i look so goddamn sassy i was just trying not to laugh

cute things girls do:

  • dancing
    • literally any kind of dancing. sexy dancing??? girl work it, i’m drooling! the cha cha slide? move ur cute butt over so i can do it with you! classical dancing?? you look like an absolute goddess. awkward dancing, where you’re stumbling over ur feet and waving ur hands around? you’re absolutely adorable. tapping ur foot and kinda moving a lil when you’re listening to music with ur earbuds?? could u get any cuter????
  • playing with their hair. or other another girl’s hair. u are so pretty and cute.
    • bonus points if they do a sassy hair flip
  • concentrating
    • u know when girls are really concentrating, and they make that adorable face?? u know the one. their brows are furrowed and they’re leaning into whatever they’re doing and they might bite their lip or stick their tongue out. and when they’re excited about whatever they’re concentrating on and they make adorable expressions and noises????????????????????? SO CUTE
  • walking
    • those girls that walk like they own the place!!!! and the girls that are tripping every three seconds!!!!! and the girls that walk like they do not give a shit!!!!!!! and the girls that are practically skipping all the time!!!!!!!!!! and the girls that can’t walk!!!!!!!!!!!!! and everything between and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y’all are ethereal
  • laying down 
    • literally for any reason??????????? when they’re tired and sleeping and they look like the most precious things on this earth? or when they’re cold and have blankets tugged up to their chin????? or when they’re trying to look sexy and sUCCEEDING??????? or when they’re physically or mentally exhausted and they just need a break and they’re still completely valid and wonderful and strong??????
  • talking about something they love
    • their eyes light up and they have that huge, brilliant smile!!!!!!!!! and they keep rambling and talking really fast and really loud!!!!!!! and they wave their hands around and they’re so so happy to be talking about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u are so adorable and gorgeous i love u, keep doing what you’re doing
  • laughing
    • OH MY GOD. where do i even start???? laughing. it’s so goddamn adorable. and gorgeous. and wonderful. and radiant. and so many girls are self conscious about smiling/laughing bc society tells them that they’re “””””ugly”””””????? but society also says aliens don’t exist so???????? who cares. u are RADIANT. when girls laugh and all their teeth show and it’s super loud and they throw their heads back!!!!!!!!! when girls giggle super softly and their mouth just tugs into a tiny smile and their shoulders shake a lil!!!!!!! when girls laugh and they’re clapping their hands and crying and holding their stomachs bc they just find it so funny!!!!!!!!! when girls are laughing out of happiness and they look so confident and free and radiant!!!!!!!!!!! when girls laugh and their eyes crinkle!!!!!!!!!!! when girls laugh and their dimples show!!!!!!!!!! when girls laugh and their adorable chubby cheeks get chubbier and maybe a lil extra chin shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u all are AMAZING i love u
  • when girls are girls
    • do i even need to explain this?????? i love u all
The Wrath of a short woman - Bruce Wayne x Reader

So it’s late and I’m quite tired but I really wanted to write this so…Yeah. Written in 7 minutes (in two part, like I started to wrote it late at night yesterday, finished this morning), by a very tired Ella (you know I’m tired when I’m referring to myself with the third person), I hope you’ll like it, especially you @homework-is-the-real-killer

Warning : tiny bit TINY bit NSFW 

Yes I know he’s more around 6′2″/6′3″ in the comics, changed it for a few reasons, the first one because I wanted the reader to really be average sized, cause I think it’s funny that they’d all call her “short” when she really isn’t HOWEVER I’ll write a story soon with his actual height and and actual really short reader, like around 5′0″ or under :-). Boom. 

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-You can’t fight me, you’re miniature. 

As soon as those words get out of his mouth, he regrets it. Oh and by the look on your face, he knows he’s right to…

-What did you say ? 

-I mean…You…I…Hum….

The Batman is nervous. You made the Batman nervous, with your glare and the hint of danger in your eyes. You approach him. Him and his damn giant frame. 

He’s not wrong, of course. You are miniature. At least compared to him. With his 6 foot 7, he’s towering quite high above you but…he’s not entirely right. 

You can totally fight him, and oh you will.


You know you’re short. 

Well…That’s not exactly true. 

You know you’re short compared to your husband and sons. 

Hell, even compared to Alfred. The butler was actually quite tall. You always had to twist your neck up to look at him in the eyes while talking to him.  

Your height is actually average for a woman, but your husband is a damn giant, and your sons are too. 

Bruce is over a good foot taller than you, and so is Jason. Dick is exactly 10 inches taller, and Tim around 7. But it’s really when your youngest son, Damian, your baby, your eleven years old little boy started to rise above you of almost 2 inches that you realized that…Well, yes. 

In this family, you were a short one.  

This spurred a few teasing, and some “you’re so cute my tiny mom/wife” but nothing more (mostly because your sons and husband were afraid of your sarcasm and wits), just nice little jokes that made you feel loved for your shortness…

But you had to admit that sometimes, them being so tall and you not being a supermodel sized woman…could make things a bit awkward. 

You were thinking about that, sitting in the Manor’s library. 

About how Bruce always had to bend down to kiss you, and you had to go on your tip toes to be able to reach when he bend down. 

How when paparazzis were taking pictures sometimes you wouldn’t even be on it because they only had Bruce’s back and he was somehow shielding you with his massive frame (that, was a good thing)…

How even when you had high heels on, you still wouldn’t be tall enough. 

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Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! Hope you enjoy this little fun one.

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader uses her power of invisibility to teach Bucky a lesson for shamelessly flirting with her.

Warnings: Language, Touching…?

I swear to god Bucky Barnes knew that I had a crush on him. A big old, stupid, little kid crush that made me pretty much speechless around him. I avoided him like the plague because every time I ran into him and tried to talk to him, I would trip over something, stutter like crazy or say something that was just plain stupid. I really didn’t know what was wrong with me.

Natasha used to tell me that he liked me too, but I always doubted it. She’d pull the whole we were trained by the Russians together bullshit to try to convince me she knew everything he was thinking. But I just didn’t believe it.

He was a goddamn super soldier, and a pretty one at that, and I was the runt of the Avenger’s litter. There wasn’t much I could do besides make myself invisible. I was the new kid and I was still learning how to fight and I didn’t go on many missions yet and well… I was a potato compared to Bucky Barnes. 

But I accepted this. And I accepted his teasing.

Until one day when the whole team was watching a movie and he teased me a little too much for me to not fight back. This is the story of how I wrapped Bucky Barnes around my little finger. 

The whole team was in their designated corners of the living room, lounging on their choice of furniture. The only person missing was Bucky, but that wasn’t surprising. He was never on time to anything. 

Wanda and I were tucked into a small sofa with Natasha in the middle of us. I was perfectly burritoed in my favorite blanket when the opening credits started.

“Hey, (Y/N), mind if I sit next to ya?”

His voice sent shivers down my spine that I tried my hardest to ignore. 

“Go find another seat, Buck, there’s no room here,” Natasha snarled at him.

“Nah, there’s plenty of room,” he said. Before any of us could respond, he was lifting me up and placing me gently in his lap where he held me tightly around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. I had no doubt he was giving Natasha a victorious smirk. “See?”

“No! Buck, get off!” Wanda whisper shouted as Natasha kicked his legs. 

“Alright, alright,” he said in surrender. He stood up and placed me back on the seat of the couch with a wink. When he straightened himself and looked around the room he asked, “Where the hell am I supposed to sit, then?”

“You were late, so you sit on the floor,” Steve delivered, making me laugh. I lived for Steve’s rare sassy moments. 

Bucky sighed and laid on the floor, stretching himself out and leaning on his elbows. When he was situated, Tony asked him from across the room, “How’s the floor treatin’ ya, Barnes?”

“Just fine,” he answered. Then he looked up at me with his stupid blue eyes and said, “I could use some company though. Wanna join me?”

I rolled my eyes but smiled. “No, see, I have a seat because I wasn’t late.”

He chuckled at that. “That’s alright,” he said before directing his gaze to my bare, crossed legs in front of him. “I like the view from down here anyway,” he said, brushing his rough knuckle against my ankle.

I had to stop my jaw from hitting the ground and I immediately regretted wearing my pajama shorts. Before I could shoot a reply his way, Sam yelled, “Just everyone shut up and watch the damn movie.”

I felt heat rising to my cheeks as I tucked my legs under me and covered them with the blanket. I heard him chuckle from below and I threw a small couch pillow at his head. 

“She fights back!” He said with a fake gasp. “What a sight!” Then he leaned closer to me and said with a low growl, “That turns me on even more than your legs do.”

“Buck. Watch the movie,” Steve warned for what sounded like the last time. 

“Yessir,” Bucky said with a salute. He turned to me and winked one more time before settling on his elbows and concentrating on the movie. 

Once my pulse slowed and the blood ran out of my cheeks, I turned to Natasha and whispered, “Be right back.” She gave me a raised eyebrow, like she knew my exact plan. Damn those Russians for teaching her to practically read minds. 

I quietly climbed over the back of the sofa so I wouldn’t catch Bucky’s attention, and left the room. Once I was outside everyone’s view I stuck my hands out in front of me. With a gulp and a blink, I watched them disappear and snuck back into the living room. 

Once I stood above Bucky, I crouched down behind him. I was surprised my thundering heartbeat didn’t give me away. Time to get some revenge, I thought. 

I slowly lowered my hands onto his shoulders, making him jump and turn to look over his shoulder. When he didn’t see anyone there, I could almost see the cogs turning in his head as he tried to figure out what the hell was going on. I took this as a chance to continue.

I ran my invisible hands forward and down his chest, ignoring how thick and firm he felt under my fingertips- this was about getting him hot and bothered. I felt his breath quake before he spoke. “Natasha, where’s (Y/N)?”

“In the bathroom,” she said. By her voice, I could tell she knew exactly what I was doing and she was happy to have a front row seat. 

I leaned into his neck and felt every muscle in his body tighten. I remembered all the times his flirting had left me flustered and embarrassed and was encouraged to crank it up a notch. I latched onto his ear with my teeth and as my hands neared his belt, he said, “Huh. Are you sure?”

The sound of his raspy voice told me I won this battle. As soon as my hands were there, they were gone and the next time Bucky saw visible me was when I was walking back into the room and jumping on the couch. 

“Buck, you don’t look so good,” I said, giving him a look of fake concern.

“She’s right, man, maybe you should jump in the shower or something,” Steve said. 

“A cold shower,” Natasha mumbled, making Wanda and I giggle. 

Bucky cleared in throat and turned his blue eyes to me. “I think I’m just gonna grab some water. (Y/N), care to join me?” 

“Sure,” I said, winking at Natasha and Wanda and following him to the kitchen. I grabbed two glasses and handed one to him to fill. 

“I didn’t know you played dirty, (Y/N),” he said with a smile, handing me a cup full of water.

“I don’t usually.”

“Well, you seem like a pro to me,” he winked. 

“I just wanted to see you get flustered for a change,” I said before taking a sip.

“Are you kidding?” he asked. Jesus why was he so cute?

No, I’m not kidding! I’m the one who looks stupid all the time, now it’s your turn!” I confessed, playfully slapping his arm while he laughed at me.

“I’m the one who’s stupid. The guys always tease me for how I get around you. I cringe at what comes out of my mouth sometimes.” 

His laugh mixed with mine and echoed off the kitchen tiles. I heard Sam shush us from the other room and burst into a whole new fit of laughter. 

“Alright, how about we stop being stupid around each other? Just go on a regular, non stupid date?” he asked.

“Okay,” I laughed. 

We whispered the details to each other as we walked back into the living room to watch the rest of the movie. Once we both plopped down into our seats, I heard Bucky ask Clint what he missed while he was gone.

“Nothing. This movie is stupid.”

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When The Clock Strikes 12 [Lafayette/Reader]

Woo! First fic for @hamwriters write-a-thon down! This idea came to me after searching for a ton of different AUs to work with. Now to finish up my GWash/Trans!Reader fic, then work on my femslash fic for the write-a-thon! Please enjoy!

Thank you to my wonderful amazing tumblr budbuds that inspired me to do a good job and inspire me in general! @musicalmiranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @hamilficsfordays @gunsandfics @boss-headcanons @diggs4life @imagineham @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou @secretschuylersister and @tempfixeliza <3 You’re all so kind and amazing and even if I don’t interact with you or chat with you, what you do and how funny/cute/relatable/sweet you all are makes me smile and makes me realize that the Hamilton (more specifically writing) community is such an incredible place to be!

Warnings: Alcohol, some swearing at the end, Lafayette’s full name (like w o a h), and New Years in case anyone has bad experiences with New Years!

Word count: 1514

Grabbing your third glass of cold, cheap champagne for the night, you laugh at a joke that Hercules had just told that wasn’t even funny. He seemed so enthusiastic about it that you couldn’t help it, but even sober, you couldn’t comprehend the punchline or how it was supposed to work out to be as funny as everyone made it sound like it was. You take a sip and walk off, trying to find the person who had dragged you here in the first place, Lafayette. 

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Waterside Jealousy

“Hiiii can you write someone where Shawn and his girlfriend are at the beach? Just kissing swimming laying around some guys watch her and Shawn realizes getting jealous watching the sunset just a little bit of everything 😩🔥😊”

A/N: finally an actual request yay. I tried to stay as close to what was requested, but i lowkey got carried away oOPs. thanks to the person who requested this u da real mvp, also thanks for 300+ notes on keep quiet???? that makes me feel more confident oh my god????
Rating: whatever is the opposite of PG bc this some fluff y'all
Requested? yeah

Word Count: 1K+

Summer was coming too close to an end and I don’t think my heart was taking it well. Although I favored autumn more, I was still enjoying soaking up the sunlight and sand between my toes every time I walked the beach. It was the reason I found myself sprawled out over a mandala wall mural that doubled as a beach blanket.

We’d been here since 11 AM, when the sun was high as ever, shining its happiness over every passerby on the land. It was 4:30PM now. I’d swam, basking in the salty waters, almost all damn day. I’d look like a raisin had I swam any longer. Shawn on the other hand, was having the time of his life. Him, Brian, and Ian were a few yards down, tossing a frisbee around and screaming like, well, exactly what they were, a bunch of boys. It was nice to watch him relax and just spend a little time to enjoy. Taking the time to observe him, I felt comfortable, at peace.

