i look like i have a mullet

Hi my name is Keith K’ogane and I have ebony black hair that’s longer in the back than the front (its NOT A MULLET) and dark purple eyes like limpid grape juice and a lot of people tell me I look like Zuko (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m part galra but i dont have any fur. I have pale white skin. I’m also a paladin, and I pilot a lion that joins up with four other lions to become a giant robot man (I’m an arm). I’m a goth texan (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a dark gray t shirt, black skinny jeans, red and white boots, a belt with two fanny packs, black fingerless gloves, and a cropped red motorcycle jacket. I was walking outside the Castle of Lions. The particle barrier was fully functional, which I was very happy about. Lance stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.


did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????

Lance: Hey, have you guys noticed how every Galra we meet has the same like, head ridge thing? Like a mohawk except it’s their skull or exoskeleton or whatever

Hunk: I honestly hadn’t really noticed, but now I’m gonna spend the rest of my life looking for it, so thanks for that Lance

Lance: I’m just fighting the good fight my guy. But anyway, my point was- Keith, do you think you also have something like that?

Keith: No?? I mean, you’d be able to see it, right? If there was… (voice trailing off) nothing in…

Lance: (triumphantly) Exactly! Keith, your weird mullet is covering it up!

Keith: (nonchalantly begins to frantically pat top of head) I. What? No, no there’s no way. You guys are being ridiculous. (dodges Hunk’s hands) Stop touching my hair!

Pidge: There’s only one way to find out for certain. I’ll get the razor.

Keith, immediately: You are not shaving my h-

Lance: (stands on the couch in a victory pose) HASTA LA LATER, MULLET

Sadly, Keith doesn’t have any distinct features on his face like Shiro does, so I guess this could also be just a random portrait of… someone. Maybe I should make the background a little red or something. If I knew how to draw armor, I would’ve drawn him in his Paladin armor. >_< 

His rather soft looks and expression are actually intentional, though I hope he doesn’t look too soft (as in girlish soft). I re-watched Voltron and he does have a somewhat soft expression most of the time, something I had not noticed before. And I couldn’t bring myself to draw a mullet, so instead, have a ponytail.

Now I need to learn how to draw the other three. And maybe some Paladin armor.

it seems like people forget that even if they’re in love, lance and keith are Rivals. they’re Arch Enemies and they wouldn’t let a little thing like dating change that:

  • keith convinces lance to go on morning jogs with him, but they always turn into sprints real quick bc one boy starts edging in front of the other and so on
  • “I bet I can kiss you longer without stopping for air.” 
    • “um? no way dude you’re on.”
    • shiro finds keith and lance making out but they’re both turning blue and keith is punching the wall for some reason? keith breaks away and gasps in a huge gulp of air and screams “DAMMIT” at the same time lance just like. dabs or something
  • they get into an honest-to-god hand holding contest. whoever lets go first loses. 
    • “guys, we have to start afternoon training.”
    • “I don’t think you realize the gravity of the situation, shiro. I can’t let keith win. jesus, are you insane?”
    • “keith, then–”
    • “nope. already lost the kissing. I am not about to go o-for-two here.”
  • everything, absolutely everything turns into a competition, and the more in love they fall the worse it gets. 
  • like, before it was just bc they “hated” each other. but now? goddamn if lance is gonna be shown up by his boyfriend. and keith needs to keep lance’s head from getting too big or he’s unbearable.
  • who uses the most pet names in a day? one point lance. who reaches out for little touches always? another point lance. makes the other smile the most? keith’s on the board. the best at complimenting?
    • “your mullet is actually ridiculously attractive and your hair in general is so soft and I would actually commit murder to know your secret.”
    • “yeah? well, your skin is like, spotless, ok? do you even have pores?”
    • “it’s called moisturizing, babe. and when I’m stressed I get backne! I’ve seen you shirtless a bazillion times and your body is perfect!”
    • “no way. don’t even say that. my core needs some serious work. you have abs, lance. I could wash my jacket on those things.”
    • I have a good body? have you looked in a mirror? someone carved a v in your hips with a freaking chisel!”
  • this becomes a regular game over dinner, and team voltron barely even hears them bicker anymore.
  • just. keith and lance being an Old Married Couple. they were made for each other. 


