i look like one of the village people

So like I have one big question about human weirdness.

How did we figure out we can eat what we can eat?

Like who was the first guy to figure out if you boil those weird sea bugs (lobsters are arachnids I know i know) that runny gunk under their shells firms up and is edible? And delicious!

How many people did one village go through before they figured out which part of the pufferfish won’t kill you? And also WHY?

How much experimentation did it take to go “Okay that mushroom is really yummy and tastes like chicken and is safe but that mushroom that looks almost exactly the same will kill you dead.”   ?

Who was the first person to look at an alligator - that ancient and terrifying descendant of legit dinosaurs -and go “Imma gonna eat it!”  ?

Like how did we figure that out?

In defense of Belle’s yellow dress

I’ve seen a lot of hullaballoo about Belle’s dress in the new BEAUTY AND THE BEAST movie—it’s not historically accurate, it’s too plain, etc. While I agree that from a purely aesthetic standpoint, it’s not my favorite gown, from a CHARACTER perspective, I think it’s perfect.

There’s a lot of talk about Belle being ‘odd,’ but the old animated movie doesn’t really explore that. The new movie shows more of Belle’s personality as someone who approaches things in her own way, who is creative, who genuinely does come off as a little different. Look at her other costumes in the movie. She almost certainly makes her own clothes- look at her quirky, practical village dress, with the tucked-up skirt so that she can be more active, or the whimsical flower embroidery on her brown traveling cloak.

We all saw Belle get frustrated by the giant frou-frou dresses that Madame de Garderobe tries to put on her (she literally escapes from under them). I would not be surprised if Belle cut and sewed up one of those old dresses to make one that fit her size, her style, and her desire for free movement. She’s lived in a village her whole life—she knows nothing about the high fashion of her time—but she knows what she likes and what she imagines. The dress is very light, flowy, and if you look closely, the layers of the skirt aren’t hemmed, they’re cut off. Her ear cuff and the simple lines of the dress don’t look like 18th century France, but they do look like Belle.

Maurice says about Belle’s mother, “I knew a girl who was so different, so daring, so ahead of her time that people mocked her until the day they found themselves imitating her.” Belle is ahead of her time, and she creates her own style.

Just look at her gorgeous wedding gown at the end of the movie. This is not an 18th century ballgown, and it’s VERY different from the dresses that the Prince’s guests wear at the beginning of the movie. This is a Belle creation, too. 

I actually want to delve into this ‘ahead of her time’ concept a little more. This movie is very obsessed with the concept of ‘time.’ From the giant clock tower on the palace to the clock character to the falling rose petals that measure the fleeting time until the curse is permanent, to the way the villagers all instantly snap into action the second the clock strikes, the idea of time and schedule is everywhere. The songs all talk about “tale as old as time,” ‘forever,’ etc. 

Belle resists that. She’s the first one awake before the rest of the village springs into motion, singing about how every day is like the one before. She talks the Beast out of trapping Maurice in the castle “forever,” and then later, gets out of that ‘forever’ herself. The rules about the curse even change when the Enchantress transforms the dead Beast back into a living Prince when Belle says “I love you” after the time limit has run out. When she reads books, she likes to be ‘transported’ to other places and times. Belle defies time, while the villagers and the Beast are all defined by it.

When we first meet the Prince, he is fascinated by fashion, and everyone who surrounds him is dressed in the height of style—of their time period. His castle is a monument of Baroque art and over-the-top modern style—and he appreciates none of it. There is so much detail and so much beauty surrounding him that he’s become completely blind to it. Belle changes that. She shows him the beauty in everything around him, re-introduces him to what makes his castle gorgeous all over again. In that famous ballroom scene, the ballroom is incredibly ornate, but the Beast is focusing only on her, in her simple, bright gown as a focal point. She’s given him something to focus on, symbolically and literally.

When Belle comes down the stairs in a dress that’s completely her own style, the Beast doesn’t sneer at her unfashionable dress the way he would have before the curse—he’s in awe of her beauty.

And because of all of that, I think Belle’s dress is  perfect.

French TV shows rec list:

Fais pas ci fais pas ça:

Comedy about two very different families living right next to each other: The Lepics and the Bouleys. There are nine seasons so we can see the characters evolve on a really long time period. Some serious issues are tackled with humour, like education, how to cope with the death of a loved one, or how parents react to one of their children coming out as gay, for instance. Most of the characters are really lovable and you easily get attached to them even though they can be annoying sometimes. Also, there are some really funny moments. I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favourite shows ever but I had a nice time watching it (though, I haven’t watched all the seasons yet).

Trigger warning: none that I can think of (this show is suitable for children).

Level of difficulty when it comes to French: I think it should be fine (there’s nothing really technical, the show’s about everyday life, so it mainly uses colloquial/casual French).

Les Bleus premiers pas dans la police:

A four-season show about rookies in the French police. I used to really love this show when I was in middle school, and I have very fond memories of it now, even if I haven’t watched it for a long time. This show has diversity and representation: a Muslim man (who is one of the main characters) and his family, gay men (one of them is also a main character), a bisexual woman (also a main character in the first seasons), and so on. It also portrays strong female characters (including a woman in a position of power, from season 2 to the end I think). The characters are very lovable (in my opinion), and funny. By the way, this show has very funny moments as well as serious moments (including the scenes showing how the LGBT characters and the women deal with discrimination at their workplace or elsewhere). The only problem with this show is that the end is a bit unsatisfying considering it stopped because it failed to get renewed (or at least that’s what I understood at the time).   

Trigger warning: depiction of discrimination (for instance, homophobia), and of course the usual warnings when it comes to cop shows (even though it is far less graphic than most other shows of this kind, and there are less murder investigations than in most investigation shows).

Level of difficulty when it comes to French: I think this one is okay too. There might be some terms describing police stuff, but all in all it’s pretty casual.

Le Bureau des Légendes (ongoing show):

A show about the DGSE (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure), which is basically the French intelligence agency concerning foreign matters. It has three seasons so far and it’s one of my favourite TV show ever. It’s captivating, I got really attached to many of the characters (and most of them are not completely good or bad, there are a lot of grey characters, which is great), and it’s also really moving (especially the last season I think). One of my favourite thing about this show is its subtlety: it’s deeply moving, but in a subtle and somewhat low-key way. There are close to no typical tear-jerking scenes, with sad music and close-ups on the crying faces of devastated characters. There are really sad scenes, but they are played out with a great sobriety.

Trigger warning: psychological and physical torture (nothing too graphic though).

Level of difficulty when it comes to French: it should be mainly okay, I think. There are probably some technical terms, since it’s about an intelligence agency, but it should be understandable as a whole. Also, many scenes are in other languages (English, Farsi, Arabic, etc) and are subtitled in French, which is really good in order to practise your written French ;)

Les Revenants (ongoing show):

A show about dead people coming back to life in a village of the Pyrénées. It only has two seasons so far, but I’m really looking forward to more. The show is really mysterious, with a gloomy atmosphere that I absolutely love. The dead people (who are from different generations and died at different times) come back to their family/loved ones (when they have some), and no one understands what happened, including the dead people. After their arrival, other very strange events take place in the village. Some characters have very dubious motives and you’re often unsettled, not knowing what to think of them. However, you can’t help but to get attached to some of them anyway. This show has some very serious themes like how to cope with the death of a loved one, death in general, love, family (by blood or by choice).

Trigger warnings: death, suicide.