“You came to the beach…to read?” Shawn drawls, laying himself on the other half of my towel, resting his head on his hand. He turns on his side to meet my shielded eyes and raised eyebrows.

“What happened to somethin’ about never judging my decisions?” I barely paid him mind as I flipped over to the next chapter of my book.

Shawn chuckles, drawing delicate lines and shapes across my lower back. “Not judging, just…observing.”

“Well, yes I did. Now stop observing me, it’s weird.” I hum, pressing my bookmark in between the pages and shutting it.
“It’s not weird, it should be a compliment. Isn’t that the type of thing girls usually like? Guys noticing the little things?”
“Yes, but that’s-Oh my god, Shawn-That’s not what we mean.” I laughed, leaving a quick kiss on his lips, feeling the curve of a smile make a short appearance.

“Come enjoy the water, eat some ice cream, hug a dolphin; Do something entertaining,Y/N..” I flick a bit sand towards him, watching him nearly fall onto his back attempting to avoid it. I try and stifle a laugh but fail drastically.

“I love you.” He sighs contently, pressing a kiss to my forehead as I scoot into his side. His arms hangs over my shoulders like the sun in sky, giving me a sense of warmth and contentment. “I love you more.” Moments like these were the important ones.
There’s 24 hours in a day. 24 hours to take the long way home, beat world records, get a new dog, learn a new recipe. The possibilities given to us in just a single day, is amazing. It’s a time to go on adventures and live every moment like it’s the last, or spend it the way you like best, no matter how simple that is.

Sitting here, in Shawn’s arms, listening to the waves crash into the shoreline, hearing the joyful laughter of kids running along the beach, a random song on the radio blasting all over the form of nature was one of my favorite ways to spend it. The location didn’t matter as much as who I was with. As long as he was at my side, I could have a good time no matter what.

I glance up, finding Shawn’s gaze solid as rock and set on something behind me. His jaw locked tight, chest heaving, fists clenched, told me that his anger was anything but tameable as of now. “What’s going on, babe?” A voice whistles behind me and I have to hold back the vomit I feel resting in my throat.
“Nothing with you, clearly.” I snap, pulling my sunglasses up into my hair.
“Wow, you’re even hotter without glasses on.” He snickered, crouching down to be eye level with me.God, this guy was sickening.
“It’s apparent that regardless of whether you wore them or not, you’d still be unappealing.”
“Ooh, fiesty.”
“Judging by your lack of respect, you must get turned down often, huh?” Shawn sneers beside me. I press my hand into his chest, knowing he’ll crack and break this guy’s skull at any given moment if he keeps pushing.
“Don’t talk about yourself like that, Lover Boy.”
“Says the guy who can’t ever get a girl. I’m sure you on the ones who’re evidently taken and far too out of your league.”
“It’s kind of obvious, he doesn’t have to go searching for women ‘cause he has the best one, isn’t it?” A slight smile rested itself on my lips. I think I loved when Shawn got sassy more than any other part. It was an amusing occurrence. It became even better when we did it together.

“So if you don’t mind, my girlfriend and I have something to do. Why don’t you go find your fucking mom and let her teach you how to approach a woman, yeah?”
“She’s not even all that anyways.” He huffs, standing back on his feet.
“But you were just trying to get me. Don’t be an emasculate asshole.” I didn’t bother resisting my urge to laugh as the guy stomped off bruised ego and all. His foot was completely emerged in sand with every step he took. He nearly slipped twice and it made it even funnier watching him faceplant the ground after the third time.
“I could’ve punched his goddamn face in.” He mumbles, his fingertips dancing along my backside. I press my finger against his cheek, taking his gaze off the douchebag that now walked out of view. His lips meet my own and a hum of appreciation from Shawn is swallowed between my lips.
“He’s not worth it, babe. Don’t even waste the time being upset. He’s not you so I don’t care.” In seconds, that breathtaking smile of his was plastered right back where it belongs.“Did I tell you how much I love you?”
“You may have mentioned it once or twice?” I grin, laying my head across his lap.
“Alright, clearly I’m doing a bad job at something.”

Owe Me

Originally posted by hologramarcadeblaze

Prompt: “You hit me in the face, I think you owe me at least a study date.”

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: some sexual content (but obviously nothing far, i don’t write smut)

A/N: I know I don’t write for Stranger Things but LISTEN okay? I needed to write for this trash boy because despite being an actual douche I love him (character development tho) and it’s my blog, so imma write for him. And maybe if this gets enough love i’ll add Stranger Things to my fandom list once requests are back open! :)

“There’s no way you’re gonna be able to hit it.”

“Really?” You smirked, watching as your long time friend shook her head. Staring at the far distance in front of you, you narrowed your eyes in thought. You’re no athlete but you’re pretty sure, given enough force, you could hit your target. Which just so happened to be the trash can a whiles away from you. “Because I think i’m gonna.”

“I highly doubt you’re gonna hit it, Y/N.” Your friend, Jenna, stressed. “Remember that one time in gym you completely missed passing the ball to me, and- I was right in front of you!” 

“That was one time!” You pouted, gripping the football in your hands with a tight grip. You’re sure you could hit it. You were determined to hit it. “Let’s make a bet, huh? If I hit it, you owe me dinner tonight and if I don’t, i’ll pay.”

Jenna paused, biting her lip in thought; you knew she’d take the bet. She loved food (just as you did) and there was no way she was gonna pass up an opportunity for free food, especially since she was so convinced you’d miss it. “Deal.” She nodded and a cocky grin spread over your lips. Looking away from your friend, you pushed your left leg back slightly, bending down and raising your hand with prestige focus. 

Jenna let out a loud chuckle from behind you, you were taking this way too seriously.

Your tongue jutted out slightly in thought, staring at your intended target as you mentally counted down from three. Once you hit one, you reeled your arm and shot it forward, the football slipping from your fingers and flying before you. It was like time slowed down, that’s how serious this bet was to you. But with a disappointed gaze you watched the ball curve in the other direction you wanted it to go.


Just as you were ready to accept your defeat, something else caught your attention. There, right where your ball was headed, was Steve Harrington. “Oh fuck.” And just as you finished cursing, you watched the football smack against the boys head, the offended object tilting to the left from impact as his friend, Tommy, jumped away in shock. 

“Oh my god.”

“Fuck.” You repeated, running back towards Jenna. “Fuck, i’m so screwed.”

Jenna grasped your hand in surprise; “did you just hit Steve Harrington in the head with a football?”

Steve stood up from his seat on the bleachers, grasping his head in pain and your sure you heard him yelling out a slue of curses. His eyes darted around, finding the football and picking up the now dangerous weapon. You watched Steve’s eyes fall on you, and you suddenly felt stuck as you met his eyes across the field.

“You just hit Steve Harrington with a football.” Jenna clarified, watching the entire thing go down.

Steve suddenly smirked and you panicked, taking a step back. “Go!” You called, pulling Jenna along with you as you turned the other way and ran off in a hurry. Though, while you were more than concerned, Jenna found this highly amusing.

“She says sorry!” Jenna called, waving at Steve.

“Shut the hell up, Jenna!”

“Sorry,” she laughed, finally catching up with your speed. “But hey, at least you’re buying dinner.”

With a sigh, you clicked open your locker. It had been an increasingly long and exhausting day; especially since you spent the entire day trying to avoid Steve. It was only the next day, and you knew Steve, he’s not one to forget something like hitting him in the head with a goddamn football. 

It wasn’t like you were scared of him, on the contrary you’re almost positive you could whoop his ass if needed. It was more that you didn’t know what he was going to do, would he be mad? Would he and his friends try to pull something? You weren’t sure, Steve Harrington was a complete mystery to you and the only time you’ve ever spoken to him was that one time for a school project, two years ago.

But it was the end of the day, meaning you could go home and not worry about it until tom-


Your locker slammed shut before your eyes, you jumping back from surprise. Looking over to see who had just rudely shut your locker, you found just the person you’ve been trying to avoid all day. “Steve.”

“It’s nice to see you.” He smirked, setting himself against the locker next to yours and crossing his arms across his chest. Holding your hand against your chest, you tried to calm yourself down from the scare he’d given you, clutching with your other hand the strap of your bag. “You seem to be in a hurry.”

You decided to just get it over with, he was here and there’s no way you can avoid what’d happened anymore. “Look,” you sighed. “Steve i’m sorry I hit you, Jenna and I were just having some fun. I didn’t mean to make you mad or-”

“You think i’m mad?” Steve asked, his smirk faltering slightly.

You furrowed your brows, tilting your head in confusion. “Yeah? I mean why else would you…?”

“I don’t care about that.” Steve waved off, standing up straight and shoving his hands into his pockets. “I came here to ask you if you’d like to go on a date sometime.”

You fumbled for a response, his words the opposite of what you’d ever expect. You were not Steve’s type, or at least you hadn’t thought you were. You weren’t pretty like Nancy or sassy like Carol; you didn’t have spunk like half of the girls Steve hung out with or dress up. Instead you’d rather wear skinny jeans and a t-shirt, stick to your books and be on with your day.

So after sputtering like an idiot, you came out with a; “what?”

“A date. You and me.” Steve gestured to himself then you, and left his hand there.

“A date?” You repeated in a questioning tone. “With me?”

“That is what I said.”

“Are you serious? Why would you want to go on a date with me?” You paused, looking up to glare at him. “Why would I want to go on a date with you?” Steve didn’t seem to have a response to that and just as your confusion faded away, you sighed, shaking your head. “I’ve heard of your reputation Steve, i’m not willing to be fling or even- do any of that. I’m sorry, but no.”

You moved to walk away, desperate to find Jenna and tell her all about this crazy experience but instead a hand caught yours. Then you were being tugged the other way, towards Steve and your back was pressed against the locker. You froze, staring up at the boy that suddenly seemed a whole lot taller then he did a second ago. You were so glad it was the end of the day, as everyone was mainly go and not able to watch what was happening.

“A study date then.” Steve smirked, staring down at you with a piercing gaze. You felt your breath get caught in your throat, the close proximity pulling you away from rational thinking. “You hit me in the face, I think you owe me at least a study date.”

Pause. “O-Okay.”

“Great.” Steve smiled, pushing off the locker and finally creating some distance between the two of you. As he stood before you, you felt like you were finally able to breathe. Then he stepped forward, slipping a piece of paper into your palm. “Meet me there tomorrow after school.”

The second he was gone, you let out a heavy breath. Why the hell had you said yes?

The next day you found yourself walking the path to Steve’s house. He lived farther away then you’d known and seemed to be a singular house hidden away from many others, making you regret your decision even further.

You hadn’t originally planned to go but Jenna had convinced you, somehow. “When do girls like us ever get asked out by Steve Harrington?!”

“What does it even matter?” You had muttered, “we don’t need guys like Steve.”

“True,” Jenna had complied before a huge grin spread over her lips. “But do it for me?”


And that’s how you found yourself now. Taking a deep breath, you stared up at the gate before you, your heart pounding rapidly against your chest. You didn’t even know what you were thinking, you should just turn back. Yeah? That would be best. You didn’t know who you were trying to impress or even why you were so nervous, you’d never been like this before; so nervous over a stupid boy. But… this was Steve and you, that just didn’t even make sense

Just as you moved to walk away the gate creaked open; “Y/N!” Steve exclaimed, and reluctantly you turned to face him. “Glad you could make it.”

“You invited me.” You grumbled, walking through the gate as he opened it for you. Your eyes immediately fell on the pool that seemed to glitter before your eyes; “you have a pool?!”

Steve made his way next to you, his hands falling on top of his hips. “Yeah.” He smiled, huffing in enjoyment. You coughed lightly, shaking your head; this was stupid. Stop being so nervous. Turning to Steve, you raised an eyebrow expectantly, “so what did you need help studying for?”

“Oh, nothing.”


“What do you mean what? What else was I suppose to say to you to convince you to go out with me?” Steve huffed, furrowing his brows as if you were the crazy one. You sighed heavily, glancing at the closed gate and towards the house; no lights were on.

“Where are your parents?”


You felt your heart drop, everything was too suspicious. There was no way Steve had just invited you to hang out. He’d lied and his parents weren’t home, not to mention he lived at least a few decent miles away for anyone to care. You’d been played. “I’m going.” You suddenly announced, turning towards to gate in a rush.

“Woah, wait, what?” Steve appeared before you before you even reached the gate, holding his hands by his side in surprise. He genuinely looked shocked and concerned, but you were worried it was only for play. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Seriously, Steve?” You spat, shaking your head as your eyes crinkled. “You lied to me, your parents aren’t home and we are fucking miles away from anyone that could hear us. Don’t think i don’t know what you want from me.” You paused, taking the short steps towards him to place your pointer finger on the middle of his chest. “I am not that kind of girl, I’m not a fling or a one night stand, Harrington. Hell, I didn’t even want to go here in the first time!”

Steve reached forward, grasping both your wrists to bring you out of your ramble. “I’m not trying to get in your pants.” You rolled your eyes and he shook his head. “No seriously, Y/N it wasn’t just because you hit me in the head. I’ve- I’ve liked you for a while now, the smack to the face just prompt me.”

You paused, unsure if you believed him or not. You wanted to, you wouldn’t lie and say the idea of being with Steve wasn’t appealing but… you knew of his reputation. “And why should I believe you?”

“Just stay, please. I’ll believe you.” 

And reluctantly, you nodded.

And hour later you found yourself laughing loudly and sat against one of Steve’s beach chairs. You clutched your stomach in pain as your eyes began to tear with enjoyment as Steve reenacted when he’d been smacked by the ball.

“How’d you even do that?” Steve asked, his own chuckle dying down. “You got a pretty nasty throw for someone so small.”

You raised an eyebrow, smirking; “oh really?” You teased, “want me to show you how to throw like a girl?”

Steve laughed, shaking his head. “Go for it.”

Smiling, you accepted his dare and stood up, shaking your arms out for extra effect. Walking away from your chair and closer to the pool, you shook your body, as if you were preparing yourself for a real throw. “Watch and learn, Harrington.” And slowly, you raised your hand and cupped it as if you had a ball in between your palm and fingers. “Basically, you gotta cup the ball with a firm grip and hold a steady stance.”


