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Coffee run ~S.W.~

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Summary: you go into a coffee shop tut Sam works at and he falls for you the second you walk in.

Sammys POV

I heard the door ding as a person walked in. It was Thursday afternoon so we weren’t busy. It was actually completely empty. I worked at the local coffee shop cause I needed money and I got free coffee.

I looked up to greet the costumer but when I saw her, the words got caught in my throat. I was only mumbling to myself. She set her laptop and bookbag in a seat and walked towards the counter. She stood in front of me, in a crop top and Nike sweats. Her hair was down and she ran a hand through it. She was nodding her head to the music that was playing quietly through the cafe.

As she got up to me I stood up straight and just smiled. Then I remembered the script we had.

“Oh um. Hi. Welcome to Coffee Run. What can I get you?” I stumble out. She giggles and sticks her hands in her pockets.

“I’ll take a apple pie latte with two pumps of caramel.” She says not even looking at the menu. She must come here a lot. I’ve never seen her.

“Um yeah.” I punched it into the computer screen. “Will that be all? Our banana bread is really good. Unless you can’t have banana bread then you probably won’t like it. But our chocolate muffins are good especially when we warm them. But the best thing we have is either our cherry filled pastry or our walnut brownie. Unless you’re allergic to nuts in that case the brownie would kill you and I recommend not getting that.” I say silently cursing myself for saying the stupidest shit.

She throws her head back laughing for a moment.

“You’re cute. I’ll take a cherry filled pastry AND a walnut brownie. Cause I can take nuts perfectly” she said with a wink. I could feel my black uniform jeans growing tighter just at her words.

“Ok you’re total is 9.37” she pulls out a 10 and tells me to keep the small change.

“Ok. Um I’ll bring it all over to your table when it’s ready.” She thanks me and spins around to walk back. I can help but stare at her amazing ass. I shake my head and make her latte. I warm her pastry and brownie and put them on a plate.

I walk to her table where she’s copying notes from her computer. I set everything down and tell her to enjoy.

“Wait. Come sit. I’m you’re only customer and you’re the only working here right now. So don’t tell me you have to watch the register.” She closes her books and laptop and sits back in her seat eating her pastry.

I slowly slide into the seat beside her. I turn the hat around and put my elbows on the table.

“Y/n. That’s my name.”

“I’m Sammy”

“What if I don’t wanna talk to you. .” I say turning to her.

“who said we were gonna talk” she says as she puts her hand on my thighs

“Fuck babygirl. Not right now. I can’t have a boner at work.”

She leaned up and kissed up my jaw. I let out a groan.

“I can help you with that” she says in my ear

I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the employee bathroom and locked the door.

“Suck now.” I say un buttoning my pants.

She gets down to her knees and pulls down my jeans along with my boxers. She gripped my length and works it with her hand

“You know. Now that I think about it I don’t wanna suck. I wanna fuck” she says pumping really fast and looked up at me and bit her lip.

“Fuck y/n. That’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard a girl say” i pull her up and kiss her as hard as I can.

She tore off her shirt and sweatpants and moved to take off mine. She put my hat on her head and kissed my chest.

Your POV

I put on Sammys hat and kissed his chest. He spun me around and held me by my hair.

“Look how fucking sexy you look ma” he says kissing my neck earning a few moans from me.

“Shit moan louder. Let everyone hear” he bends me over the counter so my fave is close the mirror and kisses down my spine.

“Shit daddy just fuck me” i practically scream. His fingers were dancing around my clit and entrance and I was already throbbing.

“Daddy huh? I like it babygirl” then he slams into me. I moan so loud I’m pretty sure China could hear me. He pounds into me at a moderate pace and I wanted more.

I push my hips up and reach for my clit. I feel a hard smack on my ass and moan even more.

Sammy grabs both hands and holds them behind my back.

“That’s mine now baby. You can’t touch unless I say so”

Sammy started getting faster and hitting my spot making me scream. I could tell he was close because of how hard he was hitting our hips together.

“Fuck daddy I’m close.” I say, my eyes rolling back.

“Me too ma. On three count with me.”




I screamed and threw my hips back while Sam growled and fell forward emptying his load into me.

Good thing I’m on birth control.

“Damn baby girl. Your pussy is fucking magical” he say putting his pants on.

“Thanks Sammy your dick is pretty fucking amazing too” I say getting dressed. I throw my sex hair into a ponytail and looked in the foggy mirror. I turn around to Sammy.

“This was fun we should do it all the time”

“Actually. Would you like to maybe go on a date with me” he says opening the bathroom door. The cold air hitting me

“Yeah. That’d be nice. Here’s my phone put in your number” I hand him my phone and pack up all my stuff into my backpack. I laugh as put the brownie in my pocket for later.

He hands me my phone and smirks at me. I chuckle at this idiot

I go to walk out the door when he grabs my hand and turns me around.

“What sa-” then he kissed me. It felt amazing but different then the first time he kissed me. We let go and just stood there. I smile and walk out the door. Once I get to my car I look back in the window and see Sammy wiping my table laughing and smiling.

I pulled off and made a mental note to start coming to the coffee shop more often.


6 selfies 😸 nominated by strongerthanyesterdayfitness

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2- selfie from Christmas that I’ve already posted here but I really like it so whatev
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4- one of ma better and more flattering ab shots cause my obliques look awesomeeeeeee
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