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Somewhere Foreign (Newt Scamander x Reader)

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Newt Scamander x Reader

WC: 1176

Warnings: I said arse lol 

Note: Hello! This is the first fic I have written in a very long time so forgive me if it sucks. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and am a huge fan of Fantastic Beasts, so when Kari told me to write about Newt, I was like definitely! So here it is, and I hope you guys enjoy!! Keeping my fingers crossed! OH! And feedback would be great!! <3         

-  Darcy

How could it have been possible?

Though the question should not even be asked since it’s crystal clear how it was possible. The damn suitcase went completely mad, again.

Put a protective enchantment, you said. Not only would it keep it from opening, but it will lock the creatures in securely, you said. Did he listen? Newt never listens. Now we are running around this foreign city looking like a pair of loonies who have absolutely no idea where they are going. However, who were you to turn down a bit of adventure? You smirked. In fact, you found all of this amusing. How could it not? First, Newt was socked in the jaw with a suitcase by a very frightened muggle. And second, the Niffler got away and is now trifling through some poor woman’s purse probably. And third, the pair of you got picked up by an auror outside of a Muggle Bank.

“Where do you think that little bugger ran off to?” you asked breathlessly after losing sight of the demoted auror from MACUSA.

Newt looked at you, his cheeks flushed from the exercise. “No idea. I reckon he’s probably stuffed into some woman’s purse ransacking her jewelry.”

“HA! I was just thinking the same thing! Perhaps we should just start snatching purses,” you suggested in a playful tone. Newt looked over at you with a smirk, “There’s an idea.”

Suddenly you saw Ms. Goldstein’s face appear in the crowd behind you, looking for Newt and you.

“Merlin’s beard!! She’s like a pop-up book from hell!” you exclaimed. Newt laughed but shook his head at you. You pulled the both of you into an alleyway between two flat complexes. Newt and you flattened yourselves into the wall as much as you could as soon as Ms. Goldstein walked by. Once in the clear, Newt looked over at you.

“A pop-up book from hell?” he smiled at you. You couldn’t help the sudden swell of blood to your face. He was close enough to touch, and your fingers were itching to grab a hold of that one little stubborn lock that keeps falling in front of his eyes.

“Yes, it was the first thing that popped into mind and you know how I just blurt out stuff. I can’t stop myself.” You took a step back from him, unconsciously. Newt laughed, “Oh believe me, I know. On the boat you went full mental when some muggle’s suitcase made you trip.”

You gasped hyperbolically, “He did it on purpose!! And all you said was sorry repeatedly! I had to defend myself!” Newt laughed loudly, “I had to apologize. I was apologizing FOR YOU.” You couldn’t stop yourself from laughing, “You arse.” You looked behind him and began to realize the crowd was getting bigger. You were about to mention to Newt before you realized he had gone silent. You looked back at him.

Newt was looking down at you, his freckled face flushed, and his sideways smirk was in play. He looked away at the wall as soon as he realized you were staring right back. His next words were stumbled. “S…Some…Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we are partners.” You raised your eyebrow quizzically, “How do you mean?”

He looked at you for a split second and instead focused his gaze on my arms that were crossed on your chest. “We’re very distinct, you and me. People.. They like you, they….” he stopped lost for words, his jaw flexing. He began to play with his fingers nervously, his head bowed down and all you could see was the tip of his nose.

You took a deep breath before you spoke. “Newt..?” He lifted up his face a little, but still did not meet your eye. “Newt, you are absolutely bonkers.” He half-choked out a laugh. His pink rimmed eyes looked over you, wonderingly. “Newt, you and I? We might be different in attitude, but there is something very similar about the both of us.” He cleared his throat and asked, “What is that?” You took a step closer and whispered in his ear, “We have both been detained by the Magical Congress.” You both laughed at the same time, resulting in his shaking form now being an inch from you.