You bit your lip to keep yourself from bursting out in another fit of giggles, both you and Steve aware that you were completely talking out of your ass. “Then reel back,” you demonstrated the movement. “And swing forward.” You let out a puff of air, standing up straight with a proud smirk. “And you’re done.”

Steve stood up, extinguishing his cigarette (he’d offered you one but you kindly refused) and made his way over to you. “Nuh-uh.” He smiled, shaking his head as he reached you.

You crossed your arms, “oh really? Cause i’m pretty sure i’m right.”

“Your stance is all wrong.” Steve critiqued and suddenly he was behind you, grasping your elbow slightly and pushing it up. Your breath got caught in your throat, your entire being aware of how close Steve was behind you. Yet, no part of you stopped him and instead let him move your limbs as he please. “Then kick this foot back slightly and bend your knees ever so slightly.” You followed his directions, holding your head high as his hand slid up your raised hand to grasp your hand. Slowly he intertwined your fingers and you could feel his warm breath on the back of your neck.

“Then you throw.” He mumbled lowly.

You bit you lip, “Steve?”

“No. No talking.” He shushed; “we’re at the end of the demonstration.” Then before you knew it, his hand left yours and both arms wrapped around your waist to haul you up and throw the two of you in the pool. You let out a loud yelp, surfacing under the water and Steve let go of you.

When you were able to breathe again, you let out a loud gasp, brushing your hair from your eyes and turning to a very pleased looking Steve. “You jerk,” you laughed, shooting your hand forward to splash the boy. He chuckled himself, swimming over to you as you began wiping the water from your eyes.

Slowly and smoothly he wrapped his arms around your waist again, lifting up your shirt slightly so his hands made contact with the bare skin of your stomach. Pulling you against him, Steve smiled down at you. “I’m sorry, but it was needed.”

“Oh, was it now?” You smirked, shaking your head. It was then you noticed how close the boys lips were to yours and it seemed to be the only thing you could focus on. Steve of course noticed and wasting no time for you to change your mind, he leaned down to press his wet lips against your own. You didn’t fight the kiss, and instead instantly returned it, your arms wounding around his neck.

When you pulled back, out of breath, you stared up at the boy with a nervous gaze. “You mean this, not just some one night stand?” Steve nodded, staring down at you with sincere eyes. “Promise?”


… this was a lot longer than intended.

Truth or Dare

Summary: Betty, Archie, Veronica, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, and Y/N are spending the night at Y/N’s house. Kevin suggests Truth or Dare at some point and they all decide to play. Shenanigans ensue and eventually certain feelings are shared, but will they be taken seriously or laughed off? Possible angst.

Pairing: Jughead x Reader (maybe)

Multi-fic: Yes? I’m splitting this up into a couple chapters so *finger-guns*

A/N: First Riverdale fic so sorry if anyone here sounds a bit OOC. Also, I don’t really write so *shrugs* be nice please. I had this idea just pop up and HAD to write it.

This was a horrible idea. Truly horrible. It hadn’t even been a half hour into the game before people started getting crazy and clothes were lost. It had started out as a simple sleep over. I just wanted all my friends to be in one place for once without someone trying to rip another’s throat out. My parents had left for the weekend so we were all situated in the living room, Cheryl and I sat in the loveseat, Betty, Veronica, and Archie were on the couch, Jughead was on the recliner (legs crossed and on his laptop), and Kevin was perched on the coffee table between the couch and recliner.

Within ten minutes of the game starting Veronica had dared Betty to keep her shirt off for the rest of the night, Kevin had dared Archie to take his pants off, Cheryl dared me to lose my shirt, Betty (with a face so red you’d think she would’ve passed out) had dared V to ditch her dress, I got Kev to take his shirt off, and Archie got Jug to lose his shirt. Jug had just dared Archie to not be an idiot for the rest of the night, which made everyone laugh. Everyone except Cheryl was somewhat nude and embarrassed.

“Y/N,” Kevin called my name. “Yes,” I answered, staring right at him, trying to be cocky. “Truth… or dare?” He asked, a twinkle in his eye. Everyone stared at me as I debated my choices. I decided I didn’t trust that twinkle, and no matter what choice I made I’d be in trouble. “Truth.” I sighed. Kevin’s face almost split in two at my answer, his grin enormous. I tried not to gulp in fear. “I want you to tell everyone here what you really, truly think about them. ‘Fuck,’ I thought. ‘Not good.’ I looked him dead in the eye as I said fine, and re-positioned myself on the couch. I took a deep breath before looking at him and speaking. “You’re first then hun,” I said as a small smile grew on my face.

“Kevin, I love you, and I mean that in the most platonic way possible. You were the first friend I made here, and my best friend, and I’ll never forget the way you introduced yourself,” “Oh god Y/N please no!” Kevin cried, a blush creeping up on his face. “Y/N yes,” I mocked. “It adds to the story. Anyways, we were five, I had just moved to town the day before. I was walking through the park when all of a sudden I see this kid come running towards me at full speed, only to fall flat on his face three feet away,” Everyone started laughing while Kevin’s face grew redder. “Y/N!!!” He wailed. “Hush!” I said, still chuckling. “I ran over to him to help but he just sprung up and grabbed my hand and started shaking it. ‘Hi, my name’s Kevin, what’s your name? Wanna play!?’ I mocked in a little kid’s voice. Kevin hit me with a pillow. “I didn’t sound like that!” “Kevin shut up or she’ll never finish.” Cheryl spoke. “Yeah,” Archie spoke up. “I kinda wanna hear what Y/N has to say about me too some time tonight.”

Kevin made a zipping motion with his hands over his mouth before sitting back down, playfully glaring at me as well. “I told him my name and he said it was very pretty, and then he asked me if I liked boys, girls, or both. I was really confused at the time but Kevin just repeated it and told me he only liked boys ‘There’s a word for that you know, it’s called gay, and that’s what I am, so are you gay too?’ I just shook my head and said I didn’t like anyone.” I gave a light chuckle. “Kev gave me a weird look before he shrugged and said that was fine, and to come to him if anyone was being mean to me about not liking boys or girls. I knew at that moment we were going to be best friends,” Betty and Ronnie “Aww-ed”, Cheryl rolled her eyes, but I could see the smile in them, Archie smiled and Jug gave a smirk. 

“You’ve always been there for me Kev, every time I needed you, and I feel honored every time you come to me because you need someone. You pushed me out of my comfort zone so many times, and for the most part you knew when to back off. You’re so sassy and confident and I’m so jealous you have the confidence to be who you are. You always try to look on the bright side of things and keep everyone in a cheery mood. You’re amazing and wonderful and I never wanna let you go.”

I paused to look at Kevin, his eyes were watering up and I could tell he was trying very hard not to cry right then and there. “You mean the goddamn world to me Kev, you’re the twin brother I wish I always had. I’d crawl on broken glass for you. I’ll always be here for you whenever you need someone to vent to, or if you ever need someone to have your back in a fight.” We smirked at each other, my eyes starting to water up as well. “I love you Kevin Keller, with every fiber of my being, and I’ll be damned before I let anyone hurt you.” As soon as I had finished Kevin jumped at me, a couple tears streaming down his face and falling on my shirt as he nearly squeezed the life out of me. I hugged him back immediately and held him just as tightly, a few tears of my own falling as well. “Oh, I love you too Y/N! You’ve always been like a sister to me. I swear you mean the world to me too!” 

He kissed me on the cheek as we pulled away. When I looked around I saw that everyone had gotten misty-eyed, even Jughead, who was trying (and failing) to make it look like he hadn’t been paying attention the whole time. Kevin eventually made his way back to the coffee table, wiping his eyes before looking straight at me. “I swear to god Y/N if the rest of your speeches go anything like this I’m grounding you.” Everyone laughed while I looked around the room, trying to see who I would talk about next.

A.N.: Okay! First part is up! Let me know what you guys think and who Y/N should talk about next *wink* Also if you wanna be tagged that’s more than fine just let me know please!

Tag List (okay just *blushes*): @mrsjugheadjonesthethird, @supernovares

“Coronation” Part Eighteen

Summary:  She was the Queen of Sokovia, and he was the future king of Romania. Their relationship was full of hate towards one another, but will it change when his heart gets broken by a traitor to both of your powerful countries?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff, angst 

Word Count: 1017

A/N: One more part after this! There will not be an epilogue. You can start sending in requests because they will be opened once i finish!  

Coronations Series

Fishing was so much fun. Y/N had never experienced something as mundane as fishing. She was surprised at how relaxed and peaceful she felt. Having Bucky by her side made it that much better. She shared details on their upcoming wedding and just felt relaxed for the first time in her life.

They threw back all the fish that were caught. They weren’t fish for eating, but it was still fun to catch something. It was almost dusk before they finally started to pack up. Bucky knew it was something she needed. She needed a way to forget everything that had gone on, and he was happy he could provide that.

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shadowedsoulforever  asked:

prompt: Tony talking on the phone and being flirty/sassy as always. A pair of pining Supersoldiers hear the phone call and become jealous and sulky thinking Tony's dating someone. So, they decide to continue to pine from afar. However, when it comes to light that the person on the other end of the phone call was Pepper, Bucky and Steve have had enough and decide to bite the bullet and finally confess. Tony, who has been pining for them as well, accepts! Also, bonus smutty ending?

I think this turned out a little different than you wanted, and I switched Pepper to Rhody because I thought it worked better.  Hope you like it!


“I cant do it.” Steve finally shut his book and tossed it onto the couch, dragging his fingers through his hair. “I cant listen to Tony have one more smarmy, kissy phone call with who ever he is dating. I cant.”

“Tell me about it.” Bucky was face down on the floor, groaning miserably. “I mean, does he have to be so cute with them? Around us?”

“Well its not his fault he doesnt know that we want him.” Steve pointed out. “Its not like he’s purposefully rubbing it in our face. Right? I mean, even if Tony knew how we felt he wouldnt… he wouldnt actually do that on purpose, would he?”

“I dont know. Maybe he’s really that cruel.”

“I refuse to believe that.” Steve said, sounding upset and Bucky shrugged against the floor.

“Hey. We love him in spite of his pettiness, right? If this is what he’ s doing to us then…”

“Oh my gosh, you’re so funny. I cant believe you just said that!” Tony suddenly was back in the room, phone cradled between his ear and his shoulder, eating ice cream and giggling himself half to death over whatever the person on the other line was saying. “Have you been drinking? I love when you’re drunk, jesus christ. You coming home soon? I miss you!”

“Its like the end of the world.” Bucky grabbed a pillow from the couch and slammed it over his ears. “Tell him to shut up.”

“Theres no way in hell Im telling him to–”

“Guys!” Tony snapped and frowned at them. “Im talking. Go complain somewhere else!”

“Thats it.” Bucky jumped to his feet and snatched the phone right out of Tonys hands. “Tony’s gonna have to call you back.” He said to the person on the other end, and hung up before dragging Tony back to the couch to sit between them.

“Tony.” Steve sighed. “Look, sorry about Bucky, first of all. But seriously. Are you doing this on purpose?”

“Doing what? I was on the phone!!”

“Are you purposefully talking to whoever that is in front of us? Because its killing us and–”

“Wait, why would it be killing you?” Tony asked curiously and Bucky groaned.

“Tony. You have to know that we are crazy about you. I mean, neither one of us are very subtle. But then you spend half the day making kissy faces and giggling into the phone and seriously Tony Im gonna lose my goddamn mind.”

“You guys like me.” Tony stated, and his eyes were sparkling. “You like me, and you think Ive been on the phone with someone I like?”

“Well who else do you talk to like that?”

“Um. Its Rhodey.” Tony looked like he was trying not to scream with laughter. “He’s on vacation in the carribean with his family, and has been drunk for days and we have been talking to each other for hours everyday.”

“You call Rhodey honeybear?” Steve said suspiciously and then his face cleared. “Oh my god, you definitely call Rhodey honeybear.”

“Yeah. Since MIT.” Tony still was trying not to laugh. “Um, so you guys have been all bent out of shape because my drunk ass friend has me on speakerphone while he’s picking up chicks and I cant stop laughing about it. So you know.. you two need to chill.”

“God damn it.” Bucky muttered. “Well that was about the least smooth way Ive ever told a fella I was interested in him.”

“It really was.” Tony was biting his lip now, his cheeks bright red. “But you know, Im flattered. Cuz I like you guys too. Both of you. Lots.”

“Yeah?” Steve looked hopeful. “So we didnt ruin this by being ridiculous?”

“No.” Tony shook his head quickly. “Even though, I mean I dont know, you might have to let me top a few times to make up for it.”

Bucky and Steve exchanged a look.

“I am surprisingly okay with that.” Bucky said slowly. “But not this time.”

“This time?” Tony raised an eyebrow, then shrieked when Steve snatched him and tossed him over his shoulder.

“Yeah, we’re gonna wreck you this time, Tony.”

(Mild Smut Under The Cut)

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The Darkness (A Kyungsoo One Shot)

You felt the pavement under your feet as you ran. The rhythmic steps lulling you into a daze as you moved, you felt your muscles warm nicely and your lungs breathed steadily in and out. The music in your ears set your pace as you ran. Enjoying the sensation of being out in fresh cool air. There was a strong breeze and something humming in the air as you ran along the river. The ions felt heavy around you. You ran on despite the feeling that something was brewing out here. It just felt too good tonight.

