i look like a weird alien when i wear a cap so

Space Straya

I’m gonna throw my hat into the “Earth is Space Australia” ring, and bring up the topic of hats. Not protective helmets or for identification, just normal hats. Not only does it look odd, hats come in dozens of types, between ball caps to stetsons to top hats. And some people ALWAYS wear one. So, why wouldn’t we take them to space?

Hazzro: Human John, what is that on your head?

John: What, my hat?

Hazzro: A “hat”? Was the helmet we provided not satisfactory? Were you injured?

Hazzro was concerned, if the humans weren’t protecting their organs, the next pirate attack would be their last. The humans were too good for walking around injured and claiming everything is fine, even when they weren’t.

John: No, it’s fine. I’m just off duty right now. I thought I would just relax with my snap-back. Everything is okay, Haz.

Hazzro: Snap… Back?! Is that dangerous?!

John shook his head and tried to contain his laughter at Hazzro’s confusion. He then attempted to explain the different types of hats to the alien crew mate.

Hazzro: And humans wear hats because?

John: Depends, but it blocks light from our eyes and keeps our hair out of our sight.

Hazzro: Is the light bothering your eyes? Is there an issue with your fur?

John: Nah, I’m fine. I just like wearing hats. It’s comfortable to me.

Hazzro: Alright, but one more question? Why does your “snap-back” have the letters “RWBY” on it?

John: That requires… a bit more explanation…

I did a quick drabble for @krusca who shares wonderful art with us and deserves nice things.  

“We should get married,” Steve said, wearing a wide, goofy grin as he leaned his elbows on the table and wiped his hands with the napkin Tony had thrown his way.

“Because I make a mean manicotti?” Tony asked.  The espresso machine was brewing, making a low, whistling sound that made Clint cough something that sounded an awful lot like Pavlov whenever he heard it.  

“Because we’d be good together,” Steve replied, still beaming at Tony, who couldn’t help but return the smile, shaking his head as he did.  “We are good together.”

“What with all of our shared life experiences?” Tony retorted with a low huff of disbelief, then made a happy, humming noise when the espresso machine clicked off.  “Come on, old man.  The park thing with the flowers?  That was Lang’s idea, wasn’t it?”

“He wasn’t supposed to actually be on the flowers,” Steve muttered.

“That whole post-battle thing with the fire hydrant going off and it was all wet and very Notebook-y and, don’t get me wrong, I was this close to offering to build you the house of your dreams, but, you know, one of these days, some tabloid or gossip rag’s going to hear you, take you seriously and then you’ll have to make an honest man out of me,” Tony warned with what he meant as a leer, though his face felt tight, unnatural, like it didn’t quite want to follow through on what his brain was telling it to do and ended up caught halfway to something else entirely.

“I’m trying,” Steve told him, the grin dropping off his face.  It was theoretically possible he was actually listening to what Tony was saying, Tony figured, in the flash of seconds before the beatific smile was back, this time more practiced, though, the kind of smile that held a giant you-can-all-kiss-my-ass behind it.  Tony thought it might be his favorite.  Not that he…cataloged Steve’s smiles. Which would be weird.  And was something he was definitely not doing. “Maybe they will hear. I wouldn’t care.”

“Flattered as I am,” Tony began, taking a sip of his espresso and letting it roll around his tongue before swallowing.  Something flickered across Steve’s face, and he dropped his eyes down to his empty plate for a moment before raising them back to Tony.  “We can’t have your reputation suffering by association, Cap. Besides, I did defiling an American icon when I was sixteen and got to third base with Sandra Boswell on top of Dad’s roadster.  Please don’t look for deeper meaning in that.  It was close and wipeable.”

“Why would my reputation suffer?” Steve asked.  “You’re a great catch.  Smart. Funny.  Handsome.  Look at all you’ve done, not just for us, but with the Maria Stark Foundation. That thing at MIT.  The clean energy, intellicrops, the—“

“Pepper send you the PR brochure?” Tony snorted.  

“You’re a good man, Tony. Sorry.  I don’t mean to…make you uncomfortable,” Steve replied, a bit haltingly, frowning around the words.  

“Ah, Cap, don’t do that. With the…the kicked puppy face thing. You’re killing me,” Tony said as lightly as he could manage.  His chest was tight and his stomach was doing that swooping thing it did whenever Steve complimented him, which, come to think of it, was a lot lately.  Guy probably had it on one of his to-do lists. Say Something Nice About Tony. Check. “Wanna watch a movie?  Nothing romantic.  You might get ideas,” Tony laughed, coughing and wiping a hand over his mouth as he did because it sounded wrong.  Less like a laugh and more like…something that wasn’t a laugh at all.  “Something really disturbing and deeply unsettling, like, I don’t know, Alien or the one where the woman wants to screw the animated bee.”

“Okay, Tony,” Steve said, the smile back, though it didn’t quite reach his eyes, Tony noticed.

Next Door || Minghao || Oneshot

Originally posted by minghaeo

Word Count: 2441

Genre: oneshot, fluff

Summary: Looking at the gloomy door beside you, you honestly weren’t sure what type of person lived there. However when you come home late and find a stranger outside your door, you realized that maybe your neighbor wasn’t as weird as you thought he’d be. 

You lived in a neighborhood that prided itself on its friendly neighbors and happy environment. Nearly everyone knows each other in the apartment complex and no matter how unsociable, they were still willing to chat if you ran into them. On holidays, doors would be carefully decorated and there would even be a friendly building get together that welcomed everyone. But in large groups, there is always an outlier and that outlier lived beside you.

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anonymous asked:

okay but how do you think a Jake honeypot date would go down because I have never read anything more amazing in my life

@natcat5 whose brilliant idea this is. 

