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Invade my insane space

#1- does the darkness comfort you?
#2- what brings you crashing to the floor?
#3- angels or demons?
#4- God or Satan?
#5- would you sit on the moon and watch the universe twirl quietly, even if you couldn’t breathe?
#6- what scares you most in the world?
#7- can we always be there for one another?
#8- I feel like I’m dying… Can I talk to you?
#9- being blind or being deaf?
#10- what song makes your heart pound the most?
#11- do you wish on stars?
#12- what were you doing last night at 1:03 am?
#13- the happiest, most golden moment of my life?
#14- the worst, most positively crushing moment of my life?
#15- if you had to choose between your mother and your father, who would you choose?
#16- ask me anything
#17- salt or sugar?
#18- death by water or fire?
#19- if you could have a degree in anything, what would it be?
#20- black or white? ….assuming I don’t like grey
#21- the thing/person I want to stay safe and happy and comforted in this world?
#22- if you could have the superpower of flight, invisibility, or mind-reading, which would you choose?
#23- is music something you could not live without?
#24- favorite flower my dear?
#25- why dragons?
#26- ice cream in winter? Or possibly hot chocolate in the summer?
#27- what’s your sexuality?
#28- do you dream in black and white or color?
#29- nights full of nightmares?
#30- what was the voice in your head saying at 2 am?
#31- okay…. Why don’t you hate the thorns on a rose?
#32- do you trust me?
#33- most cared for song at the moment?
#34- worst injury?
#35- bath or shower?
#36- color you love the most?
#37- anonymous question
#38- another way to wish not using 11:11, dandelion blooms, or even the fairy you thought you saw…?
#39- do you ever stare at the sky and look for those weird shapes in the clouds?
#40- a really weird something I like to eat in a weird way
#41- Lamborghini or Corvette?
#42- when did I have my first kiss? Boy or girl?
#43- most listened to genre?
#44- Jack Frost or Iron Man?
#45- are shorts and a tank-top an optional outfit for you today?
#46- will you be speaking to anyone you hate today?
#47- nachos or pizza???
#48- is my life what I thought it might be like?
#49- thing I am the most proud of accomplishing?
#50- ask me a question concerning intimacy
#51- piano or guitar?
#52- tell me something about yourself, my follower, please :)
#53- rather a mad world? Or an insane universe?
#54- are you that girl that sits alone on her roof at night?
#55- I wrote this question at 3:59 in the morning, listening to Mad World by Jasmine Thompson: do you like hummingbirds?
#56- is 1 (one) a unit or a number?
#57- glorious fireworks on a dark beach with your thoughts? Or swimming in the rain with your lover?
#58- tattoo? What would it be?
#59- natural shade of your hair?
#60- color of your eyes?
#61- the thing you regret the most?
#62- would you break a heart if it helped someone else?
#63- do you ever wish you hadn’t kissed a past friend/lover/acquaintance?
#64- the most violent/brutal/inhuman thing you’ve ever done?
#65- would I hug again, my most recent lover?
#66- would I kiss the lips of my last kiss?
#67- who was the last soul to see you cry
#68- have you ever looked into the eyes of someone who was about to die… And you didn’t even know it?
#69- do you ever wear your clothes in a uncomfortable fit, just to try and reshape the way your body looks?
#70- have you ever intentionally hurt someone?
#71- if you could spend the night with anyone, anywhere you wanted, how would you end up?
#72- butterflies or dragonflies?
#73- do you enjoy cooking?
#74- given the rather unpleasant opportunity, would you wear white to a funeral?
#75- have you ever abused drugs/alcohol/people?
#76- have I ever lay down in a barren field in the middle of a lightning and thunder storm?
#77- would you dear, eat a strangers heart?
#78- take the chance to sing in front of 10,000 people, while its snowing?
#79- if “New Zealand” was a French pastry dish, would you eat it?
#80- if “Naples Italy” was a Korean Milkshake, would you drink it?
#81- if “Cardiff Wales” was a star in the universe, do you think you would know that?
#82- what happened in your dream/s last night?
#83- tell me who doesn’t deserve the air they breathe?
#84- do you speak any foreign languages?
#85- do you experience anxiety attacks?
#86- ABCDEFGHIJKPLMNOPQRSRTUVWYXYZ…. do you know the alphabet?
#87- describe “nucleus”
#88- running through the woods at night? Or crawling in the snow at dusk?
#89- have you ever had a one night stand? Do you regret it?
#90- ask me anything “music” related
#91- smoke alone, by the water or on your roof in the dark?
#92- have you ever kissed a flower, knowing it was someone else’s favorite?
#93- have you ever sat on a cold bridge… And just waited?
#94- when I said “I love you” last… Did I honestly, truthfully and wholly mean it?
#95- have you ever had a near-death experience? /What happened?
#96- what do I want more than anything else on the planet/in the world/in the universe?
#97- do you put others before yourself, even on bad days?
#98- what, to me, is an angel?
#99- what’s the most passionate thing I’ve ever done?

