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My Past Has Tasted Bitter, Pt. 2

Hi there!!! Can you please do a continuation of the Keith oneshot? I really liked it and think you did a wonderful job <3

A/N: Thank you sm. <3 I was probably gonna do this whether it was requested or not tbh lmao. I love writing about Keith and Red so much. Also, remember when Black showed Shiro her past? I included something like that in here too. I hope you guys like this one as much as you liked the other!

P.S., Keith is a total weakling for you.

Summary: The team figures out that Keith, your boyfriend, has Galra blood. And the Galra Empire is what tore your life apart. Looking for advice, you feel a secondary bond with a certain red beast begin to form.
Requested by: anonymous
Pairing: Keith x Reader (gender-neutral)
Warnings: PTSD, mentions of past torture, past imprisonment. Nothing sexual, but there are some somewhatly aggressive kisses ;;;;


Horror punched you in the heart.

Keith watched the realization unfold on your face and in your widening eyes. You could end up panicking, or lashing out at him, or worse. He had no idea what to do. What could he even say? The thing that terrified you the most was the Galra Empire. And now …

“[Name], I– … ” Keith tried to talk a slow step towards you. And like lighting, you took a step backward. He winced at your fear, “[Name], it’s still me … I’m still Keith! I always have been!”

Your facial expression and body language didn’t change. It was like you were having millions of flashbacks all at once and it was making you completely stoic, aside from the clear utter shock on your face. You had one arm outstretched towards him, warning him, and your opposite hand was ready to come in contact with the wall behind you.

You looked ready to run.

“I– … ” you started, throat tightening on your own words. You turned on your heel and hurried out of the room, “I need some space.”

The red clad paladin stared after you in dismay. Everything in him was screaming to run after you, to tell you that he’s always been the same person and that he’ll never change, but the he just couldn’t move. He didn’t want to overstep his boundaries.

You were afraid. Afraid of him.

Shiro stepped up beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder, “She’ll come around, don’t worry about it for now. We need to get you into a healing pod.”

Keith shrugged him off, “It’s more complicated than that.”


It’s been a while since I cried like this, you wiped your cheeks with the sleeves of your shirt, Who am I kidding? I can’t keep this held up inside. This is healthy. Crying is healthy.

The darkness of your own room was comforting. It had been a while since you’d been back in here. You were sharing Keith’s bed almost every night.

Not tonight. You thought.

Keith is Galra.

But you could have gone your entire life and you still never would have expected it. He didn’t look Galra, didn’t act Galra, and he didn’t sound Galra. So how?

Did he know about this?

Your breathing began to pick up again in a panic.

And if he did, for how long?

Anxiety laced it’s way through your heart and you tried to get a grip, but it wouldn’t come.

What if he was trying to hide it? Could he still be trusted? What if he’s working for Zarkon? What if–?

… Is that growling?

Your mind went blank and the thoughts of fear and anxiety suddenly vanished, but were not forgotten however. You took a deep breath, trying to focus in on the newfound energy making a connection to you.

You could hear her purring.


Wiping the [suddenly annoying] tears from your eyes, you stood up from your spot against the wall and made your way toward the door. You looked both ways down the hall to ensure that Keith, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn’t see you. You brought your sleeves down and walked down towards the hangar.

You reached the massive doors with a slight feeling of anxiousness. Was she really pulling at you? And if she was, why? And why you? You weren’t Keith. The Red Lion is already distrusting as it is. Why would she trust you?

Not that you weren’t trustworthy or anything, it’s just so sudden.

From the things you had heard and seen, she only wanted Keith.

… Oh. That’s what this is.

You inwardly cringed, turning back in the direction of the way you came. But then the hangar doors opened with a hiss.

You cringed once again, visibly this time, and turned back toward her. She sat pridefully with her scarlet plating almost glowing. Her bright yellow eyes beaming down towards you with such intensity, you could feel your chest tightening up.

This was just a little scary.

“Hi, Red.” You shivered.