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Fuck You Brain For Another Goddamn AU

Okay so I saw this really cool Pidge design where our favorite little Green Paladin was a mermaid and I suddenly get this thought literally out of nowhere:
Avian Lance and Mermaid Pidge being secret buddies. Throw in Shiro as Pidge’s overprotective pod member, Matt the Meme Merman who’s chill af and a bit of a lil shit, Avian Hunk, and Centaur Keith and BAM make a reverse Mythics AU with Shance!
The whole idea is Pidge, as a young guppy, gets trapped in a storm and beached on some rough rocks near the woods. Lance, who has wings too big for his body (“You’ll grow into them, don’t worry my fluffy little chick!” “Mamaaaaa I’m not that fluffy!” “Nonsense! Fluffiest chick I’ve ever had.” “I can attest to that, baby bro.”) is wandering the forest after falling from the tree nest where his flock is and finds the beached mermaid.
Both are initially afraid of each other, but Lance who has a heart of gold and is a sweet and helpful child sees that oh no this cute little fish girl is hurt, her back fin is all messed up and oozing which cannot be good, and bravely moves forwards. Pidge scrunches up, since there are stories of Avians spearing Mer from the water to eat them with something called spices, but Lance talks her into letting him see the owie.
He manages to get water on her scales, which is very helpful since she was drying out, and bandages the wound on her fin with his shirt that he rips into strips. He then struggles to carry her into the water, and accidentally falls in the shallows. The shocked look on his face is so funny that Pidge starts laughing, because Lance hasn’t been in the ocean before because his Mana said that it was too dangerous and Avians can’t swim because their wings would get soaked and heavy and drown them, but it’s salty and wet and he loves it! His wings flop out, and the little mermaid splashes him, and they go back and forth playing in the water until Pidge hears her pod trilling her name and Lance hears his Mama calling, and they both say goodbye and leave.
The next day, Lance sneaks back to the ocean and calls around for the mermaid he met the other day, and she comes back and they continue playing.
They become really close best friends, Lance nicknames her Pidge because her real name is way too complicated to say. They complain about their families, talk about their friends, and yet neither can introduce the other to their respective flock/pod because the Mer are afraid of the Avians, the Avians are wary of the Mer, and everyone sees everyone as the bad guy. Until Shiro gets fed up with where Pidge keeps disappearing to, and confronts Lance, nearly drowning him until Pidge and Matt interfere. Matt, as an empath Mer like Pidge, can tell that Lance really cares for Pidge like a sister. Shiro is still wary, but accepts it, and now accompanies Pidge (and occasionally Matt) to meet Lance. Hunk gets dragged into this, who brings Keith (Lance’s other friend/rival who’s a Centaur and a bit of an asshole, but a pretty okay guy to hang with) along, and they all hang out until Lance’s mother finds out and bans him from leaving the nest and Shiro gets super worried, and Keith can’t get anything out of Hunk about it, and it’s a terrible few weeks until there’s a storm and Lance has a fight with his parents and abandons the nest, flying out into the storm and-
Well, I’m gonna fic this anyways, so you’ll just have to see what happens after that ;3
Shance and langst are my strong points, after all!
Plus I love the Pidge and Lance sibling dynamic, and I wanna try my hand at Sassy Meme King Matt Holt™ for once, and I never see Avian Lance, so this should be a lot of fun to write! :3

Confident Seduction.

Requested by avengershavethetardis: Where the reader was a member of Kingsman and when they go to meet the Statesmen Agent Whiskey starts to try and “seduce” her but he then realizes that she just flirts right back and he seems kind of flustered around her but then develops feelings for her because of her confidence.
Pairing: Agent Whiskey x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Swearing, very mild sexual references.
Word Count: 1814

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Sunny Spain

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Summary: Jensen decides that his work is getting to much for him to handle so books a spontaneous trip to Spain, where he meets the reader.

Word Count: 2518

Warnings: Reader’s got a shitty past, mostly fluff, porcupine hair!jensen(defo a warning)

A/N-This is my entry for @dancingalone21 Lau’s Summer Escape Challenge - I chose the prompt Barcelona, Spain if you couldn’t already tell by the title. And thank you @salvachester who I can’t freaking tag, for checking my Spanish for me.

It was quite funny actually the green eyed man had been at the bar for at least ten minutes and still no such luck. From afar, you bit your lip, trying to stifle a laugh. He was getting frustrated, that much you could tell.

Getting up from your place on the sandy beach, you dust the sand off your butt and walk over to the bar, where the man was still shouting.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! ^^ I was wondering if it'd be possible to request the RFA + V's reaction to a very bubbly and social MC who also can get sassy and not hesitate to drag someone in the snap of a finger if the wrong person messes with her?

See that girl,
watch that scene,
digging the Dragging Queen

Damn I live for requests like this! Sadly no Saeran though :(



♬ having been with Zen for a couple of years you’d gotten used to a lot of things

♬ you didn’t mind him having erotic scenes on screen

♬ you didn’t even blink an eye when he had to kiss someone

♬ you didn’t even mind when actresses flirted with him despite knowing he was very much taken

♬ the thing is you are very confident in your relationship, as Zen had the tendency to assure you of his love for you every single day

♬ he told you how much he loved your smile, how your eyes shone with joy every time

♬ told you how much he enjoyed your cheerfulness, your endless conversations at night about anything and the world

♬ above all, however, he enjoyed your honesty and confidence

♬ with you he never had to worry about jealousy or insecurities

♬ you supported him in his career no matter what, became part of it without trying to steal his thunder

♬ all in all, he was immensely grateful for you and let the media know as much as often as possible

♬ once he’d become a proper movie star there hadn’t been a single interview in which he didn’t swoon about you to the point you yourself had scolded him after

♬ this was to promote your new movie, not your relationship

♬ secretly you loved it though

♬ of course when being a star and dating a ‘commoner’ media just loved to go wild

♬ one mistake and you’d be torn down

♬ with the two of you, that never happened, until Echo Girl became involved again

♬ in an interview bringing up the events from a couple of years ago where she’d accused Zen of harassing her the girl became defensive and called you plain and nothing special

♬ now you didn’t mind per se, but Zen seemed pissed, so you figured you’d return the favour

♬ when asked about Echo Girl’s words you’d merely replied that you might be plain, but at last you weren’t a plain ass bitch, like her

♬ you added that if she’d focus on improving her acting skills as much as her looks, Echo Girl would have won an Oscar ages ago

♬ and, that sadly make-up could only cover up ugly faces, not ugly personalities

♬ needless to say that Echo Girl did not mention you ever again

♬ Zen had given you a high five right then an there on the red carpet

♬ the picture had been all over the press for weeks and Zen had never been prouder


★ Yoosung had always been a rather bubbly person, so meeting you had seemed like a match made by heaven

★ not only did you understand his antics and enjoyed them, at the same time you also managed to reign him in somehow

★ him being a vet at such a young age, especially with his own clinic, was all because of you

★ even now it was you who prevented him from going crazy with all the work threatening to drown him

★ after work you always came to the vet, chatted with his assistant for a while before coming to meet him

★ it relaxed him every time, just to see you smile and talk about work or other, sillier things

★ whether the conversation be light or serious, he could have it all with you

★ in his mind, there was no space for any other women, really

★ which often resulted in him not even realizing that he was being approached

★ seeing as you were his first girlfriend and also his last, seeing as you were married for life, he’d never really learned how to flirt or realize he was being flirted with

★ you found it charming, somehow, his childlike naivety and innocence

★ that was until one particular women really started to get on your nerves

★ she was one of his ‘patients’ whose cat was constantly in need of help for one reason or the other

★ despite you sitting in the room right with him she never missed a chance to flirt

★ at some point her innuendo’s could hardly been called as much seeing as how blunt the woman had gotten from appointment to appointment

★ at some point, you just couldn’t take it anymore

★ you weren’t the possessive type, but Yoosung just wasn’t understanding it

★ which meant he also wasn’t doing anything to stop her from bluntly flirting with a married man in front of his goddamn wife

★ so after yet another half an hour of her flirting while he inspected her perfectly healthy cat, you’d snapped

★ you’d told her that the only pussy he’d be taking care of from that moment on would be yours, so she better take a couple of steps back

★ as well as stating that her kitties itch would not be scratched by this particular vet

★ she’d blushed, gathered her cat and fled the vet as quickly as humanly possible

★ you were quite sure that she wouldn’t be returning and frankly, you liked that though

★ Yoosung was pretty confused and slightly angry at first

★ but then you’d explained what had been going over his head the entire timed

★ he’d apologized for not noticing and once he’d finally understood just what you’d told the woman he’d found himself laughing in utter amusement

only you…


♨ between the two of you, you’d always been the more outspoken one

♨ it wasn’t like Jaehee didn’t have a personality or opinion, but working under Jumin and having had to censor herself for such a long time, had taken a toll on her

♨ most of the time, she kept her feelings to herself, always acted polite no matter what

♨ you were different, bubbly and like an open book

♨ the customers, whether regulars or new ones, seemed to love you

♨ you always had a smile on your lips, a joke or a witty joke to share

♨ despite the bite in your words, you never insulted anyone, somehow finding the balance

♨ you had that charm about you that lured people in

♨ it was something that Jaehee was extremely envious of

♨ as she watched you chat away with another pair of customers easily, Jaehee found herself sighing

♨ she was happy to have you by her side and work with you, but she just wished that she could be more like you sometimes

♨ that was when a customer came to the register, a man in his late forties or early fifties

♨ he told her his order and Jaehee gave him a court nod, turning to go and make the coffee

♨ when she returned he’d grabbed her wrist, looking straight at her, and told her that she’d look much prettier if she smiled for, as frowning aged a person

♨ it was utterly uncalled for and despite feeling hurt, Jaehee couldn’t make herself reply

♨ luckily, you didn’t seem to have that restraint at all

♨ you looked the man straight in the eye, eyes burning with anger as you forced a smile on your lips and told him that she’d lost her smile in the war against entitled men, thinking that their comments were in any way needed or appreciated

♨ adding that she had PTSD because of it

♨ when Jaehee looked at you she could tell that you were on a roll and probably had an entire rant prepared

♨ she stopped you then, worried about what some of the customers might think of you

♨ the man left with a huff after that

♨ you snorted as well, angry about such distasteful behaviour but neither of you mentioned it again until the end of the day

♨ once the last customer had left and the café was closed she pulled you into a surprising hug, burying her face in the crock of your neck

♨ the thank you was whispered quietly, so much so you you almost missed it yourself and yet the words were loud and clear


♛ getting to know someone in a chatroom wasn’t an easy feat

♛ much harder even, when the chatroom wasn’t private

♛ however, Jumin and you had made it work somehow

♛ he’d found you charming and supportive, highly understanding and loving

♛ even when you’d first come to his place, he’d been utterly smitten and so sure that he knew you

♛ however, once you actually start to spend more time with a person in real life, there are facets of their personality they couldn’t hide even if they tried

♛ during the whole debacle with Sarah and Glam, you’d been mostly quiet

♛ you’d voiced your concerns, but you hadn’t really spoken up

♛ that changed drastically, once the drama was over

♛ apparently, you weren’t all that shy after all

♛ quite the contrary, in fact

♛ once the shock was over, Jumin was surprised to find your rather sociable

♛ at the party you talked and bewitched all the guests and RFA members

♛ when the press started following you, being Jumin’s new and actual girlfriend, you acted very friendly and presentable, proving to be a good choice

♛ you even managed to make his father fall head over heels for you

♛ he’d constantly invite you to family dinners and the two would chat as if you’d known each other for years

♛ needless to say that Jumin was very pleased with being able to call you his own

♛ of course, you always managed to surprise him

♛ so when Sarah actually started talking to the press again, claiming to be pregnant with Jumin’s child, you didn’t hesitate to strike back this time

♛ you dragged that bitch through the mud

♛ you told the press that the only reason she was blown up wasn’t a child but her body trying to make way for her massive ego and ignorance

♛ or maybe she was just getting fat, now that she didn’t have the money to get her body fixed up with plastic surgery

♛ when Jumin had turned on the TV to that particular interview, he’d laughed like never in his life before, actual tears gathering in his eyes

♛ oh yes, he’d chosen a fierce one indeed

♛ and he loved it


☼ Living with Seven wasn’t always easy

☼ he was probably one of the few people that could manage to act entitled and arrogant while simultaneously wallowing in self pity and hating themselves

☼ you never quite knew what he would do and how he would react

☼ it certainly kept things interesting

☼ so did his quirky and peculiar personality

☼ he loved you for it as you loved him

☼ still, there was a certain need for the two of you to constantly trash each other, for some reason

☼ it was just so much fun to see a person usually so bubbly and talkative to be stunned to silence

☼ neither of you ever missed an opportunity to drag one another

☼ for example when he was being a smart-ass once again

☼   “Don’t you see how easy this? Come on…”
“Unless your name is Google, stop acting like you know everything, Saeyoung!”

☼ or when you were criticizing him for yet another thing he hadn’t done yet again

☼   “Seriously, Saeyoung? It’s not that hard!”
Please be patient. I’m fucking things up as fast as I can.”

☼ you especially loved it when he criticized you for things you knew yourself you’d messed up

☼   “Is that supposed to be food? Cause it sure doesn’t look that way.”
And you pointing out the obvious is what, helpful?”

☼ you just loved to exchange those little jabs throughout the day for no other reason but jokes and giggles

☼ “You invent off buttons for everything you do, so where is yours?”

☼ “Your crazy it showing,  you might want to tuck it back in.”

☼ “No, you’re right, let’s do it the dumbest way possible because it’s easier for you.”