#100- this is not a question, but rather a statement.
* I want everyone to do me a favor: smile. Find that piece, that glimmer, that twinkle that brings life to you breath. Hold it, love it, don’t let it go. Talk to that person you fell for so long ago… Laugh with them, cry with them. It doesn’t matter, just talk. Get it all off your chest. We all need this.
Eat what you want. Fuck society, everyone is beautiful, shape/color/voice/culture/sexuality/habits/ love and hates included.
Wear something comfortable. Listen to your favorite song until you’re shouting the lyrics at the world because it feels wonderful. Run outside in the night air and jump up and down in your pajamas like a crazy child because we are human and we are beautiful and we deserve the love no one ever gets. Because we are us, and that is more than okay.

#101- thanks guys

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Is this your first barefoot cosplay? I remembered a long time ago I saw these clear footpads that would stick to your feet so that it would look like you were barefoot from above. Something to consider if you reconsider doing Inuyasha! (maybe even human inuyasha with sexy long black hair >///<)

Ahaha I know what you’re talking about but I don’t really like it cause its not all that sturdy. I prefer just wearing sandals and taking them off for photos. And this is not my first barefoot cosplay, I was also barefoot for Jack Frost and walked around in the snow barefoot!

Kandriel Goes to Disneyland

Okay but there is nothing Kevin loves more than spoiling his boys. And Andrew likes to help catch Neil up on the things he’s missed on the run. So of course they visit Disneyland.

Neil manages to get Andrew to wear colors (Holy heck guys)
“Andrew it’s going to be like, 80 all day and we’ll be walking around. If you wear black you’ll probably pass out. Wear this blue hoodie and these tan pants.”

Neil gets those Mickey ears for Kevin, but Kevin will not put them on and and he refuses to bend down so Neil can do it. Cue Neil Josten jumping up and down with these ears, trying to get them on Kevin’s head.

Kevin does not like twirly rides. At all. Andrew does.

It’s not fair that Andrew eats the most sweets and vomit inducing food, but Kevin is the one who pukes

Neil likes the water rides, Andrew hates getting wet.

Okay but with the blue hoodie and the tan pants and the blond, unkempt, hair, Andrew looks like a short Jack Frost.

Now there is so kid running towards Andrew at full speed screaming about Jack Frost.

Andrew is /lost/ what? Who?

Kevin is shrugging. “Haven’t seen that one.”

Neil is nodding. “Matt made me watch that last month. This boy died saving his sister so now he’s like a winter god? Oh wait no, he’s just a sprite or something. I guess you do kind of look like him.”

Andrew doesn’t have time to answer because this kid is hugging him and he almost punched a 10 year old.

Kevin is about to die because Andrew is crouching down to this kids height to talk to him???

The kid, George, is ecstatic about meeting Jack Frost and he’s talking a million miles a minute and Andrew is just nodding along with a small smile. Neil is so proud.

“Who’s that guy?” George thinks he’s being quiet when he points at Neil, hes not.

Andrew humors him though, leaning in and stage whispering back, “That’s my boyfriend.”

“He’s really pretty. So is the other one. Who’s he?”

“That’s my other boyfriend. They’re both pretty huh?”

Poor George is about to die because Neil and Kevin are smiling at him. Andrew takes a picture with him and smile before leaving.

“Wow Andrew, that was the nicest I’ve ever seen you be with literally anyone.”

“Fuck off Kevin. You’re buying me ice cream. And Neil, you’re buying me cotton candy.”

Andrew ends up buying Neil a bunch of stuffed animals and Kevin gets a bunch of t-shirts

Andrew spoils his boys, don’t even try to tell me otherwise.

Kandriel never had such an appeal until @cabeswaterexy waltzed into my life
Alternate Jack Frost Headcanon

Because when I love something I tend to overthink it. And, well, I have a second headcanon for how Jack Frost and Jökul Frosti exist in Rise of the Guardians despite Jack only being created 300 years ago.

