i look like easter

It’s right around the corner...
  • Gabriel’s biggest show of the year is in less than one week
  • he needs help putting it together
  • it’s time to teach his son the family business

i have no excuse for this

The nostalgic feeling of the familiar

victor/yuuri, fake/pretend relationship, slow burn

Yuuri’s the one who suggested being fake engaged in the first place, tugging Victor along on such a convoluted plan at the start of cherry blossom season.


“So, I brought him as promised. My boyfriend.”

Victor’s hand jerks. “What?”

“My fiancé, actually,” Yuuri talks swiftly over him.

Victor’s hand jerks again.

–> ao3

So I finally succumbed to poster buying thanks to @ohscorbus <3

Clockwise from top: Tom Milligan, Stuart Ramsay, Esther Smith, James Le Lacheur, Jamie Parker, Paul Thornley, Barry McCarthy, Poppy Miller, Sam Clemmett, Noma Dumezweni, Jack North, Jeremy Ang Jones.


At last I’ve taken my first step to completing my Emperor’s Children Legion army for the Horus Heresy!

These are five Mk. 4 marines from the Betrayal at Calth boxed set. These first ones have bolters permanently attached since I knew at least some would have to be done that way, and later I’ll make some with swappable special weapons.

I put a couple accessories on each but I tried to limit that since I didn’t want them too busy, so any individual marine has two tops.

It’s been quite the adventure getting these models going but I’m happy with the overall paint scheme I’ve come up with. I was going to paint the bolter casings plain black and leave the metallic casings for special weapons and officers, but I didn’t like how that was turning out so I changed my mind and did a metallic colour for them anyways. I figured if I liked that better then there’s no point in not doing that. Plus they already have a decent amount of black on them with the harnesses, joints, and the upper parts of their backpacks all black. So I think that breaks it up a little better. I decided to go with green eyes to contrast with the armour a little better, but I may do some with red eyes in the future too.

I did weather the armour a little bit. Mostly on the legs where I imagine more chipping would occur. I didn’t want to do too much of that since being the third legion, I still wanted them to be fairly clean and pretty looking. That being said, adding a couple chips and scratches adds some visual interest to the wide open flat areas and I find helps add some more realism to the armour. The bottoms of their boots and greaves are also weathered with a little bit of the colour on the base just to tie them together a little bit. It doesn’t show up too drastically since they have a fairly dark scheme anyways, and again I didn’t want to have a lot of that, but I think it’s just enough.

I think I’ll have to come up with a more interesting way to paint the combat blades if I put more on the next marines I paint. The blade itself is a little plain. The freehanding on the shoulders isn’t that great either, but I think it gets the point across and at least they’re not just blank :). I won’t be able to get the transfer sheet from Forge World any more anyways since it’s out of print. So I might as well do the Emperor’s Children iconography myself so they’re at least all consistent. In for a penny in for a pound!

One of the marines had it’s left arm sag a little bit while the glue was setting unfortunately, but at least it’s not in a careful aiming pose. That one also ended up like way off center of the base somehow. Oops! I’ll have to be more careful of that in the future.

I think that’s everything I wanted to mention. These are just the first few in a long line of pre-Heresy Emperor’s Children to come. Honourable mentions go to @boilingcopper for pointing out that the combat blades actually have a slot where you can attach them to the backpacks, and to @seerinthevoid for their tips on painting Emperor’s Children! Thanks guys!

Next up I hope to paint 5 more of the Mk. 4 marines including a sergeant which will take advantage of some of the fancy Forge World pieces, a missile launcher wielding marine, and a few with swappable weapons, but I’m still waiting on some magnets to arrive to get that going.

Anyways I hope you like them! Happy Easter to those celebrating and look for more updates in the future!

Something That Finds You: Chapter 12

Fandom: Zootopia
Pairing: Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps
Rating: T
WC: 4104
Summary: “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”

In a time of tension in the land of Zootopia, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps are arranged to be married as a symbol of peace and unity. The only problem? They can’t stand each other (the 8 year age gap doesn’t help either). A story following Nick and Judy growing up together, through all the good and bad.

Chapter Selection: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]-12-

While Miss Hufflethump was the living embodiment of a Sunday nap, Nick and Judy’s new instructor was a holiday firecracker. Everything about her was spritely, energetic, and intense. While Nick had been impressed with Judy’s tenacity in comparison to her size, this new instructor was even smaller and yet somehow scarier.

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‘Halley Labs (tribute)’

(I will try to make it short, hopefully I’m saving you some time ^^’)

Here’s a huge tribute to a great label very dear to me among my other music tastes. At last, it is done! Phew…

I’ve been a die hard LapfoxTrax (Halley Labs) fan since more than.. 5 years, perhaps? Times goes so fast, ahahaha
I discovered it thanks to a [YTP MV] called ‘This Could’ve Been Nice’ under Renard Queenston’s alias, since that day I’ve never thouht that my admiration would go deeper than that.
So, I just wanted to share with you all guys how much Ren’s creations mean to me throught this fan art. I have been working on this since more than a month listening to nothing but LapfoxTrax. This sure helped me a lot to boost my inspiration and imagine how the Halley Labs place would look like (with few easter ewgs :) ). And I am very pleased to behold how it amazingly turned out! I hope you are enjoying it as much as I do. :)

I’ve been mainly starting it thanks to many media-related references, mostly the superb Framedrag album cover from the amazing @McArson, few personal Ren’s elements and then put them together with few of his aliases (one of my very favorites). I didn’t wanted to put every aliases in this fan art, I mostly wanted to imagine the interior of the Halley Labs “HQ”, imagine a place where Ren could feel like home. I mainly believe he can recognize many things upon it.

Ren, thank you, for having produced awesome music for a long time. All the hardwork you’ve been making for the pleasure of our ears only is what makes me will to stay a devoted fan for many other years to come. Be blessed!

Also thank you to @TakuyaRawr, who gently authorized me to use his outstanding fan art of the (almost) complete Lapfox squad (at the very top left). I really wanted to put it among this tribute, because all of those guys need a place among the label, whether they are left, back, still here, I am really, really enjoying all of them like hell.

On that note, enjoy!

If the wallpaper resolution isn’t enough for you, you can get the fan art in higher resolution right here (5000x2812) : http://imgur.com/40whYEX

Characters from this fan art such as (from left to right) Emma Essex, Darius Halley and Rotteen belong to Ren Queenston, the Halley Labs creator.

Easter Bunny's Helper

Title: Easter Bunny’s Helper

Athlete: Tom Wilson

Word Count: 2,144

Requested?: Yes

Request:  could you write something with Tom Wilson??

Author’s Note:  Happy Easter to all my followers who celebrate.  I hope you enjoy this story and that the Easter Bunny was good to you too!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Aunt Y/N.” You heard a soft voice near your ear.  “Aunt Y/N.” You were finally pulled from your sleep; rubbing your eyes you turned your head to see your niece Emily standing next to your side. “Mr. Tom told me to come wake you up, the Easter Bunny left our baskets and Grandma won’t let us search for them till everyone is downstairs.”  Rolling on to your back saw you were in fact alone in the bed.

“I’ll be down in a few minutes okay?”  She nodded and headed out of the room as you stretched out.  It was only a few moments later when the door opened and Tom walked in.  His hoodie and shorts making you laugh.  “You know it’s kind of a contradiction if you have shorts on with long sleeves.”

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