on art-promo blogs. She’s also running a webcomic, which you can check out here
  • @efem-art
    my buddy fums! they’re going to school right now so they don’t post often, but when they do it’s in big bursts and there’s always so much to look at! Good variety of art, from backgrounds, to characters, to animation and fan work!
  • @frogandcog
    are a couple of my friends who run a My Little Pony fan art blog! They do tons of cool MLP paraphenalia and goodies, so if you’re into that stuff, they’re blog is definitely for you!
  • @needlepuss
    my buddy Nelly! Super cute style and does a lot of OCs from fandoms. If you’re a MLP, PreCure, IdolM@ster, Pokemon, Littlest Pet Shop, or Monster High fan, she’s got some of the coolest characters!


  • @blackfashion
    posts very often!! A lot of the content on here is user submitted, so you can find some more blogs to follow through them if you like people’s styles (and the occasional entrepreneur fashion business)
  • @tokyo-fashion
    mainly harajuku street style, but lots of cool looks from Japan. Also posts regularly
  • @koreanmodel
    a good hub for discovering upcoming Korean models and just seeing cool photoshoots in general. Has posted some questionable content in the past (like I remember they posted blackface once… gross), so their filter isn’t the best? But they haven’t done it since so I’m not sure if they actually take feedback like that. Overall a good blog that posts often
  • @highfashionpakistan
    basically what the url says. Great stuff and lots of amazing info on the current Pakistani fashion scene. The blog owner has a huge well of knowledge of designers and models. Educational and pretty!
  • @chinesefashionlovers
    a plus size specific blog for Chinese and other East Asians. They promote online stores for the clothes that are being modeled too
  • @wlweddings
    a great blog for wlw wedding inspo. Also just super heart warming and lovely to see on your dash!

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I just want HC for Balem on earth. Lol Like, him randomly spending a day with reader on earth and going shopping and eating ice cream

I need a movie of this idea. Lol

-He’s reluctant at first, insisting there’s no need to go down there because he has no interest in anything earthling made.
-All reader has to do is look disappointed and sad, and he becomes putty in her hands. Though, he doesn’t openly admit this.
-He grumbles about how annoying she is, but it’s his way of dealing with his own frustrations for giving in to her. And she knows that, so she just smiles and kisses his cheek.
-Which only makes him more grumpy.
-He has Mr. Night figure it all out, and he insists on going somewhere ‘decently nice’ because he refuses to be stuck on a gross planet with filthy earthlings.
-She chooses California or something equally fashionable. (You can pick your own city I don’t care lol )
-He doesn’t bother changing, because he’s Lord Balem Abrasax, head of one of the richest and most powerful dynasties.
-She has to drag him into a store to find new clothes because she can only take so many weird looks.
-He finally settles on a rich black suit, with a gold tie. And, admittedly, he looks damn good.
-It took about 5 hours to find the perfect outfit, lets be honest. She probably fell asleep waiting on him. Mr. Night has to carry all the shopping bags. I’m sure there’s technology that helps hide his unnatural features…
-Eating is a hassle, because he critiques everything, but he’s not above taking free samples of food the ladies are giving out at the mall.
-He actually likes the Chinese samples.
-She ends up buying him a bowl after he steals all the free samples…
-She finally realizes just how much this man can eat. He ends up having Chinese, a pretzel, nachos, and let’s not forget ice cream.
-It’s his new favorite food. Tries to buy the entire tub they get scoops from. Becomes angry when they explain they can’t.
-She has to drag him away and apologize.
-By this point, poor Mr. Night is buried under a pile of new clothes, items, and food.

And don’t even get me started on Disneyland…

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Do you really think jonerys will be the end game? The antis have really got me down after this last amazing episode, they're like 'Jon's gonna throw up when he finds out they're related' or 'they'll never make them canon because it's incest and its gross and Jon would never do that.' I really want jonerys to happen but I can't help but fear that it won't.

Hey-I can see why you’re concerned, but you don’t have to be. Jonerys will happen and is end game. Not only have so many people alluded to it-Kit and Emilia, GRR Martin, and most recently GOT director Alan Taylor-but Martin said that Jon and Dany are essentially the ‘point’ of the story. Them getting together makes narrative sense; it’s not just ‘fanservice’ or ‘predictable’. 