  • Marco volunteers for the date immediately, as the only one on the team who is single and desperate.  (Although, he admits, not desperate enough to sleep with a controller under any circumstances.)  The thing is, though, that Sub-Visser Three-Eighty-One has a type: every guy Ax and Tobias have seen her flirting with in the two weeks they’ve been following her around has been tall, dark, and handsome.
    • Everyone on the team (especially Jake) somewhat doubts Jake’s ability to act well enough to play the part, but the only idea worse than sending Jake would be sending Ax to do it, so he reluctantly volunteers for the mission.
  • The setup goes more or less according to plan: Jake arranges to bump into the sub-visser coming out of a Sharing meeting, and to their enormous luck she becomes the one to ask him for a phone number.  Jake suggests the time and the place, though, and doesn’t have to fake enthusiastic relief when she agrees.
  • The day of, Rachel spends nearly two hours dressing Jake in various combinations of the seven pairs of pants, eighteen shirts, and five and a half jackets that she bought for the occasion, before Jake throws up his hands and announces that he’s going naked if this nonsense doesn’t end soon.
    • Marco immediately declares that that would be a brilliant way to get Sub-Visser Three-Eighty-One dancing to their tune.  
    • Cassie shyly volunteers the opinion that Jake looks nice no matter what he’s wearing.  
    • Rachel tells them both to shut up, on the grounds that Jake getting arrested for public indecency would be just as bad for their plan as him showing up in the ill-fitting basketball shirt and ripped jeans he wore when he left the house this morning.
  • After Rachel’s initial attempt to teach Jake to flirt with her crashes and burns (“You’re the closest thing I have to a sister!  I can’t just flirt with you!”) she substitutes Cassie into her own role.  To her surprise, that manages to go even worse.
    • “Cassie,” Jake says, blushing so much he looks ready to pass out.  “I like many things about you.  You’re the sweetest person I know, and you’re brilliant at not just morphing, but, like, understanding the morphing.  Oh, and you’re really smart at other stuff besides.  You get people so fast, and there are all these things in science class that go way over my head that you pick up right away.  And even though I was mad about it at the time, I thought it was cool that you saved those baby skunks—”
    • “CUT!” Rachel yells.  
    • “You told me to compliment her,” Jake says indignantly.  Cassie is currently examining the toes of her shoes with intense fascination, and appears to be fighting a fit of the giggles.
    • Rachel sighs loudly.  “Not her personality.  Think more physical.”
    • Jake takes a huge breath and draws himself up again.  “You are, like, super strong for a girl,” he tells Cassie. “For anyone, really.  That time when you pried that fox’s jaws open to make it vomit up the wolf poison—”
    • “CUT!  Cassie, Marco, switch places!”
    • All three of them stare at Rachel in surprise for a second.  Marco becomes the first to react, sidling up and sliding his arm through Jake’s.  “So,” he coos.  “Why’d a big strong man like you want to go out with little old me, anyway?”
    • “Because…” Jake glances at Rachel, who makes go on gestures.  “Because of your hair.  It’s very, uh, nicely done.”
    • Marco flips a few strands away from his face.  “You really think it turned out okay?  I only had time to run a brush through it a few times on the way over.”
    • “Yes,” Jake says firmly.  “It is nice hair.  And… you are… Notlikeothergirls!”
    • Marco bats his eyelashes, grinning now.  “You really mean that?”
    • Jake attempts to smile as well.  “I have never in my life met anyone like you, Marco.  Seriously.”
    • “Now you’re getting it,” Rachel announces.  She and Marco high-five at their own brilliance.  Unseen, Jake and Cassie exchange a mutually baffled look and a shrug of bemusement.
  • Jake sets off for the date trailed fifty feet up by a red-tailed hawk and a northern harrier.  He’s not sure why he’s wearing three shirts right now, or why the collars on all three are sticking straight up in the air (“Trust me,” Rachel insisted, “this is gonna be all over the country five years from now.”) like he’s a pastel version of Dracula.  He’s also hoping he can take the weird flat sunglasses off soon—Rachel instructed him to hang them from the v-neck of his topmost shirt when he does—because the weather’s overcast and he feels ridiculous.
    • “What do we know so far?” he asks Tobias.
    • <Apparently, our dear little alien friend works in an arcade downtown, and is a big fan of shopping in her spare time.  Likes: purple fabrics, smelling flowers, and spicy tacos from food trucks.  Dislikes: dogs, dog owners, seriously don’t mention Homer, and small children.>
    • <Her selection of tacos was most excellent,> Ax adds.  <The driver of that food truck adds large quantities of a wonderful substance known as Sriracha to his meat and meat by-products.>
    • <So we may have sampled the taco truck ourselves.  Strictly for research purposes,> Tobias admits.  <And yeah, Sub-Visser whatever’s got taste.  Or Stacy does, jury’s still out on that one.>
    • “Stacy?” Jake asks, as loud as he dares.
    • <The name of her host?> Tobias says.  <Seriously?  Were you planning on walking up to her and being like ‘well, hello there, Iriess one-thirty-two’?>
    • “Stacy,” Jake mutters to himself, rather than admitting he forgot.  “Stacy.  Stacy, Stacy, Stacy, Stacy, Stacy.”
    • <And now you sound nuts, which should make a real good first impression.>
  • At Tobias’s urging, Jake stops at a stand outside a greengrocer’s and buys a dozen daffodils for her.  He’s not sure if he’s allowed to take off the sunglasses when he’s standing under the shade of the awning, even though they make it very difficult to count out bills and change.  He does know that he is not under any circumstances to push them back into his hair, because then all the gel will make a weird crunching noise and Rachel will boil him in oil when she finds his spikes deformed.  He could probably fit the entire bouquet into one of the ridiculously large pockets on the pants that he’s certain are three sizes too large, but he tucks it under his arm instead.  “I hate this,” he mutters.
    • <Be cool,> Tobias says.  <If I could do meet-cute with Taylor in the middle of a coffee shop, you can survive ninety minutes of pumping a yeerk for recruitment tactics and Sharing plans.>
    • <I would recommend against bringing up Tobias’s decision to meet Taylor alone last March if you wish Rachel to leave the restaurant standing, Prince Jake.>
    • Jake gives them both a sickly smile of gratitude.
  • The initial meet’n’greet outside the restaurant goes reasonably well: Sub-Visser Three-Eighty-One exclaims over the daffodils, Jake remembers to call her “Stacy,” and with effort he ignores the skin-crawly sensation of Cassie (now a housefly) landing in his hair.  By the time they make it into the restaurant, Tobias and Rachel are already posed at a different table with baseball caps in place, while Marco shuffles around in a white apron busing tables and Ax (despite eight or nine promises that this time he’ll be cool around food) remains safely out of sight and out of morph on the roof.  If anything goes catastrophically wrong, the plan is for Cassie to alert Marco, who will create a diversion by overturning a dish cart while Rachel and Tobias hastily duck under the tablecloth of their own table—Rachel to morph, Tobias to demorph—as Ax provides everyone cover.  Jake’s pretty sure that if his date wants to shoot him in the head there’ll be nothing the others can do in time to stop her, but at least he knows he probably won’t end up forcibly made into a controller by the end of the evening.
  • Rachel, blatantly eavesdropping even as she holds Tobias’s hand across the table and they stare into each other’s eyes (if anyone starts looking at them too closely they start loudly sucking face) has to admit that Jake does better than she would have expected.  He asks “Stacy” where she got her shoes, laughs in a way that’s only slightly moronic when she compliments his sunglasses, and (after Tobias calls out a suggestion in thought-speak) even remembers to pull her chair out for her before she sits down.  
  • As instructed, Jake waits until after they’ve already ordered their food to turn the conversation to the reason they went to all this trouble in the first place.  He’s pretty pleased with how things are going so far, although then again he might just be light-headed from the smell of the instatan Rachel sprayed on him earlier.
    • “So,” he says.  “You’re part of the Sharing, right?  How’d you get into that in the first place?”
    • Ireiss 132 tosses a lock of Stacy’s hair over her shoulder.  “My older sister got me into it, actually.  She kept begging me and begging me to join, and then one time I just—Hey, you okay?”
    • Jake forces a laugh, doing his best not to think of Stacy, to think of Tom, to think but for the grace of God... “Sure.  Just, uh, zoned for a second.  So, the Sharing does a lot of recruitment events, right?”
    • <Don’t make her suspicious,> Tobias says unhelpfully.  <Just keep her on her toes.>
    • “Yeah, we’ve got volleyball days, cookouts on the beach, whole weekends upstate…”  She leans forward a little across the table.  “You interested in joining?”
    • <Say yes!> Cassie suggests, at almost exactly the same time Tobias says, <Tell her ‘hell no.’>  Marco, standing across the room, makes eye contact with Jake long enough to shake his head emphatically, just as Tobias adds, <Actually Rachel says to tell her yes.>
    • Jake closes his eyes for a second to find the patience not to swat at the back of his head and then throw a full plate of food at the next table over.  “I don’t know, really,” he says diplomatically.  “What do you guys do, anyway, besides sit around and eat hamburgers?”
    • “It’s all about community outreach,” Ireiss 132 says, apparently not noticing Jake’s hesitation.  “We do days where we clean up litter at the park, we raise money to fund cancer research—”
    • <Of course they do,> Cassie says darkly.  <Can’t have anything wrong with their prospective slaves, right?>
    • Jake, having missed the end of that sentence, has to make an educated guess.  “Sounds pretty cool.  Don’t you have, like, celebrity endorsements?”
    • “Oh, sure.  There’s Jeremy Jason McCole, William Roger Tennant…” Ireiss ticks the names off on Stacy’s left hand.  “That blond lady with the cooking show, Senator Malesin, Senator Argo, Angelina Jolie—”
    • <Angelina Jolie?> Tobias says.  
    • Cassie gasps.  <But she seems like such a nice lady on TV!>
    • <Who is Angelina Jolie?  Is Prince Jake okay?>
    • <He’s fine.  However, Rachel would like me to pass along a few comments with strong language about Angelina Jolie’s lifestyle, dress, and immediate ancestors.>
    • “Shut up!” Jake hisses.
    • Ireiss blinks at him a few times.
    • Jake clears his throat.  “I just mean…” He changes his inflection.  “Shut up!  As in, you’re kidding me!  You think maybe I could meet her sometime?”
    • “Join the Sharing,” Ireiss says.  “We could make it happen.  Once you get initiated as a full member your whole life opens up before you—you can’t imagine what it’s like.”
    • Jake forces another smile.  He picks up his fork.  This helps him to avoid giving into the urge to clamp both hands over his ears, slide under the table, and scream something about how they can never have his body.  He can imagine the experience a little too well, and it’s not something he’s ever letting happen again.  
  • Nonetheless, Jake manages to keep lightly deflecting Ireiss’s recruitment attempts while also digging for information, clear through until Marco—with a flourish—brings them a plate of mini cannoli for dessert.  After he ducks away from their table he sweeps over to begin polishing the corner of Rachel and Tobias’s.
    • <Marco says he wants you to save him one, because they look delicious,> Tobias says a minute later.
    • Jake, who has just been distracted in the middle of Ireiss’s description of how they draw in community members to Sharing meetings, makes a mental note to define the term radio silence for the entire team when they get home.  Then he picks up the last cannoli, very pointedly licks it, and puts it back on the plate uneaten.
    • <Marco says, and I quote, that there are ‘children starving in Montana’ that you are ‘not the man he fell in love with,’ and that he is ‘wounded to the depths of his soul.’  By the way, you do know not to offer to pay for dinner, right?  Because you don’t actually want to get a second date out of this.>
    • “You were saying?” Jake says loudly.
    • Ireiss clears Stacy’s throat.  “Oh, just that we really feel reaching out to vulnerable kids—as through the youth shelter I mentioned, and the after-school program—is the best way to offer them the Sharing as an alternative to gang membership.”
    • Jake dearly hopes that someone is taking notes on all of this, because if he suffered through the application of that much instatan for nothing he’s going to strangle someone.  “That’s really cool.  So is there, like, a place where you keep track of all the Sharing’s full members?  Some kind of database or something?”
    • <Too strong, too strong,> Cassie says.  
    • <Prince Jake, Cassie and Tobias have now been in morph for one-hundred-eight of your minutes.  May I suggest that you put a wrap in it?>
    • <So close, Ax-Man, and yet so far.>
    • “…nothing that formal,” Ireiss is saying.  “Hoping for more celebrities?”
    • “You know what?”  Jake stands up.  “It’s been real.  But I’ve got a thing, so…”
    • Tobias is right: he emphatically doesn’t want a second date.  Waving at Stacy, Jake pivots and walks out the door without another word.
  • They assemble in Cassie’s barn later that evening, Jake attempting to get one of Cassie’s horse-brushes through the horrible gel-stiff mess of his hair as everyone else trickles in.  “Okay,” he says wearily, when they’re all present, “What did we learn today?”
    • “For starters,” Marco says, “That Tobias is apparently romantic as hell.  Were I not healthily terrified of your beautiful and homicidal cousin, I would already be trying to hit that like a—”
    • <Before you can go any further, no.>  Tobias glares at Marco.  <Also, to answer your next question, I am also not interested in a threesome.>
    • Besides that.”  Jake rubs a hand over his face, smearing the makeup that Rachel insisted isn’t makeup across his skin.  “What else?”
    • “I learned that, on second thought, lime green is not your color.”  Rachel frowns.  “I’m not sure the look works at all.  You can take the boy out of the WalMart jeans, but you can’t take the WalMart jeans out of the boy, I guess.”
    • “Can we please stay on topic?” Jake asks.
    • “Angelina Jolie’s a controller.”  Cassie smiles sympathetically at Jake.  “So are two of California’s state senators, and a handful of B-list actors.  The Sharing is recruiting at the youth shelter, which is just all kinds of gross and awful, and they’re making a push to move into more schools across the county.”
    • <Also,> Ax adds, <We have the names of several more businesses that have donated to the Sharing, and are therefore possible yeerk pool entrances.  I suggest we start with further research on Burt’s Taco Truck, although I sincerely doubt that any yeerk would have that magnificent grasp of the subtleties of spicy and umami.  Still, it warrants much more extensive exploration.>
  • They rehash everything Ireiss 132 said, hinted at, or confirmed in response to Jake’s questions for nearly two more hours.  By the end of it they’ve got a decent plan in place for how to ensure the Sharing can’t spread any more feelers into any more parts of the community, and the beginnings of an idea for how to discredit the whole organization.  By then it’s getting late, so Jake and Marco and Rachel all split off to head home.
    • There’s a note pinned on the fridge when Jake walks in.  Midget— Some chick keeps calling the house wanting to know when she’ll see you again.  Call her back or get rid of her, but stop clogging up the line with your dumb teenage nonsense.
    • Jake stares at it in incredulity for several seconds.  “Goddamn yeerks,” he says at last, and balls it up to throw in the trash.  
One Day More (Avengers x Reader)

Part 2 of A Little Fall of Rain!  | [Ao3 Link] | [Masterlist]

A/N: Has nothing to do with the song this time lol, the title just fit. Requested by cate-lynne and alialialialiali on Ao3 and me tbh because like, listen, I’m a big baby about angst, okay! I need my happy endings!

