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First Reaction vs Now - Seventeen Edition

First 3 videos I watched: Very Nice Dance Practice, Mansae Dance Practice and Adore U Dance Practice

then: manly body A+

then: who is this pretty girl
now: who is this pretty boy

then: okay I swear I see a white man
now: what a Good Meme™

then: *searches height on google*
now: it’s a lovely day to appreciate Lee Jihoon for all that he does

then: i just remember when everyone fanned him at the end of very nice.
now: a smile that brightens the darkest of days

then: first boy to catch my attention!!!
now: nobody will ever love Mingyu as much as Mingyu loves Mingyu

now: a sophisticated cat

then: his gaze actually intimidates me
now: a sweet peach who’s grown up so fast

then: for some reason i didn’t like hoshi!!! frick @ me!! i suck. 
now: amazing choreo and sex appeal

then: a cute boy next door
now: Diva /red alert/ make way/ no time for peasants 

now: an angel

then: really caught my attention in the VN practice video. woah woah woha. he was SO good
now: awkward (and adorable) beansprout

The 8
then: awe oh my goodness he is so precious
now: look out it’s thughao 

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Bear: Stuart Twombly x Reader

Pairing: Stuart Twombly x Reader 

 A/N: This is my first reader insert. This is also the first smut that I’ve done on here so bear with me. I also feel like the story line was all over the place, so I apologize in advance. Also, I apologize for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes as I’ve procrastinated really hard on this, starting this in like early April and not finishing it until 1:30 in the morning today, and I am way too tired to proof read. 


Warning: NSFW 18+

Word count: 4,814


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Stuart’s POV 

 How do you deal with having a crush on the hottest girl in the office? Be a complete asshole and ignore her all the time, of course. Admittedly not my best decision, but it’s kept me from fucking her in front our co-workers, so that’s something, right? And I can’t help it. It’s not my fault that she could literally be wearing a paper bag and I’d still get a hard on. The way her jeans hug her curves and the shirts that make her look sophisticated, yet sexy at the same time. Or when she wears these cute little sun-dresses and sandals that make her legs look amazing. It can make any man fall to his knees. And to make matters worse, I was her supervisor. 

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Sirius Imagine 7

Request: Hi! So I was wondering if your not to busy if you can do a Sirius x reader where he’s the bad boy of the school and so are the marauders even Remus there all just so like grunge 70′s bad boys! And everyone falls for them and the reader is really good at school or something but also has a bad side and I don’t know you can figure out the rest THANK YOU!!!!

hey so I’m gonna fail miserably as writing the marauder’s as bad boys lol they’re all such sweethearts (except for peter he’s a little bitch that’ll be fuckin easy) so yeah forgive me…

“Ugh,” you scoffed, watching James Potter and his whole group strut by you in the Great Hall, “How full of yourself can one person be?”

“Yeah,” your friend answered absentmindedly, leaning over to watch Remus Lupin - who had scars all over his face that the girls whispered about, saying he gets into knife fights with muggles in his free time or other shit like that-  as he walked with Sirius Black behind James and Peter Pettigrew.

“Oh no,” you groaned, gaining your friends attention as the boys all sat down, “not you too?”

“I’m sorry!” Your friend exclaimed, like she couldn’t help it.

You turned back to eating your food.

“I don’t see what your problem with them is though.”

You rolled your eyes, “They’re worshipped for being insufferable twats, they never do their work, they’ve played nearly every girl in Hogwarts, they think they’re all so bad ass because they’re rude and smoke and wear leather jackets, and they’ve got the whole student body wrapped around their little finger.”

“Well, I wasn’t going to say this earlier but I saw you eying Sirius Black earlier, so clearly you don’t have too much of a problem with them.”

“Oh my god, I was not,” you weren’t going to tell her that you and Sirius had known each other through your parents, and that his mother was actual Satan.

“You were, face it. Even the Y/n Y/l/n, who is the only person not swooning over the Marauders has to admit they’re not totally horrible, if not gorgeous as well.”

“Whatever,” you said, getting up to leave, “I’m gonna go get ready for class.”

As you were walking out of the hall you were trying your best to avoid the gaze of Sirius Black, and the rest of the Marauders, thinking about what your friend had mentioned earlier. You were about to pass them when out of your peripheral vision you saw Sirius Black following you with his eyes. Out of instinct, you looked up. Sirius licked his bottom lip and winked. You audibly made a disgusted scoff and grimaced before giving him the walking faster away and keeping your head up.

You walked in late to potions… again. Slughorn gave you a dirty look when you tried to quietly open the door.

“Since you decided to finally join us, it seems I’ll be asking you to have a seat next to Mr. Black, please.”

You looked at the back were Sirius was sitting alone at a table next to James and Remus. Peter was sitting in front of them chatting up a pretty Gryffindor girl, most likely flirting with her so that she would end up doing the whole assignment by herself, but she didn’t seem to care. You sighed and walked over to the back and sat next to Sirius, who was trying to hide a smirk by biting his lip.

“Hey, love,” he turned to you, “how are you today?”

You looked at him blankly, “Are you fucking serious?”

“Did you just ask me if I was fucking myself?”

“Ha ha, nice one, smart ass. I obviously don’t like you so whatever you’re going to try and say to get me to do the assignment isn’t going to work.”

He laughed, “Oohhh, okay then. I won’t say anything. I just won’t to the ‘assignment,’” he said the last part in a mockingly sophisticated tone.

“Aw, leave the girl alone, Padfoot,” James said, smiling, “She’s cute, after all.”

“Shut up,” you and Sirius said in unison.

You looked at him in shock, surprised to find that his cheeks were dusted pink with a blush.

You sat up in your chair and turned to the board and began taking notes. Sirius sat back and swung his boots up onto the table obnoxiously. You glared at him and he grinned back, seeming to have recovered from whatever made him blush earlier.

Throughout the class Sirius would rip of pieced of parchment and make tiny little shaped he could throw at you. He pulled out a cigarette at one point but before he could light it you reached back without even looking. and grabbed it out of his hand before shoving it in your pocket.

