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Be More Chill Headcanons 3

- After the SQUIP incident Jeremy instantly assumed that Rich wasn’t his friend any more and would go back to bullying him.

- Rich felt the opposite and assumed they’d be even closer friends so one day Rich slapped Jeremy’s back and yelled “Hello Jeremy Queer!!”

- Jeremy was instantly afraid of being bullied over that but no Rich Just Knew The Truth

- Everyone assumes that Jake gives the piggy backs but then Rich shows up out of no where and sweeps him off his feet
- The entire crew makes “don’t move to New Jersey” jokes a lot

- For one of their first dates boyf riends thought they had to do something big and special because Dating God says so. So they went to Wild Woods board walks

- It wasn’t terrible, they walked around, went on rides, bought matching t-shirts, and Jeremy screamed when he dipped his toe into the ocean cuz it was so fucking cold

- But it was pricy, both boys were broke at the end, so now they have simple dates with big ones far between

- “No way, not in my good Christian home.” “Your Jewish, Jeremy”

- Christine sees flowers growing in cracks and get so excited she always stops and takes a picture

- Christine has a photo album on her phone of just things that look nice, she’s very proud of it

- After a while the gang starts using jokes to cope with the SQUIP incident, whenever they fuck something up they said “sorry my SQUIP told me to” “oh did your SQUIP say to do that huh?”

- Michael is very concerned

- Mr Rayes’ SQUIP looked like a giant hot pocket with a mouth

- Rich is the kinda guy who will bite in a fight

- Christine literally snorted in the middle of very quiet homeroom when she heard the line “everything is legal in New Jersey” from Hamilton for the first time

- Jeremy sucks at keeping secrets

- This led to him, after mending their friendship, telling Brooke that Chloe was jealous of her

- Brooke confronted her about it, because “wth Chloe you’re beautiful bby I’m jealous of you” and Chloe ended up confessing “ok so maybe like? I like you? In a not straight way”

- Even before they were dating, anytime someone called Chloe and Brooke the cutest bffs Rich would lean over and say “they’re lesbians Harold”

- One time Michael and Jeremy cried in a Dave and Busters because they saw a giant Rock Em Sock Em and a game for Luigi’s mansion

- Chloe is the friend who drives up to your house unexpected and keeps beeping the horn until you come downstairs.

- She doesn’t give a shit if you’re half naked, “get in loser we’re going shopping”

- Christine has a lazy eye that she can control, sometimes she moves her eye away during photos

- Jenna goes around and does everyone’s nails with colors she thinks suits them, she’ll even do them in the middle of class

- Jenna once painted everyone’s nails in their pride colors and it was amazing

- “Ok so I need to tell you all something but it’s a secret so-” “don’t tell Jenna, got it”

- They all fight over Android vs Apple, it becomes a bloody war, friendships are ruined

- Rich will do any dare you tell him to and it’s scary

- Jake and rich leave really gay notes and presents in each other’s locker

- Jeremy’s locker is literally just a garbage stash, he carries his backpack

- Michael once left weed in his locker by accident (he didn’t mean to bring it to school, he’s a good egg) and it fell out when he opened it and the heart attack he had nearly killed him

- Christine has the decked out locker that has decorations and is overly neat and constantly smells like perfume

- Jenna has stacks of magazines, money, and ten make up bags in her locker, she has all her heavy text books in there

- Rich’s locker is a fucking mess don’t go in there unless you want to be taken to the forsaken school maze of papers from freshman year and moldy snacks

- Jake has so much sports shit in there that everyone tells him he needs a second locker

- Brooke never locks her locker, and she leaves valuable stuff in there sometimes but nope she just lets it all be free for the taking. Yet no one takes

- No one takes because Chloe is right next to her locker, and there’s a rumor Chloe has a knife in hers.

- The rumor is a lie of course, but Chloe doesn’t mind it, so she opens her locker very suspiciously

Opening Act {S.M}

requested// imagine where you are Shawn’s opening act and you develop feelings for one another but you have a boyfriend and he gets jealous and so does Shawn

author’s note//hey pals heres a halloween imagine kinda lol i love halloween and aHHHhhhhHHH okay enjoy this as much as i enjoy shawn’s existence !!

masterlist || link to part two

“Dude, i’m so hype.” Your best friend, Jenna exclaimed, putting some pretzels in her mouth. You gave her a small chuckle as you shakily put your eyeliner on, trying very hard not to mess up the wing. Jenna was here for the special occasion, the Halloween show, so she could play the keyboard and sing backup vocals for a couple songs on your Halloween setlist. 

