i look like a 7 year old i love it

Okay I know that everyone has their own opinion on what they like and what they don’t like. But I don’t understand why people hate on inuyasha so much? Yes it has its flaws but what show doesn’t? I get attacked alot on how can I like inuyasha?? “ omg you like inuyasha??” “And it’s your favorite???” “ oh god why? It’s a terrible show”! Now look I have my own personal reason why I love the show so much. I have a disability and I use to get beat up by other kids when I was only 7 years old, that show taught me that it’s okay to be different, and you have to make your place in the world and someday you’ll find special kind of person who will be your friend. And that’s why I love inuyasha so much.

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more voltron workplace au

no work actually ever gets done

  • shiro: “good morning lance how did you sleep?”
    • lance crying: “i was up until 4am playing mario kart” shiro: “yes i can tell :)” 
  • lance on his first week: “hey keith!” keith: “eat dirt and perish”
    • lance on his eleventh week: “hey keith!” keith: “heyyy is that a new shirt? wow you look good in it. can i get you anything?” 
  • shiro: “keith get me my coffee” keith: “get it yourself”
  • allura: “hunk, you seem very reliable. can you tell me a little bit about everyone in the office?” hunk: “considering i’ve been through everyone’s phones i can tell you more than a little bit. did you know shiro has been on the run from the government for 6 years?”
    • allura: >:0 
  • pidge: “shiro, you know i love you like the brother i never had” shiro: “awww- wait a minute, you have a brother” 
    • pidge: “ok feelings over now shut up and lift me into the vent” 
  • lance: “hunk look at my new crocs! do you like them?” hunk: “wow is that vintage? so cute!”
    • hunk to shiro 12.5 seconds later: “we need to have an intervention for lance” 
  • allura: “how old are you?” pidge: “7″
    • allura: “7 what? 17? 27? 7 small horses?” pidge: “yes” 
  • keith watching lance photocopy papers: “god he’s so cute” hunk scribbling something in a notebook labelled ‘blackmail’: “huh. interesting”
  • coran: “hello everyone! i’m allura’s assistant and business partner!” lance: “that’s a funny accent. are you from france?” 
    • coran: “no i’m from new zealand!!” lance: “oh ok. south france” 
    • coran: “no-” lance: “sheep france” 
  • hunk: “i bought 12 donuts for the office kitchen this morning and by lunchtime they were all gone. do you know anything about that?” 
    • keith with crumbs on his shirt and cinnamon stains on his mouth: “…no” 
  • allura: “coran i really don’t trust any of these idiots. for example, look at that” -pidge fingerpainting by smearing mayonnaise onto a glass window- 
    • allura: “i mean- who even is that” coran: “that’s their IT manager she’s brilliant” 
    • allura: “for god’s sake”
  • allura takes two steps into the office and keith’s desk collapses on top of him 
    • shiro: “why” pidge: “ok so maybe i took out all the screws earlier-” 
    • keith: “i hope my legs are broken” 

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the hell.... i could pass kristolyn on the street and easily be like "yeah she's probably 22?" she looks INCREDIBLE WTF

i think about this ^ every day. she’s!!! so!! beautiful!!!

1. i am twenty-one years old, and she messages me, “i really want to kiss you" 
2. she is about to turn twenty, and we spend hours on the phone before the clock strikes midnight and i tell her, "happy birthday” and she calls me “baby” when she thanks me
3. it is one in the morning and i have decided that i don’t want anyone else to call me “baby” except for her
4. there are over three hundred miles between us, but in six hours, she closes the gap and i find myself in her arms for the first time. i’m shaking all over and her lipstick stains my neck and i whisper to her, “don’t let go” and she whispers back, “i won’t”
5. three days later, she lets go - she has to - and i feel so alone but my heart feel so full.
6. thank god for technology because even though we can’t be together as often as we’d like, not a day goes by where she isn’t with me - where i don’t hear her voice or see her beautiful face pixelated on my laptop screen or read her texts or screenshot her snapchats.
7. i am twenty-two years old, and she squeezes my hand as i blow out my birthday candles. i look to her and smile because my wish had already come true the moment i picked her up at the airport.
8. she just turned twenty-one and we stand together in her living room as i give her her birthday gifts, one after the other because i love to spoil her. her lips taste like cuervo when she kisses me and i still feel lightheaded, even though she’s been kissing me for twelve months now.
9. the clock strikes twelve on the twelfth month that we have been together. i turn to her, as we lie in the same bed for the first time in months, and for once, it isn’t just the same sky we are under, but the same covers. i curl into her side and feel her warmth, i kiss her shoulder just because i can. just because she is ther.e 
10. three hundred and sixty six days have gone by and no one else has called me baby except for her. and no one else will.
—  one year
(cc, 2016)

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Are you ever gonna do more content-aware fill stuff? I loved it

Carl the Animator: “Ooh ooh can we can we can we?!