Level of difficulty concerning French: I think it’s pretty okay… The show aired on American TV so you can probably find a subtitled version quite easily, which is pretty cool :D


My favourite French tv show (and even my favourite show ever). This show depicts the Arthurian legend in a humorous way, and it’s one of the funniest thing I’ve ever watched. The humour is unique, the characters are really lovable, and the entire show is extremely creative: this is honestly pure genius. Plus, the atmosphere evolves from something exclusively light and funny to something that is serious and deeply moving at times. The show goes from episodes that last a few minutes to far longer episodes in the 6th (and last) book (=season). I could go on and on about this show, but nothing I could say would make it justice. Honestly, just give it a go, this is brilliant.

PS: Alexandre Astier (who plays Arhtur, wrote the scenario, the music and basically came up with this entire masterpiece) is a national hero. That’s all I had to say.

Trigger warning: it’s really funny and you’re having the time of your life, and suddenly there is a serious/sad scene and you feel like crying (but it’s worth it)… just be prepared ^^

Level of difficulty concerning French: it might be pretty hard at first, because they speak quite quickly and use weird expressions (but then, use these expressions in front of Kaamelott fans [ie a looooot of people] and see their faces lit up => it could be really rewarding I think).

Apart from these, all the creations canal + (Braquo, Engrenages, Cercle polaire…) have a good reputation/positive reviews I think, but I’ve only watched Les Revenants and Le Bureau des Légendes for now, so I only talked about those ^^

I think many people like 10 pour cent and Hero Corp too, but I haven’t watched them (yet) so I couldn’t include them in the list.

Uchiha Family Analysis Ep. 21

I have been a quiet Sasusaku shipper for a while, but I want to share some of my thoughts about the current episode. We haven’t gotten the Uchiha family together in a while, so I wanted to celebrate this episode with my interpretation of some key scenes. I had a lot of feels in this episode so this is a long read 😂😂.

Sasuke Reunites with Sarada: In this scene, obviously, Sasuke is regretting not being able to recognize Sarada after they had reunited after so long. He’s obviously been too caught up in his mission and never imagined that Sarada would unexpectedly appear in front of him. Not only that but he threatened her with a sword and saw the fear in her eyes and her Sharingan activated. Maybe a part of him imagined that when they would finally reunite as a family, he would be free from his mission and duty and they can finally all be happy together. Accidentally threatening his daughter with a sword was not his dream of their reunion and he is angry and regrets this lost chance.

Unfortunately, he knows that he doesn’t have the luxury to comfort her because of the looming threat over their heads, so he pushes her away to protect her. He questions Naruto about why Sarada is here, which Sarada interprets as her father not wanting her to be there. 

Sarada doesn’t understand the Uchiha connection and how their hearts are connected even with distance, a distance needed in order to protect her. She starts attacking him and questioning whether he cares about his family at all, and Sasuke is shaken by her words and how he is being misunderstood in that way. Sarada resents him, which he expected, but was not prepared for. 

Especially having her in front of him unexpectedly and given the situation of their reunion, Sasuke is being consumed by guilt and simultaneously a longing to return to his family after seeing Sarada all grown up.

Sasuke and Naruto discussing Sarada: Like Naruto had said before he had left on his mission…

Sasuke is so misunderstood as a character because his intentions in this scene are pure, but he struggles with communicating these intentions with the people he loves (in this case Sarada). He is being so selfless in this scene, giving up the opportunity to be next to his family to protect them and the village, going on the mission alone so that Naruto wouldn’t have to leave his own, while keeping it a secret so that Sarada won’t unnecessarily worry about him and his safety. Even if he is misunderstood and Sarada resents him, it is more important to keep her future and Konoha’s future safe (bright). 

Side Note: I was also livid that the Kage Summit was not animated as well. That scene was SO important, especially for those who didn’t read the manga, but what can we do about SP? I am trying to remain positive. Obviously, it happened before this scene which is right before he is leaving on his mission. Naruto asks only about Sarada, which means that Sakura is well-aware of his mission and his reasons. Plus, I kind of liked how they highlighted Sasuke’s relationship with Sarada and his reasons for keeping it a secret from her.

I had mixed feelings about this scene. I find this scene sad because Sasuke almost ended the world in order to fight for his family, and now that he finally has one, he is unable to be there with them because of his mission to keep them safe. It’s such a sad circle because Itachi pushed Sasuke away to protect him and the village and now he is doing the same with his daughter, all along with the additional knowledge of how it hurts to be on the other end being pushed away. He understands Sarada’s resentment well and has regrets about not being able to be there for her, but I feel like he is trying to convince himself of the importance of his mission in this scene and how everything will be okay if he keeps them safe from the outside while Sakura is there to take care of and protect Sarada from the inside. He obviously trusts and has faith in Sakura to take care of Sarada when is away (a part of him maybe even believing that Sarada is better off in Sakura’s care than his own because he will never fully forgive himself for his past), but he is trying to conceal the part of him which regrets not being there next to them.

Sasusaku Reunite: His regrets are further elaborated when Sakura enters.

Here is where the Uchiha connection/Sasusaku connection is beautifully portrayed. First off, when he asks Sakura the same question about why she’s here like he did about Sarada, unlike Sarada, Sakura just smiles at him being well experienced with Sasuke’s method of communication. Just one look, and she understands that Sasuke is worried about why they are here near him where danger looms when they should be safe in the village.

I know people are angry over how dramatic this next scene was and how it seemed like Sakura was ignoring him, but I personally didn’t interpret it that way. This scene just KILLED ME with feels. The way I interpreted it, Sasuke is regretting how everything went down with his reunion with Sarada. He is struggling with his emotions after seeing his wife and daughter after so long so he shoots his wife a look…

If there is one person who understands Sasuke and his silent pleas for help, it would be his wife Sakura. Sakura obviously misses him after all this time apart (Ino vacation date reminiscing scene) but she selflessly puts her daughter and husband’s feelings first in this scene and holds back her own. She’s the emotional anchor in the family and Sasuke is lucky to have her because she understands Sasuke’s true intentions better than anybody else. I find it beautiful that the Sasuke who keeps to himself has truly allowed himself to depend on another person. That’s why he trusts and depends on Sakura to take care of things with Sarada when he’s gone and here again he is pleading for her help. Sakura sees in his eyes her husband’s love and longing for their family. She coped with the distance better than Sarada because she understands the Uchiha connection and how Sasuke and their family are connected by hearts even through the distance. Despite being away from each other so long, their connection and bond is stronger than ever and one look from her husband and Sakura immediately understands his pain, regret, and apology in regards to Sarada and their family. Being the amazing wife she is, she wants to put her husband’s worries to ease (like she’s done all this time when he was away) so she shoots him a quick smile, takes over and walks past him to Sarada to comfort her in his stead.

Additionally, the way I interpreted it, the reason why the scene was edited to seem dramatic with her walking past him was because it represents the current disconnect Sasuke feels from his daughter. Obviously, the Uchihas’ hearts are connected even with the distance which Sakura understands, but Sarada is too young to and Sasuke doesn’t expect her to.  As Sakura is walking passed him, his feet remain planted to the same spot because while Sakura can walk passed him and comfort Sarada, he is “stuck” in the same place. She has questions about his absence which he cannot answer. He just threatened her with his sword and saw the look of fear in her eyes, but he cannot comfort her with answers without fully disclosing the truth about his mission and putting her in further danger. When Sasuke sees Naruto outside of the village, he tells him to deliver an apology in his place to Sakura. Uchihas value family bonds more than anything else, his family is obviously always on his mind, and Sasuke is trying so hard to conceal how much he needs to be next to them. He longs to be with his family, next to his wife and wants to run over to Sarada to embrace her, but there needs to be a distance between them until his mission is complete. 