“Me too.” You flicked your wrist so your wing was perfect. You now looked like a black cat, with the drawn on whiskers and the tail and the ears and the tutu. You would have gotten into the Halloween spirit, and dressed up as something more fun (you really wanted to dress up as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation) but you remembered that this was Shawn Mendes’s world tour, and you were preforming in front of thousands of teenage girls. Who would judge you. So the traditional black cat would have to do. Even if it was painfully boring of a costume. 

“That was the fakest ‘me too’ I have ever heard you say since Holland Gerrand said he had a crush on you in seventh grade.” Jenna popped a fun size milky way into her mouth. 

“I am excited, Jenna.” You mumbled, getting up from your seat. It was not ideal spending Halloween, your favorite holiday, preforming indie songs that these fourteen year old girls don’t even know, or care about for that matter. They just wanna see some boy they think is hot. 

“Y/n, why is it after like, the first month of this tour you literally hate it?” Jenna popped another pretzel in her mouth, wiping the crumbs off on the skirt of her Dorothy costume. Jenna looked a whole lot better than you, with her long blonde hair braided in pigtails, and the whole Dorothy thing working out extremely well. She hopped off your makeup table. 

“I don’t hate it…” You muttered. 

“But you do.” Jenna shot back. 

“I hate the fact that i’m preforming for teenage girls who don’t care at all about what I am doing, I hate the fact that i’m dressed up like a freaking black cat on my favorite holiday of the year, I hate the fact my boyfriend yelled at me over FaceTime cause I told him I was catching feelings for Shawn.” Jenna sighed. She knew very well that you were starting to catch feelings for Shawn. She knew everything, she was the first person you told. 

“Y/n, you need to get over that. Cause it can’t last past the tour a-” You cut it off. 

“And Damion.” You added in. Jenna just rolled her eyes at you. 

“Your relationship with Damion is basically a ticking time bomb, y/n.” She sighs, jumping up and scurrying (cause that’s really all she can do with those sparkly red heels on) over to the chair where her packed up keyboard was. She picked up the pack and started to walk off. 

“Where are you going, Jenna?” You sigh, not wanting her to leave you alone. 

“Your act starts in thirty minutes, i’m setting up my keyboard.” Jenna walked out of your dressing room before you could protest, being left in the boring beige room. You were tired of spending three hours a day in boring beige, black, white, or grey rooms. You were tired of preforming for teenage girls who don’t care a bit about what you’re singing. You could easily leave the tour, go around to outdoor concert festivals and preform, people who go to those kind of concerts are the ones you want to preform for. The only reason you were staying was Shawn. He brought a light into your life, and while he was there, your songs weren’t all that sad. 

Of course Shawn was a teeney bopper, and your boyfriend Damion (who you weren’t entirely sure that was his real name, because you met him at a really obscure outdoor concert event you played at) was a lot more like you. And you liked Damion. You weren’t quite sure if you loved him, but you liked him. You weren’t a fan of the idea of breaking up with him. But you also hated the idea of living the rest of your life without Shawn. He made everything so much easier, so much better. You never had to worry about saying something wrong around him… like ever. You could say the stupidest of things, and he wouldn’t judge you at all. You loved that. You always felt so welcomed. 

You started pacing around, not really sure what to do. It was Halloween, your confidence was at it’s peak around Halloween. You needed to do something. You needed to either end it with Damion and try to be with Shawn, or tell Shawn how you feel so you can move on and focus on Damion. Either sounded absolutely horrifying. You needed to make a decision, and sooner than you thought because you felt your phone buzzing in the waistband of your leggings. Your breath caught in your throat, hoping to God one of the two names wasn’t going to flash in large white letters on your screen. Your hand shakily moved to your waistband, and pulled out your phone. Your heart sunk down to your stomach when you say Damion’s name pop up on the screen. You sucked in a breath and pressed the green answer button. 

“Hello love.” You tried your level best to pretend that there was nothing wrong. 

“Please explain to me what the hell that photo I’ve been seeing all over the internet is?” He obviously wasn’t doing the same. 