Picket peeked out from his pocket and pulled your jacket, making you close that gap between the both of you. Newt was surprised and thought you were falling so he gripped you closer to him. You looked up at him, his blue eyes locked on yours. “ (Name)…what I didn’t finish saying before, was that….you are.. More… well, more than me. And you…make me into a much better person. I mean….I like myself better whenever I am with you,” his hands on your waist began to loosen and he began to take a step back. However, you pulled him back to you, and put your shaking hand on his red cheek.

“I like myself better when I am with you as well,” you gulped silently, and pushed his reddish brown hair behind his ear. Newt’s hold on you became tighter.

 “Newt, I’m going to be very honest with you, as honest as if someone had just spilled a whole vial of Veritaserum down my Pumpkin juice this morning. But from the very first moment that I saw you, I knew that I was going to fall for that damn quirky smile and that very sweet, sweet demeanor that you hold.” You finished your speech really fast and turned your burning face towards his shoulder.

But, Newt surprised you when he laughed. You looked back up and his whole face was the most happy that you have ever seen it. “(Name), I have been in love with you since the very first moment you called me an arse. Though I do wish I could have said it first. But sadly, you beat me by just a smidge.” You laughed, tears falling down your cheeks. He rested his forehead on yours and as soon as he started to caress your cheek, you couldn’t help yourself anymore.

You pulled away in order to meet his eye, and before you could say anything, he kissed you. Newton Scamander, the shy, perfect, sweetest man, the love of your life kissed you first. And at that moment, he wasn’t shy. He gripped you inconceivably closer. His reddish brown locks now resting on your face, while the both of you were once again lost in a place that was foreign to you however staggeringly comfortable the both of you were in each other’s arms. You pushed his head in closer, and as the kiss deepened, there was a loud noise coming from somewhere close. The both of you pulled apart, breathlessly. “Merlin’s beard! Once we find that little bugger he won’t hear the end of it!” he said, annoyed. You laughed, “I think I’ve rubbed off on you.” Newt smiled at you sweetly, kissed you one more time, and said, “I certainly hope so.”

5 things you JUST DON'T DO to people with glasses

1) “wow you look so much better with your glasses off!” just. please don’t.
2) take their glasses off their face and refuse to give them back. it isn’t quirky or funny, it’s really, really annoying.
3) “oh you got new glasses? i don’t like them.” you obviously have no idea a: how much those cost (hint: a lot, unless they were free w/ insurance) or b: how long whoever you’re dissing probably spent picking those out.
4) “how many fingers am i holding up???!?” i will break in to wherever you are and flip you off.
5) poke the lenses of their glasses. does this REALLY need an explanation?

my new weekly setup 

1) habit tracker: I decided I would stop tracking my habits monthly and start tracking them weekly because that way, I have more flexibility (in case a habit becomes redundant or circumstances change). I also realized I was getting bored of the monthly setup and ended up not filling out my tracker at all. 
2) goals & to dos: This is just a brain dump of things I want to get done during the course of the week. The colour coding (the little crosses next to the bullet points correlate with my Level 10 Life categories. 
3) gratitude log: I have been wanting to track things I am grateful for for quite some time and now I’ve finally incorporated into my weekly view. 
4) quote: I know it looks like I wrote “Albus Pumbledore”. My finger slipped. But I love this quote and I love Harry Potter. (The next page is a tracker for book orders, because I ordered used Harry Potter books in English as I’ve only ever read them in German.)

The hyungs are weak

HELLO! This is the second part of The hyungs are whipped since you guys loved it so much. Besides, Jungkook received so much love recently and I had to do this. So, without further ado, let the Jungkookie goodness begin! Picture, translation, and gif credits to their owners. This got way longer than I expected. Message me if you’d like to see Part 3! I might actually have the motivation to do it haha.

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Here are two of my OCs - Azrael and Ragnar - you’ve likely seen them in BJD form here or on my Instagram, but you’ve likely never seen them like this before! These portraits are by the AMAZING @ssaravinter (edited to share here with permission).
Seriously I’m in love with these <3 Azrael is my muse, and one of my most important OCs, so seeing him like this is just surreal and honestly I’ve not stopped staring at him. Ragnar, while not quite as old an OC as Azrael, is still very important to that particular story and I have the most overwhelming urge to run my fingers through his beard (though he’d probably not be too pleased with me for that). He looks so wild, I just adore him. 