When Naruto questioned him if Sarada’s resentment towards him was worth it, he convinced himself that if it meant he can keep his family safe and the future “bright,” that’s only thing that mattered. However, as he looks back to Sakura hugging Sarada, you can see the look of regret on his face. He is her father and should be able to comfort her in her time of confusion like Sakura is doing, but he can’t be honest to Sarada and there for his family in the present without compromising his mission to keep them safe. 

He is trying to convince himself that this is what is best situation in order to keep his family safe, but he is affected by Sarada’s pain and the distance from his family as much as Sakura and Sarada are, if not more. It is heartbreaking how he blames himself for his family’s pain due to his absence, even if his absence is to protect them.

I frankly don’t understand claims that Sasuke doesn’t love or care about his family. This episode proved that he is willing to sacrifice everything in order to keep them safe and protects them at the cost of his own happiness. Of course, that’s expected from a Uchiha who always puts family #1.

  • ( Konoha 11+ Iruka we're all gathers at Naruto and hinata's house for the baby shower.)
  • Ino: Hinata you look so beautiful!!! And so round and huggable*squeal!!!*
  • Hinata: ( blushes slightly) t-thank you Ino-chan.
  • Sakura: seriously you look like your gonna pop any moment!!. When's the due date?
  • Before she could answer Naruto cuts in.
  • Naruto: Isn't my wife the most beautiful!!! And our baby is gonna be twice as beautiful!!
  • Shikamaru: Hmmmm well as long as they don't look too much like you.
  • Naruto: Oi what's that supposed to mean???
  • Everyone starts laughing while Naruto fumes.
  • Kiba: But seriously just imagine if the baby being JUST like Naruto!!!
  • Tenten: (dramatically) Oh the horror!!!
  • Naruto: Hey Iam not that bad!!!
  • Hinata: Of course you not dear! I'll be twice as happy if the baby is like you!!!
  • Sakura: You say that now but just imagine raising a mini Naruto!! It'll be a nightmare controlling 2 of them!!
  • Lee: ( star eyed)The power of youth of the baby's father shall run in their veins!!!!!
  • Ino: They'll be playing pranks all the time!!
  • Sai: They might even develop the nagging tendency to go search for trouble like dickless does.You might want to keep a leech on the baby till their like 17
  • Iruka: ( has sudden foreboding flashbacks of Naruto's past) *gulps*. l-lets just hope the baby's like his mother.
  • Sakura: Amen to that.
  • Everyone else: Agreed.
  • Naruto: ( sulks)You guys suck. No one wants the baby to be like me.
  • Sasuke: ( Talks for the first time) I honestly wish the baby to be just like Naruto.
  • Everyone stares at him, stunned
  • Sakura: huh? You do Sasuke-kun???
  • Naruto: ( Teary eyed) S-Sasuke- teme!!! *Sobs* I-I knew you w-would be the o-only one to be b-by my side!! *Sobs loudly*
  • Shino: ( Talks for the first time to casually remind people of his existence) Is their a reason why you want the baby to be like Naruto?
  • Sasuke: Of course. It's the perfect Karma you see.
  • Everyone looks at him, confused
  • Naruto: W-What do you mean by Karma??
  • Sasuke: ( smirks) Considering the amount of crap you put Lord third, Iruka, Kakashi and all the other adults in the Village when you were young, it seems fair for you to go through the same pain Don't you think so?
  • Everyone else starts laughing at Naruto's fuming face.
  • (In the end Naruto still made Sasuke the God-father. He also started to send silent apologies to the Sandaime, Iruka, Kakashi etc everyday. Karma sure is a bitch)

Safu: “God, they are flirting again.” 

The coloring of NO.6 Pirate AU is done!

edit. I have added ver of pic without glowing on lines, I think background it’s looking more natural but I leave glowing ver too for those who likes that one better.

I hope you like it. I’m very happy how it turned out.

Belive me or not but Shion loves Nezumi’s shirt, that white one… Why? Because he’s able to eye his boyfriend’s perfect chest in every moment of day XD.

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A brief analysis of Fire Emblem lords, by how likely they are to survive their first battle:

Marth: Dude is so unprepared he doesn’t even bring pants to his first battle. His flying girlfriend would save him but unfortunately she forgot to be in a game where Rescue exists. His best asset is a 70 year old dude. Marth wins like 1/10.

Alm: Kay so literally all I know about Alm is that he’s left handed and he starts out with his buddies in some village. Doesn’t even have like a knight guy or anything to save his ass, I think. Alm 2/10 ‘cause I have no idea who he’s fighting.

Celica: I think she has to fight people on a boat or something? idk I’d look it up but I don’t wanna spoil Echoes. 5/10

Sigurd: On the one hand he’s probably one of the strongest lords. On the other he’s one of the only lords to start out fighting a big ass professional army. A professional army with a badass enemy phase theme. Also he’s sheltered af. 2/10.

Seliph: lmao “Hey let’s fight a professional army and also cross through a desert-ish area with few provisions!” 0/10

Leif: Might actually live. He’s got Finn and Eyvel, two of the biggest badasses in Jugdral, and it’s a small scale skirmish in some village. 6/10

Roy: Literally the exact same scenario as Marth except no flying girlfriend and Roy remembered to bring pants. Our Boy 2/10

Lyn: She might be alone but she also has the most pathetic first enemies. 8/10

Eliwood: This time around Marcus is in his prime. He’s Eliwood’s only real help here, but he’s definitely a bigger help than most of these people have. 5/10

Hector: These idiots attack Hector in his castle while he’s got the help of his professional assassin/spy buddy. Hector’s got the upper hand. 7/10

Eirika: Attacked by the Grado army. The same Grado army that just overthrew her kingdom. She’s done for. 0/10

Ephraim: I mean… Doesn’t he technically lose in Chapter 5x? Valter lets him get away, yeah, but still. He loses. 0/10

Ike: He’s a mercenary with his mercenary buddies. Killing bandits is literally the job description. 8/10

Micaiah: Pugo uses the power of his stand, Furple Haze. Also Micky really likes to advertise that she is part of the Dawn Brigade that is being hunted down. Even if they survive this battle they will be dead within like an hour when the Begnion army catches up. 0/10

Chrom: Freddy bear is a nice asset. He’s not enough. If one soldier per town were enough Ylisse would literally never have a single bandit attack ever. 1/10. Which leaves us with a 9/10 chance the bandits kill Robin and accidentally save the world. Garrick is the true hero of Ylisse.

Conquest!Corrin: Ambushed in the woods. Dead before Silas shows up. 1/10

Birthright!Corrin: The Nohrian army is pretty constantly shown to have the upper hand against the Hoshidans, and they are ambushed at a field hospital. 2/10

Revelation!Corrin: lmao -10/10

Hidan, Kisame, and Kakuzu Reacting to Their Fem!S/o Telling Them They’re Pregnant

@lilysflowershop here you go darling! I hope you don’t mind but I’m splitting your request up into two parts for the sake of length. But I’m working on Itachi and Konan’s headcanons now!! Thanks for the support and thanks for the request, hope you enjoy!

Trigger Warning: I do mention abortion (referred to as termination in this case)

Other than that, this post is SFW, it’s just long.