Warnings: All fluff all the time, vague mentions of hospital stuff and past injuries

Word Count: ~1411

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

It was dark when you slipped back into the land of the living… or at least you hoped it was the land of the living. While being at home was nice, if Heaven ended up being the Tower that would be really kind of disappointing. You wanted to build a sweet cloud castle, okay! Either way, it was your hearing that was the first thing to came back to you. You couldn’t remember how many times you had woken up to the sound of a heart monitor but here it was again, the steady beeping of the machine in the corner.

An annoying but pleasant reminder that you pulled through.

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Backwards (p.t. 2)

(I loved this picture too much and thought it matched my story well so I am going to keep it the same for the 4 parts unless I find another one I like better.)

Intro: continuing my story from the other day.  I warned you it was long.  Still 2 more parts to goooooo. 

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2,660

Triggers: eventual attempt at sexual assault (that will be in part 3 or 4), bullying.

Summary:  Reader is a botanist on the Enterprise who is bullied often and has low self esteem, and happens to run into Bones one day and develops a crush instantly (who wouldn’t, really?).  Reader works with Bones to save Spock from an injury from an away-mission.  The bullying gets worse as the story goes on and eventually leads to an attempt at sexual assault.  Reader gets away and doesn’t know who to turn to (maybe a certain friendly yet grumpy space doctor?).

ALSO: This story involves some real science/medicine (ex. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation is a real thing) and some science/medicine that I kinda made up (ex. Seabaene is not a real thing).  Just go with it.  I think I got the Vulcan anatomy generally correct after a teeny bit of research but just roll with it.  thank. 

ALSO (p.t. 2): I have nothing against botanists I think they are amazing but the character is a little self-conscious about her profession. thank (p.t. 2)

Read Part 1 here: https://kaitysmitty123.tumblr.com/post/155975786442/backwards-pt-1


Back in your room you cleaned off, blood boiling as you continue to hear your colleague’s mocking laughs and hurtful words ringing in your ears. Frustrated tears stream down your cheeks involuntarily.  

You were used to being teased, it was nothing new to you.  You were top of your class at the Academy, but top of your class in botany is much less noble than top of the class in engineering or medicine or command.  You had thought about joining one of the big 3, but engineering was too mechanical and cold, nothing living to be found.  And medicine was too intense, and though you didn’t mind the guts and bodily fluids, seeing the medical team running around like they did was not something you wanted.  And command, well, there was no chance for that, as you could barely be heard in a group of 5 people let alone an entire ship and crew.  'Plant Freak’ was your most regularly used nickname and you tried to convince yourself that it didn’t hurt you, but it did. 

You sniffled and had just shimmied into a clean uniform when you heard an urgent knock at the door.  Your heart stopped and you hoped it wasn’t one of the boys from the group looking for revenge.  You wiped the remnants of tears off your cheeks, but didn’t have time to make your face any less puffy or red.  

Pressing the button to open the door you saw a crew member that you had never seen before, and she was wearing a crisp white uniform with a medical insignia, so you assumed she was a nurse.  Her alien features lit up when she saw you and began speaking desperately, 

“Lieutenant Y/N?” She asked, her eyes taking you in, puffy face and all. 

“Yes, that’s me.” You responded, still confused about why she was here. 

“Dr. McCoy sent me; he needs you in the medbay immediately.” She reported, speaking so fast you almost didn’t catch what she was saying.  Your heart leaped up into your throat.  Leonard needed you?  You thought.  Was it something about the breakfast you shared this morning? You wondered but were suddenly jerked out of your thoughts as you saw the urgent look on the nurse’s face. 

“What does he need?” You asked. 

“He didn’t say.  He just said to come and get you and that it was an emergency.”  She explained and motioned into the hallway for you to follow. 

“Yes, okay, well let’s go.” You blurted and followed her as she ran through the hallways to the medbay.  

The medbay looked a lot different than it had this morning.  People were buzzing around everywhere, but there was one room that most people seemed to be rushing in and out of.  

The nurse led you into that room, and you squeezed past the crowding mob of bodies until you saw what the commotion was about.  

1st Officer Spock was lying on one of the beds, a very large gash in his side, which was oozing green-black blood.  But what was really odd was that his skin was almost white, and you could see the veins and arteries traced under his skin, dark green lines spreading across his body.  The monitors were going crazy and you finally saw Leonard, barking orders at basically everyone.  He didn’t look like the kind, gentle man you’d met this morning, he looked like what his title entailed, Chief Medical Officer.  Finally his eyes rested on you and he looked relieved as he rushed towards you, his eye contact only breaking to shout some more orders at some more people.  Once he reached you he placed a hand on your shoulder firmly. 

“Thank the stars you are here, Y/N.  I need you to do something for me.” His eyes were kind but urgent, sweat glistening off his brow, and his hand on your shoulder shaking slightly.  

“What happened?” You asked quietly, eyes flicking to the prone officer on the bed.  You now suddenly saw Captain Kirk in the room by the window, his whole demeanor setting off a vibe of stress and anxiety, and it looked like he should be in a medical bed too.  His shirt was ripped and stained and he had blood dripping from a cut below his eye but he didn’t seem like he noticed as he leaned over Spock, a desperate worrisome look on his face.  

“Kirk and Spock just came back from an away mission and Spock got shot with some weird alien hand-gun-thing that seems to be causing disseminated intravascular coagulation, but he is not responding to the medication.”  Leonard explained frantically, almost speaking faster than the nurse had when she had come to your door.  He was about to continue when he saw your brows furrow. 

He sighed and continued, “disseminated intravascular coagulation is…”

“I know what it is, doctor,” You interrupted, meeting his desperate eyes, “Spock is forming clots in every one of his blood vessels, cutting off blood supply to just about everything.”

“Exactly,” he said, removing his hand from your shoulder and looking back to the chaotic room, “I need you to get me some…”

“Seabaene.” You finished his sentence for him, “Spock need Seabaene!  I have some in my lab!" 

You jumped up excitedly and Leonard’s face lit up. 

"Exactly!  And we need it fast…” But before you heard the rest of his sentence you were running out the door, pushing people out of the way and sprinting down the hallway to your lab. 

You slid into the open doors of your lab and reached the supply room where you kept dried Seabaene, as well as one vial of a salve already prepared.  You grabbed two bags of the dried leaves and the vial and turned, sprinting out of the room and back towards the medbay.  

Adrenaline coursed through your body, your heart hammering in your chest and your hands shaking around the supplies but you made it back to the medbay without stopping, pushing past people again to get back into the room.

Spock looked even worse than he had when you left; the dark green blood vessels had spread and were even more prominent under his deathly white skin.  The monitor that showed his vital signs were going crazy and his heart rate was insanely fast.  

You spotted Leonard, looking both frazzled and focused at the same time, if that was possible.  

“Leonard!” You yelled and his head sprung up from examining Spock and his gaze locked on yours.  

You threw him the vial of salve over Spock and Leonard caught it easily, removing the cap as soon as it was in his hands.  

“That should work; just spread it on his skin, as much as you can.” You instructed between breaths, willing your heart to slow down so you could focus.  

The doctor did just that and everyone became silent as they watched the monitors for signs of stabilization, but nothing happened.  Suddenly everyone’s eyes were on you.  You froze, locking eyes with Leonard, his face frozen in an expression of intense thought, and you could tell his brain was elsewhere, trying to think of another way to save Spock.  

Captain Kirk broke the silence as he yelled, “Dammit Bones, DO SOMETHING!" 

Your were racking your brain, trying to think of alternatives and why this wasn’t working.  You eyed the green blood oozing from his wound. 

"Dammit Jim, I am trying to think!” Leonard yelled back.  

“Well think faster!” Kirk yelled again, throwing his hands up in the air in frustration.  

Leonard was about to respond when you realized what the problem was.  
“He’s Vulcan.” You spoke up, your eye moving back and forth as you realized what was wrong. 

“Half-Vulcan, yes.” Leonard responded, his head tilting questioningly as he was trying to figure out what you were getting at.  

“Seabaene works as it is absorbed into the skin, but don’t Vulcan’s have like a moisture-proof layer of epidermis or something?” You suggested, your mind desperately trying to draw from your lessons from the Academy.  

Leonard’s eyes lit up and his face broke out of its frustrated glare, “RIGHT!” He yelled, his hands setting the vial down as he moved around the bed towards you. 

“So instead of topically it needs to be, injected directly into his bloodstream.” You said.

“Injected directly into his bloodstream.”  Leonard said at the same time as you.  

You looked up at him and smiled into his relieved face for a moment before turning and ripping open the bag of Seabaene.  

“Genius.” He whispered and grabbed a solution for the both of you to begin preparing the injection.

The two of you worked in sync for a minute, Leonard handing you supplies and you prepared the injection.  

“Doctor! He’s crashing!” A nurse yelled, and you heard the monitor screeching like crazy.  

Leonard turned around and surveyed the monitors. 

“How much longer until that solution is ready?” He asked, his voice tense, but not demanding. 

“Just a few more steps.” You responded tersely, focusing all your energy on stopping your hands from shaking as you prepared the vial.  

“Well you better work fast.” You expected him to be yelling at you, as he did with everyone else, but he spoke kindly, though there was a sense of urgency in his voice.  

“Almost done…” You whispered, finishing up the last few steps as you heard the monitor screech out a loud tone, which you know meant his heart had stopped beating. 

The room exploded into chaos and a crash cart was brought in, Leonard barking orders once more to everyone. 

“Don’t shock him!” He yelled; to everyone’s, including your, confusion.  

“What the hell, Bones, hasn’t his heart stopped?” Kirk’s voice sounded strained and pleading. 

“Yes, Jim, but it doesn’t matter if we start it again if the blood that would be pumping out of it doesn’t go anywhere because of the clots.” Leonard explained urgently and suddenly you felt all eyes turn your way again.  

This was all on you.  The Seabaene was what was going to save Spock.  You gulped and quickly stirred the mixture together, pouring it into the hypo chamber.  The only sound in the room was the screeching tone of the monitor telling everyone that Spock’s heart was still not beating.  

“Done.” You stated as relief flushed through you, turning around and tossing it over to Leonard. 

The room was still tense as Leonard quickly injected the hypo into Spock’s neck.  Nothing happened for a second and you felt tears prick your eyes again; you had failed, in front of the Captain, in front of the crew, and in front of Leonard.  You looked down at your shoes in shame. 