“Fine then,” he’d mumbled, then gone back to throwing paper into your hair.

About halfway through the lecture on Polyjuice Potion, when you had began to doodle on our parchment corners, you felt a tap on your shoulder.

“You wanna sneak out?” Sirius was questioning with a smirk, most likely joking.

“Yes,” you found yourself saying.

Sirius jerked back slightly in surprise, “Wait- I wasn’t-” you stood up, “Okay we’re doing this.”

Slughorn was so engrossed in a debate on the proper direction it was to stir the potion with Lily Evans, that he took no notice when two of his students slipped out the back door.

“So,” Sirius said, shoving his hands in the pockets of his obnoxiously annoying leather jacket, “I thought you were a goody-two-shoes.”

“I don’t know,” you stated. You’d never really given it much thought, you did what you wanted but for the most part that didn’t involve breaking the rules.

You walked outside and began making your way to the Forbidden Forest. If you were being honest with yourself, you might’ve been trying to impress Sirius, who had to jog for a moment to keep up with you.

“Where are we going?” You could hear the smile in his voice.

“Well,” you stated, “I’m going to the Forbidden Forest, you can do whatever.”

“I’ll take the lead,” Sirius said, authoritatively.

“Yeah, I don’t think so,” you laughed, stepping in front of him.

“Nice try, sweetheart,” he grabbed your hand and smiled sweetly (though sarcastically) and you felt your heart flutter.

“Are you kidding! I’ve been to this forest a million times, I know it like the back of my hand!”

“How come we’ve never seen you then?’

You paused for a moment, and then spoke, “What do you mean? We?”

He stuttered, “W-well I just mean that we, James and Peter and Remus, are around here a lot, and I’d guess that we’d see you.”

“Okay, then how come I’ve never seen any of y'all?”

“Because…. we actually aren’t here that much.”

You looked at him skeptically.

“I just mean, I thought you were taking about near the Black Lake.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Because…. Let’s just go,” he finished quickly and stormed off.

“Okay then,” you muttered to yourself and followed suit.

You were trekking through the forest behind Sirius looking around and admiring the foliage, when you heard the snap of a twig. You looked up curiously.

A centaur walked towards you. You and Sirius looked at each other, debating what to do.

“Humans!” The centaur shouted, “In our land!”

“Run,” you and Sirius said together.

You began sprinting, Sirius close behind, panting loudly.

“I-I’m sorry,” Sirius began, “I-I can’t.”

He was falling behind a bit. You turned back to check, a little confused but alarmed at his statement, after all, you could hear horse hooves coming closer, when Sirius turned into a sleek black dog.

You nodded to yourself, “Okay so he’s an animagus too.”

Sirius ran ahead and you morphed into your animagus form and followed closely behind, having a much easier time keeping up as an animal. When you reached the edge of the forest Sirius gracefully transitioned back into his human form, and turned back. His eyes went wide as he saw our animagus jogging towards him. You walked up to him as your human self. You wiped your forehead, a little out of breath.

“You’re-” he started but you cut him off.

“You are too.”

“Cool,” he smiled, and you found yourself smiling too.

Sirius went and sat down by a tree. You surprised yourself by sitting down next you him without feeling like throwing up.

“So, I’m guessing you’re unregistered?”


“Me too.”

After a moment of silence Sirius began laughing, “I’m sorry I just can’t believe this. I mean y/n y/l/n of all people! I remember when we were little and you wouldn’t even cover for me whenever me and Regulus stole cakes from mother’s tray during tea!”
“Well,” you said, embarrassed, “my goal was to get you into trouble.”

He grabbed his chest dramatically and gasped, “Oh my god I don’t believe it!” He said sarcastically, making you laugh, “Why on earth would you possibly want to get sweet little Sirius into trouble?”
“Maybe… I might’ve liked you.”

Sirius laughed.
“When we were kids, that is,” you added quickly.

“And now?”

“You’re not too bad. Even though you try to be.”

Sirius sat back and smiled contently, he was on his way to finally winning you over.

You looked over at Sirius, and sighed to yourself, hoping things might work out between you two.

Lowkey thnking ab doing a part 2 bc this got nowhere????

BTS Anti-Ideal Type

Anon I just had to let you know that I absolutely love this ask!

Overall I feel that looks aren’t a huge factor in determining whether or not the boys will like someone, but personality and attitude are something that they focus on.


I feel that Jin would definitely not like someone who is rude or standoff-ish. He wouldn’t like someone who is completely reckless and irresponsible either. Given his age, Jin would want someone who is mature, but also someone that he could laugh with. As far as looks, he would most likely lean toward those who look feminine or sophisticated rather than tomboyish or ragged, but as I said appearances aren’t a definite no.

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Rap Monster:

Namjoon would probably not go after someone that gave off an innocent vibe. Given that Rap Mon is pretty dirty minded, I feel that he would want someone who had at least a little bit of their mind in the gutter, or someone with a little experience. However, he does adore cute things, so this aspect he could probably look over if he found you cute enough. He probably prefers for his partner to be shorter than him, and to be very intelligent.

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Suga wouldn’t be likely to be drawn to someone who was extremely loud and energetic. Sure, he’s friends with J-Hope, but in my opinion he would want a more laid back partner like himself. Yoongi really has no preference on the physical appearance of his partner, but he would like for his partner to be quiet but not too shy. He would not be able to date anyone who didn’t appreciate any forms of artistic expression.

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While he thinks small and shy people are cute, Hoseok would likely want someone more like him, bubbly and full of energy. He would not be likely to date someone who was very abrasive or hard to talk to. J-Hope couldn’t handle someone who took things way too seriously.

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Out of all the boys, I think he would be the most likely to not date someone who wasn’t Korean. Not for any prejudice reasons, of course, more like he just really values the ideals of his culture and would prefer to be with someone raised on those ideas. Another huge factor would be whether his partner would want kids or not. If they didn’t like kids and never wanted them, he likely wouldn’t be interested.