This one takes the books a bit more into consideration.

Bunny isn’t a bunny. He’s a Pooka, part of a time-traveling alien-race that just happens to look like bunnies. That’s canon. Weird, ridiculous and amazing canon.

So, what if Bunny just got really, really, really fed-up with Jack at one point after Jack became a Guardian - I mean, that’s not much of a “What if”, that’s basically a fact that is going to happen on the long run - but what if Bunny is pushed so far that he needs a break? And he time-travels Jack back to the times of the Vikings.

Back then, as they believed in spirits and gods, Jack could be seen by everyone.

And this white-haired, flying boy who controls the weather and makes it snow… Surely he has to be a god.

So Jack Frost becomes Jökul Frosti.

And since he can fly with the aid of the wind, the Vikings believed him to be the wind’s son.

Bunny all the while gets an earful from the other Guardians, has to travel back to get Jack and fix things. But the Vikings already started viewing Jack as a god and thus, Jökul Frosti was believed in as a god centuries before Jack Frost was even created.

(I mean, personally, I’m more inclined toward the god with amnesia theory, because it covers more of the open questions left by the character and his story, but it doesn’t fit too well with book-canon, while this one plays more into that.)

I know I overthink movies too hard considering I got hung up enough on that small detail to come up with two separate theories, but I love this movie and I want it to be perfect so I need headcanons to fill in the blanks.

eb-n-flo  asked:

Every time I see you post the flower asks I'm on it. Sweet pea + Jack (nonsexual delicate pleasures pls?)

Sweet Pea - Delicate Pleasures

The first time Jack had chocolate, she was pretty sure she’d just bitten into heaven itself. She’d never had anything like it, never felt anything quite like it, and it was really no wonder that she’d stuffed her face full with those chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious, and she couldn’t remember the last time–if ever–she’d eaten anything that tasted so good.

That wasn’t the only thing that she found tasted good, after her escape from Cerberus, but she did keep coming back to it. Not as often, because she saw having a sweet tooth as a weakness to be exploited, but…there was no harm in picking up a box of cookies every now and then and pigging out. 

Until someone else figured out her secret.

She’s not sure how Shepard managed to figure it out, nor does she really want to know (though, in all honesty, it was probably Kasumi or the freaky AI that ran the ship). She’s just curious as to why Shepard brought her a chocolate cake with candles on it.

“I don’t have a birthday,” she says after a minute of silence, crossing her arms and eyeing the cake warily.

“Not officially, no,” Shepard agrees, moving to set the cake down on the table nearby, “but it’s been a month since we blew up that facility on Pragia.”


Shepard laughs. “So, I figured that you could use that to celebrate your birthday. I don’t know if we’ll have time to wait for the 1 year anniversary to roll around, so–I thought we’d celebrate now.”

Jack blinks a few times. “Really?”

“That,” Shepard says, licking some chocolate frosting off her finger delicately, “and I was in the mood for cake. You like chocolate, right?”

There’s something in the way she asks that that makes Jack narrow her eyes, suspicious and looking for an ulterior motive, but the cake does smell really good and, well

“Heh. Who doesn’t?”

Shepard smiles, and Jack finds herself smiling back.

“That’s the spirit. Happy Birthday, Jack.”


Shepard’s laughter echoes around the room as Jack shoves a rather large bite of cake into her mouth. Maybe Shepard isn’t so bad after all.

I’m ace af so it’s always gonna be ‘nonsexual’ for the most part around here my friend.


Imagine dressing up for Halloween and trying to make Peter Pan dress up too.

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Peter Pan x Reader Imagine

Request:  For Halloween I was wondering if you could do a bit of fluff? Where the reader dresses up and tries to get Pan to? - Anon

