i look like one of the village people

im gonna type the whole song from memory ok

little town. it’s a quiet village. every day, like the one before. little town, full of little people. waking up to say…bonjour! bounjour! bonjour, bounjour, bonjour! there goes the baker with his tray like always, the same old bread and rolls 2 sell. every morning just the same, since the morning that we came to this poor provencial town. good morning, belle! good morning, mouseir! where you off to? the book shop i read the most wonderful story about a beanstalk and an ogre and a that’s nice


look there she goes the girl is strange no question, dazed and distracted can’t you tell never part of any crowd cuz her head’s up on some cloud no denying she’s a funny girl that belle. bonjour! good day! how is your family? bonjour! good day! how is your wife? I NNEEED,, SXIX EGGS,, that’s too expensive, there must be more than this provincial life! ah belle. good morning! i’ve come to return the book i borrowed. finished already? oh i couldn’t put it down have you got anything new. not since yesterday. that’s alright! i’ll borrow this one. but you’ve read it twice! well it’s my favorite – far off places (?), daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise. haha, well if you like it all that mutch it’s yours. but sir…i insist. well thank you. thank you very much! look there she goes that girl is so peculiar, i wonder if she’s feeling well. with a dreamy faroff look, and a nose stuck in a book, what a puzzle to the rest of us is belle. oh, isn’t this amazing, it’s my favorite part because, you see…here’s where she meets prince charming, but she won’t discover that it’s him til chapter three. now there’s no wonder that her name means beauty her looks have got no paralllel. but behind that fair facade, i’m afraid she’s rather odd. very different from the rest of us she’s nothing like the rest of us yes different from the rest of us is belle! fuck the gaston part. look there…he goes. isn’t he dreamy. monsieur gaston, oh he’s so cute! (tongue pop) be still, my heart, i’m hardly breathing…he’s such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute. bonjour PARDON good day MAIS OUI you call this bay WHAT LOVELY GRAPES. ten yards, one pound, SCUZE ME i’ll get my knife PLEASE LET ME THROUGH this bread THOSE FISH its stale THEY SMELL  madame’s mistake–well maybe so there must be more than this provincial life! just watch im going to make belle my wife! look there she goes that girl is strange but special, a most peculiar mademoiselle its a pity and a sin she doesn’t quite fit in cuz she really is a funny girl a beauty but a funny girl she really is a funny girl, that belle – bonjour! bonjour! bonjour! bonjour! bonjour! 🅱️️onjour!

Things my kid has said while playing Minecraft

(in slightly demonic voice): I am your master CHICKENS! I - AM - YOUR - MASTER!

I need to throw more ocelots at people

Kiddo: Look! I’ve created a pen where I keep all my animals!

Me: That’s nice

Kiddo: (fills pen with lava)

Me: …

I have a floor completely devoted to cats but is it enough?

I like blowing stuff up in Minecraft! It’s like being one of the mythbusters only less science

I meant to feed the cat and instead I threw an ocelot into the lava

You can never have too much lava protecting your palace of doom

You can never have to many cats inside of your doom palace

Kiddo: I’m creating a village! Full of people!

Me: (suspiciously) Are you planning to murder all of your villagers?

Kiddo: No!



Kiddo: Well not right away!


As a parent I feel like I should be concerned

A brief analysis of Fire Emblem lords, by how likely they are to survive their first battle:

Marth: Dude is so unprepared he doesn’t even bring pants to his first battle. His flying girlfriend would save him but unfortunately she forgot to be in a game where Rescue exists. His best asset is a 70 year old dude. Marth wins like 1/10.

Alm: Kay so literally all I know about Alm is that he’s left handed and he starts out with his buddies in some village. Doesn’t even have like a knight guy or anything to save his ass, I think. Alm 2/10 ‘cause I have no idea who he’s fighting.

