i look like rupert grint without it

So I’ve been taking a technology class at school and currently we’re learning to use photoshop effectively.

It all started with this:

when I learned you could move bits of the face around to other places.

So naturally, I thought, hey! lets try it out on some celebrities, this ought to be a good laugh.

BAM BITCHES. many laughs. but what about on a guy?

Okay, I admit. Not as good as my last one. Maybe Jared’ll work better.

Awww baby fetus jared alien padalecki.

They grow up so fast *wipes tear*

This went on for quite a while

yes, quite a while. 

Until I thought - ‘hey, maybe I should take movie screenshots and do those!’ It seemed like an awesome idea. the thing about screencaps is that you get more of a natural face because the person isn’t posing, so I thought I would give it a shot. I decided to start with Harry Potter.

I don’t know what this looks like but it makes me laugh, so naturally, I continued.



Not my best work here but.. yeah

And then, going through the characters in the movie, I came to…


I think one of the most depressing things about being a fan of something on this site is going into the tags, and finding hate. As most of you know, Emma Watson has become a spokeswoman for the U.N. Which I’m sure fans of hers are really excited about, and they have every right to be happy. 


I’ve seen lots of posts that go straight from praising her, to bashing Rupert. For really no reason, as far as I can see, other than as a comparison that isn’t needed in the first place. Most haven’t even done any research on him.

For the record, Rupert is a respected actor that chooses to take roles in smaller movies. He has been asked to be part of larger productions, but he does not personally enjoy them. He looks for roles that interest him, or situations where he thinks he will learn something. His coworkers always have good things to say about his work, and him as a person. He has been in two strong plays, which he was asked to do; the latest is on Broadway. 

Aside from acting, Rupert is also a Starlight ambassador, and does a lot of quiet charity work. He paints and designs under a different name, instead of relying on the marketing power of his own. He’s also involved in several real estate ventures. 

Please note that I have expressed my admiration for him without tearing someone else down. If you are a fan of Emma’s, well and good; you can discuss her achievements and be proud of her! But why would you want to needlessly insult someone she has worked with, when she has never had an unkind word to say about him herself? I don’t really think that she would appreciate that.

If you have to belittle someone just to make your favorite celebrity look better, then there is a very big problem.

And it isn’t with them.