  “And what are you supposed to be?” Peter asked with a cocked brow when you entered your room to find him sitting upon your bed. Reading in one of your text books. You had just entered in your halloween costume, dressed up as Elsa from Frozen. 
  “The Queen Elsa.” You retorted and spun around. “I made the costume myself.”
Peter just hummed and returned back to his book. Then he muttered. “It’s pretty.”
  “What?” You asked, not hearing what he said.
  “I said it’s pretty.” Peter repeated and looked up; annoyed. You smiled, he wasn’t the one to give compliments.
  “Thanks, Peter!” You beamed and he hummed in reply. You went over to the mirror to fix your wig, “now it’s your turn.” You smiled.
Peter looked up, but he didn’t look at you. “What?” He asked fear in his eyes.
  “You’re coming with me, you’ll have to dress up too.” You explained.
Peter looked as if he was at loss for words. “I’m going to what?”
  “Dress up. Come on.” You whined and went over to sit beside him. He automatically reached out a hand to fix your braid and then let his hand fall to his lap. 
  “Well I am a living fairytale…” He tried.
  “Na-uh.” You stopped him with a finger pressed to his lips. “We are going to dress up as something we are not.”
  “Well, then I should make myself look ugly.”
You laughed. “Of course you would say that.”
Peter grinned. “I had the chance and took it.” He said proudly.
  “What about Jack Frost?” You suggested. “Elsa and Jack are a perfect couple.” You blushed and looked at him.
Peter grimaced, “alright.” He agreed softly and then leaned in to press a kiss to your cheek. 
You proceeded to color his hair white with a colored hairspray, and then got him in a blue shirt like Jack wore and you gave him a wooden cane. 
  “You were prepared.” Peter said with a frown.
You grinned. “Of course I was.” You bit your lip and looked at Peter. “It’s perfect.” You said and Peter peeked into the mirror, looking at you both.
  “You’re perfect.” He said and you felt your heart skip a beat. He pecked your lips and took your hand. “Let’s go trick or treat!”


Robbie Kay as Jack Frost? Anyone? Because he would be damn cute. I know this is late, but I had a Halloween party to plan and ended up using so much of my time on it I forgot to write. So here’s a late Halloween Imagine!^^

Tiger Lily. <3

“Welcome to the club.”

HAS ANYONE DOES THIS YET??? I am in such denial that Tadashi dies that I like to think that maybe he came back as a guardian and eventually gets Hiro to believe in him so that they can be bros again.

He would have fire powers like Jack has ice powers!! It would be so cool because they would be like polar opposites, but they both heroically died and left behind younger siblings who looked up to them a lot…. I made myself sad…. anyways, I was thinking that he could be the Guardian of Comfort or something, since fire is kind of like warmth… and he could guide lost kids home with the light and stuff like that. Idk I’m just trying to think of how fire could be helpful to children. 


All I Want For Christmas....

iPairing: Quicksilver/ Reader

Warnings: fluff. Christmas. Snow.

Song: All I Want For Christmas

Guess who’s hella stoked for Christmas????

I wrote this in one and a half sittings but I feel it came out decent enough for me to post and tag these kiddos:


Also, I have a masterlist now, so if you wanna check that out, that would be awesome.



You could feel it in your bones.

In your hands, your feet. Your nerves and tissue, and every single fiber that made up your anatomy. Cold. So damn cold.

You cursed under your breath and huddled closer to the tree you were leaning against, rubbing your hands together to spark up some warmth. It was a crooked oak whose stem was perfectly curved for you to twist into. But even with your back pressed firm and hard against the bark, you could still feel the biting cold nip at your skin.

Winter was always hectic for you.

The dead trees, peeling skin—the cold. God, the cold. Even in summer weather you’d complain to turn the thermostat on, and now this was just pure torture. You were always moving around practically swaddled in blankets, nothing but a rosy-cheeked face peering out from under a giant coat and scarves. Except for now.

Now, as you stood squeezed against the hard trunk of a tree, you were in nothing but a plaid shirt, jeans, and boots.


With his stupid games and stupid jokes and stealing you winter-ware, trying to lure you out into the snow. He’d been asking—challenging—you to a snowball fight for weeks now. But you hated the cold so much that the mere thought disgruntled you, and you’d always declined.

And Peter had always complained that you were no fun and you had always tried to make up for your lack of trying by offering to buy him candy or bake him pie in apology. And it had always worked

Until now, of course.

He’d managed to lure you out here and steal your winter-wear, swearing only to give ti back if you engaged in a snow-battle with him. Which you did. And lost. And now here you were, waiting for him to return after he’d left minutes ago to ‘”go and retrieve your clothes”.

“Peter!” you yelled angrily. Shivers ran up your spine from the biting cold as you squinted, searching for the silver-haired boy among the heaps of milky snow. It was snowing so heavily that you had to squint. You wondered how Peter managed to even fall through with this taken the fact that if you were left out here too long, then you’d most likely die of frost bite—you were pretty sure it was already happening. Your hands began to stiffen and the air you inhaled came in sharp cold breaths.

You heard a giggle.

