i look kind of a mess though

There are roses on Derek’s doorstep.

No note. No scent trail. After determining that there is nothing inherently magical or deadly about them, he spends the entire rest of the day researching symbolism and archaic demon customs, trying to figure out what kind of death threat he’s just been handed.

It doesn’t occur to him until nightfall, when the neighbors start discussing their romantic dinner plans at a decibel he has trouble tuning out, that he realizes the flowers might not have been delivered with malicious intent.

Because, apparently, today is Valentine’s Day. And apparently someone decided that Derek should receive flowers to celebrate the occasion.

Derek Hale has a secret admirer.

He honestly would have preferred the death threat.

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Today I walk into work and there are a ton of people in my building and it’s kind of a mess and everyone is talking and I sort of just blurt out:

“Man, it’s a zoo in here!”

Everyone stopped and looked at me as though I had 2 heads.

Then I realized.

I work at a zoo.

Seven recent episodes of Yo-Kai Watch have opened with these hysterical “Dark Yo-Kai Watch” skits (this anime is made up of basically “sketches” it cycles in and out) and the best thing about them is the clear reference to Gegege no Kitaro going on.

Because Kitaro USED to look like this, from the 60′s to mid 80′s:

…..And had some incredibly grisly horror content, with heinous fates befalling humans who messed with the yokai world.

But from the 90′s to today, newer “main” Kitaro series have started to avoid more gruesome themes and look more like this:

(can you even believe the girl in the red dress is supposed to be the same character in both images? wtf)

So Yo-Kai watch is kind of pulling a reversal and just NOW adding a darker, nastier, older looking AU and I don’t even need to understand a word of Japanese to enjoy these (though I did understand that Dark Keita’s Yokai name is “caterpillar man”)

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How do you draw poses/characters in motion? I have a side art blog (draw-stuff09) and I've been trying to go for a more flowy artstyle. What's your drawing process?

Well usually i just kind of follow basic rules like “line of action” and try to pay attention to which parts of an object stretch and squish, how gravity may affect things. i also make sure all my lines are smooth and round, making movement possible with stiff, angular lines can be a bit difficult,  staying loose even if you mess up helps, you can always edit out mistakes later. Anyway though, i wouldn’t say i have a “process” really,  but i DO recommend looking up line of action,  also here’s a dumb tutorial thing i made ages ago:

I am a filthy kinda beautiful.
Smudged makeup and bitten lips,
I choke on half finished poems
and we all call what I cough up
lovely instead of lonely

the dirty kinda pretty where 
I drop G’s off the end of my words
without anyone sayin’ anythin' 
because I have a soft mouth
that I hear looks good for somethin’

an ugly hopeful, the point where prayer
is not enough and even the preacher knows,
hearing “Things are gonna get better”
and knowing it isn’t true,
it isn’t kindness,
they just don’t know what else to say

sloppy poetry, sloppy kisses, sloppy love,
I am a mess of a girl
callin’ herself Grown,
as though I still don’t cry myself to sleep
like I did when I was a child,
as though I still don’t dream
of something so spectacularly better 
it could only ever be called a fairytale

—  $0.06 Poetry || O.L.
Dark Chocolate|1| M

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Pairing: Jung Hoseok/Reader

Genre: Smut. Mild Fluff 

Words: 5,329

A/n: SO! This is my first ever smut and I feel a little weird about it. BUT! I think you may like it. This will have 3 parts with varying degrees of plot mixed in with the smut lol. Enjoy my little J-hoes! 

You smirked a little as you munched on your favorite treat, watching Hoseok pout at you while you sat on the counter. He ran his hands up your thighs, squeezing the soft muscle lightly and swiftly pulled them apart as you swallowed a gasp, smoothing out your expression as if this was nothing to you. He stepped in-between your legs, towering over you and put his hands on the counter on either side of you. He smiled like he knew you were only just pretending to be unfazed and licked his lips. His eyes stayed on your lips, only flicking them away to look longingly into your eyes.

“Baby, please?” He asked in an exaggeratedly cute voice. You held back your smile and shook your head. You took another bite and leaned away from him when he tried to take it from your fingers.

“Nope.” You said sweetly.

“I’ll make you come twice, tonight.” He bargained, leaning his forehead on yours and staring down at your lips as you bit them. You let your legs graze against his hip and you looked up at him with false innocence.

“Three times.” You countered in the same sweet voice as before.

“Deal.” He whispered, his lips brushing against yours, his tongue poking out to taste the chocolate that still clung to yours.

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Alright so... What about the RFA + V & Saeran reacting to MC playing video games and she like, curses and screams at the characters. And god save them when she plays horror games because her screams are really loud, haha. I hope you're having a nice day!