But then the screeching stopped and was replaced with a steady beeping.  You looked up at the monitor to see that Spock’s vital signs were stabilizing.  The room erupted into cheers and hoots of triumph, and Leonard shook his head in disbelief and rubbed his hands over his face.  Kirk stepped over and patted Leonard on the back, looking especially happy, and they looked at each other in relief and gratefulness that their friend had survived.  Leonard began barking orders at the nurses, telling them to ready the OR for surgery to remove “all this god-damn shrapnel” from Spock’s injury.  

You decided your job was done and smiled as you stepped backwards, directly into a firm yellow wall.  It was Captain Kirk.  You hadn’t even noticed that he had come around to this side of the bed, and you turned to face him. 

“Sorry, Captain, I didn’t mean to run into you like that.” You said sheepishly. 

“No need to apologize Lieutenant, you just saved my 1st Officer’s life and I couldn’t be more grateful.” Kirk grinned and gently patted your shoulder.  

“Thank you sir, it was an honour.” You responded with a big smile. 

His crystal blue eyes sparkled as he said, “No, thank you, Lieutenant, and if you need anything, just ask, alright?  That’s an order.” He winked at you, his smile teasing and your heart leapt with pride. 

“Yes, sir.” You responded, grinning ear to ear.  

Kirk left you to return to Spock’s side and you left the room still smiling like an idiot.  

“Y/N, wait!” You heard a voice call behind you as you were about to leave the medbay.  

You spun around to see Leonard’s face just moments before he wrapped his arms around your waist and nearly lifted you off the ground in a big bear hug.   You involuntarily wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him back, and as you pulled apart he planted a rough kiss on your cheek. 

“You were brilliant back there!” He exclaimed, his smile wide and beautiful, his hands still resting on your hips as if it was instinct to keep them there. 

“Nah, I believe that would have been you.” You teased, returning his smile, your hands resting on his forearms gently.  

“Seriously, though, I couldn’t have done it without you, darlin’.” He gushed. 

“Thanks, Leonard.” You replied, and you felt the flame that ignited this morning getting even brighter the longer you stared into his eyes.  

A flash of blue outside the medbay doors caught your eye and you glanced over to see a few of your mean classmates from the incident in the mess hall standing there.  They were all making googly eyes, winking and making obscene gestures at the scene that had just played out in front of them.  

Your heart dropped and your elation at the recent events plummeted.  You pulled away from Leonard’s hold on your hips and dropped your hands to your sides.  You looked back up at Leonard to see that he had followed your gaze outside and was now glaring darkly at the group.  They disbanded quickly and went on their way down the hall.  

Leonard looked back at you, but as soon as your eyes met you dropped your gaze to the floor and your arm reached over to grasp your other elbow.  You began to fold inwards on yourself.  

You could tell he wanted to say something and was about to when someone yelled that the OR was ready for Spock.  He hesitated and his hands moved forward as if he was going to touch you again, but another call from across the medbay sounded and he dropped his hands to his sides. 

You finally lifted your eyes to his, his face full of concern and unsaid words, but he pursed his lips and turned and ran back towards the OR.  

You were left standing there feeling empty, willing that sense of pride and elation to return.  You had just saved Spock’s life for stars-sake!  The Captain himself thanked you for your valiant effort.  And Leonard had hugged you and kissed you on the cheek.  But a sense of uncertainty made you feel empty, as if the most recent events didn’t actually happen.  You could only think of the ridicule and torture you would have to face every time you saw your classmates.  

You decided to return to your quarters and spend the night in; giving yourself the evening off from work because you thought you deserved it.  This day had been a roller coaster of emotions that was foreign to you.  You liked everything to be the same, day after day, and you had gotten into a routine on this beautiful ship.  All the emotions flooded through you now, from happiness at having breakfast with Leonard, to humiliation at lunchtime, to adrenaline and fear as they tried to save Spock’s life, to elation at actually saving his life, to just emptiness after it was all over.  

You curled up in your bed, feeling all these things, sleep overtaking you surprisingly quickly.  

-Thanks for reading!  P.t. 3 will be posted tomorrow!  Goodnight! - 

The Spawn of Shawn

Apologies for sucking at updating and thank you to those who have stuck by me!

Thanks for the request! I’ve put my own spin on this and it may not be what people are expecting, but this is what I see for my characters. Hope you enjoy :-)

My hands shook as I rubbed them together under the warm, running, water. I looked at myself in the mirror, the stress and worry evident in my eyes. I averted my gaze, now focusing on the unwrapped tampon I had placed on the sink next to me. My teeth pressed into my bottom lip to keep it from trembling. I finished washing my hands and quickly dried them, snatching the tampon off of the counter and walking out of the bathroom. I kept my facial expressions neutral as I headed back to my office, trying my best not to make eye contact with anyone.

“Ben, hold my calls,” I said to my assistant.

“Sure thing,” he replied, not looking up from his computer.

I shut the door behind me and leaned against it, trying to keep my composure. The thoughts in my head were scrambled and my heart was racing what seemed to be a mile a minute. I needed to calm down and fast.

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The Captain You Seek

My first IronFalcon and this one’s dedicated to @bloody-bee-tea because their’s was the first IronFalcon fic I read. I hope I do this justice :D

“Your mark is an indication of the person you seek,” Yinsen told Tony without looking up from the ring of metal he was melting, “Are you telling me that you seek no one, Mr. Stark?”

“I seek the future, not the past,” Tony answered cryptically and Yinsen paused for a second before letting the riddle go. Tony traced a finger over his now metal covered chest, the shield’s mark literally cut out. He knew that Yinsen had seen the shield and he didn’t want to tell him that his soulmate was dead. What good will it come to seek a ghost?

Nothing, that was what. 

He never got to prove that to Yinsen though, when the man died for him.

Tony escaped from Afghanistan, and the first thing he called out for was Rhodey, not a cheeseburger. The cheeseburger came to bite back his terror and tiredness. Rhodey though, he needed Rhodey first.

“What the hell is that, Tones?” Rhodey asked as soon as he saw the metal contraption jutting out og Tony’s chest as they flew back home.

“My new mark,” Tony slurred from pain and deliriousness. Rhodey had said nothing and simply held his hand, the chickenshit sap. Tony knew even as he slipped into the darkness that Rhodey got it. Rhodey always got it, whatever Tony babbled in his madness. So he would get this too.

He would get that Tony was finally free and trapped. The longing and temptation was out of his life, and so was the misery of knowing every living second that his supposed mate was long dead. In place of the winged shield, the one where two angel like wings sprang from an extremely familiar tri-circle shield, now Tony had something of his own. A horrible reminder of a good man’s death for his life, but still one that would help him move on and be who he could be, instead of who he might have been if a drowned legend were alive.

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Today is the Day

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader 

Words: 787

A/N: Soulmate AU where both parties have a date tattooed on their wrist, but the year isn’t included. Also, takes place during the first Avengers movie that premiered in the US on May 4th.

May 4th.

Ever since you were younger, you had been dreaming of the day when you meet your soulmate. You loved to listen to the story of how your parents met and they always said how magical it was. You hoped the same. So every year from the moment you learned how to read, you waited patiently on May 4th for you to meet your one. Finally, it came and it was not what you expected.

Aliens. Aliens were coming out from the sky and destroying the city. This was not how you expected this day to go. 

“Hurry! Everyone! Go! Quickly! Come on!” You yelled as you ushered people out of the now ruined cafe that you worked at. You pushed people out the door as rubble and debris started flying everywhere. With one last quick run through, you ran out from the cafe making sure that no one was left behind.

“Maria!” A mother yelled. Your head whipped back to see some police holding back a mother. You followed her line of sight to see a little girl standing in the middle of the street watching the aliens fly by. With adrenaline still rushing through your veins, you ran towards the girl.

“Hey, sweetie. We need to get you to your mom." 

"WATCH OUT!” You turn your head and see a car flying directly toward you. You push the girl out of the way and close your eyes waiting for the impact. But it never came. You open your eyes to see the Hulk standing in front of you throwing down the car.

Captain America ran up to the Hulk, “Good job, Dr. Banner.” The Hulk nodded and began to run in the direction of the aliens flying overhead.
“Are you okay, ma'am?”

Before you can answer, a burning sensation ran through your arm and you hissed in pain. You rolled up your sleeve and you watched as the date on your rest glowed. Captain America also hissed and rolled up his sleeve. The same date glowing. You two looked at each other in disbelief.

“Well, I didn’t think this was how we were going to meet.” The captain said with a smirk.

You scoffed, “No kidding.” You stuck out your hand, “Y/N L/N.”

He shook it, “Steve Rogers.”

“Well, better get going, Steve. New York needs you.”

He then began to look worried, “Will you be alright?”

“Save the city first. Worry about me later.” You kissed his cheek, “Stay safe, Captain. I expect you to find me once this is over.”

Steve smiled, “Yes ma'am!”

Hours later you made sure that every person you received medical attention and had a drink of water.

As you walked past a group of people, someone grabbed your wrist. You stopped to see Maria and her mother, “Thank you for saving my Maria. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you.”

You shook your head, “No need. I’m just glad that you and your daughter are safe.”

“Looks like you’re a hero.” You smile at the sound of his voice. You face Steve, whom is walking towards you not wearing his mask and the rest of his team waiting behind him.

“Says you. You and your team did a pretty good job.”

“Not good enough, the city is in ruins.”

You shrugged, “Not entirely. But we’ll make it. Thanks to you guys.”

“So, uh, we’re actually going to get something to eat. Would you like to join us?”

You smiled, “Sure! What are you guys thinking?”

“Uh, Tony mentioned something about shwarmas, whatever those are." 

You laughed, "Sounds great.” You hooked your arm around his, “So Cap, will this be our first date?”

Steve chuckled, “If you want it to be, then sure. However, I don’t think most people have dates after almost dying in an alien invasion.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure most people don’t meet their soulmate during an alien invasion.”

“That is a very good point.” You reach the rest of the team and you’re in awe. 

“Uh, guys, this is Y/N…my soulmate.”

“Wait, you met her today? While all that shit was happening?” Tony asked.

You nodded, “Not how soulmate meetings usually go, but yeah. Nice to meet you all.”

“Wow, Cap. You save the city and find your soulmate in one day. I think today’s been very interesting for ya.” A redheaded woman remarked.

“Enough with the teasing, Nat. And can we please eat already? Before some other weird shit starts happening?” said a man carrying a compound bow as he walks away.

“I agree with him” You pull Steve as you and the rest of the team walk to the shwarma place.

“So, Y/N, tell me about yourself.”

houdinioverlord  asked:

What are your extremely meta raven cycle movie head canons??

In this extremely meta Raven Cycle movie AU head canons, everyone has the same name as their characters! What a strange and amazing coincidence!

