i look hot regardless

kuroo “they call me coffee ‘cause i grind so fine” tetsurou

bokuto “i use the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) every time some1 mentions sex in chat” koutarou

sawamura “i’m literally the japanese teenage verion of bruce wayne” daichi

oikawa “i still look hot regardless if im wearing glasses” tooru

terushima “haha and then what ;)” yuuji

ushijima “i have the prettiest smiled compared to every1 but i don’t acknowledge it” wakatoshi


Had to buy a classy outfit for an oral report in sociology, that’s coming up. Was told black heels would work much better-the outfit needs more work. Regardless, I had no idea I’d look super fucking ….hot. Yeah, wow..I said…I look hot for being 5’ 2" ish. (That’s a first..and being well dressed is a first too ha!)

*is ace and single*

*matches my underwear and bra bc it makes me feel like a classy binch*

*knows that this is a belief instilled in me by society’s patriarchal standards of beauty as well as capitalist brain washing bc not only am i allowing THIS UNDERWEAR (ie a product) to manipulate how i feel about myself internally, but i am also equating a look commonly advertised as desirable to men as desirable to me although it serves no actual purpose*

*allows this knowledge to justify conforming to problematic ideals bc while the feeling is created artificially, it still brightens my day to think i look hot af*

*is just another cog in the capitalist machine regardless*