Celica: I think she has to fight people on a boat or something? idk I’d look it up but I don’t wanna spoil Echoes. 5/10

Sigurd: On the one hand he’s probably one of the strongest lords. On the other he’s one of the only lords to start out fighting a big ass professional army. A professional army with a badass enemy phase theme. Also he’s sheltered af. 2/10.

Seliph: lmao “Hey let’s fight a professional army and also cross through a desert-ish area with few provisions!” 0/10

Leif: Might actually live. He’s got Finn and Eyvel, two of the biggest badasses in Jugdral, and it’s a small scale skirmish in some village. 6/10

Roy: Literally the exact same scenario as Marth except no flying girlfriend and Roy remembered to bring pants. Our Boy 2/10

Lyn: She might be alone but she also has the most pathetic first enemies. 8/10

Eliwood: This time around Marcus is in his prime. He’s Eliwood’s only real help here, but he’s definitely a bigger help than most of these people have. 5/10

Hector: These idiots attack Hector in his castle while he’s got the help of his professional assassin/spy buddy. Hector’s got the upper hand. 7/10

Eirika: Attacked by the Grado army. The same Grado army that just overthrew her kingdom. She’s done for. 0/10

Ephraim: I mean… Doesn’t he technically lose in Chapter 5x? Valter lets him get away, yeah, but still. He loses. 0/10

Ike: He’s a mercenary with his mercenary buddies. Killing bandits is literally the job description. 8/10

Micaiah: Pugo uses the power of his stand, Furple Haze. Also Micky really likes to advertise that she is part of the Dawn Brigade that is being hunted down. Even if they survive this battle they will be dead within like an hour when the Begnion army catches up. 0/10

Chrom: Freddy bear is a nice asset. He’s not enough. If one soldier per town were enough Ylisse would literally never have a single bandit attack ever. 1/10. Which leaves us with a 9/10 chance the bandits kill Robin and accidentally save the world. Garrick is the true hero of Ylisse.

Conquest!Corrin: Ambushed in the woods. Dead before Silas shows up. 1/10

Birthright!Corrin: The Nohrian army is pretty constantly shown to have the upper hand against the Hoshidans, and they are ambushed at a field hospital. 2/10

Revelation!Corrin: lmao -10/10

Newb Guide pt1: Getting Started

I figure a bunch of people are probably still joining and you should learn from my mistakes. SO! In this we’re gonna go over villagers and the best way to use them your first few days. The siege is over for the most part so things are different for you than they were for us.

Step 0: Set up your account.

Step 1: Create your first villager. Take your time and look through all the options. The art is BEAUTIFUL and you should definitely appreciate it. Pick one you will like because you can’t change it. You can abandon them and make a new one immediately but idky you’d do that. You CAN change their gender/marker/name whenever you want as far as I know so if you change your mind and want them to be a demi-boy later instead of a andronys or whatever else your heart desires you can!

Step 1.5: Do not buy anything for this first guide unless I put it in here. You will not need anything until later and you can work on other classes.

Step 2: You’re gonna be taken to a screen that looks like this

these are the careers. Oh look you can be a tailor I wanna be a tailor xazz-


You do not want to be a tailor. You want to be an explorer. That is the only way to get started. Your first villager absolutely MUST be an explorer to get started. Your villagers can have a total of FOUR different careers and can change those careers once a day.

Do NOT pick warrior right now. Warriors are currently broken and aren’t super useful. Also the more warriors the more likely the towns are going to be under siege because of how the game calculates if the town is defended. For now it is best if you have ZERO WARRIORS. 

You can be warrior or a doctor or tailor later. For now pick explorer.

Step 3: You start off with 500 FC and one villager slow. Use that FC and buy the next slot. The first slot is exactly 500 FC. You will make more, trust me. Make your second villager, make them an explorer as well. Gather on both of those villagers.

Step 3.5: Right now while the towns are no longer under attack you will get 20 gathers PER villager an HOUR. You get 50 gathers an hour total so you only need 2 explorers to get the most out of hourly gathering without losing gathering turns.

Step 4: Grind for a few hours to get materials. Sell all of the materials you get that are not rare/super rare. Trust me you will have more than enough of the common/uncommon ones.

