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Friendship Is Nice. Friendship and Lingerie Is Nicer.

Summary: CS Modern AU. Friends to Lovers. Emma gets some new lingerie and, intending to get approval from her friends, accidentally sends some revealing pictures to the wrong group chat. Smut ensues.

tagging @emmasbutt who has put up w/ my incessant chatter while writing this fic ♥

Rated M. 6.6k words ~ also on ao3

Emma Swan has not owned a decent set of lingerie in far too long. It’s not as if she’s had anyone to wear it around, has had any need for it. The thought of needing an upgrade to her sexy wardrobe isn’t something her friends have needled her about in a while and therefore, hasn’t crossed her mind.

She’s just gotten her income tax money and seeing as she’s finally in a financially stable enough place in her life to not need to spend the money on bills, she takes a slightly reluctant but much-needed trip to the nearest mall. Too many unstylishly ripped jeans and torn t-shirts have been piling up in her wardrobe and, really, her lack of anything that ranges outside the bounds of leather and simple cotton is kind of sad.

She’s made a decent dent in her wallet—a couple of sheer shirts (who knew sheer was so in), a floral dress, a little black dress Ruby will whole-heartedly approve of, a nice green jacket that is decidedly not leather, and even a pencil skirt—when she passes the Victoria’s Secret.

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Could you in the near future gather up some pics where Shawn is wearing different colors like pink, white,red, blue, etc. or just nice shirts or patters in general. ? This boy has such impeccable style he truly is a gift. We would ALL appreciate so so much. Please & Thank You Love you M 💫



just gonna say this is blue ok?

can you tell it’s my fave?


how does someone look this good in green? I do not know. 

My favourite shirt on him ever. hands down.

v blurry 

pink shirt underneath still counts okay??

ft. a really pretty fan

*casually drops another red shirt Shawn*




Warning: Contains slight smut

Genre: Teacher x Student

UPDATE: I was stupid and made the girl 17 so I made her 18 which is legal now because JB is 23 in this. I will fix this in my previous chapters. Please tell me any writing organization suggestions because this is my first time writing a fanfic and I barely write in school so this is really unorganized I feel. I know there are tons of grammar mistakes but I am so lazy! I am so sorry. I will try to take the time to proof read before publishing. Enjoy that hilarious picture of JB.

 Your class is going on a field trip to visit a college and guess which teacher is the chaperone! Jaebum. After the intense make out session a month ago, you began spending more time with Jaebum and getting to know him more. Even though Jaehyun was always with you guys when you went out to buy groceries or have small dates, it was better because it would prevent Jaebum or you from kissing each-others cheek or showing any signs of affection for each other in public and risking your relationship. Although you wanted those displays of affection, you didn’t want to get caught and neither did Jaebum. If you got caught, you would not be able to graduate, Jaebum would be jobless, and your faces would be on local newspapers for the scandal… none of you wanted that. For the past month, every time you went out with Jaebum or the two times you slept over at his house, you told your parents you were sleeping over at Irene’s or Wendy’s or you were hanging out with them. Sometimes, You would tell them you had a group project with Jackson to work on at the library so they would think your working on school things. But actually school was the least of your concerns because JB would help you get it done quickly so you could hang out. It probably would be better if you told Irene, Wendy, and Jackson of your new relationship so they would go along with your plan in case your parents ever found out you were lieing, but you didn’t think it was a big deal because it had only been a month and it was working just fine. Last Saturday, you, Jaebum, and Jaehyun went to the bowling alley and you went in fear of getting caught by someone in school. Jaebum told you that all the high schoolers were partying and drinking on a Saturday so they wouldn’t be at the bowling alley. That relieved you a bit because you knew he was right. Your school was known for their parties.