Ted the Animator: “Gee, I don’t know, we covered it pretty well last time….”

Carl the Animator: “Pleeeeaaaase?

Ted the Animator: “…if I say no, I’ll feel like I’m telling a 7-year-old he can’t have the puppy in the window.”

Carl the Animator: “Ha! Another win for piteous begging.”

Ted the Animator: “What first, boss?”

Carl the Animator: “Let’s start with this awesome chicken from a while back.”

Ted the Animator: “Perfect. Chickens in Scooby-Doo always look like they’re mildly bemused by everything around them.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah, now do it do it do it!”

Ted the Animator: “Select around it in Photoshop… hit delete… approve content-aware fill… aaaaaaand…”


Ted the Animator: “That… wow. Instant modern art.”

Carl the Animator: “Ok, now my turn! Professor scientist dude from Cyber Chase!

Ted the Animator: “Not even those 12 cubic meters of hair can protect him from the all-consuming wrath…”

Carl the Animator: “WHA!”

Ted the Animator: “…of content-aware fill.”

Carl the Animator: “Y’know, it can’t be very relaxing to float in an ethereal void of your own mustaches.”

Ted the Animator: “Now for somethin’ classic.”

Carl the Animator:Ghoul-School-spider-hypnosis-headphones-Shaggy, comin’ up!”

Ted the Animator: “…oh dear.”

Carl the Animator: “Y’know, I’ve had dreams like that after eating Pad Thai.”

Ted the Animator: “I wanna see how it handles group scenes. Also, I’m selecting everything around them in chunks for science.”

Carl the Animator: For science!”

Ted the Animator: “…ah. I guess it handles them like that, then.”

Carl the Animator: “With utmost beauty.”

Ted the Animator: “Well, there’s no topping this one, I guess.”

Carl the Animator: “One more. I have an idea.”

Ted the Animator: “…you plus ideas is not a good combination.”

Carl the Animator: “Just trust me on this.”

Ted the Animator: “Wait, why are you selecting around his tongu–”

Ted the Animator: GAHHHHHHHH”

Carl the Animator: “It’s v–”

Ted the Animator: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?”

Carl the Animator: “Wonderful, wonderful things.”

Ted the Animator: “Scooby–… Scooby should not have a single eye in the middle of his forehead!

Carl the Animator: “Polyphemus Scooby thinks he’s beautiful just the way he is, thank you very much.”

Ted the Animator: “And Shaggy! And their skin! And that tongue! And… and… and….”

Carl the Animator: “Some people just don’t understand art.”


So helloooo my amazing fellow Taylor Swift loving sunshines!
My name is Lucy, I’m sixteen and for those of you who don’t know, I was on the Voice Australia this year! This is so long, but it would mean the world to me if you could read it.

I just want to take this moment to thank you all for being so wonderful to and supportive of me always and throughout my time on the show. Thank you for the messages, the words of kindness and the love. You guys freaking rock and I am so lucky to be a part of THE BEST FANDOM ever.

I found out the hard way that being in the spotlight is very difficult. I assume we all kind of think being a celebrity must be hard, but I got a minor taste of what it’s like and it was one of the most difficult times of my life. It was life changing, exciting, I got to do some super cool things and experience priceless and beautiful moments in both my music and personal life (music and personal blend for me anyway!). But I was also under constant barrage of hate comments. You know, people would say horrible things about me, my family and performances on the show. The performances bit I totally got- my singing in the live shows was easily the worst I’ve ever performed. I can’t really blame anyone except myself because I believe regardless of what song you’re given, it’s your job to make it a great performance. Maybe it was because I was more of a songwriter than a singer. My mental health deteriorated quite a bit. It was hard knowing that I more than likely was going to get hundreds of nasty messages and humiliate myself in front of millions, regardless of what I did in my performance. One of my old best friends, whom I actually met Taylor with, joined in with the nasty comments. Even her new best friend and her best friend’s mum started commenting stuff all the time. It was so heartbreaking. I literally do not know how you do it Taylor, but I have so much respect and love for your beautiful strength.

