i look like a farmer

when thinking about bangtan winning their first ever daesang don’t forget that they tweeted pictures of when they went on a trip together and wrote on a tile for wings to be a big hit but instead of uploading it for sentimental value instead they just put “uploaded this because hoseok looks like a farmer”

How is it possible for Sidney Crosby to have just the one face but have such a wide gap between his most attractive and least attractive pictures. Like how can he look like he looked in today’s pictures but also have a million images where he’s just nostrils with a man attached.

Blake#2203 at 10:32PM:
You’re probably not still awake now cuz timezones but I only just got free now for the evening.
Parents were givin me a lecture about internet safety LOL anyway sleep well ok?

Weiss#1402 at 10:33PM:
I’m still awake.

Blake#2203 at 10:33PM:
Cause you stay up so late sometime-
ok I thought you went to bed and was gonna be sappy lol.

Weiss#1402 at 10:34PM:
Well you can just be sappy to my face then.

Blake#2203 at 10:34PM:
way to put me on the spot lmao
Isn’t it like
1am though?

Weiss#1402 at 10:35PM:
2am actually
I usually stay up this late to talk to you.

Blake#2203 at 10:35PM:
why tho?
I’m like…
a stale potato.

Weiss#1402 at 10:36PM:
Do potatoes even go stale?

Blake#2203 at 10:36PM:
Do I look like a fuckin potato farmer to you?
This disrespect.

Weiss#1402 at 10:36PM:
Well I’d know that for sure if you sent me a selfie one day.
Hint Hint.

Blake#2203 at 10:37PM:
Maybe if you went to bed on time for once I will send one as a reward >:3
But seriously though, please go to bed?
Don’t think I forgot you mentioning that thing you had with your dad tomorrow.
Early to bed.

Weiss#1402 at 10:38PM:

f i n e
I’ll get in bed and message you till i fall asleep
is that ok?

Blake#2203 at 10:38PM:
I guess I can’t stop you so ok
So… how’s your day been?

Weiss#1402 at 10:41PM:
okay ish.
My dad’s not been as much of a dick today I guess so that’s good.

Blake#2203 at 10:42PM:
It’s been okay apart from the parent lecturing thing. I know they have their best interests at heart but like… I can pretty much tell you’re not a 50 year old fat guy at a computer by now, you know?

Weiss#1402 at 10:42PM:
my secret
it has been recealed
*r e v e a l e d

Blake#2203 at 10:43PM:

Weiss#1402 at 10:44PM:
oh fuck off i’m tired lmao
how do i know ur not a 50 year old fat guy at a computer?

Blake#2203 at 10:44PM:

Weiss#1402 at 10:44PM:
is that u?

Blake#2203 at 10:45PM:
that’s me.

Blake#2203 at 11:00PM:
Let me know how that thing goes tomorrow with your dad, btw.
Or just message me if you want company, y’know.

Blake#2203 at 11:45PM:
Good you’re sleeping.
I’ll see about that selfie tomorrow too, maybe.
Sleep well

my aesthetic: adam and ronan both being Smug AF because everyone thinks they have the Hottest, Most Amazing Boyfriend

adam’s college friends being utterly dumbfounded when ronan shows up one weekend all tattooed and muscley in a pair of expensive, ripped jeans and a motorcycle jacket, looking like he stepped out of a damn punk fashion magazine or something. “you said he was a farmer.” “you said he had a kid.” “you said he nearly got kicked out of high school.” “you didn’t say he was so hot. i mean, he’s scary-hot, but still hot.” “damn, you’re one lucky guy, parrish.” adam’s just enjoying all the reactions, because he’s kind of been looking forward to this exact moment all semester long. ronan’s kind of a dick at first, of course, but he warms up to them and pretty soon they’re all laughing hysterically because ronan is fucking hilarious, and he has the wildest stories, seriously, parrish, where did you find this guy. and eventually when he starts drunkenly reciting latin poetry, everyone just groans, because, like, of course he’s a secret genius too. and so adam’s boyfriend is granted instant legend status. adam just smiles at him proudly all night and ronan just says appreciatively “your friends are assholes. i like them.”