As for your other questions-we have to keep in mind that Game of Thrones is set in a world far different from our own, and incest is tolerated as a means of keeping the bloodline pure, so people don’t have quite the same reaction to it that we do now. It’s perfectly acceptable to marry first cousins-outside of the Targaryens, Tywin and Joanna Lannister were first cousins as were Jon’s grandparents Rickard and Lyarra. Aunt and nephew/uncle and niece relationships have also happened; they’re not as common, but they’ve happened (I would look at my WOIAF book to give you exact names but I’m on vacation right now so I don’t have it). But in this world, it’s really not considered ‘gross’. 

And when Jon finds out…he’s going to be thrown for a loop at first, to be sure, but he won’t leave Dany (especially if she’s pregnant which is what I hope will happen lol). Especially if he finds out before he defeats the White Walkers, because he’ll have bigger things to think about and he won’t know if he’ll even survive long enough for it to become a problem lol. He’ll have to adjust to it, but ultimately I don’t think it will stand in the way of their relationship because incest is so common in this universe (and they’re going to be so in love anyway it won’t matter *cough cough cough*). 

I hope this eases your mind. Don’t let the antis get you down. Enjoy this ship! 

Anti-ace/aro crowd: “we’re calling the shit we throw at you ‘discourse’ so it’s a debate, you have to debate with us. Debates are good and you’d learn something if you weren’t so weak and just blocked ppl. This is a debate”

Anti-ace/aro crowd: DARE I SAY TRUMP IS ASEXUAL. DARE I SAY THE SAME ABOUT AROS. Dare I say aros are like Voldemort. Dare I say aces are like literal slave owners. Also stop talking about your orientations forever omg aces+aros r so gross. You’re a sexuality fandom. You don’t deserve positivity. DARE I SAY–

Sleeping Around

Warning- STD talk, unsafe sex.
This idea just popped in my head. I have no clue about STD’s. I’ve never had one or knew someone that had gotten one. So if I got somethings wrong. I’m sorry. Plus I really didnt want to look it up, I’m kinda grossed out lol. Also I’m not saying if you have or had a STD then you’re a whore but some how someone got it and it aint by sleeping on someone elses sheets, unless your doing the dance with no pants. lmao.
Thank you, Howard Wolowitz.
Happy Reading Dollies!!

Waiting for your test results was nerve racking. You had been sleeping around ,now your at the clinic  to see if you what or if you had anything.
“Mr. Ortiz, come with me please”. The nurse called you in.
“Shit”. You followed her in to a room.
“So whats the verdict”. Biting your lower lip.
“I’m sorry to tell you”. “You have a STD”.
“Its curable right”? You nervously asked
“Yes somewhat, if you take your medication right and have protective sex”. “We also need a list of your sexual partners in the last two months so we can inform them”.
“Okay, theres only four”.
“Men and women”. She asked
“Just women”. You answered alittle too quickly
“Alright, write them down while I get your prescription”. She walked out of the room. Your hands were sweaty and your mouth dry.
Getting your meds, you drove to TM. Looking around making sure no one was around to ask you where you have been.
Sprinting to your dorm, you were still in the clear. Until…
“Hey Juice, where you been”?
“Oh hey Y/N, I was at the doctors”. You said nervously. Looking around.
“Everything okay”?
“Yeah, just a check up”.
“Making sure jerking off hasnt rubbed you raw”. Y/N laughed.
“Haha”. You laughed nervous. “I gotta go”. You ran off.
“Okay”. “Awkward”.
Closing your door and locking it, you went to the bathroom, reading the intructions and slowly taking the meds. How could you be so stupid for sleeping with someone with out a condom. You thought.
Mean while outside…
“Hey Y/N”.
“Hey Jen”.
“Wheres the hell is Juice”? She asked angryly
“Hes inside”. “Why”?
“I just got a call from my doctors and they told me to come get checked”.
“Checked for what”? Your mouth dropped.
“A STD, Juice might have given me one”.
“Shit, you have got to be kidding me”. You looked at her, worried.
“Tell him if I have it, hes a dead man”.
“Got it, will do that”.
She walked off cussing Juices name.
“Juice you fucking whore”. You stormed inside.
Striding to his dorm, you pounded on his door. “You open this fucking door now JUICE”. You yelled.
“What, what do you want”. He opened the door.
“Jen she came by and told me you gave her a STD, you also have it”.
“Shit, I didnt have it before I slept with Ima”. Juice sat on the bed.
“So Ima gave it to you and to Jen”.
“You are a fucking whore Juan”. “You need to learn to keep your legs closed”. You shook your head.
“I’ve never had a STD before and dont know much about them but how can you catch them”? You asked.
“Mostly sex and fluids”. “Why”? Juice wondered.
“I slept in your bed Juice”. “Oh my god, what if I got it from your sheets”. “I dont know if you washed them after you had sex with her or not”. “Gross, your juices all over the place”. You gagged, panicking
“Y/N calm down you cant get a STD from sleeping on sheets”.
“How the fuck do you know”. “If I catch it I’ll kill you”. You got up slamming the door. You left Juice there beating himself up even worse than before.
“This is why I dont fuck with bitches”. You said as you called your doctor.