His name is Ernie Reyes Jr. but he played a character named Keno (KENO?? KEITH?? COINCIDENCE?? I THINK NOT) in the 1991 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (again, don’t ask how I got here)

He’s a pizza delivery boy that gets caught up in turtle shenanigans and literally only exists for one movie but please just look at him.

The black t-shirt, the bright red jacket, tHE MULLET. Did I also mention he’s Filipino because I could go for some Filipino!Keith headcanons like sign me the fuck up

AND WHAT’S THIS??? Have you always wanted to know what Keith would look like reacting to meeting cryptids irl well HERE YOU FUCKING GO. THROWBACK TO THE OG CRYPTIDS OF MY CHILDHOOD: GIANT RATMAN AND HIS GREEN DISCIPLES

Here’s him ready to fight a bitch in a tank top because he loves fisticuffs and is a hella good martial artist. Within the first like four minutes of the movie, he sees these dudes robbing a store and goes up to them ALONE telling them “you’re under arrest” HOLDING A BUNCH OF PIZZAS and attempts to take all of them out alone. I mean he beats the shit out of them but like then a bunch more guys come running out and then he’s like oH SHIT I DIDNT THINK THIS THROUGH but luckily the turtles come to save his ass.

Did I also mention that out of all the turtles he is most similar to Raphael? The red turtle. The most impatient and impulsive turtle. Always ready to fight. PLEASE. Also Raphael doesn’t really like him at first but then Keno suggests he use himself as bait to find the baddies and suddenly Raphael is like “I hate to agree with him but he’s gotta point.” So even though Splinter is like “TOO DANGEROUS” the two of them break off from the rest of the team and do the mission anyways (um) and accidentally find The Big Bad™ (uM) and then get into hot shit (UM) and Raphael sacrifices himself for Keno (UMMMMMMMMMM). But don’t worry Keno brings everyone back to save him.

And then later there’s a scene where Splinter tries to teach him how to meditate but Keno physically can’t do it and runs off to fight instead because fuck patience he needs to kick something. Here’s this idiot literally back flipping onto the stage to fight Shredder one-on-one like wtf he’s so extra™

He also had an action figure even though he was only in one movie and HOLY SHIT THIS IS MORE KEITH LIKE THAN THE KEITH ACTION FIGURE????


Bonus: Keno sticking his leggy out

tangled au

im watching tangled with my mom and i need to know if someone has done this yet but a klance tangled au

  • keith is rapunzel, definitely, he’s being raised by zarkon/haggar in a tower
  • lance is flynn. “smolder”. need i say more?
  • shiro and allura are the king and queen, keith was shiro’s brother and their parents were thace and moira (thace’s wife aka queen)
  • the same story, the queen was sick and they got the flower, and then keith had magic hair and zarkon/haggar kidnapped him when he was a baby
    • their parents died before keith was found and so shiro kept up the tradition of the lanterns with his wife, allura, in hopes his brother would return
  • lance steals the crown and runs off, finding keith. chaos ensues and they make the deal for the crown and the lanterns
  • pidge and hunk are two of the ruffian/thugs, because seeing them sing ‘ive got a dream’ would be hilarious
  • blue is maximus, but it takes time for blue to trust lance
    • red is the little chameleon guy!!!!
  • adventures and they slowly fall for each other
  • the two other thieves with lance are sendak and prorok
  • the almost-kiss scene, and keith singing
    • keith with super long hair.
      • when it gets cut at the end and lance is just like “mm ill admit i liked it long but you do what you have to.” parallels to his mullet in canon amiright
  • “please dont freak out” “oooooiiim not freaking outijustamveryinterestedinthemagicalqualitiesitpossesseshowlonghasitdonethat???’
    • “…uuum, forever?”
  • zarkon finding keith
    • “oh it was easy, i followed the sound of complete and utter betrayal
Keith and Pidge, probably
  • Pidge: Shiro, Keith and I are going ou-
  • Shiro: Pidge you're fourteen, you're not dating anybody yet.
  • Pidge: Shiro, you didn't let me finish. I said we're going out looking for Mothman. Jesus.
  • Keith, probably packing a bag with food and water: Yeah-
  • Pidge: Besides, it's not like I'd ever date him even if I was old enough by your standards. Have you seen him? He has a freaking mullet.
  • Keith: Hey! Lance likes it!
  • Pidge: Does he like the mullet or does he like you?
  • Keith: *leaves*