ronan’s farmer friends take one look at adam and they’re like “you didn’t say your ivy league boyfriend was a model.” “he sure is pretty.” “you could cut glass with them cheekbones.” they ask about him all the time when he’s away at college and ronan can’t help but brag a little about his achievements so they tell him how proud they are of how well he’s doing while adam looks simultaneously touched and bemused. they jokingly ask ronan what a grump like him did to snag such a nice, sweet, well-mannered boy and he just rolls his eyes but murmurs “i ask myself that every day.” adam just says “he’s not all bad” with a wry smile. most of their kids (opal’s friends) are basically in love with him; they think he’s so handsome and smart and cool. he tells him about all the exciting stuff he’s working on at school and talks to them about science and space and robots and all the stuff he was interested in when he was a kid and ronan is Melting into a puddle of goo. “you’re really great with them” he tells him later. and adam blushes and says “stop.” and ronan’s like “no, you’re fucking amazing. i really do wonder how i got so lucky every single day.” and adam just looks at him for a moment and quietly says “me too. this is all i’ve ever wanted.” and ronan says “i’m happy.” and adam says “me too.”


16 // Virginia
hellooooo my name is mikey, im hella gay and im really just looking for some friends and maybe a girlfriend who i could spoil and give all my love to lol. i am a vegetarian and a complete animal lover, seriously if there is any type of animal near me i can not resist petting it. i either look like a lesbian farmer, a hipster, or like im homeless there is no in between. im 65% sarcastic and 35% stupid yet very lovable. i really like nature and i have a hamster & a dog who is my partner in crime. im a political activist and i enjoy cooking and going on adventures (i love road trips), and im only slightly obsessed with harry potter & im pretty darn gay

message me whenever i dont bite and i love talking to new people!! (but i do usually work 6-10pm eastern so i might not reply as quickly then!!)

kik: peeachpixie

phone #: 7575083318 (if you are going to text me please tell me your name and where you got my number i get scared to reply to numbers i dont know lol)


Loving this strange and wonderful photo taken by one of Sydney’s main newspapers, the Sydney Morning Herald. The photographer said we’d make a good couple 😂

I reckon we look like a pair of poor potato farmers just trying their best to make an honest living.

Taken at Winterfest, a medieval faire in Sydney where we were working a few weeks ago.

i cracked the code

dowoon looks like a farmer in hi hello bc he became a farmer after he met that sweet farm dog in im serious. the farm theyre on in i smile is dowoon’s farm and thats where he got his start in the farming world. dowoon put his heart and soul into his crops and day6 fell apart until sungjin picked him up from his farm and they went on a trip to find the others and reform

The One With All The Teasing

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: You had a way of getting on Alec’s nerves with the way you spoke to other guys - this time, he decides to get back at you.

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“Jace. No. Just no.” You shake your head in disapproval as he walks out in a plain black t-shirt and jeans.

“Why not?”

“It’s your first proper date with Clary. Put in some effort!” you urge him, pushing him back into the closet.

“What’s going on?” Alec asks, walking in to Jace’s room and lying down on his bed with his hands cuffed behind his head.

“Jace is trying to wear his everyday outfit on his date tonight.”


“So it’s his first date! She’ll think you don’t care at all!”

You tap your foot against the floor impatiently as you wait for him to come out again. When the door opens, he’s standing in a flannel shirt.

“I guess it’ll do,’ you shrug, “You look like a farmer.”

Alec chuckles from the bed, “Worse. You look like Simon.”

“That’s it,” Jace growls, pulling the shirt over his head and flinging it at you, “I’m just gonna go like this.” You stare at him, standing in front of you half naked.

“Take your pants off and you might not even make it to Clary,” you wink. Jace rolls his eyes before snatching the shirt from your hands and walking out. Alec was watching you with a frown.

“What’s got your knickers in a twist?” you raise a brow at him.

“You were just flirting with Jace.”

“I was not,” you scoff.

Alec walks towards you, “Yes you were.”

“Alec. No, I was not. He hates it when I do that. It was the only way I was going to get him to wear that ugly flannel thing.”

“That’s all?”

You rolls your eyes, “What’s with you? It’s not like you to play the role of the over protective big brother.”