Because of the constant fear of getting caught in public, you guys had been spending the majority of the time on his couch and watching horror movies while eating all the possible junk food. You would both be snuggled up on the couch and twice you fell asleep on each other with the warm blankets tightly wrapped around you two. Although these moments happened and you slept over twice, you weren’t his girlfriend. He didn’t label it yet. You haven’t gotten intimate with him yet besides sweet kisses and a seldom makeout seasion when no one was around (such as Jaehyun). You weren’t sure what the relationship was. It was friendly and you guys were getting to know each other more. Nothing really changed in you and Jaebum’s relationship besides being more open with each others feelings, spending more time together, and talking about more vast subjects. He told you that you looked pretty every time you came over and you blushed each time. These new compliments made you happy. You started having more in-depth conversations with him about almost anything. You talked about your past crushes and embarrassing moments like when you accidentally went to the boys bathroom then dropped your phone in the toilet and he would laugh in your face and call you an airhead. He made fun of you but you still liked it. He would tell you his embarrassing high school stories to make you feel better. Today, Jaehyun was at his friends house and you finally had alone time with JB. He showed you his senior yearbook and his senior pic was too good to be true.

“ Well damn. You looked too good senior year. All the girls must’ve chased you”

“I mean yeah they did. I spent time with a few girls but no one was as fun as you”

You slapped his knee. “Oh come on! Stop being so cheesy”

He smiled at you and said “No really! Some of them wouldn’t even admit if they farted! At least you do!”

“Is that what you like about a girl? One that admits her farts?”

“Well no but you’re honest and I like that about you.” he said as he tucked a hair strand behind your ear.

How can he be so perfect? He can go from talking about farts and then being sweet.

“I like you.” & You quickly pecked his cheek.

“You are so fun to be with and I’ve been having a lot of fun these past few weeks.” he basically giggled and continued, “I sound so cringey and awkward”

“It’s okay I’m cringey and awkward too” you said as you set down the yearbook on the table and snuggled close to him on the couch.

“I want to sit next to you on the bus to the field trip” he whispered in your ear while his arms were wrapped around your small body.

“Sorry I told Jackson I would be sitting next to him.”

“JACKSON?! He is the biggest gossiper in the school! Your friends?”

“Yeah but I won’t tell him about us.”

“I am okay with you telling your friends as long as you trust them.”

So were you guys dating you thought to yourself
He continued talking, “Have you told your friends about how you attacked me in the teachers lounge?”

You turned bright red and internally screamed.

“I forgot that you knew about that…”

“Of course I would know! It happened to me!” JB chuckled.

“What were you thinking when if happened?” you said as you looked up at him and saw his dark brown eyes staring back at you.

“Honestly, I thought it was the best kiss of my life. I found you attractive since the beginning of the first semester but I knew I had to get those thoughts out of my head. But recently, I stopped giving a shit because when you became my babysitter I started really liking your personality as well as your pretty little face even more. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help it.”

His last line sent electricity through your body and your eyes softened when you looked at him. He is the sweetest man alive. His ex was crazy to leave him. But you were still unsure what your relationship really was with him. Did he consider you a girlfriend? He never told you.

“When I saw you, I didn’t think you were great but then you emailed me extra credit and this may sound stupid but that’s when I started finding you hot because thats when I started paying attention to you more. All the girls in our school thought you were hot before but that made me fall for you. I jus felt like you gave me extra credit randomly and I was weirded out but then I stared looking at your face more.”

JB laughed hysterically and spit a bit on your face!

“You spit on me! Quit laughing! What’s so funny?”

“Sorry! It’s just so funny! Extra credit really makes you happy and attracted to me doesn’t it?”

“No! I don’t know how to explain this properly! It probably wasn’t even the extra credit! I probably just looked at you and thought “oh he’s hot!” It was a random observation!“ You said to him while your face turned red.

"No it was the extra credit”

You gave up arguing and tickled him to make him shut up. He just laughed more and more and then his phone rang.

He got up to answer it in the kitchen and came back to the living room.

“Hey do you want to pick up Jaehyun with me?”

You nodded your head and drove with him.

“I am pooped out from laughing”

“Maybe if you stopped laughing you wouldn’t feel that way.” you said in a harsh but playful tone.

He drove seriously but he put his hand on your thigh a couple minutes in the drive and looked up at you an smiled. You were happy today.