  • he gets terrified whenever you scream
  • more often that not it sends him into panic mode
  • “OH MY GOD IS THERE A MURDERER IN THE HOUSE oh wait nevermind it’s just resident evil 7”
  • when you’re yelling in anger he’s so flustered
  • he doesn’t know what to do
  • why are you so angry?
  • why is it so hot?
  • he squeals and tells you not to swear so much but in reality it makes him kinda hot and bothered
  • to be honest, he can’t really criticise you much because he yells too whenever he gets frustrated on LOLOL
  • god forbid you’re ever gaming at the same time
  • so many noise complaints


  • he is absolutely adamant that ladies are not supposed to swear
  • oh boy is he in for a surprise
  • the first time you start screaming and yelling at the screen he’s absolutely shocked
  • he had no idea you had it in you
  • this is the girl he calls princess
  • but right now
  • she is a wild fuckin hyena
  • he genuinely has no idea what he’s supposed to do
  • when you’re playing a horror game and start screaming he’ll run up to you like “omg babe are you okay??”
  • and when you tell him it’s just because of the game he’s like “I know but omg are you okay you really shouldn’t play it if you get so scared”
  • you keep playing anyway
  • if he’s there with you while you’re playing he gets just as scared and screams just as loudly
  • it’s actually pretty funny


  • okay this is stressful for her
  • she’ll hear you screaming and freak out, ready to rush in and help you
  • but then she’ll hear you yelling at that fucking zombie that jumped out and killed you so now you have to go back to the last checkpoint for shit’s sake
  • lots of mum-sighs and eye-rolls
  • “maybe you shouldn’t play if you get so angry”
  • she just…. doesn’t understand why you would do this to yourself
  • sometimes she tries watching to see just why you get so angry over certain things
  • and she has to admit, she can see why some things are annoying
  • but the fact they bring out that kind of response??
  • it’s just beyond her


  • he really just doesn’t understand why you get so worked up over it
  • it’s not even real. what are you doing?
  • he tries watching sometimes to see why
  • and he makes comments about what you could’ve done differenty
  • yes Jumin I fucking know you are not helping
  • whenever you scream at the jumpscares, he doesn’t even flinch
  • he’ll just look at you and raise his eyebrows like “seriously?”
  • if you scare Elizabeth, though, he’ll get worried about her
  • he usually locks her in another room if he knows you’re going to be gaming
  • he doesn’t really like how much you swear, but he knows it just kind of slips out when you’re venting your anger


  • he finds it absolutely hilarious
  • he is a laughing mess whenever you scream
  • and when you’re yelling at the characters he’ll egg you on and pretend to get angry too
  • he’ll also probably film it
  • he loves how into it you get and how you don’t even notice he’s in the room half the time
  • and the amount of swearing is so fucking funny to him
  • he loves that you come across as cute and innocent but then you go ahead and do this
  • he’ll imitate you, too, so whenever you scream he’ll scream even higher
  • oh boy that pisses you off even more
  • and he fucking knows it


  • he thinks you’re a goddamn idiot
  • but… he has to admit, it is kind of amusing
  • the jumpscares don’t really scare him all that much, so if he’s watching you and you get scared he’ll smirk and call you stupid
  • when you get mad at the characters he’ll just stand there watching you
  • he did not realise how many swear words it was possible to use in one sentence
  • he enjoys just observing, to be honest, and he’ll never really get involved
  • he’ll make some comments on it afterwards though, and tease you about it a lot


  • he gets so worried
  • whenever you scream he’ll instantly rush to you, even if he knows you’re playing video games
  • you always feel bad because he checks on you every single time
  • and it happens a lot
  • he does find it pretty funny when you get angry, though
  • if he’s with you he’ll try to hide his smile because he doesn’t want to make it even worse
  • if he’s in another room he’ll just listen and laugh silently to himself as he hears you cursing and yelling
  • he loves how you don’t seem to care what comes out of your mouth when you’re so engrossed in a game
Archie x Reader: Hotel Room Shenanigans

Warnings: smut-ish, talks of body image
Requested: yes, I combined two requests for this one!

*your POV*

I sighed as I looked at my reflection in the long mirror in Archie and I’s shared hotel room. The baby blue dress showed every curve on my body and my stomach stuck out a little farther than I wished it had. The only thing I liked were my legs, and that was only when I could find pants that fit up over my thunder thighs. I couldn’t believe I let everyone look at me like this at Archie’s moms wedding and I felt embarrassed. Embarrassed that Archie could have any girl whatsoever and he was stuck with me, the fat girl who could resemble fat Albert if she wanted.

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seat neighbor taehyung.

