i look like her dont i

i was in charge of writing the kids names and ages on sticky labels at tafe this morning (im studying early childhood education and on mondays we have playgroup) and all was going well until a rather old chinese lady came up to me with her grandson and i asked what his name was. she told me it was james and i wrote it down and then i asked “his age?” and she looked at me confused so i calmly rephrased my question and asked “how old is he?” and she gave me the same worried look again before nervously saying “dont speak english”. so i mustered up my rusty mandarin and asked “他几岁?” and her face lit up like u wouldnt believe and she spat out a whole long sentence back at me and i was left standing there with no idea what she said and i still dont know how old this kid is lmao

I just realized that not many asari has brown eyes.

Looking at PeeBee (the asari in the upcoming mass effect andromeda game) has brown eyes. The only other asari that i can remember and see that has brown eyes is Matriarch Lidanya (the commander of the Destiny Ascension, year 2183) I thought that was a indication of a human bondmate. Or possibly a bondmate outside of the asari. I dont think that Lidanya couldn’t of had a human father because she is a Matriarch and humans have only been in the galactic community since 2157 (First contact war started) so its very unlikely that Lidanya would have a father who was human. However i believe that other races has more diverse eye color. So its entirety possible that she would have a krogan, turian, etc father. What i believe is that the most common eye color for asari is blue. Peebee looks like to be young so it is entirely possible that her father could be human or a another species other than asari. Since asari can pick and choose traits favorable from the bondmate it is entirely possible that brown eyes and other less common eye color was picked from a bondmate a long the line.

Thats just my opinion and hypothesis. Lemme know what your guy’s opinion.


Yeah!, i wanted to play with the genderbend  too. 

Roxanne, looks the same just more muscular and breastless (is not like she had much but… lel) mmmmmmmh i like it. 

Natasha male looks adorable and this hair is RIGGED!! WHY?!!!! monolith u lazyass! not even the long haired female models are rigged…. ok i calm down. 

I like the m model sitting, actually real sitting. 

M-Nat going and fighting like this seems that he dont give a f-ck dressed like that…  and once again, is not like F-Nat really cares fighting dressed like she used to dress buut…. ooooh well(except with the image below her actual: I-care-about-combats-and-the safety-of-my-group-and-myself fashion gear).

Male models should never wear what Natasha wears cos it doesn’t look pretty pleasant …


TBT the time Paul McCartney sang “Michelle” in the White House and the President of the United States was like a high school teenager with a crush.[x] 

SU Headcanon: Amethyst Has OCD

this is just my personal headcanon & you dont have to agree with me! but here is some evidence to support my headcanon:

  • amethyst compulsively hoards. A LOT. i mean, have you seen her room? 

i mean look at this:

OCD isn’t just about neatness & being orderly. some people with OCD hoard!

plus we can look back on maximum capacity showing her compulsive hoarding tendencies:

  • amethyst has openly expressed that she has a system for her stuff (source: Together Breakfast) & doesnt like her stuff being messed with (Reformed) 

remember when pearl comes out of amethyst’s room & says she organized her mess? 

how about in Reformed, when garnet was trying to find the slinker?

she did NOT like garnet messing with her piles. this is a common thing with people with ocd! you wouldnt believe how many of us are messy & dont like our messes touched. 

  • amethyst displays obsessive thinking in Beta, where it’s shown she has not stopped thinking about jasper. people with OCD can get hooked on one thing that upsets us & obsess over it for DAYS & DAYS. not only that but she is shown to hold herself to a higher standard than others, which is a common ocd symptom! perfectionism shows itself in unique ways per person.

again… you dont have to agree with me but this is a headcanon that i enjoy & find comforting & i would like other people with ocd to find comfort in this too! 

(credit to @giffing-su for the gifs) 


I know what’s said about me behind my back. Whispers of infidelities. My husband’s heard them. And I suspect, given the look on your face, you’ve heard them, too. Thomas and I are not bothered by them. The only question that remains is… are you?

So like I know Isabel is an experienced spectral and stuff but like. To be fair the only tool she’s ever used has been Eightfold’s. What if using Flippy’s abilities are harder for her because of this? Maybe she’ll need to learn to use them, and learn to use them effectively as well? What if when they confront Hijack or w/e, she might need to find an alternate way to fight?

Basically what I’m saying is that i want this to happen