You and JB walked up to the door and knocked and a woman opened the door.

“Hello Mr. Im! Oh Y/N! What are you doing here?”

It was Irene’s mom and then you remembered Irene saying she moved to a new house last week. How come you ended up at this new house? Why did she coincidentally have to have a younger brother who was friends with Jaehyun? Irene’s mother called Irene to come down stairs.

“Y/N is here to hang out Irene!”

Irene came down the stairs looking confused.

“Y/N? What are you doing here? You didn’t even call!” Irene said while smiling .“But it’s okay!”

You came up with a quick lie.

“Oh sorry Irene I just really needed to talk to you! Then I ran into Mr. Im. He is here to pick up his kid because he was playing with your brother right?” you said in a shaky voice

“Yeah.. Hi Mr Im I hope your having a good Wednesday. ”

After the awkward conversations and greetings, you said farewell to Mr. Im and tried to keep a distant between you and Jaehyun so he wouldn’t spill the beans that you knew each other. You quickly went to the kitchen and JB understood you wouldn’t be able to be with him for the rest of the evening. You hung out normally with Irene. Now, you finally slept over at Irene’s without lieing to your family.

“Y/N, you randomly came over. What did you need to talk to me about?”

You started sweating profusely and you looked down at the ground.

“Well you see… I trust you…”

“I trust you too Y/N.”

“This secret might freak you out…”

“YOU’RE PREGNANT?! IS IT JACKSON?! HE HAS ALWAYS LIKED YOU! I knew you guys were meant to be..”

“Ummmmmmm. I am not pregnant..I have been getting closer to Mr. Im because JB I’ve been his sons babysitter and right now we are getting to know each other. I am not sure if we are dating, but he told me he liked me.”

Irene looked like she shitted her pants.


You laughed at her reaction but you couldn’t help but think of what she said about Jackson. You explained to her how it happened and how it’s only been a short time so far and you weren’t even sure if it would last if JB never stated you were his girlfriend.

You decided to bring up Jackson again.

“But what did you say about Jackson?”

“Oh that was a secret. But I can tell you it now. Jackson likes you and he has since 9th grade. But are you gonna tell him about JB? It would break his heart. Plus he is gossipy so who knows how he will take it.”

“I am not so sure if I should tell him. He would never try to expose me or hurt me so I don’t think he would gossip such an incident if he found out about JB and me because he has always cared for me. I have always thought of him as an older brother.”

“He is gonna hate Mr.Im”


You sat next to Jackson but someone was very close to you on the bus.. Irene and JB sat together to keep a watch. You texted JB and told him the updates and he didn’t want Jackson to like you anymore. He wanted Jackson to move on from you. He was scarred Jackson would snatch you away.. He really has gotten to like you but he didn’t ask you to be his girlfriend yet. He wanted to ask you if you would be his girlfriend soon because he had grown very interested in you and wanted to try being in a relationship again. You were young and 18 and he wanted to be with you and see how it went. But he didn’t want to take advantage of you and ruin your high school career. He didn’t wanna be selfish and satisfy his own needs. He wasn’t even sure if you wanted to date him. But he has plans to ask you if you would be comfortable dating him.

You fell asleep on the bus but your head ended up on Jackson’s shoulder. Mr. Im was quick to notice.

“No cuddling or heads on shoulders while sleeping” he screamed across the bus and all the couples stared angrily at him.

Jackson barely had a chance to talk to you during the bus ride because you kept sleeping. He was a bit sad.

“Y/N let’s go on the college tour together!” Jackson said excitingly

JB was in a separate group from you and Jackson. He clenched his fist and got a bit jealous. But he let it go because Jackson was still your friend and you weren’t even dating him. But today you looked so pretty to JB that he got jealous of Jackson because he got to see your beautiful face.

The trip was boring and finally it was lunch time.

“Jackson I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Okay! Have fun” Jackson said and laughed loudly.

You giggled and walked towards the restroom area until you felt a hand cover your mouth and drag you to a closet. You were about to scream when you heard JB’s voice.