“What photo, my love.” You sighed, forcing a smile on your face just to make it a bit easier to fake it. 

“The one of you and that Shawn kid holding hands.” He almost growled. He was seriously getting mad over that picture? 

“Damion, please we were just out and about before a show and paparazzi were out and I couldn’t really see so he was helping me along. You know how the media is.” You added a laugh just so he would get off your back. 

“Y/n that’s a load of crap and you know it. You like this kid.” He snapped. You felt a couple tears leave your eyes. You couldn’t do this now. You needed time… You couldn’t make a decision to end it with Damion and tell him about your feelings for Shawn right in this moment. 

“Damion, please, I’m going onstage in twenty minutes I need to go.” You told him, pleading almost. 

“Aren’t I more important than some stupid concert?” He basically screams. 

“Damion please stop yelling at me… I have a show.” You held back the tears so you didn’t mess up your cat makeup. 

“Whatever y/n.” He scoffed. “This isn’t over.” You heard the three beeps that indicated that he had hung up. You didn’t cry except for a single tear. You pulled your shoulders back, needing to compose yourself before you went on the stage. You were doing a pretty good job at it until you felt two familiar arms wrap around your waist. 

“Hey cute cat.” Shawn whispers into your ear, his lips brushing past your neck, which sent a shiver down your spine. 

“Shawn…” You started. You couldn’t do this. He always did things like this… and you knew he had extremely strong feelings for you. You felt his soft lips press against your neck, and for a moment you gave in. But Damion reentered your mind, and you shook yourself away. You turned to look at him, being all irresistible in that pirate costume you helped him plan a week or so back. He looked so good in that loose shirt and black pants. Even the eyepatch looked good on him. 

“What is it?” Shawn frowned. You shook your head. 

“I can’t do this… not right now.” He gave you a puzzled look, and you continued. “I’m still with Damion, and until I figure that out, I cannot be with you.” You looked down at your black boots waiting for a response. 

“I thought that..” He started and you looked up. He paused for a moment, looking up. “Wait, scratch that, I know that if you truly want to be with someone, you’ll do anything to be with them… and I would do anything to be with you. But it hurts so incredibly much that you wouldn’t do that for me.”

“Shawn, pl-” he cut you off instantaneously. 

“Let me finish.” He put a finger up. “But I would do anything to be with you. And if waiting is what it takes, than I will do it. I’m not happy about it, but I will do it.” It was hard to take him so seriously in that costume… 

“Th-” Again, he cut you off before you could even finish a syllable. 

“That doesn’t mean I will accept second choice, y/n.” Before you could get another word in he had turned around. 

Your heart sunk a little, but you seemed to forget that when they told you it was time to go onstage. 

author’s note// lowkey feelin a part two lololol!! but happy halloween ya’ll, even though Halloween is actually tomorrow but I can’t post tomorrow lololol. hope you have a great one!

livingdeadblondequeen  asked:

Prompt: Met at a family reunion (or family Christmas party) but are not related

Klaus’ eyes scoured the main floor of the decadently decorated hall that his client’s family was piling into at a rapid speed. He had lost sight of the darker haired blonde he’d met two hours ago enroute to this event. His employee Marcel ended up having a bout of illness which made him step in and do the job. She was in hurry and her mother had all but swooped her out of his grasp as he checked his coat in.

He smiled to himself as he found her in a backless red dress nodding to himself as he remembered that she wanted a big entrance with him. Klaus wrapped his arms around her neck his lips pressing to her pulse point hearing her gasp in surprise. Klaus pulled back as she struggled in his grip. His eyes widened in shock matching hers as she turned her head to look at him fully.

“Sorry Sweetheart,” he acquits himself, “I was looking for my girlfriend and you just sort of looked like her from behind.” he explained as his hands lingered at her sides dropping as he realized what he was doing.

The lighter haired blonde looked at him disbelievingly, “Like Maggie who you’ve been with for nearly a year,” she asks him with more information about his fake relationship than he knew.

He chuckles reaccing for a passing glass filled with liquid courage off of the waiters trays before answering, “I’ll blame the poor imitation of champagne for my slip up if you will too.”

She watches him sip, his nerves barely showing as she smirks darkly, “Is that the rest of your half assed apology for kissing my neck and pawing at me from behind?” she asks.