Originally posted by psychajin

  • We’re gonna start with him because why not?
  • Out of all of them he is certainly NOT the happiest person about this. He did not have kids ANYWHERE on his life agenda.
  • Oh gosh, I feel really bad for his s/o because she knows that kids were not on his life agenda and she’s mortified to tell him. Hell, she probably doesn’t tell him first because she’s that scared. She’ll probably confide in Konan or Kakuzu (I have a feeling that Kakuzu and Hidan’s s/o get a long very well). If she confides in Konan, she comforts Hidan’s s/o. If she confides in Kakuzu, he’s gonna be likes “…Well when are you going to tell him? Why are you telling me?” - although Kakuzu is generally concerned, he’s not going to admit it and still be his frigid self.
  • His s/o would catch him in a good mood before she tells him at all, that’s the key to all of this. The man has a short fuse, his s/o doesn’t need it taken out on her or their unborn child.
    • “H-Hey Hidan. How’re you?” 
    •  “Pretty alright. Sasori and Deidara took the mission Kakuzu and I were supposed to have so we get to stay back and relax. Which means you and I can relax…or do something more fun.
    • “Heh-heh, yeah…about that…”  
    • “Are you feeling alright? You look, well, like shit.” 
    • “Hidan. If I tell you something, do you promise not to get mad…?” “Depends. What is it?” 
    •  “Well…” 
    •  “Spit it out dammit.” 
    • “I’m pregnant.” 
    •  Silence for .5 seconds and then “SON OF A MOTHER F—— @$!&&&!#@$!) 
  • The first thing Hidan does after she tells him is take the box of condoms from the bed side table and set them on fire. Calling them “fucking useless” in the process. He doesn’t even look at his s/o, he can’t bring himself to. He’s spewing cuss words like no tomorrow, his s/o is on the verge of tears, it is a mess. After the condoms are gone he grabs his scythe and mutters something about “going to make a sacrifice” and leaves without even a glance. Although, he definitely knows that his s/o is crying when he leaves. 
  • Hidan is feeling a whole bag of emotions, he can’t even sacrifice right. He builds the alter wrong, he fails to catch a victim, he’s a mess. He can’t wrap his head around the fact that there is someone who’s carrying his offspring. And they were so careful because this is literally the last thing they wanted, the last thing he wanted! 
  • Hidan is extremely mad, but it’s not the dry type of mad he would get when an enemy pisses him off. It was more of the wet type of mad that he experiences with his s/o. This type of mad comes with wet eyes and a closed off throat. He’s just so pissed that he wasn’t more careful. Maybe he should’ve done more than just condoms, maybe he and his s/o should’ve gone with the morning after pill, or have some back-up for their back-up. And now his s/o has to go through all this trouble while he just watches?
  • Hidan is one of the Akatsuki who I think is VERY protective of his s/o. This is due to him being immortal: he’s immortal, they are not, there is the possibility that he can lose them. So when in battle or any dangerous situation, he usually takes all of their hits and keeps them safe. Let’s be real though, once your Hidans you’re his for good. And he’s pissed because he can’t protect them from. He’s not that stupid, he knows how childbirth works and he can only imagine the complications to go with it. He can’t protect them from this, he got them into this, and he’s beating himself up over it. 
  • Oh and he’s practically pissing himself at the thought of raising a child. He doesn’t even know where to begin, how do you change a diaper? What the hell is a bassinet? He doesn’t even know that you’re supposed to warm a bottle before feeding a baby. The only thing he knows about babies is that they’re annoying, they cry, they smell, and suck the life out of you. He’s SO not on board for any of that, it’s just not the life for him.
    • Also, I fully believe that the idea of a child doesn’t appeal to him because he’s immortal. He does not age, his kid does, his s/o does. He hates the idea that one day his kid is going to be older than him and will age past him and die (same deal with his s/o). He doesn’t want to have to watch that, it’s one of his greatest fears. Don’t bring it up unless you want to die. 
  • He’s going to blow off the sacrifice and wipe his eyes, he’d never hear the end of it if he was caught crying. He’s going to go back and try to talk it out with his partner and convince them to…terminate things. But when he gets back to the hideout and hears his s/o sobbing to Konan about how he’s going to leave her and the baby, how she’s going to leave tomorrow morning and never come back, how she’s going to raise the child alone. That breaks him  ~ oh yeah, Hidan is obnoxious, loud, hot-headed, cruel, mean, you name it. But he still has a heart and still loves his s/o.
  • He has a sudden change of heart and leaves once more, only this time to go to a neighboring town. He’ll come back hours later, in the dead of night and while everyone is asleep. He’d enter his and his s/o’s room and find them packing. She just assumed he wouldn’t want her after this, terrible things assumptions are. The two would make eye contact, she having tear stained cheeks, he with his normal look. He would toss a bag at her before ditching the scythe and flopping onto the bed. She would be confused, but open the bag regardless. In it she would find two things: a tiny Akatsuki cloak and another -little-  jashin necklace. His girlfriend would be choked up, ‘Could this mean?’
  • He’d interrupt her train of thought by saying, “So. Are you coming to bed or what?” His girlfriend would drop everything and practically jump on him and cry into his chest. He’d react with something like,”Hey! Quit the cryin’ and get some sleep, for the love of Jashin.” 
  • Hidan realized that the two had a lot to prepare for and even though he knew that his child would age and die, he figured that if he was going ever have a family, it was going to be the woman he was with now and with the child growing in her womb.