“It’s me”

“You scared the living day lights out of me. Where is this?”

JB turned on the lights and it was the janitors closet.

“Wow the college janitors closet! Way better than our high schools” you said sarcastically.

“Sorry I just wanted to talk” JB said as he kissed the side of your lips.

“How’s Jackson?”

“He’s good and he’s not even showing any signs of liking me. I feel like Irene doesn’t know what she is talking about”

“Good I don’t want him to steal you from me.”

“Why would I even leave you? You’re soooooo hot” you said in a mocking tone. You weren’t lieing but you wanted to tease him.

He started speaking in a serious tone, “Listen Y/N, I want you to myself. I dont want Jackson to have you. it has only been a month of me and you spending more time together but I want you, I want to dat-”

Before he could finish his sentence you grabbed him by the collar and kissed his soft lips. You have been staring at them since he dragged you to this closet. You trailed wet kisses down his neck then collar bone, and finally down his chest. This was your answer to him and you have been waiting for him to state that he wants to date you. JB was flustered and surprised. You left sweet butterfly kisses as you traveled down. This is your first time acting somewhat dirty and going a bit lower than he expected. He pulled you back up and looked into your eyes with a hungry look and tugged on your shirt and you took it off quickly, realizing what he wanted. He saw your red lacy bra and smirked. He slammed you against the closet door and started kissing your cherry Chapstick lips. He stuck his tongue inside your mouth and the sloppy sounds filled the room and he moved his lips to your neck, biting and sucking on your weak spots that you didn’t even know existed and leaving hickies. Your body was on fire. You were squeezing your legs together and you could feel your panties were getting wet and you haven’t felt this good in your entire life.

“JB.. Oh my god…” you whimpered.

“You don’t realize how much I want to be with you.” he said against your neck and you felt his hot breath against your skin.

You couldn’t believe you were getting intimate with Mr. Im and you felt bad for basically attacking his lips again, but he wanted it too. That made you feel better. He actually wanted to date you and it made you happy.

He made his way down to your boobs and unhooked your bra. He looked at them hungrily.
“You are so beautiful. I cant believe this” he whispered.
He grabbed one mound and as he was about to put your nipple in his mouth, your phone rang in your pocket. He disappointedly kissed your chest and let you take the phone call. He had a look of annoyance. You were annoyed too. Who could possibly be calling? You were just about to get it with JB in a janitors closet but someone had to ruin it.

“Hello?” you answered in an angry tone.

“Y/N where are you?” Jackson said in a fake worried tone.

But Jackson knew where you were.


“Oh I am in the bathroom! I told you right Jackie? I’ll be out soon!”

You started getting wearing you shirt but JB sadly looked at you and put his hand on your hips and lightly kissed your lips. Even though it was so light and quick it made you excited. This was the first time JB and you did something so dirty and you loved it. This was the beginning. He actually liked your personality and didn’t use you like your past boyfriends. Everything was perfect. But little did you know… Jackson just found out your little secret relationship.

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what do you think about gin-san's thighs? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I have certain weaknesses – kinks, if you will – like bellies. I’m aware of these proclivities and I accept all of them about myself in that I’m very comfortable with them! 

As it turns out, Gintoki as a whole is like one gigantic weakness/kink for me. 

His entire build is very, very right in my mind and I don’t know if that’s because his build is similar to mine or what my deal is. You ask about his thighs? Pffff I can definitely talk about his thighs because they’re awesome. He has such strong, sturdy legs and those thighs are deliciously thick

You can see that in panels like this one when he’s in motion and you can see all the muscles bunching up, creating that specific definition. ((You can see that in his arms and shoulders, too… just going to… point that out….)) And, see, Gintoki is the type that when he walks, his thighs jiggle just a little bit. It’s not because he’s fat or anything, it’s because that’s what muscle does when you move. It’s not always taut – muscle is a mass on your body, it adds extra weight, and so you’ll see it move when he’s in motion or when he relaxes. 

