i look like a hag

Careful who ya dress up Halloween !!!

If ya comes to my house and look like
Sea hag: I might runs away!
Olive oyl: I might smooch ya
Bluto: might scowl at ya!
Sid the sciencr kid: ya get smiles… My nephews hate that show but I like!!!!!
Betty boop: bobu bee fdoopoop zzzeeerr

I don’t look like this today. In fact today, I look like a braless hag. Liam worked a 12 hour shift, Darcy is in Liverpool and so I spent the day fannying about online, sorting through my makeup, writing and hoovering. I wish I felt gee’d up by my productivity but no, I feel bleaugh and urgh. I’m soothing my hormonal/perhaps a bit lonely soul with hot tomato soup and re runs of Victoria ahead of tomorrow’s new season. How’s your day been? http://ift.tt/2vyDvG4

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Would you mind doing a jealous Gon prompt?

Gon and Killua sat in their hotel room practicing their Ten. Well, Gon was trying to practice. But Killua’s phone would not stop vibrating. With each notification, Gon felt his concentration slipping more and more. Killua didn’t seem to notice- his eyes close and his aura flowing perfectly around him. 

Bzzzz Another vibration.

“Killua, will you turn that damn thing off?” Gon snapped, his aura shooting out before fizzling away. He glared hotly at his friend who eyed him in surprise.

“Um, yeah, sure. Sorry about that.” Killua said, still surprised by the outburst. 

Killua got up from the floor to go retrieve his phone. He paused, reading the messages and Gon caught the faintest trace of a smile on his lips. For some reason, that just made Gon even madder. Seeming to notice his friend’s glare, Killua looked over with an eyebrow raised, setting down the powered down phone.

“What’s up with you? You look like I just called Mito-san a hag or something. Did I do something wrong?” Killua said, honestly curious, as he sat down again.

“No, I just don’t like being interrupted when I’m training.” Gon huffed, turning from him. Killua’s eyebrow twitched.

“What the hell is wrong with you today?” Killua said under his breath before getting back to training. 

Gon opened his eyes, stealing a glance at Killua. He’s right. What is wrong with me?


Gon rolled over in bed, trying to block out the noise. He saw a vague light reflecting against the wall. Killua answering the text. Before darkness.


Then light again. Then darkness.


Gon bit his pillow to keep but yelling in frustration. He wanted to rip that phone from Killua’s hands. He wanted to smash it against a brick wall. No, he wanted to jajanken it so it could never be used again.

Just who the hell is he texting? It’s two in the morning! Who’s he always texting?

During the day- texting. At night- texting. He texted when they ate. He texted when they’re supposed to be training. He texted when they were walking around town. Hell, when Gon was talking to him, he would look away to text. It started about a week ago and Gon was sick of it.

Why is he paying more attention to them than me?…..Wait, where did that come from?


Was it one of those girls we saw the other day? The ones who were really nice and who…gave Killua their numbers?


Killua is texting them. Which means he’s interested. But why does that bother me so much?


He never even said “goodnight” to me tonight. But he’s talking to them? What do they have that I don’t? Wait, do I-


“Killua, I swear, if that thing goes one more fucking time, I’ll break it.” Gon yelled, finally done with it. He even surprised himself with the outburst this time. There was a few seconds of silence before the screen went dark and there was ruffling in Killua’s bed.

“…sorry.” Killua whispered. His voice sounded strange to Gon. It almost sounded hurt. But Gon wasn’t about to turn around to face him. So they both laid in silence until they drifted off.

Killua kept his phone on silent after that. When he did text those girls, he’d do it when Gon wasn’t around. At least, that’s what Gon assumed. Things were strained after Gon yelled at Killua. And Gon wanted nothing more than to take it back. He had just been tired and was annoyed. And… jealous


“Ah, sorry.” Killua quickly silenced the phone, shoving it into his pocket without looking at Gon. They’d been eating lunch at a local diner and Killua had seemed especially uncomfortable. 