  • I should have probably said this with Hidan, BUT NONE OF THE AKATSUKI ARE ACTIVELY TRYING TO GET THEIR GF PREGNANT. They are literally in the most dangerous organization in the world, constantly being targeted, there is no room for babies.
  • So when Kisame’s s/o discovers that she’s pregnant, she is having a god damn heart attack. (All of the s/o’s, besides maybe Itachi’s and Konan’s, is freaking tf out). She’s pregnant…with Kisame Hoshigaki’s baby. One of the infamous members of the seven ninja swordsman, had she not been so consumed with fear she would have felt a sense of pride.
  • She throws the pregnancy test away and just fades out of reality. She’s still physically conscience but mentally…not so much. She ends up leaning against the bed, bringing her knees to her chest and just…fades out.
  • When Kisame comes into the room he’s in a mood. He just came back from a long mission, he didn’t get enough fighting in, and he’s riled up. He begins to go on a rant about the enemy and how he could have finished them off had it not been for Itachi. He keeps talking not even noticing his s/o until after he throws his sword across the room and sees her flinch. He’ll actually freak out a little bit because he has never seen her like this. He’d get down to her level and talk to her, gently, completely forgetting that he was pissed.
    • “Hey, what happened to you?” 
    •  “…” She keeps quiet, and doesn’t make eye contact 
    • “Babe, c’mon. Talk to me.” She’d look into his eyes and be brought back into reality, and then completely lose it. She’d start to ball her eyes out and then he’d freak the fuck out because his strong s/o is crying??? Now he’s more determined to find out who made her cry, 
    • “Tell me what happened!” 
    •  “I-I’m p-pregnant.” And then just like her, he freezes and takes a seat next to her.
  • His s/o leans into his shoulder and cries, he throws an arm around her subconsciously and then just sits there and contemplates life and the news he was just given. 
  • First and fore-most he becomes scared for his s/o’s safety. When Kisame decided to pursue his current s/o, he told her how dangerous it could be and asked if they really wanted to get involved with him. Because it’s never just him, it’s the Akatsuki. And he told them that they would automatically become a target because they’re an S-Rank criminal and because they’re his s/o. People would stop at nothing to use her to get to him. But she didn’t care, she went with him. And of course since then he has always been concerned for her safety, but she proved herself worthy and strong so his worry began to ease up. BUT NOW, the game has changed. Now there is a child in the mix. His child. His girlfriend can’t defend herself anymore and if people find out about this, they will use his child to get to him and he can’t stand that. So now Kisame is feeling that weight on his shoulder. 
  • Number two, Kisame is thinking about the genetics of the child. If we are to assume that he was born and raised as half-human, half-fish, then the odds of his child coming out that way are super high. And he doesn’t want that at all. I think one of the reasons Kisame became so strong is because he was probably picked on by the other kids in his village for the way he looked. This is probably also the reason why he likes to fight so much, he was constantly challenging the bullies in his neighborhood. I mean, he’s gotten over it now because he’s found people who look past his looks and love him for his internal beauty. But he got tormented a lot, he wouldn’t wish that pain and suffering in his worst enemy let alone his own child. 
  • Then, something he’s thinking about that Hidan didn’t even think about, what is the leader going to say about this? Is he going to banish his s/o? Kill her? Kill the unborn child? Kick him AND her out? The Akatsuki really don’t have a policy on babies because they never thought that they would need it. If Pein thinks he can do ANYTHING to Kisame’s s/o, he’s surely mistaken.
  • Finally, while I do think Kisame has a strong paternal instinct, he still doesn’t know much about raising kids. He’s hostile and sadistic, two traits that don’t exactly make for a great parent. He knows this, but he’s not about to change because he’s not like that. 
  • Kisame would ask his girlfriend what she would want to do, considering it is her body (Konan probably gave all the guy members a week of feminism and women’s rights education, so all the guys are really respectful) and it is her child too. If she does not want it, he totally respects that. But if she does want the baby, things are going to change. First, he’s going to hand his s/o over to Itachi as a precaution while he goes off to tell Pein. Assuming all is okay there, Kisame is taking her off duty immediately, he’s not risking anything.
  • He’d have a long talk with her about other things, what to expect from him, what he expects from her, and they would definitely talk about where she would stay. He can’t have her roaming the streets because she’ll be targeted and he cannot have the enemy finding out she’s pregnant. But is the Akatsuki base REALLY that ideal? It would all be things to work out as the months go by. 
  • But after that talk, they would just call it a night and head off to bed. And right before they go to sleep Kisame mumbles something about how he’s going to protect both of them and then proceeds to holding his s/o tighter.


  • Due to his medical expertise, he’s going to know his partner is pregnant before she does. He’s going to see some of the symptoms (nausea, back-pain, he’s gonna notice she missed her period) and then casually go up to her - in private - and ask her to take a pregnancy test.
    • “Well, what does it say?”
    • “Positive.”
    • Cue a deep sigh from Kakuzu, “well shit.”
  • Between Kisame and Hidan, Kakuzu is the type to take it…better than them. He’s not going to burn anything like Hidan, he’s not going to freeze like Kisame. He’s just going to sit down with his s/o and think.
  • The first thought that comes to mind is that he is going to be the oldest father in the world. He’s going to have a newborn at 91! Grant it he is “immortal”, but at he same time it’s just like…”I’m too old for this. I don’t have time for this.” (when he literally has all the time in the world)
  • The second thought that comes to mind is that he is in the Akatsuki, his partner is in the Akatsuki, they both probably have high bounty’s on their head (they all do, but I’m sure there is a pecking order), this is literally the worst thing to happen to them. His partner’s bounty would probably go up if people found out she was carrying his child, and Kakuzu knows how far he would go for a high bounty so he’s imagining how far the enemies would go to get to his partner. That thought doesn’t sit well with him. And if she goes the whole 9 months then she certainly can’t protect herself because, HELLO, B-A-B-Y.
  • Also, babies are expensive, something that also doesn’t sit well with him. It costs $12,000 dollars for the first year alone (according to American statistics). Kakuzu is not about to pay all of that, he has the cash don’t get me wrong, but he barely shares with his s/o so why would he share with his child?
  • Let’s not forget Kakuzu is also looking at this from a medical perspective, he’s going through the list of things that could go wrong, all the medical expenses (I don’t think the akatsuki would have a sonogram on hand, but that’s just me), and the more he thinks about it, the more he is not liking the idea of this whole pregnancy thing.
    • I don’t think Kakuzu would have a problem raising a child, given his age he’s probably had experience in his life. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gotten someone pregnant when he was in his 30’s. But he left them when the child was still fairly young because his greed got the better of him and domestic life was never quite his style
  • And that’s another thing, Kakuzu isn’t the type to settle down. I could see Kisame slowly switching to that lifestyle, Hidan maybe (that’s a weak maybe), but Kakuzu is too greedy to settle down. He wants to keep collecting money until he kicks the bucket.
  • So, after thinking it over, he would talk with his partner about it. He would be blunt with his concerns and definitely use a logical approach to the situation. I think, given his lack to change, his age, and their occupation, he and his partner would turn to termination or giving the child up for adoption.
  • (I’m sorry if that’s upsetting, but I seriously do not see Kakuzu wanting or having children in present-day canon!verse) 

sasuke comes home to his wife smiling at him the way she does before she’s about to crush someone. “hello, darling,” she greets sweetly enough.


sakura comes up to him and presses her hands against his chest as she stands on her toes to kiss his cheek. when she pulls back, she’s wearing the same terrifying smile. she takes his cloak off his shoulders and folds it over her arm. she’s being overly attentive but sasuke knows better than to let his guard down. he sits at the dining table as she hangs his cloak in the closet. when she returns, he takes in her red dress and her apron over it and figures she must’ve been cooking. she lets her hand brush over his as she passes by him to get back to the kitchen counter.

she works behind him and sasuke regrets his seating choice. he would move to get a proper view of her but then his nervousness would be obvious.

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I just reread some Vampire Chronicles books so here is my shot at creating a Anne Rice’s Hot Vampire Guy™

Hello, my name is Nuage Jolifleur la Castagne de la Prairie Verte sur Mer. I’m 300~500 years young (well, I was turned somewhere between 18 and 25 so I always look like a supermodel). I might have been a POC in my past life but now I’m a vampire you see and as a result, my skin is whiter than that rich suburb where the characters in Desperate Housewives lived because that’s totally how vampirism works, do some research plz. I’m a vampire so I can do a lot of cool shit but still my main asset is that I’M FUCkinG rich. I have like PRETERNATURAL powers and I like to put random French words into my sentences sometimes because it looks cool, pas vrai mon cher ? Did I mention I was crazy rich already? How else could I afford literally the best of everything ever. Did you think I would be one to shop at Ikea, you peasant. I import everything from a small local shop in a small village in a small region in insert-random-European-country . Yeah, it costs like 500 000 dollars but who cares. Also I like clothing, especially outdated and ridiculously overpriced items that make me look like a hooker from the 80s. Purple-velvet cape with glitter? Perfect. Completely in touch with 21st century fashion if you ask me. Wow humans are so fascinating, except the evil-doers, those people that commit crimes like shoplifting or doing THe DRUGS aren’t even worth being mentioned as human beings with lives of their own and reasons to act as they do. Isn’t it convenient how I just got rid of the n°1 ethical dilemma of vampiric life by choosing to feed on that particular type of people who just happen to walk past me everywhere I go ? I’m a fucking genius.

The Witch of Derry

Word count: 1,091

Disclaimer: I’m broke, don’t own IT or any of Stephen King’s novels, don’t sue me!