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I cannot see Jimin dating someone who was extremely sexy. Attracted to, yes, but as far as actually dating then no. His insecurities would flare up too much if he were dating someone of such a high caliber. Jimin also wouldn’t date someone who acted gross without remorse (Ex: farting in public, talking with their mouth full, etc). Skinship is a huge thing for Jimin, so he can’t be with anyone that doesn’t like to be touched often. As far as looks, he would probably prefer someone who was somewhat skinny with long hair, but these factors aren’t a huge impact.

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Jungkook wouldn’t want to date anyone taller than him because he would want to feel older/more powerful than them. As far as personality goes, I feel that he wouldn’t really get along well with someone who was extremely lazy or apathetic. He would like to cuddle with his partner, but he wouldn’t be able to handle someone who was always clingy with him, he would feel like he was suffocating. Jungkook would probably stick to the Korean idol mold as far as looks, but I can see him deviating from that if he meets someone with a great personality.

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I hope everyone likes this but remember: this is only my opinion. This was really fun to write, thanks for the ask! -Spice

Nunchi’s Trip to Exo’rdium

Buckle yourselves in guys this is a chaotic mess of emotions. 

The entire thing seemed to pass in a blur because it was just so surreal. 

It was definitely a journey.

Suho: “New York… Thank you for waiting for us.”

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Breakfast Dates | Min Yoongi

Genre: Oneshot. Fluff. 

Characters: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 1418

Yoongi trying to calm your nerves for your job interview the best way he can…by kissing you.

*The morning of your Job interview*

When you woke up the morning of your interview, you groaned and pulled the covers over your head, trying to ignore the nerves for what today will bring. As you hid, you heard your phone vibrating next to you on your bedside table. You sighed and turned your body, reaching to grab it and then you perked up a little. It was a text message from Yoongi…Your heart paced a little as you swiped your screen to reveal his message:

Y: I’ll pick you up in an hour to take you out to breakfast. Don’t be late~

You held the phone to your heart, staring up at the ceiling and smiling. You know he’s not the best at sharing emotions and makes out a kind gesture to be some sort of chore, but on the inside he cares and that he knows just as you do, how important today is for you.

You quickly text back a reply with a few emojis, and then you get out of bed and to your bathroom to proceed with your morning ritual.

Once that was done you stood in front of your wardrobe, wondering what to wear today. I should probably dress mature and sophisticated, appealable and all you thought to yourself as you grabbed a blouse and a nice pair of shorts to wear. You’ll admit that it took you longer than usual to pick your clothes out because you wanted to look cute for Yoongi. Once you were dressed, you stare at yourself in the mirror and purse your lips, am I overdressed? Or underdressed… You quickly shake your head, no this isn’t a date…it’s just breakfast. He’s just taking me out to breakfast…Huh…taking me out…SO IT IS A DATE THEN? Many thoughts cross your mind, but in the end, you decided that it didn’t matter because Yoongi doesn’t care about those things. With that in mind, you grab your bag and stuff all the essentials in there and head out of the door, humming along to their new song Spring Day.

As you sip on your water in the kitchen, waiting for Yoongi to come pick you up, you hear the doorbell ring. You do quick little skips to the door and opened it (more like yanked since you were a tad excited). He stood there, brown hair coolly dishevelled over his forehead, his hands in the pockets of his ripped jeans as he looks up at you with a smirk, “A little too keen for this morning are we?” You stand there one hand still holding the door, a little unnerved at his really attractive presence.

You reply, stuttering, “O-O-Of course not! I was actually just expecting mail, yeah uh huh, I’ve got an important package…” you leave the door open and you walk away, mentally cursing yourself for sounding so stupid. You look back to him with a small smile to indicate that he can come in. Regaining your composure, you retort, “And imagine my disappointment when I opened the door to see you.”

You can hear him chuckling behind you and soon you feel warm arms wrapped around your waist. His breath tickling your ears, he murmurs, “Aw, disappointment? Guess we have to cancel this morning then…and then…we could just hang out here huh?“ You turn to stare at him as he looks with a nod to your room and then back at you, all the while smirking. From what you gather from his slightly seductive tone and gestures, he’s talking about you and him, in your bedroom. You blush furiously and step forward out of his arms, whipping around and chastising him for his bold move.

Yoongi looks at you innocently, doe-eyed and curious as he says, “So, I take that as a no? Good. Come on, let’s get going I made a reservation.”

He grabs your hand and you both walk out.

You two are at the opening of a new cafe you wanted to try, and you blush a little as you two walk in. One, because you’re standing next to such an attractive guy, and two, because you realised he remembered.

He looks over to you and quirks an eyebrow, “What? So surprised that I brought you here?” You nod a little and he flashes a genuine, loving smile at you. He pokes your forehead with his two fingers, “Of course I’d remember.”

Again you stand there blushing, furiously, madly as you stand there for a while, not realising that the waitress has already walked away with Yoongi, showing him to your seats. You quickly regather your thoughts and compose yourself,  walking quickly to catch up. As you two are seated, you caught a little smirk on Yoongi’s face; he’s well aware of the effect he has on you.

You two enjoyed your meal and now he’s pulled outside of the building. He turns to you and asks, “Want me to walk you in?”

He looks at you fiddling with your hands, not looking back at him or replying and he takes it that you’re in your own nervous bubble.

He sighs and fully turns his body to you, (well as much as he can in the front seat). He tucks his hand under your chin and leans forward, “Listen. Don’t worry about it. Whatever’s on your mind, forget about it all. Just go in and ace that interview, hm?”

You look into Yoongi’s eyes and nod, gulping in nervousness, not for your interview but at how close his face is to yours. For a moment, both of you sit there like that, eyes flickering over one another until he pulls back and ruffles your head, messing up your hair. You whine, “H-hey! Ah now it’s all messy.” You pull the mirror down in the car and quickly fix up your hair, brushing it away from your face. You can still feel the warmth of his hand on you, and as you were patting down the flyaways, it felt as if your hand was touching his. You didn’t notice in that moment how Yoongi was gazing at you, admiring you and thinking how cute you were fussing over your hair like that. You didn’t hear the thoughts in his mind where he confirmed over and over again how he loves you.

