i look kinda thing lol

OK, so I was doing @morshmalliver ’s b-day present and I realized the image was gone (like, shit, first the contracture now this) and as you can see the universe wants to kill me, so I was sketching again and I just couldn’t do it right and somehow it ended up in sad shit.


In this dark time of art block, I bring you…

Baby Reigen

Not even ageswap, just for whatever reason/by some accident he’s a little kid for awhile. Yeah. More to come probably.


cry out [RIJF'16]

I had a few people tag me to post a selfie before the new year. To be honest I was a bit scared to and put it off… but I’m trying to be more brave this year.

So here you go. This is ME.

Also it’s fancy cause that’s how I roll ;) hehe.


he fell in love with her all over again

based on this one conversation in deep route lolol

the moon signs as rare natural phenomena

aries moon // volcanic lightning

taurus moon // undulatus asperatus clouds

gemini moon // light pillars

cancer moon // moonbow

leo moon // fire rainbow

virgo moon // frost flowers

libra moon // nacreous clouds

scorpio moon // ball lightning

sagittarius moon // double rainbow

capricorn moon // frozen air bubbles

aquarius moon // aurora borealis

pisces moon // bioluminescence 

Guess what? It’s another wip! ;^w^ (Previous)

I don’t know the full details of their backstory, but I know they were created from a failed experiment or something and this was just kinda how I pictured it XD

??? belongs to @xgemdrawzx - feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about anything!


run away - chase atlantic // home - one direction

AU idea where Palps kept an eye or two on Maul and ultimately found out where Obi-Wan was because of him is desperately needed, methinks.