This was going to be a comic, but then I went overboard with the art because I was having too much fun, so you get a one shot instead. 

Older Married Domestic Klance Fluff                          Rated: G

A Hairy Situation

“Keith! It’s happening!” Lance groaned.

“What’s happaping?” Keith mumbled with his toothbrush in his mouth.

“My youth is leaving and taking my hair with it,” Lance replied dramatically as he parted the hair along his growing forehead.

Keith spit unceremoniously and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Oh, your hair? That’s been happening for a while now. You should see the back.”

“What?!?!” Lance patted the back of his head and frowned. It was indeed getting thinner.

“You’re just noticing now?” Keith asked incredulously, failing to see what the big deal was. Getting older was a fact of life for those lucky enough to do so. Plus, family history wasn’t doing Lance any favours. A fact that Keith liked to remember every time Lance commented on his “mullet” when they were younger.

“Maybe I have been in denial, Keith. Maybe I only faced the cold facts of reality because I was looking for grays after I noticed yours.”

“What?!?!” Keith ran his fingers through his still thick, still mostly black locks and peered deeply into the mirror. Maybe he wasn’t ready to reach his silver back years, just yet.

Keith noticed a few strands of silver, mostly at his temples, but they were hardly noticeable. Lance was being petty.

“You’re just jealous,” Keith teased as he turned to Lance.

Lance pouted.

Keith sighed and ran his hands down Lance’s arm, squeezing his muscles as he made his way to his hands in a gesture of comfort.

“You grow a pretty great beard though,” Keith complimented. “I can’t believe that only took you a week. I’ve been growing mine forever.”

“I only grew it, hoping you’d tell me to shave it, so I could tell you to shave yours,” Lance retorted.  

Keith rolled his eyes and huffed, causing his bangs to fluff and settle.

“Well, I think you look handsome, beard or no beard, hair or no hair. I love you and always will. Even when we are old and you are as bald as Pipo,” Keith smiled endearingly.

Though Lance wasn’t sure what he thought about being as bald as Pipo was, he smiled, his ‘you think so’ smile and pulled Keith into his arms. He kissed him softly on the lips.

“It’s kinda like kissing a bear, but better than prickles,” Keith commented.

“A bear, eh?” Lance chuckled and moved around him so he could scoop Keith into a bear hug and rub his chin into the crook of Keith’s neck. He ran his fingers over Keith’s ribs for good measure.

Keith yelped and fake struggled, both of them knowing he could escape if he really wanted too. The tickling turned into play fighting and for a few moments, two grown men, wrestled like puppies, on the bathroom floor.

Their rough-housing was interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door and the small voice of a small girl.

“Daddys, what are you doing in there. I have to pee.”

So I got to meet Iain De Caestecker yesterday.

I copied this from my facebook post. I’m too tired to actually write anything new.