You look over to him and with your bag hitched over your shoulder, you open the car door, ready to get out.

Just staring at him and memorising this moment right now, you simply say, “Thanks Yoongi for you know this morning, and your pep talk.” You beam at him and he looks away. You can’t see it but he’s blushing too.

“I merely woke up early and figured I’d go do something since I was bored. Don’t worry about it.” He mumbles.

You beam a huge smile up at him and you close the door and walk away.

“Y/N!” You turn back to see he’s rolled the window down and he’s leaning over, calling out to you. You quickly walk back and peek your head through the window and that’s when you felt a warm pair of lips kissing you.

You could feel his tongue slipping in and there you stood and there he sat, both hungrily kissing, warm mouths enveloping one another, exploring. A passerby would have described it as ‘hot’.

After a few minutes you both pull back and you stand there for a few seconds in shock, Your body weakened by the sudden and unexpected display of affection he gave you.

He cocks his head and smirks at you, “To ease your nerves a little.”

Finally, you came back to reality and snapped, “Yoongi! How would that have eased my nerves? You-YOU-just, k-kissed me!” Your hand goes over to your mouth, gingerly brushing against your lips, feeling again for his kiss.

Yoongi is clearly pleased with your reaction and says smugly, “I just meant, not to worry.”

He pauses and this time says more genuinely in a serious tone, “You’ve literally rehearsed for this. I believe you’ll do well.” He then says in a lighthearted voice, “After all, you’re my girl.” He shoots you a smile then bites his lips. You bite your own, desiring him and a thought crossed your mind to just go back in the car and continue making out with him. You dismiss the thought and look away ugh. he’s so cute.

You just smile at him and finally, you walk away. You know with Yoongi’s support, you’re ready for the interview.

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DJ Unknown

Jumin x Mc  High school AU

Part 3/3

Part 1| Part 2 |

Requested by: @silentdreamsofthedead

- When you arrive at the place Jumin lowers the window and says “Where are we?”

-“At the party!” you get out the car

-“In an abandoned construction?” He follows you

-“What? Are you scared Gatito?”

-“Of course I´m not scared…Is just that…Are you sure is here?”

-“Yes…” You stare at jumin

-“…” you staring at him make him nervous somehow.In his mind is going like “Why is she staring at me…It has pass 15 seconds and she is still looking…Do I have something on my face?…I haven´t notice put she has big eyes,they look like they are glowing-”

- You stop the gap of silence by saying “Can you remove your coat?”


-“You look…Too formal…”

-“At what kind of party you brought me were is bad to be well dressed?”

-“So stubborn!” he never does what you say and sometimes (like now) you have to take things in your hands so you take a step closer to jumin and you start to remove one of the buttons of Jumin´s coat

-“Mc what are you doing?” he stops you by grabbing gently you hands

-“Let me remove it,plus It will get hot inside”


-“Is a neon party-“

-“A what?”

-“It will be a close and small place where they put ultraviolet light and with neon paint …well you know the effect that gives it”

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-“Why are you always questioning me and putting weird faces? For ones in your life trust in me! I beg you for 1 night were you lose in up and were you fully trust me” Jumin lets you go

-“Alright…”Jumin says and  you continue removing the buttons of jumin´s coat and then he removes his Coat

- “Now….lose up you tie” he does it “Roll up your sleeves” and he keeps following your orders  “MMmm…Something more” you scan Jumin´s whole body “What if we put your hair back” you come even closer and start to play with Jumin´s hair

-You’re too close he thinks but he likes it.He usually doesn´t like when people touch him but you give him chills since kids,He didn´t know why but now he can finally put a tag on it.Attraction? Love? .He thinks “how can she look more beautiful when she get close?” he tries to make a move like in the soap operas that he sees where the girl is so close to the man that he takes her for surprise and takes her by the waist and does this and kisses her:

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He tries to move his hands around you out before he can even touch you a sound distract him

-“Hey!” you hear the voice and turn your head to see how was

-“V!” you wave at your friend but then you see his companion “Ooohhh…and SAM-AN-THA”

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-“Nice to see you again M-C”

- V can feel that the ambient is getting heavier so tries to change it “Wow! Jumin you look bad ass”

-“Yeah Jumin you look hot!” says Samantha and looks at you like ´Try me bitch

-“Thank you? Samantha”

-you look at jumin with a face of disapproving and then look away to say a little bit angry “Are you going to the party or what?”

- “Yeah! Let’s go” Samantha says and takes V’s hand dragging him to the place, leaving Jumin and you behind

- “V?” Jumin ask you

- “It is his new nickname”

- “YOU put him V and you put me Gatito?” Jumin thinks

You four enter to the place and a wave of music, heat, the sound of people yelling and talking and the smoke of cigarettes comes.

-“Mc! I don´t think this is a good place”

-“WHAT? I CAN´T HEAR YOU!” the music was too loud

-“MC!!” a girlfriend of yours comes and hugs you




-“YEAH! LET´S GO” your friend drags you to another place and you want to grab Jumin´s  hand to not leave him behind put there were too many people in a small place.

-Jumin tries to follow you but it was impossible.

-V takes jumin by the shoulder and says to him on the ear “HEY DON´T WORRY SHE WILL BE ALRIGHT”


-“IS LIKE A LEGEND, HE IS A DJ AND MC IS A BIG FAN OF HIM” V looks for him and when V find him, he points at Unknown “IT´S HIM!”

-Jumin Looks at the direction that V was pointing at.He sees a boy with white hair and pink ends,with a black shirt that said ´fuck you´ in big letters and a hand with the middle finger up and something covering his mouth.Then he sees that the ´unknown´ had his right arm cover in tattoos.

-Unkown notice that a guy is staring at him,so he points at him  and does this

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-Jumin shock looks away put then curiosity makes him look again and sees that the boy is giving him a smirk.Jumin comes to where Unknown is without breaking the stare battle that was having with him.

-Jumin finally gets where the Dj booth was and Unknown says “What fuck man? Do you want to fight or what?”

