i look sleepy :p

Sleep With Me?


Kageyama jolted in his bed, sweat dotting his forehead and running down the back of his neck. He clutched his covers and looked around in his room. Sighing loudly, he rubbed one of his eyes with the heel of his palm. Turning his back to his door, Kageyama forced his eyes closed.

It was such, such a bad idea to binge a whole bunch of Ghost Adventures videos before going to bed. He did not think he would be scared, after all, a lot of it seemed absolutely ridiculous! Yet, now that the lights were off and he was alone in his room, Kageyama found himself terrified. Willing himself to go back to sleep, Kageyama repeatedly told himself that the noise was just the apartment stretching or something, not some supernatural entity.

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You look like art

Prompt: Person B does something really stupid to the point that Person A is dragged into the same mess just by association of person B. Being completely immersed and seeing the absolute shit that they are both in. (Prompt by @etherealuniverseskies)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x invisible!Reader

Rating: T

Summary: The reader can’t resist some things, and when an art fair comes into town, she drags Bucky into a bit of a pickle.

Word count: several.

Warnings: some cussing, fluff

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