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  • doesn’t understand the concept of personal space && the fact that he’s so tall and basically a tree with its branches hanging all over the place doesn’t help either
  • so when he falls asleep
  • which is like 80% of the time
  • you have to deal with a sleeping taehyung on your shoulder or sprawled over the whole desk
  • and like 
  • at first you brushed him off resulting in him yelping as his head fell onto the desk and he looked so offended and insulted it was kind of cute
  • but now
  • you don’t mind bc he is handsome and somehow its cute b UT AT THE SAME TIME HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO STUDY WTH ???
  • but you kind of cope with it since you got used to it somehow ??? 
  • the other 20% in class is spent with him asking you for basically anything bc he has never something on himself
  • “can i pleasseee get a pen ??”
  • “um…would you mind giving me a piece of paper?" 
  • and so on
  • so you just
  • give in && obey to his every will because how can you say no to this cute face ???
  • but when the person behind you even dares to ask, you will just say no and they’re mostly like ?? why ??? while tae is like :^) and ur just like ???
  • basically, it’s weird sitting next to tae since you’re always short on stuff && confused about your life choices but it’s also kind of comfy 
  • like he is never annoying or late to class && most of the time he shows up ( even if he just sleeps for the whole hour )
  • you don’t even question his weird behaviour since u got used to it
  • its also nice bc you always have some music next to you 
  • the reason is tae will always listen to music when he’s sleeping and it’s not even loud
  • but
  • since he’s so close while napping, you’ll always get to listen what he listens to 
  • tbh it’s such a weird mix 
  • it fits him
  • like sometimes it will be slow ballads
  • then full on hip-hop
  • there is no in between and it’s just like him
  • like he is either doing something really passionately or sleeping
  • that’s how you know him at least
  • however one day while he is soundly sleeping next to you, his head casually on your shoulder while you’re concentrating on thESE GODDAMN EQUATIONS LIKE WHAT IS MATH ???
  • so you were sitting there trying to understand the lesson while absentmindedly tapping your shoe to the rhythm of the song that taehyung’s been listening to 
  • and then you notice
  • that this type of music is so different from the rest ?? like it’s kind of jazzy but so soothing
  • and it’s just instrumental 
  • but you like it even though you’ve never heard it before 
  • so after class you awkwardly walk up to him bc u never rlly talked before after class but it’s cool right ?? 
  • so you just 
  • hi
  • and it’s so awkward at first like taehyung doesn’t even notice you talking to him bc he’s too tall he cant hear u
  • no but srsly 
  • you grow kind of impatient and just lightly tap him 
  • and taetae has a thing for being dramatic so he whips around looking shook af and you just ?? what is this living meme ??
  • you straight up ask him what is this jazz song that he’s been listening to bc you found it so unfitting for his usual choice of music
  • and with straight up asking i mean stumbling over your own words like a mess bc college made you a mess now you live the mess life
  • and tae is too pure he doesn’t even question you knowing his taste in music even though the both of you are barely on first name basis
  • and he just kind of radiates all of a sudden ??
  • and you’re like holy shit what did i do
  • then you’re suddenly dragged out of the room and you want to scream bc what is hAPPENING ???
  • but you stay quiet since you’re interested and he clearly wants to show you somerthing ?? you guess ??
  • so after 5 minutes of strolling over the campus with kim taehyung as your guide
  • you find yourself back in a place you’ve probably been like 3 times ??
  • the official music room of the college
  • and you’re kind of stunned while only looking at everything, not noticing that tae is holding a literal saxophone in his hands
  • as soon as you notice you kind of question him even further ??
  • but knowing taehyung he’s probably just playing around like he does with his other friends 
  • back to the scene where the both of you are in the music room
  • so he just grins his rectangular grin while looking so proud and suddenly he starts playing
  • and you swear
  • your breathing stops for a second
  • reason one is you never heard such passionate and jazzy sounds being played live before you and only for you
  • and reason two is you never expected taehyung to be the person to show you something like that
  • don’t understand this wrong tho like you knew he is more than he seems to be because he’s sleeping 80% of the time and still doesn’t fail ?? lIKE HOW BOI U A WIZARD ??
  • no but you never expected this
  • so you just sit down on the ground while looking at this goof who was literally napping on your shoulder minutes ago
  • and now he is here
  • playing like a professional and giving you a private concert 
  • and when he stops you’re somehow sad bc it was so beautiful and you kind of didn’t want it to end
  • you’re still staring at him completely surprised and shocked with your mouth agape while he’s grinning and out of breath
  • but he looks
  • so content
  • you can’t help but stare
  • and it’s not only the art he produced seconds ago you are so stunned by no it’s taehyung himself bc he literally is art
  • and you’re the one who gets out of the daze first by taehyung jumping into your face with his cheery expression while screaming
  • “AND??”
  • and you’re like
  • omg om omgomg g
  • why is he like that 
  • since you’re not only talking about the music b uuuttt,,
  • anyways he just chuckles and yanks you up to stand again and suddenly he gets shy 
  • “thank you…” 
  • and you’re still like how ?????? why do u do this ???
  • you can’t help it he’s just so pure
  • that’s how you got introduced to saxophonist kim taehyung
  • and you bet your ass he is going to jump into your face after every lesson so you will accompany him to the music room
  • “…..please ?”
  • “ok…”
  • so you always get dragged to the music room after class ends and actually you don’t really mind because through this you get to know him better + you’re able to listen to this a+ fantastic music
  • you find out why he’s always so sleepy in class and it’s basically bc he always works on new music and mostly with his friends who have no classes in the morning 
  • so he forgets to go to sleep
  • and you just kind of face palm but at the same time ?? it’s cute ?? it’s weird ??? it’s tae
  • also you get to know how much of a sucker for little kids he is when you have to take care of your nephew bc your sister is like sry gtg !!! and ur like im in college how should i take care of a child for a day ???
  • and it’s basically illegal but pshhh ur sister doesn’t care
  • so you come to the music room one day with this 4 year old boy who is so shy around you and you just ?? idk maybe tae will know what to do
  • and as soon as you enter the room with this kid tAE ALMOST COMBUSTS BC WHO IS THIS CUTIE RIGHT HERE ???
  • needless to say tae befriends the child so easily you’re like ?? wth ?? i’m his aunt 
  • ur like :^( and tae is like :^) and the child is like :^))))))))
  • bc he literally starts to love taehyung and they’re playing around while you’re watching and ur kind of mad
  • but at the same time you’re happy 
  • because iT’S SO CUTE 