Here’s my pictures form yesterday. I have to say Iain is amazing. When I got his autograph, he had a conversation with me. Not just me talking, him asking questions too. And even told me to have a safe drive home after I said we had a two and a half hour drive. So yeah, heart all a flutter. Then when I did the duo photo op (after the autograph and the single one) he remembered me. And Elizabeth thought my shirt was a funny joke though I had to tell her it was actually a band that’s from New York.
All in all it was a great time meeting them. But omg there were so many people there. I mean a shit ton. Claustrophobia kicked in big time. So thanks to Heather for coming with and enduring that for me. And the HELLISH Chicago traffic. I got to make some great memories.
PS Excuse my hair. I thought I would be safer just keeping my hair curly since last month it went haywire but with all the people in the building, let’s just say the humidity was high so my hair just went poof. And also, apparently now when I hug someone in like a side hug type thing I put my hand on their chest. WTF self.

Lotor on surveillance as Klance infiltrates his ship
  • Lance: you know, he is evil but also kinda cute
  • Lotor: thanks luv ;)
  • Keith: eeeewwww NO. Lance wtf??? He looks like he's been punched in the face a thousand times.
  • Lotor, on speaker: What the fuck did you say about me you little mullet bitch? I graduated top of my class in the Universal Elite Forces Group, and I’ve been involved in countless secret missions against the blade of memora, and I have 300 confirmed kills. I’m trained in galra warfare, and I’m the top sniper in the entire Self Defense Force. You are nothing but just another target. Make no mistake, I’ll wreck you with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Universe. You think I’ll let you get away with saying shit like that in space? Think again. As we’ve been speaking, I’ve contacted my network of spies across galaxies, and your ship is being traced, so get ready for the storm. The storm which will annihilate the pathetic thing you call your life. You’re already dead.

Look at this cutest and purest dork. Super!Danny is a perfect precious baby filled with goodwill and justice and unnecessary alliteration, and maybe I’m misunderstanding something or just looking in the wrong places, but I cannot for the life of me understand why so much of the phandom seems to have it out for him. There is not a selfish or materialistic bone in his body.


just gonna drop every gf-related doodle i’ve drawn this month here, because boy have i slacked off on actually posting stuff lately. 

  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> hi Keith your mullet is gross but you're good looking~<p/><b>Keith:</b> what in tarnation<p/><b>Lance:</b> ...<p/><b>Shiro:</b> don't worry I speak my lil bro's weird Texan he meant to say "what the hell"<p/><b>Lance:</b> that makes a lot more sense now...<p/></p>
Voltron head canons

Probably First thoughts when they found the blue lion in episode one

Keith: - what in tarnation, its never done this.
            - why him * is looking at lance*
            - wow what a big cat
            - I like cats..

             - why does mullet look so angry??
             - what a nice color
             - Is this voltron??
             - its eyes are following m e

            - WOWOWOW
            -  EXCITED S M O L CHILD

Hunk: - WHAA T
           - that thing is gonna e a t us
           - man i should have peed before
           - *notices keiths staring at lance* somethings gonna happen between them
           - okay but  its really big

Shiro: - this isnt even the worse thing i’ve seen the past year
            - atlease now i know im not crazy.
            - also notices keith and lance
            - yea h k ei th oh wait he looks angry.
-  well what a big metal space cat.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for drawing longer, masculine hair? My bitch ass wants to draw a long-haired Phichit, but I can't find any good references or how people would think he'd look with it. I hope this didn't bug you and that you have a nice day! Much love!

oh boy okay, I don’t really know how to help you because I struggle with this myself;; so my tips might not be that good but I’ll try!

The most important thing to do when drawing longer hair on men is to accentuate their shoulders. Boys tend to have broader and sharper shoulders and it helps to reaaaally make it noticeable while drawing boys with long hair!

(Note: I know, I know. There are boys who are smaller and skinnier, and you might think their shoulders shouldn’t be that broad. But, no matter how small the body size is, shoulders tend to be the widest part of the body for boys, so just try to keep that in mind!)

Also it’s important to remember that, just like irl, some boys just don’t look good with longer hair, ahaha. BUT, if you insist, try to find a hairstyle that reaaally suits him!