And it made me stronger. It also made me realise that music is exactly what I want to do. Despite the hardships, I still was so excited to go to every rehearsal and sing with the Voice band and dance around on stage. I was excited to play with the arrangements of the covers the producers got me to sing. And Taylor, if you’re reading this, I just want you to know that you played a huge part in getting me through everything that happened this year. Because seeing you pick yourself up and be the best version of you in the face of your hardships meant I was motivated to pick myself up as well. And keep working hard and smart, just as you do Taylor. You are just so incredible to have as a role model and inspiration.

You were the reason I picked up a guitar and started this musical journey. Breathe was actually the first song I ever learnt on guitar and I would play nearly every song from Fearless when I started busking at 9 years old. As I kid, I honestly didn’t realise you could really make a career from being a musician and a songwriter until I saw your passion and success with Fearless as a young woman. Seeing a young girl kicking ass set off this lightbulb in my head and here I am. Your music has been a soundtrack to my life. Each album has accompanied different eras of my life and I could not thank you enough. Your songs are the ones I always go back to and fall more in love with every time I hear them. Every time the online hate from the Voice got really hard, I’d get back to the hotel apartment room and blast your albums and have a dance party in the kitchen and everything would be ok. Thank you for writing beautiful lyrics, melodies and making me feel so much. Thank you for inspiring my own musical creations.

And because you inspired me to pick up my guitar and follow my ridiculous, naive and wild dream, life has gotten so incredibly wonderful. I wouldn’t change anything about this year. Taylor, because of you, I’m now a signed recording artist with Universal Music and UMPG. I’m doing my first headline show in my home city, Canberra, and we’re on the way to a sell out. I freaking did a TEDx Talk performing songs I wrote. I get to do my own gigs at events and festivals nearly every weekend. I cannot thank you enough for being there and inspiring young girls like myself to get out there, work hard and achieve their dreams. I cannot thank you enough for inspiring me and being there for me. My gosh, I’m literally crying of happiness writing this because 7 year old decided she was going to love Taylor Swift and chose an incredible person to look up to. You freaking rock Taylor. This is such a ramble. But thank you for everything. I LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!

Love from,
Lucy xo

PS. @taylorswift hiiiii ❤️❤️

First time I can truly say I fell in love with A black woman.

I’ve always loved black women.
That’s all that’s been around me since birth. How can I hate what’s been so beautiful since my very existence?

I remember I developed my first crush on Nia Long. My Mom used to get me to watch fresh prince of Belair for hours because it was the only thing that would keep me calm and stop me from crying lol I got angry when I saw Will kiss MY Lisa on tv. Me and Will had beef 😂

My Dad has always been a teacher and public speaker after his days of playing pro football. So I remember he this event with this one black lady who played on Sesame Street WAAAY back when. And half way thru the event , the special guest that walked in, I kid you not. Was NIA FUCKING LONG. My Lisa walked into the room looking like Gold.

At this age I can’t be any older than 7. But my love for her was real. The short hair, the brown skin. Her persona. I loved it. She came and sat next to pops and spoke about God knows what.
And me being me, I’m chillin with my dad and of course she speaks to the cute ass 7 year old.
And me not knowing real from fake I asked her how’s Will? Because thats her boyfriend right? She’s like oh he’s fine, they are happy. She said she’s gunna have to go back to him after the function. She asked me about Elmo and shit cause at the time I had a toy Elmo that I would go with everywhere. Then the magic happened.

I pulled a ring pop out my book bag and she goes
*Gasp* or me ?!?!? And I’m like 😌 damn right.
She stuck her hand out and we put it in her finger and gave me a kiss on my cheek. And said thanks cutie. Wills gunna Be Jealous when he sees this.

She kept it on the rest of the function and when she left she blew me a kiss goodbye.