  • so when it’s time to say goodbye, tae’s heart breaks a little since he has to let go of this cute child even tho it’s only been like 2 hours he cAN’T
  • your sisters sees this and is like
  • “well if your boyfriend is so eager to take care of him, he shall visit his aunt more often!”
  • so as the both of them leave and you wave them goodbye you’re so nervous && embarrassed while your sister winks at you 
  • you’re like ??? I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO ??
  • and after that you don’t even talk about your sister calling taehyung your boyfriend because nobody brings it up so you just ?? shrug it off ?? even tho you’re somewhat sad ??
  • until one day tae doesn’t show up to class 
  • and you assume he’s sick because he never skips classes 
  • so then when a week passes without the two of you seeing each other
  • you get worried and start asking around on campus if somebody knows where he is
  • finALLY !!! someone helps you and it’s jungkook as you will later find out, tae’s roommate along with somebody named jimin b ut that’s later :)
  • so you get guided by jungkook to the boy’s dormitory and you feel so  ouT OF PLACE ?? like everywhere are boys or girls who are in a relationship with a guy who’s living here 
  • but anyways
  • you open the door and there is the tree you’ve been missing
  • sprawled on his bed with sheets and empty cups which were once filled with instant noodles covering his body
  • jungkook and you both sigh simultaneously bc honestly ?? he’s such a mess
  • “he’s been like this for the past week.”
  • u just look up to the other tall male and there are literal question marks in your eyes 
  • jungkook just chuckled at you and shrugs
  • “you know musicians….they struggle. even when their muse is right in front of them.”
  • jungkook is like do we have a taehyung 2.0 or why is this girl not understanding what i’m saying 
  • so he just grips your shoulder turns you to tae still being passed out and then back and kind of shakes you 
  • bc what is this rollercoaster of emotions ???
  • taehyung is getting up because the shouting of his roommate interrupted his peaceful slumber so he’s trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes while smacking his lips 
  • and iT’S CUTE 
  • he’s cute
  • and he’s like half asleep as he watches the both of you standing in the door frame 
  • “who likes me ?”
  • so he has enough and just pushes you on top of tae and leaves 
  • pfft not his business
  • the scene was pretty hilarious, not for you tho
  • laying on top of each other in a sea of empty cup noodles and music sheets
  • and ur like chill dude
  • b ut the only thing you get out is ‘hey’
  • and for the next two minutes, you just sit beside each other in silence and embarrassment bc ?? omg what
  • B UT THEN you decide it’s time to spill the tea because you’RE LIKE U KNOW FUCK IT
  • “soiheardyoulikemeilikeyoutooyourehonestlyreallycuteok”
  • and you speak so fast and are basically a tomato but he understands and just grins 
  • so you’re like wha t 
  • and he’s again :^)
  • tae randomly tackling you to the bed and you getting your breath knocked o UT HELP 
  • and the both of you just stay like this for a while
  • however the peaceful silence is disturbed by tae teasing you 
  • “you likeeeee meee”
  • “i can’t believe it either…”
  • and he’s like :^( all of a sudden
  • taehyung starts giggling like a little school girl bc he’s honestly so happy
  • he takes it as an invitation to pepper your face with kisses b c HE’S SO HIGH ON SKINSHIP 
  • and also remeber that he doesn’t understand personal space ? well yeah he really doesn’t 
  • but it’s in a playful manner so just laugh and it’s so lovely and cute
  • and you never had imagined that kim taehyung would ever like you
  • bc honestly he is handsome !!!111 LIKE REALLY
  • even teachers sometimes hit on him
  • and he’s always nice
  • so you’re like h OW COME I DESERVE YOU
  • after play fighting with tae tae you ask where he’s been
  • and he becomes this shy bean again and rUBS HIS NECK AND IS LIKE
  • “i’ve liked you for a while now….and i wanted to confess. but in a special way you know ? i wanted to do it with a song.”
  • ehem moving on
  • you find out that he finds it lacks something and gives you his headphones to listen to it
  • after a while you actually agree with him and he gets kind of sulky like ‘i knew it :^(’
  • b ut you’re quick to interject likE NO NO NO I MEAN IT’S BEAUTIFUL BUT IT DOESN’T SOUND COMPLETE
  • “hm….but why tho.”
  • “ you say it’s a confession right?”
  • you again turning red with the thought and h e nods
  • “well how ab out you singing i mean a confession is kind of through words and i like your voice it would be so ni ce.”
  • at first he looks at you in diseblief 
  • then he’s thinking
  • then finding the idea ridiculous bc what ?? m Y VOICE ?? nononononon i can’t sing 
  • but maybe jimin could sing the lyrics or even kookie ??
  • and ur like n O IT HAS TO BE YOU !!
  • and he whines bc whyyyyy
  • you’re just like you’re the one confessing right ?
  • “right…”
  • then you will sing !
  • at this moment: you: >:^) tae: >:^(
  • b ut you get what you want since you’re so pretty and cute and tae doesn’t know how to say no to a cute face like yours
  • and each of the boys ( whom you got to know while producing tae’s confession song ) agrees and they’re in awe at taehyung’s beautiful && soothing voice
  • at the end you’re like i knew it !! and tae is like yeah ok babe you’re the best
  • and you want to complain but he kisses you so it’s okay i guess ??
  • so then you ask for the name of the song because everyone agrees that it should be put on soundcloud so everyone can listen to it 
  • “(Y/N)”
  • “yeah ?”
  • “no…(Y/N) is the name of the song.”
  • “W A IT NO!!”
  • “why not ? the song is literally about you !! and it is still for you, so its name is (Y/N).”
  • “TAE!”
  • “it’s already uploaded it.”
  • “goddamnit taehyung.”
  • he’s so smiley then :^)
  • after that everyone officially knows you’re a couple because well iT’S QUITE OBVIOUS ISN’T IT ??
  • also the thirst for tae’s voice is real
  • and you’re always so proud of your boyfriend
  • sometimes you don’t even feel worthy of being his girlfriend bc he’s so talented and you’re just ?? well, you’re you nothing more
  • and it’s on one of your date nights ( you both are sitting in the boy’s dorm while watching disney movies) when you start crying
  • “ don’t cry babe,it’s just a movie albeit it’s still sa-”
  • “it’s not the movie, tae.”
  • then you start explaining all the doubt that’s been lingering within your mind these past months of being together and he’s seriously confused as to why you can’t see what he sees 
  • so then he goes on to explain why he fell in love with you
  • “(Y/N). You’re my muse. My everything. Without you, I would have never been able to show my true potential. You were always there to support me and even kept up with my weird antics. You never gave up on me and pushed me to my limits. I love that. But I also love you as a person. I’ve watched you since day one, since you walked into the class for the first time and became my seat neighbor. You’re so smart and nice and always so…perfect. You’re my inspiration. I love you.”
  • and tae doesn’t know what to do ??? like help me ???
  • but you just kiss him all of a sudden and then he knows that everything’s good
  • “I love you,too, Kim Taehyung. Saxophonist, musician, singer or whatever you’ll be in the future. I’ll alway love and support you. No matter what.”
  • but it’s fine
  • because that’s how taehyung is