It’s kind of funny, because I first took true notice of Gintoki’s build right around this point in the series:

Look at those thighs and look at those forearms, shoulders, hips, and stance. I already loved Gintoki by this point, but this is honestly about the time I was like oh shit because I realized I was pretty screwed. Also, his thighs/build play into why he’s so attractive as Paako. Not because he’s necessarily a “masculine female” or anything, but shit, a woman with thick thighs is damn sexy in my opinion, so I think it’s really hot. 

You can also see his thighs at work in panels like this one:

I mean, just look at that. Good lord, the amount of strength he has in his legs alone is fantastic and I’m overly fond of it. His thighs are an excellent choice of discussion with me because I can go on and on, as I can with every part of him LOLOL 


hahaHAHAHA [gross sobbing] I didn’t know how to make one of those fake instagram post so please excuse the mess that is the first picture. I really wanted to draw Phichit lately because tbh he’s more gorgeous than Yurio sometimes. Plus I love his skin color, it’s so damn pretty!

I’ve been on a roll when making art that I actually really like! I tried making a background this time, does it look good? How’d I do? lol it’s so hard, how do people do it! Oh that’s a selfie stick he’s suppose to be holding btw yea i know doesn’t look it lol. 

Also! Did you notice I redrew Phichit’s instagram profile pic? It actually came out great! lol (meaning the background, not him. He was easy to draw!)


My art

Have a lovely day!!!

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Niall is the bestest man around. He has been working so hard and I hope he gets some rest soon. He has been working so hard and I'm so proud of him. PLUS he's been looking so damn good. Working out with Mark has been beneficial for his body.

he really is! and hes soo good to us! all the shirtless videos and cute instagram pics.  i cant believe how lucky we are!

lets talk about niall

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...I just realized Oikawa was wearing Iwa-chan's uniform (in your second newest oikawa art)....I feel very stupid....On the other hand, it's very beautiful! Actually, all your art is really good!!! Like, damn, I could look at all of these all day. They're just so good. Your art style is really great, too! Oh, and I hope the renovation's over by now. Well, hope you have a nice day! ^_^

First of all: thank you very much anon <3.
Sadly i have no idea how long renovation hell will last, but it’s WEEKEND god bless! I am enjoying the silence very much.

Also: don’t sweat about the shirt pic. Oikawa won’t be wearing it for long anyways.

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Yunho looks so good on that magazine cover! Thanks for that Homin for beginners, it was very informative!

I’m glad I could help (✿◠‿◠) and i had a lot of fun doing it :P

and, YES! omg! Yunho almost killed me today with these pics! I’m still so not used to him being really back, it hits me so hard in moments like this ;; and he looks so DAMN HOT  *_________*

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give me your honest opinion. out of all the batboys who would have the most selfies on their ig account?

listen i know that i already did the batboys social media but i need to go into details about how i think they’d take selfies so thank you so much for this. also tbh it’d be between dick and steph for the most selfies, which no one is complaining about.

Dick Grayson: perfect lighting, perfect angles, perfect everything, 10/10 gleaming smile all the time he is so good. usually he’s in awful brightly colored workout clothes and like has a smoothie in one hand and you can see a bowl of half eaten cereal on the counter sometimes. his captions are always lowkey motivational and if ur having a rough day in gotham, you just remember that selfie of dick grayson and how he said we’re all as bright and fiery as the sun (even though it never comes out in gotham) 

Jason Todd: blurry, but still good. an aesthetic blurry. takes a lot of mirror selfies like post-mission so he has on a bloody, ripped shirt and is giving this shit eating grin to the camera. also will take pictures of the skyline or cutting the lights off from Wayne Enterprises so it just says ass and then captions it ‘a sign from above’ tbh his captions are always snarky as fuck like ‘spilled some ketchup, clumsy me’ or ‘wow, sure was packed in whole foods today.’ also has one selfie where its just a close up of his neck totally covered in hickies and it just says ‘you should see the other guy’ 