Pairing: Pennywise x Reader, relationship similar to Morticia and Gomez Adams’s relationship.

Request: For the lovely @lizzy-chan24 “How about the 1600 time where Penny meets reader who’s a powerful witch that managed to escape the stake?(She could make a spell to have a long live causing terror to humans with penny)”

I put my own twists on here, hope you like it darling!~

Warnings: Blood shed, angst and fluff

One moment you were collecting herbs and the dried bark of a dead willow and the next minute there were humans carrying torches and grabbing at your hands and feet till thick rope bound them tight enough to pinch the flesh.
You fauxed distress and innocence whilst retaining an air of a queen, the men shouting in disbelief and women confused and scared, children hidden close to their bosoms. 

Dragged to the center of the town, you felt like you were the center of attention, the main star, the diamond to the ring, the entertainer.

Norman the preacher, his sin being gluttony and lust, reeked of ale and the harsh sting of a prostitute’s perfume as he stood to your side quickly throwing the noose over your neck.

Calm you remained, a mask of fright painted on your face, an innocent girl wrongly accused they thought.
“Witchcraft! You’ve been guilty of witchcraft, Devil’s whore you are!” Preacher gurgled in your ear, glancing to his mouth and hands you saw syphilis begin to infest his body, smirking just enough to get him to stiffen you turned your head to the crowd and cried.

“Woe is me! I have done no wrong, I am but a young widower whom lost her husband to the harsh sickness lingering in the ship we came upon!” Your hypnotic voice lulling the people to believe your tale till one by one they looked confused.

Preacher growled tying the noose tighter, turning to a village man who stared you down in hatred and nodded.
With a quick slam on wood, the preacher had kicked the wood stool from underneath your feet, gasps, and screams from stunned women and cries of children.

Two heads rolled off their stumps of a body, blood shooting about like a geyser.
With a sigh, you rolled your stiff neck, and a flick of your finger the rope was off your neck yet you remained afloat in the air, “Witch!” They cried.

“I know you lurk in the shadows, do with what you wish my dear but the children are mine.” You spoke sharply, descending to the blood covered ground, you heard a deep animalistic growl and shrieks as every animal, excuse me, human was slaughtered and eaten by the monster. 

Seven children remained, quickly stealing their traumatizing memories of their slain parents from their eyes you beckoned them to follow you.

Your pace slow and alluring as you continued to the forest, finding your basket and herbs strewn across the leaf-covered dirt and with a sigh your ingredients flew into the basket and the wood and twine basket held in your hand.  Your dress slowly turning from its off-white to a black dress that clung to delicious curves, a shawl in black with gold accents and your stiffly curved hat that folded on itself, your fingernails turning into sharp claws. Hair losing its H/C color and turning a cloudy white. 

Anyone could’ve guessed your beauty was unnatural, supernatural, and unearthly. Man and woman fell alike to your spells you cast with the sensual swing of your hips and in your craft which you’d perfected for over a hundred years without fail.

The children follow like soulless bodies in the night, your home hidden in the darkness untouched by the woods that seemed to grow upon anything the night’s shadows touched.
When they were in your home the spell released and the children’s eyes gained their shine and innocence to them.

“Now children, it is time for bed, mummy shall tuck you into bed go change.” You cooed, and as if they’d known you their entire lives they happily followed your gentle and sweet command. You quickly tucked them into the many beds you manifested and whispered sweet words in their ears as they lie in a sleep caused by your siren voice.

“I hate it when you take in runts.” He growled, you quickly close the door behind you as you faced the tall being.

“And yet you know I do not care what you say or wish, don’t you?” You chimed, sidestepping around him and flicking your hands, your desk and bookshelves rearranging themselves and cleaning instantaneously.

His grunts bordering that of a wolf you rolled your eyes and right by your face he stood, drool dripping from his red lips and fangs bared at you menacingly. His claws grasped your neck in a tight grip, you did nothing as your own hand went to his cheek and softly grasped it.

“You ate like a king tonight my love, to Mirth, to merrymaking, to manslaughter!” your sultry voice touched his ears, he craned his neck and inhaled your scent, rosemary, citrus and fresh blood.

“Mmmm, I’ll let you keep the children, but in the meantime I do believe you owe me a little,” he pecked your wind chilled skin from your shoulder to your ear licking your earlobe, “Something for that show you put on, fooling those stupid humans, oh yes you must be punished.”

You smirked and ran your own sharp claws down his arm, “I have been a bad girl havent I? I’m thinking leather straps, red hot pokers?" 

"Not now my dearest, but the things I have planned for you my dearest, oohhh how you’ll be begging for more.” He growled, you grinned in excitement and licked your lips seductively before placing a slow and sensual kiss on his chin.
“I always want more my love, but tonight will be your last with me will it not?” You whispered, noting how his eyes fell to your side. 

“Yes.” He ground out as your hand lightly palmed him through his trousers.

“The children will keep you entertained till I rise once more, and perhaps we shall have our own runt, you would like that wouldn’t you my dear?” Hands grasping at your hips, you knew you’d be in for one of the best nights of your life, he always grabbed at you like he hadn’t felt your flesh in a thousand years, and once he’d fallen into his sleep you’d be nursing the marks you proudly bare.

“Yes my love I would, Now let us retire, for tonight I have my mate to myself.” You grinned, his own lips following suit and as you led him to the room and soundproofing the door.

A night of passion, undying love, and a bond like no other sung louder than the howling winter winds that blew through the town of Derry..

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Lexa’s Braids

I’d like to imagine little Lexa running around the village and the nearby forest with her wild hair in messy braids. While some of the other Trikru kids had their parents or older siblings to braid their hair for them, Lexa had no one and had to do her braids herself. Some kid made fun of her for it once, but she nearly broke his face and from that moment on, nobody dared to cross her path again.

When Anya chose her to be her second, Lexa was beyond ecstatic. Not only was she going to train as a warrior who will be protecting their village and the entire clan in the future (and maybe put a stop to this war against the Mountain Men that had taken away her parents), but she finally had someone. Even if this someone was her mentor who sometimes thwacked her on the back of her head or slapped her face with mud when she was being too rash or too mouthy. Then one day, not long after she became Anya’s second, Anya made her sit down on the log, sat behind her and began doing up Lexa’s hair in braids. When Lexa started to ask, Anya tugged her hair really hard to shush her. Then after a minute, Anya said, “I won’t have my second looking so sloppy and disheveled. If you can’t take care of your own appearance, then how can you expect anyone to trust you to care for anything else?” (See, Anya was rather fastidious about her own looks. Where the other warriors were content with simply tying their hair back in braids, she would decorate hers with feathers and beads.) Lexa didn’t say anything to that, still making sense of that feeling in her chest, the feeling that she was no longer lost and untethered. That somehow she was someone’s. She wasn’t going to tell Anya that though; Lexa had a feeling she would be rewarded with more than just a muddy slap.

(What she didn’t know, of course, was that Anya felt that irritating pang of tenderness at the sight of this headstrong brat with the messy braids. That despite their protocol of making their seconds learn everything by themselves–especially with something as elementary as braiding–she succumbed to doing Lexa’s hair. ‘It’s just hair,’ Anya reasoned to herself. Of course, braiding was never just about hair. And if Anya noticed that Lexa had gone quiet and she looked like she was about to cry, Anya didn’t say anything.)

