i look like easter


Quick happy/relaxed Sam sketch because the markers I ordered came in and now I have a variety of purples and some pinks and pretty pastelly colors and I am overjoyed. I guess it looks kinda like Easter vomited all over Sam, but um. Yes. COLORS.

Let’s talk about Beast Boy in Justice League vs Teen Titans

Cause he was great. The first scene we see him in, he shows up naked to training. 

What a fucking dork.

And his transformations are awesome. Cause he does this

And this

Look at him with his stupid “rock on” signs

Then he turns into a donkey


He gave Robin a ride on his back as a horse which I thought was adorable

Also he turned into a Krolotean, one of the aliens from the second season of Young Justice. I thought that was cool easter egg.

At least it looks like a Krolotean. It could be one of the genomorph things from Cadmus labs. Either way, still cool.


Easter rp Starters
  • "Are you wearing bunny ears?"
  • "Don't eat those! I'm saving them for Easter!"
  • "That is MY chocolate."
  • "I thought you were dyeing eggs, not yourself."
  • "Who came up with a rabbit for this holiday anyway?"
  • "You hid the eggs, right?"
  • "I can't wait until all the Easter candy goes on sale."
  • "Isn't Easter suppose to be about, like, Jesus or something?"
  • "I don't understand this holiday."
  • "Look at this egg. I decorated it myself!"
  • "I don't like Easter."
  • "I'm decorating for Easter. Do you like the flowers?"
  • "What do you mean you lost the eggs?"
  • "Do we have any candy left?"
  • "Why did you leave the chocolate out?"
  • "Thanks for helping with my Easter decorations."
  • "I am not wearing that bunny costume."
  • "Ugh! Easter grass! Easter grass everywhere!"

7/14/16 (though a month late on the post)

It took me way too long to get to this, but with pregnancy and busy life, hopefully you all understand! My little man is 2 years old and one month today.

We took @mlilah‘s gang to a little ranch we rented a pavilion at for the afternoon. All the animals are friendly and really used to kids, so we spent the day playing with them, eating, and just letting the kids run around in the field. Delilah’s little ones proudly presented Luc with a rideable toy car (that mostly he just sat in and wanted to make noise in and not really move…) and we had a few little gifts to him of our own, a plush rabbit and a carrot cake. We were joking the decor looked more like an Easter party, haha.

Luc, I feel SO lucky to be blessed with such a sweet tempered little guy. It’s such a joy to watch you grow into a sweet little person that makes me happy every single day. It’s hard to imagine how it was when you were first here now, and I’m so excited to go through it all again, this time with your help an excitement through it, too. I can’t wait to see what kind of big brother you’ll grow into. Your daddy and I are so, so, proud of you. I could cry just thinking about it.


drive references in halsey’s badlands music videos