“It’s okay. Um, so who was it this time?” Gon asked hesitantly, toying with the straw in his milkshake. Killua shrugged.

“Same girl.” Killua took a sip of his shake before eating a fry. Gon felt his heart deflate.

“Oh.” He fixed a smile on his face, trying not to appear disappointed. “She must be nice for you to be texting her all the time.” Killua gave him a weird look before shrugging.

“Yeah, she’s nice I guess. We like a lot of the same stuff.” Gon deflated further.

They have things in common.

“Are you okay, Gon? You’ve been pretty on edge lately.” Killua asked. His voice was casual but his eyes were knitted together in worry.

“I’m fine! Perfectly fine!” Gon replied too quickly, an obviously fake smile stretched across his lips. “I-I’m just really happy that you have a new friend is all.” 

“Gon…” Killua said with a frown on his lips, “What are you-” 

“I’m really happy for you, Killua. I mean it.” Gon felt his voice shake, his throat feeling thick. Killua reached out a hand, now openly looking at him worriedly. Gon stood up abruptly running out of the diner.


Gon sat on a bench, rubbing furiously at the tears flowing from his eyes. It’s so embarrassing. How could I act like that in front of Killua? What’s wrong with me?Why am I feeling like this?

“Gon!” Gon looked up to see Killua running toward him, a concerned look covering his face. “What the hell? Are you okay?” His eyes widened when he noticed his friend crying.

“I-I’m fine! I promise!” Gon tried plastering that grin on his face, even through the tears still slipping down his cheeks. Killua glared at him, not amused.

“Don’t lie to me, Gon! You’ve been acting all distant and mopey the past week. And then that- what the hell was that? Why are you crying? What’s going on with you? We’re friends! Aren’t friends supposed to tell each other everything?” Killua yelled, gripping Gon’s shirt.

“I”m jealous okay?” Gon yelled, his face heating up in a blush. Killua let him go abruptly, blinking in surprise.

“What?” Killua said dumbfounded.

“I…I’m jealous…” Gon muttered, avoiding Killua’s questioning gaze. “A-All you’ve been doing it texting that girl lately. You won’t talk to me and you ignore me all the time and I just want you to pay attention to me for once!”

“You’re so selfish!” Killua said, glaring. Gon’s eyes widened before he glared right back.

“I’m selfish? What about you? All you’ve been doing is sitting with your face in your phone! I’m right here! Hello!”

“We were talking about you!” Killua’s eyes widened once the words left his mouth, his face flushing a deep shade of red.

“Y-You were what?” Gon squeaked, confused. Killua bit his lip, looking away.

“We were..we were talking about you. We’ve been talking about you.” 

“Wait… so she likes me?” Gon gaped at him. Killua’s flush grew more intense as he shook his head.

“N-Not exactly…” Killua mumbled. Gon’s eyes widened, a blush making its way to his face.

“Y-You?” Gon whispered, receiving a short nod from Killua.

“I-I texted her and told her I wasn’t interested… And she mentioned you- asking if I liked you. She’s been, um, trying to help me out. With you.” Killua flushing darker. Though that was nothing compared to Gon’s blush.

“I….You…Huh? But why?” Gon sputtered, “Why would you like me? Y-You always say how annoying I am and you tease me all the time! Wh-When..H-How…”

“You’re such an idiot.” Killua said, groaning. “I’ve always liked you. At least for a long time, anyway. You were just too dumb to see it. Or maybe I was awful at showing it.” 

“Maybe a little of both?” Gon said, sheepishly. Killua shuffled uncomfortable and it donned on Gon that he hadn’t responded. “Killua?”

“Yeah, what?” Killua muttered, looking down. Gon smiled shyly at him before standing up in front of him. Killua looked at Gon questioningly. “Gon?”

“I like you too.” Gon said, before pressing his lips to Killua’s cheek.