Part One: The Ten Times Peter Fell In Love  (NightSilver)

I started this story a bit ago, it’s been something I’ve been working through for a fair amount of time, even if it’s just a short story (ten chapters). I’d like to think my writing technique has improved from this chapter, haha. I’d also like to hope you can see the changes through the parts.  But bear with me through this, I am sort of proud of it. So here you go, chapter one. <3

“Jubs. Jubilee. Darlinggg.” Peter placed his hands on her shoulders, eyebrows popped up and words dripping in sarcasm.

“As exciting as that sounds, I’m afraid I have to decline.” He shrugged loosely, and she swatted off his hands with a sharp look, golden beams of light streaming through her pigtails and making her hoop earrings shine.

“You owe me, Peter!”

She jutted a finger at his Talking Heads shirt, eyebrows furrowed. She was small and bubbly but could intimidate Peter very easily. He sighed, looking off at the school’s gardens, pushing a hand through his soft silver locks and inhaling the crisp evening scent. The kids were finishing their classes, dinner was beginning to be made, and there was a clean feel in the breeze.

“I’m vready!” a gust of blue appeared next to Jubilee, making Peter yelp, eyes widening at the now present young teleporter.

“Ahm-Kurt, change of plans.” Jubilee softly spoke, making Kurt’s delighted expression fade into fear he couldn’t be taken to the library. He gripped onto the straps of his pink backpack, his striped sweater scratching at his hands.

Peter breathed out, heart still slightly strumming from the scare Kurt had given him.

“I’m taking you to the library, dude. Figured it’d be faster that way.” He shrugged, bawling his hands in his leather pants. Kurt beamed.

“Zounds great!” He nodded eagerly, and Peter eyed at the teenager’s bright smile. He didn’t think he had ever been that excited about going to a library. In fact, he doesn’t think he’s ever intentionally gone into a library.

“You kids have fun.” Jubilee did some little jazz hands before turning and dashing towards the school, pigtails a second behind her.

“She is very fast.” Kurt looked distantly at her disappearing figure, hair drifting over one eye.

“Yeah she is.” Peter hummed, leaning back and forth on his feet.

“And that’s comin from me.” Peter cocked his head as he watched her whirl into the mansion.

Kurt laughed, the sound was sweet and pure to Peter.

“Well, you ready?”

Kurt nodded rapidly once more.

Peter scooted up closer to Kurt, and held onto his neck in his hand, tingles slipping down his spine at the feel of the mutant’s skin.

“Vwhat are you doing?”

“Holding your neck so you don’t get whiplash.”

“Vwhat’s whiplash?”


“AGH.” Kurt pressed his body against the grass, gripping onto his head in panic. The moment Peter had run them to the library Kurt teleported around the outside of the building before collapsing onto the grass.

Peter kneeled down next to his tall and lanky blue body with a smirk, hair dusting up in his doe brown eyes.

“You get used to it.” He put a hand on Kurt’s shoulder, and in return the yellow eyed Mutant looked up hesitantly, blinking a few times before shaking out his head and making his hair flop around. Peter smiled at the action.

“I do not like that.” He whispered.

“I could tell.”


The looks they got as they walked through the library made Peter fluster slightly. Kurt didn’t seem to notice, he just smiled his white smile at each person who passed and offered waves, but continued to look for his specific “reading location”. Meanwhile Peter returned every look they got. Whether it was sticking his tongue out at a grimacing twelve year old, drawing his index finger across his neck at a glaring young woman, or flipping off a scoffing old man.

Peter wondered how hard it was to have a visible mutation, let alone one as apparent as Kurt’s. He seemed to take it all well…but then again, maybe Kurt was just oblivious.

“My vreading location!” Kurt whisper shouted. He was very careful to follow all the library rules and be as polite and helpful to the librarians as he could be.

Kurt had led them to a table pushed in the back of the library, alone and vacant and near a wide window.