Step 5: Once you get 1.5k (which should not take too long with 40 gathers an hour) buy your third villager slot. Now things will be slowing down some. Make your 3rd villager and pick their first career to be herbalist. If you have no seeds just wait an hour to gather to get some.

Step 6: On your herbalist plant your field full of the same type of plant. Herbology works on a percentage per plant species and you will fail several times. A full field and a row is usually enough to reach 100% on the seed. Also use common seeds first, it will let you get through the easy ones first and give your explorers time to gather uncommon/rare seeds. 

Step 6.5: Common seeds take 30 minutes to grow. Uncommons take an hour, rares 2 hours and I think super rares are 4 hours?

Step 7: Continue planting and exploring and gathering money. You should not have to sell things from your inventory at this time. You should just be focused on amassing as much stuff as possible. The more you gather the more stuff your explorers will come back with and they will come back with rarer things as well. Do not buy or sell anything and if your villagers become sick use the free clinic to cure them. YOUR VILLAGER CAN ONLY HAVE ONE DISEASE AT A TIME AND THEY DO NOT STACK.

Step 8: So now you have a lot of stuff and probably a lot of money. Or at least some money. Once you have 5k (easier if selling from your inventory but this game is a long play) buy your forth (and so far last) FC villager slot. You can now chose between a construction worker, or a doctor. They can also be duel purpose if you want. Personally I would go construction worker.

Step 9a: If you chose a construction worker, if you have enough wood (150) BUILD A NEW HOUSE. It takes 5 hours and like 500 FC. After 5 hours you can immediately open up villager slot 5 with NO COST. Construction workers are also good because they can make your herbalist new pots from 10 wood, which speeds up plant mastery and thus you can grow more plants and help your doctor sooner. YOUR FIFTH VILLAGER SHOULD BE YOUR DOCTOR.

Step 9b: If you chose a doctor then go to the village clinic and buy all the remedies and a couple of bottles. You will never have to buy the recipes again for that villager. Now see what you can make and just start crafting whatever you can. Potency starts low but you gain 5% potency each time you craft it. Unlike the herbalist there is no chance of failure to get the 5%. Once it is crafted it automatically gains 5% potency. Your herbalist should have enough stock to let you brew enough remedies by now. Your doctor is critical to keeping your pets healthy and able to gather and farm at top quantity because you get only one free clinic visit a day. This is especially important once you get into fighting.

At some point one of your villagers, I would suggest one of your explorers, needs to switch to construction so they can build a house for you. Then that villager can take the place of the explorer you just lost by making it construction for the day. You can chose to change it back later but right now that isn’t important. It IS important to keep seed flow coming in and making sure your herbalist is harvesting what he/she/they can.

Step 10: That’s it for the start up and as far as I’ve gotten. I have my own 5 villagers and this is the better way I would do it than what I have already. I know people are struggling and amazed I have 5 as it is; this is how I did it. 

  personallokime:Hi I was wondering if I could have a mphfpc Enoch imagine where the reader has a peculiarity like Enoch’s and theyre dating then one day they go to the village and reader gets hit on?  Enoch jealous and shows reader their his?  Could it be a smut plz    


I Can’t do smut but I can do a little naughty fluff . I hope that’s okay.

Enoch kept a firm grip on your hand as the two of you wandered down the main of the town and watched the people bustle around you.

You swung your arm with his and looked up into he spring sky, letting the warmth of the sun linger on your face.

“I wish every day could be like this.” You sighed and Enoch shrugged.

“Don’t you think you’d get bored of it?”

Looking up at him and the way the sun shined on him you grinned. “Not at all”

From behind you, you heard the buzz of bicycle wheels and wisely stepped out of the way only to jump about a foot in the air and give out a sudden shriek when a force sharply hit your backside.

In a second you watched the cyclist, a youngish man, eyeing you as he passed with a cheeky grin.

