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“Pardon me are you Aaron Hamilton, Sir?”
“That depends who’s asking?”
“Oh well sure Sir, I’m Alexander Burr. I’m at your service, Sir. I have been looking for you.”

In which Aaron is the young immigrant and Alexander the heir to the Burr legacy.

  • me: did you know that Thomas Jefferson brought macaroni and cheese to America from France and that he was so obsessed with making it and nobody liked it but they never said anything about it because Thomas Jefferson, Official Pretentious Hipster Freak was so obsessed with it and no one wanted to ruin his good time
  • somebody: who was the seventh president of the United States?
  • also me: look buddy boy i literally have no idea do i look like a historian to you?
Now that Mark is getting into music...

can we all just say a silent prayer to whatever deity you believe in (if you’re atheist, just pick one for the purposes of this exercise) and ask that Markiplier be introduced to the musical genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda

he think he slick

When a hot guy stretches and his shirt pulls up:


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how do i know more about alexander hamilton? do i read ron chernow's book or listen to the audio of the musical? or do i do both? thank you. you're an incredible fan and i admire you for it.

hahahahah i’m the lamest fan in the world i just. pine. after the whole musical because i live so far away it’s sad really but thanks

here’s my amateur guide to a crash course in alexander hamilton:

  • firstly: listen to the musical! you can buy it on itunes for 12.99 GBP which is the equivalent of 18 dollars???? ish??? honestly it’s the best thirteen quid i’ve ever spent i listen to it every single day at work i have gotten so much out of that cd you don’t even know
  • OR you can listen to it on spotify! if you don’t have premium then make sure you listen to it on your computer/laptop because that way it won’t automatically shuffle. if you listen to it on your phone, like i did when i was a newbie, it sticks the songs on shuffle and you end up jumping around all over the place and you won’t understand the story
  • go to genius and read the lyrics (this helps not only to learn the lyrics, but it also tells you who is speaking at any one time. god knows i was confused as hell for a while as to who was saying what) (this also has the ADDED BONUS of lin sometimes commenting on the lyrics and it’s insightful and hilarious honestly)
  • (SUPER QUICK wanna mention that john laurens dies between ‘dear theodosia’ and ‘non-stop’ and it’s not on the cd so make sure you know this and don’t end up confused as to why hamilton’s best friend seems to have disappeared and why aham says ‘laurens leads a solider’s chorus on the other side’ in ‘the world was wide enough’ like i did)
  • SECONDLY: BUY THE RON CHERNOW BOOK. that shit is DOPE. buy the paperback and read it through, then read it again with a pencil in your hand so you can make stupid annotations, then read it a third time and dog ear/post-it your favourite passages. that book is so awesome honestly it can get a bit dry like the majority of history books but. aham was such a dude he did so much wild stuff and just plain DUMB shit like the guy was the treasury secretary for the ENTIRE NATION OF AMERICA and he once admitted to the bank that he’d lost his checkbook and didn’t know his bank account balance like. wtf dude.
  • go to the hamilton tag on tumblr! or the lin manuel miranda tag! or whoever’s tag you want!!!! (anthony ramos and phillipa soo are personal favourites of mine because my Crush is huge on both of them) the tumblr theatre community is amazing but BEWARE there is a bootleg of hamilton floating around and. that’s bad. don’t watch it. i understand the urge but it’s unfair to the cast and to the theatre and just folks in general don’t do this thing [steps down gracefully from soapbox]
  • read aham’s letters!! these can be found online super easy! gird yourself for all the Gay between him and laurens because it is MIGHTY (he literally invited laurens to a threesome with himself and eliza on their wedding night. you can’t make this shit up)
  • (that being said, a TONNE of his letters were edited/burned by members of his family, or they were just plain lost, and you’ll get very frustrated wanting to Know what else was said. if ur interested in john laurens then there is biographies out there but. [whispers] none of them do him justice the same way as ron chernow does in his hamilton biography i’m being honest here)
  • read aaron burr’s diary! burr in the play is this super smooth shady fucker but burr in real life was a Walking Human Disaster. the dude set fire to himself once. he also once lost his umbrella and MOURNED FOR IT. he also, hilariously, hit his head on a pipe going up the stairs, stopped to glare at it, and then when he was coming back down the stairs he hit his head on it again. it’s a miracle he lived as long as he did, honestly
  • if you consume all of this and then think: u know what? i wanna know EVEN MORE about shit that went down over two hundred years ago: then the founder’s archives is an amazing place to find interesting facts and read papers 
  • this is an interactive powerpoint type thing that’ll take you through the american revolution from 1775 all the way up to the treaty of paris in 1783 which is. i’m not gonna lie, it’s like being in a really boring history lesson where they just information dump tonnes of facts on you and it’s dry as hell but it’s helpful and bitesize if you really wanna give it a go
  • 1776 by david mccullough is a GREAT book about the american revolution because it follows not only america but britain too so. big up the home country yo, let’s not forget that we were pretty massive dicks back in the day lmao
  • FOUNDING BROTHERS BY JOSEPH ELLIS IS A KICKASS BOOK omg read it it’s about how america BECAME like. all that shady shit from ‘the room where it happens?’ yeah that book is ABOUT THAT it’s so great read it
  • actually, joseph ellis seems to have written a fuck tonne of books about founding america???? god bless the dude here’s one about washington, here’s one about jefferson (which has the STUPIDEST TITLE IN THE WORLD honestly, american sphinx? please.), here’s one about john adams (who i will defend to the death god bless)
  • though this book about john adams is….. better. forgive me.
  • um also read this book about abigail adams who was kickass thanks
  • READ LAFAYETTE IN THE SOMEWHAT UNITED STATES by sarah vowell this book is adorable i simply adore gilbert it’s. amazing. read it oh my god READ IT
  • i know not everyone can afford to buy all these books honestly i don’t expect you to but [whispers] this is The Internet i’m sure there’s pdf’s out there that you can find no worries
  • and FINALLY i have to rep lin’s new book, which comes out in april, that you should ALL PRE-ORDER, called Hamilton: The Revolution and it’s basically lin dumping his entire thought process on us and i’m so beyond excited honestly WOW it’s actually kinda scary how HYPED i am for this i had a dream that i read it once and i woke up and my HEART ACHED
  • and of course, talk to the man himself: @linmanuel on tumblr and follow him on twitter (@Lin_Manuel) and all the other cast who have twitter’s too let’s be real i love them all an incredible amount it’s crazy
  • (p.s. lin’s good morning and good night tweets are what i Live For. god bless this man.)
  • (p.p.s. lin, if you’re reading this, then i want a cd of JUST THE ORCHESTRA and also the musical score so i can highlight the parts in the orchestra that make me WEEP)
  • (p.p.p.s. i wanna quickly recommend that once you listen to the musical about six hundred times and have all the lyrics down and have cried all the tears that are possible to cry: listen specifically to the orchestra. you’ll notice shit that you didn’t even know was possible and you’ll cry Fresh Tears. honestly)

SO THIS GOT OUT OF HAND. i’m the kind of person who explores all alleyways of thought when it comes to answering a question and this is a subject that i’m really Enthusiastic about so i’m sorry it’s so long but it all comes with the sincerest of recommendations!!!! go forth and learn ur shit and enjoy it please it’s all so great god bless the world

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(omg you know APH) I can all too easily see one of those child-drawing style factskits with you and Arthur about how the UK has a peculiarly morbid side when it comes to storytelling

seriously though