It was feint. Barely there, really. But still audible enough for you to know that the silver-headed boy was somewhere in your reach, no less than six feet away.

You turned sharply to the left—

Peter stood no less than three inches away from you.

“Merry Christmas.” The brown-eyed boy grinned, holding something in his hands you couldn’t quite make out.

You took a long, hard look, then realizing it was your clothes. “Peter.” You scolded, taking them out of his hands.

He smiled crookedly. “A simple ‘you’re welcome’ would be nice.”

“Except you’re the idiot who took them in the first place.”


You shrugged on your coat and fastened its buttons. Although minimum, you felt a swarm of warmth throughout your arms, and sighed gratefully. “Peter,” You huffed distastefully. ” I could have died out here you know? What is it, like— -30? Frost bite.”

“I would’ve zoomed out here and saved you before it got that ugly.” He replied cooly, folding his arms over his chest. He was wearing a winter coat almost similar to yours, except tighter taken the fit on his body. That, and it was blue. Yours was lime.

“My blood would be on your hands.” You zipped up your jacket to the hilt.

“I don’t think frostbite makes you bleed.”

You gave him a hard shove and the grinning boy bounced into the trunk of the tree, laughing and you joined him shortly.

The two of you got to walking. The house was a reasonable distance away and everyone was already inside, most likely eating and huddling around the fire. That was at least one thing you could enjoy about the winter: it’s ability to bring everyone together. Even Logan pitched in and helped Jean bake Christmas pudding, which was a miracle in itself.

The snow crunched beneath the soles of your shoes as you tread on.

“What do you want for Christmas?” Peter suddenly asked.

You looked at him. His gaze was set straight ahead and his hands were casually in his pockets, making him appear more nonchalant than you were sure he felt. His hair, silver and silky and blowing in the wind, was standing up at the crown of his head. You almost laughed. You always teased Peter that he looked like Jack frost, and now with Christmas in bloom, the allegation seemed even more appropriate.

“Like…”You drew out “…as a gift?”

“Or a wish. Or favor—anything really.” Peter turned to you. “What do you want for Christmas?”

You shrugged. “I don’t know.” It would have been so much easier to merely say something cliché like a necklace or earrings, but the fact of the matter was you truly didn’t know. You didn’t care either. In fact before you’d joined the X-men, Christmas had been nothing but a date on the calendar. Not mention you’d already received gifts three years in a row. Just the previous year Jean had given you a nice jacket she’d made herself and Professor X got you studded diamond earrings. And on top of all else, Peter had gotten you a necklace.

You were wearing it right then as the two of you waded through the snow, keeping it under your shirt and coat. You always wore it. It was like carrying around a fraction of the silver-headed boy somewhere close to your heart, and it was magical.

He was magical.

You always liked to believe Peter was your Christmas angel, whether it was December or even May. It didn’t matter. All he had to do was be himself, and you were convinced that he was an angel from the clouds whom the heavens had blessed you with. The relation of Christmas tied into all that because of how Peter was the one who got you celebrating it in the first place. You’d joined the X-men three years back. Halloween had just passed and when you’d first arrived, Peter had already taken down the decorations and was putting up the Christmas tree. You’d found it utterly amusing; he’d found it completely necessary, even if the occasion was a month away.

“Of course you do. Come on, say it.”Peter’s voice reeled you back into reality. You realized your pace had slowed and the two of you were just barely sauntering.

“I mean it, Peter.” You said. “I don’t know if I even want a gift.”

“Of course you do.” Peter argued. You could hear the crunch of his boots as he kicked at the ground absent-mindedly. “Everybody wants at least something.”

“What is it you want?”

“Don’t divert the attention.”

“God,..” You tipped your head back and laughed, shaking it a little. Peter grinned at you. You could see the moonlight glint in his coffee-brown eyes. “I want you stop being so annoying.”

He smirked. “Well, I guess you’re in for a big disappointment this year.”

And then you laughed. And shoved Peter into the snow, but he bounced back, and soon the cold wasn’t such a big issue because the laughter you were emitting was enough to warm your body entirely.

Yours and Peter’s titters slowed to a stop eventually and the fond silence was back. “This is nice.” he said suddenly.

“What is?”You kept your eyes on the snow as you waded through it.

He shrugged. “You….us….”

“Sappy, much?”

“I mean—“ An abrupt chuckle tore through Peter. “—I mean us out here. Together. Like,….Christmas with everyone back in the house is great, don’t get me wrong. But it’s nice for it to just be you and I sometimes, you know?” He turned to you, smiling fondly.