☼ Sometimes you were worried he’d take it personally, be hurt by your comments

☼ funnily enough, that never happened

☼ after about half an hour of radio silence and acting as if he was insulted usually ended with him coming to you, acting all grumpy but still cuddling up to you somehow

☼ he really reminded you of a cat that way

☼ one night you were lying next to one another, your eyes already heavy

☼ you were about to fall asleep when you heard him turn, felt his eyes focused on you

☼ “You being able to dish it out as well as taking it is probably the sexiest thing about you”

☼ he was an idiot, but at least he was your idiot and not somebody else’s


📷 when you’d told your parents that you’d finally met someone they’d insisted to meet the young man

📷 it had been such a long time since your last boyfriend and you weren’t getting any younger

📷 frankly, they’d almost given up hope for grandchildren over the last years

📷 you’d tried to ignore their attempts to match you up with someone, excusing their behaviour by reminding yourself that they were from a small village outside of town

📷 civilization had sort of brushed by them, in a way

📷 when you’d told V about it, he’d been ecstatic

📷 at this point you’d been together for a long time and yet he’d never met your family

📷 you suggesting that now was the time excited him, seeing as he saw it as the next logical step

📷 maybe you were finally ready to move forward as he’d been for a long time

📷 your open and honest nature had mesmerized him from the first day

📷 there was nothing you were shy of saying, you were outgoing and talkative

📷 you could strike a conversation just like that and captivate everyone around you

📷 that kind of energy and lightheartedness were exactly the things he needed in his life

📷 he’d expected your family to be similar to you and while they were, the other people in your home village weren’t quite as welcoming

📷 he could feel how tense and on edge you were, something he hadn’t experienced in a long time

📷 your parents were very friendly and he saw a lot of you in them, but they were also overly cautious around him, trying not to step on toes

📷 he ignored it for the better part but you seemed increasingly irritated

📷 that was when one of your neighbour came over for tea

📷 the first hour was fine, her talking about her family and swooning over how beautiful you’d gotten

📷 when she’d started to make some rather inappropriate and borderline hurtful comments about V and specifically his blindness, he’d been able to physically sense the anger coming from you

📷 then she’d actually asked you what you saw in him, why you hadn’t chosen someone more fitting

📷 V wasn’t sure whether the words had set you off, or the fact that she’d whispered them to you like some dirty secret, but you’d eventually ended up snapping at her

📷 not in an obviously rude way, which made your words seem even more brutal

📷 no, you’d smiled politely, words sweet as honey as you’d spoken

📷 you’d told the woman to take her aleve and go somewhere else to complain about how long she hadn’t had an orgasm, if ever, and how she was worried her husband was cheating on her with a woman that could be his daughter

📷 he’d been raised and drilled to be overly polite while you never held back

📷 he loved you so much for it, he couldn’t help but kiss you right then and there


Chinese Lanterns

Prompt : You got lost in Chinatown with Jason Todd, maybe your wishes come true after those floating Chinese Lanterns. 

A/N : Grammar mistakes of course.

Pairing : Jason Todd x Reader

Song: Chinese Lanterns 

Warnings: Swearing, just fluff for once. 

Word Count: 2471 

*Not my Gif, Credit to the owner*

So, why are you two here? it’s a very good question, both of you don’t know what the hell happened.

It was supposed to be easy peasy lemon squeezy, well, at least Batman said it hours ago. ‘Grab them and give them to Gordon’, oh, but no one knew that this motherfuckers had powers, one with teletransportation and the other could multiply himself, fucking great.

Jason went after the jumper guy, leaving you with the other. Gotham city felt like a giant mirror house, you tried to grab this little bastard million of times when it was actually dust, motherfucker. Still, you both didn’t gave up and you kept on chasing them in the busy Gotham street.

For your luck, everything was turning great after minutes, you shot the weird guy on the ankle but somehow he could still running, but, at least you knew this one was the original.

“Lil’ batsy, I’m pushing him to a nearby alley close to you, make the other guy go there!” The Red hood said in the comm.

“Got it Red, give me 5” you told him trying to make this guy enter into the alley.

Both of you made the pair of fools enter to the alley, but they had other plans, you saw the other guy grabbing the other one and you realized.

“They’re going to scape!” you shouted, in a swift motion you grabbed one of them from their bicep while Jason grabbed you from your cape (because, Batsy likes capes)

And then you are here, in New York City, Chinatown, and lonely alley to be exact, (thanks god, no one near). Your head aches badly as you try to get up from the dirty floor, but something pulled you down, mostly choking you, you turn around and you see Jason still grabbing your cape.

“Jay” you tell him kneeling in the floor and shaking his shoulder, but he doesn’t answers.

“Awh, fuck! Jason!” you shake his shoulder harder this time but no response. You hear people coming and you drag Jason behind the smelly garbage dump.

“You better wake up soon you ass, we are in a lot of trouble” you said under your breath.  

You somehow managed to place Jason head on your lap as you took out his red helmet, you did it too with your own. You couldn’t help it but stare at him and a soft smile appeared on your lips, why? oh well… it’s kind of complicated, at first you truly hate him and vice versa, this little sassy bastard made you angry pretty often, and so you made the same with him. But lately you figured out that you actually enjoy his company and you thought maybe he was in the same page as you, but you didn’t know. And somehow, your hands made their way to his hair, stroking softly his raven hair.

“Jason Peter Todd, last time, if you don’t wake up, ‘am throwing you in the garbage” you said with a soft smile.

“You aren’t that strong” he said, without opening his eyes.

“I am, skunk, so let’s go, get up” you said with a roll of your eyes.

“Excuse you, but I had a long run and I really want to sleep right now” he said with a sigh.

“I don’t know if you’ve realized but, we aren’t in Gotham, without those fuckers and we are actually behid the garbage, but fine, if you want to sleep here, be my guest, I’m going to find something to eat” you said trying to get up.

And seconds later the awful smell seamed to increased, making Jason get up in a swift motion almost choking with the odor.

“Fine! But okay smartass, we can’t go out like these!” he said motioning his fingers to our clothes.

“Why not?, It’s halloween anyways” you said with a smirk and walking outside the alley, “Just, don’t put on your helmet” you said while looking back.

“We can’t! We are The Red Hood and-” He said with wide eyes “And a girl with a Batgirl costume, you can be the little Red Riding Hood if you want or you can stay here with the smelly garbage” you said with your arms crossed.

“If you feel so bad, close your goddamn jacket!” you said after Jason didn’t moved from his place.

“It doesn’t- I can’t… it doesn’t close up” he muttered under his breath.

“You gotta be kidding me!, you bought a jacket of a small size?!” you said with a chuckle.

“Shut up” He said with a scoff.

“Fine, come here” You said with another chuckle.

Jason walked towards you until he was few inches away from you, awful close to you, you tried not to care but fuck, he was handsome, no one could deny.

“Earth to Y/N, what are you going to do then?” he said with an eyebrow raised.

“You’re going to be our great B, just for tonight” you said while taking off your cape.

“You’re joking, right?” Jason said with a roll of his eyes.

“No, I’m not, now give me your jacket aaaaand your helmet” you said, your hand holding your cape.

“As you wish, Little Red Riding Hood” he said when he gave them to you.

Jason put on the cape and he couldn’t deny it looked great, once more he got one, he was about to tell you about it when he saw you on his brown jacket, your hair floating with the chilly wind while you place his helmet between your hip and your arm, you looked like a dream for him, he snapped out of his daydream when he saw your mouth moving.

“Sorry, what?” he said trying to sound as nothing happened in his mind.

“Shall we?” you said once more walking away from him.

'Fuck’ Jason thought in his mind, his mind couldn’t erase this picture.

You two walked in Chinatown, thanks God it was actually Halloween, many people was walking there with many costumes, as so many other wanted a picture with both of you, but you wanted to eat, like badly so you got inside a tiny restaurant with Jason behind you. You sat on a table together, his helmet on the empty side, while you looked at the menu.

And Jason couldn’t help but stare at you, the way the red lights from outside danced on your face was stunning, he couldn’t help but memorize every detail from you, how long your eyelashes were, your hair, your nose, those lips, fuck, he got it bad when it was about you.

You put the menu higher on your face trying to hide your red cheeks, he was looking at you with some kind of spark on his eyes that you never saw before. Your mind was making tricks on you, why was Jason Todd looking at you like that?!, you tried to stay calm but you couldn’t with him in front of you! looking at you like that!

After an awkward silence the waiter came and you two said what you wanted, well, the first thing your eyes saw when you entered in panic. And then the awkward silence arrived again, without the shield of the Menu to hide your red cheeks you tried to gulp.

'What the hell it’s happening to me?!’ you thought when you felt warm every passing second, you gave Jason a smile which he returned and you were lost in his blue eyes.

'Y/N fucking hell, look outside at least, but not at HIM!’ you yelled at yourself in your mind and there you saw a paper in the wall next to the window, you tried to read it but, fucking sake, you didn’t understand anything, the waiter arrived with your drinks and you asked him about it.

“So, you want to go?” Jason asked you when the waiter left you both alone again.

“I have never seen the floating lights” you said with a soft chuckle “God, I felt like Rapunzel” you said with soft laugh.

Jason looked at you confused with a eyebrow raised.

“You better be kidding me right now Jason Todd! I swear to God if you haven’t seen Tangled I’m going to rip your head off right now!” you said not believing him.

“Don’t make a messy work then” he said with a smirk.

You gasped at this, but… how? how he hasn’t saw that movie.

“Oh my god Y/N, it’s just a movie” Jason said with a chuckle.

“I don’t care what you have to do when we arrive Gotham, you are going watch it” you said in a serious tone.

Jason gave you a smirk and then he added a 'Only with you’ and fucking jesus christ, thank God you didn’t choked there with your own air, your cheeks went more red that the lights outside, why was he doing this?!

Time skipt and when you were going out the waiter arrived again with your fortune cookies, you used to love them when you were little so you looked for your fortune inside and you gasped again, fucking fate.

A love wish it’s going to come true in a near future’ fucking cheesy, fucking life, fucking love, fucking everything, this was so cruel right now.

Jason looked at your wide eyes on a tiny paper and he wondered what could possibly go wrong with a fortune cookie, like it’s a fortune, right?. He looked down at his hands when he opened his and well, he feel you now…

Your soulmate it’s near, don’t waste more time’ there must be a logical explanation for this cheesy quote.

“What about yours, Jay?” you asked him trying to compose yourself.

“Normal one, you know, luck” he said with a smile, he didn’t ask yours afraid you might told him before.

“Well, Bruce says he had a like three hours before they come for us, so maybe we can go to that lanterns show” Jason said while looking at the night sky.

“You want to go?” You asked hopeful, but trying to stay chill, like 'you know, lights, common thing’

“Well, you looked pretty cheerful with the idea” He said with a smile, that beautiful smile.

“Let’s go then! I know you’ll love them!” you told him and you didn’t realized that you’ve taken his hand in yours and that’s why you missed the red cheeks on the Red Hood himself.

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“So… I don’t want to crush your dreams but, where are the lights?” Jason said when he saw in fact, no lights.

“You silly, we have to buy one and then…magic happens” you say, your eyes scanning the place searching for the dude with the lanterns.

“You know I don’t believe in magic, right?” Jason said still looking at the dark place.

“Says the guy that came back to life” you said with a roll of your eyes, you realized you were going to the same place called 'This near to punch Jason Todd right in his beautiful face’

“It’s different actually, and more painfull for sure” he said with a scoff.

“So you admit you believe in magic” you said in matter of fact.

“Fuck you” Jason told you with a chuckle.

'Please’ your brain said and you gasped at the thought, what the hell was happening to you tonight!

You finally found the guy and bought a lantern, he explained you all about it and in minutes you were back with Jason. We was smiling down at you, you were so happy in that moment, and Jason couldn’t stop himself by thinking you were his soulmate, the loves of his life.

“Jay, did you listen to me?” he heard your voice and fuck, no, he didn’t listen to you at all.

'Why the hell is he so cute?’ you thought once more looking at his blue eyes.

“They’re counting until 10…” you said but somehow you attention was still on Jason’s face.

“Hmm, better start lightning this thing” he said, his gaze still looking at you, at your eyes, and again that fucking spark.

He really couldn’t hold himself anymore, for some reason he couldn’t comprehend he wanted to be closer and closer to you, feel your skin and your lips against his, he wanted to be with you every day now on, and fuck,when you smiled at him with such tenderness he realized why he had those thoughts about you, even those before this night, he love you, maybe in fact, you were his soulmate.

While looking at Jason’s eyes you realized, it hit you like a fucking thunder, you realized why at the beginning you hated him and why now you wanted to kiss him hard on his lips, it wasn’t a fucking headache, you love Jason Todd.

You tried to look down before doing something stupid, you reached a lightner in Jason’s jacket and light the lantern. And again, Jason couldn’t help but be in awe at how the light makes your face glow.

You heard people yelling the numbers and you looked at Jason, you gave him a smile and you placed the lantern in your’s and Jason’s hands. You looked at him and there you realized how close his face was to yours, he was in front of you, the light making his eyes glow in a beautiful shade of blue. In any moment you leave his gaze, actually so found yourself staring at his eyes, then at his lips, and Jason was making the same thing.

You heard people yell 'one’ and you felt Jason fingers holding yours as you set your lantern up in the sky. You looked up and saw how the lanterns illuminated the night sky, in a blink of an eye, you look back at Jason.

“Well, there’s the-” you dind’t have time to finish the sentence, Jason lips were on yours and, fuck they felt better than you imagined, they were soft, and full of love.

You kissed him back and you felt his hand making his way to your waist while yours, make their way to his black hair. This moment was just perfect, never in ages you could imagine to kiss Jason Todd and feel so… good, like if it was everything you ever wished before, and well, you didn’t want to stop but you will never kiss him again if you die from lack of oxygen, so you pull away with your eyes still close, you feel Jason’s hands on your cheeks and you open them to see him staring at you with such love and the same spark is there.

“Maybe I believe in magic now” Jason says before pulling you against him once more and kissing you deeply.

Maybe the cheesy cookie was right, maybe you were Jason’s Todd soulmate after all.