“Pig!” You shouted after him with your face burning and Enoch’s grip tightened on your hand slightly before he released you and bent down to scoop it a sharp looking rock.

“Enoch don…”

You didn’t get to finish before the rock went flying and struck the rider in the back of the head, making him wobble and collapse in surprise.

“Enoch! Don’t!” You bellowed as Enoch ran towards the grounded rider and loomed over him like a menacing demon.

“Oi! What was that for?” The man growled and pulled himself to his feet with a hand clasped over his head where the rock hit him.

“I ought to be asking you the same.” Enoch stepped forward, easily just as tall of the man.

The stranger blinked in confusion before looking past Enoch to you. “I was just appreciating the view” He snickered and Enoch’s fists rose to his collar and gripped his lapels hard as if to shake him.

“Enoch!” You intervened quickly and pulled him off the stranger. “Just let him be” 

Enoch eyed the man and then you before letting him go and backing off. You took his hand and ran off before a crowd could form and made for the edge of the town then beyond the limits.

Your run slowed to a stop to catch your breath before turning to Enoch.

“What was that?” You growled. “You could have really hurt him.”

Enoch shrugged, not really caring.

“You want to tell me what happened back there?” You crossed your arms. Enoch shifted slightly before slowly moving closer to you.

“I…thought maybe he’d hurt you.” He confessed but a shake of your head said you weren’t buying it.

“Try again.”

With a sigh Enoch put an arm around your waist. “Well, maybe I just don’t like people touching what’s mine.”

“Yours?” You laughed but played along. “and what is yours?”

“Well” He sniffed and his hand traveled down your back. “This is mine, and these are mine…” He trailed his hands to your thighs, making you breathe sharply. 

One hand moved up to your face and cupped your cheek firmly, one thumb pressing against your lips. “And this is mine.”

Caught in the silence of the woods and the tension between the two of you, you finally threw yourself onto him pressing him against a tree trunk firmly.

“No” you growled. “This is mine.”

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"somewhere in London, asleep under some kind of silk duvet" I'm yelling. I love how Tay has perfectly understood one of the many captivating facets of Zayn's beautiful existence and seems a little put out at having arrived at the revelation that it's Zaynie who lives so elegantly and effortlessly and not her. GIRL, I feel that way too sometimes. signed - someone continuously jealous of Z's skincare game.

Zayn is just one of those people who constantly looks like he’s runway ready and hopelessly cool while most have to work at it because their natural state is closer to someone who should be chained in a windowless shed as to not frighten the villagers. 

Zayn’s natural state:

Taylor, me, & the rest of the world:

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A fic where Jemma is a pirate and Fitz is a citizen of one of the villages she and her crew loot

“Honestly,” Jemma sighed. Shaking her head, she planted one hand on her hip and gestured with her sword held in the other. “You’d think we had a horrid reputation!”

Villagers were running about screaming like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Someone had set a house ablaze and no one had had the good sense to form a bucket chain. 

“We are pirates,” Daisy pointed out as she stuffed a few more oranges into her bag. 

“I mean, technically, yes,” Jemma agreed with a huff. “But we’re hardly the raping and pillaging type!”

Looking around, she spotted Bobbi overseeing the town’s mayor as he distributed funds from his own coffers to some of his poorer constituents. He was blubbering like a teething child and the people who were being given the coins all looked like they might piss themselves at the slightest provocation. 

“Will you all please be quiet?” Jemma shouted over the din. 

Instantly, tranquility reigned. 

Thank you.” 

She gestured to May and within a few moments a line had been formed to pass buckets of water up to the burning house. It looked as if the front room would need a fair bit of repair but the rest of the structure would remain sound. 

Yoyo was speaking rapidly with a group of women off to the side and offering a new home to those who needed to escape abusive husbands and fathers. As always, they’d be taking on a load of women and children to bring back to their island home. 

As always, men to come with them were few and far between. 

And that’s when Jemma spotted him. He was completely preoccupied with some sort of mechanical device and didn’t seem at all bothered by the fact that his village was currently occupied by a crew of female pirates led by Jemma Simmons herself. 