  • The casting calls were long and arduous, but after months of searching, the leads were announced. 
  • Gansey is Welsh, an up-and-coming actor in America but has deep roots in Shakespeare and BBC television shows.
  • Everyone thought he was American up until they hear his real accent in interviews and it blows the fandom’s collective goddamn mind. 
  • Blue is a Hollywood acting legacy. She first appeared in music videos for local indie bands but then clips of the TRC movie start getting released and her acting abilities are like whOA.
  • Now everyone wants her in everything. There are rumors that she’s going to be in the new Alien remake.
  • Adam has the Cinderella story of the group. He has zero professional acting experience except for high school plays. His audition tapes make their rounds and leak onto every noteworthy fandom blog. Everyone is immediately heart-eyes over him. 
  • Every actors goes out of their way to make him feel welcome. 
  • His Virginian accent is genuine.
  • Noah is the acting veteran. He started out as a child actor. You may recognize him from such commercials as the one with the boomerang, and the one with the pony. (Unrelated.) He’s most famous for his Oscar nominated role when he was ten. 
  • Noah constantly finds animals near set and hides them so during takes he can feed squirrels and play with stray cats.
  • “Noah, did your bed just meow?”
  • “CUT!”
  • Ronan is the set clown.
  • He was also nervous about shaving his head. He thought he’d have a weird shaped skull. He was pleasantly surprised.
  • Ronan is from Canada. (”Eh? Eh? Eh?” Blue teases.)
  • Ronan grows his hair out and Blue makes a habit of touching the fuzz while she teases him about the shabbiness of it. 
  • He often picks Blue up and carries her around places. 
  • They are all very active online:
  • Trailer tours
  • Vines
  • Behind the scenes vlogs
  • On Set Q&As
  • Invading co-star interviews with quippy jokes and photobombs
  • Ronan smiles all the time. His favorite thing is showing his Instagram followers his craft services haul.
  • During late-night comedy shows, like Colbert or Conan, they ask Ronan to “turn it on” and he looks at the B-camera in a “Ronan” way and everyone laughs.
  • Game show games!
  • Gifs. Lots of gifs. 
  • gaG REEL
  • They’re running through Cabeswater all dramatically and Adam slips in the grass and friggin’ eats it.
  • And Ronan’s just busting a gut.
  • In fact, Adam is the one that makes Ronan laugh the most both on- and off-set. It’s not hard to get Ronan to laugh, but for some reason, he laughs a lot more when Adam is around. 
  • Blue stumbling over her fast-paced lines, and the boys laugh and make fun of what she said and she pretends to get mad.
  • There’s a running joke that whenever anyone messes up, they have to do pushups. 
  • Gansey is the hardest the crack, but when he does, it’s tough for him to stop the giggles. 
  • Group interviews are a treat because they seem like one big huge family.
  • Interviewers asks, “So does Blue feel outnumbered with all these guys around?” and they’re all unanimously like, ‘No, no no, she runs the show. She’s in charge. We’re terrified of her. Terrified.’
  • And she just sits there smugly, like, ‘I have trained these boys well.’
  • Adam and Ronan are dating IRL. It’s made public after shooting ends. 
  • They are fodder for paparazzi and often hold up signs about various charities they support, because if photographers are going to make money out of invading their privacy, might as well make it worthwhile. 
  • Noah is an unequivocal genius when it comes to avoiding paparazzi. He takes up shelter in oversized coats tucked up to his eyes, wearing low brim baseball caps, and pretending to be as invisible as possible. 
  • Ronan adopted one of the crows that played Chainsaw. She’s awfully fond of him. 
  • Gansey is a huge dweeb and goes on for minutes about his character and gets really excited just talking about it.
  • “So, is Gansey going to die-die in the final movie?” an interviewer asks him. 
  • “I certainly hope not! I want to show up for the spin offs!” 
  • Photoshoots~
  • Magazine spreads
  • Autographs
  • Rumors abound: Are Gansey and Blue a capital-t Thing? They were standing awful close in that one photo!
  • No one knows that Gansey and Blue share a flat in West Hollywood now. They have a dog too. He frequents Blue’s Instagram feed.  
  • Shooting for The Dream Thieves has begun! It’s like a big family reunion. 
  • Blue still runs the show. 

Inspired by this and this

TITLE: Traditions


AUTHOR: lazylore

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine your best friends with Natasha and she drags you into Tony’s Christmas parties, and Thor just-so-happened to drag Loki there as well. She catches you staring at each other and she locks you in a closet together. 

RATING: pg-13

NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings. It ended up just a bit long, sorry!. Hope you enjoy. 

“I don’t understand why I have to be here,” you asked inside the elevator, watching the numbers above the door change. “I’m not even an avenger.”

“But you’re my friend.” Natasha said, “And as such, you’ll be my support. There’s only a limited time I can stand being in a room with all of them before I want to pull my hair.” She joked.

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1.12 - The Big Goodbye

Friend of the blog Deborah mentioned this to us, like, six months ago and then we never did it, and then friend of the blog Alex mentioned it to us like two weeks ago and reminded us that there was some “40’s by way of the 80’s realness” (just like that one part in Xanadu) so I was like “I’m on it.”

This is the first Holodeck episode, and what happens? THE HOLODECK TRIES TO KILL EVERYONE. Of course.

First off, though, the Captain is trying to learn how to perfectly pronounce this alien language because if he doesn’t, the aliens in question will be offended and kill everyone: 

Still easier to learn than Welsh

Deanna is helping coach him in a lovely season one Mardi Gras Beads Hair Accessory:

And of course, great cleavage #respect

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{2} -  The Sweetest Euphony
  • {part one}
  • jimin/seokjin
  • nc-17, smut, romance
  • warning: camboy!jimin, daddy kink

Summary:  Jimin does have a job. Of some sort. It’s not one that pays brilliantly and he definitely wouldn’t go around bragging to everyone about it either. Park Jimin is a camboy. One could find Jimin online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Captain on the Bridge

They’d left Dr. Banner in engineering to try to sort out the engine hiccup that had been ongoing since before their arrival. Tony’d had a few things to say about that choice, but the exotic nature of the energies they were dealing with had been the deciding factor.

Not only was Bruce more familiar with dangerous radiation, he was also far less likely to be hurt by it… or by anything… than Tony Stark, especially since his armor hadn’t come along for the ride.

It, like everything else they’d been wearing, had been replaced with a form-fitting jump suit that only Natasha seemed to be really comfortable in.

The crew, as promised, had not seemed to notice anything amiss about the sudden presence of strangers among them. They’d addressed Bruce solely as “Lieutenant” when he’d addressed them directly, and had seemed to look right through him like they weren’t really seeing him properly.

The bridge was open and spacious, constructed in the round. A massive view screen sat at the front, looking for all the world like a windshield. There were three chairs in the middle, some sort of computer station at the back, and two seats with control panels towards the front.

“Nat, see what you can make of those,” Steve said, nodding to the rear wall computers.

“She’s not exactly the expert, is she?” Tony said.

“I’ve learned not to underestimate her adaptability,” Steve said.“Anyway, your expertise may be needed elsewhere. If one of us can’t fly this crate, we’re going to have to ask someone to do it for us, and I’d rather we limit our contact with them.”

“Good thinking,” Tony said. “Something’s seriously off about them.”

“Not just that, Tony, but… this could be our future,” Steve said. “We could be interacting with our own descendants. I’d like to avoid complications.”

“Nah,” Tony said. “This isn’t our future, Cap.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because if our descendants were walking around somewhere out there,” he said, “this technology in here would all be descended from mine. Stands to reason.”

“And you can tell from a glance that’s not the case?”

“A glance can tell you a lot,” Tony said. “Listen, if this was really three hundred plus years after I perfected the arc reactor, do you really think these people would be flying around using volatile crystals to regulate antimatter reactions so intense that they need to keep the whole thing behind a force field to avoid frying everyone with radiation?”

“…I didn’t know that’s what they were doing,” Steve said.

“What? We all saw the same reactor, didn’t we?” Tony said.

“Look, Stark… can you fly this crate, or can’t you?” Steve asked.

“Let’s pop the hood and see,” Tony said, strolling around and down to what he took to be the helmsman’s position. He eyed the navigation console critically. It looked like a lighted dashboard from the mid 90s… not exactly promising in terms of technological sophistication, but simple could be good if he had to learn on the fly. Anyway, it almost looked…

“Well, that’s weird,” he said, sliding into the chair and running a finger across the controls, which rippled in response.

“What?” Steve asked.

“It’s low resolution monochrome, but it’s the second or third most responsive touchscreen I’ve seen,” he said. “Got some serious retro chic here. Less advanced than it should be, but looks more primitive than it is.”

“Can you fly it? Yes, or no?”

“Please. You met my father.”

“Who was a brilliant pilot, but I don’t think that’s genetic.”

“No, but brains are.”

“So that’s a yes?”

“No,” Tony said. He swiveled his seat around and gestured at the other seat. “This is a two-man rig… helm and main navigation functions are here, ops and secondary navigation are over there.” He nodded at the other seat. “Makes no sense… from the looks of this baby, she’s not exactly nimble, and there’s not a lot to steer around in space anyway. Why not have everything in one place?” He flipped his way through a few subsystems thoughtfully. “Give me half an hour and I can have everything routed through here… nav, operations, optics, weapons…”

“This is a ship, not one of your suits of armor,” Steve said. “You can’t do it all yourself, and anyway, I want us to get underway without delay.”

“In that case, I’m going to need a co-pilot.”

“Fine,” Steve said. “Tell me what I need to do.”

“Stay out of my way. Who’s trying to do it all himself now, Captain?” Tony said. He turned towards Thor. “Hey, Goldilocks… you ever fly anything that doesn’t come with a wrist strap before?”

“It has been some time, and never a vessel of this size, but, aye, in my youth I did learn to pilot all manner of craft,” he said, then added, “My brother was better.”

“Imagine my disappointment that he couldn’t be here,” Tony said. “As long as you can navigate in three dimensions, we’re good.”

“Only three?” Thor repeated, taking the other seat. “Child’s play.”

“Great,” Steve said, settling down into the captain’s chair a little self-consciously. He looked over his shoulder. “Nat, any luck figuring out that sens…”

“We’re showing no ships in this sector, Captain,” she said. “I’ve picked up an ion trail with a familiar gamma signature bearing two-two-seven mark seven-three.”

“Hydra tech? Here?” Steve said. “When Schmidt was atomized In our universe, the tesseract stayed behind.”

“I’m just telling you what the instruments say,” Natasha said. “You can ask him how he did it when we catch him.”