Super male and super gay

I just read your “i’m a bad transsexual” post and bruh I am right there with you. I don’t feel the dysphoria either. I am pretty comfortable in my girl body. I hate my boobs and i think vaginas are super weird but i’m girly and feminine and what not. HOWEVER i identify as a gay male. My “inside self” as i like to call is super male and super gay. I want to date and have sex with other gay males (or bi or pan males) but i am afraid that no cis male gays will be into me. I’m afraid of looking like a poser or a fag hag too. i am pre everything at the moment but am going to be getting on T in the spring and having top surgery next. I hope this helps me but i am worried about all my girly clothes and interests ??? i am struggling. please, if you find any answers or things that bring comfort  please share them with me. lots of love. Logan.

Grocery Mayhem

Starting to take requests for my Fem!Izuku storyline - Hidden in Plain View. Here is one of the first requests I received and was inspired to write about! Hope you all enjoy it! :’D

Well, for my first one will be a fem!Izuku x Katsuki! It’ll totally include the Deku Protection Squad! Uraraka was about to get a snack in the dorm kitchen when she sees Izuku crying and Katsuki gripping her by the shoulders, yelling at her. Furious at him, Uraraka decides to assemble the Deku Protection Squad for the main purpose of protecting their precious cinnamon roll. When learning that Izuku had to go grocery shopping with Katsuki as ordered by their parents, the DPS set out to spy on them, sabotaging and pranking Katsuki until he figured out what was going on. Izuku explains that she had cut herself in the kitchen and Katsuki was just concerned for her, yelling at her to be more careful.


Uraraka moved through the halls, sleepily running at her eyes. It was late into Saturday evening and she had just woken up from an unintentional nap to grab a late dinner. Moving towards the door that led to the common room, she paused as she heard a loud yelp and then what sounded like Bakugou yelling. Pushing the door open a little bit, she peered into the common room and noticed two figures in the kitchen standing next to one another. She hurriedly moved to the wall that separated the dining room from the living room and peered behind it to look more into the kitchen. Her eyes focused on the pair of students as one of them pushed the other to sit on one of the benches on the long dining table.

“You FUCKING idiot! Didn’t I tell you not to do that?! Now look at what fucking happened! Deku you idiotic fuck!”

Her eyes narrowed as she took in the form of Bakugou gripping Izuka’s shoulders tightly as he proceeded to yell at her. Uraraka’s eyes focused on Izuka’s face, seeing her red puffy eyes and how she held her hands to her chest. Clearly they were fighting… again and Uraraka wouldn’t stand for it anymore. She moved to intervene when Izuka pushed away from Bakugou and marched towards the girls’ wing and went through the door. Bakugou stood there for a while, running his hand through his hair before turning to walk away.

She heard shuffling in the kitchen, things being put away before a curse came from Bakugou and he moved towards the boys’ wing. She moved from her spot against the wall and walked into the kitchen, sighing as she ran her hands over her face. It was time to get the Deku Protection Squad to assemble again.


“So what’s this about Uraraka-san? You said it was urgent?” Todoroki stood off to the side of the room, glancing around at the other students in the room taking various positions. To his right stood Iida and Kirishima with Kaminari sitting on the floor picking at the covering on his phone. To his left stood Uraraka who looked nervous with Tsuyu next to her.

To his front he was shocked to see two other students he hadn’t originally been in their group chat until recently. Mina stood in the middle with her hands on her hips and the weird purple haired boy with tired eyes leaned against Uraraka’s bed. Todoroki for the life of him couldn’t remember his name.

“Yeah, if this is about Izuka then where is Bakubro? He is normally the first person here when there’s something going on with our girl.” Kirishima looked from his spot as he rubbed at his chin.

Uraraka took a deep breath before shaking her head. “He’s not here because he’s the problem this time Kirishima. I saw him being overly handsy and aggressive at her the other night.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t just one of his normal explodo-moods? You know how he gets with anything.” Kaminari looked up from his phone and cocked an eyebrow. “He’s always that way with Izuka. HELL he’s like that with everyone.”