Kurt vanished and then came back with a pile of books, holding one with his tail and another with his left foot. Peter laughed and took the books from his hands and sat them on the table, cocking a brow at all of them. Kurt set down the remainder and slid in his seat.

“You really going to read all these?”

“I vought my backpack to carry the ones I don’t finish. Jean got it for me.” He slipped off the hot pink bag, showing it off to Peter, who settled down across from him.

“Ah. I see. Smart. You really like all this stuff?” Peter nudged his head at the books. Kurt nodded, eagerness not ceasing a bit.

“The World is very interesting, many people and stories and people who can make up things beyond the World provided.”

Peter crossed his arms over his chest, cracking a half smile.

“I guess that makes sense.”

Peter and Kurt were around each other a lot, but always with the gang, or just Scott. It was the first time just the two of them.
For the next three hours Kurt stared intently at his stories, eyes wide and smile wider.

From biographies, to fiction, to picture books, he tore through his pile. Peter sat back, headphones in as he sketched, or sang, or dozed off. Kurt didn’t mind either way, he was too lost.
And more often then not, Peter would catch himself staring at the mutant.

It was the last hour Peter hardly kept his eyes off him. Kurt was so focused, so stuck in his own World. He ignored everything else, and in World where he was grimaced at, and glared at, he was happy. In a World that partly hated who he was without knowing a thing about him, he was happy.

That was amazing to Peter, and he felt an odd emotion. It was new, it was raw, and he adored how it made him feel, even if he wasn’t sure how it happened or why it was.

The window grew dark with the nighttime, and at 8:30 Peter poked Kurt’s arm.

A pair of gold eyes drifted up and blinked, confused as to why the World was fuzzy after staring at text for four hours.

“We gotta be at the mansion soon, man.” He rubbed his face, tired.


Peter hated the disappointment in his voice. Peter disliked sitting around, the World was slow for him already. But if he had to stay in that library longer for Kurt, he’d be alright with it.

“Sorry.” The silver haired young adult rubbed at his neck.

“It’s valright! Thank you, Peter.”

“No problem. Why don’t you use the library in the mansion?”

Kurt stood, stretching.

“The library there is very nice. But I much more enjoy being outside and in the World, like the people in my stories.” He smiled, vanishing as he put away the books he finished, and appearing again with that same grin.

Peter didn’t say anything, he just thought about that, what Kurt said.

Part Two

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Done with the plugs! I <3 all of you for being so encouraging.

Next, going to pour fabritac in there and swab it around best I can without being able to see up ins.

I was planning to straighten and trim and curl it, but I kinda love how she looks this way, just finger combed, so I’ll leave it for a while.

I never wanna reroot again though, crickey. My current plan is to win the lottery, then it’ll be wigs for everyone! I’ll let you know how that goes.

( @katenicolai I even have like half as much hair still left thanks to Moony Maddie XD)


You will need dry shampoo and a handful of bobby pins…you can use hairspray if you like. But I don’t.

How to do a Queen Em Bun (yes..that is its name)

1) day old greasy hair..brush it..(YUCK) I use Batiste dry shampoo. It’s amazing!!!!!!

2) flip your head over and spray all of your roots. Work it in…until your hair is a little teased and no longer greasy.

3)flip head over..work your hair some more with your fingers..the shampoo gives body to it as well. Grab your hair into a high pony tail…

4) no hair ties!!!!! Just do a loose twirl of your hair…

5) start spinning it into a bun! My hair is long, so it twirls twice. Remember, I have had short hair and can still make my bun look like this.

6) you will notice a loose style bun…now hold it and grab your bobby pins!!!!!!

7) start pinning at the bottom of the bun. Try to hide the pins. Pin it all around and don’t make it tooooooo tight. You don’t want it to look like a ballerina bun.

8) you got a BUN! Now add some UMF to it…

9) pull the roots out in the front, it will give you some volume but won’t loosen your beautiful bun. Also flair out the bun itself! To your liking!

10) you now have a 10 minutes hairstyle…

I am tagging all the ladies that were interested..