Jemma narrowed her eyes and tilted her head, trying to work out for herself what it was the he was building. When she was unable to do so, she decided to just ask him herself. 

He didn’t notice her approach, despite the sword and the hat and the rather risque garment she was wearing. She was a woman in trousers, for pity’s sake, and he didn’t seem to think anything of it!

“What are you working on?” she asked without bothering with introductions. Either he’d speak to her or he wouldn’t. Names didn’t really matter when you were only in town to grab some citrus and supplies. 

“I believe I’ve worked out a better way to measure the diameter of the Earth,” he answered. He didn’t even look up from his fiddling. 

Jemma walked closer to the device. It looked a sort of sundial perhaps?

“And why would you want to do that?” she asked, curious despite herself. 

“Once I’ve determined how large the Earth is, I’ll be able to work out how long it would take to get round it,” he answered. 

“By ship?” Jemma asked, moving from curious to intrigued. 

“By flying machine.”

He looked up at last and he looked so enthused that Jemma couldn’t help but return his smile. 

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw that the fire was well in hand, the mayor was now opening up his kitchen stores, and a dozen women and children were gathering their belongings together. Daisy had so much citrus fruit collected that she’d actually commandeered a wheelbarrow for it. 

It seemed that Jemma didn’t have anything pressing to do right now, so she sat down next to the enthusiastic young man and squinted again at his device. 

“Keep talking,” she said. A flying machine would be even better than a ship. And a captain like her could use a … mate. 

Snowy Night

This is my @inusecretsanta for Stef @emiliaclaerkes. You wanted tension on inukag first Christmas traveling alone. Here you go and I really hope you like this! Merry (late) Christmas!

In FF.com and Ao3 if you prefer :D 


Snowy Night

Inuyasha ran through the snow looking for somewhere to spend the night, with Kagome perched securely on his back. The trip was supposed to be a fast one. In order to check on a rumor of a wild animal around a village that apparently was too much for the people living there, and come back for a “Christmas” family dinner. But on their way back the skies had rapidly turned black and snow started to fall, effectively ruining their plans.

At the beginning she had wanted to keep walking on her own, but after the third time she slipped, or rather after the third time he had to catch her before falling, he offered his back, maybe he had pulled her to his back, he had been fast and efficient about it, and without a word he sprinted looking for somewhere to stay the night.

But right now they were moving rapidly through the snow, for Inuyasha every passing moment without finding shelter counted. The snow was messing with his sense of smell; normally he could smell the moss in a cave from afar, along with the animals that might be there, but now he could barely smell the trees that surrounded him.

A low frustrated growl erupted from his chest. The cold was his biggest concern. Kagome carried food enough for a day or two, if he didn’t eat part of it. He just needed to find something fast.

He could feel her small but fast trembles as her body tried to keep warm. He couldn’t suppress the snarl that came out of him.

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No..Mr. Officer… I don’t think I am above the law…..

But I can be under the Law if you wish…

(•_•)  …..   ( •_•)>⌐■-■  …..  (⌐■_■)

Inktober..I decided to literally try it with just ink.

I forgot how permanent that shit is..my hand shakes bad w/the anxiety of it..

I want Law to be a police officer for Halloween ლ(´ڡ`ლ)


“All we wanted to know was who the bad guys were. But nobody knew. We were getting picked off one by one and we couldn’t find the bad guys. Some guy who was helping you during the day might kill you at night. The enemy didn’t wear uniforms. Far more innocent people got hurt than anyone else. It wasn’t malicious. It was just legitimately confusing situations. When you’re driving to a meeting and a car bomb explodes, suddenly every car looks like a bomb. And you’re surrounded by cars. And anybody could have a suicide vest. And you’re surrounded by people. It was threat overload. And it was mentally exhausting. One day we were driving to a small village to pick up a young Iraqi boy. We were going to fly him to the US for a rare heart surgery. And I’m in the back of the convoy doing rear security. And this woman in a burqa starts walking toward me. And I’m shouting in Arabic for her to stop, but she keeps coming. And I can see she’s carrying something. She’s clutching something inside her burqa. And she won’t stop. And I keep trying to wave her away. I’m screaming at her and pointing my gun but she keeps coming closer. And I’m thinking that I have to kill her because she has a bomb. I have to do it. And I switch off my safety, and I’m just about to pull the trigger, and suddenly she opens up her burqa. And there’s a baby inside.”