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A/N: i hope you liked this imagine list thingy ~ might turn it into a series upon requests ^^ but for now, have a nice day ♥ requests here

How Many Tennis Balls?

Drabble request by @deanssweetheart23: Hi! So glad you’re taking drabble request again! So how about one with either “You’re so freaking adorable” or “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.” (choose whichever inspires you) with Dean and fluff? <3 Good luck with everything that’s going on in your life! (I get it cause finals are killing me as well) Thank you for the amazing things you post <3

Word Count: 804

“What does this question even mean?” you muttered, staring at your computer screen in bafflement.

Dean looked up from his own computer screen from across the room. He was lounging on the bed while you sat at the desk, trying to focus on your preparation. “What question is it?”

“How many tennis balls can you fit into a limousine?” You’d practiced for dozens of job interviews and that question was never one that came up in an actual interview, or any of your practices. “I feel like that’s not a normal interview question.”

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angsty teen sherlock kept a journal “for science” i.e. when he got bored during classes and started deducing shit about his classmates, but halfway through it always turned into a gay™ mess like
“robert. had a fight with his father yesterday. hasn’t showered so probably hasn’t been home since. his hair still looks kind of cute though. i wonder if it feels as soft as it looks…”

We’ll Do This Together. ::Dean Ambrose::

Pairing: Reader x Dean Ambrose

Word Count: 3,109

Warnings: Some swearing. Angst

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To say that I was stunned would be an understatement. And I didn’t even know why I was so stunned. It wasn’t as though the signs hadn’t been there. The tender breasts, the nausea, the missed periods, it all pointed to one thing. So I didn’t know why the those two little lines on the pregnancy test came as such a surprise. Still, I was shaking slightly as I wrapped the stick up in some toilet roll, before tying it up in a plastic bag and hiding it under a pile of rubbish in the waste-bin. I really did not need Dean finding it before I had the chance to talk to him about it. I was already unsure how he was going to react.

Children was something that we hadn’t even really discussed before. Mainly because I got the impression that he wasn’t too keen. On having them that is, because he was absolutely fantastic with his kiddie fans. I knew that he had issues with his own family that had greatly affected him. Considering we had never talked about it I couldn’t be sure, but I got the impression that he thought he would make a poor father.

I was beginning to wish that we had broached the subject of children before now though, at least that way I would have more of an idea what might happen next. I almost felt as though I was stumbling through the dark. The unknown had always made me nervous.

Washing my hands for a moment, I ignored the thought of Dean for the moment, trying to focus on how I felt about everything. I had always wanted kids, but it had always been more of an abstract concept to me, something that would happen in the future. Except it seemed that future was instead now. It didn’t take me long to come to a decision. I wanted this child. I may have only known of their existence for all of ten minutes, but a sense of protectiveness already filled me. The only question now was how Dean would react. What Dean would want.

I knew my boyfriend well enough to know that this wasn’t going to be easy. That he would probably automatically react first and then think later. I didn’t think Dean would abandon me, for all his laid-back attitude, he was incredibly loyal. He had been abandoned too many times, to do it to someone else. But that was almost worse in some respects. I would rather that he be completely gone, then hang around out of some warped sense of duty. I shook myself from my thoughts, I was letting my worries cloud me. I hadn’t even told Dean yet. I needed to do that first and then work things out from there.

I kept myself busy as I waited for Dean to arrive back from the gym, working on the pile of laundry that had been taunting me for the last couple of days. The nausea was doing a number on my stomach, though I couldn’t tell if that was the pregnancy, my worries or my nervous excitement. I could hear the sound of the front door opening and wiped my hands on my thighs, before walking towards the kitchen to meet my boyfriend.

He was bent over with his head in the fridge, his sweatpants slung low on his hips, his black t-shirt riding up slightly and exposing the hollow of his back. Unable to resist, I teasingly traced my fingers over his lower back, causing Dean to shiver and swear loudly. As much as he denied being ticklish, the evidence pretty much proved otherwise. I laughed at his reaction, Dean turning around and wrapping his arms tight around my waist. In his hand he held the ice cold bottle of water he just gotten out of the fridge and before I could react, he had lifted up the hem of my t-shirt and pressed it against my skin in revenge. I squirmed in his arms, laughing to myself, my worries temporarily forgotten as I fought to get away from the ice cold sensation. Dean was too strong for me though, his hair hanging in the way of those mischievous blue eyes as he chuckled lowly at my struggling.