“No! It wasn’t like that at all! He pushed her onto the bench and proceeded to yell at her for being an idiot! She even had withdrawn from him and was crying! You know how much it takes to get her to cry these days you guys!” Uraraka stamped her foot on the ground and Tsuyu moved to place her hand on her shoulder.

“It’s okay, ribbit. We’ll figure something out.”

“That is a most concerning thing however!” Iida moved forward into the group, his hands flying around as he pointed in random directions. “If Bakugou cannot control his temper around her than who’s to say he won’t move to more physical harm next time? I say we intervene tonight if we must!”

“Woah hang on guys, I think we need to know more about what exactly happened than just jumping the gun here.” Kirishima held his hands up and looked down at Kaminari. “We know them both pretty well and it doesn’t sound like something Bakugou would do anymore. Maybe if this happened at the beginning of the school year but he’s different now-”

“I know what I saw Kirishima! She was crying- crying! Izuka doesn’t let his words normally get to her like this but it - the way she looked…” Uraraka looked down and took a deep breath. “I’m just worried about her.”

“And you have a right to be, she is a dear friend to us all. I say we look into it.” Todoroki spoke his kind and met Uraraka’s eyes. “Deal?”

“Ye-YEAH… Thank you Todoroki!”

“I can figure out their schedule for tomorrow. Give me a few minutes.” Shinsou left the room as everyone watched him leave. An awkward silence fell over the group as they waited in baited silence before a knock came from the door and in walked Shinsou again. “They are going grocery shopping tomorrow as requested by Aizawa-sensei. Supposedly tonight they nearly used up everything in the kitchen with whatever they were doing.” His bored eyes traveled around the room, taking in the shocked expressions of everyone. “What?”

“How did you- how?” Mina looked startled as she stared at him with wide eyes.

Shinsou sighed and taped his head. “Mind control. Remember?” He smirked at the uncomfortable look on her face. “You do know how easy it is to get Midoriya to talk right? All I had to do was say hi and she instantly opened up.” He snickered at the relaxed looks from everyone.

“So what’s the plan then?” Kaminari stood up from his spot and pocketed his phone. “Do we follow them?”

“I think we need to do more than just stalk them this time…” Uraraka hit her hand into the palm of her other. “Bakugou needs to learn not to mess with our girl.”

“So… sabotage?” Kirishima grinned as he nodded. “I like the sound of that.”

“The only reason why you like it is because you get to mess with Bakugou while he’s out with Izuka…” Kaminari snickered as he whispered to Kirishima, a dark blush crossing over Kiri’s cheeks as he was caught.

“Sh-shut up Denki!”

Todoroki couldn’t help but overhear and silently agreed with Kirishima. It would be nice to get back at Bakugou for once…

His eyes widened a bit at his own thoughts before he cleared his throat, gaining the attention of everyone in the small room.

“I think it’s best if we plan this all out tonight to be prepared for tomorrow.” A collective group of nods showed the groups support as Todoroki sat down and grabbed a notebook from the nearby desk. “Let’s begin.”

The rest of that night was spent making a plan for tomorrow.

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Instead of established Sidgeno what about Geno trying to hold himself back from Sid because he knows he's engaged and doesn't want to ruin things for Sidney if he's actually happy with his fiancé and Sid is just like idiot I obviously love you a shit ton more than some guy I dipped out on

“Sid,” Geno starts, stroking Sidney’s naked back as Sidney cuddles up to him, “What Mathias is like?”

“Mm?” Sidney’s loose-limbed after sex always, opting to cling to Geno as if Geno were a body pillow. “Mathias? What about him?”

“He, um, he good looking?”

“He’s okay,” Sidney replies, biting back a yawn. “Blond. Looks kind of like Horny. And Hags. I dunno.”

So Sidney’s once-fiance is a fucking Viking with flowing hair. Great. “He good to you?”

“He’s okay,” Sidney says again. “Gave me seashells and tokens. Normal stuff.”

“Sid.” Geno has to know now, anxiety building up in his throat and lodged in like a rock. “Sid, you listening?”