Tim Drake: hasn’t quite found his aesthetic but pls he is trying. takes a lot of ‘omw to a meeting there’s monster in this starbucks cup and also my will to live’ some shitpost twitter account made a meme out of two of his selfies, one of which he was looking fly as fuck in his suit and tie and another where he was in his star trek spock hoodie and some batman pajama pants while pulling the vulcan salute then captioned it ‘get yourself a man who can do both ;)’ it’s tim’s favorite and he has it saved on his phone 

Damian Wayne: honestly, his pictures are so aesthetically pleasing? He’ll do a lot of skyscraper pics and the city at night, and people are always like ‘how do you get such cool angles???’ bitch he’s sittin right up there with all the other birds of course he has good angles. damian has a lot of selfies with his pets, and he literally looks like a model in all of them like he claims to think selfies are ‘idiotic and vapid’ and yet boy knows just the right filter. also this is just me but i feel like the artist side of damian would be really into makeup as he gets older and he does some fierce shit with eyeliner. if dick’s the selfie king then damian’s the grumpy selfie prince who did not claim said title (he totally claimed it) 

Stephanie Brown: so fucking fierce. will take a selfie with cat eyes sharp enough to kill a man or a bloody nose and black eye, it doesn’t matter. she’ll still look good,she’s stephanie brown. also a big fan of ‘squad pics’ and will get everyone together for a picture god damn it. her twitter banner is her and the rest of the wayne’s in squad poses, she and cass are doing a handshake, dick is on the floor with his leg straight up in the air. jason is in the back with the double peace sign and sunglasses on, tim is doing the prayer pose, damian is rolling his eyes but still makes sure he’s in the frame, and alfred is pointing at bruce who’s back is facing them. stephanie brown is #Queen 

Cassandra Cain: doesnt take selfies, makes art. she’s never in the frame fully, sometimes it’s just a blurry pic of her eyes, sometimes it’s her well defined back, other times it’s a cat she saw in the street and wanted to make Art. Cass is on some top tier aesthetic, no one can take a ‘Cass’ pic bc that’s just her brand. her favorite picture is one of her and jason and it’s a close up of both their smiles. she has a busted lip and he’s missing a tooth and it’s just captioned ‘will bite if provoked’ she’s everyone’s favorite account. 