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Why do you like Belle so much when there are other lovely girls in the village who would kill to be with you?

Inbox me questions | accepting

What an absurd question! Isn’t it obvious? Me looking the
way I do - Belle looking the way she does. We’re simply a perfect
match! Beautiful people are practically made for one another and
we’re no different. If only she saw that. ” 

It was as boisterous a claim as every other one he made.  And in part
there was truth to it. Belle was beautiful. Anyone with eyes could see
that. But that wasn’t what really caught his eye. It was true she was seen
as…Odd. Peculiar for her time. Too well educated and too headstrong
for any proper woman. Yet somehow he was enchanted. He couldn’t make
sense of it or her love of books – but it was unique. It made her special
in spite of her ‘quirks’. 

Not to mention she was the only girl he’d ever met who didn’t outright
swoon when he entered the room. Another oddity that captivated him. Though
he would admit it to no one but himself – he wanted to know why. Why it
was she was this way. What motivated her. He couldn’t stand how often he
wondered about it… But he would say those thoughts out loud. Not that anyone
would believe him if he did.

I uploaded a scenery drawing a week ago and since people seemed to like it a lot,I decided to do some new ones since that one was quite old.

I decided to portray three of my favourite acnl towns like I said here!

The third and last town is Fateside’s Fateside!

This town is my number 1 fav because I got into foresty towns right after I visited its dream address a few months ago. I know Fateside’s been renovated (it looks awesome) but this little autumn village will always be in my heart <3

I took inspo from this screenshot by the owner!



(EDITED: I added more shit because they’re idiots)

I’m just going to dissolve into a corner now.

“Theres room for me! I can fit one butt cheek.”


“I’m going to disassemble her body and put the pieces back in the box.”

“Okay you do that, Hannibal.”

“I’m going to rename you Craig.” 

“My imaginary friend ax murdered her family.”

“I’ll try not to stab myself on accident.”

“We should build a village for short people.”

“This is a visual representation of my soul.”

“My spirit animal is a turtle on a skateboard.”

“This place looks like something you’d see on Supernatural.“

“We’re going to eat our food and get murdered by demons.”

“My backpack is my locker now.”

“Have you seen Satan?”

“Can I have a jar of pickles for my birthday?”

“I never thought I’d get burned by a pickle.”

“Can I borrow your phone so I can instagram this?”

“You’re just going to make me punch myself in the face!”

“It smells like stale biscuits in here.”

“Touch my stuff and you go to jail. Giant waffle jail.”

“I picked up my skateboard and was ready to fight.”

“I don’t want to see Harry Styles pregnant with Louis’ baby.”

“We read fanfiction, nothing can scare us.”

“Are you really going to duct tape me to a wall?”

“The fried food killed me.”


“Homecoming? More like ‘time to get drunk’.”

“I really would sell you to Satan for one corn chip, though.”

“T-mobile? More like T-maybe.”

“I’ll put this fake tattoo on my butt, just watch me.”

“Can we get a hamster that crawls up people’s legs?”

“I never call anyone by their actual names.”

“Forget the North Star, if you’re ever lost, just head towards IHop.“

“That was a very pointless story, thanks for telling it to me.”

“You’re not a scaredy cat, YOU’RE A WUSSY.”



“You’re not cute, you look like a chicken wing.”


“Every time you talk we look at you like you’re an idiot.”

“I’m going to duck tape your hands and feet together.”

“Excuse me while I genderbend.”

“You’re so horrible that you make the rest of us seem like saints.”