The lion released a small grunt that scared you half to death. It was small for her, but for a human who was the size of an ant compared to her, it was a car horn.

In spite of that, almost at once a cold breeze hit you and you suddenly felt the atmosphere grow dark. It felt as though the wind was knocked out of you and you wanted to double over at the sudden shock. You took a deep breath and stood straight up once again, inhaling and exhaling in order to calm your anxious thoughts, and opened your eyes.

Red was behind you now, flashes of light catching your sight every now and then. Keith stood before you, a good twenty feet away. You looked him up and down and noticed his emotions were changing rapidly, from a look of shock, to happiness, fear, anger, and love. They were changing as though you were seeing a number of different clips of him from different moments in time all at once.

Confusion locked in on you and you turned back to look up at the enormous lion, “Why are you showing him to me?”

She didn’t respond. You sighed and turned back to the strange image. But your head began to pound and strange feelings of affection and admiration washed over you suddenly. A pulsing headache made you feel like you would split in two at the sudden pain. Confusion and fear wormed its way through your heart and you groaned, “What– is this? Please stop!”

Red purred.

What? She’s never done that for me. She does this for Keith.

You looked up. Your headache began to fade as you finally figured out why she was doing this to you.

She wanted you to see him for who he was. You were experiencing Keith’s feelings.

Keith loves you. He wants you safe. He protects you and would never trade you for anything in the world. “I get it now,” you murmured, “I’m sorry. Even I should have realized that you trust him. You’re the one who’s trust is the hardest to earn.”

You began to feel ashamed of the fact that you’d even thought of Keith as the enemy. Keith had never—even in one of his fits of rage—laid a hand on you. You realized that you were almost everything he wanted to protect.

“Keith isn’t Galra,” you spoke louder now with confidence and your heart began to swell once more with affection for your boyfriend, “I need to find him.”


Hesitant fingers stopped before you could knock on the door to his room. Keith was without a doubt inside, because whenever he was upset he was either with you or he would lock himself away somewhere.

How could you have been so stupid? Of course Keith wasn’t the enemy, or even a spy if the Red Lion accepted and protected him as much as she had. That lion loved him, and you did too. Which made this all the more difficult. What if he panics, or lashes out at you? Or worse?

Well, you had to try.

“Keith?” Your voice was barely more than a pitiful whisper as the anxiousness overwhelmed your confidence, “Can you open the do–?”

Instantly, the door opened and there he stood. His brows were furrowed and his mouth was slightly agape. His body looked rigid but he stared with a soft look on his face and he seemed like he was meeting you for the first time all over again. That pitifully soft look he gave you as Shiro picked you up off the floor of that Galra cell.

It was so unlike him to show anyone this side of him. It was only you ever shown to you.

“I’m so sorry,” you started awkwardly, “I was so overwhelmed and scared and I just–”

His arm dropped to his side and he closed his mouth.

You rubbed your arm and sighed, “It was selfish of me. I know you’re not Galra … You would never hurt any one of us.”

He stared for a moment longer before he shifted his weight forward. You looked back up at him and made eye contact with the paladin as his arms and fingers flexed nervously, “ … Will you let me hug you?” He asked quietly.

Instant relief flooded you like a raging river. This boy had always respected your physical and emotional boundaries and you couldn’t have loved anyone for it more, “As if you even have to ask.”

He pulled you toward him and had his arms around you in what felt like a split second. You faintly heard the door close behind you under the sound of Keith’s steady breathing against your head. His soft breathing lulled you almost asleep, right there against him.

“I never want to lose you,” his voice was muffled in the crook of your neck, “Ever.”

You stood there for a while, simply clutching onto each other like you hadn’t seen each other in years. His hold on you grew to be even more intense as his body shuddered. You wondered what he could be thinking about.

Keith pulled away, not completely however. He still had his arms draped over your waist, “Will you come lay with me?”

“Of course,” your voice was almost hushed enough to be a whisper.