And now it is time for my highkey spirit animal, the first half of the Daegu line, an actual sweetheart with a rea ll y relaxing voice like honestly just listening to Yoongi talk makes me feel so relaxed and it’s just so nice, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • Okay but I just need to talk about this s o fucking much like this is so necessary and I just need it
  • Visuals first bc I’m s o ready for this
  • The band member that changes his hair color every few months when he gets bored of the previous color
  • He starts out with black hair then he changes with brown then it’s blonde then it’s red for two seconds then it’s orange the list just goes on and on and on
  • He currently has the blonde hair bc did you see Agust D that was some good shit right there siGN ME UP (hi I’m still not over that shit and probably never will be)
  • Like he has this ability to make blonde hair look ethereal and soft but also just as badass as his black hair and it’s honestly so !!!
  • Bc sometimes there’s a pic of him with blonde hair and it’s like damn he’s pretty he’s so soft I wanna cuddle him and wrap him up into a blanket burrito and watch funny movies with him
  • But then also sometimes there’s a pic of him with blonde hair and it’s just FUCK
  • Okay but yoongi in all black is such a fucking nice look also yoongi in hoodies that’s a really fucking good look too 
  • He’s just one of those people who could walk around in pajamas and it’d just be like you know what that still looks fucking good bc his body is just ni cE and he has that laid back vibe to him so it helps when it comes to pulling off literally just a baggy hoodie and jeans I mean in Agust D he’s literally just in jeans and a jacket and a t-shirt and it still looked so fucking nice one of my favorite looks on him actually
  • He would be a guitarist
  • Just think about that for a second let it sink in
  • Yoongi has some of the most beautiful hands and thinking about that combined with a guitar is just wow
  • Idk why but Yoongi just sc reams guitarist to me it’s one of my biggest head canons about yoon, if he was in a band he’d be playing guitar
  • Like I can see it so well, his head down bc he’s so focused on playing, he’s bobbing a lil bit to the rhythm, he’s got that passion in his eyes bc Yoongi just loves music so much, it’s his everything
  • I also just think yoon would be one of those people that’s a ma zing at playing guitar and it’s just fascinating to watch him play bc he makes it look s o easy
  • Started playing when he was literally like 6 like super casual just kinda picked up a guitar and started figuring it out on his own until he eventually knew how to play it and then bc he plays piano too bc Yoongi can cASUALLY PLAY PIANO he’d be able to read music and figure out notes and chords and all of that fun stuff
  • Yoongi’s just one of those people that you know is meant to do things with music whether it’s just creating it or just playing it, it’s clear that it’s his passion in life
  • The more quiet member that’s actually really fucking funny and everyone has a lil soft spot for him bc he’s precious without even meaning to be
  • Some people are a bit wary of him bc he seems to be all tough and blunt but then they get to know him and see that he’s actually just smol cutie pie in black clothing
  • He’s always doing sweet things for the fans, like setting up free water bottles for them or even sometimes handing them out himself while they’re waiting in line
  • If it’s raining, he makes sure they have something to stand under and he tries to make sure they’re ushered in quickly so they don’t catch a cold bc he would h a t e for someone to have deal with an illness bc they were waiting in line
  • Gives fans really good advice whenever they ask, like it can be about how to create music, how to find your passion in life or it can just be how to get through stressful days
  • Genuinely appreciates each and every fan that comes to any show and totally remembers people if they come to multiple shows bc he’s just so thankful that not only did they come to a show once, they continue to come to them
  • He’s pretty quiet on social media bc if he isn’t performing, he’s writing, if he isn’t writing, he’s with you, if he’s not with you, he’s trying to catch up on sleep
  • But when he does post it’s golden like we all know how beautiful Yoongi’s seflies are they’re pure beauty
  • He jokes around with the fans a lot like he’ll have random sprees where he’s just on a various social media (typically it’s Twitter) and he’s on there for hou rs just talking to people
  • It’s rare to see him without his guitar, in a lot of the pictures the boys take of him, you can almost always guarantee you’ll see his guitar somewhere in the picture and it’s honestly become an inside joke in the fandom
  • He’s another person I could see having a significant other long before the band
  • He’s v v quiet about it, Yoongi just seems like someone who keeps his private life p r i v a t e
  • Some people don’t even know he’s in a relationship except for the people who hear/see the subtle hints he gives bc he doesn’t want to risk you getting hate but he also wants to make it clear that he isn’t interested in dating anyone else 
  • There are v v subtle hints like blink and you miss them type of shit but they’re there
  • Lowkey has a tattoo dedicated to you but it’s not like an obvious thing, it’d be of some inside joke or just the word “muse” written across his collarbone in your handwriting, just something small that says hey I love you without making it obvious about who he’s loving
  • He isn’t ashamed of the relationship or anything like that, he’s just v v protective and knows people can be mean and he doesn’t want you to go through that just bc you’re with him
  • Some people can kinda guess he’s at least in love with someone based on his lyrics like it’s obvious he’s singing to someone but they just don’t know who
  • There’s also this one sneaky picture the boys took of you two when you and Yoongi reunited after his tour, it’s of that first hug so both of your faces are hidden since your back is turned to the camera and his face is in your hair
  • You’re both just holding onto each other so tight and it’s such a cute moment, Tae just had to put it up onto the group’s Twitter and everyone lost their shit bc who a WHOA WHOA THE BBY IS IN LOVE ?!?!??!
  • Yoon lowkey doesn’t really address it besides one of those smirking emojis but that one lil face says it all

GD, he’s different around CL. You can’t see him acting like that with other girls he’s with. I mean acting like that even in public. He really could not take his eyes off her and even when there’s an event that they’re both present, he can’t help but stick to her all the time. If by any chance he is in a relationship right now, I am 99% sure, they already fought because of his closeness with CL. and I also feel that once his girlfriend make him choose between her and CL, he would definitely pick Chae. He’s always happy whenever he’s around her.