I was the happiest 7 year old in existence

So i made myself a body love/ body positivity thing to look at when i get all ‘i hate every part of my body" when getting dressed. Because this cast is a whole mish mash of different body types, like jazzy, who is beautiful and not like the typical skin and bones kind of girl you see, who aint scared to show what the lord and her mamma gave her, her thighs touch, she has a belly, and is just so beautiful. To pippa, who is tall and doesn’t have that 'tall curves’ thing most tall people in the media have, she has a normal waist and is just amazing. To renee who is ripped and has the mom strength to kick the asses of anyone who hurts you, and or lift a flaming bus off of you. And the men, Lin has class A dad bod, the bod thats “look I eat when i can, i have a 2 and a half year old, i was on a broadway play 7 days a week, your lucky i remembered to brush my hair this morning’ type bod. To oak and daveed who are ripped kings but still show love for every body type and sexuality and person. Daveed and his #freethetampon video just made me love him so much. Cause he is the type of guy who will go to the drug store buy 7 boxes of tampons and like 6 things of chocolate when you have your period. And anthony with the 'i work out…if you count running to be sort of on time to rehearsal and shooting…..and chasing jazzy around the house cause she stole my god damn cinnamon toast crunch’ type bod. I just its a reminder that….its okay…to have the body i do….


“I have brainwashed her enough NOT to like dolls so yay. ”

These are just a few of the hundreds of comments I’ve seen on a “Tree Change Doll” post from Facebook, in which parents talk about the certain “messages” Bratz are sending to their kid, like how to use men and their vagina’s to “rule the world”. One mom even proudly posts that she had brainwashed her kid into staying away from dolls, strollers and toy shopping carts. Then she claims it’s innocence. People like this are hypocrites. They are still body policing. They are saying females have to look a certain way to get respect and they measure a woman’s self worth by their hemline. This is a doorway that leads to the whole idea of “If you get treated badly, look at what you’re wearing. You may have asked for it.” and we already have enough judgemental little assholes running around, why would you want to raise more?

In my opinion, I believe if your child comes up to you with a Bratz doll and says “Mommy I want to look exactly like this, can I get lip injections?” YOU have failed your daughter. Not the toy company. I have never met/seen a 7 year old who opened up a box of clothes and said “Oh thanks mum and dad! Thank you for this lovely turtleneck sweater.” I mean, they may put on a front, but in their head they’re most likely thinking “ha-ha ok joke’s over where’s the toys?” Some of the prettiest girls I know today used to run around barefoot with chocolate all over their face and shirt, their hair and legs messy and guess what? They had baby dolls, Barbies, Bratz, Polly Pockets with the rubber clothing. They had the fake plastic silver jewelery with the big plastic heart shaped diamond inside of the rings. They had glitter lip balm, they listened to Britney Spears, and you’d still see them outside, dirty, with popsicle juice all over their face and hands. Running around with dirty feet. I was one of these kids. So I’m not sure what kind of parent you are or what you’re doing to your child when they have a mental break down at age 7 and is so concerned about their looks that you feel the need to go on Facebook and take it out on the Bratz.

Wiping a doll’s face off isn’t going to do anything but teach girls there’s a certain way they need to look in order for them to be treated as a basic human being, and that is pretty poor parenting. Just saying.

good morning it’s time to talk in depth about Kit Purrson, our main man Kenny P’s life partner and indisputable bae.

so Kent moves to Las Vegas. he’s probably super young- 18, 19, ect. lived with his moms and doesn’t really know how to react being given a sudden huge amount of contract money. his step mom Sadie helps him pick out the apartment and he flies in with her and she helps him move in. and she says “hey, you know what? you ought to get a cat.”

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7 year olds are assholes

Okay so I did work experience as a primary school teacher last year, and this is my favourite story to tell from it.
So I was 14 at the time, near Easter last year, still am pretty small, and I probably looked like a year 6 (10/11 year olds)
Now, I was helping out solely in reception class and year 1. It was mostly lovely, the kids loved me. I wore a suit, so I couldn’t have been mistaken for a student there even if it was a mistake that could be made.
Cut to my second week. In year 1, helping the kids draw pictures of the Queen for a card for her.

This little kid, problematic as hell, Ronnie, comes over to me holding a pot of pencils. He states that they’re all dull. I ask him if he wants a sharpener to sharpen them. He shakes his head and runs out of the room, by himself, into the toilets. Still with the pencils.
I go after him, as only year 5 and 6 can leave classrooms by themselves. Turns out, he ran into the toilets, dumped the pencils in the loo, tried to flush them, panicked when the loo got clogged, threw the plastic pot in, panicked again, and tried to blame it on me, saying I was “the nasty year 6” that apparently stole his chocolate the day prior. Chocolate isn’t allowed at that school, so I don’t know whether he owned up to having banned food or?