Klaus lean further into her space crowding her into the corner without thinking, “Why would I apologize if I wasn’t sorry?” he murmurs.

Her mouth drops open, “What?” she asks disconcerted at his come on while he was here with someone else.

Klaus realizes his mistake too late and blaming his rustiness would not do, “Bugger. I was joking. Obviously.” he says moving far back.

“Right.” she relents, “Maggie is over by the photo line.” she adds helpfully with a nod walking by him looking rather careful of not touching him.

“Sorry.” he mutters cursing his mistake with a scratch to his brow as he strides to the far corner spotting Margret.


Later that evening he finds the other blonde again this time however he knows her name having it whispered around so much this evening. He must admit the name suited her, meaning joy, happiness the woman in front of him seemed to depict those traits in her eyes and smile. That or she was the work of a devil.

“You don’t really work on wall street do you?” she asked as she approached him like a cat on the prowl.

“Ah. Caroline.” Klaus feigned misunderstanding as she sipped from her glass, “Of course I do.”

“I think you’d fit better on broadway.” Caroline remarks with respect to how well the man has portrayed himself.

He feels his collar tighten under her penetrating stare, “Come again?” he asks loosening the top button.

“Well, with all this lying you and Mags are doing. It makes more sense.” she says slurring slightly as she leans in whispering.

Klaus pulls her to the side where he finds a door conveniently left unlocked pulling her inside with him. She pulls on the metal cord in the center of what he now believes is a storage closet illuminating them.

“What are you talking about?” he demands to know although he already has an inkling hes been found out, “Margaret and I are in love.” he says.

“She hates when people call her that and I went to college with her.” Caroline remarks polishing off her drink.

“She lets me,” he responds puzzled, “And exactly what does that mean?” he asks as she set her glass down.

“She’s a lesbian.” the blonde says quietly sobering as they grow closer in the small room.

Caroline’s hand lands on his arm, “So as hot as you are, you’re not her type at all.” she tells him.

Klaus drags a hand down his face, “You can’t tell anyone.” he says in a hurried tone concerned for his client.

“So you are an escort?” she asks, her face unpredictably beaming, “I get it. Small town.”

When she doesn’t continue Klaus knits his brows, “Honestly I wish I had the brass ones to try. It’d have saved me loads of unwanted questions and attentions.”

He feels as if he’s only getting bits of the story as his eyes wander over her cheery pink cheeks and perfectly downturned lips, “Because you’re here alone?”he asks.

“Yes.” she replies with a little bit of a storm in her eyes, “Now we should get out of the closet before somebody finds us and tells the town Caroline hasn’t changed at all.”

Klaus reached for her arm pulling her back in place, “What’s that about?” he asked unsure of why he needed to know.

Her shoulders drop in defeat, “No one’s mentioned it to you yet?” she asks as he watches the storm in her blue eyes thunder.

She waves a hand as she says, “Watch out for Caroline.” in a very dramatic, very thick accent.

“There have been not so subtle warnings, I’ll admit,” he admits because it was after all how he learned her name.

“I’ll have you know,” she pokes his chest as she speaks, “That I didn’t know he was practically engaged to Elena when we finally got together.”

“I believe you.” Klaus responds taken with her reaction, with her to be frank.

“You do?” she asks clearly never having heard that before him by someone as honest.

“Yes. Is that a first?” he finds himself asking, engaging with her, entranced by her beauty and grace.

“Yes.” Caroline confesses fixing herself up so she doesn’t look back at him, “I’ll go out first. you wait five minutes.”

“Three.” he negotiates with a drop of his eyes to her red tinted mouth.

“Fine.” she mutters trying to act as if his dancing eyes didn’t have an effect over her long after dinner ends and they ride together to the old Salvatore boarding house.


Caroline had successfully avoided the man since the night before but when her great aunt asked her to fetch him from upstairs her luck ran out. Nervously she tugged on the sleeves of her knitted sweater pulling them over her fingers as she spotted the back of his head outside on the terrace. She sighed wistfully as she noticed his brown curls loud enough to draw his attention.

“Everyone inside is looking for you.” she squirmed crossing her arms over her chest unequipped for the cold night.

Klaus quickly removed his jacket and placed it onto her shoulders, “Sorry. I needed a moment.” he admitted to her.