You shook your head in good-nature. “Peter, it’s always just you and I. We’re always together.”

“Never like this.” He was right.  The two of you were always goofing off or doing homework together—and there were moments similar to these when the two of you had nothing but each other and the company of the moon to yourselves, but… this was different.

The air was more somber now. You opened your mouth to speak, about to say something when Peter abruptly stopped walking, and before you knew it, he was right in front of you.

You stopped in your tracks, jerking back in surprise. He was but inches away.

The silver-haired boy’s face nothing short of solemn, and when you looked beneath that, if you focused really hard, you could see a hint of shyness and anxiety.

Tentatively, peter reached for your wrists, ever so softly, and reeled you in.

You could feel sparks go off at the contact. A red blush you were hoping you could disguise as the cold getting to you began to crawl upon your skin. If Peter noticed this, he chose to ignore it.

“ Y/N.” His voice came quietly. He had to speak quietly. The intimacy around was so fragile that even the sound of a pin dropping could shatter it. “What is it you want for Christmas?”

You stared at him.

At his beautiful lips.

At his mocha eyes.

His hair—his jack frost hair that you wanted to swipe back into position so bad right now.

But you resisted.

For so long you resisted Peter and his charm and the aching desire in your chest to be with him, so maybe giving in this once wasn’t such a bad idea. Maybe it was destiny, or even just a Christmas miracle. A gift—your gift.

What did you want for Christmas?

“You.” The words eluded you as a whisper.

You could feel the whole world slow to hilt. Everything around you—your intimacy, your silence—faded like dust in the wind, and when you realized the words you had just uttered, you began to panic.

Because Peter was silent.

Peter wasn’t saying anything.

Just gazing at you wordlessly, letting the moon shine down on you both and the snow tickled your hair and your cheeks and every inch of you, but the cold needn’t matter when you were this close to Jack Frost himself.

“Peter…”You spoke in whispers.You’d kept it in too long, and now was good enough of a time to let him know.

The silver-head boy gulped thickly. Then he blinked. Then he said your name like it was his last dying word.


“I like you.” You managed. “I like you a lot….I… I have for some time now and I didn’t know if you felt the same, but I need you to know that now.”

“I do.”


“No, Y/N.” He looked convicted. Choked. Like the words he was uttering were being mechanically extracted. You held your breath. The earth didn’t start spinning again.

“I mean I do….I do feel the same.” Peter said.

And then it did.

You could feel all the blood in your head rush back down your body in a wave of relief as you gaped at Peter. You couldn’t believe it. Had he really…?

“You like me?” You asked, unsurely.

Peter let out a nervous laugh, scratching the back of his head. “I think I more than like you, Y/N….”


“Can I….?” He glanced down at your lips in silent query.


You felt the blush return with a vengeance and swallowed thickly. Your legs felt like jelly, but you did it anyway.

You nodded in approval, and Peter went right in.

It was soft. Tentative, almost reluctant, until Peter got the hang of it and got in deeper. His hands wove themselves into your hair, clasped behind your ears as he pressed his lips on yours, and you almost gasped in pleasure.

You’d waited so long for this and now here it was—here he was. Your Christmas gift, giving you an almost as desirable gift. God, you felt light headed. It was like he was leading something out of you by a thin thread, tempting and offering and consuming all at the same time.

And it was magic

And it was the best Christmas gift you could ever want.


Lmao this was cheesy af but it’s okay because there is no shame in having an undying love for Peter Maximoff and his beauty.

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Hope you guys are all having festive advent and a great day :)))

Art Trade!

Taking a break from Disney Dreamworks again. But hey, if I painted a human Jack Frost, he’d probably look something like this guy above.

Meet Eight (Yeap, tht’s his name) from Final Fantasy Type-0. Trading this here art for a beautiful piece from the amazing mightier​. Hope you like him :D Looking forward to your rendition of Cindy from Final Fantasy XV.

PS: I still haven’t played Type-0 yet so I dunno if Eight has a “Fire Fist” kinda ability. Sorry if he doesn’t DX *continues to save cash for a PS4*

EDIT: Fixed Eight’s face a little bit. The highlight on his right cheek made it look like a pimple was abt to pop o_0 

Elsanna One-Shot Recommendations

I unequivocally adore one-shots, and I’ve decided that the posting format makes it easier for me to keep track of titles than Favoriting or Liking, so here, have a list with no particular order.