Jealous boyfriend was more what he was going for, but he wasn’t about to admit that.

“Whatever. Why don’t you help me pick out an outfit?”

“For what?”

Alec clears his throat, “For my date tonight.”

You bite back laughter, “You have a date?”

“Why is that funny?”

“Because it’s you. The other day a cute girl said hi to you and you told her you take two sugars with your coffee.”

“I thought she was a maid!”

You give him a pointed look, “Alright, who is this mystery girl?”

“I met her at pandemonium.”

“Pandemonium? Is – is she a downworlder?!”

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

You suck in a deep breath, shaking your head. You walk into Jace’s closet, picking out a white collared shirt and navy blue blazer and handing it to him, “It’ll look nice on you,’ you mumble before walking out, unsure of why you felt so flustered.

When night rolled around, Jace and Alec were both getting ready and you sat with Clary as Isabelle fidgeted with her hair.

“Are you sure it’s not too much?” Clary asks unsurely as she looks at herself in the mirror.

“No way, you look amazing!”

Clary smiles at your words, turning to face you and Isabelle, “You guys know Jace well. Do you think he’s serious about me?”

“Very serious,” you laugh, “He’s wearing flannel for you.”

Clary raises a brow.

“Oh please. Someone had to take this opportunity to taunt him,” you wink, “Don’t worry. He looks good in anything.”

“Speaking of, I think I saw Alec walking around in a sweater today,” Isabelle looks at you curiously.

“He didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“He has a date with some downworlder he met at Pandemonium.”

“WHAT?!” Isabelle jumps up, “He didn’t even tell me!”

“I was just as surprised,” you find yourself groaning as you lean back against Clary’s bed.

“Why are you upset?” Clary asks and you sit up again, “I’m not,” you quickly say, defensively. Isabelle gives you a knowing look and you furrow your brows together, “What?”

“Please. Everyone at the Institute knows you’ve been in love with Alec since you guys were kids. And Alec’s in love with you too.”

You roll your eyes, “You’re right. He’s so in love with me, he’s going on a date with some girl he met at a club. Boy am I one lucky girl or what?!” you say sarcastically.

“Once one of you spills the beans it’ll all fall into place,” Isabelle puts an arm around you sympathetically, “Problem is you’re both too stubborn to admit it.”

Funnily enough, you had spent the entire day trying to convince yourself Alec’s date wasn’t real and that he had just made that up to make you jealous. However, she showed up outside the Institute and Alec sped off excitedly much to your surprise.

“Why don’t we go grab ice cream?” Isabelle links her arm through youra, attempting to make you feel better. You spend the night out, eating, shopping and laughing – doing anything to get your mind off Alec and that werewolf girl.

When you finally get back to the Institute, Alec is standing outside the front doors, his hands entwined with that girls. As you watch him lean in, you’re filled with jealousy you didn’t even know you were capable of and before you know what you’re doing, you’re barging toward the two of them.

“ALEC!” you yell. He turns to face you with wide eyes.


“Hodge was looking for you. He needs to see you. Now.”

Alec turns toward the girl, “I’ll call you,” he smiles warmly, watching her walk off before turning to you with a frown.

“You couldn’t have waited 20 seconds?”

“Classy,” you reply.

“What’s up with you?”

“Oh cut the crap, Alec. I know you like me and I know you only went out with her to piss me off and it worked, okay?! I like you, now can you stop playing around.” You had blurted it all out before you could help yourself. But with it all out there in the open, you suddenly felt lighter. That was until you registered Alec’s expression.

“I – I don’t – I don’t feel that way about you,” he stammers.

You stare at him, speechless. Opening and closing your mouth aimlessly – nothing would come out.


“I’m-“ you could barely speak, your cheeks had turned bright red. Alec waves a hand in front of your face but you remain still, unflinching.

Alec begins to smirk before grabbing you by your shoulders and kissing you. Your eyes widen and you push him away.

“What are you doing?!”

He shrugs, “It worked.”

“Y-you – you can’t do that! You- YOU!” you could feel your eyes tearing up. Whether it was from embarrassment, anger or heartbreak – you weren’t sure.