“Hmm?” Sidney’s half-asleep. “Mm, yeah, I’m listening.” He doesn’t sound like he’s listening.

“Sid, you still love him?”

“Love who?”

“Mathias. Still love him? Want to marry him?”

Sidney clings to Geno tighter, possibly out of reflexes because Geno is moving around too much for his liking. “Don’t wanna marry him,” Sidney murmurs, like he’s in a dream. “Wanna marry you. One day. If you say yes.”

Geno’s heart stops for a half a beat. “Sidney, you really mean?”

Sidney gives a soft snore as an answer. Geno sighs, settling back.

“Goodnight, Sid.”

Notice me

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since the last update! I was so busy with school and some personal issue… But now I’m back! With a fanfic about Blossick - one of my forever OTPs.

Thanks to @nikkaroo‘s wonderful art, I have this fanfic!

This is my first time writting Blossick fanfic. Please feel free to leave comments.

Enjoy your stay!

Fandom: Powerpuff Girls
Setting: College
Pairing: Brick x Blossom / Blossick
Genres: Romance
Disclaimer: I dont own any characters. PPG and RRB belong to Craig McCracken. The summary belongs to nikkaroo.
Summary: Sometimes the people we want to get noticed by the most are just out of our reach.
Word counts: 1,342

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The last few weeks of filming had become almost a nightmare for Vivien. How she kept up her strength is a tribute to her own professional attitude to work. She never missed a day’s shooting. During the last few weeks David Selznick met her in the corridor and truthfully, but tactlessly, he said, "My God, you look old.“ ”And so would you if you had been working eighteen hours a day, for weeks on end,“ she snapped back. After this encounter, David Selznick sent Vivien to go on a vacation to recapture her youth for some key scenes in Gone With the Wind. After her return, she commented, “He was right. I looked like an old hag and felt even worse.

Everyday witch life

I woke up this night because I had bad cramps, menstrual cramps, so I got up, tried not to wake the hubby, put on some socks and my hoodie, to go get some painkillers.

I love that hoodie, it’s purple, cozy and has a long pointy hood, that I put on.

As I was walking back to bed, all bent over myself in pain, semi limping because of sleep and the cramps, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in one window.

And I thought “gosh I look like an old hag!”.

And then “oh, right, I AM a witch!”

When you’re insecure about your body and Woohyun wants to make you feel better

Scenario: you’ve been feeling down about your body, and Woohyun has noticed. So he does all he can to make you realise how beautiful he thinks you are.
Rating: super sweet fluff with a lot of smut
Word Count: 3148

You stood in front of the mirror, turning to look at yourself from every angle possible, and each time feeling disappointed. There was a group trip to the waterpark in a few weeks and you’d got yourself a new swimsuit for it – nothing too revealing, and you’d end up wearing a tshirt over it anyway – but you were feeling pretty down about how it looked on you. You’d put on a bit of weight recently, which was kinda normal. Over winter you always seemed to eat more and were less inclined to exercise because of the bitterly cold weather. You’d rather stay at home wrapped in blankets with your boyfriend Woohyun, than brave the freezing streets to hit the gym.

Now, you were regretting it. You’d had hang ups about your body in the past; you worried that your thighs were too big and you had too many stretch marks, or that your stomach wasn’t flat enough. Usually it didn’t bother you too much, especially seeing as it never seemed to bother Woohyun, but for some reason, today you were feeling miserable about it.

You heard the front door open and Woohyun calling your name as he entered the apartment and quickly grabbed your dressing gown, throwing it on over the bathing suit before leaving your bedroom to greet him. He grinned when he saw you, holding up two plastic bags of groceries.

“Thanks so much for picking them up,” You said, going over to kiss him lightly on the cheek, “I didn’t really feel like going to the shop today.”

“Hmm, if it wasn’t for me you’d probably starve.” He responded, moving to start putting away the food in the kitchen.