Also please do not be fooled, I do not have thick hair. You just have to mess with it to make it work!!!!!! 😉😘

Reversed- Chapter 2

Well, this has been in very high demand so me and @alexfierrno have delivered and presented you with chapter two of our Demon/Angel AU, Reversed!!!!! Again, Alex wrote the Nico parts and I wrote the Will parts!!! I hope y’all enjoy!!!!!!

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3


“Who are you?” one of the angels demands. He is…. different from the others. Like a smudge on their perfect world. He’s dark and his wings look menacing with their raven feathers, but there’s something else about him that I can’t place my finger on. I put on a smirk, trying my best to actually seem like a demon.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” The boy looks like he’s about to say something, then thinks better of it. He turns to the blonde haired angel beside him. She clears her throat. 

“We heard that you have information for us. Where is the angel Piper?”

“Downstairs. In your basement.” 

“We know that but Hell is a big place we want a specific location–”

“It’s not just a place I can give you a map to. I don’t even have a map of Hell. But I can lead you to her.”

“Really? And why should we trust you?” The boy with black hair narrows his eyes at me and I smile, looking back at him daringly, challenging him. 

“Because I’m your only hope, and you know it.” The girl looks at me disapprovingly, but nods her head. 

“Alright then. Lock him up.” 

“Wait what?” I say as two angels grab my arms. I try to twist out of their grip, but they won’t let me. They drag me away, the boy with the raven wings following behind. They throw me into a cell, and walk away, the boy leaning himself against the wall, watching me. I jump up, planning on getting to the bars, hoping that I have enough strength to break them, when something catches me. I fall to the floor. 


“Devil’s trap,” the boy says. I look up to see the symbols painted on the ceiling. “You aren’t getting out unless we want you to.” I slump down on the floor. 

“Who are you anyway?” I ask, looking like I’m inspecting my nails but watching him out of the corner of my eye.

“One of the angels,” he says simply. Something in his eyes though…. it puts me off. 

“I mean what’s your name?” I say again.

“What’s your name?” he backfires. 

“Why do you care? At the end of the day I’m still just demon scum.”

“Then why do you care about some angel?”

“I don’t.”

“Well then shut up.” Silence. 

“Why am I in a cage?” I ask, throwing a rock at the bars. The boy cringes. 

“Because you are a possible threat to us.”

“How am I a threat?” I say, batting my eyelashes innocently.

“Stupid demons,” he mutters. 

“What was that? I didn’t hear you.” 

“You better shut up right now.”

“Aww but we aren’t even properly acquainted.” He takes a deep breath, clenching his fists. 

“Do you want my name? Fine. You can call me Nico.” Something about the name itchs at my brain, but I can’t quite figure out why. 

“Will,” I say with a bow. Nico rolls his eyes. 

“Please just shut up.”

“Gladly. If I can get out of this cage.”

“You will shut up unless you want to be dead.” I giggle. 

“You can’t kill me. I’m your only ally.”

“Try me.”

“Okay.” I throw a rock at his boot. He acts like nothing happened. I do it again. Still nothing. And again…..

“Stop it.”

“Stop what?” 

“Being annoying.”

“Honey I’m a demon. My whole being is annoying.” He blushes a little. 

“You better stop before I get Annabeth in here, and trust me, you do not want Annabeth in here.” I throw another rock. 

“I swear to god Will–”

“Nicholas,” somebody says from behind him. It’s the other angel from earlier. Alarms ring in my ears as I hear his full name. Now I remember where I recognized him from. I smirk.

“Zeus wants to speak to you…. And the prisoner.”

“Oh so now I’m a prisoner? I thought I was an ally,” I say. The girl looks menacingly at me. 

“We’ll be right there.”


Will looked nothing like a demon. Blond hair? Blue eyes like the sea? Less of a demon and looked like a kid dressed up like one. But had failed majorly. What did he think he was doing? What was Will doing above Hell anyways? It was just Nico’s luck he was, that he just HAPPENED to be out and about. It was probably a trap. Maybe he was stronger than he looked. In fact Nico was sure he was, he looked too good to be a demon, he looked too human. He must be incredible powerful to first off LEAVE Hell, and second off glamour himself so much. 

