i look really dumb per usual

The electricians at the elementary think I'm hot.

Apparently LOL. Our janitor stopped me today and told me that. Said they would asking about me. I had met them a couple weeks ago when they were fixing our Smart TV, then yesterday I kept running into one of them and we chatted a little bit. I guess that was a pretty good ego boost. I was also talking to the other teacher I work with about my weight and she couldn’t believe it. “You don’t look like you have any fat on you at all!” It’s strange how I am so much more comfortable being in the 170′s versus 180′s. Dumb, I know. 

Today was pretty good though. LONG, but good. I was gone from 7:30am-10:30pm roughly. I didn’t get any of my capstone stuff done, so I am really glad I am not working tomorrow. So much to do, per usual. 

Oh, and my students are amazing. A handful of our 5th graders from each class have been staying after school for the past week working on a “surprise” that they couldn’t tell us about. Well, after school today they showed us that they had organized an entire event to show their appreciation since it’s their last year at the elementary. I could have cried. Pretty much all on their own, they had painted signs for the gym, made/bought food (salad, grapes, candy, cupcakes, desserts, etc.), had a bunch of games and activities for us to do, and then sang us the “One Call Away” song (actually pretty well!).  

I am going to be a teacher soon. A real teacher anyway that gets paid to do this. I just cannot believe I am finally almost there.