“Our new friend said we’d need a ‘warp-capable’ ship, where we were going,” Clint said. “If these ships use some kind of space warp to go faster than light, Schmidt could be modifying his to try to make his own tesseract.”

“What folly!” Thor said. “The realms have many space folds and dimensional bridges, but in all the galaxy there is only one tesseract. It is unique in the universe, in all universes.”

“It wouldn’t be the first time Schmidt tried the impossible,” Steve did. “And he has a history of figuring out how to do it, and causing a lot of pain and misery along the way.”

“It would go a long way towards explaining how he managed to get a god-like alien so spooked that he had to call the cavalry,” Clint said.

“Now, now, I really must protest that characterization,” Q said, speaking even as he materialized in the seat to Steve’s left. “I have simply delegated the material aspects of my task to material beings. For me to confront Schmidt directly would be an inefficient use of my powers.”

“Would it be more efficient for us to fly a temperamental antimatter reactor across the vast reaches of space after him?” Tony asked.

“Alright, granted,” Q said, waving his hand dismissively, “the humans of this era, for all their nearly admirable qualities, have much to learn about sustainable power…”

“I thought you said this was your ship,” Steve said.

“It’s more of a time-share arrangement, really…”

“What’s the… 'United Federation of Planets’?” Natasha said.

“Oh, you’ve been accessing the library computers,” Q said, an unaccountable quaver in his voice.

“It’s on that plaque on the wall,” Natasha said. “But since you mention it… computer, access library computer on U.S.S. Enterprise-D.”


“No need,” Tony said. “I’ve been reading the files since I sat down… voice mode Is great for hands-free, but the Mark-1 eyeball is still a lot faster. Anyway, if I wanted to listen to a computer drone on and on I could have stayed home and talked to JARVIS. This is the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, flagship of something called 'Star Fleet’, which seems to be the pseudo-military wing of the United Federation of Planets, which basically seems to be earth… and earth’s buddies, and by earth I mean basically American hegemony, so… yay us? Normal complement: one thousand men, women, and children… children? Hmm. Future Space America doesn’t fuck around. Captain: Picard, Jean-Luc.”

“Q,” Steve said. “Where did you get this ship, and what did you do to the crew?”

* * * * * * * *

“Mr. La Forge, report.”

“Well, Captain, as far as we can determine, this is earth, in the 21st century.”

“2013, to be precise,” Data said.

“Impossible,” Picard said. “Our world in 2013 should be reeling from the shock of global genetic warfare and teetering on the brink of nuclear annihilation.”

“That’s the thing, Captain,” La Forge said. “I don’t think we’re on our world. This world had no eugenics wars, there have only been two recorded acts of nuclear warfare in all of human history, and the Soviet Union fell in the early 1990s.”

“Around the time the conflict should have been heating up,” Riker said.

“Should?” Picard said. “I would think anything would be an improvement over what happened in our world.”

“According to history, sir, Commander Riker speaks correctly,” Data said. “And the broad geopolitical discrepancies are far from the only differences.” He held up a sleek, white rectangular device. “Sir, this is a personal communication device common to this era. It is called an iPhone.”

“Doesn’t look like any phone I’ve ever seen,” Riker said.

“Nor I,” Picard said. “Still, one must expect some technological refinement from the eras we’re most familiar with. I’ll wager that a great many devices could be found on the streets of 21st century New York that we wouldn’t find in the offices of Dixon Hill or one of your 'swinging’ jazz clubs. Still, it’s a bit bulky, isn’t it?”

“Imagine pinning one of those to your chest,” Riker said.

“The actual essential communication components would easily fit in one of our comm badges,” Data said. He activated the device, turning the smooth, dark surface into a brightly lit screen. “The bulk of the device, as you can see, is an advanced form of PADD.”

“Advanced for the time?” Riker asked.

“Advanced for any time,” Data said.

“Sir, these devices have access to a global information network here the likes of which I’ve never seen,” Geordi said. “They’ve mastered principles of distributed computing that I’ve never even heard of, outside of the Beta Magellan system… or the Borg. It’s like… it’s like a global LCARS system, but even that description doesn’t really do it justice. The amount of information being stored and exchanged is… incredible. There’s in excess of two exabytes of data exchanged, every day.”

“Two quintillion bytes?” Riker said.

“Good lord,” Picard said. “Are they communicating with other planets?”

“No, sir,” Geordi said. “This is strictly local.”

“What do they even do that accounts for so much bandwidth?” Picard wondered.

“By volume, sir,” Data replied, “it is approximately thirty-seven percent pornography, thirty-four percent other movies and videos, fifteen percent cat and cat-related media…”

“Thirty-seven percent pornography?” Picard repeated. “I cannot fathom… a global information network could put all the accumulated knowledge of history at the fingertips of anyone with one of those… those… I-devices… and these people give the lion’s share of it over to pornographers? How do a people who haven’t evolved past such a base urge managed to accomplish such a marvel?”

“Actually, sir, in point of fact, I believe it may be the other way around,” Data said. “If pornography is the sector of the network that uses the most resources, it is reasonable to assume that it places the most demands upon the information infrastructure. If this has been the case historically, it may be the demand for pornography has driven the development of better and faster information technology. Indeed, sir, I have noticed in my survey of the capabilities of this and similar devices that there are a great many resources devoted to games and other entertainments that we would find frivolous, but which similarly push the boundaries of the available technology.”

“Do you mean to tell me, Mr. Data, that these people have managed to accomplish what it’s taken Star Fleet’s computer scientists centuries to achieve because they wanted to play games and… enjoy personal time?”

“No, sir,” Data said. “I am saying they have surpassed our computer scientists.”

“It’s not so far-fetched,” Riker said. “Consider what’s driven our research into the Holodeck.”

“Indeed, Commander,” Data said. “In fact, it was not until the development of the practical Holodeck that we have had anything approaching the sophistication, realism, and level of immersion that this earth’s scientists have been producing. That we have now surpassed them in those areas is more a matter of medium than anything else. If the people of this planet had access to force fields, solid light emitters, and replicative transporters, it would be hard to predict what they might accomplish.”

“One shudders to think,” Picard said.

“Can we back up to the part where fifteen percent of the world’s information resources are devoted to cats?” Riker said.

“And cat-related media,” Data said. “Sir.”

What is love? - Part 1 (You & EXO OT12-You decide who you end up with)

A/N: Yes , I have a lot of ships and requests to fullfill but I started this fic and i’m very excited with it, nothing is decided yet so you may end up with your bias, you’ll have a moment with all the EXO guys, but not in a weird way, I promise it will be worth it ;) Hope you like it <3 Since this is the first chapter it’s kinda long but it’s just to introduce the story PS: Pretend all of them can speak english okay? :D

Chapter 1 : Who is EXO?

“Mom! Do I really have to go?!” you whined as your mother started packing your things that you’ve gotten all out of the baggage as a protest. “Yes, of course, now stop complaining, you’re being given an amazing opportunity and honestly I’m very disappointed at your reaction.” She said looking at you with a judging face. You sighed, you hated disappointing your parents, but this was a very complicated situation. “But mom, I don’t wanna spend my whole summer before getting into college at a country, better, a continent , that I don’t understand and/or speak anything that I hear, I’ll feel like an alien” My mother laughed at my reaction “Don’t be so dramatic, you’ll have your aunt , and the group that she manages all talk English too” “Wow , thanks mom, that’s amazing” You continued looking at her with a pleading look and after a minute or so you let out a frustrated sigh. “I don’t get it why I can’t stay with anyone else , preferably someone who talks to us often and lives on the same country” “Y/N , you don’t have any grandparents left” she said as you looked down “your uncles and other aunts are all extremely busy, so we’ll leave you with my sister” “But why can’t I stay with Mary then? She’s my best friend and you’ve known her mother since we’re 3” “I know honey but I’m not letting you for 3 months at a house that it’s not of our family” “Oh but you’re totally comfortable letting me stay on another continent with an aunt that probably doesn’t even remember how I look like and traveling with a 20 boys boyband?” She sighed in frustration. “First of all , don’t talk about your aunt like this, she’s making us a huge favor and she likes you a lot , second of all , me and your father are totally aware that you will be safe there, third , it’s a 12 boys group and personally I thought you would love the idea of being around cute musicians, you love music with your life” I rolled my eyes. “Yes I do love music, enough to know that boybands are not real musicians, they just , quote dance and , quote, sing “ You pointed out. “You’re being ridiculous, they are very talented, just look up at the internet and you’ll see.” Your mom said, to which you replied. “No, thank you” Since you saw you had no way out you helped your mom packing. “I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” You said, to which she didn’t replied and stayed giving you the silence treatment. You knew you were being bratty but you couldn’t help it ,   you didn’t even liked Asia, I mean, you never thought of going there as a summer destination, your aunt haven’t seen you in years, which made you hurt because you used to be pretty closed when you were a little girl and instead of her at least having a normal, steady profession, she just happened to be one of the managers to a hit boyband in Asia called EXO, that apparently had 12 boys, like seriously, what the hell is this ? Backstreet Boys x3? It doesn’t make any sense, and all this on your last summer before college and first summer as an 18-year-old girl.

3 days have passed and now you’ve got to the airport with your parents beside you. Your dad came up and hugged you while saying “Honey, I hope you Have a great trip , I know this is not ideal for you but I promise you you’ll like it, open yourself to new experiences , would you?” He said smiling down at you. “Okay dad, I’ll try”. Next up was your mom “Be nice to everyone and try to see your aunt’s side for a bit, she loves you just as much as we do” When she said that you rolled your eyes and she grabbed your head to look at her. “It’s true, now please have a safe trip and call us as soon as you get there. Try to enjoy it. It’s a whole different culture, respect it.” You told them both. “Okay, you two have a safe trip too and a great vacation” “Oh daughter” Your father called. “Be careful with all those boys” Which made you laugh and say “You don’t have to worry about that dad, Asians are not really my type” Now my mom laughed “You didn’t check on them have you? They’re pretty cute” To which alarmed your dad.” Dad, don’t worry , I’m serious” You said laughing. “Darling” Your mother said “Just so you know your first alone plane travel will be on the first class alright?” You smiled. “Wait, what?” “A present from your aunt” You looked  at her still kinda smiling. “Alright then, I should get going” You had your last goodbyes with your parents and headed to the gate you were catching the plane , you were a little anxious since that was the first time you traveled alone, and you were a little scared of flying but still you managed to control yourself on the plane. The seat was extremely comfortable and you made a mental note to thank your aunt later for the treat. 