Besides…. His personality. He seemed demon enough. But, if we were bringing him to Zeus…. Maybe he could figure something out. Maybe the head man would know more. 

“What’s your name?” Zeus asked, stepping off his matching marble throne. 

“Will- Er. William Solace.” Solace? Sun? You gotta be kidding me. 

“Right… Mortal-turned, right?" 

"Ye-yeah sir." 

"What do you know, about the disappearance of the angel Piper McLean?" 

"Well Hades took her. And now he has her in a cage… And is probably ripping out her feathers.” Nico turned to look at the prince, who was currently clenching his fists tightly. 

“We have to go for her, right now. I’ll gather an army.” Jason said. 

“We can’t just go storming into Hell, we need a plan.” Annabeth turned her attention towards Will. 

“We need information." 

"Hey missyy—” Will looked nervously. 

“Solace,” She walked towards him, pulled out a blade, curved, runed, she placed it along his neck, 

“What do you know?" 

"Look. I’m only talking to him.” He turned his head, close to cutting those perfect locks on the braid, and pointed to Nico. 

“Wait what?" 

"You’re the heir to Hell, right? Maybe you’ll understand.” Will said. Annabeth and Jason turned to Zeus, while Nico still was staring at the demon. 

“Let him talk to Di Angelo, dismissed.” Zeus said boredly, heading back to his throne. Jason proceeded to shove Will towards Nico, who instinctively caught him, then let go. 

“Thanks.” Will grumbled, dusting himself off. Nico raised an eyebrow, and then walked out of throne room, demon in tow. 

“What were you doing out of Hell?" 


"I said what were you doing out of Hell?" 

"For angels, you’re not very nice.” Nico shifted uncomfortably, sighing.

“I’m not gonna ask again. Either you tell me or I’m going to put you in that cage again." 

"I was looking for you." 

"Who sent you? Thanatos?" 

"Hades sent me. He thought I would blend in you know?" 

"Why do you look like that anyways? You’re eyes aren’t black." 

"Hey. I’m supposed to be getting you out of here, so stop with the questions." 

"Wait what!?!” Nico’s breath caught, gaping. 

“Just play along and we’ll get out of here.”

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1.11.16, 23:38 // days 78-80 out of 100 days of productivity (I have honestly lost count)

sorry for not posting for like 3 weeks omg

I bought a psychology book recently from The Works for £4 (bargain from I think £12/£13!!!) and I have yet to read it. looks interesting though!!

UCAS application was finally sent off last night so fingers crossed everything goes well!

happy studying and productive days! XXX

punkpoemprose  asked:

Anna likes it when Kristoff comes back from long trips with particularly long hair. She doesn't allow him to trim it until after she's been able to brush and french braid it. Sometimes she tucks in dried flowers and he has to pick the petals out later. Seeing how much joy it brings her, and liking the way it feels to have her fingers play with his hair, he trims the sides but leaves the top just long enough to braid. Whenever she's finished he kisses her senseless.

this headcanon made me think of bjorn from vikings and i am ashamed (not really). shiiitt

Bleach Olympics

As requested by @bluechaosshark​ :)

Sad about Bleach? Why not just read Bleach Lists, where Bleach exists in a bubble of humor, OOC-ness, and Bleach characters saying “dude”? For instance, today we’re going to imagine that the Olympics take place in the Bleachverse! What sort of stuff would we see?

1. Ichigo wins 10 metals…in 7 different sports

Ichigo: Didn’t even mean to win that last one.

Ichigo: Just saw some people fighting. Thought I’d help.

Ichigo: Guess I’m not bad at fencing.


2. Yoruichi: Is ridiculously photogenic while running, Usain Bolt style

Soi Fon: Look at this picture of Yoruichi-sama, smiling as she runs!

Soi Fon: She knows she’s going to win and look good doing it!