He then runs out crying, and I get asked whether I harassed him. I have to tell the class teacher all of what I’ve just written with a straight face. She didn’t believe me until she saw the pencils in the toilet.
That school was lovely, but damn, I never thought I’d get accused of throwing pencils in a loo.

Help Me

Okay people, I need you to help me on something. I will be tagging so many people, I’m sorry for this, but I need help. I’m not saying you have to like or reblog this or something, that would be cheating. But please, if you agree with me, like, reblog or leave a comment or something. 

This is Akyar, it’s a place in Mersin, Turkey. I spent my childhood there. Every weekend, we went to camping. Or diving, or picnic, or simply just to swim for an hour. This place was beautiful. That photo was taken 7 years ago, when I was 10 years old. I was there when my father took this photo. 

This was taken by me last night (28th Agust, 2017) Guys, you probably don’t undersand how important this is to me. I LOVED this place. It was where I learned how to swim, how dive, how to built a tent. I learned to be alone and to be free there. And, now, look at it. It was dark, so I only took this photo, but everywhere is like this.Sea included Me and my family, we will try to save this place. But, we are just 4 people. We need to shout out, we need more people to agree with us, so we can get help on this. So, yeah…

I’ll be tagging people who follows me, some other people who I follow, and I’m sorry for bothering you, but this is important to me.

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Ask me what kind of porn I’m into,
and I will take you on a magical journey to

What turns me on
is Ginny Weasley in the Restricted Section with her skirt hiked up,
Sirius Black in a secret passageway
solemnly swearing he is up to no good,
and Draco Malfoy
in the Room of Requirement
Slytherin in to my Chamber of Secrets,

I am an unapologetic consumer of
all things Potterotica,
and the sexiest part
is not the way
Cho Chang rides that broomstick,
or the sound of Myrtle moaning,
the sexiest part
is knowing they are part of a bigger story,
that they exist beyond eight minutes in
“Titty Titty Gang Bang,”
that their kegels
are not the strongest thing about them,
and still,
I am told that my porn is unrealistic.

Not quite as erotic
as flashing ads that say “JUST TURNED 18!”
so you can fantasize about fucking
the youngest girl you won’t go to jail for;

I’m told that my porn isn’t quite as lifelike
as a room full of lesbians begging for cock,
told that this
is what is supposed to turn me on,

Don’t you give me raw meat
and tell me it is nourishment,
I know a slaughterhouse when I see one.

It looks like 24/7 live streaming
reminding me
that men are going to fuck me
whether I like it or not,
that there is one use for my mouth
and it is not speaking,
that a man is his most powerful
when he’s got a woman by the hair;

The first time a man I loved
held me by the wrists and called me a whore,
I did not think, “RUN.”
I thought, “This is just like the movies,”
I know a slaughterhouse when I see one.

It looks like websites and seminars
teaching you how to fuck more bitches;
Looks like 15-year-old boys
bullied for being virgins;
It looks like the man who did not flinch
when I said “Stop,”
and he heard, “try harder,”

If you play-act at butchery long enough
you grow used to
the sounds of the screaming.

It is just a side effect of industry;
Everything gets cut
into small, marketable pieces,
you can almost forget
they were ever real bodies.

I will not practice bloody hands.
I will not make-believe dissected women.
My sex cannot be packaged,
my sex is magic,
it is part of a bigger story;
I am whole.
I exist when you are not fucking me,
and I will not be cut into pieces

I Lost A Friend

This isn’t my usual tickle-related content, so just be weary of that. But it is something I’d like people to read. So please, give it your time.