Why was he looking at his feet instead of her Klaus asked himself redirecting his eyes to her face, “Aunt Jenna is quite handsy.”

Caroline agreed with a nod, “Yeah. Listen I wanted to apologize. Whatever you and Maggie are up to this weekend isn’t my business.” she told him.

He shook his head finding himself smiling outwardly, “On the contrary. Talking to you has been-”

She shakes her head interrupting, “Don’t worry. I’m sure you get neurotic messes all the time in your line of work.”

Klaus then shakes his head, “You’re not a mess. You’re just not like the rest of these people.” he explains.

Caroline feels heat rush to her uh, cheeks, “Thanks. That’s sweet but with respect you don’t know me.” she replies.

Klaus takes the initiative, “I’d like to. I shouldn’t say that in my profession.” he admits.

Caroline backs up mentally, “Or you just shouldn’t say it.” she mutters as the easy flowing vibe disappears.

She goes to the door, “Caroline wait,” Klaus pleads bringing her back to him their noses brushing.

“Maggie.” Klaus mumbles catching sight of the blonde responsible for him being her in the first place.

“What’s going on?” Maggie asks a perfect vision of a woman betrayed, “Caroline are you trying to…”

“She knows.” Klaus blurts out not wanting Caroline to go through the same thing over again by his hand.

Maggie’s face ales, “What?” she asks taking a seat on the bench Klaus had just vacated.

“You didn’t have to tell her,” Caroline tells him secretly thankful for his efforts.

“How did you find out?” Her cousin asked looking stricken.

Caroline went to her cousin bending her knees to look her in the face, “Mags. Really? It’s me.”

Maggie hugs Caroline tight only pulling back when a thought hits her, she smiles as she looks to Klaus, “Wait. You like Caroline.”

“I do.” Klaus admits knowing a certain blonde would not digest the news well.

He was right, she shook her head in rebuff, “No he doesn’t. He’s just had too much champagne.”

She throws him a pointed look ignoring Maggie’s befuddled one as Klaus responds, “Perfectly sober.” he quips.

“Um, Caroline.” Maggie sighs, a dark cloud looming around the reveal.

The blonde looks to her cousin assuringly, “I won’t tell.” her eyes flicker to him as she murmurs, “But leave me alone.”


Caroline hardly slept a wink after what transpired the night before making it awfully easy to come out before sunrise for a run. Her hope was that she would relieve some familial stress and avoid Klaus for a little longer.

At least until she figured out why she was thinking about him near constantly. That was the plan until she turned onto an older trail and found his smug face looking back at her.

“Agh,” she groaned pushing forward as he followed, “What are you doing here on my run?”

She tugged off her earphone to hear him, “Why won’t you talk to me?” he asked looking far too chipper this early.

“Because it’s not good for the cover story I’m sure Mags is paying you a lot for,” she says pinning him with her good point.

Klaus is undeterred, “Why? Because you want me to kiss you again?” he asks keeping pace with her.

She rolls her eyes moving faster and still he followed, “Somewhere else maybe?” he asks knowingly.

“Seriously, just shut up and stick to your side of the trail,” Caroline tells him before storming off to the other end.

“Fine,” he calls after her watching her back intently, “But watch your breathing, you’ll finally finish that last mile!”

Her head turns in shock, “You’ve been watching me?” she shouts back at him before focusing back on where she’s going.

Klaus makes a shushing sound, “Nah, stick to your side,” he says dropping his finger from his lips’ “I’m sticking to mine.”

She waits for him to catch up as she stretches in excuse, “Do you even need to work out if you’re out having sex all the time?” she asks.

Klaus throws her a dark look, he words his reply carefully, “It’s a great way to build up your stamina.” he smirks.

The delivering line leaving her pink in the cheeks and annoyed as she watches him run off.


After her shower she searches the compound for her cousin with high hopes Klaus would be elsewhere. Finally spotting the other blonde walking into one of the libraries of the home she followed after her speaking before thinking.

“Maggie you fake boyfriend is,” once again his attention is on her as she strolls in arm’s crossed.

Klaus leans forward on the sofa, “Handsome?” he suggests with a crooked smile that fills her with heat.

“Coming, -Here!” she covers lamely as her eyes run over the building scruff of his jaw only adding to the amusement clear as day on his stupid gorgeous face.