(Fics with sequels or other additional parts have been disqualified from this round to keep things simple.)

A Tail of Two Travelers by blackoutfactory: Elsa the Ronin takes in a wounded fox kit as her companion. Who turns out to be a Kitsune. I should probably find it more awkward that Elsa doesn’t realize there’s more to her companion until the end, but oh well. Adorable companionship followed by flustered Elsa for the win.

Love is an Open Doggy Door by arcticwaters: Anna the dog adopts Elsa, the pregnant cat. Contains about as much fluff as the switch in species implies. And the title is still fantastic.

1001 Pickup Lines: Success Guaranteed by elsayoustinker: Anna hitting on Elsa with cheesy pickup lines. I don’t know how anyone could ever ask for more. Light on shippiness beyond the premise, but it’s hilarious and fluffy, and every single one of Elsa’s reactions is to die for.

Stolen Kisses by elsayoustinker: Elsa starts kissing Anna on the cheek. It escalates. Pure delightful fluff, helped along by me being a sucker for sequential framing devices. And flustered Anna? Yes.

The Actress and Her Star by elsayoustinker: Anna the techie is enraptured by Elsa the theater star. Kristoff plays wingman. This is the kind of fic that makes you forget your brain is processing words on a page. The characters are alive, and it is so much fun to spend time with them.

Hogwarts AU by j-peters0n: New prefect Anna heads over to the Head Girl’s dorm to catch up with her friend over shop talk. AKA, Elsa is a clueless pureblood dork in need of Anna’s tutelage. Because she is, and it’s hysterically glorious. Poor Anna.

High School AU by j-peters0n: It’s Elsa’s first day at a new school, and it is much improved by a hyper cheerleader crashing into her. Rambling Anna is the best Anna, and mutual staring rocks everything.

My Oblivious Sister by justonemoreartist: Anna tries to guide her sister out of the closet, since she’s clearly into women and clearly unaware of it. If only Elsa were as aware of Elsa as Anna is. Anna for best character for life, and this fic is a gift.

We Can Build A House of Love by ciceu: Anna is a decorated naval war hero back from sea. Reconnecting with her sister leads to what you might expect from the ship tags. Slow burn one-shots are pretty much the greatest thing in existence. Hoard and appreciate all you find, especially the ones written like this.

Love is Not a Victory March by apocketfulofwry: Anna and Elsa are Catholic schoolgirls. Sexual tension like whoa. Non-explicit sex happens in a dorm room. Need I say more? Probably, if I want this entry to look respectable.

All There is to Know by oniongentleman: Elsa really wants to kiss Anna. Anna’s down with that. Kissing and good writing is honestly all I want out of most everything I read, so this is simple perfection.

Fifth Time’s the Charm by oniongentleman: Time-traveling Elsa keeps running into the same girl. I really like flashes of interaction between characters, and each time period allows for something a little different. It’s a neat, solid story with touches of whimsical intimacy. And hey, time travel.

For the First Time in Forever by Onion_Gentleman: Jack Frost watches Elsa and Anna grow up, apart, and back together. A genuinely affectionate story, and the ending courtship is charming as heck.

Can’t Hold It Back by ciceu: Handmaiden!Anna meets Queen Elsa. Bonding–and explicit shippiness–ensues. What did I say above about slow burn one-shots? Awesome, right?

The Gift Exchange by hmselsanna: Anna draws her boss as her secret valentine. That isn’t awkward at all. Light on blatant shippy action, but squee-worthy subtext can be just as sweet.

The Other Real Thing by yumi michiyo: Elsa and Anna in a related college AU as roommates. Hallelujah. Anna keeps finding girls to fail dating with, and Elsa becomes progressively more sensitive to her sister’s love life. Largely fluffy, with great sisterly and shippy interactions alike.

You Must Be New Here, Dammit by Emirael: Anna’s job of ensuring the smooth integration of new residents has rules about not being the newbie’s primary source of social contact. Yeah, about that… Elsa and Anna like-liking each other in a low-fantasy dystopia? Uh, definitely.

Drabbles by emirael: …In which there are a lot. And look, they all have such conveniently-placed summaries that you hardly need someone else to bother. In all seriousness, emirael’s drabble page is a slice of AU Heaven, and any time reading additional prompting to that effect over them is time wasted.