-“I don´t want to fight” Since the DJ booth was in a high place, Jumin starts to look for you.

-“Hey! What do you want dude?”

-Jumin finds you dancing in the middle of the dance floor and smirks of relief ”I want a slow song”

-“I don´t do request”

-Jumin grabs a pack of  money and offers it to Unknown “Now you do”

-Unknown looks at Jumin with anger but he know that he needs that money and without wanting he takes the money “What you want?” 

-“The night we met”


-Jumin looks at you and comes to you.He had to push a lot of people but he made it.Jumin grabs your shoulder.

-You turn and see that is Jumin “HEY! SORRY THAT I LEFT YOU BEHIND!”

- “DON’T WORRY” Jumin smiles at you.

- You grab his arm, making him bend down and you say “Do you want to dance?”

-“I was about to ask you the same thing”

-“Really? OK!”

-“But not this song…” He looks at unknown and give a sign that some people give to the waiter for him to come to the table

-Unknown angrily puts the slow song and says “Now let´s put something slow for the couples”

Some people boo and the couples got all at the dance floor

-“I didn´t know that unknown played slow songs…I usually hate them but this one is pretty”

- “Do you want to dance with me?” Jumin offer you his hand

- “I´m not good at slow dance”

- “I will guide you…”

- some drunk dude yells “Go Jumin!” oh it´s V

You take Jumin´s hand with precaution and he takes you closer.

No dancing like beauty and the beast

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It was actually magical…But you two though a different way

You: “Wow it feels good when Jumin´s hand touch me…NNONON …Remember that he doesn´t like you,He sees you more like his little sister…He…can´t love you.You think after all the jokes you made about him,after all the crazy things you made him do, after all the pranks you made, the ugly nick names you gave him and after acting like a child in front of him…you think you would have a chance to even see you as someone he can trust and love.Maybe you can be his best mate on his wedding but of course, he will take V. No…Jumin likes delicate, sophisticated and pretty girls like every man, girls like Samantha…No, your place is like her friend, yeah…wow! I finally accepted.It feels good!”

Jumin: “she looks so beautiful today…well, she looks beautiful every day.I knew she was attractive but now I can see that she is my spark of joy.She is not like the women that my dad dates…she is unique and curious, stubborn sometimes but she looks cute angry maybe that´s why I tease her so much.Now that I think of it,She is the only one that I can be free…maybe I should ask her to be my wife…no…maybe later.Well, the next step is…a kiss? I should kiss her? Her cherry lips and mine together? I had never kissed before…It doesn’t look that difficult in the movies and soap operas…ok grab her chin gently….uff ok now a smirk…yeah just like that…Ok now she is seeing me weird”

You: “What the hell hi is trying to do? WTF!? WHY IS HE SMILING”

Jumin:”Ok don´t freak out…move your head close to her…move slightly to your right side…”

You: “WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF !”

Jumin: “a little bit closer”

You: “WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF ! WTF !”

Jumin “Just a little bit more”

You: “oh my fucking god! What the hell is going on?! oh my fucking god! What the hell is going on?! oh my fucking god! What the hell is going on?! oh my fucking god! What the hell is going on?! oh my fucking god! What the hell is going on?!”

V: “No way! He is gonna kiss her!”

Jumin: “Close your eyes…and….”

-“LET´S STOP THIS BULLSHIT AND GET FUCKED UP” Saeran yell and switches to a song to a hard metal

-Jumin looks at unknown like:

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-Unknown is like:

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Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

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serious question here! How does the voices of your OCs sound like? Especially Kiis?

Omg. I actually thought about this for a long time LOL. I remember I would used to listen to singers and be like “This is what this character sounds like” BUT LMAO OK GOD I FEEL SO WEEB BC ALL THE VOICES I’VE CHOSEN ARE FROM JAPANESE VOICE ACTORS I WANT TO CRY. I’ll put up links added to the VA’s name so you can listen along and imagine with me AHHHHH


Junichi Suwabe 

I’d always imagine him having a deep and sort of raspy voice and FML WHEN I LOOKED UP JUNICHI, I ALSO FOUND OUT HE’S THE SAME VOICE ACTOR AS VIKTOR FROM YOI LMAO)


Nobuhiko Okamoto

His voice is also a bit raspy and I like how Nobuhiko’s voice can get low and pretty high, so he has a nice range eee 


Sora Amamiya

Her voice isn’t super high pitch or too low, so I thought Sora’s voice was pretty calming and fits Cerys’ character


Mamoru Miyano

Can I just say that Mamoru Miyano is one of my favorite voice actors. He’s really good at doing pretty sinister voices– but at the same time peppy ones??? Which is good since Micah’s pitch tends to change whether he’s awake or sleepy haha.


Kana Hanazawa

Oh boy I love Kana’s voice lol. It’s super cute! But not obnoxiously cute?? Like the perfect balance of cute and feisty huuu. AND CONFESSION UH THIS ISN’T TECHNICALLY A PICTURE OF NURI, BUT ANOTHER OC I HAVE THAT I DON’T DRAW ANYMORE, BUT STRONGLY RESEMBLES WHAT SHE WOULD LOOK LIKE WITH COLORS LOL.


Ayumu Murase

Omg tbh finding a voice for Sin was so freaking hard because their voice is pretty ambiguous??? So like from the bunch, the closest voice I think resembles Sin the best are the more calmer sounding voices, for example the voice clip of Allen Walker (D Gray Man) and Shin Aonuma (Shinsekai Yori), but even then it’s still so tricky ahh


Akira Ishida

I wanted him to sound sophisticated and a bit… condescending lool And well I love Akira’s voice ahaha


Takahiro Sakurai

OK I HAVE A LOT OF FAVORITE VOICE ACTORS. BUT I LOVE TAKAHIRO SAKURAI’S VOICE SO MUCH. And I think it just fits pretty well with my favorite parasite~  


Vocal Tone Phone Ettiquette

Real and true Sugar Daddy’s are like unicorns. Rare, mystical and magical!