Today, seeing as it’s just past midnight, is the 5 year anniversary of the death of one of my closest friends. He was only 21. I remember getting the phone call one random day at Uni. Another friend, informing me of the details. He sounded like he didn’t know how to tell me. I don’t think I knew how to react. I just said “thank you”. I sat there in my room all day. Just sitting. I kept thinking “why am I not crying? Why am I not screaming?”. I felt awful, like I didn’t care. Of course I was just in shock. I hadn’t processed it. But I’ll never forget feeling awful for not immediately breaking down. After a few hours it hit me. And trust me, I broke down then. I’m not typically an emotional guy, but I was then. I couldn’t stop sobbing.
A few weeks later I went back home for his stone-setting. I met with his family. Gave them some pictures of us. We shared good memories and grieved together. I can see the look on his 7-year old sisters face now. Like she didn’t understand why all the adults were sad. Like she was concerned about us. It was devastating for his family and I felt so helpless to do anything. I felt like my even being there reminded them of their son. Of what they lost.
Then that night some of our friends went camping in his memory. He loved to camp. He always said it was funny because he was gay and was “the campest man for many reasons!”. We sat there and reminisced into the early hours. We argued at one point, about some trivial detail, fuelled by loss. Like somehow yelling at each other about something that got out of hand helped us to air our issues with life being unfair. It was a good night. We were together.
But more than any of that, what sticks out in my mind is the last time I saw him before he passed away. I had just gotten home from Uni for a week off. We hadn’t talked in a bit cos I’d been away. As I was walking through the train station I saw him. Waiting for someone. He hasn’t seen me. I was already late to meet my family so I just ran around, saying in my own head I’d message him later, catch up with him while I was home. I’d see him soon enough. I didn’t. I didn’t message him. I was always too busy. I didn’t reach out to him because I thought why should I? Let him reach out. Let him do it. I didn’t see him again. I had walked away from my last time seeing him. I never got to tell him how much he impacted me. How much I loved him. How much he meant to me, as a friend, even if we weren’t talking. Today, for every year for the rest of my life, I’ll always remember the time I failed to put aside my own feelings and reach out to someone who was a part of my life. If only to say “Thank you. For making me laugh. Being there for me. Arguing with me. Protecting me. Sharing your life with me. I’m sorry I let my pride and whatever we both did let us drift apart, and that I was a bad friend or you were a bad friend or I did this or you did that it doesn’t fucking matter. It just doesn’t fucking matter. I’m sorry. But thank you”.

Folks, that will haunt me until the day I die. The pain. The memories. Our failings. All of it. It will haunt me.

I know I never ask this of people, but could people reblog this around the community if they read it? Share it as much as you can. Not for my story, but for what I’m about to ask next.

Message someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Maybe you didn’t speak because of a fight and you’re not talking? Maybe you just let it drift? Maybe you just haven’t found time? Regardless, message them. Even if it’s just to thank them for being part of your life. For being there for the good times and bad. Just tell them “thank you”.

And if you get a little “thank you” messaged to you, consider replying. Think about what it feels like to lose someone. Forever. To have no chance at getting them back in your life. And please do what I failed to do. Put it aside. Just talk. Even if it’s just a catch up. Thank them back. Make the effort.

I’m sorry this wasn’t a more fun thing to read, but thank you for reading. And please please do what I ask. Share it around and take part. I want everyone in the community to be able to do this. Just for today. Just for my friend. Just for a 21-year old lad, who none of you knew, and who never knew how grateful I was for him.
Reach out. Build back bridges. Don’t let it be too late.

Thank you. Both on my behalf, and his.

My little brother had long hair till he was 14, he always wore dress and tried to look “pretty” and wear makeup and have my mom braid his hair, and he also played as a girl in games with my sister and I, that’s just because he liked it, as he grew up he stopped doing it and now is a big dude who never is not in jeans and hoodie and his favorite thing is working out and punk rock. None of that changed his gender that’s just how he liked to look and act. It’s how he expressed his ideas and feelings. and I think people confuse that with being trans. I my self am trans and I used to steal my brothers clothes and chop my own hair off, but i also had extreme distress about my anatomy and it caused a lot of frustration and confusion and anger. It made me uncomfortable to be naked. I had always done crazy shit to try and make more guy friends so they’d see me as cool and not just some girl. I fucking learned to ollie before i could even really ride a skateboard just because at 7 years old no one else knew how. I would jump off roofs and fight and that’s not something my brothers dealt with to the degree that i had to. I used to call my self ethan when i met kids at like mcdonalds and places where you only meet kids once, ya know? Because I looked like a boy more than my brothers and I loved it. But there are key differences is what I am saying. And it’s not wrong to want to express masculinity and femininity in different ways, but you dont have to jump to changing your gender.

rik mayall looks: rating my not-husband’s different eras (10/10)

baby rik/fuzzy rik - barbara first fell in love with rik from this era and i can def. see why. a cutie patootie baby that you also want to have their babies. 10/10

secret and rare longhair college rik - *fanning myself like an old southern lady in church*. i mean it’s blurry but it’s hotter than sasquatch at least. 10/10