He led you to his bed and got under the covers before leaving his arms outstretched for you to join him. You cuddled up as close to him as you could get and focused on his breathing. His breath trembled and you thought his body was going to start trembling again, but he simply pulled you closer.

He would never hurt you.

“I think I’m in love with you.” Keith’s hoarse voice made your heart stop at the sudden statement.

You shifted so you’d be able to look up at him and he was immediately ready to meet eye contact through the near darkness, “You’re the only person I can see myself waking up with everyday. I’d never be able to live knowing that something happened to you and I wasn’t there to protect you from it.”

You stared, speechless.

“I love you, [Name] … And I know it’s just words, but … I’d never hurt you.”

Keith slowly went back in to hug you again after a brief pause between the two of you, but you leaned over him and crushed your lips to his. He kissed you back almost without thought, relief and affection exploding like wildfire in his chest. He brought his hands up to the sides of your neck, brushing your jawline and sending a shiver down your spine. You broke away to sit up and straddle him and he eagerly brought you back down to kiss you again. His hands went from your neck and down to your waist as he began to softly knead your skin in his hands. You broke away slowly to lean back for a moment to breathe.

“[Name] … ” Keith’s breathing began to pick up, “You’re gonna be the death of me.”

You laughed softly, running a hand through your hair to get it out of your face, “I love you too, Keith.”

A soft smile broke across his face. And for a moment, you felt as though nothing else in the world mattered.

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Bts reaction to finding out their s/o used to cosplay. Thank you 😊

BTS Finding Out That You Used To Cosplay


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Hobi would be flabbergasted that you didn’t tell him, having to find out through a few pictures of you on the internet in such good cosplay that he assumed you actually were the character you were portraying. He’d immediately question you about it, wanting to know all he could about your time as a cosplayer, what characters you cosplayed as and would beg you for pictures. “Pleaseeeeeee jagiya? At least one?” *Cue puppy dog eyes* He may even ask you to bring something out during intimate times between the two of you, practically drooling at the thought of you dressing up for him.


Originally posted by unicornrulerofnarnia

Ok, so we all know that this alien isn’t as innocent as he seems to be 😂 He’d probably pretty into the idea of you dressing up and doing roleplay, especially after seeing how well you portrayed the characters you cosplayed as. After being told about your cosplay and finding all the pictures he could of you, he’d most likely corner you and ask why you hadn’t told him when you knew how much he’d like that sort of thing. “C’mon jagiya, you are completely beautiful and I love you, but just IMAGINE what it would be like if we roleplayed!”


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

If anything, Jin would be jealous at how gorgeous you always seemed to be in every single cosplay you did. Every singly photo he found of you was absolutely stunning, frustrating him to the point where he sits in the corner sulking and tries to ignore you when you come over to see whats wrong. “Seriously? Thats why you’re upset?” “Yes it is! How can you be even more perfect than you already are? It’s not fair!” “Jinnie, I can help you cosplay and take a nice photo if thats what it takes to make you calm down.” “….Fine.”


Originally posted by jamless-vibes

Being the complete nerd that he is, Jungkook would immediately start fanboying after spotting your photos on a cosplay website online. Especially when he sees that you specialised in Marvel character cosplays. He would download all of your pictures and practically tackle you over to show you what he had found, all the while questioning you on how long it had taken you to piece everything for your costumes together. “HOW DID YOU MAKE THE ARC REACTOR LIGHT UP? HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO MAKE EACH PLATE FOR THE ARMOUR? WHAT DID YO-” “KOOKIE LET ME BREATHE!”


Originally posted by joonie-bts

Rapmon would be completely impressed by your work as a cosplayer and would ask you multiple questions about it, how you first got interested in it, what type of characters were you favourite etc. He’d be really proud of all the amazing costumes you had made by hand and would even encourage you to get back into cosplaying. “Honestly jagiya, I can tell that you miss it.”


