i look like a tomatoe ok


doodle dump yay

I really like Sabrina, but she needs more friends next season.

I applied to the miracuclass zine but i’ve never drawn any of the classmates so!! had to change that, and they’re really!! fun to draw ok!!

max and mylene are the cutest i need to draw them more often

look who took the time to do a complete coloured piece >v> also im still worried for these kids 

also I have a love/hate relationship with Yuto’s cloak - shading all those creases 8v8

Since I am in poetic mood.. am.gonna post something lovely..

You may look like potato to others..

But I know, you can be the best French fry ever!!!

Will you let me be the ketchup to bring out the best of you..

your Tomato

Dedicated to my two most lovely friends @lillasvane and @tipahnoona others aren’t on Tumblr.

heals  asked:

all multiples of 4 for the thing :]

*clenches fist* those are.. a lot of asks .. *whispers under breath* thanks ily robin

4. Kissed anyone?
no.. whats a kissed??  /

8. Have you ever done alcohol or drugs?
i’ve tried sips of drinks but i haven’t really found any that i like, they all just kinda make me look like a red tomato. and no.. i heard that if u inject a marijuana ur arm falls off that sounds scary dude

12. Favorite color?
sky blue! and most pastel colours are really nice too

16. Hair color?
ok i actually don’t know the answer to this bc it looks black sometimes but most of the time like a dark brown ?? some people say it looks red, blue, and even green under some light so idk my hair is reflective and whatever it wants to be

20. Do you love someone?
hell ya dude

24. Favorite band?
VIXX.. a kpoop band..  

28. Ever dated someone?
whats a dated?? is that like.. a fruit or something 

32. Favorite show?
im gonna assume that this ask wasn’t meant for wee of boos so im gonna say the office or the walking dead!

36. Any bad habits?
i tend to procrastinate sometimes and that just kinda.. fucks up my balance of doing work and having time for myself + friends lol

40. Do you believe in love?
sure! i guess ? 

44. Selfie?

i took this today and blurred out the background bc my room is a mess but yeah that’s me with a doggo filter!

ask (x)


“Baby, I’m home.” As you set down your purse, you took a sniff, your face scrunching up. There was a sour, burned smell in the air and the house was cloudy. “Baby is everything ok?” “Yes, my love!” You heard Chibs from the kitchen and you took your shoes off before slowly making your way over. Your eyes widened as you entered the kitchen, not knowing where to look first. There were crumbs and dirty pots all over the counter and pieces of pasta on the floor, what looked like tomato sauce on his shirt when he turned towards you. “Hey darlin’.” He looked exhausted and frustrated, but smiled none the less.

“Happy anniversary.” You returned the gesture with a smile of your own and walked to him, wrapping your arms around his middle. “Happy anniversary baby. What you cooking?” His smile fell and he shrugged. “I was trying to make you pasta and garlic bread but I burned the bread and the pastas too salty. Like really salty.” You laughed and shook your head. “Nonsense. I’m gonna go change, serve me?” He tilted his head and stared at you blankly. “I’m not lying love, it tastes like shite.” You turned away from him and sauntered to the bedroom. “Make me a plate.”


“Baby please stop eating it. Let’s order out.” You said nothing, just tried to swallow down the bite you had in your mouth. It really did taste like shit, he hadn’t been lying. He’d spent 3 hours cooking though and you didn’t want to just not eat, so you’d tried. You’d made it about 4 spoons in and you were already beginning to feel nauseous. Chibs had refused to even serve himself a plate and was now begging you to stop. You shook your head and put another spoon in but gagged and Chibs quickly took the plate from you, pulling your cheeks to make you spit it out and tossing the contents into the trash. “That’s enough. We’re getting Chinese.” You nodded and wiped your mouth, chugging some water to get the salt out of your mouth. Chibs saw you and laughed loudly.

“You got ballocks girl. I’ll give you that.” You chuckled then coughed, Chibs laughing harder. He held his hand out to you and you took it, standing from your chair at the dining room table. He wrapped one arm around your waist, the other coming to rest on the back of your head, holding you to him. “I love you. You know that right?” Blushing, he looked down at you and nodded. “Aye. I know. I love you too, my girl.” You let your head lay on his chest, always enjoying being in his arms and never wanting to be anywhere else.

undercelestialstars  asked:

Okay look Romano has nothing against Sweden he respects him and his food
It's America that Romano should be mad at ok
People have put BURGERS on pizza the horror

we all know Romano is fucking horrified at America’s food but I highly doubt he’s the sole recipient of his ire 

I’m like 99% sure he views his pizza as the original and all the others are too far gone to think about (considering it was a Neapolitan innovation to put tomato sauce on bread and that’s how “modern pizza” started. and also there’s a legend regarding the origins of pizza margherita where a pizzamaker put tomatoes, cheese, and basil on pizza to represent the tricolor of the flag.) 

Addressing the burgers thing tho. Yeah. No. That’s another monster. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! As someone who has a crippling fear of centipedes, but wants to get over it, how would one go about that? I like most bugs (my favorite is the tomato hornworm), but for some reason centipedes make me very uncomfortable and uneasy.

“Gonta may understand why, with how centipedes look and how they act, but it is ok! Just imagine them as a massive train ride for even SMALLER beings for them to ride on.”

ok so here’s the reason I cried for 3 hours last night:

we ended up just hugging him for our Castiel photo op, he smelled really good (slightly sweet but also like clean clothes) and was really warm. i started crying pretty much right away (shocker) so I kind of turned my face into him a bit because I didn’t want to look like a tomato in the picture (i did anyways) so it turned out like this:

right afterwards, i said to misha what I’ve been wanting to say to him for ages: “thank you for saving my life” (by this point i was really sobbing) and he pulled me into another hug and grabbed my hand(his hand was really warm and slightly rough but also soft). he pulled away for a second, smiled at me, and said “you saved your own life” which of course made me cry harder because it means so much to me.

Chris was an angel and gently told me we had to redo the pic so Misha pulled me back in for another hug (i was really fucking crying at this point, there was definitely tear-spots on his coat afterwards) and this was the pic (even more tomato): 

after, he pulled me in for one more hug and rubbed my back a bit because i was a fucking mess

tldr; misha is amazing and i walked away crying tears of happiness

ok so i recently downloaded sims free play for my phone & decided to make merlin and arthur (im trash, i know). things were going pretty normally in sim world until merlin planted some tomatoes that actually turned out to be a big sim-eating plant(???)  i come off of the game and come back to this

merlin is fighting the big sim-eating plant while arthur looks idly at his hands like he has no idea what’s going on,, isn’t this a canon episode?? (he’ll be taking the credit for it next )