“IS HE DEAD? I THINK HE’S DEAD. No wait its okay, he’s alive. False alarm.”

“Why do you keep calling her/him your friend? She/He hates you.”


“I’m not normal, I’m evil.”

“I can’t do backwards pushups, I can’t bend like that.”

“I’ve seen some really sketchy stuff in my life.”

“I used a ouiji once, Satan told me when I was going to break up with my boyfriend/girlfriend.”

“Are you combing your eyebrows with a razor?”

“I will kill you and hide your body in the river.”

“Hashtag reasons why people hate you.”

“Hashtag you’re ugly.”


“You weren’t born with a butt.”

“Its now illegal to breathe, I’m sorry but now you have to die.”

“I punched the carpet and got stuck.”

Undertale Thoery:

You know how most people think that Frisk is the supposed angel that will set the underground free? I think most people are WRONG. I think that Asriel is actually the angel. First off: Who actually sets everyone free? Asriel. Asriel does. If that’s not proof enough, he even has wings before he does it. He freaking floats up into the air and then sets everyone free. After he absorbs the souls, he has the Delta Rune on his shirt, and I don’t think that at the first time he absorbed a soul he was naked and then put one of Toriel’s dresses on that had the Delta Rune on it. Remember what people think the Delta Rune symbolizes? The top, the angel who has seen the surface, and the bottom, the monsters of the underground. Asriel went to the surface when he brought the first fallen human to their village. Asriel even looks like the angel on the Delta Rune.

Now please, tell me that Asriel isn’t the “Angel who has seen the surface”.

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Can you please tell me about LeFou in the movie? what's the gay moment they were talking about?

I’m adding this here bc I’m on mobile but hey

beauty and the beast spoilers ahead!!

the gay moment they mentioned is that he’s shown to be dancing with a guy at the finale in the prince’s castle and he and the guy look super happy.

he’s also not written as the bumbling idiot evil sidekick like in the original film. he’s still goofy but he also does question Gaston a lot and throughout the film he’s slowly figuring out he’s a piece of shit. He almost turns on him at one point but Gaston threatens him. Then at the end he does turn on the village and Gaston and fights along side the people working in the castle.

Also there’s a cute line where he’s helping Mrs. Potts and she says something like “I thought you were on their side” and he’s like “Yeah I was but Gaston and I aren’t on good terms right now” and then!! She says!! “You’re too good for him anyway” and idk it made my gay ass happy!!

so idk like I said it wasn’t groundbreaking and it wasn’t something to brag about but I still loved it. It made me super happy. He’s redeemed and happy and I love it. And I mean idk I say redeemed but in this version he wasn’t even really all that evil to begin with lol

In a backwater village in Black Marsh, a young, brave Argonian decided to go up to the village elder, and asks, “Wise chief, I know you are most respected, and the great clans of our people come to you to have them select name for their children. How do you make your name choices?”

The village chief smiles, and says, “Well, young, brace one, when I see a beautiful child of the Hist, and look up and see blue skies as a soaring hawk, I would name the child “Soars-Like-Hawk”. Or if I saw a running deer, and I was brought a child, I might name that child “Runs-Like-Deer.”” He paused, and smiles at the child.

“Do you understand now how I find the names for the children, Fucks-Like-Two-Dogs?”

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Just out of curiosity, do you have other AUs or do you just focus on Mythical Creatures/Mafia? The amount of detail/thought you put into them are absolutely amazing, I honestly feel like I live in the mythical AU village, too! XD

Yes! If you look through the blog a bit, you’ll find a few more that we’ve written and there are even more in the works that A and I have written: Harry Potter AU, Olympics, OHSHC, and Night Circus (though not all of those will end up on here). There is one called “Tiny Town AU” where everyone is just normal people with normal jobs - I love that one. There’s also a Wolf AU, which I haven’t written much on here and a Pirate AU, which is in its infancy on the blog, but which Admin A and I have fleshed out a lot outside.

- Admin J