i look so cute and sophisticated

BTS’ Style

A few people have messaged me about how I would describe the style I use to make the members inspired/scenario outfits, so I just decided to make a post with all of them! :)

Jin: Jin’s style is pretty classic in the sense that he typically sports the sweater/cardigan look. Most of his outfits aren’t that colorful and he has some what of a sophisticated look to them, which makes sense for he is the oldest member. Also he often wears glasses with his outfits. For outfit scenarios I make the outfits a cute/girly style, but isn’t overly cute. Since his ideal type is someone who wears dresses or over-sized shirts and sneakers, I try to incorporate such articles of clothing in the looks.

Yoongi: Inspired looks for Yoongi are pretty versatile, some days he will wear a white tee and leather jacket or an over-sized sweater and huge scarf. His style is pretty basic, yet fresh in my opinion. He likes to wear accessories; hats, scarves, glasses, etc… For outfit scenarios I either try to mimic his style or go for the tomboyish look. He has said before that he likes the street style/ hip hop look on a girl. Yet, he prefers a basic and plain look, similar to himself.

Hoseok: In the past Hoseok’s style was really hip hop, but lately it has been changing into a more classic look like Jin’s. He kind of switches off and on, I guess.  But I have noticed that he wears a lot of hats. Whether it be beanies or bucket hats, he seems to enjoy pairing his outfits with that accessory. In a way I feel like his style is more about being comfortable than too stylish. For outfit scenarios I will either make an outfit somewhat similar to his own style or pretty girly. Hoseok has said that he likes girls who wears dresses, but also can rock the causal/comfortable look. He prefers nothing to be too over the top or stylish.

Namjoon: Ahh we all know that Namjoon has the most range in his fashion style. He will wear all black one day and a pink shirt the next. His style goes from classy to hip hop. His outfits are always well put together, yet sometimes they will be questionable. I would say that he is the most fashion forward member out of all of them since he does have the widest range of style. For outfit scenarios, I try to stray from the idea of his ideal type wearing a white tee, shorts, and red converse, for I feel like that is overused. So I just try to make outfits that are a mix of girly and tomboy, leaning more towards towards street style. Making a few outfits here and there inspired by his chic style.

Jimin: For inspired looks I try to add a hint of street style/hip hop, mainly with snapbacks because he tends to wear that often! I would say that he also wears a lot of causal-ish clothing, such as a tee/hoodie with ripped jeans and sneakers! So his style, in my perspective, is kind of casual yet stylish! And for outfit scenarios I try to make outfits that are kind of on the cute/girly side, because Jimin has expressed before that is his ideal type’s style! He prefers the “cute and fresh”  kind of outfits on a girl! But I sometimes make the outfits somewhat inspired by his own style! Just depends on which type I think would most fit the scenario!

Taehyung: Tae loves to wear over-sized sweaters and tees, which are absolutely adorable on him. His style is more so on the classy/chic side of things. He wears a lot of turtle necks and trench coats, especially during the winter time. Whenever he isn’t dressed up, he will usually wear a huge hoodie or sweater, going for a more comfy look. Taehyung’s ideal type’s style is pretty similar to his own style, so I will typically make the outfit scenarios inspired by him. But when I want to change things up, I will go for a more cute style,for I think he would like that on a girl as well.

Jungkook: I would say that Jungkook’s style is a mix of Hoseok’s and Jimin’s, in the sense that he goes for a more casual street look. He loves to wear his plain white over-sized tee and ripped jeans. Lately, he has been wearing more beanies and bucket hats. Almost all of his outfits are pretty basic, but the colors coordinate well with each other. For outfit scenarios, Jungkook has said that his ideal type’s style is pretty basic, similar to himself, so I usually pair a white tee with shorts and throw in a beanie here and there. I feel like there isn’t much of a difference in my inspired and scenario outfits for him.


Photography with Yoongi and Jungkook!

Being a photographer means you have a very sophisticated look so people know your profession is serious. I went a casual and, again, comfortable look. It’s important to be comfortable whenever you can right? It’s also a matured look but still cute and great collage casual look that can be worn around campus as a student photographer (which is why it was inspired by Jungkook and Yoongi, 2 people who enjoy having a camera at hand :)

To all the Kim Seokjin stans out there

this one’s for you!

note: this post originally started off as a free the forehead kimseokjin post but *laughs nervously* it took a turn

yas badboy millionaire jin, flaunt it!

his smile is just! agrgrfgrffsijfsofjg

he’s so cute!!!~

isnt there a katy perry song with ripped jeans as part of the lyrics? (i wonder if its teenage dream)

but then drops to hello there~

so sophisticated *ah, my ovaries are paining*

jin + snapbacks = kaboom

i could run a marathon on his eyebrows man

the forehead again man the forehead


excuse me, who is this fine motherfucker?

if you honestly think he aint goreous, look down (WARNING!! ovary explosion)

c’mon we all know dope era was one of the most difficult for us fangirls (&fanboys)

a hint of a meshed shirt/vest (listen bambam and jackson killed me, jin u will devastate me)

ripped jeans again

fucking arrest me for this jin arrest me officer

cr. to the owners, nothing but my rant/ thirst belongs to me

// oh sweet jesus its at 100+ notes THANK YOU SO MUCH :,)

Art Museum w/ Calum

“Oh Cal, look at this one!” you said while pulling Calum behind you to the painting across the hall. “y/n, it’s important to keep your chill in front of all these sophisticated looking people!” Calum said smiling at your excitement. “Sorry I didn’t get the memo. And what do you know about sophistication?” you replied with a smirk spread across your face. “So what exactly am I looking at here?” Calum said clearly changing the subject. He stood in front of the painting, eyes squinted, trying to focus on the canvas. You giggled at his cute lil face. “It’s abstract. It could be anything you want it to be!"you explained. "Anything?” “Yea, Cal” “Oh, now I see,” Calum said,“ it’s supposed to capture the true essence of a duck giving birth to a purple hippo. Yes, yes it’s quite good!” “Haha, very funny.” you laughed sarcastically. “I think it’s trying to make you feel something instead of the abstract painting actually being something, you know?"you said deep in thought. Calum smiled down at you. "Yea, of course.” “Ok, close your eyes and clear your mind,” you told Calum hoping he could understand,“ when I tell you to open, say the first things that pop into your mind. and…open!” His eyes fluttered open. Calum sighed concentrating on the painting. “Well..there are vibrant colors and vibrant colors make me happy therefore this makes me feel happy!” You slowly clapped. “But not as happy as I feel when I’m with you” he said as he pulled you in for a kiss.

Halloween is right around the corner and I’m SO TEMPTED to make a TP Zelda or OoT Ganondorf costume.

I have ALWAYS wanted to wear that sexy bodysuit of his. ALWAYS. And I already dye my hair red, so no problems there.

But the Zelda dress would be a nice change of pace. I’ve never tried to look sophisticated before.

…hummm.  can’t decide.

Pfft lol, i’ll probably not have the time or money anyway to do ether one and will just end up wearing my NG Star Trek uniform again. I look DAMN GOOD in that uniform and people give me respect when I wear it. No cat calls, no talking about my boobs or other parts. Cute little old ladies smile and give me the Vulcan salute and I even get little kids walking up to me asking for directions and other help because they say I look like an official.

… I think I just talked myself out of every other costume on Earth. I wish I could wear that uniform EVERYDAY.