Originally posted by minyoongummysmile

Suga would be stunned at how amazing you look in your photos, taking his time to stare at each one to notice all the details he could. He would be incredibly moved by how passionate you seemed to be about your work as a cosplayer, looking through each long and compelling post you made about the subject on your old blog. He would sit next to you and take you hands in his, grinning at you with that sweet, gummy smile of his. He’d tell you about how inspiring (infires!) your posts were and how much he loves the passion that you had for it, asking why you stopped and would try to ask you to start it up again. “You could at least be a mentor to people starting out jagiya. Help them out to reach the amazing level you managed to reach.”


Originally posted by miniaturesaladturtle

Jimin would definitely be in awe of how easy you made cosplaying seem, obsessing over each picture of you he could find. He would hug you tightly the next time he saw you, cooing and giggling over how amazing and creative you are. He’d even ask you if you could help him with posing for pictures in the future because of how good your photos always looked. “Jiminie, you look fine in your pictures.” “But with your help I could make them even better!” “If that’s even possible.”

I really hope you like it dear anon! :D God, I really need to get into cosplay properly lmao. I’m missing out on so much amazingness~ Please request again sometime soon dear anon ^_^ Can’t wait to hear from you again~

Hiya! My name is Charlotte and I’m a 19 year old British nerd. (I have the accent n everything) I’m bi-sexual but lean towards girls, and I consider myself gender neutral with female pronouns. 

I’m sarcastic as hell and i have a weird sense of humour so i usually make jokes people don’t find funny and then i’m like okay great

I enjoy anything geeky, The Walking Dead especially. I play video games, write books, and do a lot of walking in my spare time. I’m super lame and i ramble a lot so I’m sorry I guess lmao. Uhhh.. I’m looking for friendship or a relationship, open to anything and anyone! 

Tumblr: http://ag-a-stopia.tumblr.com/
Kik: iAgastopia
Skype: Charlotteh.972

Hmu!! <3

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hoseok and “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” !!!!

Request a BTS member + a fluff prompt!

It was warm here. Under the covers, feeling the air conditioning brushing your face, you were always comfortable. Summer was always warm in this city, but you had accepted the sudden hike in the utility bill as long as the apartment stayed cool. However, the general idea of high air conditioning stopped working when Hoseok came around. He was incredibly touchy. The two of you had only been a couple for a few weeks, but that never stopped him. Kissing, cuddling, holding hands, any sort of physical contact was like a drug to him. No matter how much he got, he just wanted more.

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A headcanons for Chocobros(I feel silly calling them that)being protective of their fem!S/O during pregnancy and first few months after birth?(bonus-holding child for first time)

Pregnancy (Chocobros)

Haha, well it is a silly name. I still think it’s v cute though lmao. I might do the baby holding one, but that’ll probably be tomorrow. Also I’m sorry but I’ll be keeping it gender neutral. I’m non binary so I want my writing to be as inclusive as possible. Hope you understand and hope you enjoy regardless :)

Part of him feels he’s in way over his head. The other part of him wants to make sure his s/o doesn’t have to worry about a single thing. It may seem excessive which it is but he’ll get Ignis to organise a whole team to help look after everything. For more personal things like the nursery, he’ll ask his s/o what they want, in terms of colours, toys, etc and hope the way he arranges it is to their tastes. Probably going to be very fussy throughout the whole thing because he wants everything to be just right. He’s completely clueless when it comes to pregnancy, and he doubts his ability to be able to look after his s/o. His attention ends up mainly going into everything else as a result. It arrives at a point that, his s/o tells him to cool it and relax with him. That’s when he first feels the baby kick and thinks they need a doctor.

Very doting. Spends pretty much all his time looking after his s/o. Tries not to take it seriously when the hormones hit and he’s the person his s/o ends up taking it out on. At the end of the day, he knows they’re pregnant with his kid. They can’t really mean what they say, right? Does a lot of back and forth to sate the strange cravings they’ll have. Will probably do all the important stuff, like diapers, clothes and a nursery when his s/o straight up forces him to do it. He’s still reluctant because “What if it strains you?” They tell him, they’ll manage just fine, and the only thing they need is for him to help them get all this stuff sorted out as early as possible. Expect to see him insist that his s/o needs a wheelchair, while they facepalm because “It’s only been 5 months, relax.”