“Say it” he taunted with a grin, pressing the cold bottle even deeper into my skin.

“Fine! You win! Now let go!” I replied quickly, realising that this was one battle that I wouldn’t win. He pressed a kiss to my cheek as he pulled away, finally unscrewing the lid off his water bottle so that he could take a sip.

“You are too easy” Dean commented, looking completely bemused by me as I rubbed my back, trying to rub the heat back into my skin.  I shook my head at his comment, still smiling to myself. It was these little moments with him that I loved best. I didn’t need big gestures to keep me happy, it was these small, sweet moments that made me feel the most loved.

“How was the gym?” I asked, leaning back against the counter. I knew that I needed to tell him, would rather do it sooner than later, but I was hoping to ease into. I wasn’t too sure it was the kind of news that you could ease into though.

“Pretty much the same as usual. Not as busy though. I prefer it that way” he replied nonchalantly, taking another sip of water. “What did you do while I was gone?”.

“I did the laundry finally” I answered. I paused, my gaze focusing on something outside the window. “And I took a pregnancy test. It was positive” I added, finally turning my eyes back on him, waiting for his reaction.

For a moment there was absolutely nothing, the silence stretching out between us like some kind of eternal distance. His face betrayed no emotion as he slowly screwed the lid back onto his water, placing the bottle silently down on the side.

“Shit” he muttered quietly, pushing the hair back from his face as he ran his hand over the top of his head. I winced at that simple word but wasn’t about to run away from this conversation.

“I know this isn’t something we’ve really talked about and that this is really sudden. But I’ve already made my decision. I want to keep this baby. I want to do this with you, but I’ll do it on my own if I have to” I told him. I knew that I was being blunt, but I also knew that Dean would appreciate that more right now, than skirting around the subject.

“Do you really think I would abandon you?” he asked, looking genuinely hurt by the suggestion. I inwardly scolded myself for not phrasing my words better and took a step towards him, laying my hand on his forearm.

“It’s not that. It’s really not. I trust you beyond anything. I just want you to know that you have options. I know you might not want this” I tried to explained, not liking the way that he was looking at me. I could see the conflict clearly in his eyes. I had expected perhaps anger or excitement. I hadn’t expected this sadness though.

“Of course I want this. But just because I want a child, doesn’t mean that I should have one. Jesus Y/N… I’m….” he trailed off, looking so tired all of a sudden, as if one blow would be all it took to make him crumble.

“Shit, Y/N. I’m a mess. I’m not cut out to be a father. All the fucked up things I do on a regularly basis. What kind of role-model would I be?” he told me. I could hear the urgency in his voice as he tried to explain his feelings to me. I could feel my heart sink, devastated to hear him speak so meanly about himself, to think so low about himself.

“You would be a good role-model” I replied adamantly. “And you would be a good father. You have an incredible heart and all you need to do is love this child. The rest we can work out together. You’re not alone in this, you have me by your side”.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. But I can’t do this. I…. I’m gonna take a walk. I’ll be back I promise. I just need… Fuck, I just need some time to think. I’m sorry Y/N, you deserve better than this, but…” Dean trailed off again, shaking his head at himself.

“I’ll be back” he reiterated, pausing on his way to the door, taking a quick moment to look back at me. I don’t know what he saw, but I don’t think he liked it, could see him wince, whether that was at his own actions or the fallen look on my face, I couldn’t tell. He picked up that familiar leather jacket of his before walking out of the door.

I was frozen to the spot, feeling almost numb despite all that had just occurred. I had always known that this conversation wasn’t going to be easy, had half expected for Dean to run, but now that it had actually happened I was having a hard time of believing it.

The house suddenly felt vastly huge to me, it felt empty and I couldn’t understand it. I knew that he was coming back. He had promised after all and I knew Dean well enough to know that when he gave his word, he kept it no matter what.

I turned to shut the refrigerator door, Dean forgetting to do so as usual. I felt incredibly drained even though it couldn’t have been later than 8 in the evening. Choosing to blame it on the pregnancy and not the highly emotional conversation that I had just had, I made my way up to the bedroom, pulling on an old t-shirt of Dean’s in lieu of pyjamas. The scent of his cologne still clung strongly to the material and despite the current distance between us, the smell comforted me.

Practically hiding under the covers, the bed sheets pulled up to my chin, (Dean always teased me about my need to always be wrapped up in the covers) I waited for him to come back. I knew I could be in for a long wait. He wouldn’t come back until he had sorted everything out in his head and I had no idea how long that would take him. The numbers of the digital clock on the bedside table next to me, seemed to glaring at me as the minutes ticked by and eventually began to blur as sleep overtook me.

When I next opened my eyes, there was a familiar heat laid beside me, the sound of Dean breathing deeply in his sleep filling the air. He was turned towards me, his hair cascading into his eyes. Usually while he was asleep, it was the most peaceful that I got to see him, but this morning there seemed to be a tension to his face.