Flash forward to when Lexa has been called to lead her people as Heda. Along the way, she had met Costia–beautiful, kind, wise Costia–who came from one of the villages near the sea. This time around, Lexa had her “coterie of shield maidens” to do her braids for her, which she was grateful for because braiding is a time-consuming process. But sometimes, Costia would take it upon herself to do Lexa’s braids, and when Lexa would ask, she would only reply with, “I want to.” And Lexa would fall silent and let herself enjoy the sensation of Costia’s fingers on her hair, carefully pulling and twisting the wavy strands until they come together in such neat, beautiful braids. In these moments, Lexa would feel that she and Costia existed in a world removed from the one where every day was a fight for survival, where death was a daily visitor, where loss was a lesson that every child knew. In the moments when Costia would untangle the knots in Lexa’s hair, Lexa felt that somewhere there was a place for them where they could just be. And Lexa’s eyes would flutter open and she would just gaze at Costia as she worked, thinking and feeling, “Mine; she is mine.” And Lexa couldn’t help but reach out to her and Costia would oblige her with a kiss. It was never just a single kiss and one kiss followed another then another until they braided together into something that was all safety and comfort and love.

(Costia loved the moments when Lexa would let herself be young and vulnerable with her. Moments when Lexa would take off the mantle of Heda, and simply be Lexa. But as the days and weeks wore on, Costia was seeing less and less of Lexa, and more and more of Heda. Apart from the threat of the Mountain Men, tensions were running high among the Twelve Clans and in-fighting was happening more frequently. She had seen Lexa stay up late many nights, her eyes deep-set and worried, and so, so alone with the burden of leadership. Costia would not presume to know how to share in this burden for it is something that only the Heda could know and carry. But she could be with Lexa in the increasingly brief moments when she was not Heda. She knew that Lexa had people who would do her braids for her, but Costia insisted to take over when she could. She didn’t tell Lexa that she offered up a prayer with every twist of her hair, a prayer to the gods to grant Lexa wisdom and strength and protection from harm. Costia offered up prayers and all her love weaved into the wild curls of the bravest, gentlest, kindest person she knew. And as she would finish the last braid on Lexa’s hair, Costia would add a plea, 'Come back to me. Come back to me, safe and whole. Come back to me as you are,’ because the gods knew Costia wouldn’t be able to bear it if anything happened to Lexa.)

Clarke of the Sky People insisted that she try out braiding Lexa’s hair. After all, she was the reason why they get tugged free and mussed up in the first place. But Lexa kept on turning her down, saying she had people who do it for her, or that braiding took up too much time, time which they could put to better use, etc. Lexa wouldn’t say that the real reason why she wouldn’t let Clarke braid her hair was that the act reminded her too much of Anya and Costia. Two people she had cared about so deeply and who were taken from her cruelly by death. Lexa wouldn’t give voice to her fears that maybe she was jinxed, that everyone she loved would surely die. And she knew it was stupid but she held onto the belief that as long as Clarke didn’t braid her hair, then she wouldn’t die. Lexa wouldn’t say any of these things but maybe she didn’t have to. Clarke would just look at her in that careful way of hers then nod in understanding. One night, as they lay in bed, Clarke started running her fingers through Lexa’s wild, messy hair. “I am not going anywhere. You know that, right?” And Lexa could only bob her head in a shallow nod. Clarke’s lips quirked up into a small smile. “You are mine, and I am yours.” And that was as much of a declaration and the only promise they could afford to make each other. Lexa could feel her eyes stinging with tears so she turned to lie flat on her stomach, her face away from Clarke. “Clarke, will you braid my hair?” After a moment of surprise, Clarke jumped on the opportunity. Literally and figuratively. As it turned out, Clarke kind of sucked at braiding hair. (After all, there was a reason why she could only tie up her own hair in that simple way she had been wearing since arriving on Earth.)

Good thing she was rather skilled in other things and she was saved from Lexa’s further teasing.

Strange Attraction

(Ivar x Reader)

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk

You could feel all eyes on you as you walked into the throne room, trailing behind Ragnar. It didn’t bother you. Neither the stares nor coming here. You had always wanted to see more of the world, feeling trapped inside your little village. The occasional trips you took around the forest and up the mountains at night only helped a little to make you feel less like a caged bird.

“Who is she?” Sigurd asks his father and smirks as he looks at you, probably thinking you were one of the slave girls. He grabs your butt as he walks closer to you, making you glare right up at him. His smirk vanishes when you slap him across the face, the room becoming deadly quiet.

“I like her.” Ivar breaks the silence, grinning at his brother, “She probably wants a real man.”

“Touch me and you’re dead.” You interrupt him with a warning look before he can try anything and slap away his hand that had been reaching out for you.

Your village may have been tiny but it was right at the sea and the ships often brought people from far away. There had been this one man…old, rugged looking but nice and fun to talk to. He had stayed for a while and you had begged him to teach you about his travels. He had done more than that, he had taught you how to read, leaving you with his books once he left.

Your pronunciation sucked a bit, you figured, now that you heard the language actually being spoken but that couldn’t be helped since you had taught it yourself.

“While she is here for you…I’m afraid Y/N isn’t here for your entertainment.” Ragnar says, looking at his sons.

“Well why is she here then?” Ivar asks annoyed, glaring in your direction. No doubt he was angry at you for talking to him like that.

“Did I hurt your feelings or what?” You ask with a sly smile, feeling his eyes burn into yours. He was going to be fun.

“She’s here…” Ragnar clears his throat, “…to teach you English.”

“Why would we need to learn that?”

“Because it’s useful.” He opens the door and is already halfway through it when he turns around, “Lessons start tomorrow.”  

“Good morning.” You stroll into the room with a happy smile, one that Ivar does not return. He sure could hold a grudge.

“I can’t see anything good about it, lets get this over with.”

You sit down in the chair next to him with a sigh, resting your face on your arms, “Okay sweetheart.”

“Don’t call me that.” He snaps back. Obviously you had a talent of pissing him off rather quickly.

“Why?” You smirk, “You don’t like it?”

“I don’t.”

“That’s just too bad. I bet I wouldn’t have liked you touching me without permission and yet you would have done it.”

“I thought you were a slave.” He replies, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah like that makes it better.” You hiss, getting angry yourself now.

“Oh? You don’t like that answer…sweetheart?” He teases, seeing your reaction, “That is just too bad.”  

You didn’t get much done in your lesson, both of you being too busy staring daggers at each other. You wondered how you were supposed to teach Ivar anything when he managed to get you riled up in a matter of seconds, not that you couldn’t do the same to him.

when people cite the whole kylo ordering the massacre of the jakku village thing as one of the “top ten reasons kylo ren is gonna die unredeemed” things it’s just like

YES, that was very reprehensible for him to do and it lets the audience know right off he’s a bad dude

but do you really think that scene is ever going to be referenced again. really. do you think rey is gonna pull out receipts and be like “i heard around town that you ordered stormtroopers to kill a bunch of villagers”

look, i’m sorry, it’s awful, but the slaughter of all of those people was a tiny plotpoint in the grand scheme of the story. 