Yoruichi: Still like photographing your crushes, huh, Soi Fon?

Soi Fon: Y-Yoruichi-sama!

3. Yammy: Holds up the “#1″ fingers whenever he wins

Byakuya: Odd. I could have sworn you were 10th.


4. Hiyori: Gets thrown out of soccer

Shinji: Wow. You sure got those red cards fast.


5. Karin: Does not get thrown out of soccer

Karin: Man, the Olympics are something.

Karin: Uniforms, rules, and a lack of monsters.

Karin: I barely know how to play under these circumstances.

6. Kenpachi: Can’t be put in team sports

Yumichika: You weren’t really supposed to do the whole relay yourself, you know.

Kenpachi: Old habits.

7. Hitsugaya: Is distressed by the picture the media uses for him


Hinamori: But you always look mad, Toshiro!


8. Halibel: Is very happy with her bronze

Halibel: Intellectually I know that silver would have been better. But I am very pleased.

Apacci: Psychologically, bronze is supposed to be better to win than silver!

Halibel: Because everyone likes the number 3 as much as me?

Apacci: Uh

9. Aizen: Talks a big game

Aizen: The gold metal platform will no longer be empty.

Aizen: I will be standing on it.

Tosen: Actually there have been many medal ceremonies already.

Aizen: Don’t interrupt me when I’m monologuing.

10. Yumichika: Does great on the floor show

Kenpachi: But how does he make the sparkles follow him

Kenpachi: How

11. Hinamori: Is rumored to be rude

Hinamori: I-I’m not rude!

Hinamori: I don’t hug my opponents after matches because I don’t want to get STABBED!

Hinamori: How is that hard to understand??

12. Grimmjow: Gets disqualified, like, immediately

Grimmjow: Nobody said punching wasn’t allowed!

Ulquiorra: It was gymnastics, Grimmjow.

fictionisthebetterreality  asked:

Heyy I love love love all of your stories, so per your requests being open I have this really vague idea about like Akaashi having this thing where he paints his nails and maybe like the colours correspond to his moods and the other 3 know he's really mad when they're fire engine red or sad when theyre black or happy when theyre bright pink, and idk like they start doing it too or something like I said vague idk where I was going with it so take it as you want :)


 Kuroo lifts Akaashi’s hand, and studies it. He looks across his slender wrist, and up his pale fingers. They’re very long, and curve into nicely kept nails. The nails are the perfect length- not too long, or too short, and are painted flawlessly. 

Kuroo hums, “Yellow today?”

“I was happy.” Akaashi says plainly.

Kuroo grins, and presses a kiss to the palm of his hand. “Oh? What a rare occurrence.”

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I want you

I want you
I want to tickle you for the entire night.
I want to pin your arms over your head and tease your armpits. Slowly. Softly. Forcing little squeaks and whines out.
I want to use every tool in my arsenal. From fingers to feathers. From toothbrushes to hairbrushes. From a small little qtip to a pipe cleaner. You remember those right? Back in school those fuzzy little snake looking things you used in arts and crafts. Would you believe they are perfect between toes?
I want to nibble and nibble and nibble your neck, thighs and even those cute little toes.
I want to tease your ribs. Squeezes your ribs. Are they ticklish little girl? 1…2…3. Aww…can’t take it? You have 24 and I need to make sure every rib is accounted for…
I want to squeeze your thighs and then move my fingers like a spider from the top down to your knees where I squeeze even more.
I want to hear you scream and I wiggle my fingers in your belly button…no? Spin a feather? No? How about my tongue….oh noooow you want my finger. Too bad baby girl….too bad.
I want to whisper in your ear the entire time. Tickle tickle tickle. Kitchy koo. Who’s my ticklish little girl. Who’s my little tickle you. (Why am I not using question marks? Because why ask a question we know the answer to)
I want to blow raspberries into your tummy and squeeze your sides all at once.
I want to wiggle my thumbs in your hips. Circle circle dip dip squeeeeeeze.
I want to make you beg me to stop.
Then I wanna make you beg for more.
Don’t, stop! Will be become. Don’t stop!
I want to make you helpless. I wanna make you squirm. I wanna make you my ticklish little girl. I’m the tickle monster. I crave your ticklish body. And I will devour every ticklish inch of it.