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My Queen and Princess

Originally posted by benkotuyumyasen

“Morning Ni.” You sigh, seeing Niall sitting in front of his laptop at the mini bar that was used for small parties at the Horan household. A few small rounds of morning sickness and not having a good night’s sleep was very evident on your face, as you quietly yawned. With the 7 month pregnant belly you were sporting, sleep didn’t come easy for you. It’s been impossible to lie down in a comfortable position at night, and with the constant pushing against your bladder and mild nausea becoming worse when the moon was out, sleep was the last thing Cara let you do.

“Morning Princess.” He smiles, but doesn’t turn around from his laptop he was working on. He had been like this for some time now. Being distant and nervous. You could understand the nervous part. It was just a few more months until his first child would be born into the world and he would become a father. This meant that he would have another life in his hands. This meant he would now have another person that would have his eyes and your hair. This person, a combination between the both of you, would count on him to come a quiet her down every other time when she either needed a changing, a feeding, or just a warm cuddle from her father. This meant that he would have to protect her from everything up to the small ant she would scream to “get away”, to the boys that she would meet in her middle school years who only thought hot girls, having their pants below the waistline of their boxers, and Buffalo wings were the only important things that mattered in the world right then. But what you didn’t understand was the distant part. It started at 6 and a half months. He would rub your swollen belly at every chance he was given anymore. Long, passionate “good morning” and “goodnight” kisses turned into small pecks that were sometimes forgotten. Snuggling during when you could get some sleep peaceful turned into, “Sorry, I probably won’t be home by the time you go to sleep’s”. Sometimes when you did have the energy to stay awake until he got home he would give you a quick greeting with a small kiss and rush upstairs. When you got up to your shared bedroom he was already asleep, leaving you feeling cold and alone. You wanted to ask him about his actions, but you feel that asking would just make it worse.

“Do you want to hear about the appointment yesterday? Cara was sad that you weren’t with us yesterday. She wouldn’t kick or anything.” You joke, hoping he would say yes. He hadn’t gone to the ultrasound appointment with you. Or the one before that. Or the one before that. Or the one before that. You had let it slide because he had important things to do. Interviews or appearances were apparently more important than the health of your baby. You had tried not to show any emotion when he gave an excuse, and it was hard. It almost seemed like he didn’t want anything to do with Cara, and that scared you. You couldn’t do this alone. You needed him and so did Cara.

“I would love too, but the boys and Sophia are coming over remember. Maybe you could tell us all together, yeah? They’ve been dying to hear about Baby Cara. Especially Sophia. Liam keeps texting me questions from her at least 6 times a day.” Niall laughs, and despite your glum mood, you let out a small giggle too.

“I should go and get dressed then. Don’t want to look like an old hag now, do I?” You joke.

“You do not look like an old hag. You are the most beautiful thing on the planet Earth.” Niall says, as he presses a kiss into your forehead, making your heart flutter.

“Now go and get dressed, while I make breakfast. Eggs and bacon okay?” You nod, mouth nearly watering at the sound of food.

“Sounds amazing.” You groan, as he smiles and starts to get out the food to make for breakfast. As you walk up the stairs, your thoughts go to Cara. She had been kicking a lot lately, and you had been having little pains throughout areas on your stomach, but you didn’t think much of it. It was getting closer and closer to the due date, and you thought it was just her way of showing that she was ready to make her appearance in the world. Hopefully you were right…


“You’re looking as lovely as always, Mrs. Horan.” Harry smiles, walking through the front door of your friendly, inviting home, pressing a friendly kiss into your forehead. You smile, closing the door behind him. He was the last one to arrive, being fashionably late, as always.

“He’s right, babe. I hope I look as good as you when I’m pregnant.” Sophia’s voice echoes through the semi empty hallway.

“You will.” You smirk, but then wince when Cara gives a particularly hard kick. Both Harry’s and Sophia’s eyebrows furrow, looking at you with worry filled eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Harry ask, lightly gripping your elbow. You look at him briefly, before softly rubbing his forearm, letting him know that you’re alright.

