i look like a potato in some of the pictures

Some PapyTon~
I just LOVE crayons, the effect is so cute! ;u;
And I know that the left side of the couch looks like Asgore was sittin’ there all day wearin’ his armor, with Tori on his lap and bag of potatoes on his back, but I noticed it too late, so….
And also the story of this pic is funny: I was supposed to finish a little picture of Ton-Ton, but then the idea of drawing a little, cute papyton came up, so I asked one of my bff what should I draw. Welp, the answer was obvious…
Thanks, @byhikarii~


Perhaps you have noticed that I tend to post bird pictures in alphabetical order by species (budgies, cockatiel, conure).  Today I am breaking that pattern because Facebook brought to my attention that it was three years ago this weekend that we brought home this brightly-colored potato.  Spencer is a inexhaustible source of both delight and tiny bird-bite injuries and I am thankful every day to have him as a birdfriend. <3


yyyyyYYYEEE i can finally upload my acen pics! i got a bunch of pictures of amazing cosplayers and some where it’s just like. me looking like a potato next to them lol

serena- me

cosplay pikachu- nintendohypetrain

Going on "whiteout" tag like

“why do you need another day you have a whole history month”

“this is segregation and it’s racist :(”

“haha yeah I’m white here’s my selfie go ahead and hate me”

“why only black people?? hashtag ALL races out”

“this whole thing is stupid, people on both sides are wrong, I hate social justice”

“blacks are criminals here are some made-up statistics and pictures of beaten-up white people”

“anti-feminist, anti-multiculturalism, white pride :)”