I. Want. You. Tickle girl.

Just a taste of how much of a tease I can be. Hmm who should I test it on? Oooh I know!
@yourlittlettoy and @livelovelaughalot what do you think ladies?

healthful-achievement  asked:

Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send it to ten of your favorite blogs/followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY ❤

Looks like I got another one of these! I went more personality-based last time, so let’s do a little different this time around–

1. This might be odd, but I love my toe nails and finger nails. They’re absolutely massive so I have a lot to paint on!

2. I really like my bushy boy eyebrows. It doesn’t hurt that it’s kind of “on trend” right now, but after years of trying to pluck them into thin arches, the only reason my eyebrows ever looked “weird” was because I was trying to make them something they’re not.

3. I love my fair skin. While I think “tan fever” has died down at least a little bit, I’ve never felt pressured or had any desire to tan and I’m so thankful I’ve never put my body inside a tanning bed. 

4. I love that I’ve learned to express my emotions. Friends used to joke I was “never sad” and it’s really not that funny because on the inside I was an absolute wreck. I freaked my sister out the first time I legit ugly cried in front of her, but now we ugly cry together and it’s so much better. Life’s just better like this.

5. A lot of people hate the sound of their voice, but I think I sound kind of nice. Even on a recording. Is that just a–little–bit too narcissistic? It’s not like I talk just to hear it! I get a lot of compliments about my voice and I readily accept them. LOL. 

marki--septic  asked:

Soo do you know why arin paints one fingernail? i think its adorable so i just wanna know if theres a reason behind it :3

I actually don’t know! And I myself have been wondering about that black band he wears on his middle finger. I’ve seen it on both of his hands now but never at the same time, it looks like a joint support or something? Maybe he jammed his finger.

But I honestly have no idea about the fingernail! I haven’t seen him do it since (or before) the Wendy’s livestream, so I’m unaware if that’s a regular thing he does. I know lots of people paint a single fingernail out of solidarity for many things, so I’m sure that’s his reasoning for it, but for what in particular, I’m not sure!

If anyone else has a more precise answer feel free to voice it!

EDIT: This question has now been properly answered!

Have you seen my darling?

“My darling is gone. I want them back”

 “Have you seen my darling?”

“No I haven’t seen your darling”

“Okay, thanks anyway”

“Have you seen my darling?”
“..little pig?..”



“guess not..”

 “Have you seen my darling?”

“No. why are you asking me? I haven’t seen them. Dont ask anymore questions”


 “Have you seen my darling?”
“I’ve seen a darling once. It was missing fingers”

“Doesn’t sound like my darling. Thanks anyway”

 “I cant find my darling…

my poor, poor darling.”

“whats wrong?”

“I’ve looked all over and I cant find-…”

“I have seen my darling”

 “YOU. You have my darling”

“I love my darling <3″

snugglesthecentipede  asked:

In Gansters in Love who did you choose?

Chance, Aurora, and Irving are my faves

I swear Irving gets the coolest CGs. He looks like an angel in season 3, I’m so in love.

Chance is good if you want the satisfaction of having a cold-hearted man slowly warm up to you until he’s completely wrapped around your little finger

Aurora is good in a similar way– then again, I wrote both of them– but there’s that same sense of “this person doesn’t give a damn about me” that changes to “I’m the most important person in the universe” plus Aurora’s sex scenes are hotter, and her story is more fun and less angsty than Chance’s imo

I always viewed Chance and Aurora as bookends. Their stories intertwine a bit.

It’s nice, you get a fuller picture of their history the more gangsters you romance.

strawberrysweetlove35  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send it to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable). SPREAD POSITIVITY!

Yooo thanks Berry!

1. My love for my friends

2. My writing

3. My fingers (they look like a piano player’s, I have been told)

4. My nose is cute I guess???


Thanks for asking!!!