“I’m fine. Cara’s just been a little more active the past few days. I promise.” You smile at him and Sophia, but they still don’t look convinced, which made you drop your shoulders and sigh.

“I’m really am fine. Her due dates is just a few months away, and the doctor said that they get more active as the due date gets closer. Trust me.” You finalize, and they not dare argue, though they wanted too. They knew you should never argue with a pregnant lady. Ever.


“So here’s her head, her feet, and her body.” You says, pointing to each one as you say it. You were all standing close to the couch, hovering over the picture everyone was excited to see.

“That’s amazing.” Louis breathes out, Liam, Harry, and Sophia agreeing with him. You loved how they were so fascinated with her. Sometimes more than Niall, who was in the bathroom at the moment.

“How excited was Niall at the appointment?” Liam giggles, expecting he was about to hear how he was basically jumping up and down, with fat tears running down his cheeks. None of them knew that he hadn’t gone to the past few appointments, let alone engaged with your swollen belly.

“Um, actually he didn’t go. He hasn’t been to last 3 to be honest.” You say, tearing up. Looking down at the picture of your tiny, unborn baby, scary thoughts coming back to your mind.

“Hey, don’t cry, love.” Sophia coos softly, slipping next you.

“I can’t help it. I’m just scared that he doesn’t want anything to do with her. He hasn’t been treating her the same. Half the time he doesn’t want to hear about what the doctor said, and when he does, something comes up and he has to leave.” You sob, tears starting to pour out of your eyes. Everyone was stunned. Hearing that Niall was acting like this was surprising, considering the way he had acted earlier in the pregnancy. Hands never leaving your belly unless forced too, and he somehow always got them back to where they were resting, despite Lou’s request to come back and sit in the chair so his hair could be finished.

“He’s probably just nervous. I mean, I would be if I was going to be a father.” Harry sighs, if anything a little upset with how Niall has been acting.

“But-” You start, but get cut off by a throbbing pain between your legs, making you nearly scream out. Looking down, you see flashes of red just running down your legs. Your knees give out, causing both Liam and Harry catch you on either side. Your eyes start to pour out more tears, as you see a blurry Niall rushing up to you.

“Oh, my god! Princess, what’s wrong?!” He ask, tears now falling from his eyes.

“I-I don’t know! Somethings not right, Ni.” You sob, as you see Louis calling an ambulance out of the corner of your eye. All you can hear is your heavy breathing and Niall’s voice. Everything seems hazy and like a nightmare. Noises that you know you would pay attention to are as loud as ever right now. The dial tones as Louis calls help, the big grandfather clock ticking on the wall.

“I need you to breathe for me, okay?” Niall says. But you can’t. Somethings wrong with Cara. Somethings wrong with your baby. She may not make it. You might not make it. You become very lightheaded, and the last thing you remember is falling into your husband’s arms.


“I feel like a douche. You needed me, and I was too worried about whether I was going to be a good enough father.” You hear someone sob. Opening your eyes, you let out a small groan, catching the attention of the person in the room.

“Princess?!”Niall rushes over to you, and crouches down next to your hospital bed. You hold his hand, as his head falls onto the bed and he lets out loud sobs. But then you remember why you’re in this uncomfortable hospital bed, and start to notice the pain in your abdomen.

“Niall…” You tearfully whisper. His head raises at the sound of his name. He looks into your teary eyes, and knows why your about to burst into tears.

“She’s alright, love. She’s a fighter. She wanted to see her Mummy and Daddy a little too early, and some of her organs were under developed. Mainly her lungs, but her heart is a little smaller than it should be. She’s getting treated and helped out right now, and god, you were so brave. I’m so proud of you, and you did so well. You both did. She couldn’t cry much because of the lung problem, but I did hear a few whimpers, and let me tell you it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.” Niall tearfully laughs, after catching you up on everything. You felt like the world was lifted off your shoulders.
You were okay.
Cara was okay.
Hopefully it would stay that way.