You got off the plane, the travel was extremely long but you somehow managed to sleep while watching a tv show, so you weren’t that tired. You searched through the airport for your aunt but all you saw was a guy, wearing those driver’s caps with a paper with your name on it, you were surprised but went to talk to him. “Hm….Hi? Are you here for me? Or…” The man stood up straight and said while making a little bow “Ms Y/N, your aunt had told me to pick you up here” , to which you replied “I’m sorry but, she’s not coming?” “I’m afraid not, but she’ll be waiting for you at her residence” Wow, you thought, how thoughtful of her to not even pick you up at the airport. “Alright then” you said with a little bit of disappointment in your voice. The driver helped you get your stuff into the car, which was pretty fancy you could say. At the car the man introduced himself as Min-Ju and asked about your trip, after that he started talking about the amazing food you should taste while in Seoul. You enjoyed talking to him and as you did you started looking at the town by your car window, it was a big city with a lot of buildings and hectic rhythm. After about 20 minutes you got to your aunt’s house.

You got off the car and contemplated your new house. Min-ju got your bags inside and you followed him saying “no, there’s no need” “It’s okay Ms. (Y/N), I work for your aunt full time, it’s not a worry “ You’ve just stepped at the doorstep when your aunt climbed down the stairs talking non stop “Oh! My dear, you’re finally here” She hugged you and you didn’t respond it at first, she turned to Min-Ju “thank you so much for picking her up” “Of course, always at your service, I’ll leave you two, nice to meet you Ms. (Y/N)” he said while closing the door behind him and bowing “nice to meet you too” you managed to say to him. “So” –your aunt started-“how was your trip? Your mom was so worried” “Oh it was very comfortable, thank you for giving me those first class sits” You said awkwardly and she smiled “oh that was nothing sweetie, now come, let me show you your room” She continued talking while you two climbed up the stairs “I live here alone and well , I’ve never had the opportunity to make a room for anyone so I might have got a little too excited making yours but I hope you like it” “Hm.. okay, there was no need to make a spe-“ You stopped talking as she opened up the door to your new room. It was perfect. It was how you described to her you wanted your room to be when you were 8 years old and strangely you still wanted it to be that way. It was nothing exaggerated but it was everything that you liked, but everything was gone to you when you saw what was in the center, you ran to reach it immediately “ OMG, a piano, is that for real? Can I use it? Isn’t this like a decorating home or something?” You said sounding ridiculous, “What? No, don’t be silly, it’s my house and yours for the next 3 months” You smiled and hugged her sincerely “thank you, you didn’t have to do any of that, at all” “ Of course I had, you deserve it, but you gotta do something for me” “Yeah, sure” You said while sitting on the bed. “Well, I don’t know what your mom told you but it’s not like I’m leaving you alone here for 3 months so, you’ll have to come to work with me” “Everyday?” You asked. “Yes, my mom told me about your problems with boy groups , but I can guarantee you, these guys, they are not what you expected” You laughed “Yeah, I’ve been hearing that a lot…since I have no choice, of course I’ll go with you” You rolled your eyes and she responded with a satisfied smile. “Good, now go get some rest, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow”  

Your aunt woke you up very early but you weren’t so tired so it was fine , after you were ready you asked your aunt “so, where are we going today? fitting for tight closes?” She smiled and said “that’s funny but no,we’re getting them on the dorms first, then I’ll present to you my co-workers and the members of course” “Hm..okay” You replied. You got in the destination after 10 minutes and your aunt presented you the other 3 managers of the group, she was the only woman, must be hard sometimes, specially because they all seemed kinda harsh. “Are the boys ready?” Your aunt asked one of the men managers and he said “Yea, let’s go” You followed your aunt and she pushed you closed to her “come here, I’ll present you to them” 

You and the managers opened the door to the dorm and you immediately heard a lot of noise , boys… you thought.You made your way to the living room and they were all there, there were too many of them, some were beating each other, others were playing on the phone, one was almost asleep, some were eating, one was reading, other was with a guitar, they were all distracted when one of the managers called ,but when they looked at him , their eyes immediately all feel on you. And then there was this awkward silence , they all almost immediatly got up to greet you and then it hit you , your mom was right, they were all cute, no, they were much more than cute , holy crap.You should have searched them on the internet.

Christmas Lights Keep Shining On

Well, I wrote this fic very quick (hey that rhymes lol) so I’m sorry for my bad grammar mistakes. :D  I wish you a merry Christmas, or as we in Germany would say: Frohe Weihnachten! 

Summary:  Nobody should be alone on Christmas, so you decide to invite a sad Steve Rogers to accompany you to your family dinner.

Warnings: None 

“Yes Mum, I’m almost on the road… yes, I just have to finish the last pile.” I laughed a little with my phone jammed between my shoulder and ear and tried to lift the giant file up the desk. “See ya Mum, bye.” I hung up the phone and sighed deeply. Since no one wanted to make the report of our last mission in China, it was my job getting it done in the last hours before Christmas.

Everyone had better things to do and had left a long time ago. Everyone except me. Stark took Pepper on a vacation somewhere in Europe; Clint celebrated together with his family. And so on. The tower was practically empty; people mostly were here only to finish off the necessary stuff before they could go too.

I was in a hurry to leave the tower and get home before the blizzard could hit New York. But nevertheless I was happy because- What would Christmas be without snow?

So I signed the last paper, put on my boots and coat and was about to leave, as I suddenly turned around and headed back.

“My keys.” I muttered annoyed. I couldn’t leave without my keys.

I entered the common room and grabbed the keys where I had left them on the table, as I noticed the lights of a TV shining on the walls. I carefully glanced around the corner. A tall blonde man skipped through the channels without really paying attention. He looked sad.

“Steve?“ I asked surprised and looked down at a frame in the dark, covered with blankets. He lifted his head in confusion, but his eyes lightened up as he saw it was only me.  “(Y/N), what are you doing here? I thought you were long gone.” "Actually I was about to go. What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you celebrate Christmas instead of watching TV all night?“

I leaned against the wall and chuckled, but Steve just gave me a thin smile and shrugged his shoulders. “I used to love Christmas, but that was a long time ago.“ His sad, piercing blue eyes looked directly into mine and caused butterflies to dance in my stomach and my cheeks tinted lightly pink.

I tried to ignore the fact I always felt like a stupid school girl around him, though I really had a big crush on him since a while. I wasn’t afraid of beating up enemies during our battles or getting myself into danger, but I always got nervous when I was around him.    

He was my captain, nothing more and even our friendship wouldn’t change anything about that. Only Natasha knew my feelings about him, because it was simply impossible hiding secrets from her. At least, she didn’t tell anyone.

"I thought you would…well you know.“ "With who?” Steve replied and sighed and stared at the TV again.

A silent oh escaped my lips as I realized he had nobody with who he could spend Christmas Eve with. Even Sam wasn’t in town. And I just stood here with my scarf and woollen cap and didn’t know what to do at first, as he looked towards me again.I really didn’t want him to spend tonight totally alone, that would hsve been horrible.

“I know what to do.” I suddelny said. "I mean, maybe you would like to come with me. Nobody should be alone on Christmas.” I grinned, but I held my breath and bit my tongue. Did I really just asked Captain America if he would like to join me on my family dinner? But Steve laughed and turned off the TV a few moments later. “You are the nicest person I have ever met.” He stood up and I even got warmer underneath my coat as I noticed he wore simple jeans and a button up shirt, which showed all the perfect features of his muscles.

His gaze flicked down at my baby blue snowman sweater. “Nice outfit.” Steve noticed and I looked down at me. "No, not really, but thank you.“ I stuttered ashamed and ran my hand through my hair. It was a family tradition that we all had to wear one of my grandma’s knitted pullovers on Christmas Eve.

“You wouldn’t want to hang out with an old man like me, do you?” “I would love to.” I replied and tried to ignore the goosebumps caused by the way he smiled at me. “I was about to visit my family.” I grinned innocently. "Your family?“ he repeated irritated. Truth was, I never told a soul that I had just been a simple girl from a small town before I had joined the Avengers.

Nobody should know, so my family was safe. It was dangerous and I should have broken contact with them, but what would I be without my beloved family? “It’s quite a big family. They’re loud, they sing and eat a lot and I’m sure they would welcome you with open arms. But I understand if you would rather not- sorry, it was stupid to ask.” I wished the ground would open and swallow me up.  “Actually, I would really like to accompany you.”

“You do?“ I asked and he nodded.

I watched him getting ready and put on his coat and the red white and blue scarf Stark had given him earlier. Ready to celebrate Christmas with me and my family. Was this real? “Sooo.” He began shyly. "Wanna go?“ "Yes Captain, uhm…Steve.“ I said and an amused smile showed up my face, as I accepted the arm he offered me and we hooked together.

My fingers clenched around the wheel as I stared outside though the snow. We finally made it safe to the place I called home and we drove pass all the colourful christmas lights along the street. One shining more beautiful that the other into the cold night, while Bing Crosby’s White Christmas played in the radio.

I smiled, because I knew it made Steve think of the good old days.

“You’re not nervous, aren’t you?” I asked and looked at Steve from the corner of my eyes. He just sat there next to me and watched the snow fly against the window. He took a deep breath. “A little.“ He answered truthfully. "What if they don’t want to invite a stranger?“

"They are going to love you Steve, don’t worry.“  In fact I was more worried about him meeting my weird family.

“We’re here.” I finally said and stopped the car in front of a house with snow on the roof and smoke coming out of the chimney. A very ugly snowman stood in front of a bright shining Christmas tree. Warm light came though the curtains and was reflected by the sparkling snow. “So this is your secret.” Steve leaned a little closer to me to have a better look at the house. I held my breath and nodded. “This is my secret.“ I repeated. "When I close my eyes, I can already smell my favourite cookies in the oven.” I sniffled, like I could actually smell them and made Steve chuckle. “Steve?” "Yes?“ I licked my lips, still holding the wheel. "I should probably tell you something before we go inside.” He seemed a bit worried about the expression on my face. “Tell me.” He said softly. "It’s stupid.“ I giggled, but then I became more serious. "My family does not know about me and what I do. Not about you, nor the Avengers. They think I work in the hospital and live a normal life without… fighting aliens or evil robots.” I confessed meekly. Steve shook his head in amusement. “Really?” "Oh, yes. I forgot. Captain America is always honest.“

We made our way through the higher getting snow towards my parents house and Steve held the front gate open for me. “Doctor (Y/L/N), is there anything more, I should know perhaps?” he asked jokingly as we finally reached the door.  “I have two overprotective brothers and a grandma who will offer you so much food, until you can’t take it anymore.” “Sounds great.” He said encouraged, while I rang the bell and immediately heard loud barking reply from the inside.