Points for Moana Being Slytherin
  • sneaking away from her parents and other villagers to try and get onto the ocean
  • ambition to follow her heart, leave her “safe” island, do everything they said she couldn’t 
  • deep, fierce love, respect, and desire to protect those she considers hers (fuck mankind, she’s protecting HER island) 
  • “ever defeat a lava monster?” “no…have you?” 
  • “you’re no one’s hero. BUT…save the world? you’d be EVERYONE’S hero.”
  • “Maui, Maui, you’re so amaaazing”
  • deals! 
  • “if you can talk, you can teach” 
  • “told you I could do it!” 
  • understanding physical fitness is important; appearances matter and so does self-preservation…physical fitness helps both these things (statue vaulting, rock climbing, fixing rafters, et cetera)
  • punches Maui and then points out she was the one that found the hook first
  • “wow. a shiny, glittery cave. and just like me. it is covered in sparkly treasure. sparkle, sparkle…sparkle”
  • “I bet you get along great
  • false flattery straight in the face of “the crab who became a legend!”
  • covered a barnacle with bioluminescent algae as a diversion
  • doesn’t straight up tell Maui about his shark-head (maybe to spare his feelings but probably because it was amusing if her stifled laughing was any indication)
  • keeps digging into Maui’s tattoos to get the answers she wants/needs despite realizing it’s tough on him
  • pushes Maui past his breaking point emotionally because she knows it’ll help him (“I want to help but I can’t if you don’t let me”) because Maui is her’s now and she takes care of what’s her’s even when they fight her kicking and screaming
  • “the gods aren’t the ones who make you Maui…you are”
  • self-doubt & insecurity is very Slytherin…they and everyone around them hold them to incredibly high standards
  • determination + ambition + intelligence = fast learner (of things such as wayfinding)
  • “probably should have saved it for Te Fiti" 
  • constant vigilance + quick thinking = strategy (“finding you a better way in”)
  • “I thought…I could make it” (sometimes Slytherins are too proud, too sure of themselves…)
  • “we’re only here because you stole the heart in the first place!” (Slytherins lash out with sharp words designed to hurt, at times more aware of the wounds in the people they care about than their own weaknesses)
  • “I never should have put so much on your shoulders” (please remember how young Moana is, the responsibility and expectations she’s been saddled with and her determination to push through it, to prove herself)
  • “I am the daughter of the village chief, we are descended from voyagers” (pride in one’s lineage)
  • “the call isn’t out there at all, it’s inside me” (a fancy way of saying ambition, huh?)
  • making sure Hei Hei is safe before the showdown (don’t forget Slytherin’s protect those they consider their’s)
  • the look Moana shoots Te Ka after she tricks the lava monster with the rock&smoke combo
  • surprise when Maui comes back (Slytherins have a reputation for tending to look out for themselves for a reason, right?)
  • pretty much immediate understanding that Te Ka is Te Fiti after receiving the two crucial missing pieces of information (Te Fiti is gone from her resting place & there'a a spiral on Te Ka’s chest)
  • shows no fear when faced with a terrifying lava monster barreling down on her (show no fear to those outside your House because they /will/ use it against you)
  • bows to Te Fiti, her goddess (true Slytherin ideals at work)
  • “I may have gone a little ways past the reef” (oh you don’t say?!? sassy little shit, I love her)
  • fucking puts a goddamn shell on the pile of rocks “raising the island higher,” effectively keeping any returning/future chiefs from continuing the tradition and placing their own stone on the pile because she put a BREAKABLE OBJECT ON TOP OF THE PILE (I understand it’s a message, a symbol but COME ON SERIOUSLY?!? that’s fucking Slytherin and you know it)
  • becomes an outstanding leader, a symbol for her people…a true Chief, a true Wayfinder, an excellent Slytherin
Shadows. (Cheater!Kuroo x Reader x Bokuto) Pt. 2

A/N: This fic is loosely based on the song Shadows by Childish Gambino. You can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mpZ46krkSk. The third part is gonna be more heavily influenced by this song. I suggest you listen while reading this still tho, it’s a great song. Also, this has OOC Kuroo. It’s for the prompt tho of course. Imo none of our HQ babies would cheat on their s/o but it’d be quite boring if i just wrote everything nice ya feel. I LOVE KUROO V MUCH PLS DONT THINK I HATE HIM N ALSO PLS DONT HATE HIM BC OF THIS FIC

I tried to spell and grammar check to the best of my sleep-deprived ability. Pls forgive me n let me know if you catch any slips.

Also i was able to squeeze in a reference to one of my favorite TV series :^) lemme know if u catch it.

You determined your best bet was racing to the closet and hiding. If you stayed there, you’d be kicked out and possibly killed in a fit of rage. For now, it was best to hide instead of being skinned alive by Kuroo’s girlfriend.

The ice pulsing through you thawed out, you quietly gathered the rest of your garments and ducked into the closet, softly closing it shut behind you. Huddling in the corner, you held your breath as you heard her footsteps trail into the room.

“Ah, there you are!” She chirped happily, much to your relief.

Kuroo fake yawned and you heard a little movement coming from the bed, likely he was sitting up to speak with her.

“Hey, babe…” He said. God, his tired voice sounded so artificial. Couldn’t he try a bit harder? Both of your asses were on the line here!

“Oh, did I wake you? I’m sorry…” Her voice sounded so sweet and genuinely concerned. You sighed to yourself, feeling guilt grip your shoulder. She really didn’t deserve this.

You heard Kuroo shift again.

“I’m fine, what are you doing home so early?”

Kuroo’s girlfriend was silent for a couple of seconds.

“Are you…naked?”

Fuck. How was he gonna lie out of that? You mentally cursed yourself. You two were fucked.

“I…” Kuroo started, obviously attempting to come up with a believable lie. “was just planning on surprising you, baby~” You could practically hear the smirk in his voice. As much as you wanted to punch that sex addicted cat man, you had to admit he pulled a nice save.

“Oh really?” His girlfriend’s tone became just as sultry as his. “ Well I have to say, I am definitely excited to receive this ‘surprise’. How about you go ahead and give it to me now?” Holy shit. They were not going to fuck while you were here in the closet.


You opened the closet, careful not to make any noise, leaving a small slit for you to see through.


You saw Kuroo pull her into the bed, flipping the comforter off him and allowing her to straddle his bare lower body. She started taking off her shorts, while Kuroo made quick work of her blouse. Oh hell no. This was not happening. You rubbed your eyes, hoping, praying, you were just misinterpreting the sight.

Nope. You were seeing perfectly fine.

Kuroo and his girlfriend were making out pretty damn hard now, you wondered if he was trying to kiss her or eat her goddamn face. It was starting to become obvious he was making a show of this. What’s this man’s problem? Doesn’t he realize he’s at your mercy now? You can easily just walk out of the closet and fuck this whole relationship up in a heartbeat. Kuroo wrapped his arms around his girlfriend’s body, pulling her close and allowing him access to the clasp of her bra. He looked over to the closet, making eye contact with you. You froze again, feeling the ice creep up in your veins once more. He mouthed “Perv~” at you before flashing you a wink and unclasping her bra.

That’s fucking it.

He pinned her down to the bed, and you saw your opening. If he kept her busy for just a few more seconds, she wouldn’t be able to see you make your leave. You crouched down, your belongings gathered under one arm, and quickly made your way across the room, virtually soundless. As you passed the bed, their moans became more audible. The sounds of lips smacking and “Oh Kuroo~”s made you want to vomit. You never really realized how gross sex sounded until you became the poor bystander forced to listen to it. His girlfriend’s leg flung across the side of the bed, barely missing you, causing you to flinch and drop your underwear.


You tried to reach down and grab them, but the sound of them beginning to sit up again startled you, so you decided not to rescue Privates Ryan and made a quick crouch-dash out of the room and bolted down the stairs. Downstairs, you frantically pulled on your shorts and shirt, and beelined to the door and rushed out of that hellhole.

It’s been a couple of days since the incident, and it’s safe to say you haven’t fully recovered. You’ve been nursing the problem with a few shots of Southern Comfort every few hours, but it was severely lacking in the latter. If anything, you just felt more depressed, guilty, and used. Kuroo attempted to call you earlier, but you let him go to voicemail. You didn’t have the mental endurance to speak with him right now. While lying on your bed, you realized just trying to repress your feelings and steadily becoming a junior member to A.A. wasn’t the right thing to do. You needed to something to clear your mind. Going outside would be a nice start, right? You slapped on some sweats and a comfy hoodie and decided to go to the library. You had some studying to do and you could grab a refreshing coffee while you’re out. It would be a nice trip to de-stress and clear your mind healthily. So you grabbed your dorm keys and began your light walk to the library.

You sat down at one of the soft University library couches, sinking into it and sighing in comfort. This was a great idea. You took a sip of your drink as noticed how busy it seemed to be today. In the huge, homey library you watched as a few students chatted nicely with the librarians, asking them where things were located. The calico library cat napped on the main desk as students passed by, giving it little pets and ear scratches, much to Catticus Finch’s enjoyment. On the other side of the main desk, a fancy planted fishtank sat with a purple betta swimming lazily around it waiting for food. You heard a bit of commotion, and turned around to find its source. A study group was silently arguing in the corner, and you took note of how diverse they seemed. The blonde, hippy looking girl of the group appeared to be arguing with the snarky looking playboy one with a huge forehead. The others, a white brunette lady with blue doe eyes, an old pudgy white man, a plump, motherly middle-aged darkskinned woman with a medium length brown afro, and a pair of boys-black and middle eastern-who seemed to be around the same age, seemed to be a little invested in the argument themselves. While those two went back and forth, the others seemed to chime in with their own sassy digs, causing the arguing pair to give them a look while the others laughed. You attempted to eavesdrop into their potentially interesting conversation, but you were interrupted by the soft clearing of someone’s throat in front of you.

“Hey…you take Mr. Williams, right?”

You peered up at the person talking to you. Golden eyes. Monochrome hair. Ah, yeah, this is the kid that sits a few seats in front of you in your English class. What was his name again? Bob? Borat? Whatever, you knew it was Bo-something.

“Yeah, you’re in my class, right?….Bo…..” you dragged on the “o” sound, searching through the vastness of your mind for this dude’s name.

“It’s Bokuto, Bokuto Koutarou.” He flashed you a bright smile and plopped down beside you. He was a little too close for a first proper meeting, but he seemed friendly, so you allowed him to stay where he was. “What’s your name? I’ve see you around but we never talk!” He seemed a bit upset at that for some reason. He’s never made an attempt to speak with you before this, though.

You introduced yourself, and asked what he needed from you.

“Oh yeah…” He chuckled,  before answering. “I don’t really need any help…I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.” A pale blush appeared on his cheeks as he began rubbing his neck sheepishly.

You felt your cheeks heat up as well in response to his honest reply. You shyly laughed it off before he switched the conversation to something else.

This was the start of something new, and you were going to embrace it.

You began meeting up with Bokuto regularly at the library every other day. You guys would talk about life, new music, your favorite T.V. shows, and basically anything else that came to mind. Sometimes, you’d study Biology a bit, but you two would get off track easily and begin pointing to the random images in the book and comparing them to each other. The more you hung out with him, the more you began to realize how genuine and caring of a guy he was. He texted you every day, asking how you are, brought you leftovers when he had them, laughed at your jokes, listened to you rant…he became your best friend, and your only friend, in a short amount of weeks. You guys had the same relationship you and Kuroo had previously, yet without the lying and cheating. It was a foreign concept to you, such a positive relationship without repercussions, but you were really enjoying it. You began to think about him in a different , dare you say it, romantic way, over time. You thought fondly of when he’d put an arm around your shoulder and greet you before class, when he’d congratulate you on a good test score by pulling you into an excited hug, when he’d bring you a nice, hot drink whenever he’d meet you in the library and give you a soft, friendly smile. You…had a crush on the owlish man.

He even got your mind completely off Kuroo, who, now that you thought about it, attempted to contact you many times in the past few weeks. You didn’t respond, of course, and obviously he grew desperate. He even tried to email you…who under 40 unironically uses email for personal things?

You shook off your thoughts and put the finishing touches on your famous gourmet meal, “A Bag of Doritos in a Fancy Glass Bowl” and set them on the coffee table in front of the couch. You were hanging out with Bokuto today, and you were quite excited. You planned a funny movie marathon on your small couch. Strategically small couch. You were hoping the petiteness of the couch would allow you some quality cuddle time with Bokuto. You were ready to take this relationship to the next level, and you were hoping this would give him the push to make his move.

The sound of the doorbell ringing interrupted your thoughts, he’s here! You took a deep breath, put on your friendliest smile, and made your way to the door, hoping that the stars would align in your favor.

You were in the middle of the movie marathon, and nothing has happened. Bokuto sat on the opposite side of the couch, he looked uncharacteristically nervous. Wait…weren’t you in a scene just like this before? You dismissed the thought and focused back on the task at hand. In opposition to Bokuto, you were chill as fuck. Not even a cucumber could face you in a battle of coolness. You waited a few treacherous moments more, before deciding it was time to make your move. It was now or never, and you were choosing now.

You contemplated a lot of cheesy movie moves, the yawing arm over the shoulder, reaching for chips at the same time, accidentally putting your hand on top of his….no, those wouldn’t work. Bokuto doesn’t get when you beat around the bush. You need to be direct. You took a deep breath, and made your move. Sweeping a blanket off the back of the couch, you leaned over, letting your head hit his shoulder and your body lie against his side, and enveloped the blanket over the two of you. You felt Bokuto immediately stiffen up. You gotta fix this.

“Uh…I thought you may be cold…we can cuddle…if you want.” God, curse your awkwardness.

Thankfully, Bokuto relaxed, allowing an arm to slip around your shoulder.

“I’d…really like that…” YES. He sounded just as awkward as you.

You two cuddled on the couch for the rest of the evening, enjoying each other’s company.

Alas, it was getting close to midnight, and Bokuto was getting tired. You guys both agreed it was time to return to his dorm so he could get a good night’s sleep.

You walked him to the door, his hand linked in yours, and stopped in front of it. Bokuto really did look tired, poor baby. His eyes had small, grey bags under them, and he couldn’t stop himself from yawning and stretching a bit. You weren’t complaining, however, he exposed a little bit of his midriff, and you were silently praising God for that heavenly view of his faint V line.

“Well, I guess this is goodnight. See ya tomorrow.”

Bokuto muttered a sleepy “Night…” releasing your hand and staggering to the door. He placed his hand on the doorknob before stopping. You stood still for a few seconds, wondering what he was up to. Was it locked?

Bokuto abruptly turned around briskly walking towards you and cupping your cheeks. You stared at his golden orbs in awe. Despite the low lighting in the room, they shone like full moons.

Bokuto rubbed his thumb delicately across your cheeks.

“C-can I kiss you?”

You didn’t give an answer, swiftly closing the gap between the two of you. His lips were a little chapped, but mostly soft, and tasted like…Nacho Cheese? Eh, you just rolled with it, it was your idea to have Doritos anyway.

You two broke apart, both equally flustered. Bokuto reluctantly let go of your cheeks and spoke up.

“Goodnight…I-I’ll call you t-tomorrow!” Oh my god, he’s so adorable when he’s embarrassed. Bokuto quickly made his way out of your door and, before the door closed, you caught a glimpse of him…fist pumping? You rolled your eyes playfully, hearing the door shut securely.