“I like you,” he laughs, “I just thought you deserved a little punishing for all the times you flirted with Jace and teased me.”

You stare at him, wiping at your yes, “I hate you.”

“No, you like me,” he chuckles, placing his hands on either side of your face, “You like me and you got jealous.”

“Shut up.”

“I will not,” he grins, “Nineteen years of waiting for you led to this day. Trust me, I’m going to torture you for years before I kiss you again.”

“Alec,” you groan. He presses his forehead to yours before kissing you softly, “Alright, days. I’ll torture you for days.” He kisses you again, “Hours… minutes… seconds,” he says between breaths, “Or not.”

New Cursed Child cast mini review- spoilers

I saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child a couple of days ago and I am absolutely loving this new cast! I am so eager to see them again.
I’m not very good at describing out details and sorry if I’m not very coherent through this XD I love reading these reviews so I thought I’d have a go.


I have seen the original cast twice before. In those times, I have seen two Scorpius portrayals (Anthony and Mx James) and two moaning myrtle portrayals (Annabel and Chipo). The new cast has a new and fresh take on this story.

Smauel Blenkin: Scoripus Malfoy  -   James Howard: Draco Malfoy
Theo Ancient: Albus Potter -     Jamie Glover: Harry Potter  
Emma Lowndes: Ginny Potter
-     Rakie Ayola: Hermione Granger-Weasley Thomas Aldridge: Ron Weasley -      Helen Aluko: Rose Granger-Weasley David Annen: Severus Snape-      Elizabeth Hill: Umbridge
April Hughes: Moaning Myrtle-    Annabel Baldwin: Delphi

Samuel, like everyone says, is a fantastic Scorpius.

He did the most massive leap in the air I have ever seen while yelling “YESSSSSS” when they figured out how to contact their parents. So good XD
His use of his hands is hilariously perfect and it was such a wonder watching him perform.
The staircase scene was so heartbreaking. He was constantly trying to wave at Albus, but getting no response. Him also breaking down about trying to see if his mother was still alive almost broke me. He was fantastic in that scene and very real.
Close to the end, when Scorpius and Albus are on the staircase, it was both hilarious and heartwarming. Samuel does a little dance and pops his leg out when he’s talking about Polly Chapman. He almost fell on top of Albus when Rose popped up. For both Scorbus and Scorrose shippers, it is an excellent scene to watch.
Scorpius is probably my favourite character of the show and I’m so happy with what Samuel is doing with the character. He is different to what Anthony and Mx James did with the character. I don’t like comparing, but he is closer to Anthony’s portrayal than Mx James’s (Who i thought was phenomenal). Samuel makes the role completely his own. Different yet the same Scorpius we all know and love. You believe that Samuel’s Scorpius is only 14 years old as he is hilarious childish, geeky and excitable. Very physical. Uses a lot of body language and his hands a lot, but in the right moments. 

James Howard is fantastic as Draco. He captures what Draco was in the books, and what I believe Draco would be like as a forty-year-old mourning parent. The relationship between Scorpius and Draco is so well captured and everyone clapped when they hugged each other after Draco’s line “we can hug too if you like” in Godric’s Hollow. They were also holding each other so tightly during the Lily and James death scene. Scorpius wrapped his arms right around him and put his head into Draco’s chest. Beautiful. (And Harry falling to the ground, bringing Ginny and Albus with his is too just heartbreaking. )

Draco did the greatest smirk I have ever seen after Ron said reluctantly, ‘I really like your hair Draco”. He looked so chuffed XD
His fabulous farmers market line also got a huge laugh.

When I was about 11 or 12 years old, I was a massive dramione shipper. I’m not really on that ship anymore, but the way Draco said: “I’m being bossed around by Hermione Granger… and I’m mildly enjoying it.”… I could feel my younger self jumping with joy XDDD He said it in such a suave way.

I really like Theo’s portrayal of Albus. He plays Albus in a much younger and innocent way, which I think is good cause sometimes I forget these characters are meant to be only 14 years old. When Scorpius woke him up in Part 2, he hit him with his pillow in a childish and brilliant manner. As he plays it so innocently, it’s so believable for him to feel so stupid after traveling back in time. And how crushed and humiliated he feels when it turns out that Delphi turned out to be bad. So sad hearing him say to his mum, “I really liked her, Mum. I really did”.