Make sure that you always speak to them in that same charming and powerful way. Inundate them with sexyness. The tone of Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston or even Ariana Grande. Soft, raspy, airy.

Speaking to men in this tone has always helped me stun and shock them into doing what I want.

Be alluring and engaging when you speak. After you’ve seamlessly worked talking about your desires into the conversation, NATURALLY. Bring up the item(s) wanted.

A secondary tone that I use to get what I want is the “bratty baby girl tone”. Imagine that you’re a super cute and adorable young girl, innocent and spoiled.

Example: OMG Baby/Daddy! I want this SOOO bad. It’s so amazing and adorable!! It would look so cute on me! Or “I would love to have this.”

*Try on item if at store or show/ share photo of item if not at a store*
Then touch his hand, arm etc. Always seal the deal with physical touch.


Be sure to always communicate in a controlled, sophisticated and sexy way. The best tones in my experience are bratty/ childish or Sexy, light and raspy. Utilise a charming voice to woo your daddy when you do speak up. Make sure that you’re the sweetest sound that he’d want to hear.

Make that sugar fall babies!


Photography with Yoongi and Jungkook!

Being a photographer means you have a very sophisticated look so people know your profession is serious. I went a casual and, again, comfortable look. It’s important to be comfortable whenever you can right? It’s also a matured look but still cute and great collage casual look that can be worn around campus as a student photographer (which is why it was inspired by Jungkook and Yoongi, 2 people who enjoy having a camera at hand :)

Giveaway 1

{{The first winner of the giveaway was @fangirl-emo-blogger}}

Stephanie watched the child. “No,” he demanded. “I don’t want to.”

Steph sighed. The child was refusing to go on the ride. She almost couldn’t blame the boy. The ride was princess pony and so saccharinely cute that she wouldn’t’ve ridden it when she was a kid. The kid stomped around.

“C’mon,” she coaxed, “you know you’ll just end up enjoying it and annoying me every time we go back to the fair.”

“No,” Matthew refused, “I don’t want to.” Her husband stomped over to the cotton candy and bought them another bag. Stephanie’s eyes flickered back and forth between her husband and the other couple’s child. She groaned at their similarities.

“C’mon Matthew,” she continued. “Look, that kid over there wants to go. Are you more sophisticated than that little boy?”


“Please?” Stephanie pulled out the big guns and gave him the puppy-dog eyes.

MatPat glanced at her a few times before giving in. “Okay,” he agreed, “but only for one ride.”

Matthew held his wife’s hand as they approached the large UFO. “Where do we sit,” he said hopefully as they entered.

“Don’t be silly,” Stephanie smiled, choosing a small section for them to stand. “The ride picks you up.”

Matt gulped as the ride began to spin. He slowly felt his face and body be pulled back as gravity did its thing. Finally, his head flopped right and he saw his wife there too. Stephanie was upside down, her hair a mess, and giggling madly. She reached out her hand.

“What do you think?” she mouthed.

“What?” Matthew yelled in vain. Stephanie rolled her eyes and patted her hand, implying she wanted his. Matt struggled against the force of gravity and finally managed to slip his hand into hers. He wiggled around and finally got into a comfortable position while he watched a silly Stephanie dance to the blaring music.

Finally, the ride director announced that they would be coming to a stop soon and could everyone please put themselves rightside up again. Stephanie righted herself and helped a stumbling MatPat out of the ride.

“Are you alright,” she asked her distant husband.

Matt pressed himself into her. “Steph,” he quietly whimpered.

“Yes,” she nervously prompted.

“Can we do that again?”

Stephanie laughed, pulled him close, and kissed his hair. “Of course we can.”

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Hi ☺️ Umm What kind of Girls do you think Taeyong, Johnny, & Ten like?? & if its okay to ask Who is your Sr15b Bias??

Hello there, sorry for the delay!! These are just our opinions which in no way reflects their real preferences, so keep that in mind while reading!
And of course it’s okay, this is the first time someone asked who our bias is hehe. 🙊💓 Both my and Admin K’s bias is Jaehyun, we love all of the boys though haha.


Not going to lie, I think Taeyong is a guy who has very high standards. Born with good looks he’s basked in the spotlight and been surrounded by girls since he was young. I think he casually dated some really pretty model-like girls. I think physical appearance-wise he would originally prefer a girl with a chic look and a tall slim body, such as those known as the most popular girl in school or the prettiest girl in the grade. However, he would get bored of dating pretty soon and would move on to find new interesting activities. Even when girls flock to his side I don’t think he would be very interested or phased. The girl who Taeyong ends up with is probably going to be someone very special and sophisticated that caught his eye. I think he’s someone who really likes a challenge so whether it be the quiet, shy town girl or the cold city girl, if you don’t show any interest in dating him or aren’t fawning over his looks, he’ll be intrigued and might want to get to know you better. One thing for sure is that I think he’ll like a girl who isn’t too talkative or sociable.


Since I’ve been following Ten since his Thailand singing competition days (pre-SM), I’ve watched a bunch of videos of him being a cute and playful kid. He seems like the fun kid who likes teasing and playing non-harmful pranks on friends all the time. For some reason, I think that he’ll fall for a cute and shy girl that blushes every time he teases her. I think he would like a girl that makes him laugh effortlessly. Physically, I think he’ll like short girls but not necessarily girls that are slim. But in my opinion, Ten doesn’t look at appearance first when it comes to girls, he’s more drawn to a cute but shy personality. At first things will be all innocent, with him frequently teasing her. She’ll blush and say a quiet protest or just run away out of embarrassment. I could totally imagine him staring at the girl all the time and quietly chuckling at her antics until his friend breaks him out of his daze. Only then would he realize that he pays a lot of attention to her and he’d be interested in knowing more about her and try to get her to talk to him.