Bokuto may be a dork, but he sure is a lovable one.

“BRO…YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME LAST NIGHT.” Bokuto burst into his friend’s house, almost scaring the shit out of him.

Kuroo sighed in relief when he realized it was Bokuto excitedly coming into his house and not a crazy psycho killer. He really needed to lay off the late night horror video marathons.

“BRO. What happened?”


Kuroo couldn’t help but get a little excited, Bokuto has been crushing on this mystery girl for a while. He was glad his best friend was able to find someone that made him so happy.



Kuroo shot up from his spot in the kitchen, and made his way towards Bokuto, who donned a smile that could practically blind the whole town.



They started jumping up and down together in excitement, eventually calming down and laughing their asses off.

“Dude, you gotta let me meet her.” Kuroo said in between giggles.

“Of course! You gotta! Maybe we can all go on a double date! It would be so lit!! And we can get icecream and I can totally annihilate you in DDR! And…wait..” Bokuto stopped his tangent, looking around a bit. “Where’s your girlfriend…?”

Kuroo felt an arrow strike his chest.

“She…broke up with me.”

“Aw…” Bokuto’s excited smile quickly turned upside down, his body language  responding to comfort his friend. “Do you…wanna talk about it…?”

Kuroo realized there was a ninety-nine point nine percent chance Bokuto would kick his ass if he told him the truth. Deciding he enjoyed his ass where it was, Kuroo just shook his head.

“Not yet…but anyways, the outing still sounds fun! I’d still love to meet this cute friend of yours.” Kuroo plastered on a fake smile and attempted to get his friend’s attention off the breakup.

“YEAH! I’ll text her right now!”

Bokuto dragged you behind him along the sidewalk, walking with way too much pep in his step. He said something earlier about you two meeting his best friend. You didn’t get very many details from the owlish male, as he was too focused on getting you out of the house. You did manage to hear he’s so cool, funny, and a…what was it…flip cup champ? You made a mental note that if you ever got invited to a party, you need him to tag along too. The glory of the win in flip cup was too much to put at any kind of risk. Whoever Bokuto was taking you to meet must be hella cool.

You guys approached a cafe and went inside. The cool air gently hit you when you went inside, and the smell of freshly made coffee wafted into your nose, making you feel refreshed. Bokuto looked around eagerly, as you gazed at the menu, entranced by the diverse amount of options the small business gave you. Bokuto made a cute little gasp and began waving his arms frantically, eyes focused on a seat near the back of the coffee shop. You reluctantly looked away from the menu and trailed his gazed only to see a mess of black hair. Holy fucking shit. Please don’t let it be him. Please let it be some sort of evil doppelganger. You hid behind a Bokuto and peeked out from behind his back, letting the being stand up and face the two of you.

But there he was.

Kuroo Fucking Tetsurou.

The Joker x Reader - “The Twins”

The Joker was the one that started calling you “The Twins”; first as a joke, just to tease you and Frost, but then it became the nickname that defined your relationship in Gotham’s underworld and not only. You are inseparable and heavens help the person trying to hurt either one of you because it won’t end up well.

“I wonder what happened here,” J grins, slowly walking around and kicking the bloody corpses on the floor with the tip of his shoe. “Good thing we didn’t come to the meeting, huh Frost?” he addresses the henchman walking by his side.

“Yes, sir. I’m glad you didn’t trust the location, something definitely went down.” Jonny stops in his tracks, noticing a faint movement from one of the bodies right in front of him. “Boss, I think someone is still alive,” he makes The Joker aware, hovering over to take a better look.

You open your eyes, barely being able to focus on the face floating on top of you. It hurts all over.

“Move it, Frost! We’re not on a rescue mission here,” J orders, passing by and continuing to head towards the exit.

Jonny wants to step away but you gather all your strength and grab his leg, wheezing:

“Don’t…don’t leave me…here.”

“What the hell, Frost?! I said let’s go!!!!” J turns around and gets annoyed seeing Jonny in the same spot.

“Don’t…leave…me…here…p-please…” you whisper and lose consciousness, your hand going limp in the pool of blood next to you.

“Oh my God, seriously?!” The Joker cracks his neck, rolling his eyes when he notices his henchman ignoring the instruction. “Everyone, I SAID OUT! Clear the place in 5!” he barks at all the other goons and walks out of the warehouse because he has better things to do than dealing with whatever the hell happened inside that building.

He goes to the front of one of the vans they came with, impatient to drive away and getting ready to create some chaos around Gotham tonight.

“Are you deaf?! Put her down!” J yells at Frost when he notices you in his arms while he struggles to get in the back of the car.

“I know who she is, sir; I thought she looked familiar.”

“I don’t care, drop her or I’ll blow your brains out!”

“It’s Y/N, Mister J, the one we use for our code red,” Frost continues at his own risk, hoping to make his boss change his mind, already pulling your body inside.

“The sniper?!” he suddenly asks, intrigued by the situation. He never saw you before in person, he just hires your services when he needs someone killed and it’s too risky to do it himself. Frost briefly met you a few times before because he is the main one dealing with his boss’s business.

“Yes, sir, her. If she doesn’t die, we can use her again, you know she never misses,” Jonny bluffs, not really knowing why he feels the urge to save you.

“I couldn’t care less if she lives or die, we can find someone else. But since…” and J starts talking louder, irritated,” …you apparently have her in the van, we’ll take her with us. You’re pissing me off!!!!” he growls, adjusting his body in the seat, trying not to explode; if Frost wasn’t so useful he would be dead by now for insubordination.

Jonny doesn’t answer since he is already walking on very, very thin ice…again.


“Relax, woman, I’m not here to kill you,” J smirks, watching you stumble to the far side of the bedroom in your tank top and shorts, looking for something to defend yourself with. You were completely out for the last 2 days, you just woke up and saw The Clown Prince of Crime himself staring you down and panicked. “Are you looking for this?” he balances your gun on his finger, letting it drop on your pillow. “Here, you can have it back. It’s not loaded, of course,” he admits.

“W-where am I , Mister J?” you pant, recognizing your famous employer and holding your side, feeling the fresh wound bleeding through the bandages. You have 4 more gun wounds in your body but you are well patched up.

“So you’re Y/N, hm?” he puckers his lips, not answering your question. “Hey, Frosty, your girlfriend’s awake!!!” he opens the door, calling out for him. Then he turns towards you again, gazing at the blood leaking through your fingers from that nasty lesion you try to cover. “You’d better hurry up before she passes out!” J chuckles, observing you strain to keep your balance.

Your vision is getting cloudy but you still spot the man that saved you, aware of whom he is:

“…Jonny Frost,” you kind of smile, collapsing on your knees.

“Go help her, knight in shining armor,” The Joker maliciously commands,” …before she bleeds all over my Goddamn carpet!”


Something definitely clicked right with the two of you. You never really spoke before or spent more than a few minutes together, but that changed once Frost decided to save you that day and take care of you until you got better. The King of Gotham kept you in his service when he found out you have more skills than he thought; he certainly needs experienced people around him. As the months went by, you proved your worth on numerous occasions and now you are one of the two personal bodyguards Mister J has. Yes, you and Frost are assigned the important task of keeping an eye on him all the time, even two when you can spare them.

The Joker was the one that started calling you “The Twins”; first as a joke, just to tease you two, but then it became the nickname that defined your relationship in Gotham’s underworld and not only. You are inseparable and heavens help the person trying to hurt either one of you because it won’t end up well.

From time to time your boss likes to be sassy and complain (actually, he is always sassy and complains):

“If you two are half loyal to me as you are two each other, I think I’ve hit the jackpot here, yes?” he sucks on his silver teeth, waiting for a reply but you are quiet. Great, he is in one of his moods again.

J looks at you and taps his cane on the marble table, continuing:

“Is it true love?” he taunts, licking his lips.

“Huh?” you ask, confused.

“IS. IT. TRUE.LOVE?”  he repeats, not letting go. Mister J can be sooo obnoxious, doesn’t have a reputation for nothing.

“Might as well be,” you reply without blinking in a feisty tone since you are a bit annoyed, hoping he won’t distinguish it with the laud background music in the club. You are lucky he didn’t.

“Did the idiot even kiss you yet?” and that evil sparkle in his blue eyes makes you answer in a heartbeat:

“It’s not like that, sir!”

“Is he blind to your, um… charms?”  He sure likes to push it, knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

Would you stop it? you think, not in the mood for his interrogation.

“Like I said, it’s not like that, sir.”

“Did he ever try to kiss you?”

Really?! Just drop it!

“No, because I am sure he doesn’t want a black eye!” you mumble, still calm since you have no option.

“Oh, your Twin is here,” The Joker puts his feet up on the table, amused to death when Jonny steps inside the VIP room. “Y/N here tells me you never tried to kiss her, Jonny boy. True or false?”

One look at your face and Frost knows: Fuck, he’s in one of his moods again!

“True; I don’t want a black eye, sir.” The swift, cheeky response makes your boss laugh with that insane, cracked, raspy voice that doesn’t make you cringe anymore, but it used to.

“I’ll be damn, you even read each other’s minds! It is true love,” he gasps, entertained to antagonize you. “How old are you, Doll?”

Why does he want to know this now?!

“37 sir.”

“Frosty too! You are indeed twins; it was meant to be,” he winks at both of you, snickering.

“Jonny’s 39, sir!” you cut his enthusiasm, pissed and fighting to conceal it.

“My, my, my, pardon me. Since I am not the one you guys share your secrets with, I only know bits and pieces,” J ironically scoffs, not happy at your correction. “Guess what, I have an assignment for you,” he switches gears and it’s so like him to do so.


The mission was a fiasco because the explosives went off sooner than expected and Frost got injured, prompting you to abandon the plan and return to the hideout, facing a very dissatisfied Joker.

Your boss is livid and charges towards you, wanting to probably hit you, but Jonny steps in front of you. Even if he’s covered in cuts and bruises, he won’t stay idle at his boss’s lashing.

“Step aside!” he hisses through his clenched jaw, unnerved his henchman dares to stay in his way.

“It wasn’t her fault,” Frost insists and you pull on his jacket, signaling him to cut it out.

“Who’s fault was it then, hm?  I wanted those guns and now I don’t have them. Who’s responsible? I sent The Twins to deal with it!” he fumes, pointing at you.

“It was a mistake, Mister J, it won’t happen again,” you walk from behind your friend, speaking up. “We’ll be more careful.”

“You better be or I’ll finish you both myself!” he threatens, storming out of the office, slamming the door so hard one of the glass ornaments on the wall falls down, shattering to pieces.

“Jerk!” you mumble, placing Frost’s hand around your neck so he can lean on you. “Let’s take you to your room, I need to take care of your injuries.”


You are afraid your boss will retaliate and you decide to sleep in Jonny’s bedroom at the hideout, guarding him all night after he passed out, exhausted from the crappy day and pain medications.

In early morning J sneaks inside because he needs the map that Frost keeps on his desk (he never cares for privacy) and realizes you are curled up in bed by your best friend with a gun in your right hand and a knife in the other, finally asleep also. That irks him.

Do they really think they could protect themselves if I really wanted to kill them?! He tils his head to the side, rolling the paper he came for. He hears the gun click behind him and he doesn’t turn around for a few seconds.
“I wouldn’t do that, Y/N,” he sighs and faces you, watching you lower the gun with a wild expression on your face. “You are fortunate I need my Twins, but you are NOT irreplaceable, got it?” he sniffles, surprising you by leaving without further action.

“What was that?” Frost mumbles, barely opening one eye.

“Nothing, go back to sleep, I got you.” He does as told, knowing you mean it; he wouldn’t really trust anybody else with his safety.


A few more months pass by and after numerous missions you finally have time to relax for the night. You plan to use the indoor pool like you always do when there is nobody left at the hideout. You like to go swim naked and enjoy the solitude for a few hours. You wouldn’t know, but a few times you thought you were the only one left there, The Joker was actually present, hidden by darkness, watching you float in the water, humming songs to yourself. He wasn’t necessarily spying on you, but since only the dim lights from the pool were on and you didn’t see him, he decided not to say anything. It wasn’t a bad view anyway.

You walk the long hallway without your clothes on, playing with your long hair, anticipating the nice time you will have. Your Twin was sent to deal with a few new possible business partners and probably will be gone for the rest of the night. You are deep in thought and almost at the edge of the pool when you finally snatch a towel and stop, disappointed:

“Oh,” escapes your lips when you see J inside the pool, resting his chin on the crossed arms he placed on the tiles reel, analyzing you. “Um, I didn’t know you’re here, sir.”

“So what if I am? This is my hideout. What, are you gonna be shy now and bail?” he mocks you, ready to have some fun on your expense since you seat there naked and vulnerable. Yeah, no, he doesn’t really know you.

“I’m never shy!” you drop the towel closer to the edge, getting in the water and swimming right in front of him.

“That’s good, I would hate for you to miss on the fun because of me,” he still tries to make you uncomfortable without succeeding.

“No worries, I’m not,” you get even closer to prove you don’t care you’re there both…naked, apparently. And you really don’t care.

“Say Doll,” and he takes your arms, wrapping them around his neck and keeping them there, really wanting to ridicule you but you have no weird reaction: you don’t try to flee or avert your eyes. “How come you don’t talk to me too much? I’m your boss.”

“You never ask me anything, Mister J,” you tell the truth, not intimidated by his enquiry.

“What’s your favorite color?” The Joker randomly asks, truly desiring to fluster you. Yeah, he wishes. Maybe if he would have taken the time to talk to you more like Frost does, he would know you better.

“Red,” you fastly reply, curious to see where this is leading.

“No, it’s green,” he scoffs.

“Red!” you narrow your eyes.

“It’s green!” he points out with one finger towards his hair.

“Red!” you insist, pointing at your bright red hair.

“You’re annoying, Y/N. I like you better when you don’t say anything.”

You smile but The Joker continues:

“So, who is your favorite person among all these fine people working in our little enterprise here, hm?”

“Frost!” you declare without hesitation and he bites his lip.

“No, it’s me, I’m the boss and everyone’s favorite.”

“It’s Frost, sir,” you reply, persistent in your stubbornness. Why does he think he can make you agree with everything he says?!