I don’t know what hairstyle would suit my boy Phichit, but here’s a doodle dump

I hope this… helped? ? ahah idk… sorry this was very lazily done ;o; And this didn’t bug me shhhh, I hope you have a swell day too!! <3

A little Dreamer Trilogy Pynch

I’m imagining all of the Pynch moments that could take place in the Dreamer Trilogy. Three entire books filled with endless possibilities:

-Ronan only answering his cellphone if it’s Adam calling. It’s cute– he has a blurry picture of his boyfriend as his wallpaper.
-Ronan visiting Adam in college and completely shattering whatever image Adam’s school friends have of him. “He seems, uh, nice?” “How the hell did you two even meet?” “Adam, he can’t just let his bird use the bathroom in a bookstore.”
-Adam and Ronan sharing a bed whenever they visit each other, but never cuddling because they get too hot. They always wake up curled around each other, though.
-More genuinely happy smiles from both of our boys!
-Ronan turning the Murder Squash song into the next Rick Roll and annoying Adam to the point that he gets ignored for an entire night. Everyone notices that Ronan’s slamming doors harder than usual, but they don’t say a thing.
-Wheelbarrow races, late night ice cream runs, hide-and-seek with Opal, spending nights sleeping in the bed of an old pickup truck Ronan dreams up. “It makes me look more like a farmer.” “Now you just need to trade in the ripped jeans and black tank top for a pair of overalls.” “Why stop there? I could grow a mullet, too.” “Ronan.”
-Ronan having a mix-tape with songs that remind him of Adam in his car. No one ever comments on it because it’s a much better alternative to what’s normally blasting out of the speakers.
-Ronan and Adam just, well, talking. Sharing the events of their lives while they’re away from each other: Adam’s school friends, his endless pile of homework, how much he misses Ronan (”I bet your laundry is piled up on the floor again”). Ronan’s dreams, farm projects, Opal, how much he misses Adam (”Something’s up with the BMW. Don’t take forever to come check it out, grease monkey”).

Only 30% of this could realistically happen, but I can dream. 

Lookin’ like it’s time for a haircut, Sixer.
(click to embiggen as usual)

The other week, @a-million-chromatic-dreams posted the following:

Okay so we’re always seeing some beauteous old mullet Stan content in post-canon art, but a concept: what if both twins ended up growing their hair out while on the Stan O'War? You’d have the mighty Twin Mullets. Two old long haired, bearded sea dogs ready to explore the globe and kick your ass. (If you’re a sea serpent, that is)

What if, indeed? I thought to myself.


Eventually I think Ford’s hair would get so long that the floof would lose its structural integrity, and he’d basically start to look like a sheepdog.

Get a haircut, you hippie.

anibun-skywalker  asked:

I'm absolutely in love with the way you draw Obi-Wan's hair omfg. It's just so floofy and soft looking AND I WANNA TOUCH IT!!!!! Keep up the amazing work!

Awww thank you so much I’m so happy you like it!! He is very fun to draw, and I love putting some extra waviness and poof into his hair, kinda gives you all the best of aotc Obi wan’s hair without the actual mullet. I have a headcanon that Obi wan’s hair is actually a little wavy (kind of like it is in aotc), especially so when it’s damp and it starts to become a little curly even.

But anyway, thank you again! And here’s a little something I just got inspired to draw by your ask~

What an Eggcellent Easter


Shiro = Space Dad
Keith = Let me sleep
Hunk = Hunkules
Lance = I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid
Pidge = Tech Geek Ready 2 Fight
Allura = Queen
Coran = Don’t trash the ‘stache
Matt = Tech Geek

I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid >> Hunkules,Tech Geek Ready 2 Fight, Let me sleep, Space Dad, Queen, Don’t trash the ‘stache

I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid: Soooooo! What are you all doing this lovely Easter?

I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid: I myself am spending time with my familyyy! Gonna go and hunt easter eggs and get candy!

Tech Geek Ready 2 Fight: Aren’t you too old for the egg hunt?

I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid: YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD FOR THE EGG HUNT!

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