welcome to star wars where genocide happens every other movie

The Tenth Doctor

Ten was deeply in love with Rose, yes. No point in denying that.
So much.
Because she was the first person after the war, who made him feel again, who made him be able to look into a mirror again, who made him better.
He didn’t hate himself as much as he did before, after the war.
Because SHE loved him and she changed him back to the good person he was. And then he lost her.
And not only her. Remember how his hearts broke when Reinette died in Girl in the Fireplace?
Remember how he, after he lost Rose, lost Donna because she chose not to stick around with him?
He watched the FaceOfBoe die, the creature that was supposed to be like him, the traveller that has one last secret for the last of his kind.
He made him the last of his kind again, while telling him he wasn’t
And then he turned human and oh God, he fell in love and people love to blame him for those episodes and what he did to Martha, but I think he blames himself the most for it.
Because, when he was a Time Lord again, she looked him in the eyes and despised him, because he let the village be attacked, and he hated himself again, he realized what a monster he is again, and he left without a word. Because he couldn’t stand it and he didn’t want her to have to look at him further.
And then the Master returns and he’s terrified and yet, so relieved, so happy, not to be the last of his kind anymore. Not alone anymore. His old friend, enemy, someone he can say names to and get understood.
And he spends a year suffering on the Vailant, seeing it all burn, humiliated and aged and weak and rejected by that man he’s so happy to have around, and so guilty, for exactly that sentiment, for what all of human race, Jack, Martha and her family have to bear and he still stays kind and forgives this man and holds him. And then loses him, too.
Loses him again, is the last of his kind, again, not because he had to, but because this man would rather die than stay with him.
A man, for whom survival had always been the first choice, the imperative.
And after all this hell, after he burns the body of this man, not remotely recovered from all that had happened, he even loses Jack and Martha, who both also don’t want to stick around anymore.
And he meets Donna again and for a while he’s so incredibly happy.
Just because he has her.
And she can tame the monster, she can stop him, she makes him save people.
And suddenly he also has a daughter. And he can’t let her in, can’t bring himself to accept her, because he had had family and he had lost it and wouldn’t she replace his true children? And wouldn’t he lose her again? Can he lose something as vital as her again?
And just as he does, just as he lets her in, he, of course, loses her as well, because she wanted to be like him, because she wanted to make him proud, she dies.
And again, he watches Martha leave, but beautiful Donna sticks around and they go on a holiday, but instead of what it should’ve been, he nearly ends up being thrown out into his final death, by the people he’s been trying to protect all his life.
By the human beings, the species he loves so much.
And then he meets River Song and he finds out she means something to him, hell, they even married and has to watch her die.
For him.
Lost, before he even knew her.
And he’s so desperate, so lost at this point, he traps her into a data world, he cheats death, because he simply can’t stand it anymore. He’s already starting to break.
And he knows, all their time together will now forever be accompanied by sadness.
And then?
Rose returns!
Finally. The one person that made it all okay, that lighted up his soul.
And she leaves him, with another man, a copy of him and it’s the best for everyone but him.
He remains alone.
All alone, because in spite of what Sarah Jane said about him having a family on Earth, they all left. Rose left again, so did Martha, so did Jack, so did Mickey, so did Sarah.
All gone. He’s alone and now he has to also lose Donna.
For her own good.
And he stays alone. He meets Astrid, this wonderful woman that wants nothing more but to travel the stars but before she even could, he lost her too, she died too.
And he remains alone, and all those cracks that had started showing are breaking him. That’s all Time Lord Victorious had been - Time Lord desperatious. Not able to cope with more death and pain and losing - He just didn’t want to lose anymore. He broke.
And he stayed alone afterwards, and he cried in front of Wilf, because he missed having Donna around, he missed not being alone, he was so utterly lost.
Until the Master returns and that poor man has to watch him leave him again. All alone again, even for his final hour.
And people mock him for shouting “I could’ve done so much more!” at the top of his lungs, but seriously, this man was barely ever happy, all he had was sorrow and loneliness, as soon as Rose left, it was hunting him.
So no, I don’t blame him for wanting more.
I don’t blame him for missing Rose and letting it overshadow all his up-coming relationships.
I love him with all my heart. He remained always kind and strong and said “I’m always alright” far too often, because, he always said it and it was never true. Not once.

The Office: part 2

AN:// Hello!!! omg guys thx so much for all the support on part 1!! cute as a button, each and every one of you :)) sooooo here’s part two,, I really hope you like it and feedback is alwayz appreciated! much love <3

Part One if you haven’t read it yet

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien + Reader

Word Count: 3,748

Warnings: Swearing and mentions of sex (you’ll be fine kids)

Originally posted by francescadigiuseppe

 “You ready to go?” Ethan asked, peering over my shoulder to look at the documents I was shuffling through.

“Just one sec.” The whole scene that happened earlier still the only thing I could think about. I was so angry at Lauren. Only she could evoke this kind of response out of me, you know, considering everything that has happened between us in the past. Always wanting to start drama for entertainment purposes, and not caring who she hurts or humiliates in the process.

Just in the past few hours, I’ve been treated differently by my co-workers. The news of Ethan and I “dating” spread like wildfire and everyone knew. The people I see and talk to everyday now staring at me and whispering, as if they’re totally clueless to the fact that I can hear them.

“Poor girl, he’s only going to break her heart,” they say.

“I thought she was smarter than this.”

“Her? Of all people?”

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The Bitten (Baekhyun Werewolf!au Fic) Chapter 3 - The Traveler

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Warnings: Mild violence

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11(M), Ch. 12


“You are going no where near that village,” Junmyeon stated.

“Why not?” Juhee questioned, “They would have no idea I’m a wolf unless they saw your mark, I shifted, or if I got caught in a wolf trap enchantment which aren’t even as strong on bittens…and they’ve never seen me before.”

“It’s way too dangerous, none of us would be able to be close enough in case something happened,” he said, “I can’t…I won’t…”

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Boruto SD -preview-

‘Gotta see, gotta know: Shino-sensei’s true eyes!’ (mmh, sounds familiar).

Here’s the usual chapter preview, courtesy of Saikyo Jump.

DISCLAIMER: Manga by: Kenji Taira. Original Work by: Masashi Kishimoto-sensei. Raws by: Saikyo Jump. Translation, Cleaning and Typesetting by: me.


- The face painted on the wall is called henohenomoheji (see here). In the Naruto franchise, it’s often associated to Kakashi (because it’s a face children use to draw on scarecrows, and kakashi means 'scarecrow’).

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listen on spotify

flaxx - huge and powerful sun
thomas dolby - she blinded me with science
(when she’s dancing next to me, blinding me with science, science)
village people - macho man (they dig my big thick mustache)
mother mother - infinitesimal (they say it started with a big bang)
urban cone - old school (everything that i do is to love you old school)
men without hats - the safety dance (and we can act like we come from out of this world, leave the real one far behind)
the pointer sisters - i’m so excited (look what you do to me, you got me burning up)  
joe esposito - you’re the best (fight ‘til you drop, never stop, can’t give up ‘til you reach the top)
kenny loggins - danger zone (always where i burn to be. the further on the edge, the hotter the intensity.)
cosmic gal - space fever
WALK THE MOON - work this body (show me what you got, work this body on the floor)
BABYMETAL - karate (心折られても
daft punk - digital love (there’s nothing wrong with just a little, little fun. we were dancing all night long.)
queen - don’t stop me now (i’m out of control, i am a sex machine ready to reload)
zapp & roger - heartbreaker (if you got to break somebody’s heart, you can break my heart anytime you like)
francis and the lights - friends (cause wherever you may roam, there’s a station playin’ rock and roll)
kesha - spaceship
(i don’t belong in these parts. there’s too much hate, there’s too much hurt for this heart.)
lights - portal (the loneliest thing in the shape of a fist that i wish i could bring in this bitter abyss is my petrified heart, still pounding)
adam young - interstellar space (the space between the stars)