Out of everyone, he’ll be the most informed on pregnancy and the most prepared to assist his s/o in whatever they need. He’ll keep a watchful eye on them but give them a little space too, and arrange for their friends and family to visit them a bunch, in case he’s extremely busy. That’s also his way of avoiding the brunt of their hormones. Which is to say that, while he’s definitely ready to support them, he has too much on his plate as is to be able to deal with that sort of thing too. Likely to arrange for a maid to help out too. (Note: I wasn’t sure what word to use, but ended up using maid because that’s what we use where I live)

While he’s happy, he finds that Iris seems to be even more excited than him. His s/o enjoys her company and the whole pregnancy through, it’s just a tug of war between the two siblings for who gets to spend more time with his s/o. When she notices that the hormones are starting to get worse, Iris concedes to Gladio who thinks he’s won some grand prize. Only to learn over the coming days that his s/o is very moody and has zero patience. They really chew him out over getting caught up in a petty sibling rivalry when he should have been getting other things done. Goes into overdrive to compensate and appoints Iris to help his s/o. She smiles politely and tries not to lose her mind throughout the remaining while.

Yixing (Lay) as a father

A/N: I started this because of jparkitonme , bc i lov her, if anyone wants one for they fav, i’ll do it lmao

(A/N: I know some people want these to be more gender neutral. And I would, but it makes it harder for me and I literally decide the gender by rolling a dice lmao, I’m all for gender neutrality but for these I just did it differently! - the day your daughter was born was the peak of his happiness, he hadn’t know that she could bring him that much j o y.

- praising her for her beautiful looks all the time, then whispering in your ear “it’s because she got it all from my beautiful wife.”

- when she was an infant Yixing would spend hours laying with her on your bed, stroking her soft baby smooth skin and wondering how he made something so small and delicate this perfectly

- yixing, attempting to, do her hair. Her first day of kindergarten you weren’t able to be there because of your work schedule, so yixing sent her off, and when you picked her up, her “braid” was going sideways and there was hair sticking out and you’re like oh my god baby please tell me it wasn’t like that all day

- but when you got home, you and your daughter smiled at him, praising his beautiful braiding skills. “Where all the other girls jealous of how pretty you looked?” “Of course, baba.”

- secret pinky promises between the two, like you’ll come out for breakfast in the morning and they’re giggling over their waffles about something that’s “a secret mommy!” And you just kinda smile because it’s so cute

- YIXING being the one to ask if she can sleep in the bed with you two, but when you asked, she’d loudly yell “I can sleep alone now! I’m a big girl baba!” Because she got all that independence from you tbh

- yixing expressing to you how afraid he is of her growing up to fast, and his fears for her future because he never wants anything to hurt her angel head

- holding hands as a unit, your daughter in the middle as she held on tightly to both your hands, yixing swinging her between you two every now and then

- yixing being incredibly extra whenever she hurt herself accidentally, like you’re drinking lemonade in the house while they look for bugs outside and then you just hear a door slam and he’s screaming at you that she’s bleeding and he’s almost sobbing but then your daughter comes in with dirt in her wound still like “is baba okay?”

- late dinners with daddy at his practice room, whenever he was sure he couldn’t make it home (he wanted to be there as often as he could you had to sometimes PUSH him out the door) you two would drive there with takeout and the three of you would sit on the floor and eat and laugh at your daughters impressions

- Yixing trying to teach her how to dance, ever since she was an infant she always danced and yixing was over the moon that she wanted to learn “to dance like daddy!”

- god like you’d be such a loving family because yixing would be such a loving father and he would love you both to infinity and care for his daughter so much sometimes you had to pry him away because he just wants the best and you have to let him let her fly, and he understands it, he just doesn’t want his little butterfly to fly to far.