“Niall? Do you mind if we come in? I hear more than one voice in there.” You hear a deep voice say from the other side of the door. Niall looks at you questioningly, not knowing if you were okay with anyone in the room at the moment, considering you had just woken up. You nod at him, wanting to see a few other familiar faces. Niall hesitates before calling out an answer, but not taking his eyes off you.

“Come on in.” The door opens slowly and you see a long haired head peeks into the room. His face lights up, as he sees that you’re awake and okay.

“Hey, love birds.” A smiling Liam, Sophia, and Louis appear behind Harry. You laugh slightly, ignoring the slight pain, seeing that Liam, Louis, and Harry have at least 6 balloons and stuffed animals each.

“What’s all this?” You ask as they fill into the room, setting down their gifts, and walking over to your hospital bed.

“How are you, love?” Liam ask, sitting on the other side of you, rubbing a light hand on your leg, causing you to smile.

“Right now, fine. But, is it possible that I could see Cara?” Niall, nods before paging to get a nurse to help you all.

“She’s beautiful. Just like her mother.”


“Just be very careful.” The nurse says cautiously, before gently handing over the little bundle that you and Niall had created. With you in a wheelchair, just waking up from an emergency C-Section, and your little one hooked up to all of these tubes and wires, you could understand why. As you feel her being put into your arms, you gasp. She was gorgeous and so small. One of the smallest things you’ve ever held.

“Niall… We made her. She’s ours.” You cry, feeling Niall lightly wrap his arms around you.

“I know, Princess. Or should I say queen.” Niall chuckles, seeing Cara’s little hand move to grasp your pointer finger, which just makes you want to cry even harder.

“Why Queen?” You ask, not taking your eyes off of the wonderful creation before you both.

“Because now, Cara is my Princess, and you are now my Queen.” He explains, pressing a soft kiss into your hairline, before rubbing a feather like stroke on Cara’s little head.

“I love it. I love her. I love you, Niall James Horan.” You smile, looking up at him and smiling, before looking back down at your baby girl, and pressing a kiss on her head.

“I love you too, Queen. And I love you, Princess.”

Word Count: 2176

millimeterteeth-deactivated2015  asked:

Since you're doling out pretty awesome makeup truths I figured I'd ask for your sage advice. I'm going backpacking in two weeks with my boyfriend. I need a lightweight makeup regime to travel with so I don't look like the pasty swamp hag I really am (he doesn't need to know). Do you have any travel essentials/favorites?

My travel essentials really lie in the weeks before. Use an exfoliating scrub (Philosophy’s Microdelivery Scrub or Aveeno Scrub doesn’t have those poisonous little balls in them) three or four times before your departure. Apply a hydrating face mask two times a week to make your skin dewy (splurge on Glam Glow or just go to a drugstore). Tweeze your eyebrows. Do some deep-conditioning on your hair. Take care of your skin and locks before you leave and make ‘em shine…you won’t need that much makeup on a trip.

Soooo: what would you need for minimal makeup backpacking? Get a small bag and fill it with: 

-bb cream WITH SPF that you can put on with your fingers and is also buildable for breakouts, like the Garnier BB Cream.

-a champagne or nude shimmer eyeshadow that looks good applied with your fingers (I love Maybelline color tattoo in barely branded or stila in kitten)

-a trusty, buildable mascara that isn’t waterproof enough to never come off (try Cover Girl Clump Crusher for a natural look)

-a lip/cheek stain or cream stick (try Benefit Benetint or Maybelline Master Glaze or Elf All Over Color Stick in Pink Lemonade)

-a brow pencil

-one lipstick of your choosing for special occasions

-a good chapstick

-an eyeliner pencil for special occasions

-a face moisturizer (get a travel sized one at any drug or beauty supply store)

-bobby pins/hair ties

And NEVER underestimate the beauty of a pasty swamp hag. You say it like it’s an insult, but that sounds like a compliment to me. Sometimes, you just gotta let your inner hag shine.