Maggie watches this occur with a shrouded demeanor as she speaks, “Klaus, could you be a dear and,” she asks shooing him away with her hands.

Klaus rolls his head from Caroline to her, “Of course,” he responds still taken with Caroline as he walks out.

The women wait for the door to shut behind him before Maggie says anything, “My escort likes you.” she comments.

Caroline laughs in disbelief sitting next to her, “It’s getting hard to tell him that while I like girls, I’m not the kind of southerner that would think to sleep with my cousin.”

Maggie feels Caroline bounce up on the sofa shoving a throw pillow at her, “Shut up, he hasn’t talked about me that much,” she screeches as Maggie shoves it back.

“Like all the time,” Maggie insists tossing all the pillows away, “He asked about your work and how often you come home?” she told Caroline in a sing song voice.

Caroline laughs hiding behind her hands to keep from grinning so much, “Wait,” her eyes widened, “Did he ask about Elena?”

Maggie feels the humor get sucked out of the room, “No, but when she stopped by earlier with Stefan he eyed them kinda harshly.” she admits before blurting out, “Oh you like him!”

Caroline straightens on the sofa looking like she’s about to lie her ass off, “He’s just not my type, like at all,” she says waving her cousin off with a wave of her hand.

“But, you still like him,” her cousin persists, “If it helps, he is filling in for one of his employees who got sick.” Maggie informs her with a pleased smile.

“And he took the job because there was a no sex clause, he’s more the business side,” Maggie adds sensing Caroline’s reluctance.

Finally she just pokes Caroline in the shoulder and say, “If you don’t like him, tell him, don’t flirt,” she says fairly defensive of the man she dragged out here.

Caroline laughs, the sound hallow, “I don’t flirt,” she replies as the tiny moments of attraction flooded the forefront of her mind.

“Right, and the yearning eyes,” she asks only serving to rev up Caroline’s evasive attitude which Maggie clearly sees through even as she replies.

Caroline scoffs, “I don’t yearn,” she says definitely not thinking about how when she got back from her run he had beat her to the shower and walked in in just a towel.

“Just go talk to him,” Maggie whines shoves Caroline off of the sofa watching her tumble to the ground.

Caroline finds a pillow and swings it at her, “i can’t talk to him here,” she reasons swatting her again, “Our family will, you know!” she hisses.

“Agh, Klaus get back in here!” Maggie calls for him and Caroline doesn’t believe he’s actually been out there the whole time but the door swings open.

“Yes,” he answers leaning casually against the door frame looking right out of a magazine spread and Caroline wonders if he’d try a centerfold in playgirl.

“Were you really just standing in the hall listening?” she asks from the floor scurrying to get up from the carpet as he looks her over.

Klaus’ eyes linger on her sidery long legs, “Honestly, yes,” he responds not bothering to hide his attraction in front of his knowing audience.

Maggie get’s up ushering herself out of the room while nudging Klaus further into the room, “So talk,” she says encouraging the pair.

Caroline sits herself on the sofa as Klaus walks closer, chin tucked into his chest so all she can see are his half hooded eyes and impossibly long lashes.

She clears her throat while setting her hands on her lap, “What’s the one thing,” she squeaks lifting her chin, “-What’s the one thing you’ve wanted to do since you kissed my neck?”

“To do it again,” he replies with a groan that formed deep in his chest picturing how good it would feel to kiss her everywhere he was allowed to.

“Where?” she asks in a whisper her throat drying as he stalks closer falling to his knees before her.

Klaus lifts her hand to his mouth, “On your lips,” he teases, “Between your legs too,” he affirms.

“How about we start with these lips?” she says near pleading as his hands part her knee in order to draw her closer.

Klaus licks his lips, “I think I could do that,” he whispers as their mouths finally meet, electricity coursing through her veins.

His tongue nudging the seam of her lips to part something she couldn’t find in herself to deny him.

A moan of delight left her as his tongue curled over her own as his hands tugged at the backs of her knees. She fell onto his lap her palms settling onto his shoulders as the kissed her more firmly. He groaned as she rocked against him, heat rushing to his head, all both of them.

“How does it feel like this?” she hisses as he nibbles on her upper lip driving her mad with desire.

“I suppose I just kissed the right girl’s neck,” he sighs against her soft swollen lips looking into her azure eyes.