One Short Day by manicmethod: It’s time for Anna to meet her soulmate, and it’s… the Ice Queen? That… wasn’t really what she was looking for. HS AU. The inevitability of the soulmate part is a little eerie, but I like this. They don’t hit it off immediately, but knowing that they’re soulmates brings them together to try. That soft beginning of interest has this touch of sincere honesty to it, and the story is all the sweeter for it.

Project: North by talkstopaintings: Anna documents Elsa’s progress at a school for superpowered individuals. Light on romance, but superpowers are great and the development of their friendship is immensely satisfying.

Freckles by talkstopaintings: Elsa runs into her crush at the library. Crushing and awkward staring and more awkward not-staring. There should be a heart-eyes emoticon in this space. That is an accurate depiction of my feelings for this fic.

Assorted Ficlets by talkstopaintings: Enough to take over the list. This is cheating a little, since a few of them turned into series of one-shots, but everything in this set is worth a look. Though it should be noted that following the link automatically turns your schedule for the rest of the day into reading fanfiction. No exceptions.

Hand Prints and Good Grips by TheSyndra: Elsa pays for an escort to give her “the girlfriend experience.” Anna takes her job very seriously. Just. Go read it.



Look who’s baaaccckkkkk~!

Hahaha XD yas! My pc is finally fixed and I am now making GIFs TuT 
So now, I present to you my first GIFset \(^O^)/

Yas, this was from my photoset which actually earned 260+ notes ;v; THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Making GIFs isn’t exactly my forte and I’m still getting a hang of it but I hope you like this little something~! ^_^


Frozen Family

Here we are again! I know I’m not usually here but that’s because I don’t have internet :C

If anyone ask, I LOVE this crossover. Elsa and Anna as Jack and Rapunzel’s daughters is so cute! I’ve planned to make a lot of drawings but I couldn’t. I have to study a lot! Dx!

I’ve changed their clothes except for Elsa. She looks cute like that. The most difficult part was in Rapunzel’s dress and hair… GOD, It was to much! Dx

I want to say as explanation that in the first drawing, they are lying on the snow xD

And in the second one… Jackunzel! I made a ice rose as a blue one. I heard it means eternal love… something like that…

Anyways, enjoy it!

What He Thought He Knew - Jackrabbit VDay 2014

For: jackfrostagain
Rating: K
Word Count: 4,333
Summary: My assignment for Jackrabbit Vday 2014!  I had jackfrostagain.  During Bunny and Jack’s argument at the North Pole, Jack breaks down, and flees. Aster follows him, only to find that he may know more about the sprite’s heart than he thought he did.

«Ao3»     «FF.net»

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Merry christmas, Nicolette! it’s been sososososo great being your secret santa; you’re such a sweet & awesome person! I hope you have the greatest christmas ever, and I hope you like the gift I drew you (I know it’s a bit messy and rapunzel looks kinda weird, but I remember you said something about liking the hogwarts AU :)  I hope it’s semi-decent! <3

This is also yours to do with as you wish. If you want, you can repost it on your blog—that’s totally cool, I would like a little credit though. 


MY SECRET SANTA IS SO PERFECT❤️thank you so much, mnemonical!

My Work In Progress for the Winter Prince Jack Frost contest!! 

I was going to bake it and paint it this morning and submit it this evening, but unfortunately last night it toppled over and fell off my desk, smushing a lot of the details. 

 I, fortunately, took a lot of progress shots, so i could at least put these out today.

This was my very first try at sculpting a figure, so I am pretty proud of it!! I took a lot of time learning how to make figures from only youtube videos so its still sloppy, but I’m hoping to get the hang of sculpting!

As of right now, I am baking and retouching the figure and waiting to paint it!

 Read more for details on the making of my sculpture!!

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For the past 2 days, I’ve been observing Elsa and Jack’s powers. In a way, both are similar (I know it’s winter, but that’s not the point… but bear with me, I’m not sure how to fully explain this). Something about their powers stand out to me.

Well looking at Elsa’s, I see how elegant and graceful they manifest from her hands. They come out sparkling like diamonds or scattered stars in the galaxy. The way it’s loose and free… I never noticed it before until now… or especially how feminine they look whens she uses it.

Jack Frost, on the other hand, share a similar shine, but something about it seems different. Like how he gathers it is much more firm (rather than loose, wispy, and gentle like Elsa’s). There’s something much more fierce, more masculine in the way it comes out. Like when he fights with Pitch Black, it comes out with striking radiation–a lightning if you will.

Maybe it depends on how they feel, by the way they use their powers… am I the only one who sees this?