Three days later…
Seeing Juice sitting at the bar you went up to him.
“Hey, so do you have it”? He asked not taking his eyes from his beer.
“No, I do not”. You said as you took a seat next to him
“Told you”.
“I’m sorry Juice I dont want Ima dna in me okay”.
Juice laughed.
The clubhouse door flew open. Jax, Tig and Opie came rushing in.
“What the hell is yalls problem”? You shouted.
“That bitch, Ima gave us a STD”. Tig huffed.
“I cant believe you have it too”. You giggled. “I told all of you to stay away from her, now look”.
“What do you mean, you never told us too””. Jax was more mad about I was right then who else has it. You rolled your eyes, nodding your head yes.

”Who else has it Y/N” Tig asked getting aggravated
“Juice has it and so does Jen”.
“Oh god why”. Opie yelled.
“So let me get this straight”. You four slept with her, so that means you slept with each other". “Oh my god thats funny”. You laughed uncontrollably .
“AHH shut up Y/N”. Tig pouted.
“Your all fuck buddies, so does that mean I might find you in a closet somewhere making out”. You busted out laughing
“Y/N if you dont shut up about this, you’ll get it”. Jax warned you.
“Sorry I dont fuck STD ridden whores like yall four did”. “My lips are sealed, both lips”. You looked around at the guys groaning. You laughed shaking your head at how dumb these boys are.

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Lol lesbian here, wondering what sort of magical jacket you have and where to buy it because sweet Jesus if it can repel gross dudes I'd buy it in a heartbeat

Literally Dan’s famous black leather jacket with the hood and lining. I found it in a Burlington warehouse completely by accident and bought it and never looked back. It’s technically “out of style” so it may be hard to find but it’s a Guess brand jacket, Michael Khors makes a similar model (there are tons of similar ones, mine is probably not the real one either but it looks incredibly close). It’s so toasty and cozy and is having great benefits. Definitely would recommend.

Mp100 ageswap au where mob is a school janitor

-reigen is the kid who got in trouble and has to help the janitor as punishment/detention

-idk if this actually translates to the Japanese school system but it’s too late I’ve fallen in love with this idea sorry it’s so #American

-ritsu works at the school too of course

-mob is unprepared to deal with the school’s registered Rowdy Boy, Reigen Arataka, also a self proclaimed psychic

-reigen gets out of cleaning up the trash a lot bc he talks a lot and mob doesn’t really mind

-serizawa is there ofc, he hangs out with mob just bc he’s so quiet and!! He’s also !! An esper like him!!!!

-I imagine a lot of kid!espers like to be around mob

-mob doesn’t use his powers to clean things bc why should he his hands are perfectly able ?? (The only reason he’d use his powers is to avoid having to touch gross things, ie body fluids or leftover food spills)

-this is me projecting onto adult mob bc I am a housekeeper and I think it would fit for an ageswap au don’t look at me

-dimples there of course lol, the ghost of a kid who died via a peanut allergy but it’s cool lol

-the rest of the esper squad (and other kid characters) are teachers too!!!

-tome is the fun teacher who teaches Japanese lit and also hosts the theatre club after school (she and mob hang out on their lunch break!! Friend dates!!)

-ritsus a science teacher and hates his life but u kno he deals. (Don’t take mr. kageyama for science he’s absolutely brutal)

-shou’s the art teacher!!

-the bic are the gym teachers and also supervisors of the different after school sports activities (mob likes hanging out with them and they’ve adopted him as an honorary sports dude)

-tsubomi is DEFINITELY the principal (rip mob…)

-takenaka is the math teacher and hates everything so he’s somehow the grumpy math teacher but also surprisingly chill. A lot of his students slack off and he knows it. The only reason he isn’t fired is bc he can telepathically help students pass tests.

-teru probably works at another school. SFFD I Can’t decide if he’s a teacher or a janitor like mob bc the latter would be hilarious

-actually u know what terus the home ec teacher at vinegar but maybe he becomes a janitor after a conflict with mob for some reason :3cccc

-mezato supervises the journalism class

-toui is that kid everyone’s low key scared of… like, he just has this Look in his eyes…….