Carefully turning over in bed, I turned off my alarm before it could go off and wake him. I desperately wanted to talk to him, but I knew that there was no time for that right now. I had work to get ready for and I couldn’t afford to be late. I had people relying on me. Dean barely stirred as I crept out of bed and doing my very best not to disturb him, I chose to forgo a shower and do my make up in the car, grabbing a croissant to eat before slipping out the front door. I didn’t want him waking up and have to deal with any awkward exchanges.

Of course, it’s no fun to be stuck at work when your head’s in another place. I practically stumbled through the day, running more on auto-pilot than any actual brain usage. It was pretty obvious to my co-workers that something was up, but they were sweet enough to not push the issue and instead pooled their money together to go buy a box of doughnuts to share ‘just because’. A highly suspicious excuse, even more so when they refused to accept my share of the bill. I appreciated the gesture, (or at least my pregnancy hormones did, because as soon as I smelt the baked goods, I practically started drooling) but right now, all I really wanted to be was back home with Dean. Fortunately it was a Friday, which meant that we all finished an hour earlier than we usually did. I declined an offer to join my colleagues at the nearby bar and instead headed home.

The key stuck in the lock for a moment and I had to jiggle it around a bit before I could get in. It was the noise that I noticed first. An odd tapping sound, occasionally accompanied by Dean swearing and my face scrunched into a confused expression, wondering just exactly what the hell my boyfriend was up to.

Taking a step forward, I was struck by the sight of Dean’s leather jacket. He had actually hung it neatly up for once, instead of slinging it over the back of a chair instead. I don’t why such a small thing had such an effect on me, but it caused my nerves only to increase more.

So with a little trepidation I climbed the stairs, Dean seeming to swear even louder as he heard my footsteps approaching.

“Is that you Y/N?” he called out, but by then I had already reached the doorway of the spareroom. I stopped dead in my tracks, completely stunned by the sight in front of me, my heart in my throat. Dean continued to stare up at me nervously.

“Is that a crib?” I finally managed to get out. I guess it was the shock that made me ask, because it quite obviously was a crib, even if it was only half put together so far. Dean was sat next to it on the floor, his tools laid out around him.

“Yeah. It is. I, uh, picked it up this afternoon,” Dean replied softly, picking himself up off the ground and dusting his hands off on his jeans. “I did want to have it finished before you came back”. He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck.

“I finish early on Fridays” I said, still half stunned and wondering why I was choosing that of all things to say. Because despite the appearance of the crib being a glaring sign of his feelings, there were still things that we needed to talk about. Still, my heart swelled at the thought of Dean going out on his own volition to buy a crib and assembling it by himself.

“Sorry, that I went out and bought a crib without you. I guess I just wanted to make a big gesture. Wanted you to know that I was serious, when I say that I want to have this baby with you. I want to be a father to our child. I don’t know much about being a parent, but I’m willing to work hard and I know that we can do this together”. He paused for a moment, taking the chance to take a deep breath halfway through his apology. I remained silent, knowing that it was for the best to just let Dean get it all out.

“And I’m sorry that I walked out on you. You really didn’t deserve that. I feel like a complete piece of shit doing that to you”. At this I finally began to protest, but Dean wasn’t having any of that and continued on.

“I thought a lot last night and lot this morning. I want this so much. I want to have a family with you, more than you could ever know. Never thought that I would get the chance to have a family, kitten and damn if I let myself get in the way of that” he finally finished and he was looking at me so intensely, I felt as though his eyes were piercing me.

“It is a nice crib” I commented with a grin, knowing that was all Dean needed to hear to know that he was forgiven. He practically lit up at my words, taking a step towards me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“So I guess I made a good choice, huh?” he lightly teased, accompanying his words by lightly tracing his fingers up and down my sides.

“A perfect choice” I replied with a smile. I reached up and pushed a shaggy strand of hair off his forehead. “I love you Dean. You were scared yesterday and I can understand that. But I need you to remember that we are in this together” I added, desperately wanting him to remember that.

“I know. I know that we’re a team. I love you too, Y/N. Does this mean that I’m forgiven?” Dean replied, his smile faltering slightly, prompting me to gently pinch his hip, causing him to jolt and the smile on his face to grow again.

“Of course. We all make mistakes when we’re scared. How can I judge you for that?” I said, letting him know that I understood.

“She forgives me so easily” Dean paused. “And yet you wouldn’t talk to me for days when I accidentally taped over your saved episodes of NCIS”.

I laughed at his teasing and poked him in the side, not so gently this time. He merely shied away from me, taking both my hands in his, leaving me unable to continue on with my attack. I playfully pouted and my gaze drifted to the half-finished crib still stood in the middle of the room.

“Want some help putting the rest of the crib together?” I asked.

“Well, didn’t you just say that we’re doing this together?” he teased, promptly passing me the screwdriver that had been tucked into his jeans pocket. I willing accepted it from him and knelt down on the floor, Dean mimicking my actions and sitting right next to me, pulling a box of screws towards us, before picking up one of the wooden slats for the crib.

“Where are even the instructions?” I asked him, looking around for the useful piece of paper, but not seeing it anywhere.

“Instructions are for people other than me” he retorted, leaving me to just look at him, pausing for a moment as I considered his words.

“Dean, that doesn’t even make sense”.

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Prompt idea? Dex/Nursery, but one's the RA and one's the resident

Dex jolts out of his sleep when the on-call phone rings. Despite the fact that this is his second year as an RA, the on-call phone ringtone is something that he doubts he’ll ever get used to. He’s half-convinced the shrill, obscenely loud sound will haunt his nightmares forever.

