i look really good in this pic damn


hahaHAHAHA [gross sobbing] I didn’t know how to make one of those fake instagram post so please excuse the mess that is the first picture. I really wanted to draw Phichit lately because tbh he’s more gorgeous than Yurio sometimes. Plus I love his skin color, it’s so damn pretty!

I’ve been on a roll when making art that I actually really like! I tried making a background this time, does it look good? How’d I do? lol it’s so hard, how do people do it! Oh that’s a selfie stick he’s suppose to be holding btw yea i know doesn’t look it lol. 

Also! Did you notice I redrew Phichit’s instagram profile pic? It actually came out great! lol (meaning the background, not him. He was easy to draw!)


My art

Have a lovely day!!!

Of course you want to know what I think...

About what you say? Well - you know, those pics of Sam in NC. All I can say about those pictures is this, DAMN SAM LOOKS GOOD! That’s my only comment.
Okay, so that’s not so true. Well, it’s half true. I really do think that he looks tremendous. As to why he’s there, I really don’t care. After all that we have seen and all the games that have been played, it would not surprise me if TPTB cooked this up and spent the dough to get him to NC for a couple of days (or hours) to expand the playing field. Wouldn’t that make sense after all? TPTB have to connect the dots and stoke the fires to get our heart rates up and confuse the hell out of us. THAT alone puts money in their pockets. We changed our course with the great party pics we saw that fed the “Special Anniversary” weekend theory and SOMETHING had to happen. Why? Because we are a ship full of brilliant, educated, and extremely no-wool-over-our-eyes bunch of shippers! That’s why! There’s no way that Sam is with MM, or was in NC scouting. I also say that there is no way in hell that Sam and Cait are playing us for any reason. They are not that caliper of people. Ain’t gonna happen. While I hate all this ring-around-the-rosy shit, I do understand it. Money does make the world go round and someone who is holding all the cards wants said money. Here’s what I feel every time I see one of these “investment plays” appear, pure sympathy. Sympathy for two people who are in a committed and loving relationship having to pretend likewise. I couldn’t do it. Too painful. Embarrassing. An awful lot of weight to bear. So when this shit happens, just remember all of the other stuff we have been witness to. Remember how cast mates have referred to them and their relationship. Keep in mind the myriad of tweets, pictures, interviews, and those glorious BTS, have brought us so much joy. Just take one of those things, really look at it, and try to tell me different. Ain’t gonna happen.


Just got back home from a banquet XDD I’m a huge tomboy and hardly ever wear dresses but mom forced me soooooooo here ‘ya go, guys!

LOOOOKKK I HAVE A NEW HAIRSTYLLEE! Which means I’ll start drawing my ponysona with this hairstyle as well <3 this was made possible thanks to my patrons and those who commissioned me!! I haven’t gone to the salon in months! And honestly am too embarrassed to show how my hair looked BEFORE I went to the salon XD

Violet in fancy clothinnnggg??? savor it all you can cause this is a rare sight XD

How about an au where Larry and Ahk meet online, like they have similar interests or something, and they talk off and on a lot and become good friends and then one day Larry posts a pic of a cosplay or something that’s actually really nice but somebody makes a rude comment and Ahk just goes off on them like “Excuse you, you wish you could look this good in cosplay or at all who do you think you are telling the most handsome man in existence he’s any less than perfect.” And Larry freaks out and also thanks him a bunch but doesnt really believe he meant any of that

And then later Ahk posts a pic and Larry’s like oh, hot damn. No one told me I was friends with a fucking sex god. 

so having me day Yaaaay! Marathoned iron man!! All 3 😗 sigh now I wanna see avengers 2 anyway did mint mask and damn my face feels good~
Doing a spa kinda shit cuz I have doc appointment tomorrow so lets not look like the walking dead 💀😅 WOAH SHIT again posting another selfie well then if people still pay attention to me Yaaaay here ya go

we don’t need no modern jesus
(the only faith we have is faith in us)

- a mix for eva pilots -

1. Modern Jesus - Portugal. The Man // 2. Your Body Is A Machine - The Good Natured // 3. Bad Intentions - Digital Daggers // 4. My Demons - Starset // 5. Pressure - Youngblood Hawke // 6. I Can Get Back Up Now - You, Me, And Everyone We Know // 7. Gold Guns Girls - Metric // 8. Flawed Design - Stabilo // 9. Meds - Placebo // 10. Give Us A Little Love - Fallulah // 11. Dread In My Heart - Mother Mother // 12. Friends Are Dead - Dresses

☆ listen ☆

Heres some scourgey junk. The tumbl crushed it. ah well. 

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so if i'd had any doubts about the baby (which i haven't since the beginning, because NO ONE is gonna announce a pregnancy that early), they'd be completely erased by how happy Louis looks about soccer compared to any mention at all of his 'child' for over a year. he looks as happy in the vid/pics from today as he does with any child in the world except the one that's supposedly his, so.. also, i'm so glad he's looking happy again.


tells me he’s in a really good place and he’s doing FINE!!

And I can’t believe HOW LUCKY WE ARE

to be allowed to witness it and to share these moments with him and to FINALLY see the crinkly eyed smile that we all fell madly in love with again cause DAMN I MISSED IT SO MUCH!!!!

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IM REALLY EMOTIONAL ABOUT THAT FITTING PIC HARRY POSTED! Magnus is damned attractive! That outfit is just amazing, he looks like he might kill some people or drag Alec away to bed, I'm fine with either.


magnus and alec immediately making out after destroying some ppl or demons together this is all i want. like, honestly i just want all the cliche tropes straight couples get in genre shows, complete with falling on top of each other, sexually charged ~sparring~ sessions, and where one half of the couple watches the other train with extreme lust.

(technically, the last already happened in 1.08 but…i want another, possibly with the roles reversed like alec watching magnus practice his magic or something and the boy just has his mouth hanging open like always with that Gay Thirst gleaming in his eyes.)


I wasn’t tagged in anything but imma start my own thing idk do it if u feel like it im just trying to make myself feel better tbh WOO ˚✧⁎( ˘ω˘ )˳✧༚

so yeah if u want u should pick ur fave selfies and post them and tag me and shit if u want. self-appreciation is good. good shit. feel good bout urself. word.

i hope taylor goes through her dash and sees all the pics and gifs of her and thinks “damn i look good” or even “wow good job me for putting together that outfit” because she really should


whenever I look back at pics of myself from like a couple months ago I’m like “yo I looked so good then what happened???” but I keep trying to remind myself that I have always done that. I see a pic from two months ago and I’m like “damn I looked good” but then two months later I literally say the exact same thing and I always forget that I wasn’t happy with the way I looked then either.

It’s also really easy to forget how much progress I’ve made over the years with body image/coming out/becoming more comfortable with myself and that I now have the confidence to even take a pic of myself, but not even just take it, but then post it online for the entire world to see. Like there are pics of me all over this blog and it feels awesome that I can even do that!!!

This summer I’ve been feeling especially shitty about the way I look so I’m posting some pics from the past 3 months because even if I didn’t think it then, I like the way I look in them now and I didn’t get to say that a couple years ago!!!

So I went laser tagging a few nights ago, and one of the cool things about this place is that your monitor/facilitator/whatever goes around and snaps pics of you and your pals while you get your game on. 

And he took this one.

And I really enjoy it.

Cuz I look pretty damn good.