“Granny!” "Pumpkin!“ My grandma cheered as she opened the door and found us waiting in the snow, whilst keeping the exited dog back inside. She hugged me with a plate of cookies in one hand. “How glad I am you came and- helloooo, who’s this handsome young man?”

Her eyes became big behind her glasses as she noticed Steve, who waited patiently behind me.  “Steve Rogers, nice to meet you Ma’am.” He introduced himself and offered my surprised granny a hand. “Well, just call me grandma darling. How wonderful, you want to celebrate with us tonight. Come in, come in, or you two get yourself a cold. There’s enough turkey for everyone.”

I gave him a meaningful look as we followed her inside.

“Merry Christmas!” I yelled and ran into the living room, where my whole family sat together and suddenly turned around. “(Y/N)!” was the answer and I saw my little niece running towards me. “Oh my goodness, you are even bigger than I remember you.” I twirled her around and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Steve stood right next to me and I laid my hand on his shoulder as soon as I put my niece down. “Hey, everyone. This is Steve- Steve, these are the (Y/L/N).” "Merry Christmas.“ Steve greeted and he politly shook everbody’s hand.

I noticed they were all wearing a similar embarrassing sweater like me and it didn’t take long for my granny to hand Steve in his own sweater. “Now, you’re part of the family.” She told him, while he pulled it over his head with a bright grin. “Thank you very much.” He looked down and couldn’t help himself laughing as he saw the ugly white and red reindeer pattern on his sweater.  

I laughed too and clapped my hands, but I really asked myself how he did that, still looking incredible attractive, even in one of my granny’s sweaters.

“(Y/N), never told us she had a boyfriend.” My brother eyed him from top to bottom. “Josh, we are not- we are colleagues.“ Steve and I both blushed. Josh lifted an eyebrow, but finally grabbed Steve’s shoulder and welcomed him too.

He got treated like a real family member and we laughed together, we spent a great time with each other and definitely ate too many cookies. 

  “So you work together with my little sister in the hospital?” My other brother asked and Steve choked a bit between a bite of delicious turkey. "Yes, I do. Great work…helping people is what I do."   "Hey, maybe you could take a look at the odd mark on my back afterwards.” “Uuuhm.” Steve stammered, but I intervened before he could lift up his sweater to show it to him. "He’s not that kind of doctor, Steve is a psychiatrist.” I told him a bit panicky and ignored Steve’s awkward stare.

“I am?“ he asked quietly, but then cleared his throat. “I am.” I smiled at him, couldn’t keep back a chuckle and so did he. Our fingers touched underneath the table and there they were again. Butterflies, stronger than ever and I got lost in his bright eyes.

"I’m happy to have you at my side.” His words became more and more quiet in the end.  I didn’t know for how long we had stared, but definitely long enough for everybody to notice. Then my brother cleared his throat and made them all grin. “If you two are done flirting, could you give me the gravy please?”


"You are really full of surprises.“ Steve said as we finally had a moment for us alone. I chuckled. “You surely think I’m totally crazy, do you?” "You want the truth?“ he replied and my heart sank to the floor. I knew he wouldn’t like it. He took a strain of my hair between his fingers. “I saw you fighting against aliens and robots like a badass, you saved my life more than once-“ “That’s not true-“ “Yes it is (Y/N).” He sighed.

“I didn’t think I could possibly like you even more than I did already. Tonight proved me wrong. I can.” I repeated his smile. "I like you too Steve, very much.“ "Thank you for inviting me.“ “Thank you for being here.” But my smile suddenly froze. "You’re not telling anyone about my double life, you have to promise me. I trust you, but I have to be sure my family is safe.” Steve seriously nodded. “Of course I do, I promise.” “Thank you.” I involuntarily laid my hand on his chest and felt his muscles underneath the fabric of his new reindeer pullover. I pulled it back a bit embarrassed. "I- I need some air.” I said and took a step away from him. “Mind if I join you?” He smiled and I nodded happily as he helped me putting on my coat. Gentleman that he is.

The cool winter air hit me as he followed me outside. I heard my family laughing about something and they started singing a lightly drunken christmas song. "Last Christmas I gave you my heart…”

The blizzard was over, there were only a few sparkling snowflakes left from the storm, which had covered the whole garden with fluffy white snow. It seemed like we were right in the middle of a fairytale and I could barely breathe at this sight of the beautiful garden. I left footprints behind and stood at my tiptoes to catch a snowflake with my tongue. Steve stood right next to me and I saw little clouds coming out his mouth as he breathed out. The wind blew tiny snowflakes in his hair and the snow was reflected in his eyes. It made them shine even more intense blue than they already were. That’s when I noticed how close we were to each other.

"Steve?“ I whispered.

"May I kiss you?“ He whispered back and for one moment, our world stood still. Snowflakes stopped falling down from the sky and the only sound we heard was the humming bird heartbeats between us. There was nothing more than a simple yes that I could say. His hands wandered down to my hips, while his gaze flickered between my mouth and my eyes. Our lips, only one breath away.

Until suddenly a huge snowball hit us right from out of nowhere. I could only look in the direction it came from and recognized the bunch of cackling neighbour kids before Steve threw the both of us behind a tree into the snow. I landed on top of him and looked up, shocked. “Sorry, that was a reflex.” He gasped, but I giggled silently. “They have to pay.” I said and put a determined smile on my lips.

“That means war Agent (Y/L/N). You attack them from the right, I’ll give you backing from the left.” “Yes Captain.” He helped me up and I prepared a snowball, while he did the same. “Ready?” I asked. "Ready.“ He gave me a last bright grin before I hit the first kid with my snowball and the fight started.

They screamed and ran in different directions, tried to defend themselves, but to be honest, they didn’t have a single chance against two Avengers. 

*****   MERRY CHRISTMAS   *****

anonymous asked:

nonbinary charley pollard :3

Charley figured out that she wasn’t like her sisters when she was four, and her mother presented her with a nice dress to wear for a party. Most small girls would have squealed in delight, Charley proceeded to go and sit in a muddy puddle in the garden whilst wearing the thing. She didn’t like it. It was all puffy and fluffy and weird. It was like wearing a cloud. But in a bad, heavy way that she didn’t like.

She didn’t like a lot of the dresses that her mother told her to wear over the years, either. By age twelve, she owned exactly three dresses that she liked, and a whole lot more pairs of trousers than her parents were comfortable with. She had to wear skirts to school. She didn’t like that much. She would rather climb over the fence of the school and go to play football with the boys in the village.

And she’d lost count of the amount of times she’d begged her parents to let her cut her hair short. She’d tried it herself once, using a pair of her mother’s embroidery scissors, and she hadn’t gotten very far. There had been a weird short patch in the back of her hair for months.

Her mother eventually told her that when she turned sixteen she could use her own allowance for a lady’s short cut. She wasn’t very good at being a lady.

Eventually, she decided to stop responding when anyone called her Charlotte. It was a silly, old fashioned name. Charley was much nicer. It felt more like her name. Even though she was never given it. She gave it to herself. She still responded to the nicknames her sisters gave her, because they were only little and they didn’t know better. But, when anyone addressed her as Charlotte, she would go conveniently deaf. She even ran away from home for a week during the summer when she was fourteen, and when she came back, her parents decided it was wise to listen when she said she didn’t like the name Charlotte.

So she was Charley. She wasn’t a normal girl and she definitely wasn’t a boy. She decided then that she wanted to be an explorer. She would see everything.

She even started keeping a diary, because she liked writing and a friend from school had told her once that she should be an author. After a while, her quest for adventure led her to be aboard an airship, pretending to be a boy, something that came rather more naturally to her than she felt it would to most girls. She’d had a fair bit of practise. Sneaking around places and running away was easier when you weren’t a ‘delicate lady’.

Unfortunately, it was a lot harder to keep up the illusion aboard an airship high in the sky. And so, she ran into the Doctor. Quite literally.
She’d stopped her disguise by then. But she kept the clothes. It was far more comfortable. She liked the cap, too, when it didn’t itch.

She also liked the Doctor, who was by far the strangest man she’d ever met. Although, he did repeatedly insist he wasn’t a man, and then by the time he’d pulled her into his bizarre impossible spaceship, he was going on about Time Lords and strange genders and neutral pronouns, whatever those were. It was all a little beyond her, to start with.

But then he (they, after a while) made an effort to lay it all out for her. They showed her the future, where no one really bothered who wore what anymore.

The future, she decided, was a whole lot nicer than her own time. And all the Doctor’s strange talk about there being more genders than male and female had been playing on her mind rather a lot ever since they’d first brought it up.

“Dooooctoooor.” She asked, swinging her legs out over the void all around them. “Do most aliens have different genders?”

“Why, yes. A lot of alien cultures have more than your binary human system.” They took a sip of tea, gazing down at the swirly blue and white marble that was Earth below. “Even you humans have more than two genders, really. You just don’t acknowledge the others.”

“Can people from my time have different genders?” Could she come up with an excuse fast enough if they asked who she was referring to?

The Doctor laughed, a light musical sound Charley had grown rather fond of in her recent weeks of adventure.

“Of course. Humans have always had more than two genders. Why do you ask, Charley?”

“I, um, I’ve met a lot of odd rich people.” She said hurriedly.

“Right. Are you sure you aren’t asking for yourself?” They tapped her on the end of her nose, and she blinked in surprise. How had they known that?

“Um.” She said. She didn’t really know what her gender was.

“It’s perfectly alright if you are. You know, I’m pretty sure I have a book in the TARDIS library from the year 8020 that lists every gender a human wrote on the Third Worldwide Census. It’s a good 150 pages long.”

“Wow.” She said. “I’ll just stick with nothing.”

“Fair enough.” The Doctor took another sip of tea and then jumped up to go and fiddle with some part of the TARDIS. “Is there anything you want me to change about how I address you? I told you about neutral pronouns, if you want those. I have another book full of pronouns, actually…” They trailed off at Charley’s slightly alarmed look. Just how many pronouns could there BE that they could write a whole book full of them.

“Just Charley.” She said, grinning more than she had even when she discovered the world was larger than she could dream of. “And however it was before. If I think of something else, I’ll tell you.”

“Of course.” They walked up, pulling her into a quick hug and planting a kiss on the top of her head. “Just Charley it is then.”

(Co-written with luvthatnonbinarydoctorwho)