‘Wick’ from The Young Ones - Punk-rock pigtails are definitely a thing now. Super cute spotty acne. Hair doesn’t look as red as usual but maybe that’s because I’m comparing it to Vyvvyan’s super-red tri-hawk. Either way, anarchic and v. cute. Great look for bringing down the fascist pigs. 8.5/10

mid-80s super close head shave - um??? love you but kinda glad this look didn’t last very long. this look is for dudes with weird natural hair not guys with genetic ginger perfection. recognize your brilliance. 6.8/10

colin from bad news - hair (obvious wig) gets darker and curlier over time and i definitely approve. also i guarantee 100% that barbara did his makeup and it’s absolutely gorgeous. and the 80s heavy metal fashion sells this piece. 9.5/10

alan b’stard in the new statesman - finally took my advice n grew his real hair out. gave it curls which i 100% approve. alan is a real b’stard in this show but this super sexy look was a standout. also rik’s a super good actor. go see it. 9/10

Flashheart in WWI - in rik’s own words: ‘so sex’. loved talking about flashheart because it was the sexiest he ever felt on screen and he was stealing the show by being really really funny. also in his own words: ‘i am a living penis!’ 14/10

official 80s Rik look - jESUS. this is goals. also this era produced that one over dramatic but still sexy photo of him in the shower that i will never get over. 10/10

(ok what the heck here it is. and for the record this = 100000000/10)

beardy rik 1st iteration - OH. MY. GOD. I have a crush all over again. 16/10

Travellers’ Cheques/Lemmy tribute - mucho desperado. what. a. babe. 15/10

this effing music video look nobody expected - ARE YOU SERIOUS??? OK I GUESS MY LIFE IS RUINED NOW. 250000/10

the unbridled perfection that is the Rik Mayall Presents era of looks: okay let’s go into each of these in detail.

#1 - this is my favorite RMP episode and rik is brilliant in it. also this gave us a taste of how Grey Fox era Rik would look like down the road. wouldn’t be fully realized until Jonathan Creek in 1998 and we’ll get to that later. but damn. 9.6/10

#2 - this would go on to become the official 90s Rik look, so i should give them the same rating. plus this episode is creepy and hot. 10/10

#3 - Dad (in glasses) Rik. I don’t use the acronym DILF often. and I still won’t. but just know that that applies here. 9.7/10

#4 - beard rik iteration 2. rik hated growing beards and only ever did it for acting purposes. plus dirty old town wasn’t the best. but this look is amazing. it bugs me that this is my least favorite episode but has the most gorgeous look. 26/10

official 90s rik look - bit more pudge and bit more lines on face. still f*cking hot. embraced his dad side and talked about his family more in interviews, and wore a lot more dad clothes like jumpers and sweaters. also in the late 90s after his death gave him a new lease on life, was more carefree in interviews and never stopped talking. also flirted up a storm with everyone. one of my favorites. 10/10

the ‘jesus look’/Merlin the Return - i’m still not over this look. I will never be over this look. this is art, this is f*cking beautiful. this is what white jesus wishes he was like. also actual brown jesus probably approves up in heaven. infinity/10

the mavis davis era/blond i guess? - a series of messed up studio mandated dye jobs that combined into this color. rik hated it. he made jokes about himself in interviews of the time but was obviously very insecure about it. can’t hate on it too much since it wasn’t his choice, but yeah, not the best color combo. but he’s still able to pull it off by being his charming as hell self, and it later faded. 8/10

the grey-age begins - like 90s only getting noticeably more grey. obviously rik didn’t want his hair dyed after mavis davis debacle and that was a good choice. also became his look for the 2000s as well after he grew it out from being short, or vice versa. i don’t know the timelines. but ihe and ade both looked great in the late 90s during the guest house paradiso times. 10/10