“Hudson Hall on-call phone, this is Will,” he mumbles into the receiver.

“Um, so, here’s the thing,” he hears on the other side of the line. Dex immediately knows who it is and what the problem is, and he nearly hangs the damn phone up.

“Nurse, are you locked out again?” He asks.

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Sooooo you said in your tags that chris wouldn't know what to do if yuuri said yes to his advances... could we maybe get a drabble about that, if you're still taking requests? :)

Anonymous said:I think we need some drunk drabble! Take your pick on who’s gonna be

It had been a day.  A horrible day and the only thing that made it better was that it wasn’t a competition day, so maybe, just maybe, Yuuri could turn it around and make it a not bad day.  How he didn’t know, but hopefully, something would just click.

“Yuuri!  How was practice?”

Yuuri gave Chris a look but moved his bag off the seat next to him.

“That bad?”

“Just a series of not quite horrible things that culminated in my lace snapping on a triple axel during practice so I fell hard on the landing.  All told it just sucked.”

Chris signalled to the wait staff that he was ready to order.  “That’s unfortunate, but there are things we can do to fix that!  Have some fun!”


“Hmm.”  At the server’s approach, Chris grinned.  “I have just the thing.”  He smiled and turned to the young woman.  “Two vespers.”  She nodded and headed off to the bar.  “Time to teach you about martinis.  And there is no better way than with Bond’s.”

“This is because you’re skating to the Bond soundtrack, isn’t it?”

Chris just shrugged.  “Doesn’t matter!  First martinis and then something that will make you laugh.”


Two and a half martinis later and Yuuri was slightly stumbling into Chris’s room and the only thing that made it better was that Chris was no better off than he was.

“Martinis learned.  Now you said you’d make me laugh?”  Yuuri groaned.  “But my coach can never hear of this.  He’ll kill me!”

Chris snickered.  “Mine too.  Secret musketeer pact!”

Yuuri giggled and fell down into the chair while Chris fell down onto his bed and reached for the controller.

“I bet there’s something on TV.”

“I don’t speak French.”

Chris paused.  “That… makes it more difficult. Oh, wait, I know!”  He rolled to his side and pulled out his phone.  “I, uh, I have just the thing that will make you laugh!”  Chris started messing around and Yuuri let his head tilt back up to look at the ceiling.

Yuuri’s head was just a little buzzy, like he was floating.  He wasn’t completely an innocent when it came to drinking, it just wasn’t something that he allowed himself to do often, though this point, where he was still all there but just kind of loose was the best.  Didn’t think it would only take two and a half martinis though.  Didn’t know that martinis tasted like that.  Not bad.

Chris’s voice broke Yuuri’s chain of thought.  

“Chris laughs as he approaches the pool.  “And here I wanted to go skinny dipping,” he says as he slides down to sit on the side of the pool letting his legs dangle in the water. “What are you two doing here?”

““Nothing much,” Viktor says.  He’s floating in the pool, his hair looking like a silver halo around his head.

““Waiting for you.”  Yuuri lifts himself out of the water next to him and Chis catches his breath as the rivulets of water run down his well-toned stomach and arms.”

“STOP!  Chris, oh my god, please stop.  What is that?”

Chris tossed Yuuri his phone and laughed.  “It’s one of the Explicit Three Musketeer fics.  It’s not too bad.”

Yuuri dropped the phone like it was cursed or poisoned.  “Why would you read one of them?!  Don’t do that!”

“But they’re funny and sometimes even hot.  Seriously, skinny dipping in December?”

Yuuri just raised an eyebrow.  “Didn’t someone start something a couple of years ago during the Olympics… something involving swimsuits.”

Chris laughed.  “All right, you got me, but really, it is funny, and there’s this position and sometimes I wonder if they know the limits of the human body.”

The bad thing about alcohol – and Yuuri could admit this to himself only because he was a little tipsy – is that it made him curious.  Or rather, it let him give in to his curiosity.  So he picked the phone back up and skimmed, his face getting more and more red as he read.

He swallowed.  “That’s totally possible, if you stretch before trying it.”

Chris just stared at him for a minute.  “No.  Really?  You want to try?”  His voice was teasing and obviously not serious.

“Sure.  Why not.”  Yuuri stood up, his fingers playing with the hem of his shirt.  “I’m still pretty limber from practice.”

He’d never seen Chris move so far so fast when he wasn’t on the ice.  Chris was always languid. Like liquid sex.  Or what Yuuri thought liquid sex would look like as a person, but the deer in headlights look on his face was as far from sexy as Chris could get.

Yuuri fell back into his chair with a laugh.  “Bit off more than you could handle, Chris?”

“You… you weren’t serious.”

Yuuri shook his head.  “No, but I wanted to see what you’d do.  You’re right, you did find a way to make me laugh.  Thanks.” 

12x14 watching notes

this show normally never makes me cry except that 1 episode in season 7, but god dammit Berens got me TWICE I’m disowning him

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I work at the hut of pizzas and usually with carry out orders we offer paper plates. Totally benign, paper plates. Apparently us offering paper plates is so insulting to soccer mom of the year that we should all be fired for, and I quote "implying she couldn't afford real plates to eat off of"

I am so glad I’m the “hot mess mom” rather than any of the other uppity moms. Soccer moms aren’t even the only type.Granola moms and the PTA moms are kind of annoying too. Though I think the PTA mom wouldn’t look down on free paper plates. They’d just ask for way more than you can realistically give them. -Abby