As for Johnny, I think he would fall for a close friend who is down-to-earth, casual and a little witty. Appearance-wise, I think he would like a tall girl with an athletic build and some curves. He prefers girls who don’t dress too fancily and wear minimal makeup. Since Johnny is quite sociable, he would probably like to hang out in groups a lot so he would also like his girl to be easygoing and not shy. He’d like a girl who’s not shy, but he doesn’t mind if she’s quiet. He’s also a guy who likes to initiate skinship and she’d most likely be comfortable with that even in public or when they’re with friends. Johnny would hope that he’d share a lot of common interests with his girl, such as playing video games, dancing, or just lazing around. To finish it off we totally imagine Johnny with a girl who has long black wavy hair sporting a pullover or over-sized button down, shorts or jeans and loose socks and sneakers.

gif cr: taesyong

BTS’ Style

A few people have messaged me about how I would describe the style I use to make the members inspired/scenario outfits, so I just decided to make a post with all of them! :)

Jin: Jin’s style is pretty classic in the sense that he typically sports the sweater/cardigan look. Most of his outfits aren’t that colorful and he has some what of a sophisticated look to them, which makes sense for he is the oldest member. Also he often wears glasses with his outfits. For outfit scenarios I make the outfits a cute/girly style, but isn’t overly cute. Since his ideal type is someone who wears dresses or over-sized shirts and sneakers, I try to incorporate such articles of clothing in the looks.

Yoongi: Inspired looks for Yoongi are pretty versatile, some days he will wear a white tee and leather jacket or an over-sized sweater and huge scarf. His style is pretty basic, yet fresh in my opinion. He likes to wear accessories; hats, scarves, glasses, etc… For outfit scenarios I either try to mimic his style or go for the tomboyish look. He has said before that he likes the street style/ hip hop look on a girl. Yet, he prefers a basic and plain look, similar to himself.

Hoseok: In the past Hoseok’s style was really hip hop, but lately it has been changing into a more classic look like Jin’s. He kind of switches off and on, I guess.  But I have noticed that he wears a lot of hats. Whether it be beanies or bucket hats, he seems to enjoy pairing his outfits with that accessory. In a way I feel like his style is more about being comfortable than too stylish. For outfit scenarios I will either make an outfit somewhat similar to his own style or pretty girly. Hoseok has said that he likes girls who wears dresses, but also can rock the causal/comfortable look. He prefers nothing to be too over the top or stylish.

Namjoon: Ahh we all know that Namjoon has the most range in his fashion style. He will wear all black one day and a pink shirt the next. His style goes from classy to hip hop. His outfits are always well put together, yet sometimes they will be questionable. I would say that he is the most fashion forward member out of all of them since he does have the widest range of style. For outfit scenarios, I try to stray from the idea of his ideal type wearing a white tee, shorts, and red converse, for I feel like that is overused. So I just try to make outfits that are a mix of girly and tomboy, leaning more towards towards street style. Making a few outfits here and there inspired by his chic style.

Jimin: For inspired looks I try to add a hint of street style/hip hop, mainly with snapbacks because he tends to wear that often! I would say that he also wears a lot of causal-ish clothing, such as a tee/hoodie with ripped jeans and sneakers! So his style, in my perspective, is kind of casual yet stylish! And for outfit scenarios I try to make outfits that are kind of on the cute/girly side, because Jimin has expressed before that is his ideal type’s style! He prefers the “cute and fresh”  kind of outfits on a girl! But I sometimes make the outfits somewhat inspired by his own style! Just depends on which type I think would most fit the scenario!

Taehyung: Tae loves to wear over-sized sweaters and tees, which are absolutely adorable on him. His style is more so on the classy/chic side of things. He wears a lot of turtle necks and trench coats, especially during the winter time. Whenever he isn’t dressed up, he will usually wear a huge hoodie or sweater, going for a more comfy look. Taehyung’s ideal type’s style is pretty similar to his own style, so I will typically make the outfit scenarios inspired by him. But when I want to change things up, I will go for a more cute style,for I think he would like that on a girl as well.

Jungkook: I would say that Jungkook’s style is a mix of Hoseok’s and Jimin’s, in the sense that he goes for a more casual street look. He loves to wear his plain white over-sized tee and ripped jeans. Lately, he has been wearing more beanies and bucket hats. Almost all of his outfits are pretty basic, but the colors coordinate well with each other. For outfit scenarios, Jungkook has said that his ideal type’s style is pretty basic, similar to himself, so I usually pair a white tee with shorts and throw in a beanie here and there. I feel like there isn’t much of a difference in my inspired and scenario outfits for him.

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Harry's keyboardist Claire is so cute I think she's gorgeous! When I watch Harry's performances my bi ass spends half the time staring at harry and the other half looking for Claire 😂

HE HAS SUCH A GOOD LOOKING BAND FHSDJKFHDSJ. she’s really fucking talented. she really knows what she’s doing. and she’s just so cute and there’s something about her idk. she’s so calming and cute and like sophisticated??? she’s just such a look honestly. 

To all the Kim Seokjin stans out there

this one’s for you!

note: this post originally started off as a free the forehead kimseokjin post but *laughs nervously* it took a turn

yas badboy millionaire jin, flaunt it!

his smile is just! agrgrfgrffsijfsofjg

he’s so cute!!!~

isnt there a katy perry song with ripped jeans as part of the lyrics? (i wonder if its teenage dream)

but then drops to hello there~

so sophisticated *ah, my ovaries are paining*

jin + snapbacks = kaboom

i could run a marathon on his eyebrows man

the forehead again man the forehead


excuse me, who is this fine motherfucker?

if you honestly think he aint goreous, look down (WARNING!! ovary explosion)

c’mon we all know dope era was one of the most difficult for us fangirls (&fanboys)

a hint of a meshed shirt/vest (listen bambam and jackson killed me, jin u will devastate me)

ripped jeans again

fucking arrest me for this jin arrest me officer

cr. to the owners, nothing but my rant/ thirst belongs to me

// oh sweet jesus its at 100+ notes THANK YOU SO MUCH :,)

Week 30!

There are so many great fics out there that need to be recognized! If you find something you like on this list, be sure to show it the appreciation it deserves with likes, reblogs, and messages to the author! I hope you can find something to enjoy, and remember that if you’d like me to see your work, be sure to tag me in it!