Jonathan Creek - The look that shook the world by revealing that Rik had gone full grey for realsies. this ain’t the young ones anymore guys, grey fox rik is here to stay. this was also the first project he took on after his death on the quad bike and recovery in the hospital. so f*cking brave and it gets extra points. 22/10

grey fox rik - was around for most of the mid 2000s and featured prominently in quality programs such as All About George, Violent Nation. slightly more dad-ish and still punk and very very cute. lots of great interviews from this time. 10/10

the silverage begins/Believe Nothing - this probably was before short grey fox timeline wise, but there was already silver and white under the grey in those so i will counting this as the first time we see silver, even though he’s still vaguely ginger most of the time. he’s gorgeous either way and i love this show. 10.5/10

wut - wut. yeah this was a bit of a weird choice. skunkbeard no go. he got rid of it soon after his one episode and went back to his good beard record. 6.7/10

sideswept disheveled thing I didn’t even know about until i started looking at more pictures for this whole project - i fucking love this. no censors. 15/10

bombadier - beer commercials and rik with beards are like macaroni n cheese pizza: two things too good for this world. also rik’s new whiteage underneath the silver means there’s going to be a new rik era very soon. stay tuned. 9.8/10

official dad rik in Man Down - full beardy rik look #3, this time grown to make him look 20 years older since he’s late 50s and playing greg davies’ 70 year old pop pop. next to 6′7 greg he’s an adorable dwarf dad. he also gets to indulge in more dad fashion, while still being punk rock and saying ‘comrade’. also like JC this is the first time we see a new era of all-white hair rik, and it’s so cool. 10/10

unfortunately the last days of rik - full white hair, sans beard, jean jackets and shorts and his life is buying lil sudoku books from stores and sleeping on trains. has fully embraced his old dad status and loves it. can still be suave as f*ck in a blue and white suit though (in his last film Der Ontsnapping in Holland). Despite his big personality he still was facing a lot of medical problems including epilepsy and the other repercussions of his head injury. died way too soon and we still will miss him always. it was personally one of the worst times of my life. infinity/10

sapphireswimming  asked:

yoooo thank you so much for reblogging my Gundam 00 powerpoint?? It's gotten like 100 notes in the past two days and they're basically all reblogs from you! It's made me very excited aha

I love this show very much. (I came across a 2nd OP of this show so I miss it.) And then I tried to look for something about Gundam 00 here and I found your post. It’s nice<3 It’s been 10 years!!! I can’t believe this. I feel so old now. lol

I love how you describe it. Yes, I love all OPs from this show. ED are great too! (No.1 in my heart is Trust you)

I haven’t draw them like… 6-7 years. It’s nice to draw them. (I love Allelujah<3 everyone has a great past. great???? a great tragic past? anyway… you’re welcome!)

The Poet Bao Phi, On Creating a ‘Guidebook’ For Young Asian-Americans

[Bao Phi’s] new book, Thousand Star Hotel, is a cutting collection of poems about growing up a refugee, becoming a father, feeling surrounded by police brutality and the invisibility of poor Asian-Americans. Phi says that when he was young, he never saw experiences like his taught in schools or talked about. He hopes that his new work might serve as a “guidebook” for his 7-year-old daughter Song and other Asian-Americans looking to see their own experiences reflected…

“The book has a lot of poems ranging in subject from police brutality to the invisibility of urban poor Asian-Americans to fatherhood and what it’s like to raise a child as a refugee from war. [It’s about] whether or not I pass on the trauma of war down to my daughter, the lack of Asian-American history in American public schools, and you know, love and relationships.

And basically in a way, I feel like the book is one, me writing in resistance against the erasure of Asian-Americans — Vietnamese-Americans in particular — but also as, I guess, a marker of the life of my parents, my family, people like me that often don’t reach any type of visibility in this country.” (x)

Look, I am not saying Sakura did not love Sasuke. She did. I am sure she did love Sasuke with all her heart and that’s completely fine. She was like what? 6-7 years old? I mean she would obviously fall for looks. You can’t ask a 6 year old to look into something more. I agree she tried to do as much as she could. She did care about Sasuke and tried to help him. The thing about Sakura is that her character was written in a way that it’s kind of real. She did not have Naruto’s determination or need to keep bonds. She did what she did, she loved how she knew and that is ok.
The thing is…no one is really worrying about Sasuke’s feelings in this? He did not want what Sakura wanted. He did not feel attracted to her in a way she wanted. People forget about the boy’s feelings in these kind of situations. Just because someone likes you it doesn’t mean you have to return their feelings. You are entitled to reject them. You aren’t a bad person. Sasuke isn’t an asshole. He just did not want nor needed Sakura’s romantic love for him. Sasuke isn’t bad for rejecting Sakura. Sakura isn’t a bad person for loving the way she knew. Stop bringing their characters down just because of a ship that isn’t justified. The ship is the problem, not the characters.