I love this new Hermione. She’s just brilliant. She’s a much more bubbly Hermione, which makes her even more horrifying in the alternative timeline. Very different to Noma, but a good different. Hermione in the Voldemort AU was everything. When I had seen it before, when Hermione is told she’s minister for magic, Noma does a funny little giggle- which I love! What Rakie did when she was told was so sassy. She was pointing her wand at Snape and said: “I’m minister for magic!” Not in a threatening way, just in an amazingly sassy way.

When I had seen the show before, in the polyjuice potion scene, Ron (Albus) only kissed Hermione once. However this time, Ron (Albus) kissed Hermione a whole bunch of times and tried to hug her a lot more! Thomas was so hilarious in that scene.
The way Jamie played Harry in that scene was also so funny. Just looking so awkward and walking off stage, his face in total “oh my god what did I just witness I don’t know what to do with myself” mode. Scarred for life he looked like XD My friend and I were laughing so much.

Thomas’s Ron is perfect for me. His comedic timing was on point and got big laughs all around. Thomas and Rakie’s chemistry is so sweet - it made it more painful to see them not together in the AU.
In the Voldemort timeline, when Hermione says “Ron, I love you and I always have’, you could hear the crack and heartache in her voice. She did a half laugh and half cry when she was talking to Ron about them having a son and a daughter. Perfect. So many tears.

Rose is the most adorable child. The scene when her and Hermione hug was so heartbreaking I was nearly in tears.

THIS SNAPE! David Annen! He is very much like Alan Rickman’s portrayal of Snape. He was calm, had brilliant comedic timing with his words. When Scorpius tells him how he dies, he replies, “How…very…………irritating”. It got a big laugh. I’m glad that Snape and Hermione aren’t as ‘touchy’ in this one, they stay quite far apart. Noma’s Hermione got a little too close to Snape’s face and touching for my liking - but that’s just me XD

Umbridge was great. When she entered on stage at the beginning of Part 2, she did a kind of sassy strut. Holding her cape up and doing a fabulously evil and sly walk XD love it.

Ginny is so strong and fierce. For someone reason in my mind, I thought the new Ginny was going to be really quiet. BOY WAS I WRONG and I’m so happy to be wrong! Emma was spectacular, truly what book Ginny is all about.
I AM SO GLAD THAT HARRY AND GINNY KISSED TWICE IN THE BLANKET SCENE. I am such a Hinny shipper and that just made my heart glow. XD

APRIL AS MYRTLE….. my gosh, it was phenomenal. Her voice is very close to the film version of moaning myrtle. She used a lot more body language than I’ve seen done before. While Harry was looking another way, she would (for a long time) be trying to stroke his back with her foot. Hilarious XD also getting a cold look from Ginny. She stepped in front of Harry to make her stop.

Annabels Delphi is spectacular. I was completely under her spell. I almost forgot who she truly was, so when she finally turns on Scorpius and Albus it is utterly terrifying and sad. (Scorpius was awkwardly patting Delphi on the back when she was hiding from a student on the staircase)

Plus, it was quite weird seeing Annabel as myrtle first and now seeing her as Delphi. However, she’s such a brilliant actress I forgot she used to be myrtle.

The dementor flew right past my face and it was amazing. I went with a friend who had not read the play or heard any spoilers, and she was completely terrified. We were sat at the front of the dress circle. That scene always gives me the chills.

I love the little details of the students acting in the background. Even though they are not at centre attention, they still do little things in the background. Little things like touching Rose’s shoulder in comfort while they were listening in on the staircase. Every single person on that stage has so much talent. The dancing always leaves me in awe and i wish i could watch it back over and over again.

I am bursting to see this cast again and I’m so glad i got to see them in their first week. Now i have about a year to be able to see them again. With the original cast, the first i saw of them was in May - a week before they were leaving so i had limited time to see them again. i stupidly forgot to buy a programme of this cast. Guess it gives me an excuse to go again quite soon XD

I love this play so much.