“It’s Frost,” you start to laugh when he pushes you away.

“Get out of my pool!” he grumbles, watching you swim away and obeying his request.

You get out and take your towel, stepping away.

“Who’s your favorite, Y/N?” he tries one more time, not wanting to admit things didn’t go according to his little scheme.

“FROST!” you answer over your shoulder.

“You’re fired!” he splashes the water around, starting to float .

“No, I’m not, you need your Twins, Mister J!”

“FIRED!”  and you let him have the last word because you don’t want to push it too much.


After half a year or so, your best friend almost got killed because of Mister J. Your boss sent him on a wild goose chase inside Arkham Asylum- he strongly believed they have some new secret rooms built in the basement and he needed to know for sure. Jonny and the other boys didn’t find anything but it was rough as hell to get out of there alive. You weren’t allowed to go on this mission because J “wanted to protect you”, whatever that means in his mind, and it deeply disturbed you when you almost lost your Twin.

** You tiptoe on the dark corridor, undressed because you want to go for a swim, when you change your mind and run back to your room, grabbing your knife and creeping in J’s quarters. It’s only you and him at the hideout. You left Frost at his apartment after the ordeal last night; he definitely needs to rest properly following sweep-the - place-for-nothing Arkham stupid task.

The Joker is a light sleeper so he senses your movement, distinguishing your shape in the blackness as soon as he opens his eyes. He hears you whimper.

“What’s wrong, Y/N? Did something happen?” he lifts his head from the pillow and you don’t reply, you just step on the bed, dropping on top of him, panting. He gets the wrong idea when he realizes you’re naked. “Where were you last night, hm? You never showed up! Nobody makes me wait, Princess, not even one of The Twins,” he purrs, sliding his hands down your waist.

“I waited for Jonny,” you whisper and he doesn’t have time to react when the sharp blade pierces the pillow, barely grazing his cheek without cutting it. He didn’t notice it. “If he gets murdered because of you, better make sure I’m dead too because I will kill you!!!”

“Are you kidding me?!” he slaps your side, grunting under your weight when you unexpectedly pin his hands above his head, upset and not giving a damn about the consequences. “Don’t make me mad, Doll,” he menaces, not knowing if he wants to grant your dying wish yet. “Let go, NOW!”

He senses the tears falling on his chest and you release him, ready for his reaction, whatever it may be; you just couldn’t help it.

But he doesn’t do anything; he seats under your body in complete silence and so do you. The Joker finally pulls the knife out of his pillow and takes it to your throat, nipping your skin and you don’t defend yourself at all, even if you are capable to do so.

“Don’t ever do shit like this again, do you hear me?” he grinds his silver teeth, really feeling pissed. You could have easily ended him and he didn’t see it coming, that’s what’s aggravating him the most. “DO. YOU. HEAR. ME?” he emphasizes the words, cutting your flesh a bit more.

“Yes, I hear you,” you move your head backwards, distancing a notch from the blade.

“I told you before: I need my Twins, but you are not irreplaceable, woman!” He tosses the knife on the floor and you get up, gulping, wanting to go when he stops you. “I didn’t say you can leave!”

“I don’t want to be here anymore,” you admit, holding your throat, feeling warm blood on your fingers.

“I don’t care, you’re the one that came in the first place!” J snaps at you, yanking your fingers away from your cut. “Let me see,” he leans over and turns on the lamp, inspecting the wound he inflicted on you. “You’ll live, no worries, doesn’t look that bad.” He wipes the blood, then cleans his hands on the sheet. “And stop crying, your Twin is fine! Sometimes I wonder if you’re his girl or mine. After tonight’s events, I really don’t know which is which,” he grouchily moves you off him, and you slide on your knees, reaching for a tissue that you use to wrap your neck with for a few seconds before changing it with a clean one.  

“I said you can’t leave!” J keeps you on the bed when you try to get up again. “You have to make it up to me; I didn’t kill you so you owe me!”

“I didn’t kill you either so we’re even,” you defy him, covering your breasts with your long hair, taking another tissue out of the box. He moves your hair away, switching his position to a more comfortable one closer to you.

“Don’t tell me you’re suddenly shy!” he points out, gesturing you to come by him.

“I’m never shy,” you reply, already in a bad mood and startled after all that happened in the last couple of days.

“Keep it that way,” he snarls when you cuddle next to him, looking at each other with a mixture of hate, relief and who knows what else. “Here, I’ll hold it,” he offers to keep the tissue in place and his fingers go around your neck:

“I could break it right now!”

“Jonny will avenge me,” you calmly answer, confident he really would.

“You damn Twins, I created a monster,” he pecs on your lips, tightening his grip but not strong enough to make you choke.

It’s true love,” you repeat what he always teases you and Frost with, closing your eyes.

“Probably, I’m starting to get jealous,” he whispers, shrieking the words.

“Don’t be, Mister J, The Clown Prince of Crime can’t afford that,” you place your head on his chest with his fingers still clenched on the tissue around your neck.

“Stop being sassy, Y/N, or Frost will have to try and revenge your death in the morning!”

“Yes, sir…” you agree, smiling to yourself, not being afraid of his threats. Your Twin will always have your back.

It really must be true love.

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Long Day

Pairing: Jasmine Cephas Jones x Female!Reader

Warnings: Some offensive terms regarding LGBT+ orientations. (I fully support the LGBT+ community, I promise.) and a couple curses. I tried to censor all that. and maybe I might have some bad grammar every now and then, sorry.

A/N: A while back, I deleted all of my writing because I was having a bad day, and I really felt like I needed to start over. No one really seemed to notice so I guess that’s good that I didn’t make anyone upset? If you want me to bring one of them back, please let me know. Hope this thing isn’t crap, and know that I love to all so much. Thank you for supporting me and staying with me. You guys are incredible. I hope you enjoy what I try to provides my beautifuls. 💚

A hug.

That’s all I wanted. That’s all I needed.

Today was absolutely miserable.

This morning, I slept through my alarm clock, so I barely had time to do my morning routine, while trying to whip up something for breakfast. The eggs I had on the stove burst into flames while I was in the middle of drying my face, so I completely panicked. I removed the frying pan on the stove but my shaking hands dropped a good portion of the food onto the burner. I dumped the pan into the sink and turned on the water. The only thing I heard was a loud sizzle and I closed my eyes and hung my head back in annoyance.

My senses jolted like crazy when a sudden crack scared the crap out of me. The cord to the coffee machine melted under the heat of the pan and shocked under the water. I bolted and slammed into the counter as I jumped to shut off the water, as one last (and fairly loud) crack resonated from the damn machine. It was definitely broken and I could already tell today was going to be a terrible day.

Traffic was a mess. There was a crash ahead of a long line of cars, and I was not in the mood to wait. But at least it wasn’t me in the crash.

I arrived to work a good half hour late and my boss flipped out. Whatever. She rambled on and on about how I have to be at work as soon as possible and all that.

“-and this is the last time. I’m not giving you any more second chances!”

You never gave me any chances to begin with, but okay. “Yes ma'am,” I replied boredly, and ambled over to my cubicle.

My co-worker, who sat right next to me gave his traditional exaggerated gag at me. He’s never been too “supportive” of my relationship, to put things nicely. I let out a deep exhale, followed by an eyeroll.

“Hello to you too,” making sure to drag out my sarcasm. ‘Asshole’, I wanted to add on the end.

“Your presence is so displeasing to be around,”

“Thanks. I try.”

“Why are you always like this?!” he stood up, and yelled angrily.

“Always like what? A human being?” I replied as calmly as I could.

“You homosexuals think you can just do or say whatever the hell you want? Because it makes you ‘sassy’ and ‘appreciable’ instead of so damn irritating?!” he spat at me. His disgusting saliva hit my pant leg. As ready as I was to knock him out with a single blow, I couldn’t loose my job, despite how much I hated every bit of it. I slowly grabbed a tissue and began wiping it off.

“You’re really pathetic, you know? You’re too much of a coward to fight back! Is that why you call yourself ‘queer’?” he mocked quotation marks with his hands. “Because you couldn’t find a single man who was interested in you?? That you were such a desperate wh*re for a good time, you paid a sl*t to be with you?”

My chest rose and lowered heavily with irritation, and I felt the bridge of my nose begin to heat up. My eyebrows furrowed down in complete anger as I clenched my knuckles in some way to lower my temper. I dug my thumbnail into my palm to distract me from his lashing out.

“You and your imaginary 'identity’ and 'girlfriend’ are all going to rot in hell! And a good riddance too. The world could use one less dyk-”


I’m pretty sure I dislocated his jaw, and knocked out a few teeth. He fell to the floor, hand flying to his mouth. His eyes were tightened shut and he let out a small sob. All my frustration left through my fist and into his face. I instantly regretted my decision, but at the same time I didn’t. I was not going to have any more of his bullsh*t.

“Who’s pathetic now, asshole??” I felt so relieved after such a quick turn of events. But that relief turned into regret. I knew what came next as I heard the approaching of clicking heels.

“What did I just say??” my boss yelled in utter distress. She screamed my last name. I flinched, because of the sudden volume change. “This was your last chance! You’re fired! I want all of your stuff out of here by tomorrow morning!” she screeched. I let that built up flame in me turn into a blazing inferno.

“I’m glad to leave this dump anyways!” I scoffed, “Good luck without me! Have fun with that 20% drop in profits!” I pulled a box out from under my desk and started slamming my things into it, laughing maniacally, “And you,” I turned my attention to the moaning pile of pity on the floor. Bloody drool was oozing out of his mouth and staining the scratchy carpeting, “hope that divorce is going well! I heard she re-married the guy she cheated on you with!”

I grabbed my box of things and sped towards the exit. I didn’t dare look back.

I made my way to my car and shoved my box of items in the trunk. I drove home angrily, not wanting to think of past events. Once I pulled into my driveway, I didn’t get out of my car. I looked to my side and saw Jazz’s car. Right, today’s her day off. I froze, and completely broke down. I dropped my forehead onto the wheel and the horn let out a long honk.

“What the hell did I just do??” I cried to myself. I held my head in my hands in disappointment and let it all out. The one thing I regretted the most was that I’d still need to return to that sad place one last time to finish up all of my unanswered paperwork and end things finally. I hit my palm into my forehead while muttering “stupid, stupid, stupid” over and over.

It took me a good amount of time, and a lot of heavy sighs to heave myself out of the car and to the door. I placed my box down on the ground and fumbled through my purse for my keys. As soon as I’d pulled them out of my bag, they slipped out of my trembling hands and into the box of clamored items. I took a moment to smack my hand against my face, then after a sharp inhale, I dug my arm into the box and scrambled around for those goddamn keys. After managing to cut my arm against a sharp object, I retrieved my keys and opened the door.

I was greeted with the angelic voice of my girlfriend humming a tune I believe she improvised. She noticed me immediately and walked over. Her face read happiness but suddenly cut to worry once she saw my box.

“Oh, baby,” she took the box and placed it on the nearest table and engulfed me in a warm, loving embrace. I couldn’t help jerk out a small cry. She rubbed her arm up and down my back soothingly.

“It’s okay baby, it’s okay,” she reassured. Her voice was gentle and soft. I couldn’t help but feel my sadness lift. Everything about her just seemed to make my mood fade away. I held her tighter. Of all the things I lost today, my time, my breakfast, my temper, my job, I sure as hell was not going to lose my girlfriend.

She was the only thing right about today.

“Do you want to talk about it, baby? Do you need to let it out?” she brought her arm up over my shoulder.

I nodded. “Maybe,” I choked, “maybe in a minute. I just need this right now,” I mumbled.

“Take all the time you need baby,” she loosened her grip the slightest and led me to sit down on the couch. She closed the door and sat next to me, encasing her arms over my shoulders once more. I leaned onto her shoulders, letting a few tears slide down my cheeks.

“I’ve been having the worst luck, Jazz,” I sniffled.

“It’s okay, babe-”

“No it’s not,” I shut my eyes as the muscles in my mouth contorted into a painful frown, “Jazz, I lost my job,” I whispered.

You didn’t lose your job, they lost their best, and most hard working employee,” her hand rubbed circles into my side. My frustration and anxiety seemed to melt at her touch.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t let him,” I growled out, “freaking him bother me. I promised myself he wouldn’t affect me, and I totally just-”

“Babe, what did you do?”

I sniffed and closed my mouth. I cut the conversation in silence. The house was quiet other than the low vibrating sound of the air conditioner. Jasmine rested her cheek on the top on my head, while she adjusted her arms so one was over my shoulder and the other was around my waist. Then I decided to speak.

“..I might’ve punched him,” I squeaked.

Jazz let out a breathy chuckle.

“That’s my girl!” she laughed aloud.

That damn contagious laugh. I tried to stifle a giggle.

“No, Jazz, I lost my job because of that!”

“Who cares? That d*ck got what he deserved!”

“I’ll admit that, yeah.”

We had a good, small laugh session. Then the fun started to die down. Once again, I couldn’t help but worry.

“Jazz,” I hesitated, “I-I lost my job..”

“Aw, baby, don’t worry about it. You were the best employee they’d ever dream of having. You’ll get such a better job in a matter of minutes!” she pressed a kiss against my cheek.

“You really think so?” I doubted.

“I know so. Babe, you’re the smartest, strongest, most talented person I’ll ever know.”

“Besides yourself,” I added jokingly.

She smirked, “I mean, if you insist.”

I gave her a little playful push. “How is it you know exactly how to make things better?”

“If it’s alright now, then there really was nothing that needed to get better,” she pressed her forehead against mine.

“Wise words of a wise woman,” I lifted my head up to connect our lips. When we disconnected, I just stared and smiled at the goddess I could claim as my own.

This makes everything right. The only acceptance I need is from my Jazzy. The only love I need is from my Jazzy. The only thing that’s right is my Jazzy.

“How about I call Pippa and Née over and we all go see a movie or something?”

“In a minute,” I wrapped my arms around her as she pulled me close once more, “can we just stay like this for a while?”

“Of course, baby”

“God, how did I get so lucky?”

“I ask myself that all the time.”

A hug from her was all I needed.

A long hug after a long day.
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