Just a reminder that no all/mostly smut fics will be added. If they’re part of a series I will link non-smut parts.

Thank you for all your support for both me and the authors so far! You guys are awesome and I love reading your work. This one’s a really long one, and hopefully there’s something for everyone. There’s drabbles, series, AUs, non-reader works, and both fluff and angst. It’s all beneath the cut. Enjoy!

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Since the suitors are all rather tall, how would they react to the princess being really short? [ Smol anon is smol ;_; ] Love your blog btw!

Note: Compared to the suitors, I’m relatively small as well, Anon. TuT

Sid: He got amused the first time he met the new Princess Elect of Wysteria. His initial reaction was, “Aren’t Wysteria breaking the rules? How come elementary school girls are being made Princess Elect now?”

Louis: He was on his way to the coronation of the new Princess Elect when he met her on the hallway. Because he wasn’t aware who she is, he reprimanded her for running on the hallway in a dress and about proper manners. “And where are your parents by the way? How come a child is on her own wandering around?”

Leo: “For someone so young, you are so beautiful, my lady,” he said when he spotted her on the garden that morning. “From which House are you?” When she pouted, not even bothering to correct the misunderstanding, he added, “Grow up soon, okay? I’ll wait for you.” A wink was then sent in her direction which made her flush from head to toe.

Alyn: Thinking that she was just a lost child, he was about to escort her out when she told him she’s the Princess Elect. Crimson eyes widened in shock at the declaration. “Wow, they chose a child.” She wanted to kick him for that comment.

Nico: “At least I’m not the shortest here,” the butler said when Giles introduced him to the princess. “And I have such a cute mistress,” he added when she gave him a glare that almost looked like a pout. “We’re going to have some fun, little lady.” “I’m not little!” “So am I.”

Albert: When King Byron told him to escort the princess of Wysteria, he was expecting for a cold, sophisticated woman. After all, one who becomes fiancee of the king of Stein should somehow be a match for him, right? So imagine his surprise when he found a petite young lady, who looked like she was just barely out of senior school though he was quick to hide that surprise with his cold politeness.

Byron: He was to marry the princess of Wysteria because it would be beneficial to both kingdoms. But he didn’t sign up for being tagged as a cradle snatcher. “Are you sure you’re of legal age?” he asked when he saw her for the first time. She barely reached his shoulders and that look on her face made her even younger.

Robert: “(Y/N), you’re the new Princess Elect?” The court painter was in for a surprise when she was introduced to the whole palace staff the next day. “My, you never changed. You still haven’t grown a bit.” Uh-oh.

Giles: “My lady, are you of legal age?” When she nodded, confusion in her face, he smiled. “Great. Then you’ll be the Princess Elect.” “!” “What’s with that look? A ruler blessed with youthful beauty is the trend now.” “You mean I’m short.” “Petite. It’s rather cute.” “Uh-huh.”

So, I rewatched the Richonne hand-holding scene at least ten times now, because I am so healthy. And I realized that Rick seemed like he just wanted to rub her leg sweetly, but then just like the hand-holding with the mints, she initiates it further and holds his hand. I think Rick loves that about her, one touch becomes into something more, that undeniable connection. And that little dorky grin of his, like “I’m here, babe. last night was like the greatest thing”. He’s such putty in her hands, it’s so adorable. And precious Queen still being all shy and bashful. I can’t do this. they’re so in love and cute. He can’t keep his hands off of her. c’: And I also love how Jesus is just looking on as this is going on. xD Not to mention, Glenn seeing it as well. ❤︎  a sophisticated katana warrior lioness queen and a dorky leader warrior officer king together together at last ❤︎ Their love is burning, and they crave each other’s touches so much.  ❤︎











they take pictures with baby foxes that got orphaned so the mom won’t like attack them and their babies so extra cute bonus (i know nothing about foxes just roll with it)

There’s three of the fox cubs and they all swap out

Dan tries to look sophisticated but the fox she’s holding is chewing on her hair and it’s so cute

Matt is so huge!!! Next to tiny fox cub!!!

Allison manages to look gorgeous and sophisticated bc of course

Renee got to hold two foxes because she’s sweet

Nicky’s cub tries to rough house with him and like??? No tiny floof we’re here on business OKAY ONE CUDDLE

Aaron’s fox cub wrings a smile out of him because it’s too darn cute

Kevin talks them into letting him hold the cub in his Exy racket and like it works and it’s super cute

Neil’s fox is like the exact same color as his hair and it’s sitting in his hair all curled up and in one of the photos it looks like he has little ears

Andrew is on the ground rolling around with the most playful fox and afterwards he tells Neil he hated it but maybe there’s a slight smile in one of the pics


the media goes nuts

“They make you look cute.” (Sammy Wilkinson Imagine)

Requested by anonymous: “could i get an imagine where y/n like wears glasses and shes sorta insecure about it (nate or sammy is fine)“


Decided to make a Sammy imagine, since I have a fuckton of Nate ones. :)


“Fuck.” You called from the restroom.

“What’s wrong?” Sammy called back.

“I just tore my contact, and now I only have one left. Now I have to wear my glasses for the next few weeks until I can get more.” You sighed as you flipped the light off in the restroom. You climbed into bed next to Sammy.

“What’s so wrong with that?” He asked.

“You know I hate wearing my glasses. I hate the way they make me look.” You complained.

“But why? They make you look cute.” Sammy argued, wrapping his arms tight around you.

“I hate them.” You said.

“You shouldn’t.” He said.

“But I do.” 

“(Y/N), I don’t understand why you hate your glasses so much. I like the way they make you look. They make you look sophisticated. I mean, I love the way you look regardless, but I like the way your glasses make you look.” Sammy said. You couldn’t help but smile.

“You always know what to say to make me feel better. I love you.” You said.

“I don’t wanna see my girl upset and I will do anything to see you happy. I love you baby.” He said as he kissed you on the forehead. You laid down in the bed and he pulled you close and hugged you tight. You talked and cuddled in bed for the rest of the night, until you both fell asleep.