CL, on the other hand, is a bit more vague. Girls typically are better at hiding our feelings and someone like CL especially wouldn’t give anything away. I think she too loves spending time with GD, they’re good friends, he reassures her. She respects him….

It’s different with Teddy and Youngbae because I think a big part of her knows nothing can come from it, so she freely speaks about her admiration for them.

I can tell GD’s a little besotted with her. You can clearly see he has sincere affection for her. I don’t want to use the word “love”, because we still don’t know about how he really feels towards her, but still. The way he stares at her makes me think that, even if they’re not together, they’re just good friends, or whatever, he obviously thinks she’s hot, and he’s not afraid to show it.

I can understand them, they are so close and share mutual friends, both have big names and huge fanbase it would be pretty risky. But damn, they look so fucking perfect together. Though they were not yet a couple, I already see them as the Beyonce and Jay Z of Asia.

(this pic/edit NOT MINE! cr. to the owner) 


Just got back home from a banquet XDD I’m a huge tomboy and hardly ever wear dresses but mom forced me soooooooo here ‘ya go, guys!

LOOOOKKK I HAVE A NEW HAIRSTYLLEE! Which means I’ll start drawing my ponysona with this hairstyle as well <3 this was made possible thanks to my patrons and those who commissioned me!! I haven’t gone to the salon in months! And honestly am too embarrassed to show how my hair looked BEFORE I went to the salon XD

Violet in fancy clothinnnggg??? savor it all you can cause this is a rare sight XD

How about an au where Larry and Ahk meet online, like they have similar interests or something, and they talk off and on a lot and become good friends and then one day Larry posts a pic of a cosplay or something that’s actually really nice but somebody makes a rude comment and Ahk just goes off on them like “Excuse you, you wish you could look this good in cosplay or at all who do you think you are telling the most handsome man in existence he’s any less than perfect.” And Larry freaks out and also thanks him a bunch but doesnt really believe he meant any of that

And then later Ahk posts a pic and Larry’s like oh, hot damn. No one told me I was friends with a fucking sex god. 

we don’t need no modern jesus
(the only faith we have is faith in us)

- a mix for eva pilots -

1. Modern Jesus - Portugal. The Man // 2. Your Body Is A Machine - The Good Natured // 3. Bad Intentions - Digital Daggers // 4. My Demons - Starset // 5. Pressure - Youngblood Hawke // 6. I Can Get Back Up Now - You, Me, And Everyone We Know // 7. Gold Guns Girls - Metric // 8. Flawed Design - Stabilo // 9. Meds - Placebo // 10. Give Us A Little Love - Fallulah // 11. Dread In My Heart - Mother Mother // 12. Friends Are Dead - Dresses

☆ listen ☆

anonymous asked:

Harry looks so good in those wedding pictures... The fact that he's in his natural habitat and happy among friends is 80% of it and the rest is just... him but like, he looks really good and I'm going to say it again cause I can't articulate anything else, Harry looks damn good in those wedding pics where do I sign up for an early grave help me helrondo can't keep getting away with it I won't stand for it

Hellooooo lovely 💖💕🌸 I’m so sorry for the late reply!!! Seeing Harry happy and relaxed and wearing flower shirts is one of the best things in the world 💖💖💖💖💖 I hope he’s always this happy and surrounded by people who love him and also by flowers lol Hope you’re having a great day/night 😘😘😘😘

yami-yo  asked:

I read your tag and yES IT WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT uhhh this concert was too much. I tagged you in my fave photo but I'm not sure if you have seen it

I THOUGHT SO (also …. is there anything else i can call you? or if you prefer yami-yo i can ofc refer to you like that too!!) AND I WAS LIKE DAMN SON SEEING THOSE PICS BC HE LOOKS SO GOOD!!!

and shit really?? no i haven’t seen it ahh it must’ve gotten lost in my notifs (also this notifications update is shit i miss everything bc of it now lmao) uhh… if you don’t mind you could.. link me…… send them to me over dm…….. i just rly wanna see them bc i haven’t seen many pics from that concert