-it’s too early in the morning for me to be making this post but nothing is stopping me

-mob enjoys his job bc he likes making things clean and doing his best!!!!

-reigen and serizawa meet thru mob ofc and reigen is immediately smitten. Seris just happy that he can talk to someone besides the janitor


-anyways this post has gone on long enough feel free to add onto it I absolutely love this idea

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You are overreacting if you believe that reducing Doomfist to just an angry dude that punches things (in fanart/in jokes) is somehow racist, as if every other character hasn't been reduced to one character trait (or totally misrepresented). Like I know stereotypes exist, but you gotta be really reaching to suggest malicious intentions out of that.

hey guys i got one 

also if you think that reducing a black character to an angry caricature isn’t racist, yikes. i have some news for you pal

also i never said other characters haven’t been reduced to one trait, because they have, and it’s gross too. anyway bye

what’s up, next saturday i’m gonna be nerding out at mcm london as miss quill from bbc class, do come & say hi!! (also…sorry for the terrible quality of this photo lol. i had others but tumblr couldn’t deal & i can’t technology rip)

Update! :)

The surgery went well today! They did five small incisions in total on my belly.

The cyst was not on my ovary! In fact, it was on my fallopian tube and it was HUGE. The doctor took pictures and he showed them to me lol. It was awesome and kind of gross.

And now I know what an ovary actually looks like lmao. The doctor says both of my ovaries look perfect.

My throat is killing me now because of the breathing tube and I’m bleeding a lot out of my hooha because of where they were working. So thats fun 😑

But I’m home now! I have to take it easy for a bit but they also want me to walk around a bit too. They prescribed me ibuprofen and percocet for the pain. They want me on a soft food diet for now because of all the medicine and I’m starting to feel hungry 😥

But ye, everything went swell! Thanks for all of the support, everyone!


Blessed by my mama (and Rihanna)

Finalllllllyyyyyy jumped on the Fenty beauty train lmao

I love how subtle it is. I just got into skincare and have an actual legit routine and everything, so it’s nice to just complement my skin instead of cover it up.

This is just applied with fingers lol so I feel like it will look better once I replace my beauty blender (threw it away cuz it was old and gross :P) and maybe(?) get a brush. Also might replace primer/get a set spray ^^; I sweat a lot from my face and it’s still been hot out here :P

Loving the killawatt highlighter~ I’m wearing the match stix in honey and mocha, and the hu$tla baby highlight. They didn’t have the gloss bomb so I ordered it (free shipping when you order from the store!)

Other things I’ve been loving:

-Hada Labo Gokyujun hyaluronic acid serum (!!!!!!! This single product is what makes the rest of the products in my skin routine work lmao locks in all that moisture and fixed all the dehydration lines on my forehead)

-Miss Jackie’s leave in condish for hair, keeps my curls hydrated between washes

-Etude House deep cream (hydrating enough for my dry af face)

-The Ordinary niacinamide (keeps the bumps away without drying everything)

Otherwise, it’s really been my whole skin routine altogether that’s had me feeling like a different person~ cleared up my face and made me feel way less dry, which has been sooooo nice~

Oh also I got a haircut over the summer, which I love also~

Guys, I’m getting really frustrated. I recently (6 months or so) developed some cystic acne on my chin. It’s nothing horrible, but it’s painful and I always end up picking it and it makes it look so much worse. I hate wearing makeup but I feel like I have to otherwise my chin is allll red and really gross looking. I think it may be related to my Mirena IUD (I got it put in last may) and I’m planning on taking it out, but first I want to make sure it’s not something else so I’m trying some diet changes to see.
-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 2 times a day
-1 tsp Maca powder + wheatgrass powder 1 time a day
-3 liters of water per day
-completely eliminating dairy (had some slip ups this week) and trying to eliminate processed sugar (not going so well lol)

Does anyone have any experience with this? I’m going to stick this out for 1 month and see if I notice any changes. ugh. This cystic acne is so gross and disheartening.

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any advice for drawing eyes?

u can also check out this ask i answered a while ago about eyes
and i think this tutorial shows things pretty clearly :>

(disclaimer: this is just how i understand things atm! theres a lot of stuff i left out and i could be wrong about some things (esp anatomy), i really recommend looking at other people’s tutorials and stuff to see what matches up and works for you)